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Are you looking for some home décor superstores? At Home is the store that you are looking for. This is a home décor company that deals with home décor as well as furnishing. They provide furniture services and home décor that you need at every style as well as for every budget. It is among America’s largest retail store specialized in home décor products.

The companies headquarter is in Piano, Texas in the united states of America. The company was started back in the year 1979 and the current CEO is Lewis (lee) Bird III. The store is known for storing so many unique home décor items.

If you are looking for any home décor services or products, At Home is the ideal place worth confiding in. this is a store that offers home décor products of different designs, styles as well as sizes. You can find products for any budget. It is loved by so many people for its customer care greatness, quality services as well as professionalism.

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  • Stephen says:

    Hello I purchased a matress from a location and was told I could return for a refund ,I tried to get the refund and was refused, I specifically asked this question at time of purchase, I feel this a fraud and deceptive .
    I would not purchased the mattress if they told me no refund.

  • Robert Crawford says:

    At Home in mesa az, on greenfield rd. You have an employee that should be recognized for her OUTSTANDING, customer service. Her name is Savanna and works at the above store. She stopped what she was doing to help my wife and I find a certain planter. She had to get a rolling stair to get it. Kept a smile the whole time. Every store should have a Savanna (sp). Please let her know! Bob & Sharyn Crawford

  • Cheryl Collins says:

    Worst online store experience ever! Charged 3 times the original amount and the items are being shipped to the wrong address.
    And there isn’t a “live” person who answers when you call the number that’s on the site.
    No resolutions just numerous emails and texts.
    Cheryl C.
    Lindsay, OK

  • Rhonda Sage says:

    What has happened to your Clive Iowa store? I don’t recognize any of the associates anymore. The store is a mess and the Store Manager is a complete piece of work. I will not return to this store ever again. I want my old store and associates back

  • Pat Hill says:

    I purchased a headboard and bed frame, I told the lady I would have to pick it up later that my son had a truck and could pick it up for me! He drove 30 miles to pick up with the receipt and he could not pick it up because I was not with him. 30 miles back home without my purchase! Wouldn’t you think a phone call would work I could have e mailed or FaceTime my identity! Should the sales lady mention to me the rules about pick up! I guess now I’ll have to see if I can get a refund!

  • Cheryl Cooper says:

    Why are display only products in clearance section not for sale?

  • Kelly Thiboutot says:

    I just want to say how disappointed I am in this store. I have spent so much money over the past season alone and will never be back. I have a receipt showing what I paid for an item and I can only get what it is selling for now. It is a seasonal item and because they discounted it I am not entitled to the amount I paid for it. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I totally would understand if I couldn’t prove what I paid for it. The pathetic part is you could discount all Christmas stuff to 99% off if you wanted to, you don’t have the items in the store anyway. What a shame!! I will miss this store but it is the principal behind your policy I just can’t wrap my head around!

  • Ms. Phillips says:

    The cashiers give out false information that causes the customers to have to take the lost. They are not fair when they make a mistake you can not talk to a live person just get emails from different people which seems to be automated reply emails from some type of automated message to keep from helping the customer that spend their money in their stores. I rate At Home stores the lowest you can give Zero

  • Helen Martin says:

    Is there any way to contact corporate about a donation? Is there an email address?

  • luis perez says:

    Webster, Texas. Manager ,Alma, would not honor my Inside Perks email for 15% off. Terrible customer service! I will definitely take my business elsewhere.

  • Maria J says:

    Very unintelligent or inexperienced managers as it relates to exchanges or returns. “No Haggle, No Hassle” means just that when you just walked out of the store with a purchase.

    After purchasing over $400 in merchandise and going back in for more items but wanted to exchange a few and not allowed to do so was a very inconsiderate and unappreciative experience.

    My. Zion location will never get my funds again!

  • Michelle says:

    Ridgeland Mississippi store Saturday, July 9. Merchandise down an isle that said 50% off continually down the isle, Merchandise had 50% tags on items. Got to cash register and the clerk wouldn’t give me the sale price. She ask another associate and neither would honor the tag. The same item also had the 50% along with everything in the same grouping. Can someone explain this to me. The store isn’t very busy to begin with on a Saturday morning. Maybe this wasn’t the first bad customer experience.
    I really expect an answer.

  • Sandra Romero says:

    How do you contact someone from their headquarters other then social media.

  • Karsyn Mckenna says:

    Trying to get in touch with someone about my missing W-2. I have sent email after email for almost two months with no response. Please help!!

    • sorry that happened to you says:

      I hope you called the IRS. They will have them send it to you and they can get fined for not getting it to you by a specific date.

  • Das says:

    Why for ledgewood, nj location did everyone have to work full time setting up store commute for weeks to 2nd location causing people to have to quit other jobs to work at “at home ” store. To now having more then enough staff to begin w qnd they keep hiring and the schedules are ALL over so you CAnT get a 2nd job around it. And after having to leave other jobs and working dull time to start all being cut to leas then part time hours. How is that right or ok. Every worker is having an issue w it. W everyone being loyal to start and still being and your corporation screwing over the entire staff. There was NO need for any other hires never mind dozens and giving the original gard working employees shifts. That is so wrong and shows your corporation is low and foul. The bbb will be getting alerted dozen of workers will be reporting and to the labor board this scam you people are pulling qnd screwing everyone over basically during a pandemic still. And left to be unable to cover their bills because of this mess you people are causing and like I’ve repeatedly stated unable to work q 2nd job because scheduling is a joke at your store and never steady hours. And to do this to people that were forced to leave other jobs to commit to your establishment is wrong and ridiculous of you people to do now!!!!
    Every site wi also be on notice of how scum you people are!!!! And mess w people’s livelihoods and income lile it’s a joke to you people. You belong fined over this and on the news on how people bust their buttons for you and to support themselves and you people play w them!!! And use and abuse the pandemic situation!!!!

  • Former customer says:

    I purchased a rug in your Huntsville, AL store this morning. The store isn’t near me but I was in the area and decided to check your rugs. I found exactly what I was looking for, the display and tag on the rug stated it was $119.99. That’s more than I had hoped to spend but I liked the rug so much I decided to go ahead and purchase. I was in a rush & when I got home looked at the receipt…I was charged $149.99 for the rug. I emailed the store and was pretty much sorry but costs have increased on items…and that was it.
    This isn’t a reasonable explanation. I have a photo of the display and the tags on the rug showing the $119.99 cost if anyone is interested.

  • Guest says:

    Trying to get in touch with someone about my missing W2 I have tried emailing over a month ago and still no response

  • Ronni says:

    I love the store, but the overbearing sweet scent that is pumped through the air conditioning system in all the stores is very sickening. You can smell it before you even walk in. I get a headache within a minute of shopping. None of the senses should ever be overloaded like that. I miss shopping there, but I prefer to not feel nauseous. I feel bad for the employees.

  • Guest says:

    I am a previous employee and have been unsuccessfully trying to contact team care and the corporate office for over a week now. I am very frustrated and simply just want my W-2 Form!

  • Deborah Colbert says:

    I ordered my order on December 29th have not yet received it can someone please reach out too me

  • Keri Robinson says:

    I need someone to get back in touch with me because two of your locations in Alabama One being the trussville location and the other the Hoover location. Both have royally messed up many orders and has not refunded my money and one of your employees has been so horrible to me that I certainly hope you record phone calls because anyone in upper management will want to hear!! I understand that you are currently not open so please have someone in contact with me ASAP Monday morning. Thank you for your time.

    Keri Robinson

    • Das says:

      They can’t because after weeks training the hire all people w out that don’t know what they’re doing and can’t help you if they wanted too. Stay away from this store for your own benefit.

  • Kapi says:

    Does anyone know how to speak to someone about e gift card that wasn’t delivered. I’ve sent five emails and many calls and get nowhere. The gift was to be delivered on Christmas my for my daughter. As much as I love shopping there I’m done with At Home.

  • Margaret M Haynes says:

    Why can’t I place an online order? I have all the information filled in but the order is not being placed. I wish there was a phone number to call so I could speak to someone .

  • Wendell says:

    Ordered some candles online, every one of them broken. Box was in perfect shape. Took to the store in my town and they tried to refund only the cost without shipping. REALLY When everything is broke you refund all of the cost. They said they didn’t know how and neither did the manager. Corporate office started something they trained no one to do. I made them take the cash out to pay me. DON’T order with AtHome

  • Sarabeth Nelson says:

    I always had such fun once I discovered the joy that is At Home. I lived in Austin by the one down by south mopac, quickly coming to be a frequent customer and a member of the At Home rewards program. To be honest none of my friends shop there & they don’t understand why I do, they don’t think anything bought there is worth value. But I’ve had my eye on a CD Tower that like identical to a blue police Box. Sadly I moved to Vermont to try something new & they don’t seem to have an At Home anywhere nearby (seriously we ain’t got good Mexican food, margaritas, and I stopped to see if y’all had the blue box & I was so happy that it was in! Vermont doesn’t have “big business” so it’s hard to find y’all

  • Dianne Stanciel says:

    As a frequent customer and member of the At Home rewards program, I was shocked this week with the rude-ness and ultimate rejection over the Military discount from the local manager at the Ocean Township, NJ store. I purchased an item online and as I picked it up, I asked if we could add the Military discount to the 20% birthday coupon I used. First the manager insisted on seeing my email showing 20% because she believed it should have been 15%. I had already paid for the item online. She said I could not get the Military discount because it belongs to my husband and he needed to be present. When I showed my USAA card that one can only have as a Military family member, she told me it meant nothing because she had one too. I mentioned my husband is a handicapped Vet and would not be able to come into the store at a later date, but I could bring the Military ID and the receipt. She rejected all and insisted he had to come in (handicapped or not) and we had to come in with the huge heavy shelving unit I bought, not the receipt. I was amazed at the way she treated a 72 year old educated, former journalist African American woman by insisting I show my email to prove the 20% discount to her, even though it was already offered and accepted by At Home. I am also sorry the disabled Veteran mention and the fact that my husband is unable to come in, regardless of the size of the package, was disregarded as irrelevant. Frankly, it was painful and I intend to close my rewards account with At Home. I don’t ever want to shop where she works again.

  • Joana says:

    Nathan the manager at 11501 Bluegrass Pkwy Louisville, KY 40299 likes to complain about customers. I sent an email to corporate as well, an older lady supposedly cut the line and he keep going on about this!! Maybe she did NOT know she had to wait ? I would NOT want a employee in my establishment that is rude and disrespectful to the customers

  • Meredith Paukert says:

    I just left your Clearwater Store. It’s looking festive, however, that store is already out of the 20 ft Santa, Snowman, and Soldier’s and it’s only Oct.7 th. Why? You didn’t have adequate inventory last year either! You could obviously sell many, many, many more! There was about 4 or 5 other people in looking at the inflatables and left disappointed as I did! You don’t have anything for Thanksgiving…what’s up with that? It a major Family Holiday! You have only 2 Halloween inflatables yet, there are hundreds on the market. I don’t get it. I love that you put Christmas out in September but, you should be able to replenish your stock . I understand the whole sell through in retail. I am sure that would not be a problem….you never have any left in December so no worries that you will have to clearance them out. You will sell all at full price…people are looking for the big and unique inflatables! I hope your buyers look at sell through and do something about it…if not this year…next!

    Disappointed again this year….

  • Jessica says:

    At Home Orlando Store has a very rude manager and unprofessional manger her name is Deleila . She makes very rude comments about the employees , that they are to slow and stupid to finish there work . That she has to finish all there work for them because they do not do it properly. She micromanages people that know what they are doing. when she gets fed up and no one is listening to her she tells them she is going to smack them with something . She has spread many rumors about employees dating or even having relations. She tells other employees that certain people should not be working there because they can’t handle the stress. She sends people home because she doesn’t not want them to shine when bigger bosses come in . When a customer asks for her help she does the bare minimum . She is not a pleasant person to speak to by any means. She has accused people or stealing . She is very rude to all customers. and honestly shouldn’t be a manager ,

  • Gail Mullins says:

    Gina the store manager at store #252 is exceptional and the reason I will continue to shop there. Gina and staff member Liz went out of their way to make shopping a pleasure. Gina demonstrated a professional and outstanding customer service lesson for her staff. I am sure that is why I always enjoy shopping at her store.

  • Shameka N Jefferson says:

    Annette at the Fenton, MO location was very rude. I spoke to her and she said nothing. As I proceeded to pay for order and said something to her she replied…”your on the phone…bye”. I come to this location frequently and have never been treated like this.

  • Bruce Reinert says:

    Since you have made the decision not to fly our flag in front of your stores. My decision is to never purchase anything from you!

  • Stacy Oulatti says:

    I was at your store #27, and the women manager on duty was so rude. I had bought a throw cover, and wash it this weekend before using and came apart. Was told could not return because I washed it, who uses something before washing, not me, not sure where item has been. I did not have any of the tags, never thought it would come apart. She inform me she would give me a credit and I had to go thru the store looking for this throw, was not her job to look for product. Couldn’t even tell me where to even go look at. Wow I was stunned, what happen to helping customers. I finally found one and of course it wasn’t the same color, went back to check out and she finally gave me my refund, all of this for 1 throw, I will go out of my way to go to another store. I never been so angry about the way I was talk to and treated. I know help is hard to find, but she needs more training in how to treat your customers.

  • Mary Ann says:

    What brands do you carry? I do not see any brands on your furnishings.

  • Dawn DDq says:

    This is for NATALIE from the Wauwatosa WI store..rarely do this, but when yo have an awesome experience as I did, how could I not give Natalie the recognition she SOOO DESERVES! Rarely do I come across an employee that is so caring, patient, and truly eager to help me. She stood by my side helping me anyway she could until I was satisfied with completing the 3 rooms that needed a personal decorating touch, which was Natalie. She is remarkable!! I’m soooooo thrilled with all my purchases that she helped me decide on. Im not talking just 1 day couple hours, I’m talking 3 days with 4 hours a day shopping!. Oh she sure did take care of other customers and responsibilities as well, damn good multitasker!! And all that … with a positive attitude, not ONCE did she show any sign of frustration (which w/my slow shopping skills .. she would’ve had every right!) But not NATALIE!! And get this, the WHOLE TIME..3 DAYS. ..I NEVER knew that she was the manager!! Not once flaunting or acting as if she was above any other employee!! That’s commendable and tells/ shows me that she is very well respected! As she should be. THANK YOU NATALIE!!! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!! SHE HAS A GENUINE SOUL AND YA BEST GET HER A VERY WELL DESERVED RAISE PLEASE!! SHE HAS TO STAY THERE, SHE CAN’T LEAVE ME @!
    Thanks NATALIE!!! See you soon!!! 😁

  • Mr. Fleetwood Sammis says:

    My name is Fleetwood Sammis – Zoning Inspector with the City of Garland Code Compliance Department. I have a question regarding the property that At Home occupies at 4040 Forest Ln. here in the City of Garland. Please contact me at 972.485.6475
    Thank You

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