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John Boyle

President & Chief Operating Officer

Suzanne Wisdom

Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Katherine Sieck

Senior VP & General Counsel

Phil Bybee

Vice President, Investments

Raju Varma

Senior VP, Chief Financial Officer & Treasure

Chris Simpson

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

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  • Kenneth says:

    I have been a AAA member for 59 years. Diamond bar AAA is the worst. I give them a F. No customer service. They make you think that they have the power and won’t do anything . They seem like who cares if you take your business somewhere else. These employees need to be retrained in customer service 101. Especially the supervisor who don’t even seem like she enjoys her work. I hope to hear from A person in the management level.

  • Sam says:

    I called AAA to tow a car a borrowed from my nephew and told the driver I was thinking of purchasing the car when he said AAA (Calif.) does not tow cars you are planning to purchase. I called premier customer service 800 852-7188 and got a rude clerk who after arguing called her super who approved the tow and a tow truck came and towed the car but never asked for my card or license. When I got home a third truck called me and said he was on his way and I told him I was ok and helped already. The next day I called premier AAA on another issue and the clerk said I was charged for 3 tows! I told her it was wrong explained the story and was transferred to an escalation desk and the disinterested clerk told me he will escalate the complaint but it will take 7 business days. (bullshit) I just renewed and I( will try to get my money back and go with National my insurance carrier. This is how AAA thanks you after paying them for 30 friken years. Do I sound pissed?

  • Betty Johnsen says:

    I was traveling to Oklahoma for a family reunion about 40 miles west of Amarillo the battery light came on. I called AAA they told me if I could make it to Amarillo they would have battery service. NOT TRUE! After we arrived called AAA again they called a tow company who then called us and said they could jump the battery but we would need to be towed to the dealer…that was OK however then told us we had to call AAA again to ask for tow service. After well over 2 hours of calling finally got someone who asked me to hold then was disconnected! It was raining and now the dealer was open only until 5PM at about 4:15 we had called to be towed on our own $85 for about 5 miles. The Subaru dealer employees waited for us to put in a battery..that was not the problem. The serpentine belt had broken. Finally about 7PM we received a call from AAA on my nieces phone. I had gone to rent a car. More than once I had told AAA I was traveling with a cousin on a feeding tube and we were in a dangerous position. Our membership is a Premier Membership. I have filed a complaint twice and still after two weeks have not heard from AAA to file the papers for reimbursement.

  • Larry Beard says:

    There appears to be no living persons that are available to handle issues in a timely manner. Looks like customer service is at the convenience of aaa representatives; not the customer

  • Lillian Garcia says:

    Auto club left me hanging, told me a tow truck was on their way, the towtruck never showed up I waited over an hour after the tow truck was suposed to arrive..then called Auto club waited 30mins to speak to customer service only to find out that tow company cancelled..i never received a phone call from tow company or Autoclub..had to get a ride home. In 27 years of membership, i can say you have failed me.

  • Darlene Villalobos says:

    AAA left us on the side of west bound I10 for 6 hours because the company they contract with in Blythe didn’t want to work and it took me calling every half hour for 5 hours for AAA to send someone from Indio. We could have paid $900+ for a private company to tow us to Indio. According to the private tow company, this happened to 4 others this week alone that he knows of. Why is AAA still contracting horrible companies in Blythe?

    • Ted says:

      We had a similar experience stuck near Amboy two nights ago except we had ZERO updates from AAA. No one ever came. We had to hitch hike home. 32 Years premier RV member and have had great service over the years.

      AAA is not what it used to be. My friend said, ‘this is like being back in Russia and nobody cares what happens to you’.

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