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  • Address: 648 Grassmere Park #300, Nashville, TN 37211, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 615-837-3001

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 18,000

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Kevin Taweel (Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director)

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About Asurion, History and Headquarters Information


Asurion was founded in the year 1994. The company has been operational for almost 25 years now. The founders of the company were Jim Ellis and Kevin Taweel. The founders of the company had taken over a roadside assistance company that was based in Houston, named as Road Rescue, in the year 1995. Then in the year 1999, the company had taken over an entity that was selling insurances for cell phones, known as Merrimac Group.

In the year 2003, the company started its operations on a worldwide basis, and therefore expanded into the Asian countries. By the year 2008, the expansion was extended to the countries of Europe and then by 2013 in Australia. In the year 2014, the company then expanded into Latin America as well, with the help of America Movil. The company was the first to provide accidental insurance coverage from handling to various retailers that were compliant with all the 50 states in the USA.

Headquarters Info,

The headquarters of the company is based in 648 Grassmere Park, Ste 300. The name of the city is Nashville, while the name of the state is Tennessee, United States. The pin code of the area is 37211-3667.


Asurion is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of insurance policies for items like electronics, jewellery, appliances, satellite receivers, etcetera. The current CEO of the company is Kevin Taweel. Also, the company has been serving over 280 million consumers, in around 49 offices all around 14 countries in the world. The number of employees currently working at the company is more than 17,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a peace of mind when accepting their insurance policies so that if there is any accidental damage, the company will be able to fix their issues and will also ensure that the affected customers of clients receive repair or replacement services.

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  • Karen says:

    Asurion customer service is appalling. We have been going back and forth over a laptop replacement and they continue to stall us after they messed up the initial claim by returning the still broken device back to the U Break I fix store – except they first sent it to an unknown address in error via UPS and still will not replace the device. They refuse to acknowledge or accept responsibility for their mishandling of the claim.

  • Ted says:

    This companies customer service is about as good as not having it at all. Their call center is overseas and uses scripted responses so they really don’t know how to provide quality customer care when warranty claims don’t go as planned. They use stall tactics and won’t allow you get an issue resolved with a decision maker since their “back office” doesn’t allow calls. Our claim for a refrigerator has now dragged on for 2 months!!!

  • Marla Neogra says:

    I actually have to speak to someone in HR. I am from the WV Division of Labor.

    Your organization in completely opaque. Why is it impossible to speak to a real person? I called the phone number provided and it just directs people to either a product issue or employees to contact the company through their sign in then hangs up. When I tried the contact me areas on your internet site they went to different products, no ability to pick a category such as HR or any other category.

    Marla J Neogra
    Labor Inspector II
    WV Division of Labor

  • Susana Ponce-Rivas says:

    I bought a washer and dryer set at Home Depot with the Asurion protection plan. It’s been over a month, the tech came out and disabled the washer. I haven’t had a washer for over a month. Horrible service!!!
    Do not buy insurance!!

  • Carmella Kane says:

    Your people are trained to lie to the customers that they will be shippingn out the product today and will recieve in 24-48 hours. I have called everyday for weeks to find out that the phone I recieved yesterday I14 was a refub and parts are not available. I am charged over $1000 for a phone that is 1 week old, and stolen. I demand a new phone and you should teach your people to not lie to the customer. Earlier today I was going to get a phone shipped out, now they are out of stock and its a refurb. discusted and If I can find a company not covered by Asurion I will be moving to that company. LIES< LIES< LIES

  • Ms. Mack says:

    Having the WORST experience with your company! My elderly mother has been without a phone since 12/7. UPS “allegedly” delivered the package. It never arrived. I filed a claim with UPS to let them know. UPS will investigate. Called Asurion to get a replacement phone was advised that I would have to wait an additional 14 days…or i need to contact tmobile to see what other options are available. If i wanted to buy another phone, i would have. Why am I paying for insurance!? I bet if it were your loved one it would have been handled. I will be forwarding my complaint to all the HPIC…it’s the holiday season. My mother may not have a phone until well after the new year. This is totally unacceptable.


    This whole company is BOGUS! A FRAUD AND SCAM! And Amazon is in cahoots with them!

  • Kris D. Johnson says:

    What a low life company. Never been disrespected as I was tonight. What a joke your insurance is on phones I woul be embarrassed to say that is what your Buisness is . Will be cancelling my contract with Verizon after discussing your antics an then the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission regarding wha ripoff artist you are. I will do anything to stop your actions for falsifying all information you supply to your consumers through major corporations in the world. Might want to move back to China or Japan where your founder came from.

  • Eric Willis says:

    Worst company in the world! I pay these people $45 a month to insure my phones. My nephews watch and new phone got stolen. No Asurion is refusing to replace them. Then why would I pay you guys that much a month for this exact reason. It’s fine I’m done with there games and I’m just going to take them to court.

  • Susanne says:

    Asurion is the WORST Insurance provider company for Appliances. I can’t believe they still can exist !! I’ve been trying to get a Samsung Quad 4door fridge fixed for 5 months !! Have been resorting to a plastic camping fridge that’s 3ft high 2ft wide all this time. No freezer, no fridge, no ice !

    They have sent 7 different repair people to my house and they all have said the same thing. It needs a Compressor and I have a 10 yr warranty for the Compressor part with Samsung. But the 5 year labor warranty just ran out before the new year. So I got Asurion last year and still paying them but all they had to do is have a Certified Samsung repair company order the part from Samsung and then come back to repair it.

    They first sent 2 different companies that were not Samsung certified even though I told them that is what we need. Since then they have sent 4-5 different repair people from another Company and each time each man has said the same thing or a little different. Only 2 of the 6-7 guys ever opened the back to check it. Several of them said they won’t put compressors in or are not certified for installing compressors. BUT ASURION has known the problem since the first guy in MAY ’22…. and still 5 months later they just sent another guy that checked it out and said the Compressor needs to be replaced but he is not trained to install compressors.

    Why would a company send so many repair people to check the same problem out over and over again and have to pay each one around $300. each time…. But NOT get the part ordered and put it in… in 5 months ?? Don’t they check their records ?? I have copies of the repair guys reports, at least 4-5 of them. And I have copies of the Emails received from Asurion…. BUT WHY would they not check their own records ??

    It must be a scam !! They must want to drive the customers crazy so they will give up on the repair…. OR THEY ARE STUPID !!! But they have driven me and my Husband crazy with this shit… but we can’t give up.

    I’m trying to write to the corporate office but I need a name or department … Anyone have any suggestions ?

  • Martina says:

    I did a claim for my lg 75 in tv well my tv had never been moved til asurion tech came and moved tv then when gets back I get a call and message from some woman saying my coverage don’t cover LED tvs I tried calling number back it doesn’t exist at all I was declined my claim I feel it’s a scam I read my policy and nowhere on there does it say it doesn’t cover flat screen tv I’m upset because I was lied to and I want another tech to come out of my choice because the tech ma n lied as well if it was damaged he did it because I left him in room alone with tv now all of sudden there is more damages to my tv

  • Pissedmom says:

    I’m so disappointed with you service. I’m a single mother of three and we had a problem with this fridge that’s supposed to be under an extended warranty by Asurion. The tech has been here at least 15 times since February, and the fridge is showing 57 degrees and PF sign the very next day the tech leaves, and the freezer is all unfrozen as well. I am constantly throwing out food. Expensive stuff. Like meats, chicken tenders, ice creams, fries, frozen fruit. I called asurion multiple times and every time I get an answer that the technician hasn’t came for the same problem 4 times yet. Excuse me?!? He’s been here at least 15 times already since February for this SAME issue that the freezer is not freezing and the fridge is not working. I’m done with you people. YOU ARE SCAMERS. I’ll be complaining to Home Depot corporate. You scam hard working parents. You are playing games with ‘hired ‘ by you technicians.

  • Sgtmcleod says:

    Horrible!!! Gone without a fridge for over two weeks waiting on this shit insurance!! I want compensation and the lady “Joanna” basically told me never,

    • Susanne says:

      I’ve been without a Fridge since end of May ’22. Asurion customer service & Supervisors don’t know what they are doing in the Appliance department. It’s been insane. Good luck ! Looking for who to send letter to at corporate ? Any ideas ?

  • GET FUCKED says:

    Worst company ever, straight scam artists!! FUCK ASURION AND AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike D says:

    I got insurance for my phone through these guys. I’m trying to contact them for 2 weeks now. Never got a hold of anybody. Beware

  • Miss Dis Satisfied says:

    This company is a part of the evil Ness that is going on in the United States. I’m not sure if it’s the employees that don’t follow through don’t care about their job or just have the attitude “ How can I get this old lady out of my life” Or what. But there are so many complaints about it in the Better Business Bureau. I have literally spent days maybe six hours a day on the phone with them trying to get my issues cleared up and have never gotten them resolved. They are unhelpful uncaring unresponsive and just literally a bunch of jerks

  • jr says:

    worst company ever! they sub out customer service to india-home depot should be ashamed to be associated with them. they take your money and try never to pay any claims-buyer beware!

  • Hans Gonzalez says:

    They can continue to shaft people that spend their hard earned money on devices, appliances, and for me a Aston Martin microphone. Send it in don’t get nothing back oh wait they never received it yet ups states I can’t be involved in the resolution why because they are fraudulently representing the rightful owner of this product that I shipped to them so how are they the shippers. Not to add you deny a claim as if you had my purchased item from guitar center but you don’t. So not only have you been acting in bad faith but deceitful and then make false claims that the facilitation form differed from what I stated in my claim originally that’s bs and a lie. Not only did you without my authorization submit my claim and a pick up with ups but due to that I was under duress and provided it to them but then you ask me for information on a mic that you where aware of that was shipped to you. And you have the audacity to deny my claim with no explanation or real reason while ignoring my letter that I sent advising you that I no longer want your garbage service or your lane sorry excuses and to stop fraudulently trying to act in my place with ups and let me step in since it belongs to me not to you. Oh and you’ve been intimidating me while threatening my income and highly affecting it I want my product shipped back in the condition it was in previously to unauthorized tracking label and shipment. You are in breach of contract I and I will not be pressured into signing the facilitation form as I don’t agree to be signed into a contract and service you can’t perform why because you don’t even have Poseidon of my microphone. Let me ask what’s the purpose of sending in my item for inspection? Your service or repair department can’t tell the difference between a 12v motor and a 12in subwoofer because my labels got mixed up and sent on several days apart but reimbursement was issued 150.00 for a 12v motor with a 12in woofer label and vice versa so get your stuff together and stop being a damn theif I work hard for my money and now you’ve stolen my property.

  • Chris says:

    Well, I see that I am not alone. I too am always told, we will get back to you in another 3 days, than again, another 3 days.

    I am so disappointed in Asurion.

  • Shawonda Buskey says:

    So I see this happens alot but yet I’m another person who does the right thing and gets phone insurance. I sent my phone in for repair and here it is A MONTH LATER AND NO PHONE. I tried to file a claim and it has been denied three times. I’ve called this company multiple times today and no one was able to help me one bit. I just want my phone replaced. I should probably just join this class action suit against you guys.

    • Leilani says:

      I am willing to join this law suit with you I have been doing this since June 15th on a stolen device. I have put multiple claims and even have proof of the claim that was approved yet they called fed ex to cancel my phone. I have a confirmation number I have been charged the replacement device and received an email they received my broken device which is impossible because it was stolen they received the device they sent me and all I am getting is denied with no explanations. I need justice this is rediculous.

    • Miss Dis Satisfied says:

      Shawanda is there a Class astounded suit. I want to join
      Tish 831 595 3157

  • Michael Bonjour says:

    Wow, route me to a call center after hours of lost pay and stress. Asurion and it’s affiliates are terrible. I’m not even going to waste the time explaining, get your shit together, you’re a mess, get all your shit, gather it up, organize it, clean it, bag it up I don’t care just get together you’re a failure.

  • Sandra wing says:

    I got the Asurion home protection plan. My Apple Watch got the face cracked so I called Assurion and asked if the Apple Watch would be covered and they said yes. I talked to a lady she sent me a link to print out a shipping label, which I did. I went to the UPS store like they said to do. I sent it around April 4, 2022. About the middle of April I heard from no one so I called Asurion. They said they never received it. I have talk to someone just about once a day every week since then with no solution. They just want to forget about it. They are saying it wasn’t covered. Why did they send me a shipping label and tell me it wasn’t covered when I ask about it. Come to find out the AT&T lady tells me the shipping label they sent me was for a phone. She said the watch is probably at the warehouse where the phones go that are sent back in from the customer . The Postal Service here told me exactly where the watch is, where it went from here. It went to Irving Texas and then to flower mounds Texas and that’s where it’s at now. The postal clerk told me that someone for Pitney Bowes picked it up. It had gone to the post office after I brought it to UPS. I have told Asurion people what the Postal Service said. No one tries to find the watch . Every time I call everyone says they’re going to call within three days with a solution. They said they We’re going to tag it as a lost or stolen item and either I would get my money back but what the watch cost. But they never call me back. I have had to call and talk to someone, no one has ever called me back . I am so frustrated. I just want for them to send the watch back. If it wasn’t covered I still need it back. We are in her 70s and we cannot afford another watch . I trusted Asurion with the watch and it’s not my fault they sent the wrong shipping label. But they are trying to say it’s my fault that it went to the wrong place plus they don’t even look for it. I don’t know how many people I have talked to. Even the one that said she’s the last one I will have to talk to and she gets things resolved but she didn’t. Writing the corporate office is not what I wanted to do but I think you should know how this company is doing the customers. They just want to forget about it but I want the watch back. We can have it fixed somewhere else that’s not fair to not send it back and not even try to look for it. They keep putting me off by not trying to resolve the problem. It’s not my fault they sent the wrong shipping label for me to print out. The Postal Service in Lake Charles Louisiana where I mailed it are the ones that told me where the watch’s destination was. I hope the corporate office can resolve this problem by finding the watch and sending it back to me or reimbursing us almost $400 for the watch. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you with a solution.
    Sandra Wing
    2446 John Prater Road
    Westlake, Louisiana 70669

  • Calvin Hales says:

    Like many of the previous comments about refrigerator problems,

    HOME DEPOT, LG, and Asurion are giving me the run-around. The 5-year warranty is running out and I have spend hours on the phone with the assurance that someone would contact me in 3-5 business days.
    So far that has never happened. I have been working on it every few days for a month. It takes 8-15 minutes to get through the menus to talk to a live person, then 10 minutes of waiting on hold. Then half the time they transfer you to someone who then hangs up on you! I went to the local Home Depot store and got a number for an authorized service company, but no one at Asurion wanted it. I have two claim numbers, case numbers, and about 8 hours of phone time invested, but no action.

    One person even claimed a service person came to the house. We have a person on O2 who is homebound and there is never a time when someone was not home.

    I think the strategy is to keep delaying until the warranty runs out.

  • C Malone says:

    Took my lap top ($3000.00 Mac Book Pro 2019) in for a battery replacement. After attempts to resolve with two different batteries, I was told laptop was damaged by the Assurion technician. Instead of filing a claim right then, supposedly it was sent out to a repair specialist (thought that’s what techs at store were for?!) Now 5 weeks later I am still without my laptop, and get treated like I’m a nuisance by the store employees when I inquire about my device. The technicians on the phone simply transfer you from one to another until you lose call or get frustrated. Thought it might just be poor customer service at location, but reading other reviews it’s seems this is the way Assurion does business. Finally reached phone rep who assured me in 2 days I would receive follow up to resolve. If nothing resolved in two days the next step is pursue legal help and contacting area new team that specializes in exposing fraudulent businesses.

  • Matt Stevenson says:

    I’m working on a new class action against Asurion. I have counsel engaged and I’m now seeking class members. If you feel that Asurion hasn’t honored their warranty agreement – for any reason – please reply with your email and I’ll send info on CA. I’m hoping to file by the end of August 2022.

  • Les says:

    I’ve have repeatedly asked to speak with a manager and cannot get through to anyone besides customer services.

    I am writing you this email for 3 reasons.

    First- I submitted a claim with your company on June 20th. I was told we would be contacted in 2-3 days. I gave a few extra and called in June 25th- same story- the claim will be escalated and you will receive a call in 2-3 days. Called back in 2-3 days- same story but now there isn’t a phone available- called back the next day- different story- the phone is not set up in the system- this doesn’t make sense because that phone was set up in the system when we received in back in January.

    I feel like I’m being pushed off because we are almost paid off. I do not feel your company treats its customer with respect. You are an insurance company and should be able to replace a phone when needed.

    With the being said if I do not get a call back today im going to take this to the better business bureau and straight talk to inform them of this issue.
    Second- I was only getting ready to purchase another phone to add to my smartpay/ Asurion account but I feel you are not taking care of my first need so why pay through you company again? I would like to know how this would make you feel if you were in this situation. My bill has always been paid and on time. No issues but you are not holding up on your responsibility.

    Third- I had to cancel my debt card due to being hacked. I have not been able to update this information to pay my bill which is due today 7/4 because I’ve now spent over an hour on the phone asking to speak to a manager. NOT a supervisor- it’s been explained to me several times that a supervisor cannot help me but also won’t get me to a manager. How many times do I have to ask to speak to a manager before I am heard? This is not how you should train your employees. if a customer is being told “I can’t help” that is the end of the line for them and should be escalated. PERIOD. If a customer, ask “please let me speak to your manager” you should have to option to pass them to a manager- NOT send out another email requesting this for going on 3 weeks.

    I will be sending this email out to all the emails I find online until I receive an answer and the answer, I am looking for is you will have a phone tomorrow. NOT let me send another email.

    This is very unfortunate; I originally thought this company was worth continuing my business with, but this situation has me thinking its not a good idea.
    Of course, at the time I thought that I had only really dealt with this company once. one time out of two- this company helped- that is 50% customer service in my book. I personally am a manager and would never allow this kind of customer service happen. This situation needs to be rectified today. 7/4/2022.
    This is NOT how a company should do business, if I felt like I was being heard and taking care of, I would not take it this far.
    Our business is ran off that phone and this situation has costed us A LOT of money and customers. THIS IS NOT OK. Case-1665509295

  • Joe says:

    I am on my 7th visit and this is a Joke! Call has been open since April and today is June 21st. Service Advocates are no help, they have no management and Im told I have to fill out a form to escalate to a manager. Called the corporate office and no one answers the phone. I am actually a VP of a nation wide I.T. service company and if any of my people treated a customer in this manner, all of them would be let go! This is not how you provide service to anyone! I can’t get anyone to help me. Not going to waste my time writing all the issues because they probably wont read it. In short, do not use this company!

  • Yvonne Miranda says:

    I have spoken to 7 customer service agents!! Still no help with a claim. Just runaround. Corporate doesn’t answer phone. They are NOT part of ATT, so do NOT buy into their phone insurance. Find another one. HORRIBLE customer service.

    • Lindsey says:

      Have they replaced your phone yet? Im having the same problem. claim filed June 20th and they keep putting me off. I wondering if i should go legal instead

  • Lynn Sprouls says:

    I had an appointment to have someone from asurion come to my home to fix my phone on 05/28/2022 between 1-3pm. I received no phone call, no message or email telling me that the technician was not going to show. I called and they said that they called and tried to reschedule, which was a flat out lie. I waited over a week to get an appointment and I am disgusted at the customer service that I received. I have been a verizon customer for over 30 years. I pay to have insurance on the phone and I find it appalling that I was treated with such disrespect. You should be ashamed of yourselves for fabricating lies to cover errors that are made.

  • A says:

    To whom may actually be concerned for customer service:

    Every time I have called in to your offices to check status of claim or to ask questions, I am placed on hold and then the representative comes back trying to sell me additional services which I am not interested in. I understand their position as a sales representative however each time this occurs the representative goes back on hold and then hangs up. The experience has been extremely frustrating because a) I’m already a paying customer and b) this is customer abuse. I’m already spending more than I can afford to spend on this type of insurance but to get embarrassed and hung up on and refused assistance is completely unacceptable and fraudulent. After reaching out multiple times I finally spoke to a “supervisor” who makes it very evident they don’t want to assist and unapologetically continues with the customer mistreatment. I am leaving this comment as a last attempt to allow your company to right their wrongs as I want to continue to do business however I would like to understand why you allow this behavior. It’s obvious these supervisors are condoning to this behavior as they are replicating the same actions as the representatives. What I’m asking from your employees is very plain and simple, not asking for anyone to go above job duties just asking for the status of claim as the online portal seems to be inaccurate. My next steps will be to take this to BBB as behaviors like these cannot continue. I’ll expect a follow up from someone who cares about their customers.

  • Charles says:

    Your AT&T office play to much on the phone! Speaking Spanish and purposely transferring my call. Never thought this company was like this. Okay
    I just need them to send proof to Apple since they won’t give it to me, that the phone I’m having issues with came for the insurance since my old personal account is now a business account and is to old to access. A bunch of idiots!!!!!!!

  • Bradford (Jeremy) Cole says:

    Bradford cole I found a claim for a lost phone with you guys in December. By the 1st the phone came and I found my new phone or my old phone. I immediately called and did what I was supposed to do put the other one back in the Box and send it back. And let you guys know so as usual the people at your office assurion don’t do their jobs so no 1 put it in so week later my service was shut off. Was off for a week I had to call every day for 3 hours to get AT&T to turn it back on and then it will go back off at midnight. Now here we are 4 months later pretty much and I just finally got them to take the deductible off the bill they charged me late freeze and shut off my service again I went without a phone for quite some time and so I finally called freaking out cause I’m so I also they were supposed to reinstate my insurance in January 1st period. Now my insurance is running out and they’ve dare screw me again so I call I talked to 3 different people I talked to Karen from the office and see everybody promised me by last or 2 nights ago or yesterday morning that we would have it taken care of and it would be fixed not only is it not. No one called me yesterday no 1 called me yesterday no 1 called me today they’re all ignoring me and it’s still not taking care of this is ridiculous and trust me you can read the Better Business Bureau complaint later because I just give you the bridge to version the next ridged version the nasty detail of what your nasty staff has done as is on there and every other complaint I’m filing with the BB and every other review site that I listened in Facebook and every social media and I have friends around the world so I will call you millions thank you . 5709828475
    If it’s not fixed today I will sue but bettert han that I will cost you more than you can imagine.i will Right complaints about every company every review every subsidiary you have I’m already doing it I’ve been doing it for days for weeks for months so you guys will start feeling the fall out or are you probably already have but you’ll figure it was me real soon yeah bye you have until the end of the day.

  • MaryBeth Longerbeam says:

    these people are a JOKE!!!!! don’t file a claim, they charge you and don;t tell you then when you do mail it back they cannot find it and charge you again!!! ASURION AND AT&T SUCKS

  • Randolph Scott says:

    Claim filied 7 months ago for 5k laptop and still going to today. Service request (SR#): 1637639190 & Service request (SR#): 1655512787. With 88 recorded calls saved. Seeking corporate support for the incompetence and fraudulently activities of the Asurion Home Plus representatives and supervisors involved in my claim. Lost 7 months business, hundreds hours over phone trying resolve the issues caused by incompetent employees. Seeking legal representation within 24 hours if not resolved.

  • Cathie Coiro says:


    I have never seen such HORRENDOUS customer service probably in my entire life.
    I am having the exact same experience and more perhaps than many already listed here. You took my money and my iPad
    I have been jerked around by 8 people I counted I have a screen shot of another
    I suffered a tragic loss and on the cusp of a breakdown under medical care also trying to recover from a surgery in excruciating pain. What you have put me through is inhumane. You have made my life a living hell. I am contacting my attorney. Perhaps a class action law suit might catch your attention? There certainly seems to be enough people on just here with the same issues
    The way you treat people is criminal
    Do you even read these??? How do you sleep at night?

    Claim #1647320092

  • James Doucet says:

    I agree with all the above comments. My cell screen cracked two days after I purchased my cell phone on 10.11.2021 Still have a cracked screen to this day, 01.17.2022. The IMEI number for my Samsung Galaxy A425G. is 350760503386695 .

  • Alexis Renta says:

    I filed a claim on Dec 29th for a broken glass on my Apple Watch. they sent me 2 shipments as a replacement however the boxes were empty with only a watch charger. I called them immediately to let them know of the error and they unilaterally decided not to replace the watch. As of today 1/13/22 they refuse to replace the watch which has been insured for more than a year. Asurion claims that the insurance is being used in a non intended manner??? . this insurance is a scam.

  • Kyra says:

    My Phone Got Stolen I Filled Out Every Thing They Asked For The Sent Me A Date When My Phone Would Arrive it Never Did When I Called Them They Said They Requested To Have The Phone Returned Then When I Filed Agean They Said No Cuz They Already Replaced it Witch They Never Did.

  • Patricia Reilly says:

    Where’s my iPad? No answer at the number given to me by the escalation lady who said she works for the CEO. I got an email Saturday with one replacement option. I chose it and your website says it is out of stock. I sent you my broken iPad on 12/13. You emailed me 12/14 saying most repairs ta around 5 business days. It’s 1/4/2022. Where’s my replacement? Don’t thank me for being patient. After last week being jerked around by Asurion, and today being ignored on Twitter I’m out of patience.

    Service Request 1647329228

    Patricia Reilly

    I have cataracts making using my phone near impossible. I’m going through chemo for breast cancer and will have a mastectomy in a few months, and your company’s awful customer service has made it harder to deal with.

    • Cathie Coiro says:

      I am having the exact same experience they took my money and my iPad
      They need to be stopped
      They deserve to be thrown in jail the way that they deliberately treat people is criminal

  • Erica says:

    Horrible treatment of customers.

  • Joshua David says:

    109081624726 Claim ID, just want to state, this is pretty much the last resort for me to file a claim, have had soo many people hang up on me the last one being Merien O.(operator) & adjuster Elyssa J. who didn’t even care to answer, Chris was a good person who tried at least… was told last week i would get my phone today & yet here i’m trying to do this again (claim was created in november… is there anyone that can actually resolve this issue?

  • N Dewitt says:

    Asurion is not what they project themselves to be. Screen crack on phone put in a claim. Three opt, set up home appt. Tech didn’t show nor call, called again this is like the 5th call in a 2week rep gave me another date an time for home repair after being on hold for 30 minutes. Then put back on hold for 15 minutes for her to say I’m sorry but they have closed appt for home repair for ur area code an surrounding area codes til first of the year. REALLY This company is a REAP off. I’ve never had such false info given to me by a company. I will not let this bad service an issues go. I will contact whom ever I have to to get this misleading info out there. Just think hard b4 turning to asurion for coverage. They r a joke. Unless u can purchase another device for 249 an send them ur damaged so they can refurbish it to make a profit.
    Dissatisfied & Aggravated.

  • Jose M says:

    Good day everyone.

    We should start calling the real companies like AT&T and The Home Depot and demanding that they stop affiliating themselves to this company. It is time to work together and stop this company from stealing millions of dollars from paying customers like us.

    • Jose O says:

      Yes Jose M, I totally agree that we stop having this type of company that steal our money I think one way should be reporting them to the BBB

  • Gail says:

    I am in shock that this company is a company that is supposed to fix cell phones has survived this long with the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I filed a claim on my S10 Galaxy Refurbished phone S10+, this phone, within a week was not working right called back again they sent me another S10 plus did not work again had issues with.it but that period I have had to wait they promised me that they were trying to get another phone out the S21 plus because that’s all they could get agreed. I called back for the last 3 weeks trying to figure out where the new phone is. Each time I was told they did not have stock and I am on the list; each time was told should be another 3 to 5 days before it goes out.. Have had absolutely no luck was told yesterday November 11 that they would be sending me out a “new” s21 ultra brand new because I am behavior therapist and I rely on my phone to imput data. They told me the color was blue and brand new. Came today in their usual refurbished box and their slopy tape job. Put in the Sims card doesn’t work. Took out my old Sims put it in this device, finally got it to work. While setting it up I flipped it over and their ” brand” new phone was scuffed. On top of waiting, 2 refurbished phones, and very poor customer service, they were kind enough to send a case. It did not fit my S10 +, or this phone. When I received this phone my husband tried to call and find out why a 3rd refurbished phone was sent. The customer service representative stated they do not have control over what is sent out. Their company tells you one thing but does not have any control over their inventory. I have filed a copy of this to the BBB. I was not shocked by all of the complaints against this company. They did offer another solution; go to the store purchase a brand new one and they would reimburse what their cap is. Any thing over is my loss plus the original 199. I paid.

    Claim numbers: August and November 2021: 500165870317;

    October 2021: 503017974607.

    I can not believe that Verizon would allow a company with such horrible customer service to be associated with them.

  • Maren says:

    I filed a claim with them today – worst customer service ever!!! The guy mumbled the whole time and then hung up on me – less then an hour later we had a fraudulent purchase on the credit card I just gave to him for the deductible!! NOT a coincidence!! Stay away!!!!!!!

  • Ramon B says:

    How is your refrigerator working?
    I’m writing this in frustration and dismay with HOME DEPOT, Asurion Protection Plan, and LG. I have been robbed by all three companies.
    We bought an LG refrigerator four years ago at The Home Depot and purchased the Protection plan that Home Depot offers. we purchased the extra protection with the confidence that we would be covered should anything happen to this expensive yet necessary residential equipment for a family of 5.
    After four years of use, the refrigerator stopped cooling and the freezer does not work. on May 18th, 2021, I called Asurion regarding the issues we were experiencing. To my dismay, this was the beginning of my 3month and a half horrific experience thus far with all three companies.
    From the beginning, one of the first representatives of Asurion I called was rude and dismissive. HOME DEPOT, Asurion not LG ever followed up with us regarding the process nor the next steps. In every case, we were the ones who had to endure calling all three companies, deal with representatives who lacked information. whenever it would get escalated to a supervisor, they would request that we call back in three days.

    At some point, Asurion contacted “The fixters” who never informed us of when they were coming. Had it not been for me reaching out to Asurion they informed me of the appointment. When the fixters came on a Monday, they stated there were two parts that needed replacement. They would be back Wednesday. No one ever came, showed, or fixed the fridge. I called Asurion. I got the run around for another 3 weeks. they finally contracted another company to come to look at the fridge. That company never informed us of the appointment. Again, had it not been for us calling to check on the status I would not have known of the appointment. I had to reschedule my work schedule because they were coming without notice. When they came, they stated it was three parts that needed replacement. it would take 3-5 business days. That company never came back.
    When I called Asurion to find out what’s going on, they stated the company was going to repair the fridge but that I told them not to come because LG was going to replace it (Or something of that nature). I only know this because when I called Asurion, they informed me that it didn’t get fixed because I turned the service down.
    ***THIS IS A DAMN LIE****
    From this point on, I have been given the runaround. When we call both LG and Asurion they say they didn’t receive the documents that I had already submitted. Asurion brushed us off to LG. LG said they were waiting for The documents from Asurion. I submitted receipts, and pictures of the tag in the fridge as they requested.

    Claim number 1627600999

    I have had several CNN# for the same case. this is one of them.
    POP: 6/26/21 sent pop
    Call 7/13 after 2 hrs they hung up on me
    Then They submitted a False claim that I was not approved
    Jazmine: was the agent
    7/13 @6:40 pm, Phone call Case number:
    Name: Ellen submitted a new case file.
    New case #CNN210713093804

    Food reimbursement: Never had been provided.

    In late July, I had a representative by the name of Chris who was the nicest person and showed empathy for my situation. She stated she would make sure this issue was resolved. She did some paperwork and stated my case was approved for reimbursement. That the reimbursement would take between 4-6 weeks. I asked her if there was any way that we can expedite it and she said she would plead the case and see to it that by at least 4 weeks we should receive our “buy back” reimbursement.
    four weeks later, today, we are calling to follow up on the status and we are now hearing that we do not have case. that we do not have approval for buyback/reimbursement.
    We are a family of 5. We have been without a refrigerator for THREE MONTHS AND A HALF. we have resulted to spending most of our resources, extra cash, savings and bill money on eating fast food because we can not keep food in the fridge. We cant buy meat to keep in the fridge, nor milk.
    we have gone financially and emotionally broke dealing with this situation. every time we call we get the same response, they are so sorry for the inconvenience. But are they really sorry?
    Does the LG, HOME DEPOT or Asurion CEO really feel sorry that a family of 5 has been without an appliance that they “assure” will work. Do they really care that we are struggling to feed our kids? Do they really care?
    These three companies have robbed us of the time I have spent hours on the phone dealing with paper pushers and empty solutions.
    I hope that this email gets to the CEO of LG,, HOME DEPOT, and Asurion and that maybe they have some compassion for the working families who try to offer their family better options based on their promises.

  • Laurie M. Folse says:

    I have never experienced such a lack of urgency in my life. This experience has been and continues to be a nightmare. Absolutely horrific. I am contacting Kevin Tawell via the corporate office and US postal service.

  • Kala says:

    I was fired without knowing received an email about cobra and that’s how I found out I was fired. Was missing hours that amount to a few hundred dollars because my manager never submitted my time I have been trying to reach out to my manager the operations manager and my HR REP no one has even sent me an email and this is going on a month and a half. My operations manager was trying to belittle me and when I responded she said because my system was messed she would work with HR and someone would reach out to me that was a month ago still nothing. I have been trying to reach corporate and still nothing I want to sue them at this point this will be my last time trying to contact them about money I am owed!!

  • Liz says:

    Worst company ever!!!!

  • Terry Townson says:

    Is thiswhere you send your mess up phones back

  • Kelly pace says:

    I have had a Samsung zflip 256 gb black on my Verizon account and active since December 2020 and it got water damage. I have full insurance coverage and Asurion is refusing to replace the device stating that it is not the phone that was on my account. Verizon has this this phone active list ed as a non Verizon phone. I have been waiting rking on this issue for 3.5 weeks since June 19th 2020. Every other day 4 hours a day between Verizon and Asurion. I am in tears over this phone issue. I have spoke. To at least 12 Asurion reps and 15 Verizon reps, managers and tier 1 and tier 2 with 2 separate cases for this issue. At this point I feel that I need to get a lawyer involved for this horrible process which has almost brought me to the brink of a meltdown. This is a business account.

  • Felicia Bradley says:

    Asurian doesn’t care about their customers. They tell you one thing and do another. There is absolutely no truth in what they say. I was sent an email for me to pay a $225 deductible which I paid on a credit card, and then I received another email telling me my phone was shipped and I will get it on July 8th. On the morning of the 8th I was informed that I’m claim was not complete and I had to provide them more information. After several conversations and sending the documents I was told I would get my phone on the 9th. I still don’t have my phone. From the moment I started this claim I was told the phone would be overnighter. I started this claim on July 6th. I tried to reach corporate office and a lady called me, but I missed the call. I called her back 4 times and emailed her. I have heard nothing. I don’t know how long Sprint has used asurian, but I have always paid for insurance. I’ve been with sprint for about 20 years.

  • D.A Shepherd says:

    Asurion is fraudulent. They do not stand by their promises of replacing insured devices. They also allow Identity theft to go unchecked and anyone who is a victim is told to have their financial institution cover the loss clearing them of any responsibility. Corporate level scammers.

  • Oliver Russell says:

    So last week I filed a claim on my daughter’s I-phone pro max. It took over an hour to get it process because I was told it couldn’t be filed unless I “de-register” one of my 4 devices on my plan. Finally, someone was able to allegedly file the claim. I waited a whole week and never received the new phone. No email, no call, nothing. Upon calling back this morning, I was told the claim was denied. This is totally unprofessional. The lack of communication deprives the customer from knowing what’s going on.

  • FABIAN NOEL says:

    i am an att customer , ive been trying to file a claim for a phone since January 2021 it is April 2021 now and i am still trying to get assurion to properly file a claim for my device . all of the agents i speak to end up transferring me around or hanging up the phone on me ive even been transferred to verision after being put on hold for an excess amount of time , ive conferenced one of my call with a att agent so he could witness the problems . i am currently on the phone with an agent by the name of bobby he now has me on hold going on 10 min , im betting the call will be picked up by yet another agent asking how they can help me or it will just get hung up.. DEAR ASSURION I AM going to contact the BBB , i am asking for a cooperate person so contact me today ., i am considering getting a lawyer regarding this matter ,.

  • Ike Koziol says:

    Dear Asurion, I am a Home Depot customer and unfortunately purchased a protection plan for multiple appliances. My first issue was over a year ago and it was somewhat complicated. To top that, I put in a claim for my microwave and everything was fine until Samsung contact me about my refrigerator. So, in the past 24+ hours I spent 1h45min clearing up these mistakes. The problem, as I was told by Samsung and local service company, was that your staff put in the wrong item for repair and it was sent in twice. Why should anyone want to deal with a company that makes so many mistakes.

    Ike Koziol, M.D.

  • James Keene says:

    Been getting the run around on getting a tv replaced since July 2020. Sent tv in and they said they received it and sent back out the same day. Got it back and it is worse than it was when we sent it. I took pictures it was that bad. I am now calling and they keep acting like I need to fill out new claim papers so I did. Well now they tell me after I call that I’m missing information and it was rejected in a day! Not even 24 hours but now they will wave the fee start a new claim and for me to send it in! The only info it didn’t have was the directv account number! I ask 3 times to speak to a manager and they kept putting me back in line! This is ridiculous and starting to look like a rip off! The money we have paid would have bought a brand new 42 inch tv! I will not stop until it’s replaced

  • Chris Sturgis says:

    Have.been trying to send documents via the fax number for asurion for 2 days. Their fax is not responding. In total.have been trying to file a claim for over a week. Impossible to talk to anyone.

  • Chris Sturgis says:

    Fix your fax machine so I can send you my affidavit and photo

  • Jim Perdue says:

    The Home Depot/ Asurion
    Our Bosch Fridge is 2 years old.
    I Don’t recommend their protection plans. Our Fridge went out in the first week of July. A week later a repair man came out and put in his bill to the coverage plan with Home Depot, they immediately denied the claim and recommended replacement. NO ONE CALLED US!
    A month later on Aug, 10th we were called that an appliance tech was coming out. He arrived on 8/14 and it was a completely different repair company, who had no idea about the first service company. He had no parts and cannot get them. He recommended replacement.
    Home Depot sends us computer generated follow up emails that they will look for a BOSCH Repairman in the area.
    I call again to voice my frustration and they say we will take this to customer service. I ask to talk to that manager in CUSTOMER SERVICE and I am told that they are not available to the public.
    STILL WAITING for an answer! SO is a $300 dollar service plan worth it from HOME DEPOT? I recommend buying from another company, because they do not communicate with you and IF they can’t service it in a reasonable amount of time, THEY NEED to Promptly replace it!
    Even if they find a BOSCH TECH in the area, it will be probably weeks before they come evaluate it and then get parts, and if home depot denies the repairs again……. UGH
    Feel Free to share my frustration.

    UPDATE! August 21, 2020. we received an email that an appliance repair tech would be calling to set up an appt. I noticed it was the First company that came out to the house. I called them and they laughed as they received the order and immediately denied it and sent it back to HOME DEPOT and Asurion the insurance company.
    I called HOME DEPOT and they still won’t give me an answer on replacement as they are still looking for a BOSCH Repairman. AND THEY DENY me the ability to speak to someone who can actually make a decision.

  • Doc says:

    I see from below, I am not the only one. CANNOT speak to a human being. Have spent one hour trying after receiving email telling me to call 888 888 2622. Listened to bad music for 40 minutes. Then disconnected.
    How can this business even be legal? Called complaint number- silence- nothing on other end od line!
    Verizon and all other carriers need to put them out of business.

  • Thomas Gordy says:

    I am writing this knowing good and well that it’s just going to fall on deaf ears. But, Asurion has the worst customer service that I believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. This particular incident started on Sunday when I filed a claim for a cracked screen. I made an appointment and scheduled someone to be at my house on Sunday between 7-9. A technician calls and says he can’t make it and that I need to reschedule for Monday. So I call to get an appointment for Monday and of course none available. So she reschedules me for Tuesday between 5-7. So, I rush home from work to wait on the technician. And I wait and wait and no one shows up or calls. I call back to the service center only to be told she didn’t know why he didn’t show up. And asks me if I’d like to reschedule. Um sure, I have nothing better to do then wait around for a technician that never shows up and can’t even call me to tell me he’s not coming. If this is how asurion runs their business, I don’t want anything else to do with this company.



  • Donna says:

    I can’t rate it as you don’t have negative numbers.

  • Queen says:

    Bad experience with Customer Service Representative. She showed no compassion or empathy. I explained to customer service representative that our state is experiencing a pandemic crisis regarding the COVID-19 virus. I requested to speak with a supervisor because the representative did not know how to perform her job. I was put on hold and lied to at the same time. The customer service representative pretended to be a supervisor. I explained the representative that I use to be a customer representative and know how the job works and told her how could I be speaking with the supervisor when her name is still showing up online. Then she went to get a supervisor so she says. Asurion is one of the worst company to deal with when you are waiting for your phone to arrive. This company should be shut down and penalize at the same time. What kind of company is this who does not care about people or their situation. You pay for insurance but what good do that do nothing. Why am I paying for something that does not cover anything. As I stated this company should be shut down. This experience has been nothing but disappointment and no satisfaction. Where is the co-founder that does not care about bad post. I mean come on would you want your reputation damage.Where are you CEO take control of your company before it goes under. I need my phone and why am I still waiting two weeks when I already filled out the information that was requested.

  • Anabel Baltazar says:

    Bad experience last night. Called them to see why they send us a different color phone. We had a blue color Note 9 they send us a pink one, and its my husband business phone. So I called the first time, young lady told me I was able to return it in hopes they can change colorand told us they should of had called me to let me know which they didnt. But to first ask Tmobile since they might be able to swap it faster then if I send it back. Tmobile tells me they have nothing to do with the phone claims and that we have to do it thru Asurion. Ok so I called back, this time my husband gets on the line with them explains why he cant take the phone. This time he gets told we cant so we ask to speak to the manager in charge which is Austin emp#9122. My husband again explains why he cant take that phone and the manager straight out refuses to even try to help him and tries again to transfer us to T mobile. And after a while just hangs up on my husband. We as business owners know that we need to do right by our customers. Im sure Austin as a manager could of asked or made a call to see if there is a way to exchange it at least. Show that he cares about our business. We pay on time, we pay in full always and we pay when there is a deductible. Ive being a customer for years thru tmobile and asurion. Never had a problem. And when they didnt have my item in stock they always call to get my approval (I know because it happend to me in the past). This time they just sent it out. Then the customer reps are not in the same page because the first time I was told I would be able to return the new phone but then Austin straight out denies with an attitude and he hangs up on us. I want this issue resolved please. They shouldnt tells us one thing and then another. When the mistake was in the warehouse. So please let me know what will be done. Im on day 2 and i have 10 days to return my broken phone and the new one.

  • Jim says:

    The absolute worst customer service on the planet. Zack in Arkansas might as well be a stump. I have another problem with my refrigerator that is completely stocked with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of medication and food, a situation that is a matter of life and death and got no resolve at all whatsoever. I know that a technician can be dispatched on the weekend but, Zack says it’s not possible. He lies, this is not the end of this.

  • Rosa Kendrick says:

    Been Waiting on my replacement Galaxy 10e for over a month I’ve been calling customer service every morning they’re not any help when I ask to speak to the supervisor they put me on hold like they going to get the supervisor and never return so I’m just sitting on the phone waiting on hold for them to come back this is awful when it comes to business customers make the business why do them wrong I just want my phone

  • ... says:

    This company should be shut down. What a fkn scam. I’ve been waiting a fkn week for a shipping label. Had to send my proof of purchase twice now. I’m so fucking pissed. I’m ready to get my money back if they ain’t gonna hold up their end of the goddamn deal.

  • Alexandra Acosta says:

    I have the worse experience with your company I’m trying to put a complain because they recive the merchandaice and is almost a moth and I still do not have my check this is 10 business day another 10 business and today I still have to wait another 10 business day I don’t think this is not acceptable my name is Alexandra Acosta and this is my number 3217465132 I apréciate a call please thank you

  • Joseph Laub says:

    This is probably the worst company ever! I submitted a claim for my stolen IPHONE and was denied 4 times and hours later was told that because there were so many claims, any further claims will be denied. The President and CEO of Asurion should be ashamed of themselves for letting this go on. I need a return email from the CEO of Asurion to straighten this out!


    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Fraud. Wantb you to pay for protection and when you need it they deny it.

  • Chris Hunt says:

    I have called 5 times to get a return label for my camera still no label ….each time I am told how sorry they are and I will receive a label within the next 24 hours….still no label. I have called Walmart where I bought the camera and insurance through Allstate…called Allstate they didn’t know what I was talking about guess they just used their name…I paid over 1500.00 for a Sony 6300 that I have only had a little over a year…from the sound of the other comments it’s not going to get fixed ….

  • Mitch Bonz says:

    I purched a TV on March 26 2017. Recently June 2109 it didn’t power on, I had a three year Walmart Product Care Plan, I reached out to Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, to get it fix, the first service center they provided “A&M 215 322 4499”, had my TV for weeks and wasn’t returning my phone calls, I reached back out to Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, they had my repair rushed a bit, when my TV was returned after three and a half weeks, It did come on, so immediately checked immediately because of the extremely bad customer sevice I recieved, and my components wasn’t working, “I’m sure it was woking before I sent it with them because I had my DVD player connected to it and it played great”, and I also complianed about debris that was sticking out the top. “Which wasn’t there when they came and got. it” ” It was on the wall since I brought it” So I had to file another claim with Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, they tried to send my TV to a second TV repair company, but after a bit of research, bad reviews, and a extremely unprofessional owner calling me, I passed, so they picked a now “Third” TV repair company “AVR 856 320 4530” I felt ok for them to pick my TV up, because on the phone they seemed ok. The picked my TV up from my house on 6/24/2019. So after three weeks past a called them and was informed to call Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan because my panel was damaged and that the panel was “DISCONTINED'” I called Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan several times, talked to several coustomer service reps. I taked to several supervisors and was told that a Specialist would get back to me in two business days. I was told this twice, they never did. So I kept calling “BUT I BEGAN TO NOTICE THAT MORE AND MORE OF MY CONTACTS AND THE INFORMATION I SUBMITTED WAS GETTING DELETED so I relized that an act of fraud was talking place and a big cover up is being done because each customer service rep. could only pull up less and less information about my claim and my complaits. So now after a mouth of AVR Video Repair having my TV 856 320 4530, I called them and was informed that Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan had ask AVR to talk a picture of the Damaged/ DISCONTINED panel. After the picture was sent Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, it was determined that because the panel was damaged “JUST BY LOOKING AT PICTURE THE DETERMINED THIS” it was deemed that my claim be “DENIED” because they climed that “I” “the customer” had to be the one who broke the panel all the way inside the TV that was working fine before A&M TV repair shop 215 322 4499, got their hands on it. Please investigate and stop this fraudulent activity. My last communication with Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan was on 7/23/2019 and the custormer rep. now claims that on June 27, 2019 someone came to pick mu TV up and I wasnt home yet another cover up fraudulent lie. AVR Video Repair INC has my TV right now their nuber is 856 320 4530, you cant make this shit up!

  • Shelia says:

    Customer Service is HORRIBLE !!!! I’ve been dealing with an issue for 4 months to no avail. It has do with a gift card I’ve NEVER received, the merchandise was returned March 2019. I was suppose receive a gift card.
    I called on April 16, 2019 to inform of this matter and have been calling ever since. To no avail….. I was told that I would receive an electronic letter to use on 5/31/19. Then was informed that information was the incorrect.
    On June 10, 2019 I requested to speak to a supervisor, his name was Ben. He stated” the card was used, I responded I never received the card. He goes back in the system “Hah! Hah! he gives up”. What? Then he asked what is the address I told him, He stated” the POBox number, I said” that was incorrect” so supposedly he inputted the information. I asked due to all of the miscommunication and troubles that I had trying to receive the card could he expedite the card, he said” he wasn’t sure that could been done.
    I called on June 21, 2019 spoke to representative Sid, she says that address was incomplete that she needed to forward to the accounting dept. to be issued. WHAT?AT THIS POINT! I’m really BOILING!! I asked to speak to a super. Ben the supr informs their was a (possibility ) the card was used, WHAT? I told him I didn’t use nor receive the card. I asked him when was the card used he said” he doesn’t have that information . Some of management don’t try to assist consumers to help resolve their issues. It’s frustrating to have to constantly month after month to continue to deal with this. I told the supr you are to assist and help expedite matters to make the consumer happy. Right! If asked would recommend this company, the jury is still out.!!!!
    I called corporate to try to get a resolution to all this madness.

  • Lisa says:

    I am on the telephone trying to get through to speak with either Cindy Christy or Vicky Klein. I am not expecting to have any success. Received a replacement phone from Asurion less than one month ago and surprise surprise it doesn’t work already. I have been through this before. The customer service experience has always been the worst of any company I have ever worked with. The individuals I speak with won’t even provide their names and if they do they do not provide the employee number which they are suppose to provide EXCEPT TODAY MY EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT!!. I just was helped by Vernita in the escalation department who was wonderful to deal with. My first good experience. Hopefully what she promised will happened by tomorrow.

  • cheryl west says:

    I am in the process of filing complaints with every agency with jurisdiction over this company: consumer affairs, consumer protection, BBB, FTC , AND THE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE.

  • kanasia riley says:

    this place should be reported to the BBB which I am in the process of doing right now. I keep getting hung up on trying to replace a phone that has defaults. This company send phones that are faulty and refurbished. They want you to pay $50 to replace, which I don’t mind its the fact of the phones that are crappy that constantly have to be replaced. send me what I qualify for

  • >