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Aspen Square Management Corporate office Headquarters

Aspen Square Management Address and Contact

Aspen Square Management

  • Address: 380 Union St #300, West Springfield, MA 01089, United States
  • Phone Number: +14137810712
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1000+
  • Established: 1979
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Pat Keane, P.E. Chief Operating Officer

Aspen Square Management Location & Directions

Aspen Square Management Headquarters Executive Team



Pat Keane, P.E.

Chief Operating Officer

Austin Hatch

Manager of IT Operations

Aspen Square Management, History and Headquarters Information

The real estate business is capital intensive. You need an expert realtor that understands the terrain in order to achieve the best bargain in the sector. This is a once in a lifetime investment and the reason why it is necessary to partner with the experts. Aspen Square Management is one of the top brands in the real estate sector.

No matter how little your investment, the need for expert assistance is mandatory. If you want to enter into a rent or lease agreement, you need to find the experts that will get you the choice apartment in a choice location and tidy up the legal aspect of the deal.

Aspen Square Management offers homes, apartments, rental homes, and related services. The company was established in 1979 and operates over 100 apartment communities in 16 states in the US. It is a privately owned company.

The corporate headquarters is at Massachusetts 01089, United States

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  • Kerrie smith says:

    I live in Brunswick GA at Lanier Landing.
    I received an eviction notice on the 4th by Catie who is the 4 th manager here. I called for payment arrangements no one was there. Went to office the door was locked.
    They give no notice of entering our apartment.
    I have dealt with the disability
    issue for my daughter who is disabled and visits with her service animal. I had to contact the housing authority for discrimination. Then be up charged for her service animal.
    The management here harasses you an blames home office for them not following procedures.
    I was told my disabled daughter had to be put on the lease but was not financially responsible or held accountable now every notice etc has her name on it.
    My car was broken into here, I was told to get an security system.
    The quality of residents they are allowing in is the worst kind.
    I call corporate for help and get told I have no valid complaints.
    Even though my apartment is entered without my constant, my daughter is constantly in fear of it now.
    I have made the front management aware
    Of payments
    For rent due to my job changing schedules then another new manager comes in and put eviction notice on my door.
    I have already submitted a complaint to the housing authority for this property for discrimination and harassment.
    Day after Halloween we get notices to remove all
    Pumpkins or we are violating our lease an will be evicted.
    One bag of trash waiting at my door to go to the the massive trash dump at the entrance that is usually so full that trash goes into the road. But my one bag of trash will get me evicted.
    My security system has captured everything.

  • Kuyshondra Brown says:

    I need assistance! I have been living in my apartment for the past 12 years and the you all took over I’m going to say a year or two ago. Now my problem is since May you all have been entering my unit referencing to state inspection. I’ve cleaned maintenance has came in and left a mess and have done an unfinished job with the promise to return the following day and then don’t come back until another day or two. With the same repeated thing. So now here we are in October I was basically living out of my closet because it was brought to my attention that nothing was to sit in my bay windows. Let me go back it states that you all would give 24 hr notice before entering unit well 24 hr is just that but I’ve been receiving notice around 3 or 4p.m. stating that they’ll be entering 9 a.m. to 4 where is the 24 hr in that. I am a working, single mother of 3, I live in the unit were I pay rent I’m not a nasty person but I can’t promise that my unit is going to be picture perfect on command because there are days I get of and is dead dog tired with a notice of entrance tomorrow. I went to the office last month and spoke with management and she stated that the inspector wasn’t coming she didn’t have us scheduled and the painter who was suppose to finish my restroom went on vacation. I received a notice on the 3rd that they would be entering on the 4 no one came. Then to my surprise they came on the 5th, now I have a new notice stating I failed inspection and if I fail again my lease will be terminated. You all have my anxiety to the roof, to read you can possibly loose your home b/c people are playing mind games is beyond me.

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