Where is AT&T Corporate office Headquarters

AT&T Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 211 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75202, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 210-821-4105

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 254000

  • Established: October 5, 1983

  • Founder: Bell Telephone Company

  • Key People: Randall L. Stephenson

AT&T Headquarters Location & Directions

AT&T Headquarters Executive Team



Randall L. Stephenson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Inc.

William A. Blase, Jr.

Senior Executive Vice President – Human Resources, AT&T Inc.

John Donovan

CEO – AT&T Communications, LLC

David S. Huntley

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, AT&T Inc.

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  • elvis belen says:

    Good moring for the past few years i notice ic systems has been on my credit report holding me accountable for 872 dollars. This transaction was based on purchasing of iphone during a promotionl of iPhone and direct tv link together
    i then returnthe iPhone to at&t i have been a loyal customers for over 15 years. I wish to have this fraud account remove from credit record i have document on behalf of at@t acknowledge that the merchandise was safely return and received. Can we address this problem its getting disturbing that a copration as big as at@t which respect all of it’s customer can be over look such this minor confusion thank you

  • BC says:

    I have an AT&T customer long before they bought out previous company and it appears that everything goes they the only company that has a lot of fees that also add up I know that everything is going up in price but being on fix income once a month can not afford rising prices every month looking for another service

  • Raymond Morgan says:

    I tried to call and can’t get nothing so I’m going to sue cause y’all keep calling 4 or 5 time aday and that is between 500 to 1500 a çall

  • John McMillan says:

    Hi ,on November 30 2021 I was ripped off by one of your employees she sells me a plan that is not longer available and a cll phone with the promise that my bill will be charged $5 extra not a penny more ,I contacted att costumer service also the fraud department ,the loyalty department and they all said that they apologize for the inconvenience caused by the att employees but that this time they will make it right and give you a credit to help you but that credit would be there till next bill , another lie, next bill is not there I called again scaled the call to a manager in the loyalty department who said again apologies !! but this time she said that there is not notes of such credits and even worse that there is not a supervisor name Marcelo in the loyalty department ,so I guess I spoke on 02/07/2022 with a att ghost for about 1 hour who promised $200 credit on my February bill , unrealistic that a company this big treat costumers this way , I have 5 lines plus internet at home so I pay att about $4000 a year and still seems to be that your employees don’t care. At this point I am very disappointed and I will try my hardest to address this situation in any way I can !! .
    Hopefully a att representative get to see this and wanted to do the right thing, thanks for your time. 630 6693089.

  • Ronald Rosado says:

    I have two accounts, I am a first responder and have a first net Acct. the problem is with my ATandT acct. number 113524051. On 1/16/22 I called an agent to insure that my pymt. in the amount of $99.53 had been received. The agent told me that it had not been received but to check on 1/18/22. On 1/18/22 my ATandT service was turned off. I was at work and it was almost impossible to communicate with someone. I called my bank and they told me that AT@T had been debited that amount. I called again and AT@T told me again no pymt. received. I had to pay with my credit card to reinstate my service. On 1/20/22 I called AT@T billing they told me that the check was received and applied to my acct. on 1/13/22 two days before the due date, yet my service was turned off. I could not communicate with my wife, if something happen to me at work she would not have known. Who does this, why are these mistakes happening and are the people responsible held responsible. I expect a full apology and hope that this type of scam will never happen to anyone else.

  • Willie Flemming says:

    The Newest young black Owner here “ME” Willie Renaldo flemming and My services being hacked and financial information being stolen my services isn’t on and I even paid the bill it still isn’t working and iam in a life and death situation with being killed I need help asap to get my services up and running “NOW” my cell number is 779-225-8760

    • Taylor says:

      I’m having same issue and nobody can tell me how this happened or how to fix it I get told to go to another company or it will be fixed

  • Jerry Greenwich says:

    I am having trouble with my AT&T bills and no one can help me one person told me to go back to a store and locate and look around for the person who I dealt with originally.Everyone we talk to passes it on to other person and no one can help. I’ve been a customer with this company since 1980s and this is how we’re getting treated it now.😡😡😡

  • Cathy Marie helgerson says:

    I will be writing the Corporate office executives CEO’s and others the Federal Communications Commission needs to know what is going on with AT & T lies to customers as well as price gouging lack of proper procedures and much more. I switched from Comcast to AT & T real sorry about that I was trying to save money but it seems that AT & T aside from the installer who was a very nice guy and really helped me with all of the issues and problems. I think it is time to stop this Comcast and AT & T back and forth competition with special deals and such that are causing the public a great deal of problems this is especially difficult for the seniors. I will be writing letters to my Government officials also to see what they can do about all of this it is horrible. Make no mistake I will never refer anyone to AT & T buyer beware saving some money may not be worth it. Comcast I will be writing your Corporate office as well and this deception with both companies shall end.

  • Patricia O'Neal says:

    I need to reset my ATT Retiree password. When I try to reset PW, it told me to contact my company admin with no phone number. Would you provide me a name/contact number who can help me reset my retiree password?

  • Mari Perez says:

    I need to speak to someone in reference to the treatment I have received from your installation technician. Your tech came to my house at 10:30 am said he needed to go check the speed of the internet I will be getting but that he needed to go to the box 3 blocks away and 4 hrs later he still has not come back. When I call your company I am told he is not coming back because he said I was rude to him. Mind you no one bother to call me and let me know what was going on. In top of that at no time was I rude to him, he was at my house for maybe 20 mins and that included going to the back and checking the box. Now I am told someone cannot come back out till Sat. 3days later? That is unacceptable. What kind of business are you running, I am beside myself. The technician id # JE0178, supervisor that would not try to schedule a installation appointment for tomorrow id # M8698. I am a customer service rep and if my company drops the ball on a customer like yours did I would go beyond and above to make the customer happy. What your technician did was disrespect me, he had be waiting for him when he never intended to come back, how dare your “Supervisor” think that is was ok to ask me to wait 3 days before having someone come back to my home. I am hoping that i will be contacted by someone in your corporate headquarters to make this right. My opinion of your company has just dropped 99%, how unprofessional could your employees be, no respect for customers, customer loyalty is out the door.

  • Maks Rozetti says:

    How can I call to president office
    My email is maks@pacbell.net
    My phone 925 9983434
    Thank you
    Or contact executive assistant for president of att

    • Willie Flemming says:

      Iam the owner of the company hope your issues where fixed …as of me being the New owner my services isn’t working and I have people trying to kill me here I am in need of help myself getting my services back running my cell is 779-225-8760 Mr Willie flemming here

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