Where is Avis Rent A Car Corporate office Headquarters

Avis Rent A Car Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA
  • Phone Number: 973-496-3500
  • Fax Number: 303-824-2904
  • Email: custserv@avis.com
  • Number of Employees: 80,000
  • Established: 1946
  • Founder: Warren Avis
  • Key People: Larry D. De Shon (CEO)

Avis Rent A Car Headquarters Location & Directions

Avis Rent A Car Headquarters Executive Team



Larry D. De Shon


David B. Wyshner


Ronald L. Nelson


About Avis Rent A Car, History and Headquarters Information

Renting a car in a good condition can be a problem for many people. Finding a reliable provider is always the solution to this dilemma. Avis Rent A Car can give you all you need in this matter. It is a reputable car rental company. This company has been around since 1946. The company’s headquarter is located in Parsippany New Jersey.

Currently AVIS possesses more than 5500 across the country. As for the rest of the world, the company has various locations in 165 countries. Avis Budget Group, Inc. owns the group. In order to facilitate things for users, the company has launched an app on Google Play and App Store.

This app will let you take control of matters related to your car. The company provides different categories of cars that can suit all budgets and needs. They have luxury cars. SUVs are available too. You can reserve compact or economy vehicles as well.

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  • Michael Ecton says:

    This company is a joke. Reserved and pre-paid for a premium SUV one month in advance. Rented the vehicle for our family vacation so we could all ride together and be more comfortable. One day before pickup we were called and advised that this vehicle has a recall. We were offered a smaller SUV with only $100 discount or they could check at another location to see if a similar vehicle was available, but we would have to go there to pick it up. We asked them how long did they know that it would not be available and they said they knew it for awhile. To me the correct way to handle – the availability of another vehicle
    should have already been known before that call was placed to us, and brought to our current pick-up location. Then we’re good that since we pre-paid, they could not refund us and have us a number to call. So now taking 2 of our own vehicles.

  • Korey Higgs says:


  • Karen Hieskell says:

    Reserved a vehicle was first given a smoking vehicle, then downgraded my vehicle. Charge on Credit Card was $574 when my reservation was for $418. Returned car early and was told by agent returned a day late…2nd time I’ve had issues with Avis!! Horrible!! Would not recommend and will leave bad reviews for this shady company!!

  • Gilbert Ordonez says:

    I was there for 3 hours
    Reserved a 7 seats suv they keeped giving me a 6 seat suv
    In LA airport it will be the last time I rent from Avis. Had my older parents exhausted from the trip. Was there for 3 hours there is just no excuse for the wait time. I travel often and rent cars never had that happen before. They didn’t do anything to make right.

  • Tayla M says:

    I rented a car and due to an accident the car was towed and I was unable to retrieve my belongings. I visited the tow company to retrieve my items left in the car and was not allowed due to it belonging to a rental car company. Absolutely no cooperation from either establishment. I waited for the car to return back to Avis’s possession and reached out multiple times to get assistance with retrieving my items. Finally after visiting the location I rented from I was told no items were in the car. I was sent through many hoops and decided to file a police report, luckily they had inventory list and was able to check camera footage from the time the car reached the tow lot and leaving. Nobody entered the car which means someone from AVIS removed my belongings. I had items in the car that are worth upwards $3,000. Alot of correspondence has been via email and ironically the email manager Tyron Grant uses is undeliverable. I will be filing a police report against AVIs and reaching out to Mr. DeShon (CEO), Mr. Wyshner (CFO) and Mr. Nelson (COO). This company is unreliable; irresponsible and unprofessional. i was told if you leave things in the car NO ONE will reach out to you to tell you to come get your things. Ignorant!

  • M Stauffer says:

    I was overcharged by $236 and customer service wants to hang up on me after holding for over 1 hour. This has happened 3 times. I did get a hold of someone and they want me to provide a boarding pass from the airline. My boarding pass was on their app and they say they can not provide it to me. Why am I jumping through hoops because someone did not do their job and check in my rental.

  • Patricia Owens says:

    Hello I am a small business owner I rented a car for less than 24 hours was charged 152.00 called and complained was told I would receive a 77.00 refund but when I received my card card statement I was charged 152.. so I call customer service back at that time was told I would be receiving 66.00 dollars …I ask why was I shorted 11.00 was told because of tax why should I be penalize with tax……..I want to keep doing business with you but what can you do to compensate me

  • Mardie Gardner says:

    We rented a car from AVIS AT SALT LAKE CITY AIRPORT on 3/10/2022 and dropped the car back off at 10:00 in the morning on 3/14/2022. We realized a few hours later that we had left an apple watch in the car. Luckily our flight hadn’t left so we returned to Avis to have them check the lost and found. They told us that they couldn’t and that we would have to go online and fill out the online form for the item. I proceeded to plead my case stating we live in Missouri and it would be hard to return and pick up the watch and if they could just look it would be so kind. They said it was against policy. So I did as asked and filled out the lost report the same day. I started checking the website daily. The item appeared on the website on March 18th (four short days after I reported it lost). I have contacted Avis over 25 times and either got hung up on, transferred and then disconnected, told that since I have not received an email or a phone call with a reference number stating they have found it only Salt Lake City Airport can help. The central call center has supposedly escalated my call to the manager over the SLC airport with no response. I have called Salt Lake at all different times of the day and night to no avail. Their voicemail box is full. I normally do not post on social media but I am out of options because AVIS only holds your items for 30 days and then donates them. I assume that means giving the items to loved ones. Anyone out there that can help would be great. If you can get me in touch with a corporate manager that would be wonderful.

  • Tom brown says:

    Been waiting in line for over a hour 4 employees at desk two working Orlando airport and customer service reps were not customers friendly

  • Chaz Brimie says:

    I also have the same issue where I had a serious safety concern with the car I rented and am trying to reach anyone with authority within Avis headquarters. I have sent numerous e-mails to the custserv@avis.com email address and have not received one response. Today is 3/24/22 and I’ve been working this for weeks.

  • Angela Ziemba says:

    Kinda curious as to the fact ur company directory can’t find an extension for the CEO,CFO,or COO?? I need to speak directly to an individual in corporate or at the least a general manager. I have been trying to contact someone for over 2 weeks now. I have a case that is not being handled professionally at ALL. And I’m done being cordial. I need a call back and i would appreciate it being in a timely manner. My number is 2254493580.My name is Angela

  • Nina Boss Sweden says:

    My name is Nina, an ordinary person.
    I feel I want to make a difference for the Ukrainian people, those who are fleeing war.

    I do not know anyone else I can turn to. What wants to help on the spot and give families a chance to fly awfulness.
    But then we do not have the opportunity to without help. Help from someone who can help us.
    With two cars, we can help families further.
    Do you have the opportunity to help us help them?

    Have a great day / Nina Boss

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