Where is Autonation Corporate office Headquarters

Autonation Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 200 SW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
  • Phone Number: 954-769-6000
  • Fax Number: 954-769-6537
  • Email: facebook@autonation.com
  • Number of Employees: 27,000
  • Established: 1991
  • Founder: Wayne Huizenga
  • Key People: Michael J. Jackson (Chairman of the Board, CEO & President)

Autonation Headquarters Location & Directions

Autonation Headquarters Executive Team



Michael J. Jackson

Chairman of the Board, CEO & President

Cheryl Scully Miller

Executive VP & CFO

Lance Iserman

Executive VP of Sales & COO

About Autonation, History and Headquarters Information


Autonation was established in the year 1996. The company has been operational for around 23 years now. The founder of the company was H Wayne Huizenga. During that time, the founder of the company became chairman of the board of directors. During the year 1997, the company started acquiring various other companies like Spirit Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, Value Rent-A-Car, etcetera. In the year 1998, the company launched its own first IPO or Initial Public Offering and became a public limited company. During the year 2006, more emphasis was given on luxurious cars orders like BMW and Lexus, and less on brands like Gord and General Motors. By the year 2011, the company sold over 8 million vehicles in the USA. As of the year 2017, 11 million vehicles are currently sold.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 200 SW 1st Avenue. The place name is Fort Lauderdale, with the state name being Florida. The pin code of the area is 33301.


Autonation is an American company that focuses on establishing automotive retail chains all around the USA, in order to sell various domestic, imported and also luxury cars to its customers. The company has currently more than 371 stores established all over the USA. The current CEO, chairman and president of the company is Mike Jackson. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company was more than $21,500 million. It has its presence in 15 different USA states and also deals with 32 different car brands as well. The number of employees working at the company is more than 26,000.


The primary services provided by Autonation is the selling and providing of new vehicles to the customers, from a choice of 32 different car brands. These car brands are either domestic companies or from abroad. You can get a budget as well as luxury cars as well. It also provides various services and products related to automobiles, including repair and maintenance services.

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  • gandolgor murphy says:


    I would like to file a complaint against autonation- Roseville, CA. I bought a new car in Sep 2019 from Autonation Roseville CA. I’m not happy with how this place customer service. I cancelled the warranty I purchased in October 2019 and they don’t cancel the warranty until today. It’s been almost 2 years and I’ve been still paying it every month since I cancelled the warranty. I called and even talked with the manager multiple times. Every time they say it will be fixed right away nope. The last time I called them was 2,3 months ago. It’s ridiculous.!!! I’m so mad and annoyed and I will keep filing a complaint until it will be fixed.!!!!

    I have a copy of the cancellation. Please, someone, contact me or help me to solve this issue that should’ve been fixed 2 years ago!!!

  • John Armstrong says:

    I recently dropped my Ford F150 Sport off at the Memphis AutoNation Ford service department (where I had purchased it). The oil leak I was bringing it in for was determined to be coming from the plastic oil pan. This pan was replaced by the Wolfchase AutoNation Ford in October of 2019.

    The problem I have is that a replacement pan is on back-order and will not be here for another 4 weeks. Other AutoNation Ford dealers have the part but are unwilling to relinquish it.

    It’s nice to know that AutoNation values their parts more than their customer service.

  • Vivian Layfield says:

    My husband and I purchased a 2021 Chevy Trax within hours I found the car to be smaller than originally thought, contacted the salesman who told me to contact the dealership. I contacted the dealership to be told that I could not bring the car back that there’s no cooling off period. I was also told they could put me in a bigger vehicle for more money when I asked how much more I received no response. I then contacted corporate on Tuesday 4/27 to be told a customer service specialist would get back to me within 48 hours. On Thursday 4/29 I call HQ agin since 48 hours had past to be told it’s 48 working hours and they only work 8 hours a day. So it hasn’t been 48 hours. I called HQ again today 5/7 to be told the specialists were all busy to wait 48 hours. I explained I was told that last week and I’m still waiting but when I went to school 9 x8= 72, has that changed. Needless to say I am not happy with this company it’s salesman managers or their “specialist”. This review probably won’t get me anywhere but I just needed to write it. I will post if and when I finally hear from someone but not holding my breathe.

  • Kenneth Senegal says:

    I had the displeasure of working with your ChryslerDodgeJeepRam dealership in Katy Texas. Before I went in salesman Carlos Hernandez contacted me numerous times regarding my interest in a 1500. After so many emails, Cecilio the GM reached out to me to see if I was still interested. I explained to him that I can afford any truck with my annual salary being 96K but my credit is not where I want it to be. He wrote back to please come and and we can get a deal done. Needless to say it did not get done and Carlos gave me a counteroffer approval of 33k in which I was ok with and picked out a used 1500 in that range. I didn’t hear from him in 2 days then he emailed me and said the backs would not approve it. So why tell me I’m approved? What changed? I sold cars and this has never been the case where you are approved and then denied. Now my scores are even lower with numerous inquiries that I didn’t want in the 1st place. I bought a truck from there in 2015 and it was a totally different experience. It literally went from a dream to a nightmare! I hope some changes in personal are made to insure that the right culture is set and customers can have a great experience again. As for now I will tell everyone I know to stay clear of Autonation and believe me I know a lot of people who need vehicles!

    • Vivian Layfield says:

      I purchased a 2021 Chevy Trax within hours realized it was going to work for me and asked for my trade in back. I was told there’s no cooling off period. Been waiting nine days for corporate to return my call that I was told takes 48 hours.

  • Glenn Espino says:

    Dear Mr. Michael Jackson,
    I’m writing you directly to make you aware that the Lexus of Cerritos dealership in California is ruining the reputation of AutoNation. I bought a 2020 Lexus RX450h and it was supposed to go through a 161 point inspection. After I took it home, I found the black rear right plastic panel came off it’s mounting. I contacted the salesperson, Elliot Gorski, and he asked me to come in. After two hours, he said that I have to come back because they had to order the part. After three weeks not hearing anything from Lexus of Cerritos, I took it to Crown Lexus and they told me that the liftgate glass that I had was replaced with a generic glass, not a Lexus part. They refused to repair the problem because the rear glass does not fit the RX450h. When I tried to bring the matter to the General Manager, Jake Kahen, he refused to talk to me. I called my salesperson again and he said that the warranty does not cover the glass. Not true, the warranty is 4 years bumper to bumper on the original vehicle. Elliot Gorski is not a good salesperson. Over the phone conversation, he was picking an argument and even threatened me if I want a fight. Later he said he will have the service department call me to fix the plastic trim only. I never got a call from the service department or anyone in that dealership. The point of this email is to bring to your attention that the Lexus Certified cars are supposed to be covered. Since AutoNation Lexus of Cerritos replaced the rear glass with a non Lexus part, that voids my warranty? So why are they allowed to sell it as Lexus Certified. I question the entire dealership on how they behave from the top down. If you call them, no one answers the phone. No one gives a business card. I received a letter in the mail telling me to bring the vehicle to service so they verify the VIN so DMV registration will not be delayed. AutoNation Lexus of Cerritos sold me the vehicle, now they don’t know the VIN? Something is gravely dysfunctional here. Thank you for your time.

    Glenn Espino
    2704 Call Vista
    Chino Hills, CA 91709

  • Current Employee says:


    Our current General Manager Jacobo Chavez has,

    Peed on employees
    Denied us off days
    Has gotten complaints to HR multiple times.
    HR (Crystal) always protects him. Always
    Workers here are going through HELL.
    He flirts with female bankers in front of everyone, super inappropriate.
    He has employees trading in vehicles every 6 months, stealing money from the company.
    Finance mngrs, sales mngrs are having relations with service & sales staff. He doesn’t care.

    Sales managers are selective with who they help, if you get them drinks, lunch, cigarettes, Candy they will work with you fast.
    I work my ass off and don’t get them anything. I have to wait an eternity to get, monthly payments, trade appraisals, etc. They cost me money every day because i am not a runner for them!

    These guys aren’t managers. WHO PUT THEM IN MANAGEMENT?! AUTONATION WTF

    I have been here a short time, but i have seen so much & its not fair.
    So many good sales people have left because this system doesn’t work.




  • Shawna says:

    I’m giving the location at AutoNation Pinellas Park 24 hours to return my email, then I’m posting a comment on every MF site I can find for AutoNation.

  • Cody says:

    I bought a 2020 Chevy Silverado from Autonation Chevrolet in Gilbert Arizona and selected an extended warranty package. A few days later my wife and I decided that the extended warranty was not worth it to us, so we wanted to cancel. The finance person we worked with was very helpful at first, but when it became apparent of my intent to cancel and get a refund on the extended warranty, all of the sudden it took 2-3 days of me nagging to get a response. Took over a month to get the “form” so I could officially cancel. Sent it back to him like I was told to do, and its been crickets ever since then. I’ve tried to contact him several times, only once did he respond and say it was in “corporate’s hands now”. I tried to contact the corporate office and have yet to receive a response either. It has been over 2 months since I bought my truck and the money I spent on the extended warranty has not yet been returned to the bank where my loan is. I guess it’s time to call a lawyer.

  • Lessie Wiley says:

    I took my car to the Autonation off of Highway 6 and Beechnut for an engine replacement and they broke my key, they put a 2012 engine in a 2008 car and it shakes, they chipped my harmonic balancer and chipped my coolant fan. I had to replace my coolant fan and radiator because the coolant fan chipped and messed up my radiator. They are refusing to fix my car when the service guy told me he would replace it. This was Autonation Chevrolet Highway 6, Houston, Texas. Bad Service and now my car is a piece of crap and this is where I purchased my car from.

  • Kenneth Smith says:

    I just had the pleasure of dealing with your AutoNation Honda Chandler Arizona location and I have to say that I’ve never seen such bad customer service ever in my life and I’ve never been treated with so much disrespect and overall attitude ever. I’m struggling to understand how that place is still in business, I doubt me leaving this message for corporate will make any difference but I know one thing ,Someone higher up should look into this and make necessary changes. Look at your sales and I’m willing to bet that location is not doing to well. I was interested in getting some basic information about a prior purchase and a quote for my next fleet for my new location in Az, which I now will be taking elsewhere. Thanks for the terrible experience.

    Mr. Kenneth W. Smith Jr
    Tee 2 Green Recovery Services

    • JBW says:

      Dear Mr. Smith,

      Complaining to AutoNation is a total waste of your time.

      They do not care.

      This behavior you, me, and others here have experienced is the standard corporate culture of AutoNation in Florida, the parent company of MB-Houston North (where I was sold a water damaged Merc) who own dealerships throughout the country.

      So all be warned, as this is a cautionary tale:

      You can get screwed just as easily in Phoenix as you can Houston if AutoNation owns the dealership.

      They are nothing more than common thieves.

  • Genevieve Smith says:

    My name is Genevieve Smith on June 2,2020 I purchase a 2012 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid from AutoNation Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep in Katy, Texas. My sales person Mr. Adam told me I couldn’t take the vehicle home on that day because it had to be serviced, because if I leave with it and something happened they will be liable for it. My vehicle was sent back to the service department after I test drove it, the next day June 3, 2020 called my salesperson to pick up the vehicle it still wasn’t ready. Time past I called everyday still no it’s not ready, the bank was even calling me as well as the Dealership of why the vehicle was not in my possession. Then I as told by my salesperson they have to change the oil, and do inspection to make sure everything with the car is good I said ok then I was told they are waiting on a piece for the car. They had to order it from the factory in Germany the Porsche Dealership didn’t have it two weeks have gone by my salesperson text me pictures of product sitting under my vehicle as it continue to sit on the lift oil, filter, he stated they are changing your brake pads and rotors that will benefit you and the car my salesperson said. Then my salesperson told me the part finally came on June 17, 2020 my salesperson said the part will be here tomorrow, the next day Jason the Technician not at work just a straight run around. Then on June 18, 2020 I call the service department they said it would be another two weeks for the part are you serious, I even spoke to the manager in sales. Then all of a sudden the part that would have taken another two weeks to come in showed up on June 23,2020 when I called my salesperson, he ask can he call me back I asked could I pick up the vehicle that was at 12:04 pm. I texted my salesperson again at 5:33 pm the same day he stated he drove the car for 15min okay can I pick up the car? I will let you know shortly my response ok he texted pictures of the car finally out of service. Next day June 24, 2020(me) let me know if I can pick up my vehicle?(salesperson) did he call you? which is the sales manager, sales manager gave me the run around. Finally June 25, 2020 I was told I could pick up the vehicle, I had to fill all my papers out again because the shredded my folder per salesperson they had to renew my contract. I drove the car home next morning June26, 2020 started driving the car coolant light come on went to a certified shop check coolant level was low he added more went home. Monday morning June 29, 2020 driving to work only 6 miles from home coolant light come back on , called shop asked to drop vehicle off they ran test form June 29, 2020 to July 7,2020 trying to find the problem made an appointment with Porsche North in Houston, Texas drove the car home on July 7, 2020 on 2 miles down the road oil light come . Called the tech where I had just pick the vehicle up from he stated oh I checked your oil and it was very low I had to add some. I parked the vehicle the rest of the week. On Saturday , July 11, 2020 took the car to have the oil service one block from home the service tech showed me the oil cap milky residue he said you have a blown head casket ok. Called AutoNation on Monday morning July 13, 2020 spoke to Mr. Calvin service manager explained the situation he looked at the computer told me he don’t see where nothing was done to my vehicle, he said he would have to look into it. Next day called him he was in meetings spoke to his assistance, he had him to call me back. Mr. Clavin called me back with an attitude and said he spoke to his manager and they said they are not paying for anything they changed the hose on the coolant tank and that’s it everything else is my responsibility and I need to speak to my salesperson and his manager. Ok but you said yesterday you don’t see where my vehicle was even service, call my salesperson he act like I didn’t know what I was talking about that’s not what he said about oil change and things being done. You forgot I have text messages and pictures, they are all liars and crooks I don’t like talking bad about a person are business but that one I give them a zero. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau on them.

  • Mark Davis Jr says:

    Horrible customer service at Auto nation Toyota in Lithia Springs,Ga. Ripoff with all the additional fee, I didnt even try to negoitate listed price and was putting a $10,000 down payment. They still tried to add all these addition fee, $299.00 for floor mat, $600.00 for window tint that they did not install. All together it was about $3000 worth of random fees. Horrible, you all should be ashame. Lost a sale being greedy, and was extremely rude.

  • Pissed off customer says:

    Autonation treat their employees like crap. They only worry about number and not about the employees. They put people into managing positions that use employees to get their personal items that is not for business (ex: cigarettes, dry cleaning and family members). They don’t care what the employees have to tell them because it’s only about the money for the CEO and other head people. They don’t care for employees families. I would never buy or get service another vehicle that Autonation owns.

  • William Richardson says:

    1.  Test drove one car that was wobbling so much even the sale person was embarrassed. And requested we drive another one.
    2. Purchased car on promise that under warranty certified and would be repaired if needed as still under warranties.
    3.  Day 3, tire flat from nail in tire. Not reported just repaired on my own.
    4. Strike 1. Week 1. Sunroof stuck open. Took to dealership in rain on July 3. Told they would put a plastic bag over it and to return the next Thursday. After I complained to sales he was provided a loaner.
    4.  Stirke 2. When picked up car. Notice significant scratches in several areas obviously down during the sunroof repairs. Did not want to complain so going to let it go but . . .
    5. Strike 3. Week two. Now a light on that says pull over keep engine running.

    Is this the the Autonation Mercedes level of quality and service?

    Please resolve this or allow use purchase money toward another vehicle
    Please have someone contact me at this email or 3054589111.

    William Richardson, Esq.2201 N. Dixie HighwayWilton Manors, Florida  33305(305) 458 – 9111

  • John M Weathers says:

    DOn’t buy a car from Crestview Ford in Crestview Florida. The service department is a rip off.

  • Janice Taylor says:

    I purchased my car at this location Feb. 13 2020. I immediately set up auto pay; My first payment was due March 22 . I sat up an appointment on April 20th to have it serviced; the check engine light was on. The service advisor said they did not have the right tools to check the car but felt it was a sensor with the gas cap and reset the car so that the check engine light would go off. I called because the light and other warning lights came on (check engine, visit workshop, low fuel (when the car was on 1/2 tank). My scheduled appointment was 4/28 and the car started smoking and all the functions stopped. I ended having to tow the car to the shop. The Service Advisor called to tell me I needed to buy a battery so they could test the car because the battery was no good. I only had the car less than 60 days . My question why would the battery be bad; I just purchased the car. He called again to say the car had a bad pump and something else but it was not under warranty. The sales rep who sold me the warranty told me any major functional things with the car would be covered. They kept the car because I had no money to fix the car and still pay car payments. Today is May 13, 2020 and I have heard from no one. The Service Advisor, Customer Service, management….no one. The Service at the location is horrible . To reset a check engine light code and send me on my way is insane. The car blew up with smoke and they said I needed to pay to have it fixed. Had they pay attention to the codes /warnings the car might have lasted. Resetting the codes was misdiagnosed. I am devastated that they expect me to pay a car not for a car I can’t drive. They are so unprofessional. No one has called me since 4/28th. . My phone number is 713-443-8817 The dealership: AutoNation USA Kathy 15625 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094

  • Mark says:

    If you think Autonation treats their Customers bad you should try working for them. Their flat rate employees have been deemed essential “expendable” so they are being forced to go to empty shops and stand around with nothing to do and not being paid so that Autonation can avoid paying Unemployment. They have been told that they will be denied for unemployment and that they can have minimum wage if they stay. These are highly trained loyal technicians who Have to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of their own tools and are used to making 30- 40 dollars an hour.

  • GI says:

    Plz STOP the 12 hour days in your parts department! I would like to eat dinner with my spouse before 8:00 pm and his kids would like to see him at sports events.

  • Jean says:

    I am having a HORRIBLE time communicating with Auto Nation’s claim department. They are nothing but rude and short with me. My issue is ongoing since beginning of winter. They have dragged out my appeal for months and still can’t seem to give me some honest feedback.
    I don’t know who else to talk to and it’s very frustrating.

  • Jeff Potter says:

    I have been shopping online for a used vehicle for a couple of weeks now and came across a 2014 Ford Escape at your AutoNation website. I sent an inquiry via email and was contacted the next day at about noon by a young lady named Dakota Filipiak. She asked if I was interested in coming by for a test drive. I folder her we would like that and I would call her back in a few minutes to confirm. I called her back, we arranged to be there in about 90 minutes as it was a fair drive to an area we don’t normally go. She assured me at that time that she would have the car pulled around front and ready to test drive.
    While on our way, at approximately 1:10 PM I received a call from Jose Rivera inquiring if we were still coming. We told him we were still about 30 minutes out but on the way. Again assured the vehicle would be out front and ready for us to drive.

    When we arrived and found Dakota, her and Jose told us they could not find the keys but were still looking, but in the mean time was there another vehicles we might be interested in. Right there I smelled the old ‘bait and switch’ routine and should have left immediately. We were told by Jose that when they find the keys they can drive it to our house and yada yada yada. So my wife asked if we could at least look at it. They both looked a little worried at that point but said “Sure, it’s way in the back’ and seeing that my wife has trouble walking and uses a cane he told Dakota to pull a car around and take us back to look at it. About 10 minutes later we were informed that it has a bad transmission and they’re not able to show it, while holding a piece of paper with stock numbers of other vehicles.
    Well what a load of crap!
    I was later told by Dakota via text message that she was sorry and never could find the vehicle. Y’all really need to work on keeping your lies straight.

    If even one of those excuses were true then you have a serious problem with the ability keep track of a vehicle/keys but I believe the ad was an attempt at bait and switch. A really tired old trick that I thought had gone away with disco but no, still practiced at AutoNation I see.
    By the way, the ad is still up on various websites.

    It was hard enough talking my wife into going to look at a vehicle, she is very worried about this virus situation, so thanks again for causing us to travel that distance unnecessarily. There was ample time to contact us in advance and let us know the vehicle did not actually exist, but getting someone in the door is far more important than integrity with your sales manager. Instead he let us drive 45 minutes each way, lied, insulted my intelligence and proved to me that AutoNation is not the place to buy my next car. But, congratulations, you got a potential customer in the door.

    I was ready to buy a vehicle that day, I’m tired of looking and had the sales manager paid any attention, he would have noticed me looking at the new Ford EcoStar. In fact the last three times I took my wife used car shopping we ended up buying a new vehicle. I have an appointment with another Ford dealer tomorrow to look at a used Escape and possible a new EcoStar. And you can bet that if I am treated the same way there I will walk.
    With the economy the way it is I would suspect businesses appreciate paying customers. Your business practices prove that I am sadly mistaken.

  • Tom Tagliabue says:

    Can you please direct me to where I can submit a request for one or more of the Auto Nation dealerships in Corpus Christi, TX to sponsor PRIDE 2020? I dropped off information at the dealerships and was told the request would go to corporate offices in Florida.

    • CC Integrity says:

      Hey Tom did they ever respond to your request to sponsor Pride2020?

      How long or how much time did it take them to get back to you and Did they sponsor events?

  • Valeri Ziegler says:

    I had a positive purchasing experience, however, after a few weeks I realized the car needed a new transmission. I called the Automation Dealership I purchased it from and was told to bring it in. I live 1 hour away, so it’s not very convenient. (yes, it was my choice to purchase at this distance not realizing it would be an issue). The car was surging at 2RPMs and not getting the gas mileage as it should. I brought it in, on a Saturday, in less than 2 hours they came back and said there were no error codes. I’m at a Chevrolet dealership (Autonation) and my car is a Toyota. I was told their Toyota guy would be here on Monday, they would consult him and call me on Monday. Late in the day, no call. I called the Service Dept. I was told to bring it in again the next Saturday and they would give me a loaner car. I bring in my car and get a loaner. The following week, Monday, Tuesday passes, no call. I call THEM on Wednesday. It needs a new transmission. I ask if they have one available. “yes” So once they get approval to for the transmission they can install it. NOT TRUE! The processes are very screwed up. They should have obtained approval for the replacement between the time I brought it in the first time then they could have had the approval by the time I brought it in the second time. BUT NO! I get a loaner and three weeks later, I still do not have my car!! Each week I have to call THEM!!! Replacing a transmission should take 1-2 days. 3 weeks later, I STILL don’t have my car!!! I was told by the end of week 3, I would have it. GUESS WHAT? Today, I get a call, my car is not ready! I ask why? They guy keeps getting pulled off my car to work on other cars. THAT is not good processes. It makes no sense to drag this on for 3 weeks. Have “the guy” work on my car for 1 to 2 days solid, then release him to work on other cars. Very screwed up processes. I AM SO UPSET. I WANT MY CAR BACK. I do not recommend purchasing from Autonation. Makes sense why the local Chevrolet and Mercedes dealerships are no longer associated with Autonation.

  • JAMES T HOOD says:


  • Randy Bigham says:

    Saturday my fiancee and I went to Autonation Buick GMC Park Meadows at 8101 Parkway Drive in Lone Tree Colorado to look at a specific vehicle that we saw posted online for sale. Our Sales person Vladimir was fantastic and helped us a lot. We liked the vehicle and were ready to buy. We even came with all our current paystubs and recent W2’s so we would have all the needed items to buy. We had received the first set of numbers on what the monthly payment would be and were discussing different options. During the middle of the paperwork another sales person came of and got the keys from our salesman. We asked what was going on. He told us that another couple that had looked at the same car way before got there had come back and now they were interested in it as well. At this time everything changed towards us and we could not longer get much info from finace as what was going on. We waited patiently for about an hour. Then all the sudden things changed and the original figures were not longer available to us and we were now told we needed to have $6,600 down. We were made to feel that we were not good enough to even be in your dealership. When we finally got the finance manager over to talk to us he stated that Capital One was requiring that. Come one we know the game and we know that you deal with MANY lenders and finance companies. We were left to feel like we were too much work to close a deal with and everything was being done to push us away so they could sell the vehicle to the other couple. We had money in hand, paperwork in order and treated like SHIT. When I tried to ask questions to the finance manager he just talked over me. Finally he stop and said he’d listen and at this point he had belittled us and made us feel so bad that we told him there was nothing more to say and we were done. H SLAMMED the paper work done on the desk and yell at us that he was done to and he stomped off. No thank you for coming in. No sorry we couldn’t make a deal. NOT A GOD DAMN THING. When I asked who his boss was as I wanted to tell him about this experience I was not the name or a way of contacting them. With car sales declining and dealership struggling, this is how you do business? I do not see a good future for you all.

    Needless to say we will NEVER EVER return to your dealership and we are posting reviews on how we were treated on various sites. And I turely hope what comes around goes around.

  • Trisco Williams says:

    I am Trisco Williams a customer of your Houston North Collision Center. Today I am writing you in regards to the service I have received from this location. I dropped off my vehicle with this location on 12/18/2019. At the time I was advised by the advisor that my vehicle will be completed in 3 weeks which would’ve been the week of January 10,2020. I gave the dealership a call and was advised mid next week which would’ve been 01/15/2020. So on 01/21/2020 I paid the dealership a visit. I was taken outside to be shown my car which was still completely broken down. Looked like no work had been completed. And at that time I expressed my frustration and was advised the car would be ready by today. Well today I received a call around 1:45pm stating yet again my vehicle will not be ready today 01/24/2020. I was advised the door fell quality control due to the paint, and I can expect to receive my car around the middle of next week. As a customer I am very frustrated. My car has been with the facility a month and 9 days. And I am continuously getting the run arounds, and this is not very customer friendly. Based on the reviews online for this location. I as a customer should’ve took my vehicle else where. I have spoke with the manager Kevin at this location several times to get the same answers received from the advisor. I really feel this location is under staffed and could utilize additional assistances. According to the manager they’re full staffed. I am continuously paying a car payment and insurance on a car I am not utilizing which is unfair to a consumer. I have also reached out to the Better Business Bureau regarding this concern.

    If you could please be an assistances with this concern it would be greatly appreciated.

    Location: AutoNation Collision Center North Houston at 325 Farm 1960 Rd. E Houston, Texas 77073.

  • Clifton Amis says:

    The problem date was 8/29/19, purchase date 4/27/19, MN purchase date 4/27/19, MN InfinityQ70, ON, AN, Sales Rep Antnoine Price, PA 506.00, PM Debit payment
    I visited the facility because the tire pressure light was visible. I spoke with Mr. Price of the agreement that I had with Anderson the Sales Manager that one rim would me repaired.
    Price took the vehicle to detail department and when he returns all four rims were wet with some unknown substance. When I wiped the rims a discoloration appeared.
    Price was called to examine the rims and he immediately took it back to detail. When Price return all the were damage and one of the rim was damaged more than the other three. Price and I went to his office, he called the rim specialist and a 9:00 am appointment was made. I was there for the appointment and the car was taken to be repaired. All the rims were damaged but Price stated he could only afford to fix one and the other rims would be my responsibility. The one rim was fixed but I was not pleased with how it was repaired. Price stated he had done all he could do, so I took my compliant to the Danny Anderson.
    I asked Anderson to observed the repair and he refused in an unprofessional manner, stating he would not do any thing to resolve this issue. I asked to speak to the General Manager Jeff Smith and while I explaining the situation Anderson continue to interrupt interjecting his negative comments on why he believe I was not to have my rims properly repaired to my satisfaction. Both men refuse to even take a visual inspection and I was nothing would be done.
    I feel like the problem was not was resolved and customer service was deplorable and I was did not treated in a customer friendly manner.

  • Bill says:

    Where and how do I file a complaint?

    • Dennis Henderson says:

      Bill my name is Dennis Henderson. My 2015 Ram 3500 has been at AutoNation Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Katy Texas for 19 days to replace an alternator and a fuse board. I was told by a very rude and sarcastic Service Manager because I did not have an appointment I could expect no less service. Sir I am in the Horse business. My truck to a very valuable tool for me. I need some help. General Manager at the dealership passes me on. I need this problem address and some type of escalation taken place. I have left two messages to two very nice people at your concierge service. But no response Please help me with this matter. Thanks in advance !

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