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  • Address: Ettinger Str. 105, 85057 Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Phone Number: 49 841 89 0
  • Fax Number: 49 841 89 32524
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 95,000
  • Established: 1899
  • Founder: August Horch
  • Key People: Abraham Schot (Interim Management Board Chairman, Interim CEO and Board Member of Marketing & Sales)

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Audi Headquarters Executive Team



Johannes Roscheck Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer of Audi Brazil and President of Audi Brazil

Marc Lichte

Chief Designer

Stefan Moser

Head of Mo­tor­sport Com­mu­ni­ca­tions

About Audi, History and Headquarters Information


Audi was founded in the year 1910. The company has been operational for almost 109 years now. The founder of the company was August Horch. The company was formed when the August Horch Automobilwerke company was created. The name of the company came from the word 'Listen', as it was suggested by the son of August Horch. Over the years, the company had gone through various kinds of changes, and therefore in the year 1969, the Audi NSU Auto Union was created. The company had introduced the Audi brand in the USA in the year 197, with its car model named Audi 100. During the 1990s, the company had remained as a very conservative brand and thus decided to compete against luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz. During the 2000s, the sales of the company had been increasing slowly, and China was one of the company's largest markets as well. The company's cars were also driven by the government officials of China.

The company had also set up its manufacturing plants in India, China, Mexico, Spain, Slovakia, Indonesia, Hungary, etcetera. The company currently remains as a division of Volkswagen. In the year 2015, during the Volkswagen emission software scandal, almost 2.1 million vehicles from the car maker were involved as well. The company has also been engaged in LeMans Racing as well and has also delved into Formula One racing program too. In the year 2011, the company had seen a record sales with the Audi A7 and even the Audi A3 car models. In the year 2012, the company had recorded a 10 per cent increase in the number of overall sales. In the year 2014, the company had achieved wireless charging methods in its via Qi Open Interface Standards, in its A7, A8 and R8 car models. During the year 2015, the company had reported that the sales of the company had been increased by almost 16.2 per cent. It was reported by the USA Environment Protection Agency that the nitrogen oxide emissions from the 2015 scandal Audi cars, were approximately more significant by nine times the legal limit. During the year 2016, it was reported that the company would be opening a new manufacturing plant in Pakistan, for about $30 million. As of the year 2018, the CEO of Audi named Rupert Stadler was arrested. The headquarters of the company is based in Ettinger Str. 105. The name of the place is Ingolstadt, while the name of the country is Germany. The pin code of the area is 8057.


Audi is a German company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of luxury cars and vehicles, along with its Lamborghini brand, all over the world. As of the year 2018, the total revenue of the company is more than 59.2 billion Euros. As of the year 2018, the number of employees working at the company is more than 91,600. The company is among the best selling luxury automobile brands in the world.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of luxury cars that are manufactured, designed, marketed and sold by the company itself. The company itself provides all of the engines, accessories, machinery, tools along with other technical articles. The company also assembles, produces, distributes as well as sell motorcycles under the Ducati brand. The company also provides its spare parts and accessories as well.

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  • Larry Kay says:

    I purchased at NEW 2021 A6 in January 2021. Several months later i received a letter saying there is a recall on my vehicle involving a faulty gas gauge. The letter said not to trust the gauge and instead fill up my tank when I get to 200-250 miles to avoid running out of gas. It is now almost October 2022 and I still have no answer for this problem. I cant drive long distances because of the possibility of running out of gas before finding a gas station. The dealership where I purchased the car has no answer. It’s unbelievable that it will soon be 2 YEARS and NO fix.

  • Troy Juresko, Smsgt. USAF Retired says:

    I have a 1985 Audi Coupe Gt that is my daily driver. I purchased the vehicle in 1985 in Germany through the Canadian Exchange. This is one owner vehicle and completely original, I love my Audi, but parts are getting harder to find. I’m asking if Audi has a warehouse where they keep new old stock for their older Audi’s? I’m in need of a complete instrument cluster. My current instrument cluster has an inoperative Odometer and a Speedometer cable for it. My Coupe is a 5 speed manual and is a left hand drive. I have research thru out the USA for what I need without any success. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


  • April Brantley says:

    First, I’ve been a loyal customer of Audi Hilton Head since purchasing my car there over 5 years ago. All services that have been done to my car was done at Audi Hilton Head.

    Here’s a little background:
     Scheduled a service appointment for April 26, 2022, to have car annual service i.e., oil change, etc.;
     Before my appointment I had a what I will call a “mishap” ran over metal objects in the road (not at fault) … With that said, the car had to be towed! I called Audi and explained the situation and had the car towed to Audi Hilton Head approximately April 22, 2022.
     I’m well aware of the struggles/issues the automotive repair industry is going through i.e., parts shortage, staff shortages, etc., as to why I was being very patient;
     April 29, 2022, I received two (2) estimates: Estimate of Damages (accident) $ 3525.61 and Estimate for annual service i.e., oil change, brakes, tires, etc., $1300.00 approximately;
     Both estimates involved the car being placed on the rack;
     Around April 30, 2022, the insurance company sent a certified adjuster to do an estimate of damages;
     May 2, 2022, received insurance company estimate for $7919;
     May 3, 2022, I called the service advisor with concerns about Audi estimate and insurance company estimate, here’s the response I received quote “well how much is the check for” that was quite an insult!!! I was so insulted, I advised him that I would be coming in person to discuss my car and it needed to be on the rack. Upon arrival I spoke with service manager (guess) and service advisor, which both admitted that my car had not been placed on the rack and the estimate of damages received on April 29, 2022 was incorrect and there was much more damage done underneath the car. They advised that the tech was no longer with them… We were then allowed to go into shop to see damages, the damages underneath the car was visible to the eye, if the tech had just looked underneath the car damages would have been notice. How did they come up with the estimate for a regular servicing and estimate for damages, when the car was never placed on the rack by an Audi tech? Is this common practice?
     May 13, 2022, had to go to Audi again and demanded to speak with a manager (GM) and service advisor (did not expect me) and/or someone who could help me… Again, explained the situation!!! With that said, here’s what was told to me by manager and service advisor, “well your car should have been turned over to the collision shop weeks ago and they would have it towed to shop one mile away and I wouldn’t have to pay for the towing (WOW)! I advised them the insurance company did not want to keep paying for me a rental, due to all the delays has been caused by Audi and should take some responsibility by providing a loaner. I asked about a loaner and was advised none was avaible. I advised the service advisor I was very offended by his statement over the phone on April 29, 2022. Neither the manager/service advisor offered a real apology for the delay and inconvenience of having to physically (twice) go the dealership to demand service, answers to my questions/concerns.
     May 20, 2022, received a call from Collision center my car was being assessed. I’m still having to work with insurance company to extend my rental, which they do not want to, because the delays haven’t been their fault. I spoke with the Collision center and it could be another couple of weeks, before my car is drivable.


     I took my car to Audi Hilton Head, with the expectation of receiving superior service (not the case);
     I wish I had positive feedback, but nothing has been positive about this experience;
     Audi is a great car and it was proven, when I had my “mishap”, due to the safety features on the car it didn’t flip!!!
     I was a BMW consumer and looking for a new BMW, when I drive the Audi Q5, after driving Q5, I was hooked, best driving car!
     I will definitely buy another Audi.

  • Kelly John says:

    Won’t be buying another Audi with what has happened to my Audi 2015 Q5! I bought, used, 2 years ago and have kept very good care of the vehicle. I broke down on the freeway the other day and the engine light came on. Audi in Columbia, SC is saying I need a new engine at $16,000, due to cylinder valves failing!!! The vehicle only has 73,000 miles on it. Devastating loss! The Audi customer service hotline and the Audi dealership says there is nothing that can be done since it’s out of warranty. Poor customer service in my mind to not stand behind a product!

  • Kathi Cohen says:

    First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy your product. I was a BMW person for quite awhile but had an issue that could not be worked out so I went to Audi and have been with you ever since. My last car was a Q3 which I loved….so I decided to go with your brand new 2020 Q3 in that bright blue colour….which by the way is stunning!!!!! I picked up my car two days ago and LOVE everything about it except for one issue, which actually has proven to be quite troubling. I have a rather small one car garage, and I put my car into that garage every night. I am quite diligent about that. When I got home the other night I could not figure out how to fold in the outside rear view mirrors. It was pretty easy in my previous car. I got out the manual and STILL couldn’t figure out the procedure. I really felt like an idiot. Rather than attempting to pull the car into my narrow garage I just left it outside. First thing the next day I went back to the dealer to get my problem solved. Someone from service came out and he was stumped also. My salesperson came out and delivered the most ridiculous news that I could have possible imagined. The mirrors had to be MANUALLY pressed in!!! I literally said WTF!!!! This gorgeous technically advanced $43,000 car does not have auto rearview mirrors!!!!! How is that possible? Was it a design error or just an error in MY car. Please explain this to me. It is such a pain in the ass to have to get out of my car ever time my car goes in and out of the garage…plus I drive in the city a lot, down narrow double parked street and I frequently just pull my mirrors in so I have ample space to fit through….NOW I need to get out of the car! PLEASE explain this to me…I am livid.
    Thank you for listening to me vent
    Kathi Cohen

  • Asmik says:

    Since February, I have been going back and forth on the situation of the leather deteriorating after only 2 years on the drivers side. They Rusnack and Keys said maybe it was due to jeans. I don’t wear jeans I’m in scrubs (soft material) 6 days a week and I’m not in the car 24/7. Then they said that I have a 3RD PARTY STICKER (Red) and maybe they could take care of it. No one is willing to HELP ME and resolve this issue!!!!
    I have taken my car twice now to Keys Audi for a high pitched squeak when I brake. They (Keys Audi) said they fixed it and for me to pick up the car. They said it was brake dust .I picked up the car yesterday and the same noise is there. When I google brake dust they say that it could be my pads or rotor and this could possibly be a dangerous situation. I now don’t feel comfortable in the car. When I called back Keys Audi they say they can’t do anything. I sent a message to Abel at Keys to call me he still hasn’t responded.
    PLEASE PLEASE give me the name and number of someone that is willing to help me and fix my car!!!!
    Thank you,

  • >