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  • Address: 648 Grassmere Park #300, Nashville, TN 37211, USA
  • Phone Number: 615-837-3000
  • Fax Number: 615-837-3001
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 18,000
  • Established: 1994
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Kevin Taweel (Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director)

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Cindy Christy


Mark Gunning CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Detter

Chief Executive Officer of Japan

About Asurion, History and Headquarters Information


Asurion was founded in the year 1994. The company has been operational for almost 25 years now. The founders of the company were Jim Ellis and Kevin Taweel. The founders of the company had taken over a roadside assistance company that was based in Houston, named as Road Rescue, in the year 1995. Then in the year 1999, the company had taken over an entity that was selling insurances for cell phones, known as Merrimac Group.

In the year 2003, the company started its operations on a worldwide basis, and therefore expanded into the Asian countries. By the year 2008, the expansion was extended to the countries of Europe and then by 2013 in Australia. In the year 2014, the company then expanded into Latin America as well, with the help of America Movil. The company was the first to provide accidental insurance coverage from handling to various retailers that were compliant with all the 50 states in the USA.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 648 Grassmere Park, Ste 300. The name of the city is Nashville, while the name of the state is Tennessee, USA. The pin code of the area is 37211-3667.


Asurion is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of insurance policies for items like electronics, jewellery, appliances, satellite receivers, etcetera. The current CEO of the company is Kevin Taweel. Also, the company has been serving over 280 million consumers, in around 49 offices all around 14 countries in the world. The number of employees currently working at the company is more than 17,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a peace of mind when accepting their insurance policies so that if there is any accidental damage, the company will be able to fix their issues and will also ensure that the affected customers of clients receive repair or replacement services.

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    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Fraud. Wantb you to pay for protection and when you need it they deny it.

  • Chris Hunt says:

    I have called 5 times to get a return label for my camera still no label ….each time I am told how sorry they are and I will receive a label within the next 24 hours….still no label. I have called Walmart where I bought the camera and insurance through Allstate…called Allstate they didn’t know what I was talking about guess they just used their name…I paid over 1500.00 for a Sony 6300 that I have only had a little over a year…from the sound of the other comments it’s not going to get fixed ….

  • Mitch Bonz says:

    I purched a TV on March 26 2017. Recently June 2109 it didn’t power on, I had a three year Walmart Product Care Plan, I reached out to Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, to get it fix, the first service center they provided “A&M 215 322 4499”, had my TV for weeks and wasn’t returning my phone calls, I reached back out to Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, they had my repair rushed a bit, when my TV was returned after three and a half weeks, It did come on, so immediately checked immediately because of the extremely bad customer sevice I recieved, and my components wasn’t working, “I’m sure it was woking before I sent it with them because I had my DVD player connected to it and it played great”, and I also complianed about debris that was sticking out the top. “Which wasn’t there when they came and got. it” ” It was on the wall since I brought it” So I had to file another claim with Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, they tried to send my TV to a second TV repair company, but after a bit of research, bad reviews, and a extremely unprofessional owner calling me, I passed, so they picked a now “Third” TV repair company “AVR 856 320 4530” I felt ok for them to pick my TV up, because on the phone they seemed ok. The picked my TV up from my house on 6/24/2019. So after three weeks past a called them and was informed to call Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan because my panel was damaged and that the panel was “DISCONTINED'” I called Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan several times, talked to several coustomer service reps. I taked to several supervisors and was told that a Specialist would get back to me in two business days. I was told this twice, they never did. So I kept calling “BUT I BEGAN TO NOTICE THAT MORE AND MORE OF MY CONTACTS AND THE INFORMATION I SUBMITTED WAS GETTING DELETED so I relized that an act of fraud was talking place and a big cover up is being done because each customer service rep. could only pull up less and less information about my claim and my complaits. So now after a mouth of AVR Video Repair having my TV 856 320 4530, I called them and was informed that Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan had ask AVR to talk a picture of the Damaged/ DISCONTINED panel. After the picture was sent Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan, it was determined that because the panel was damaged “JUST BY LOOKING AT PICTURE THE DETERMINED THIS” it was deemed that my claim be “DENIED” because they climed that “I” “the customer” had to be the one who broke the panel all the way inside the TV that was working fine before A&M TV repair shop 215 322 4499, got their hands on it. Please investigate and stop this fraudulent activity. My last communication with Asurion/Walmart Product Care Plan was on 7/23/2019 and the custormer rep. now claims that on June 27, 2019 someone came to pick mu TV up and I wasnt home yet another cover up fraudulent lie. AVR Video Repair INC has my TV right now their nuber is 856 320 4530, you cant make this shit up!

  • Shelia says:

    Customer Service is HORRIBLE !!!! I’ve been dealing with an issue for 4 months to no avail. It has do with a gift card I’ve NEVER received, the merchandise was returned March 2019. I was suppose receive a gift card.
    I called on April 16, 2019 to inform of this matter and have been calling ever since. To no avail….. I was told that I would receive an electronic letter to use on 5/31/19. Then was informed that information was the incorrect.
    On June 10, 2019 I requested to speak to a supervisor, his name was Ben. He stated” the card was used, I responded I never received the card. He goes back in the system “Hah! Hah! he gives up”. What? Then he asked what is the address I told him, He stated” the POBox number, I said” that was incorrect” so supposedly he inputted the information. I asked due to all of the miscommunication and troubles that I had trying to receive the card could he expedite the card, he said” he wasn’t sure that could been done.
    I called on June 21, 2019 spoke to representative Sid, she says that address was incomplete that she needed to forward to the accounting dept. to be issued. WHAT?AT THIS POINT! I’m really BOILING!! I asked to speak to a super. Ben the supr informs their was a (possibility ) the card was used, WHAT? I told him I didn’t use nor receive the card. I asked him when was the card used he said” he doesn’t have that information . Some of management don’t try to assist consumers to help resolve their issues. It’s frustrating to have to constantly month after month to continue to deal with this. I told the supr you are to assist and help expedite matters to make the consumer happy. Right! If asked would recommend this company, the jury is still out.!!!!
    I called corporate to try to get a resolution to all this madness.

  • Lisa says:

    I am on the telephone trying to get through to speak with either Cindy Christy or Vicky Klein. I am not expecting to have any success. Received a replacement phone from Asurion less than one month ago and surprise surprise it doesn’t work already. I have been through this before. The customer service experience has always been the worst of any company I have ever worked with. The individuals I speak with won’t even provide their names and if they do they do not provide the employee number which they are suppose to provide EXCEPT TODAY MY EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT!!. I just was helped by Vernita in the escalation department who was wonderful to deal with. My first good experience. Hopefully what she promised will happened by tomorrow.

  • cheryl west says:

    I am in the process of filing complaints with every agency with jurisdiction over this company: consumer affairs, consumer protection, BBB, FTC , AND THE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE.

  • kanasia riley says:

    this place should be reported to the BBB which I am in the process of doing right now. I keep getting hung up on trying to replace a phone that has defaults. This company send phones that are faulty and refurbished. They want you to pay $50 to replace, which I don’t mind its the fact of the phones that are crappy that constantly have to be replaced. send me what I qualify for

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