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Assurance Wireless

  • Address: 10 Independence Blvd #200, Warren, NJ 07059, United States
  • Phone Number: +18883215880
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 500+
  • Established: 2001
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Paul McAleese, CEO

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Paul McAleese


Rob Hussa

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Stokols


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We are in the digital age where our lives are dependent on the web. It is possible to get every transaction done right from your comfort zone. This will require access to databases that are away from the reach of low-income earners. There is good news for low-income earners. With the likes of Assurance Wireless, it is easy to get access to the internet at reduced rates.

If you are with the right providers as a low-income earner, you will get access to the web for free within some stipulated hours each day of the week. Eligible households can have access to a free smartphone.

Assurance Wireless was established in 2001 and has over 500 employees. Some of the benefits that this company offers to qualified households are free unlimited data; free unlimited texts; free unlimited minutes; and free 10GB mobile hotspot data.

The corporate headquarters is at 07059, New Jersey, United States

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  • Jackie Lerner says:

    I need to be in contact with Corporate office staff re: my cell phone. I’ve been an A.W. customer for
    nearly 10 years. This is timely & important. Please email back. I don’t have a phone to use right now!

    • Nicole says:

      Good luck, I have been on the phone over 5 hours just today. I have been made to pay fro my phone twice in 23 days, both time supposedly for 30 days. I have also been a customer for 11 years! Pretty sad we are treated this way!

  • Aimee says:

    They’re all scammers they wouldn’t give me a replacement phone told me I had to close my account then reopen it so if course I lose my number after they told me I could still use the same number. They’re all doing illegal things and get away with it someone please turn them in!!!

  • Elaine Jones says:

    I am very very disharden and sadden by the unprofessionalism the agent that I spoke to today Monday July 25th at 1230 pm I hope that upper management is privy to these ratings and feedback because poor customer service is a direct reflection of the company and if poor service continues it really says how unefficient the company is in operates I pray to God that the company and its workers are graced with a heart of flesh and lead out with compassion for their customers I was just on the phone with an agent after the unprofessional agent trying to get my phone activated and set up they just sent me a brand new phone well at least I think that it’s a brand new phone and the agent said about seven times hello Elaine can you hear me I could hear her very well she couldn’t hear me and this is a brand new phone and this is a replacement phone because the first phone that they sent me the shock it was draining the battery very fast it was hard it was just not a good device so I pray to God that this company does lead with some integrity find out where they’re glitches are and improve on it even if it means personnel improve on it why run a company and treat people in human by the representations that they offer that’s in human you just don’t do that we came out of a very bad pandemic the whole world was sick and all over the world we lost a lot of people we’re supposed to learn something from this not come out being the same nasty unloving cells that we were before we went in there that’s why God shut us down you can believe that God shut us down and he’s watching so come on people let’s get it together with fellow human beings that’s treat each other with love and respect

  • Brad says:

    I got a phone from assurance wireless within a month it stopped working I’ve contacted assurance three times about getting a replacement it has never been turned in the order has it until this last time supposedly don’t even know if she did it so I need to talk to somebody about what’s going on with y’all service company whatever you employees something needs to happen this is b*******

  • Lisa says:

    These people lie to you over, and over, and over. I’ve been approved for the acp benefit for weeks, I had already had unlimited service so it would have just been switching me to the new plan. I have called 19 times in the last month, still no plan on my phone. I’ve been promised over and over I’ll get a call back but they never do. Yesterday I was told by 2 dif people they’d be calling me today to put the plan on my phone, of course another lie. The person today told me I still have to wait 7 more business days. I don’t know what the hell is going on and why they can’t just put it on my phone so I’m done with them after 7 yrs, they don’t care about the customers, they’ll lie continually and there’s no way to call anyone who can do something about it, all they give is the number that goes back to these lying crooks. I even called acp customer service, and they told me there is no reason it should not be on my phone yet, it’s just sitting not being used. What they have put me through is just wrong.

    • Tasha says:

      You are so right Ma’am Ive been with them for=years now and from last year till right now the phone I have was recalled from the I received this phone I have been calling them since then couple months later phone getting worse I was told I would receive my new upgraded blu moto that’s haven’t ask I comment right now just got hung up on again which normally happens when I call and the lies aren’t even lies no more that’s just the plain out evil one’s in disguise and your right they show no compassion nor any consideration for us as customers the service offered for unlimited everything is magnificent as to most assurance wireless employees you are some straight up assholes and I mean the entire ass with no hole for a company that provides great service and specialties you as the employees make it awful and make a good company look like shit please T Mobile you really need to take a moment and review 85% of your employees because they are liars and inconsiderate analyst they’re covering their butts for they own mess ups and then after your test warranty runs out over that time limit you the customer has to pay a 35$ fee for another phone the government is providing for us for free so those of us not capable or not will have phone service and it’s the companies responsibility to replace what the government gladly gives to the world if cracked, broken, damaged,stolen,and recalled time frame of warranty or not which would mean if we have only a year’s warranty then every year we get another new upgraded phone….

  • Allen Younger says:

    The staff of Texas such as Calvin and Jerry macdonald all have a habit on a daily basis weather it’s a client or fellow employee trying to do their best they are still made fun of.

  • J L Richter says:

    These people are stupid AF. They take 45 minutes to answer the phone nd then run you around incircles. No matter how many times you process their paperwork there’s always some glitch. They constantly disconnect you forcing you t keep calling back

  • Jessica says:

    The epitome of you get what you pay for. They call this a lifeline phone and it’s more like a death sentence phone.
    They pride themselves on having an elite support team and the support team is utter trash. I have never been in a bigger cell hell in my life then I have with this company and I’ve dealt with some nightmare cell phone companies. Their ethics and morals as CSR and CSS’s is an utter joke. I have literally spent 40 hours of my life this week on the phone with this company trying to fix everything that they have screwed up I cannot get a call insulation and I cannot find executive or corporate contact information.

  • Corliss says:

    I just talked to three different reps from Assurance wireless in regards to my legally blind brothers replacement phone that we been waiting on for over a month. For these to be agencies like these be endorsed by governmental entitle to the consumers personal info there should be more infacies on the products that are refurbished and sent out as new. Shaking my head.

  • derrick l Jeffries says:

    I am going to have surgery and I have no emergency phone and it is due to the ineptitude of your workers I have put up with the non caring of your company I have spoken with my Congress office they tried to get some satisfaction but to no avail this is not good business so now I will contact my attorney in hopes of getting things done right I am not in good health and this phone is a lifeline but it doesn’t work very well it does not keep a charge and people can’t hear me talk so what am I too do but go to the media the local news station would love this for how you are treating people I can be reached at 862 230. 1857

  • derrick l Jeffries says:

    I am not happy with your manner of. Service first of all my phone is defective and your company will not replace it with a new one I have called and called but your outsourcing to the Philippine country has been a nightmare now I have to file as law suite to get some satisfaction

  • richard bastiani says:

    customer service stinks…3rd phone to die in a month! i need phone service, not lip service!

  • Mary says:

    I had put in an application with assurance wireless then I spoke with the representative she told me she didn’t get it then I spoke with the representative over the phone so she did it for me I called to check on my application they say I’m not in the system and then I talked with the gentleman he said do I live in Orlando Florida I told him I live in Jacksonville Florida all my information have gone to Orlando Florida I had service with assurance wireless once before they cut my service off I did everything they tell me make a phone call every month or text every month I woke up one morning my service all and now they telling me I’m not in the system and I stay in Orlando Florida and I stay in Jacksonville Florida I do not stay in Orlando Florida and I hope she didn’t send my information to Orlando Florida hook up on somebody else’s phone in my name in Orlando Florida and then when I asked to speak to someone or speak to someone they tell me to go do another application over the website when they gave me a q number then I was the application went through I was qualified then when I called to see about my application I’m not qualified I need to know where my information went at

  • Dina Starks says:

    I need anyone who works for Assurance wireless to either delete my account which I can’t access cuz I never got a phone number and they say that they cannot delete it when I call them up with the number that you list I also get employees that get paid to b******* you and they’ve been lying to me for 30 days and they cannot process the application I need someone who can process my application and get my service going thank you Dina Starks I have called that number that you gave me to call for 3 weeks and they are incompetent and do nothing but tell you b******* and put you on hold and give you more trouble and do nothing to get your service going I cannot reapply because they have me listed as having an account when I go online and I don’t have a phone number to to access that account I cannot do anything on my end and these idiots won’t do anything on their end except lie to you and b******* you and put you on hold and give you fake people they call supervisors I need someone who can get my service going thank you

  • Dina Starks says:

    I applied for Assurance wireless in April and it says my status is approved on April 20th I did not get my phone and instead got a letter saying that my lifeline benefit could not be transferred and that was probably because T-Mobile was getting paid for that month I was told to call on May 2nd to get my service switched over and that I did when you tried to call Assurance wireless you get voice recordings and the only way to reach anyone is to push three for technical support I do not have a phone number and I cannot access my account or anything unless I have one I go online and I don’t have the phone number so I cannot get into my account and when I try to reapply I get this you already have an account and they will not let me reapply on my end I am stuck and I cannot do anything to get my phone service going on May 2nd I was told that the guy was putting in my application and it would be in 7 to 10 days and that was b******* I never got the phone and I tried calling around the 13th of May and I was told another lie I was told my phone would be in the mail the next day and it was not I then have been calling and calling and calling I get these customer service people from wherever they’re from they need to fire everyone at that company cuz it is totally ridiculous and all they do is get paid to b******* people and they are incompetent and cannot give me my phone and process my application as I was told to call them in the letter to do I cannot get them to delete my account and they lie and tell me that they have and that too I’ve been waiting on and it hasn’t been done I get lies and b******* every time I call and I cannot get one of them to either redo my application or to delete the account so that I can reapply I just got through talking to one who’s supposed to be a supervisor cuz it kept me on hold for 10 minutes over and over giving me more b******* and telling me that the supervisor just entered their office and she gets on the phone I told her I hope that they record these conversations so that y’all can be looked into and she said oh are you recording well I have to hang up on you now because you can’t record us I mean this is the service that you get and she also told me that she could not give me a phone number or that they could not delete the account because I did not have a phone number which is their fault because they won’t give me a phone number and they won’t send me my phone I want the people to know at insurance wireless how the heck do they expect anyone to get a phone when they have things like this and service like this going on I cannot access real customer service I cannot do anything online unless I have a phone number to get into my account and I can’t get anyone confident enough to be able to delete it so that I can’t actually apply again or reapply and they tell me that they can’t reapply either I mean so how come they have it so that you can’t email anyone on the website it gives you mail regular mail or it gives you a phone number which is the same people that I’m talking about I mean I’ve been so lie after lie I’ve been told to call this number or to do this or to do that and they just get paid for b******* I mean the guy says oh yeah you’ve been through a lot you’ve been waiting a month well let’s see if we can handle it for you and they just lie some more and they’re not doing anything for me to get my phone I mean how come it is that you cannot even on the website or corporate website call I mean the number that’s listed belongs to Walgreens I want to email them and I get switched back to that website at Assurance wireless where they don’t take any email I mean what is going on that you cannot call anyone or speak to anyone who actually can do anything about this problem in corporate is unavailable to anyone I know that it’s an Obama phone and that is government ran and it’s probably corrupted internet and we get watched and we can’t complain and sometimes our internet pages are full of corruption and they stop you or block you from actually reaching a real internet I mean you can reach some of it but when you actually need to complain or do something they block you or stop you from things that they don’t want you to be able to access I mean but really not being able to complain or to get a service going and it’s been a month I mean something needs to be done

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