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For long term or short term oral care or services, Aspen Dentals are there for you. This is a medical service company that is specialized in dental care and dental needs. They operate independently and they are licensed as well. The company was born in the year 1998 in Syracuse, New York in the United States of America.

Aspen Dental headquarter is in East Syracuse, New York, in the United States of America. Aspen Dental is always committed to treating all its patients with care, respect, and compassion. They are known to be caring and provide both long terms as well as short term dental care solutions.

If at all you have any dental need, whether short term or long term, Aspen Dental is the place you can rely on. After you are examined, you will get an honest judgment and opinion. They are the only dental company that can offer all the solutions to your dental needs. For more, contact them today.

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  • Mad as fuck says:

    At this point something needs to be done , has anyone tried taking these people to court

  • BPWise says:

    I took someone to Aspen Dental in Lufkin, Texas to have their teeth pulled and measured for false teeth. Everyone was friendly and helpful until the patient was taken to the exam room. I was then asked to wait 45 minutes to two and a half hours in my car. (We live 45 minutes from Lufkin which is too far to drive then turn around and return.) I could wait in my car with it running and the a/c on, or I could have driven around Lufkin and shopped. Gas prices and the inflated economy prohibit both options. When I ask why I could not wait in the waiting room I was told it was their policy. When I ask why it was the policy no one could tell me. I was finally able to speak to the dentist and was told it was because of the possible outbreak of the new COVID. There is no out break of COVID in this area. No other office in this area has this policy so this makes no sense! I called the corporate office who said they would investigate this. I personally will not recommend, nor will I go to, Aspen Dental in Lufkin, Texas.

  • James Trangmar says:

    I need someone who is the HR person. 731 439 6498

  • Zina Averkiev says:

    I forgot to add below that my terrible experience was at the Royal Oak, Michigan location.

  • Zina Averkiev says:

    Went to Aspen Dental to get my upper denture done, this was in April of 2022. I am still waiting on a permanent denture that fits and doesn’t crack. I’ve gone through 5 sets of dentures and I’m about 11 visits in, its been over a year and they still cant get it right, they’ve made excuses from its my fault because my bite is to hard to they are switching labs, to apologizing for taking a bad imprint etc… I am at wits end, I’ve cried and hurt physically as a result, and of course emotionally as well it has taken it’s toll. I cant eat, even with the new set because they are to small and don’t fit right, they protrude and look like horse teeth, I am afraid every time I eat they will crack, if I am out with family or friends I don’t order when we go to eat to spare me the embarrassment and indignation that I already experienced the day before my birthday when the 4th set cracked for the 5th time while eating a hardboiled egg and avocado. I tried talking to the office manager and no one ever returns phone calls there, I had to go down there just to talk to someone because they absolutely refuse to call back. I finally go to speak with the clinical director and she showed zero empathy, they had the nerve telling me that I can get my money back if I return the denture, which they will destroy anyway instead of making it right for causing me all the pain and suffering that they have put me through. They will absolutely not let you walk away with your dignity. I want an apology, my money back and a well made set of dentures, for all the tears and time wasted. I spoke with corporate office for a second time and they stated that the regional manager will call me to discuss. If they don’t make it right we will sue for malpractice and I will most definitely get this out into the media.

  • David Weber says:

    Went to aspen dental in mentor ohio was completely satisfied went out of town to Maine around port smith got a toothache went to aspen there they told me they were busy would take hours to help me I have money to pay for your services the lady who sent me away was tall and wore Harley clothing no name tag now I sit here with a swollen mouth waiting for mentor office to open I see how you take care of your coustomers I’ve always helped people in need you don’t care

  • Douglas Miller says:

    My fiance and I hired Aspen dental in Minot North Dakota to acquire dentures. On my third visit I was to approve the dentures that they had made. At first glance I couldn’t believe it but the teeth were tiny like a child’s. I am a grown man.
    I instructed them to redo the teeth that were applicable to my gender and age.
    On the same day, my fiance also had an appointment to extract her uppers and be fit for temporary teeth which were absolutely hideous. They were much too large for a female and they looked ridiculous she looked in the mirror and almost started crying. We took another day off of work as to drive 50 miles again in hopes of correcting this but they made it worse by grinding the dentures down too much and now they don’t fit it all. Now she has no upper teeth, she was told there’s nothing they could do for 3 weeks. She works in customer relations in a retail store. This is a disaster.
    Upon speaking to the manager about mistakes being made and requesting that they take responsibility for their mistakes and cover our costs for days off of work and fuel costs. She told me there was nothing they could do. If we continue doing business with Aspen it will cost us at least $1,200 out of our pocket for their mistakes. On top of this I asked her to bring the dentures with tiny teeth into the office so I could take a photo. She refused to do so and then advised her secretary to call the police.
    Obviously she didn’t want me to take photos because she knows that I can use them for evidence which is an admission of guilt obviously on their part. We have paid $2,900 for all this grief. We simply are requesting they refund our money and they collect the insurance money to cover the extractions and we go our separate ways, if not we will have no alternative than to file for malpractice.
    Thank you

    • Zina Averkiev says:

      I completely understand what yo went through. I Went to Aspen Dental to get my upper denture done, this was in April of 2022. I am still waiting on a permanent denture that fits and doesn’t crack. I’ve gone through 5 sets of dentures and I’m about 11 visits in, its been over a year and they still cant get it right, they’ve made excuses from its my fault because my bite is to hard to they are switching labs, to apologizing for taking a bad imprint etc… I am at wits end, I’ve cried and hurt physically as a result, and of course emotionally as well it has taken it’s toll. I cant eat, even with the new set because they are to small and don’t fit right, they protrude and look like horse teeth, I am afraid every time I eat they will crack, if I am out with family or friends I don’t order when we go to eat to spare me the embarrassment and indignation that I already experienced the day before my birthday when the 4th set cracked for the 5th time while eating a hardboiled egg and avocado. I tried talking to the office manager and no one ever returns phone calls there, I had to go down there just to talk to someone because they absolutely refuse to call back. I finally go to speak with the clinical director and she showed zero empathy, they had the nerve telling me that I can get my money back if I return the denture, which they will destroy anyway instead of making it right for causing me all the pain and suffering that they have put me through. They will absolutely not let you walk away with your dignity. I want an apology, my money back and a well made set of dentures, for all the tears and time wasted. I spoke with corporate office for a second time and they stated that the regional manager will call me to discuss. If they don’t make it right we will sue for malpractice and I will most definitely get this out into the media.

  • Paul Myers says:

    I have a GEHA federal dental plan and it calls for me to get my teeth cleaned three times per year and to see a dentist at least once during a cleaning session every year.

    Problem: I am a client at the Aspen Dental Office located at 4873 Hwy 90 in Pace, FL 32571, phone: 850-466-4133. I was seen in March of this year for a cleaning, but did not have a dentist check me out. I was scheduled for another cleaning in July of this year, which got cancelled and moved to August.

    In August the clinic rescheduled me for September 15th. Today they called me and cancelled that appointment and said the earliest they could reschedule me was April of next year. I informed the scheduling lady that I have issues with my teeth including one crown that keeps falling out and that I need to see a dentist. I asked that she reschedule me into another Aspen dental clinic and she said she couldn’t/wouldn’t do that. She said that I could see a dentist during my next scheduled cleaning appointment next April. I said I couldn’t wait that long and she abruptly hung up on me.

    My wife had similar problems at her Aspen Dental Clinic at 1133 Airport Blvd, in Pensacola, FL 32504. She paid for a new crown and they kept giving her excuses that the crowns that were prepared for her were done improperly and had to be recast. After three brush-offs, she finally ended up moving to another Aspen Dental Clinic on Nine-Mile Road in Pensacola. They are working on her crown issue, but it seems they are setting her aside and not focusing on getting her the crown work finished even though she already paid for the new crown over five months ago.

    My wife and I are completely dissatisfied with the work Aspen Dental provides and tired of being ignored, offered lame excuses, or just plain perpetually rescheduled. This rescheduling cycle happened to me two years ago until I complained. By attempting to reschedule me next April means I will have only had one dental cleaning this year. My GEHA invoices show charges by dentist who ostensibly checked me out, I haven’t had a dentist at Aspen Dental check me out in over two years even though I’ve complained at the office I’m currently being seen at.

    I attempted to email the Headquarters using the email address on their website. This turned out to be a bogus email address. I will attempt to call their CEO Robert Fontana or COO Robert Connor today.

    As per our experience with current service providers and the fact the Aspen Dental Clinics here in Florida generally have very low Yelp and BBB ratings, my expectation is that the company will not provide any follow-up nor do anything about these problems.

  • Mary Ellen Gallegos says:

    Having no luck finding anyone who gives a $&$@ about issues with aspen dental. For several month I’ve tried to get my overpayment and overcharged of $769.92 for my treatment at SF office. Would appreciate some feedback and more, my money. I am still left with $1500 of needed work after the $1300 paid to local aspen office

  • Doris Haynes says:

    I am extremely disappointed with the processing of claim filed with my insurance which paid for service. Aspen said it was not paid and later informed me that their system was changed due to hacking. me There is an ongoing dispute. Aspen refuses to provide service because of balance due. There is no balance due.I have not been receiving dental care because Aspen cannot confirm my balance. Very unprofessional and I would not refer Aspen to anyone. I am a human being and not a telephone #.

    • Mary Ellen Gallegos says:

      I left our local office because they would not do service unless I paid their charge, which included charges for NOT performed procedures AND an over payment which they refuse to ackowledge. Out $770

  • Doris Haynes says:

    Poor billing

  • Tracy Viars says:

    I went into aspen dental made appointment to get dentures first quote was 2600 I went back a month later to pay it went up to 3000 and they were suppose to call schedule an appointment, three weeks later then when I go into make arrangements for 3000 they raised it to 3700 do I need to get a lawyer to get me teeth done the way aspen dentals core value states plz let me know what’s going on Middletown office is a joke . I have paid for impressions and started my financial loan still waiting on a call from them three weeks I have been waiting. I have goals and deadlines and thanks to aspen dental that’s not going to happen , very unhappy not our fault you got cyber attacked.sounds like to me someone is needing extra money so they keep raising my plan quote I have you need to go or this quote.

    • Teresa says:

      Hey Tracy, my name is Teresa I’m having the same problem with prices going up every time I go in, I still don’t have my permanent top’s yet but now they say I owe for the bottom that I have been wearing for months. Did you get any results from your complaint.

  • Susan quach says:

    Hi my name is Susan Quach. I was a patient at the Aspen dental office in Katy spent $16,000 for dentures that I never got and it’s been almost 2 years come August and I want to total refund. I have post them in my mouth it’s been there over six months they’re loose and I’m in pain and this is ridiculous. If I do not hear back from y’all today, I will hire a lawyer and go to the Better Business Bureau. My number is 346-242-9993. I contacted the corporate office already. I spoke to Chris and he said thatof phones were being transferred to a new system but it’s been two weeks and there’s no excuse for my refund now. I’m going to another dentist that is going to do work that y’all do not offer. So you’ll need to contact me today again my name is Susan.

  • Pamela Spradlin says:

    Since March they have canceled & rescheduled several times. The last time I was told by Maggie Braden a Director that I had never had an appointment at that office ever. I redialed the number that called me. The phone rang. They could see me for consult but not for sedation to remove 9 teeth. I told her to refund me. This was the day before the big hack. So almost 3 months later no refund. I paid up front for my dil dentures. Waste of money. I will be buying her a new set. Stay away. Even corporate will not answer the phone!

  • Corinne Christopherson says:

    I went back to the Minot North Dakota office in January 2023, after getting teeth made through Aspen in 2021 that didn’t fit and my front teeth were on the left side of my mouth, now in this time a new owner had taken over and this gave me a little hope things maybe be looking up, and let me say I only went back because they are the only dentist in town who takes my insurance, so I go in planing on paying for new teeth, the new dentist offers to make a new set, I think awesome but still say charge my insurance if you want too, also was looking at wanting the 4 on one but was told we don’t do that here , (now mind you a big sign in the lobby window says they do) ok let’s move onto the molds they make the 1st mold I go back in March 2023 for my bite fitting and say that the size that the mold is way to big , and if they use that to make my teeth they won’t fit, I am told we will take care of that when your teeth are finished, I go back 2 weeks later for my wax trying and again I say if these molds are used to make my teeth they won’t fit they will be to big but as told before they will take care of that after my teeth are made now onto June 12th 2023, I go in to get my teeth for 1 I had comfertlites was expecting that but no the bottom set would have only fit if I could have put my lip into them along with my gum the top set had bumps all over the part that went on the top of my mouth and the part that was were my tongue went had bumps and cracks in it (think of a 5yr Olds clay project) and at least 1/2 inch thick, now I do have to say I may have a small mouth but it is loud and I talk like a drunk sailor, I don’t cry often but I was crying sitting in the chair I also have a very bad gage flex I picked the tops out , at this point they say let’s start over so I say ok but I need smaller molds (child size) while they were getting set up to make new molds I ask to talk to the lab tec about what I need so I can get the 4th set at this point to fit nope can’t do that , also at this point I know before they start putting anything in my mouth I needed fresh air or I would definitely puck all over the office so I get up and head outside for air telling everyone I saw I will be right back in just getting air, after most 5 minutes went back in they made the mold and appointment for the next day to have another mold made, I leave go home. On June 13th I had a appointment at 3 I was called that morning and was told they were canceling my appointment and the next time I could get in was June 20th and yes I did get upset and my sailor mouth did kick in because here we go again pushing me back, me being me I called the customer care team and after 3 hours on the phone with customer care and the office manager I did get a appointment on June 15th, now I find out on June 14th that before I made any calls that the office manager called the district manager and complained about me and lied she told him that I never let them even try the teeth in my mouth and that I just walked out on them now one thing she was right about was the fact that my sailor mouth and a very upset attitude kicked in, He told me I had 2 oppositions 1st one let them make another set and once they were done fit or not they wouldn’t do any more for me or I take $810.00 and trun in the set I paid for in 2021 now mind you I have between my insurance and out of pocket paid about $20,000 and that it is going to take at least 6 weeks to get my teeth made because they have 40 people ahead of me. And if I say anything rude or cuse at all I will be with out teeth and no money back now he did offer a 3d scan for free so I can get implants put in at a oral surgeons that was nice of him. Can someone please help me out all I am asking is to get a set of teeth that fit and made with in days (like all the advertising say) not weeks or months. I should also state that I am also battling health issues because of not being able to chew food and can only eat things like oatmeal and mashed potatoes so I need to go 3 times a week for infusions that take 6 hours at a time so yes I need my teeth ASAP. Am still saying charge my insurance but no they won’t. And I have no faith that the new set will even fit or be made the way I need them to be made. Calling customer care didn’t help me at this point not sure what will.

  • Susanne Peterson says:

    So I scheduled an appointment for my husband on 1/9/23 at your clinic at 935 Riverdale St West Springfield MA the customer svc lady was amazing to bad we didn’t receive that kind of service there…walking in early for his appointment and it was stated in the notes he needed an emergency tooth or 2 extracted. They tell him oh sorry they doubled booked, okay that happens so they scheduled him to come back in at 3:30 (I should’ve advised you he is an OTR truck driver) so he waits in his Semi then they call him and told him they wouldn’t be doing the extractions today only an exam and he would have to come back tomorrow! This is why we wouldn’t ever go to Aspen you seem not to value potential customers and their time from the start. A stated that he was a truck driver and he needed an emergency tooth pulled. So lost our business and Aspen gets blasted all over social media. Very unhappy with your business practice l…PS this isn’t the 1st time this has happened it’s the 2nd and the 1st time was in IL….

  • Pape Camara says:

    Okonoboh Sydney is a DMD At Aspen he supposed to take 4 my teeth but this men take 15 my teeths I don’t know why I went home with pain the. Ext day I comeback to ask what medicine I have to take they send me to the target behind the office I went there get the medicine and I drink the medicine
    I comeback to the office Mande Harbin and Landon Kanion make sign a paper and I was under duress
    They offer me $ 25000 and will be fixed my teeth but never happens I have problems to ride et writing English can someone help me at 6786879052 I will explain in person Betty the lady Candy Thompson was the DDS BUT I NEVER SEE HER AND THEY SAID SHE SIGNS THE PAPER

  • Karen oliver says:

    Just like some one else said this place.is a rip off I had to pay $3000 out out pocket no ins.for a top plate that’ has cracked 2 times and today it broke complete into went to office and they told me they could not repair it I would have to pay 1200$ to get another one.how can they do this to people who struggles,and they just take your money.that is not right at all this is Phenix city ala,location

  • Ruth Ferns says:

    This is not a place to go for dental care . They can fit in new patients very fast but if you are an existing patient you have to wait weeks if not months not get back in . I have tried several times to get back in for an issue they created but can’t see me when there times online say it’s available. I was told on the phone that is for new patients only .
    Do not go to Aspen Dental.

  • Donna Bell says:

    I got an email 2-3 weeks ago to reschedule my December 27 cleaning. I didn’t reschedule. Got an email this morning that my appointment was 9:00 then one that said to reschedule. I called and I was agitated I admit. But when receptionist gave me attitude and said they never canceled and I was scheduled , I said yes you did I’ll bring in the email. She said “Do you want to reschedule or continue yelling at me? Please hold”
    Then put me on hold.
    I have been doing there about 10 years but will be looking for a new dentist now. This was the Cranberry Twp, PA office

  • fred says:

    This place is a BIG rip off my wife went there to get her partial plate made they had to redo it three times and never got it right, Now after little over year it has a crack in her plate and they won’t fix it, I would not take my dog to a place like this watch your wallet folks they’re after your money.

  • Kelly B says:

    I would give NO stars if I could. I walked in the day of my appointment and was not greeted. I said good morning three times before one of the two workers looked up from a cell phone laughing and looking at pictures just to look down without acknowledging me. So I just stood there before they looked at me again and told me that they would be back with me because they had a meeting to go to and walked off. I sat down and thought about it but got up and walked out because I don’t want to give my money nor business to a place that employs people who feel comfortable enough to disregard their patient and their. This was the Arlington TX Int.20 location.

  • Jamie says:

    On my recent visit at Aspen dental in Medford I recognized one of the employees. Her name is Victoria Binder she did serious time for child abuse, I’m curious to know why she was given an opportunity to work in field where kids go to regularly to be seen by a dental specialist.

  • Edward B Petersen III says:


  • Steve says:

    I would not take my dog to this place. Aspen Dental Commack New York

  • Jeanmarie says:

    When will I be scheduled with a “dentist “. I’m 3 weeks out from dental surgery. N my temps don’t fit properly. Flops on my mouth n a lot of lower dentures pain..??

  • Jeanmarie says:

    I would like to know who would be doing my adjustments on my new temporary dentures? And are they licensed??

  • Lori A Laird says:

    I am in the middle of getting a bridge. The prep work was a nightmare in its self. Then the assistant put temporary caps on. One not covering my tooth and roots are exposed. Which is now seriously painful. I have been trying to two days to get back in but they are trying get out of seeing. Any Suggestions?

  • Greg Brock says:

    My upper plate has cracked once, busted in half once and now has cracked again !! This will make the 5th trees I’ve had to make up there in 2 months. My time is just as important as those ass holes running this place. I’m going out of town Wednesday and they had best have these fixed and plan on making me a new set or my lawyer will be contacting . I’ll put all of this on Facebook and stand out side this establishment and do my best to stop people from going in. Right is right !! I paid a lot of money for these teeth and they are still under warranty. I told them they were too thin in this area the first day l picked them up . They assured me they would be fine and now they’re not waiting to back them up !!

  • Its Coming says:

    Must be fulfilling to realize you’re not alone. Horrid. Just. Horrid.

  • Angela Rampersad Jimerson says:

    Am a aspen dental customer and I need to speak to someone concerning my dental plan I took out with them

  • Sherri says:

    I have had a very bad experience with Aspen Dental. I got 3 molars pulled in one day and wound up with a dry socket for three weeks. In which By the time my swelling went down I discovered they didn’t even pull one of the teeth they just broke it off and left it there.
    It would be wise if Aspen Dental would adjust some of my costs because they were wasted and very disappointing visits. I showed up for every appointment and when I had those molars removed they refused me any pain medication.
    Now I have to go through getting another tooth pulled. I am very dissatisfied with the services I received from Aspen Dental.

  • Singed a pissed client says:

    Ohhh were do I been. I have been dealing with this poor excuse of a company since April 11 2022. Been to both locations in Spartanburg SC still have not gotten my permanent top plate! But I bet they got paid in full for work that they haven’t completed! I spoke to a lady name Stephanie in the regional office and she lied and didn’t do what she was suppose to do!!! This company is pitiful and I wouldn’t recommend my dog going there. And to me that’s insurance fraud because the work have not been completely done. I need a lawyer like yesterday!!!!! My appearance not to mention emotional distress have been shot to hell!!!

  • Margaret K Andrews says:

    I leave work early to go get the second half of my cleaning completed. I get here and am informed that they sent me a email. At 334. And I can’t have my appt for them to finish my prep for the bridge. Poor Corey having to give me this information so I went to reschedule. Can’t get a appt for a over a month. Then the girl behind her gets smart to me that they will not finish the prep work on my mouth with out finishing my cleaning. Let me see u want my money I leave my employment to make my appt. Losing my money and drive 45 minutes here for you to get smart. You really need to reevaluated this office staff at Hagerstown md office. Horrible disrespect and they should be happy I’m white cause they way she speaks to people’s going to cause a class action lawsuit.

  • No says:

    How do you delete comments?

  • AnnMarie Wanders says:

    Teeth were poorly made and didn’t fit. Dentist wouldn’t even come into the exam room to see the problem.

  • Christina Sowers says:

    After four tries and seven months of waiting, I was given a set of dentures that were ridiculous. Bucked out on top, and the bottom teeth were longer than the top, and stuck up way above my lip when my mouth was open. They were also different colors which made them stand out. I was treated very rudely by the dentist the whole time being treated. He had the nerve to tell me to leave my two year old granddaughter home alone because he didn’t want children there. I was there weekly for 7 months and was running out of babysitting help. When I called today to ask how to return the teeth, all they want to know was if I was going to pay the difference the insurance hadn’t paid. I am extremely upset, and don’t want to have to get a lawyer involved.

  • Lisa Schell says:

    Great to know that I’m not the only one with complaints about Aspen Dental and their piss poor care and the difficulty in trying to find someone to respond to you and actually help you. Live and learn I guess because they sure won’t give you any satisfaction and what is this denture guarantee where they refund your money and then take your teeth back ?? That’s some shit !

    • Wendy Campbell says:

      They are awful they do not listen to you if your do get them to answer they are rude and don’t do what they say I wish I had never went to them and now they have dismissed me as a patient not completing what was to be done saying I used profanity on my call if I did they deserved it the lady would not hush and let me speak they are rude and not professional

    • Singed a pissed client says:

      Lisa Aspen Dental sucks! I wish someone would recommend me to a lawyer in the South Carolina area. I been dealing with they BS since April of this year. SMH

  • Art says:

    Piece of SHIT company.

  • Donna from fl says:

    Aspen here in gainsville fl suck, had 4 implants put in upper, dentist screwed the post in so tight broke 1 off in my implant and tonight another 1 fell out , top of post is bent

  • Livia Portillo says:

    My biggest mistake was yo let them do my dental work they offered me implants for $14,000.00 and now they said it is much more money. They give numbers to call and they promise to call me back and never do. big scam. Aspen Snellville ga I’m still waiting to finish what you start I need my dentures done not even the “manager “ talk to me! I’m sick of this people

  • Judith Jones says:

    Aspen advertises a “money-back” guarantee if a customer or patient is not satisfied. Although I have dental insurance, I made the mistake of pre-paying my $800 cash co-payment for a partial bridge. The partial was wrong in more ways than I can count. It was too tight, the wrong color, the wrong size (among other things). I, and Cigna, my insurance carrier, we’re promised a refund if I came in on 9/9/22. When I went to retrieve my refund, I was told that I could not get my refund. Please tell me what I do now?

  • Dennis knight says:

    Hello my name is Dennis Knight and I am currently patient at at Sumter South Carolina at a dental pay as a patient and I was told they no longer to fix my teeth because I don’t have a doctor in the network that’s in that office and they just left me stranded and it’s been going on for a couple months already I also have Humana as my medical coverage is

  • Crystal Bobot says:

    Very disappointed with your company, I’ve been dealing with no bottom plate since December been to the office to many times and nothing gets done, now they say there’s going to be a charge to Try and get the problem fixed, satisfaction guaranteed my ass , don’t get a call back and get attitude this is insane I’ve lost over 30 pounds I’m so fed up……

  • B. Westbrook says:

    I have had a lot of work done with AD and now my dentures are literally falling out of my mouth. They will not call me back because I refuse implants because of the cost. I just want plates that fit and I have been having to use the over the counter liners. I also have 2 large knots in the front of my lower ridge and they are painful. I called about that about 3 months ago and still no call. My next email will be to the ADA.
    I need help and I need it now.

    • Hope says:

      Did you ever get help did you find a number or an email address for a CEO or somebody up in the higher position because I can’t reach anybody either I would appreciate it if you did fine a number or email can you please send it to me

  • Gary Mckinsey says:

    I have been a patient at the Sedalia Missouri office since February 2022 and the things I have seen been told and experienced here need to be heard so they can be addressed

  • Candido Conde says:

    Worst dental office ever. They always say you owe money, even after the insurance paid. Anyone from GA reading this let’s get together and see if we could start a class action lawsuit and put their sorry butts out of business.

  • Kellye says:

    Terrible terrible, they have done nothing but lord from the get go!! I will NEVER EVER recommend them again, and I’m stuck with a 1200 bill for something I was told would be paid by my ins..

  • Deb Garton says:

    Aspen – Wausau WI

    I called for an appointment because my tooth (crown) next to my front tooth came out.

    They gave me two options:

    o – Do a bridge which would take care of the tooth that came out in addition to two other missing teeth. They cost quoted was at $8,252.10.
    o – Do a partial denture for the 3 missing teeth. Cost $882. Plus $119.80

    I was advised by the office manager that most I people would do the bridge. I was quite concerned about the cost of the bridge so I left and advised I would get back to him with a decision.

    I went back on and advised that after careful consideration that I would like to do the partial denture.

    The office manager then advised me that that he felt I was confused and advised that I should talk to other dentists in the area.
    Unless you are being sent to a specialist this should not happen. I felt disrespected in the way he addressed me and treated me.

    I am a grown women and am fully capable of making my own decisions in which I elected to do the partial denture.

    Per below – I feel that the office manager – sent me elsewhere because the $119.80 doesn’t quite meet his financial goals.

  • Arthur Gordon says:

    I am a veteran that paid aspen dental up front for four crowns, they placed two in and told me to wait until the other two temporary fell out or where loose, I called after they fell out, now they want me to talk to a regional manager, not the Bessemer office I paid six thousand dollars, this is so disunist, God Help Me.

    • Kandice Jones says:

      IM GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING WITH MY MOM… SHE ALSO PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! WE HAVE BEEN GETTING THE RUN AROUND FOR LIKE 4/5 MONTHS. I will be emailing everyone I can until she get her money back. I am going to be their worst enemy in a legal way though!

  • Kimberly Allred says:

    I really wish I had read reviews before I started my 7 month long nightmare with Aspen.

  • SD says:

    Has been a two year nightmare..First Aspen Dental agreed on the price of upper implants..upon day of surgery the price increased..upon my first checkup.. while we moving the implant the dentist broke four screw heads off in my mouth leaving the rest of the screws embedded in my gums.. had to drive 26 miles to another Aspen Dental so that dentist can remove the broken screws from the top of my mouth.. since then the implant has broken five different times causing pain and suffering injury to tongue and cheek… as recent as last week the implant crack exposing two screws in my mouth to where I had to seek treatment at the emergency room.. the implant also fell through two screws… the pain is enormous and I haven’t had the finished product yet please can anybody help.. Aspen Dental refuses to give me a refund or the refund policy or the refund policy in writing..Aspen is also refusing to turn over my dental records which would show the incompetent work in the number of times the implant broke please help

  • Ryley Wood says:

    To Whom it may concern!
    Dentists are a scary thing for a lot of people. And my husband is one of those people. After years of not going, it was time. He was losing his front teeth and needed a partial. They insisted a cleaning insurance should cover. After a pretty long visit he was drained and looking forward to getting his teeth. One week later when he went in because of Covid I had to sit in the car should have been a smooth visit, he came out in tears. TEARS. Telling me the dentist wasn’t the same as he seen before and she told him that the partial was a waste of money, we need to pull all your teeth today. He told her absolutely not and left with a partial they wouldn’t even adjust. That day I wrote a review letting them know how his first visit was great and the second was awful. I then received a bill that states my insurance pretty much covered nothing from the first visit. We paid cash assuming we would be done with it all. And now I have a huge bill. When I call the office I’m told the manager will call me back, 4 times I’ve called and talked to someone to be told they will call back and won’t. And yet again received a bill for $400. I’m appalled at the way they handle business. Even trying to have a bill explained and pay it they won’t help me. I truly believe it’s from the original bad review I left and now they don’t want to talk to me. Sad thing is being honest not mean gets us treated like this. Thought reviews were how you improve your business and make it better for your customers. Not get mad and refuse to help us.

    Absolutely sad!

  • William Vandegrift says:

    Can not say enough about Dr Janthan Soetandio. Tooth pulled in Conroe, Tx and his bed side manners were 100 percent. The man was GOOD. 6/30/2022

  • Tom Colberg says:

    Went in 2017 and was pleased. Now I can’t wait to get my teeth and tell everyone how unprofessional your service is. Sorry I came back.

  • Michelle says:


  • Leesa Rushing says:

    Aspen dental Carrollton Ga messed my mouth up need to talk to head person on this

  • Eddie Barnette says:

    June 8 2022,returned dentures to aspen here in Roanoke VA because they broke…was told to sign a release form to be reimbursed. Did that. Week later doors locked up they gone.out of dentures and over $3000.

  • Penny Norris says:

    Terrible place. I will never go there again.

  • Carla Vazquez says:

    Aspen Dental in Panama City, Fl is the worse dental office I have been to. I paid them $1,500 on September for them to order my aligners (MOTTO) after waiting 6 weeks they finally came in on Nov 4th 2021and every time I needed help with the aligners or needed to reach the office for any questions/concerns they never answered my calls. I had to drive up there several times to get them to see me. My treatment was supposed to be 16 weeks give or take & I was done with it on April & did my scan to get my retainers and I’m STILL WAITING FOR THEM! It’s been 9 weeks and nothing!! The office won’t answer my calls, emails nor return my msgs. I called corporate & all they could say was the manager reached back to them & said she’s just now ordering my retainers. Like are your serious??? My teeth are moving so bad and it looks just like before I started my treatment with the aligners. I asked them for my money back & to keep the retainers. They won’t answer me about my money back, I guess I will have to take them to small claims court. They are thieves and only care about you until you pay them and once you have paid them they act like you don’t matter to them anymore. I’m NOT going to let them keep my money and continue to run business this bad and take other people’s money. People be aware of this scam!!! Don’t give this people your hard earned money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are liars and very unprofessional. I’m beyond dissapointed

    • Pissed off customer says:

      Same here in Brooksville Fl but different issues. Call corporate and a lot of options including one that literally says “ pissed off clients” Never can talk to a person,left message but go figure,never called back! I’m on it… attorney bound!

  • MUCKLE says:

    Conyer GA is the worst office ever! They are so unorganized ! They need to close this office down. Wait time is crazy after you scheduled your appointment. They called and made 3rd appointment because my partial was in. They called and cancel my appointment due to short staff. Rescheduled and guess what they can’t find the partial. 2 weeks later we are still waiting for them to track the partial!!! They keep calling and texting to make an appointment for what, you don’t have my partial. Un Freaking Believable!!!

  • Missy says:

    I had the worst experience! I paid upfront on services they did not perform. They are constantly contradicting everything they say. Treated me terrible. Girls we’re absolutely terrible. And my refund is less than what I paid in cash and card. Do not go to Aspen Dental. You will be traumatized by the experience. Btw… it was in Janesville,Wisconsin

  • Melissa Sheehan says:

    After multiple attempts to get Aspen to file my claim correctly now I am being reported to a collection agency! I have email local office and now corporate office showing how many times I have requested them to correct their information they are submitting and file it correctly!

  • Starr Rogers says:

    Wrote to 3 CEOs last week and have gotten no response…none!!!!! My grandson is STILL without teeth!!!!! Was supposed to have them April 11th. They have every excuse in the world but no teeth. I have his permission to discuss this with anyone at Aspen and can not get any answers and neither can he.

  • Ronald Huber says:

    Why does Chambersburg office
    Doesn’t have enough dentist
    Too serve people

  • Daniel Forsyth says:

    Hi this is Daniel I have a problem and I had an appointment on the 28th of April and went and see him ask him please make me small one where I can wear them and the boss lady wants me to wear them I tried to wear them and eat with them but I couldn’t I asked him please make me the small one and he said I’ll see what I could do so the lady I saw her make an appointment May the 26th I went back now all of a sudden I’m not on the apartment for some reason all I know when he made the first ones he made large it was rubbing the back of my lip then he went to the medium I said please make the small they still bulky so I haven’t where them since I left there I figured I’m out that money again the boss lady want me to wear them so I went back and tried to work with him and pay them again only if you give me a break on the money and he dropped my appointment for the May 26th only if he just made my small one I told him I’m skinny and bony I got a small mouth it seem like I can’t get nobody to do to where I can wear them I’m just out $4,000 because I can’t get nobody to fix me some dentures to wear I’m sorry for this and you can but all I want to have some teeth out all this money it’s crazy can’t get help what happened to the customers right maybe y’all can get them to fix my teeth right this time sorry thanks anyway Daniel

  • C Armano says:

    Oh by the way They hook you up with Dental First financing which is thru C Bank and pull all your payments to them from your financing account for expensive dental work which is crappy. You can only use this plan for Aspen Dental only. Not like Care Credit

  • C Armano says:

    Awful Lack of expertise Non responsive office staff. Terrible experience!!!!!!!!

  • Robert says:

    This entire operation is an insurance scam! They tell you that you owe them money even after your insurance pays!

  • Peaceful Seas says:

    After spending $2400 on new dentures that are supposed to be the second best they have, you would expect to have dentures that fit with very little adjustments and grinding. I am very disappointed with the performance of these dentures. These don’t even remotely look like the pictures displayed of NaturaLytes. The color of the gums look cheap, they fit horribly, and eating is difficult. The problem with doctors is an ego thing. You can’t describe a problem they don’t have some sort of explanation trying to get out of being responsible enough to admit to putting out a substandard product. The people in the office are nice enough. I have no problems with that aspect of the business. I feel like I have lost a lot of money and, I have teeth that aren’t what I paid for. No, I will not post my real name. I don’t need any problems out of the office I go to considering I am still in an ongoing struggle to get these dentures right or remade from scratch.

  • Unsatisfied says:

    I have been requesting a refund for over a month with no reply! Poor quality work and do not honor guarantee!

  • Brandy Reid-Rather says:

    Please go somewhere else! I paid close to $6,000 for top of the line dentures. They do not fit! yes they did offer me a partial refund but I had to return the dentures in my mouth. I asked them what am I supposed to do for teeth in the mean time? Was told… and I quote not my problem we have done all we can for you. I asked if they could remake my dentures and they said no. I did call the one 800 number and spoke with another lady that promised me she could help me with my issue all she did was connect me back to the Hobbs office and their office manager told me it is up to the dentist if they want to help you or not I will speak with them and see if they want to do anything about this…expect my call later this afternoon .This is in Hobbs NM…

  • Nancy G Tomlin says:


  • Sandra Riddle says:

    Aspen Dental in Mt pleasant are saying I owe more money after I already paid for my dental work! Now they won’t put my tooth in saying I owe more money! This is not right ! I need help I’m very disappointed I trusted y’all and here I am

  • Pamela Lawson says:

    Have tried to get in their Office here in TN. Cannot. I’m looking at MONTHS to wait. Did manage to get one appointment with them and had a tooth extracted. Got over the extraction very quickly but was actually sick and in bed for days from the numbing solution they used. Unsafe. I do not recommend them to anyone.

  • Crystal says:

    I am very unhappy and have requested a refund and month later still waiting a response. Save your money and get quality work elsewhere. Aspen does not guarantee there work.

  • M says:

    I have been divorced since 2017 and Iv told Aspen that multiple time to take the ex husband’s name off my stuff cause he has nothing to do with anything just like I have nothing to do with any of his stuff. Well they still haven’t and now they are trying to stick me with his bill. It’s BS. And I’m getting really mad about it. They need to do there job.

  • Kellye glover says:

    Dear aspen clinic,
    I went to have a partial made, well when it came in it was missing a tooth in the back, i need them to fix it, we’ll come to find out they stopped dojgn adjustment after 5:00. Then I find out they don’t even have a dr at that location. I tried contacting them nobody ever answers the phone. I had to contact the corporate office in which I was told they would have somwone contact never did. Well then I received a bill stating I owe 1200.00 due to my ins isn’t going. To pay for it , because it was in 5 yrs, in which I was never informed of until my ins told me.well I finally got in touch with someone and I told them that I paid my potion of the bill and I was told that my ins would pay for the rest, well she basically called me a liar and arguing with me on the phone, and then she told me that I she could she if the other dentist would take the partial back and. Refund me. I was like really who does that!! Why would I return something like that and why would take that back. Well I informed her that I wasn’t gonna pay for sowmthing that wasn’t made right and the ins was gonna pay for. So sowmthifn needs to be done about this now.

    • Unsatisfied says:

      I keep getting run around to after Aspen dental messed up and will not fix nor honor their guarantee!

  • Miguel says:

    Worthless, every step of the way, at least at the Mohegan Lake office. Horrible service. Go somewhere else

  • n/a says:

    Aspen Dental at 6303 E Broadway in Tucson AZ. They are so unprofessional when they answer the phones. I work in the dental field and never have I treated patients this way. When we request records they never take 10 days to process. I was told the records and xrays get sent up to the corporate office which I have never heard of this especially if they are in the data base of the patients.

  • Bruce A Brown says:

    Bad dam company, They are designed to screw you out of your money. Lies and half truth statements. No

  • Sheliafaulkner says:

    They are a piss poor outfit never will I go back waste my time plus gas for nothing low cost my ass

  • Lonnie J Nadeau says:

    I refuse to pay for a office visit. , your staff and Dr didn’t do anything for me at all. I went in to get a bad tooth pulled and they sent me out with a medication. And I dont feel that the Fargo Office is treating the clients

  • Cleve Patterson says:

    Hello this is Cleve Patterson, I used to be the FLOS for Texas and Oklahoma. I was removed from my employment due to multiple lies originating from my superiors, mainly John Kostas Jr. John Kostas, if you haven’t already discovered is a fraud. I had to do the majority of his reports because he was simply under qualified for his position. John felt threaten from me and would make up lies and then report these lies to his superior Shane Ballard. Ever time I left an Aspen office I left it in much better shape with better impression techniques as well as much happier patients and I always turned major negative problem patients experiences into very happy patients after I myself would redo the case that ALWAYS eliminated refunds and turned the patients into happy and positive patients that would then make them spread positive recommendations to their friends instead of writing negative reviews and wanting refunds. I tell you this because I was totally shocked on the way they rudely let me go. I understand that many of these upper managers are no longer employed but you made a huge mistake by letting these people judge me which ended in my unemployment. I was a great employer that brought many years of dental experience to the table. I guarantee you if Bob Fontana was with me on my visits to these troubled offices he would of stepped in and made sure these injustices would not had happened. I’m sure you’re asking why this email after all these years but to my shock I received an email from Aspen asking if i would be interested in joining the Aspen Team…..are you serious? I loved working for Aspen because I knew that I was making a positive change in each office that I visited. My only job was to visit 911 offices that was having tremendous issues and each one that I visited the staff as well as the patients gave me hugs and praise with much appreciation. I did my job proudly and with tremendous confidence but I was taken out by lies and untruths. Not sure why you sent me the email but if I knew that I could work with a team that treated me as part of the team with RESPECT then I may reconsider. I would only reconsider if those at the top would listen to my past history with Aspen and promise that things would be different.

  • Pam Sohovich says:

    Steubenville , Ohio aspen dental is wonderful. Dr Yang & all the employees were so professional & caring. They explained everything to me & made me feel comfortable. I would give 100 stars if I could. 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Tammy says:

    Horrible customer service. My partial has had to be remade and it still doesnt fit. I ask for my money to be refunded and was told I didnt get treatment that was required which I did get. The office manager called me a liar. Now I have a partial that doesnt fit and they wont refund the money I paid.

  • Ryan says:

    So went and had some teeth removed and got full set dentures . When I got them they said call anytime if your having a issue and we will get you right in. Well 4 days after getting 15 removed they relined top and bottoms they were ok for a few days. I called and see if I could get I. To get them fixed again I was told they were too busy and I would have to wait a month. So here it is a month later and they just tried to cancel my apt. So after you give them a large amount of money your nothing to them and the customer service goes directly out the window my opinion is do not get anything done here unless you want poor work done and them to take care of things on there own time even if your in pain and can’t wear your dentures.

  • Kirk Short says:

    Your CDA Idaho office my temporary dentures they have me to wear the bottom ones are so crucked I can’t wear them. The teeth don’t line up at all. I realize they are my temporary ones but
    shitty made. How do you get used to wearing them when you can’t wear them.

  • Topeka Brian says:

    Scam artists. The financial department must get commissions.

  • Bruce A Brown says:

    Aspen Denal will take all your money charge you twice as mush. Out for the dollar. JULIA LIED TO ME.Not informed and lack of communication about money and cost ! Now I am broke with no bteeth !Bruce Brown

  • Kevin Moore says:

    The office in North Myrtle Beach closes at 11:30 on Friday, sign says 12:00. Was to pick my original dentures back up at 11:30. That were closed with receptionist sitting at her desk and I have no teeth until Monday!!! I’m am not happy and will never use Aspen again!!! I will spread this all over social media !!!

  • Tarin says:

    The last 6 days have been extremely rough. I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday-1/26/2022 by Aspen Dental in Tyler, Tx and I’ve experienced nothing but pure hell.

    First, they talked me into getting a 3rd tooth pulled that needed to come out since I was being sedated and I said okay sure so I don’t have to pay for it twice. I go to surgery and the specialist from Dallas says we’re not doing that. I said okay that’s fine but I want my money back and they proceeded with my wisdom teeth. (They only refunded me $181 instead of $253) strike 1 with me….

    I woke up from surgery obviously drugged up and was walked out and on my way with a piece of paper. I knew nothing. I was never told any instructions and they didn’t tell my brother anything either when I got in the car. I go pick up medicine and I got ibuprofen, hydrocodone, and a medicine mouthwash. No antibiotics. I thought it was normal to not get any so I didn’t say anything. I was obviously uncomfortable and in pain but I took it easy and did everything I was supposed to. Day 2 I wake up and I start swelling so bad which everyone thought was normal because you do swell afterwards but as you can see in the pictures the swelling never stopped. Day 5 I knew something was wrong. I called their “emergency hotline” at 8:30pm and never received a call back. I called again the next morning, they said someone will contact you in 20 minutes if not call back. I called back 4 times that morning before a dentist called me back and called me in antibiotics.

    Last night, Nate took me to an emergency dentist to get x-rays but by that time the infection/abcess had set in so bad I had a hard knot with fever in it and I looked deformed and is filled with PUS AND BLOOD. The infection is spreading way too fast and this morning- Day 6 and it has spread to almost my eye and half my nose/lips and it feels really weird to swallow.

    I am extremely upset and how this whole situation was handled. This scary situation could of been avoided with antibiotics from the beginning and that “specialist from Dallas” is long gone, not here to take care of me nor follow up. The emergency dentist actually told me he hated Aspen dental because of these reasons right here. So that’s a huge eye opener for me. I will NEVER go back there and please don’t ever use them. This is the most miserable I’ve ever been in my LIFE at 28 and I’ve had a few procedures done and 3 kids all natural. I am currently headed to the emergency room to get IV antibiotics because my throat is going to swell if I don’t. A simple routine procedure has turned into a NIGHTMARE. Please please please say a pray for me today because I am SCARED!

  • Linda / for My mother /86yrs old says:

    I took my mother into the aspen dental in Summerville sc about for five months ago, going through the process of getting her dentures and getting them fitted,it got to the third appointment. I had to run an errand, left her there to finish her appointment when I returned back to the last appointment she kept saying Linda I already paid them $300. I didn’t think anything else about it. Off and on she keep saying I finished paying them. On the last appointment after investigating the man he didn’t want to do it, but he looked in the system for that day and found out there was an extra 600 dollars $300 of that was my mothers $300. They wasn’t going to say a word but let us pay double for her dentures. After that the dentures they tried on her was two times the size of her mouth. I went back today because I usually get a reminder of the appointment. I just stopped by. The girl at the desk said we don’t have them she left here with her dentures that day… I blow a gasket! If she had her dentures would I be coming in to check on her appointment. They then found them in some cabinet behind the desk. This place is not good. I wish I would’ve read the reviews before i brung her here. Not honest. Very incompetent. Don’t come

  • Jim Leatherman says:

    I am sm so pissed off. I live in Martinsburg West Virginia and all of our dentists and Medical Assistants have left your company; I had 13’00 work scheduked and now nobody can do it – why are you not hiring AGRESSIVELLY!

  • Lorain Rice says:

    What’s the problem with billing. I keep getting a bill that wasn’t submitted to my dental insurance. I get phone calls and bills from Aspen dental. It’s been about five months. I called the officeThey said it goes to billing at a different facility. So they can’t help me.

  • Starlita McFarland says:

    I’m complaining about an employee name Kourtney she very rude and have very poor respect when it comes to your care. She talks down on you and I think she needs to be fired. She works at the Waukesha WI office on Moreland Blvd

  • Michael A Deas says:

    I am writing because Aspen Dental appears to apply Trickery when it comes to paying the bill. For Example: I went to Aspen Dental in Tobyhanna Pa and inquired about my balance before seeing the Dentist. They informed me that your balance is $320. I paid the balance saw the Dentist when I came out I checked again Do I have a Balance they replied, “No”. Just when I was getting ready to leave out the door Boom Mr. Deas you have another balance of $320. OK, I paid that balance is that it. Yes, Mr. Deas you are clear. Two months later I received a Bill for $567.00. This is unfair treatment

    • Allen Martin says:

      This exact process was used on me. I am currently disputing $268 in writing. They employ the services of several malicious collections agencies. The latest is Radius Global. I have no choice but to take them to small claims court, I guess.


    I am a patient of Aspen Dental for the last year and it has been a nightmare the worst experience of my life

  • Deborah miller says:

    I would like to add to my comments aspen dental in Florence ala I want my permanent partial that I paid for are you people crooks.my teeth are damaged because of your way of doing business.and I want to add the girl behind the desk made comment to me if people would visit the dentist regular and use good hygiene practice their teeth wouldn’t be in the shape they are when they come in here and expect us to fix it.i had a wreck when I was a kid my face hit the back of the back seat I had to have oral surgery to remove a tooth that went through the roof of my mouth .the dentist told me then they would rot from the roots as I got older I did good until I was 37 and got upper and a partial then 20 years later I decide to got to aspen dental to get new ones cause my bottom front teeth were getting bad .worse mistake ever now I’m loosing the rest of my teeth because bad workmanship.

  • Deborah miller says:

    I paid for both my uppers and partial lowers when I went back to tell them the lowers were hurting digging into the back of my teeth he said they looked fine to him .I wore them that way for a while then went back cause the teeth started falling out of the upper they fixed that but charged me.One lady told the management that my bottom were not fitting in my mouth the way they should he said I’ll get back with you after I look at your file a week later I call him back he said he forgot he would check it out and call me so I called a week later he was busy call back so I called a week later he was busy so I called back he was still busy I did did what he wanted I didn’t call back.now I am going to have to have what teeth I have left removed to get lower cause the partials damaged my teeth.

  • Gloria Williams says:

    Hello I went to Aspen Dental in Michigan, Royal Oak Office on 12/14/2021, I had 2 theeth removed 18 and 31, they were very difficult to remove and some of the tooth 18 was left in tooth socket I was told it was too close to nerve and connected to the bone, I had chills during the night and my temp went up to 101.5, I called the office and was told “you can’t come to office with a temp you might have Covid,I’ll tell dr and he will call you, which he never called, so I called again, was told at that time dr said go to urgent care, which I did, I had rapid Covid test as it was negative and was prescribed Augmentin ABT, I thank God for urgent care cause the dr at Aspen Dental refused to care for me it was only 1day sine theeth was pulled and no follow up care date, my money was taken pulled teeth and kicked to the curb, only was told once infected tooth pulled there’s no more infection, I have diagnose of diabetes and there’s no such thing that ever person body acts the same but at Aspen Dental believe each person is the same this is not true, I am a retired nurse of 47 years and even this I know,I’m texting you to make you aware of my experience, I will not go to your places of business ever again, my life was in danger and the very people who suppose to know about teeth felled me, I was so sick and feeling very bad, I’m on the road to recovery now thanks to urgent care dr.

  • Beware the Dental Traps says:

    I visited the ASPEN DENTAL of OWINGS MILL MD office back in early October of this year just to see if my tooth could be repaired or saved I now have unwanted dentures that I can hardly eat with or chew on and a permanent hole in the front of my mouth where my tooth used to be now I can’t leave the house or go anywhere without my permanent cheap ass denture that keeps cracking

  • SOMEBODY'S GOT TO SAY IT!!!!👊🏿 says:

    If you now have any plans on getting dentures and teeth extractions after your first visit with this company and that’s not what you came in there for you have just been scammed in by ASPEN DENTAL👍🏿😃👍🏿😃👍🏿

    • Kim says:

      You right because that’s what happened to me. I fill like Aspen Dental is a dental school where the customer go and they tell you what you need and what they want to do like they are really practicing on your mouth after they had messed up

  • KARMA KARMA KARMA!!! says:

    If you are still 3 to 6 weeks or months waiting on your “permanent”denture to come in from this company APEN DENTAL you have been scammed there is no permanent denture coming if they are not returning your call or just won’t answer manager always in a meeting or with a client now you have just been scammed BY APEN DENTAL billing statement 4000$ or higher you have just been scammed by ASPEN DENTAL👍🏾😃👍🏾😃👍🏾

  • BUYERS BEWARE!!!! says:

    If you received charge of $135 to $159 for and electronic oral B tooth brush on your first and probably only billing statement that you never received and now your getting denture from this company and you walked in for a root canal you have just be scammed in by ASPEN DENTAL👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😳

  • Dam Dam Daaaaaam!!!!wish id have read the reviews first smfh says:

    There is a whole documentary done by FRONTLINE a cable network show about Aspen Dental specifically and there shady practices of bait and switch there has also been a lawsuit filed and won against Apen dental back in 2012 and there still getting away with it in 2021 all across the United States there are over 50 of these office all practicing the same billing and denture scheme to get you to need them at all cost to not let you leave that office without some sort of financial obligations to keep you lock in for month /years of disappointment and let down less than satisfactory work over and over until you get frustrated ask for a refund which you will probably never received and just be fed up and done this company takes in 12,000 new unsuspecting victims daily mostly people between the ages of 45-65 who haven’t been to the dentist in years and just desperate for pain relief DON’T GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR TIME AND MONEY its set up to keep you coming back your never going to get that perfect fit or smile ever again that’s there job to make you think you are until the warrenty runs out on the denture now its cash money for every visit and you just stop coming all together because now you can’t afford to keep coming……smfh

  • Sorry not Sorry says:

    Its not a coincidence that all the complaints here about Apen Dental state to state are the same almost for the exact same reason THOSE TEMPORARY DENTURES I truly regret ever stepping into that OWINGS MILL MD office now that they have my insurance and money I am experiencing all those same complaints below cancellations of appointments at the last minute when you show up in the office three months and still no bottoms the tops are just as bad cracked twice in two months after eating with them as suggested broke right off in my mouth almost choked on it called to get fixed now a two week wait for next appointment soooooo embarrassing having to walk around like this smfh I swear to god I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone anywhere ever DONT WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY COMPLETE BILLING SCAM IF YOU ASK ME SO F+×@K UP taking the advantage of hard working people and the elderly #feelinghelplessatthisponit 😞want to call corporate off feeling like I might get the same results the run around dam. Anybody reading this post have any suggestions on how to better deal with this BS please feel free to contact me seriously 4437209517 S@$t DONT make no F@$!ING since😠😡

    • Kim says:

      I’m going through the same thing you been through and I have been to this Aspen Dental Office in Douglasville, Ga. I have been to this office since they pulled my top teeth 8 times for them to get my impression right and it still wasn’t right. Everyone who had a problem with Aspen Dentist need to get together and do a class action lawsuit against the company

  • Guest says:

    Aspens Dental office in Evansville, Indiana is horrible. I wouldn’t recommend having dental work done there or work there. My dental experience there from the beginning was just horrible. Not able to get my final dentures set for months. I also sat and listened and watched the office manager Melisa treat her dental assistants just plain awful. I overheard her tell one off them she was going to just fire her. Such stupid nonsense. She shouldn’t be an employee let alone a manager of other people. She needs some respect schooling or just plain slapped. I can’t believe the dentist that owns the office allows that bull crap to take place. No wonder there was new faces each visit I made. No one can stand to work under her. Get some help or shut office down.

  • K says:

    The Aspen Dental manager in Baxter Mn is the worst manager I have ever met. She lied right to my face and my husband was right there. You have to pay full price for your treatment when you get your temporary dentures. Well they’re suppose to satisfaction guaranteed! Well they don’t want to make appointments to adjust and when you get there they tell you that you don’t have one. I asked the manager who I can talk to about the way she treats people and she was the manager and she can do what she wants. Then she said she was keeping track in the computer what happened but she just put in what she wanted not the truth. They just want you to go else where because you already paid. They just want you to go somewhere else, no refund, and that way they have more schedule time to screw someone else. I must say the ladies that work on the dentures are great and very kind. That office manager is bitch.

  • Glenda Bowman says:

    Bryant AR is the worst!! RIPOFF!!! Liars.Ripped me off of more than $4000. I can’t afford a lawyer but someone needs to do something. I am too old & no one needs to be treated this way!!!

  • Megan Mentzer says:

    Told me I had mild periodontal disease and spent over 1,000 dollars to find out at another place I don’t have that I have 8 cavities your company neglected taking money from a single mom I’m just letting you know the cavities got so bad they had to pull some of my more important teeth costing me more money and I am speaking with a lawyer for medical neglect cause your company and team had failed to treat those cavities taking advantage of poor people you should be ashamed also I have a huge social media following and I will go to the news with my story and my followers

  • Mary cater says:

    Good Afternoon Ms Song,

    I am writing due to a mess with my partials from Hiram Aspen.  Last year I trusted them by mistake.  I have a set of 2nd partials that still can’t fit in my mouth without causing sore and torn gum.

    I had been getting a bill but I didn’t know why.  I feel I should have had a discount due to a cheaper pair of partials. I honored my part ofvthe deal. I just stop going they could not make me a pair of partials.  

    Well, one day when I went in, Nikki and the new assistant manage said I had a bill. I knew I did not.  What my insurance through the Sheriff dept and  medicare did not pay, DENTAL FIRST DID.  When the new assistant came to work, she showed me a bill,just so happen, I had the bill I signed which this 547.00 was not apart of.

    When she looked at the bill, it was true. She showed the Office Manager who is Nikki I believe. She showed her I did not owe 547.00 more. They said you are right, we have taken it off, next thing I know a collection agency has put a lien on my name and credit.

    I do not have a bill.  This is a no brainer, I have a 2,900 limit at Dental First what fool would let Aspen put a lien on there name and I got my dental account because of Aspen.

    Why would Aspen mess my name and Credit up for no cause. Why would Hiram Aspen, undermined my business as a senior citizen by through under hardiness trying to mess over my name.

    Attached is there bill to this collection agency.  Attached is my dental 1st account, and my medicare and work insurance. The office manager has tried to under mind there customer, and Medicare a Federal agency.

    I want my name cleared and a pair of partials that I can wear.  This was over $8,000.

    Mary Ward Cater

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  • Connie m rounds says:

    You guys suck and should be ashamed of yourself

  • Nunha says:

    Don’t ever go to this practice!!! The one in Westminster MD is nothing but a money hungry machine. Paid over $5k and ended up toothless. I was Told today I needed to pony up another $1k.+. Because the previous dentist didn’t do it right. After expressing my concerns very expressively. I was escorted out by police. Now I’m being told I’m not allowed back & they can’t make my dentures because I’m now band from the practice. Wow, convenient for them. Seems like a trend. Take your money, F’you over & be like “Bye FeliCa” So I asked for a refund for the permanent dentures. They produced a statement that states the permanent dentures are at $000.00 cost so no refund. REALLY!!!!!!! Of course it was rolled into the pice. It still has a value!!!! They are ridiculous & then some. They can’t even keep an employee for more than a few weeks. Probably because they treat the employees like the patients. Let’s not forget I came with an implant screw that I was told they still have but apparently I’m not even entitled to my own belongings. I have never ever been so discussed with any practice in my life. Just don’t put yourself through their HELL!!!!!

  • Ethan Pulka says:

    I have never been to a dentist that felt like I was buying a car at a dealership. Your profit making strategies do not benefit the customer. I have heard aspen dental hype and am utterly disappointed in the way you leave your customers.
    I do not mind paying out of pocket what insurance does not cover. But I expect better service and communication from my dentist that you can offer. I am not recommending anyone to ever go to Aspen dental and will be using the Michigan Dental Association recommendations which I see why you are not recommended by the MDA and looking at your google reviews see why my new dentist has over 150 of your patients from Benton Harbor.

  • Glen Charouleau says:

    I want to add to my complaint. I was told that my part to pay for dentures is 400 plus insurance was 700 plus. I go to pick up my partials and they said my insurance is not covering it and I would have to pay the 700 plus along with my deposit of 400 plus.

  • Glen Charouleau says:

    I have had enough. I was supposed to get a refund around 3 weeks ago and still don’t have it . I have called I went over to the Kenner Louisiana office. Everyone i talk to said they would take care of it. THREE WEEKS. I ask for a regional manager to call me still have not heard anything. The so called Mgr. That travels is what they told me was taking care of it I haven’t heard anything . Someone needs to take care of this or I see my attorney. I AM NOT BLOWING SMOKE. This location is very disorganized.

  • Luz Rivera says:

    Lied about my Dentures Never got my permanent dentures And no refund Would not recommend anybody to go there for anything

    • Nunha says:

      I’m sorry you’re in the same place as me. All they want is Money Money Money. Thor practice is subpar at best but charge outrageously!! I wish I’d never ever gone there.

  • Marsha L. Morrison says:

    Very Much Disappointed With The Employees Their@The Aspen Dental Chillicothe, Ohio Location Received My New Dentures On June 30th 2021 The Top Denture Fits Just Fine Had A BProblem With The Bottom Denture So When I Called To Make An Appointment Like Aspen Dental Stated I Could The Mean Lady On The Other End Of The Phone Just Accused Me Of Lying So Come July 2021 An Appointment Was Made And Nothing Was Done When I Ask For A Reline On My Bottom Denture So Another Appointment Was Made 3 Weeks Later In August The Lab Was To Get A Hard Reline On My Lower Denture And That It Would Take 4 Hours So Instead Of Waiting I Went Home And Made An Appointment To Return On A Monday Still My Lower Denture Wasn’t Even Sent To The Lab It Was Never Worked On I Trusted These Young Whipper Snappers To Do Their Job@ Aspen Dental And Do What Needed To Be Done So I Made Another Appointment To Return This Time My Lower Denture Was Sent To The Lab With A 2 Hour Wait So I Went Home And I Return On Monday The 13, 2021 For The Fitting If It Was sent To The Lab For Reline My Lower Gums Have Been Sore I Have Not Been Able To Eat Properly The Young Girl Took The Measurements And Put The Wrong Lower Denture In My Mouth I Couldn’t Even Bite Down On It Then Shelly Whose Name I Won’t Forget Talked To Me And I Do Like Her & Dottie Yet I Am Praying The Lower Denture Is Ready I Complained To The BBB On This Matter And How Us Senior Citizens Are Being Treated When Ever We Arrive To Our Appointment I Won’t Put Up With That. Shelly Put In For A Soft Reline Which I Say Will Help These Sore Spots Do Your Job Aspen Dental Okay Thank You

  • D Koci says:

    Do not use Aspen Dental in Macedonia, Ohio. Been one year since I had my teeth removed for dentures. I still only have the temporary dentures. unable to get my final dentures. Keep giving me the run around. Won’t return calls, cannot speak to anybody in the office except the receptionist. DO NOT USE ASPEN DENTAL. They only take your money with no results.

  • Daniel McConnell says:

    It is beyond my understanding how the office at 3459 William Penn Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 is still allowed to operate under the Aspen Dental name. If I were a stockholder and was made aware of the inept business attitude of this particular practice, I would demand that the Aspen name be pulled from this location. I had my initial appointment in late April and had an appointment made for May 17th which was canceled at the last minute after I came into the office. The same thing occured in July and then today, August 30, after I received a call from the office “ON THE SAME DAY” to change my time from 12:00 noon to 9:30am this morning. I get into the office and they took me back and numbed my mouth, left me alone for 45 minutes only to explain that they had lost my medical records ,which were needed to perform the procedure.They used the reason for not moving forward this 3rd time with me as their fax machine being broken and cannot receive from the required surgeons the information needed.

  • Rhonda Myers says:

    I’m very disappointed in my Aspen Dental care. I would not recommend anyone to go there to have teeth removed. I ask about getting something to calm or sedate me. I was told by the assistant I had to talk to the dentist when I came on for my appointment. I did and was told they don’t do that. I was so upset 😡. I had already been finance and charged. The worst mistake ever. I cried had a panic attack and was treated awful. It’s been almost months been back serval times. I have swollen gums pain several pressure points that should some what go away. I’m miserable depressed. Can’t wear dentures. I’m so a shamed

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Rhonda. I totally agree with you. I went to Aspen in July for new dentures. It is now 2 months later and $3000.00 and what they made for me are not worth $3. I’m trying to get my money back.

  • Malinda Penaranda says:

    Aspen Dentak un the State if Geirgis is the worst, most disorganized & unqualified place of business-their service & customer skills are the worst . Word of advice to potential customers, rin in the opposite direction & fi d a responsible, reliable & professional Dentistry

  • Tracy Lyons says:

    Can or will you contact a customer in pikeville ky for absolute abuse and disregard and lies from an employee

  • Need to file complaint says:

    Need to file complaint

  • Jeff says:

    Stay far away from Aspen Dental. Dentist Chris Musetti, in Midlothian Va. tried to extract my molar before it was numb, then accused me of not experiencing real pain. 5 minutes later when I could tell I was getting much more numb, he had left for the day. He has many complaints on file with Virginia, and Pennsylvania, including an indefinite suspension of his dental license for daily binge drinking that led to liver failure. Obviously Aspen Dental will hire anyone at it shows. The incompetence is incredible.

  • Tammy Fletcher says:

    I had my bottom teeth pulled in February of 2021 and I still haven’t gotten a bottom denture due to bone fragments and I mean a lot. The dentist I was seeing only cut open my gum and removed a small one and part of another. More was still in my gums and even more now. The bottom plate they made is way way too big so I couldn’t wear it even if I wanted to. Treated very rude today when I called the Taylors SC office to get on the schedule for 08/17/21 when the oral surgeon Dr Poore will be there I was told I couldn’t do it because there wasn’t anything in computer saying I needed it. The lady at the West side Spartanburg office had told me to call and get on that schedule.
    I am done, I am definitely not satisfied! I am going to contact my insurance company to get their money back and I am going to get an attorney. I should not still be going through this after having my teeth pulled six months ago.
    Also there had better not be any negative marks or collections put on my credit.

  • Wendy says:

    How is Aspen Dental still in business, horrible reviews. Very poorly run office, 6351 Douglas Blvd in Douglasville GA.
    New to Aspen and did not check the reviews first. I see why the reviews are so bad. They made a 3 pm appmt for me. I had to get off work early to be there. When I get there they tell me they are closing at 4 pm and don’t have enough time to complete my exam. They have several dentist at the location but decided to close early because when Dr. Stevenson leaves, everyone leaves I was told. Not one dentist was willing to stay and do their job. They entered a wrong email so I never received notifications. No one was willing to help nor make this situation right. Extremely bad customer service. I don’t trust them to do my dental work. I will continue to let others know of my experience, I will be requesting a refund and letting my insurance know of the horrible experience.

    • Malinda Penaranda says:

      Theres a real serious problem in the state of Ga with Aspen Dental

    • Kim says:

      I went to the same dentist office I have call the corporate office and made several complaints against the employees and the office manager but not only that the doctor named Dr. Shaw that only been in practice for two year it’s like that’s where everyone goes there to do they training. I have went off on them several times. I wrote the CEO and he had not responded yet we all need to sue the company

  • WalterLynch says:

    I ‘m new patient , my treament location 6141 Peachtree Pkwy Norcoss Ga, I selected Aspen Dental not only for professional care , maybe a new experience and elite customer care. My experience at Aspen Dental so far had been darkening . The staff is never the same . The appointments can’t be accommodated . Today i was told they can’t treat me do to someone testing positive for covid. But want me to come in tomorrow . When I expressed my dissatisfaction .A staffer call back asking me if i could come today at 1:00 o’clock . The appt was for 2:00 . They only wanted to take impressions after all this time i was led to believe that they would do extractions that my out of pocket would be around $1200.00 . Now the cost of pocket is around $3000.00. To get a lesser amount of $660.00 i would have to travel to the Cumming Ga location. When i question the staffer about this inconvenience her response ( I didn’t have to tell about the charge ). Now i am thinking was kind of treatment i will receive . I paided the asking price for a couple reasons. I don’t have the time to look for another dentist this office already has my recorders and money. I am hoping my remaining time with Aspen Dental is better and the treatment and customer service is better.

  • Ticked off Patient says:

    I’ve been dealing with billing issues for 4 months now. The office in Corpus Christi, TX is horrible! I’ve spoken w/ 4 different people to get a $1700 bill resolved. I do not owe this. I’ve paid my portion every visit. I’ve called my insurance and surprisingly (not) they filed the claims wrong and additionally filed to the wrong insurance company. I’m getting billed for things that happened as far back as May 2019. Then last week I called the local office for the 4th time to see if the issue has been resolved. NOPE! I get home and find the account has been turned over to collections. Called the collections company and told them the situation and she took the account out of collections and gave me the phone number to corporate. Called corporate but can’t seem to get through because it asked for a zip code then transfers to local office. I’m so over this!

  • TheresianEllison says:

    Aspen Dental is a chop shop dentistry for animals not human begins. The doctor that serviced me for a second opinion was horrible. Her name was Dr. Srujana Baddam and she had this really bad body odor. In fact I was seriously afraid for her to look into my mouth. I actually held my breath.

    The staff members are liars and unprofessional. Their doctor’s are like make-shift doctor’s, because Dr. Baddam hygiene was unprofessional and she wasn’t groomed like a real dentist.

    I went to the location in Buford Georgia back in April 2021 request by my dentist for a second opinion. Dr. Baddam told me that I had infection at the top of a root canal done by my regular dentist. My dentist said that he didn’t see any infection in the tooth and that was the reason I went to Aspen Dental for a second opinion. Dr. Baddam wrote me a prescription for amoxicillin for seven days. Her findings were to be sent to my dentist, but they never sent them. Now that I’m request a letter from Dr. Baddam I’ve been told that she no longer works for Aspen Dental, and they refused to give me in writing a letter indicating that there was in fact infection in my tooth. Aspen Dental is the most sickening, nauseating, repellent , revolting and disgusting dental practice I have every patronized. I’m going to use every form of social media to expose their negligent behaviors where I have a platform. I’m also going to file a complaint with Georgia Board of Dentistry. File a complaint in your state as well if you’re reading this rewiew.

    “Aspen Dental has NO integrity”. Nor does some of their employees because they are willing to lie for the company to keep their jobs. People Like Daniel Kinslow lied to me and told me that he knew Dr. Baddam personally, and that he would contact her to get the letter from her and then email it to me. That was two weeks ago. I called today to find out that there will be no letter and also Daniel said that Dr. Baddam said that I told her that I was going out of town and therefore she wrote a prescription for precautionary measures for What?, yet on the paperwork that I have from her notes I came in for a second opinion on the tooth that I was in pain. If I needed and antibiotic because I was going out of town I could have gotten that from my primary dentist.
    I can’t say enough about about the lackadaisical approach Aspen has as it relates to caring for their patients needs. I will leave with this ” I pray that Aspen Dental Doors close soon & forever”.

  • Joshua Pate says:

    I’m very upset with how many times I’ve had to take of work because of my temporary top plate has broken in half. And how your office manager at the Jasper IN office treated me yesterday. Just because I still have a balance due she is refusing to give me my permanent denture. And had the nerve to tell me to take my temp out and give it to her if I want a refund. I asked for a contact number for her boss or corporate and she also refused to give me one.

  • Corinne Christopherson says:

    Here we go again with the worst dental front office in the world!!!! I got my teeth ( finally) on 6/28/2021 when I got there I was informed I owed 495.00 I told them no I don’t I paid the amount due of 1400.00 AFTER insurance and they had received a check for 717.50 on a claim of 1485.00 when I called today I was told that the money CAN NOT BE REFUNDED TO ME!!!! I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT TROUBLE WITH THIS OFFICE!!!! Please do something about this! The office manager even told me she would put the 495.00 in collections and mess my credit up!! Which to me a threat and very unprofessional

    Thank you
    Corinne Christopherson
    Phone number 701-721-6809

    On Mon, Aug 24, 2020, 6:59 PM corinne christopherson wrote:
    I first off want to say up until now from July 2020 everyone has been AWESOME , I had all my teeth pulled on July 25th 2020 and left with my dentures in, went back on that Monday for a check up they did a soft reline on my dentures, I at that time had a bone showing on the bottom left side they said it will heal up ok great i left with pain meds because I was in a lot of pain. Called back and made a appointment because I was still in pain 2 weeks later again soft reline and said come back in 2 weeks but call if it doesn’t get better i have a appointment on the 31st for another reline. I now have the same open spot on the bottom left and A very painful spot in the front on the bottom and a big painful bump on the top left and can feel bone in that and another one starting on the right top i called this morning 8/24/20 at 9 am asking to be seen because of all the pain and see if they can’t take the bones out or something to get the pain down was told the best the could do is see me 9/2/20 and get me pain meds. I was told that the dentist is out for training, ok here is my biggest concern I have had osteomyelitis in my jaw in the past, and very worried about that and I know if I do get a appointment it will be with a lab technician not the dentist, they get the pain medication but in North Dakota they can only do 4 days worth, so that won’t even get to the appointment on the 31st can’t put my teeth in they hurt to bad, can’t chew food and pain keeps me awake PLEASE help me get in and see the Dentist not a tech ASAP .

    Thank You
    Corinne Christopherson
    Phone number 701 858 5667 I need late day calls and appointments due to me not being able to drive and husband works nights

  • Mary neveragain says:

    While at Aspen Dental in fort smith I was shocked a what I seen take place first off I could smell the strong smell of marijuana when the assistants where near both of them had blood shot eyes and really strange acting the taller dark haired one gave the blonde haired funny talking assistant a small plastic bag and said this will help you move. I don’t know about anyone else I do not want anyone who is on drugs in my mouth they could hurt you or give you hep c does Aspen do drug screening. Because these two where clearly impaired
    I won’t be back and I would hope these two are immediately checked you just don’t know who where or what they got or been doing
    So long

  • Waiting to long says:

    When calling be prepared for the dummy info on Covid (comcidering the mentally challenged) that does not know . To long perhaps Ho welcome to Aspin dental press 1 to talk to a rep or press 2 for dummy’s info on pre entering .
    Come on guys to much chapter before you can chat

  • Linda A Lee says:

    I have had terrible problems. The tori has grown back. I haven’t been able to chew or eat properly since August of 2020. Please help me.

  • James Kohl says:

    At your Surprise Az office, I was rescheduled for my 2 hr cleaning from 7/12 to 7/13 at 2pm, I left work early so I could make it to my appointment on time. When I arrive at the office the door was locked and there was a sign on the door saying they are at a team meeting until 3. I knock and someone comes to the door, I tell her I have an appointment at 2, she says we don’t have anyone on the schedule let me check, I even showed her the confirmation text on my phone. She said they called and left a message, I never had a message on my voice-mail. I should have been given notice the day prior and I wouldn’t have left work early. This is no way to do business, especially with a new patient.

  • Ron says:

    Terrible company here in sc……when in paid money to get work done…went a different route and was told by the dentist I would get a refund, 2 months later still no refund but I sure get the run around from the local office here and corporate never calls back!!!

  • Elaine Johnson says:

    Greetings Mr. Robert Fontana,

    My name is Elaine Johnson. I am a first responder. I paid Cash for Invisalign’s while on COVID19 assignment in Wichita Falls, Tx. I was helping with the pandemic. I Chose Aspen dental for Invisalign. I received my trays while I was there working. I eventually was transferred to LA when COVID SPIKED there. My additional trays were supposed to be transferred to a nearby location. That never happened. This time frame was from February to Late April. Now, Once the LA assignment was completed I came to home office of Citrus Heights, Ca near Roseville area. By that time my teeth had shifted back to square one. Because the trays I had were chipping and I had to stop wearing them as the CHARDS OF PLASTIC was getting in my throat.

    Due to my teeth shifting, I had to coordinate the scan by calling the Texas office and putting them in conference call with Modesto, Ca because I was being told by Modesto that Texas needed to complete a task before I could have my exam. 

    Once I did the conference call. We found out Modesto was the one not following through.

    Here is where the BIGGEST DILEMMA STARTS.
    I was told I needed to go to Modesto, Ca for a scan to start from beginning. I did the scan 05/10/2021. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get the trays.

    No trays were developed. I was then told by the office managers, Melissa and Adrianna that it will now be May 23rd before the trays arrived. I’ve spoken to Sabrina and the other two young ladies mentioned in this email several times. None of these young ladies have been able to give me a straight answer on arrival of my Invisalign that have been paid for WITH MY HARD EARNED CASH.. still no resolution.

    I have called this office several times from May 10th until today June 17, 2021. I spoke with Adrianna today June 17, 2021. She was unable to give me any information. She was unable to confirm the trays have been ordered.

    This is unacceptable, and I will be writing a review on this company everyday until this gets resolved. I have been very patient. There has been no resolution. The ladies have been Nasty, rude and condescending when they find out it’s me in the phone. 

    I asked for corporate and headquarters information. Sabrina stated the only information Aspen dental had was 1-844-296-0187.
    I googled and found the information myself. 

    I am furious that I have paid for services just to turn around and be Disregarded and disrespected as a paying customer. 
    I will certainly put this on the better business bureaus as well. 

    Unsatisfied customer,
    Elaine Johnson

  • None oyb says:

    Worst company to work for, horrible people they lie and they’ll say stuff about you behind your back. The managers are very very unprofessional. They lie to their patients about free stuff just to get them to come in even when they say no. Don’t waste your time.

  • Ms. Dupre says:

    Very disappointed at the service I received at the michigan city, Indiana office! When I first went they were cordial but after they got over 2000.00 from me then they were very cold and rude towards me. As now they want to charge me more money to do more work on me that was due to there fault! Ms. Dupre

  • Kim Turner says:

    I am very unsatisfied with the service i received at the Danville location on Wednesday IL. April 28th. I had scheduled an appt for my 8 year OLd son. He has a tooth that is causing him great pain and is cracked because of a cavity. I called Tuesday and was given an appt the next day which I thought was great. I explained my sons needs in detail because I didn’t want another referral to another dentist. I needed a dentist that could fix his problem. He has a bit of dental anxiety and I explained it all to the receptionist. At this point if you know you cannot help me don’t let me continue to book and appt and waste my time and money.
    So my son goes the next day. He hasn’t been able to sleep well due to nerve pain in the tooth. They take X-rays and the dentist says “yep it needs pulled we will give you a referral”. Oh yea and a bill for almost 300 dollars too.
    I already knew it needed pulled …I already knew the problem.
    So now I’m really unhappy. I was not at the appt as I was at work. So I called. Upon speaking with the dentist and receptionist they explain that they aren’t really equipped to pull teeth of children and that they primarily deal with adult patients. Why wouldn’t you tell me that when I called to make the appointment and explained my 8 year olds issues to you ???!!!

    Then I explain that I don’t feel 300 is fair to tell me what I already know and my son is still in horrible pain. The dentist says they agree and agree to give me at least a partial refund and call me back. That was Wednesday the 28th …it is now Friday April 30th and I still haven’t heard back from the office.
    Please let me know how it is so easy to take my money but not easy to call me back in reference to a refund.

    Thank you

    Kimberlee Turner

  • Robert A Mitchell says:

    I’ve been an Aspen Dental patient for years and suddenly became aware that the office in Gilbert, Az. on Power Rd. does not address the account details and payment summary correctly. Due to their errors, I am about to lose $3134.40 in payments that I should be reimbursed for. The form that was given to me is not acceptable to my retirement company (Caterpillar) because the ADVANCED PAYMENT of $1756.20 is not listed in the detail column for the actual date that it was paid. This appears in two (2) places on the form that I submitted in order to be reimbursed. After talking to Alex (supervisor), he advised me that they (ASPEN) can NOT change that for my reimbursement. He expects a multi billion dollar blue chip company to take the time to call anyone at Aspen for that same information, instead of making the proper corrections on the form. Further more the form shows Wax try 1st Visit on 02/16/2021, then a second visit on 02/19/2021, but it lists that as a 1st wax try again (instead of a second Wax try visit, which is followed by a Wax try in 3rd visit on 02/24/2021. This is a comedy of errors. If corporate cares about their name and status in this business, it should list everything properly. The ADVANCED PAYMENT should not have zeros after that statement or date, it should show that the payments were made at that time and the amount….NOT ZERO’S. Please help me with the situation that Aspen has caused. A few seconds to rewrite or amend that form would control the entire case that has evolved because of poor paper work.

    • Valerie hagen wrobel says:

      I went to aspen dental in April in melrose park,il. I was missing a tooth on the top and had a partial on the bottom. The dentist said I needed to have all the teeth removed. I was told I would be leaving with a beautiful smile and trusted them. I followed through with their plan of care and after all my teeth were removed the denture they made didn’t fit and made me gag. Instead of working with me they put the dentures in a cup and sent me home telling me to come back tomorrow. By the next day I was is so much pain and my face was swollen. I waited 2 weeks and went in for an adjustment. Still the horses teeth didn’t work. I went in 1 more time and the glue they used for that adjustment was toxic tasting. Its been 4 months and I still have no smile, lost 15 lbs and my speech is impaired. I paid my balance in full and they keep sending me bills. I called today after receiving a bill for 654 and was put on hold then hung up on. When I called back it went to voice-mail. Totally a scam. Then I here in their ad money back guarantee if your not satisfied with your dentures.. I will never recommend your business!!

  • Cathy Metz says:

    I have been making payments to Dental First for about two years FOR A PARTIAL PLATE, of which I was charged FOR TWO! Insurance paid about $1,900.00 for the first. I assumed it was just a filler until my gums healed, had no idea that it was costing as much as the permanent partial plate. Insurance only pays for ONE, and I was assured that everything I was having done was covered. Wrong, I was told that I would have to pay for the second one since my insurance wouldn’t. I don’t believe it’s right to make a very sloppy temporary partial and then charge me for two that should have been made better. The only amount I was supposed to pay was the amount I signed up for with Dental First, now I owe double and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE OFFERED TO WORK WITH ME ! I was forced to pay the bill, one way or another or file bankruptcy. I’m STILL PAYING! HOW CAN THIS BE ANY WAY TO RUN ANY BUSINESS? SMH

  • Brenda Stennett says:

    My experience has been a total nightmare and I get mad every time I make a payment because I’m paying for dentures that I have never been able to wear and went back several times and got no results. Only hateful doctors that all but call you a lier. Plus you pay interest on interest. Would not recommend to my worst enemy.

  • Mike says:

    Lots of complaints no surprises there. I was at Martinsburg location for a cleaning and heard the office manager yell at the dentist and her nurse and then laugh with other reseptionist when my visit was done. They want tons of money from me but how can I trust them if they treat there own staff that poor. I feel sorry for anyone working for thay lady definitely a boss and not a leader!

  • Deborah Potts says:

    Very insensitive and uncaring office manager at Santa Fe, NM location.
    Tried to explain to office manager that I was afraid and worried about getting xrays for cleaning due to two tumors I had. Her response was in a very flippant tone, “Then explain to me how you expect us to exam you”. I was shocked and upset by her lack of compassion and walked out. No sense of caring for customers from a manager.

  • eddie hill says:

    Your Mt pleasant tx shop sucks

  • Jill says:

    Hi, I am emailing with a hopeful heart that someone kind and helpful will respond.

    My 78 year old Grandmother who has spent her life in service to her family and children with special needs had a traumatic experience at Aspen Dental. That is actually how she explains the experience…”traumatic”. I have seen her cry only two times in my life. Once when my Grandfather passed away and once after she realized what Aspen Dental had some to her teeth.

    Of course, it is a complex story that I would love to share with someone over the phone…Someone who doesn’t see her as just another old woman. Someone who will have her best interest at heart.

    Whoever you are reading this, I know you get 100 of emails daily but I’m hopeful you are the right person to point us in the right direction. I know you have family you love as well and like me, I’m sure it causes you a lot of sadness when they are mistreated.

    My grandmother would never reach out on her own so I am emailing on her behalf. Bless her heart she spent thousands of dollars (her entire savings) and she was treated like trash and her concerns were discounted which left her with no teeth after spending this money.

    It is a heart breaking story and I would be most thankful if you could help.

    Thank you so much for reading to the end of this long comment!

  • Richard Healey says:

    Need to talk to someone who will listen about the work I had done very bad before I contact a attorney and and correct the problem from my 5000.00 procedure my name is Richard Healey my # is 352 678 0859 the work was done in Berlin md

    • G. Goldman says:

      Lots of luck..
      My son has the worst most painful botched procedures done in North Augusta SC..with no resolution yet

  • Bette says:

    Unable to get thru to speak to anyone regarding Zephyrhills Florida experience the dentist there has destroyed my teeth!

  • Dt says:

    I tried to send an e-mail to the address on the corporate page but it will not go thru. I am being billed an large amount since the place I went too did not bill my insurance correctly and refuses to re-code it.

    • Shelly says:

      I am going through the exact same situation. I am considering contacting an attorney in my state.
      Will you please contact me? If I can show a pattern of behavior it could mean triple damages.

  • Carolyn Davis says:

    All I’m asking for is for Aspen to Finish my dental work and refund my money. I have been through hell over the last 3 months with the Foley office. I will remove all bad reviews only if my money is refunded.

    Even tho Aspen blocked me from Facebook page I did manage to post a review on your Facebook page. It will also be posted on google, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter. I will file a complaint with the BBB also. With photos.

    This has been such a nightmare for me. You can not trust this dental office. I had my teeth prepped for crowns March 2, now 3 months later my crowns still sitting in the office in Foley who refuses to open back up. CDC has allowed all dental offices to open. But this Foley office has left many folks with half finished dental work for 3 Months now. I’m 61 years old. This has been by far the worse dental experience of my life in any dental office. This office is run by a bunch of very young people(kids) that refuse to open up after 3 months of being closed for Covid19. Save your money, find a locally owned dentist office. DO NOT USE ASPEN DENTAL IN FOLEY, AL. It will be the worse mistake of your life. There’s even a Facebook page of 12,000 people that have been through hell to trying to get Aspen in Foley to fix their problems to no avail. This office is a joke. Stay away from this place. I am a business owner in Foley. This photo of me is how they leave their customers for 3 months after I paid my bill In full for the required work on my teeth. Meanwhile they are sitting home drawing the unemployment check from the government. This has been the worse nightmare of my life. They required me to pay up front on March 2, 2020 for $3200 plus they now have falsely billed my dental insurance for $1500 for work they have not completed and refuse to open to complete 3 months later. Aspen Dental blocked me from posting a review on my regular Facebook page. So I created a new page and wrote my review. That’s how bad they didn’t want me to review the dental service offered by this dental office.

    Carolyn Davis
    Diane Davis Photography
    Beach Life Designs
    Gulf Shores, AL

  • Dawn Marsh says:

    The worst ever I have delt with in my life.. Aspen dental refusing to refund my care credit card for work and services I have not had done.. Also for a temporary denture that doesn’t even fit in my mouth..uggg
    Ive been trying to reach corporate office for days with no response. This is horrible. The in office staff treats patients as if we are trash.

  • Nancy Nnguyen says:

    My name is Nancy Nguyen. I reside in San Angelo, Texas. Over a year ago, I had my dentures made at Aspen Dental in San Angelo. They promised me that if the dentures don’t fit properly or create any pains I can bring them back for adjustment or replacement.
    So far the dentures cause a lot problems to me such as pains, not fitting properly, and not eating or chewing comfortably. I have brought the dentures back to the office so many times but they won’t be able to fix it right nor giving me a replacement. I was asking to see the dentist but at the end an office assistant talked to me in a rude tone of voice.
    I am asking you to talk to the dentist at San Angelo’s ofice to give a new denture because this one is loose and keeps dropping off my palate.
    I can be reached at (325) 939-6215.
    Thanks a bunch.

    Sincerely yours,

    Nancy Nguyen


    OWNER/it’s a light pole it’s a light bulb it in Lebanon Tennessee in front of the building that is located up on South Cumberland Street:

  • Denise Fenskie says:

    I had teeth extracted in January 2020 at the Fayetteville, NC location. At which time I was given immediate dentures which are not made properly as when I was fitted for them I had 2 abscesses that had broken and my gums were swollen when I was fitted for the immediate partials.. I was told it would take time for my mouth to heal. That I accepted. When I went back for them to be adjustments and informed them of the issues I was having. I received the same response. The top partial is to bulky and I can’t speak clearly and gag whenever I try to eat with them in. The bottom partial does not have any material to chew with. They do not meet together except on the outside. So you can chew with a couple teeth.

    Although they were happy to schedule me to go for the permanent dentures in July. And will be expected to pay more.

    Meanwhile it has been several months since I have been able to eat. And have lost significant weight. Very disappointed.

    I have no dental insurance but paid in full before the services were rendered. My husband was going to have work performed by your company but has decided against it as he states he is not confident as to the issues I am experiencing and had requested his money be refunded.

    I would like for your company to contact me to resolve this issue. But as with many other companies I am quite sure that will never happen. I have paid for other services that I have not completed because if the Virus. Right now I am not sure whether or not to just have the rest of the unused services to be refunded as well.

  • louie james woodworth says:

    the hospitals have been giving everybody that not just cancer patients but babies as well cloride Louie Woodworth’s mother Kathy Woodworth is a cancer patient and opico is good for her yes but cloride I am not sure about

  • Virginia Nocks says:

    Aspen Dental in Lancaster OH is a scam joint. I am 73 and disabled. My 20+ yr old upper denture was worn out and the few real teeth on my lower gum were broken. I wanted the few teeth removed and new full dentures. I have insurance but my cost would be about $1500. I agreed and signed up for a $50/mo loan in addition to paying all the cash I had ($500). Here’s what I’m left with:
    1) in the beginning I was told the dentures I was getting were just temporary. That turned out to be a lie.
    2) from day 1 I complained about the upper denture being too small. I couldn’t speak clearly and they looked cheap. Again told they were temporary.
    3) the lower denture was just awful. Didn’t fit my mouth. Was lopsided. Wouldn’t stay in and was painful. Same old “it’s temporary.”
    4) every time I went in for an adjustment it got worse. The last visit was a joke. An assistant tried to make a change. When I complained that I couldn’t even bite into a soft pear her reply was, “Oh you won’t be able to bite with these.” I was incredulous, but she said, “You’ve got to remember these are only temporary.

    I have never been able to speak clearly with these dentures. I cannot eat the simplest food (celery, apples or chicken wings). The fixes the assistant put in fell out 2 mos later. Even with fixitive they fall out just when I talk.

    I had to cancel my last appointment due to illness. When l called back to reschedule I was told it was the final fit for my lower denture; that I already had my permanent upper.

    And the loan was from a company that charges outrageous interest.

    I have taken my old dentures to 2 other dentists in Columbus for 2nd opinions. Not surprisingly they both said I’d received”extremely poor workmanship.” They both said they could help me; however, I’ve already used my insurance and am in debt to Aspen’s lousy loan shark. By the way…one of those dentists was another Aspen Dental office.

    Meanwhile I can’t eat or speak clearly. These “Halloween” dentures are what I’m stuck with now especially with the virus lockdown. What little life I have left Aspen Dental has made miserable. And with the lockdown there is no way to work with this office.

    I am shouting from every online way I can and to all my friends to avoid Aspen Dental. Your ads are lies; your dentists are inept and crooked.

    Shame on you!

  • Arica Lacosse says:

    I have been waiting for a refund of $896 since March 17th! I can’t get any answers! This is how I’m lying my bills due to covid19 and loss of employment. I was told multiple different time frames as to when I would recieve my check . No w that all of the “alleged” time frames have past and still no check! Ironic I paid cash no insurance for my services I was going to need ahead of time with no problems… big I have to fight like hell bc those services are no longer needed to have my money back!! This is absolutely absurd mostly because I simply can’t get an answer from anyone! Why can’t I pick up the check?! Why can’t anyone even confirm it was sent!? Or lost?! Or anything!!!!! Port Charlotte FL

  • Melissa P says:

    I called and made an appointment for my son to get a consult to see about getting his wisdom teeth pulled. When he got there they kept him for 2 hours doing a full dental examine that he DID NOT need only to tell him at the end that they had to refer him to another dentist to have his wisdom teeth pulled. They wasted his time because whoever made the appointment couldn’t follow directions and now you think you are going to bill my insurance for this bogus visit. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! A whole office full of idiots.

  • Joseph says:

    The retired sergeant major at 100% disabled the VA dental department is responsible for his dental care

  • Laura Eichstadt says:

    Also the rudeness of the dentist and the remarks he makes while sitting in room to his assistants and me are really on called for where you find this guys. This is Aspen Dental in Bemidji MN. and I see complaints are not only here.

  • Laura Eichstadt says:

    I am so done with Aspen started a few years back got bottom partials first set didn’t work so they ordered another set that set when trying to eat they completely flipped in my mouth kept going back to Aspen and dentist couldn’t figure how I get them to flip so he practically got on my lap to push them done and still didn’t work so as anyone got tired of fighting. Will tell you this had dentures made by another dentist a few years before and Aspen dentist did not once mention they did not match up. One day I went to pull them out to clean and one of my crowns pop out so I went back to aspen and there was a new dentist and he looked at the partial and he said no wonder why it was not hook to anything and needed new one and crown 2 teeth so I said I would not pay for this so I contacted BBB and put compliant in. Aspen was mad and they said they would cover a new partial so now I need new upper dentures and 2 crowns and they also want to do a deep clean it wasn’t free had to crowned 2 teeth new dentures and a whole lot of money every time I go in it cost me outrageous amount all this was suppose to been done before Thanksgiving but they canceled 2 appointments and changed another to later time without calling my cell phone to let me know I had to be home to catch my Granddaughter off school bus and I repeatedly told them that is why I made appointments at these times. I went in on Monday to have molds made for upper and lowers and the appointment I had for Thursday Dec 5th 2019 was supposed to be completion day. so I go to find out that my appointment was canceled I call in to ask why and she told me my partial was sent out to be wired and it will be 3-4 weeks why I wasn’t told this on Monday the 2nd I told her Christmas is coming and right know I dealing with sores in my mouth due to them putting a tooth in my partial and taking away the clasp and partials are rubbing on bottom right gum and leaving a sore and I can’t eat or talk it comes out and is embarrassing. I been dealing with this for over 2 1/2 months. I have spent well over 3,000 dollars more and that not the amounts I paid since the first time I enter that son of a bitching place. I will contact BBB again and also a lawyer. I am telling you this if I get my new dentures and partial and there are major problems with them I will sue and it not just for what I have had done I will sue the misery I have been through.

  • Mary says:

    It seems like there Re quite a few complaints, I was new to Florida in December 2018 and needed a dentist as one of me bottom teeth broke so I callred Aspen and it was Christmas time so I went in the 26th of Dec. They xrayed my teeth told me I need a cleaning which I knew and proceeded to tell me Ineeded a crown on one tooth they proceeded to prepare that crown on my next visit. The cleaning was free but I had to pay some of it.they order the crown and I had it put on some time later as I was going away.then they proceeded to fix the broken tooth whic seems to be ok. The made another appointment to have a tooth pulled I was in the chair for over a hour. Seems to me it is like a assembly line. Well a few months later I had a extremely pain in my jaw where the crown was put om
    N I called made appointment for the next morning and he took X-rays and then said to. Wash my mouth with salt water and said there was nothing the could do for me. I then was charged eighty five dollars and left a very unhappy person and still in pain. I went home tried to doctor it myself but nothing happened I looked up a private dentist and he took me right away. I went to him he xrayed my tooth told me I needed a root canal and he sent me to a specialist who did the root canal immediately and was very nice to me when I left there I had no more pain he put a temporarily one for know I went to the other dentist a week later and he repaired it for a new crown when I got the new crown the tooth feels perfect.. I went back to the dentist at Aspen and asked if he could refund me the cost of the crown. He said you should of come back here and maybe he could a adjust something . The crown I got there was only 850.00 Idid go back he said he could do nothing for me.I paid $1177,00for the removal of the root and 1134.00 for the new crown. Mary Lucarelli. aspen 13200 Seminole Blvd, Largo FL 33774. Appreciate a comment Back email 3353mary@gmail.com‘b

  • Camilia says:

    Aspen Dental on 651 Nautica Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218, sucks! They did a horrible job on my three fillings and would not call me back after 5 calls. I had a $39 credit on my account and they tried to give it back to me as a refund. Credit and refund are not the same things. Every time I would call, the person that I was supposed to talk with would be unavailable. I had heard such good things about Aspen but my experience was not good at all. They really tried to avoid taking responsibility for what they had done. I finally went to and paid another dentist who fixed the issue (which ended up being a simple fix). I will not be going to Aspen ever again! I finally got in touch with them by calling the corporate office in New York, who in turn, got in touch with the Aspen in FL. They need customer service training badly. Horrible service!!!

  • Marlene says:

    Dentures are not money back guaranteed. Mine didnt fit right were to big. They would not even try to realign them so they would fit even had a hard time eating with them. Wanted to get my money back but I was told it was to late. Do not go to aspen dental in Winona Mn. Will be getting a hold of my lawyer. False advertisement Had to go and pay for a new pair some where else.

    • Julie says:

      I’m going through a very similar situation at Aspen Dental right now. They tried to get me to sign their release form called “Patient Appearance Approval”, stating that I’m happy with my dentures, which I’m not, because they’re not even ready yet, and it also states on the form that once signed, I’m responsible for all future bills! They keep trying to shove HUGE dentures in my mouth…can’t talk with them, can’t eat with them…and they try to make me look like the bad guy even though they are the incompetent ones that can’t do their job and make dentures that fit correctly!! Why would I sign a form saying I’m happy when I’M NOT!!! I kept telling them to just simply match my permanent dentures with the temporaries because they fit right. The Lab Tech was a completely incompetent and RUDE person and couldn’t figure out how to match the temporaries. I’ve filed a complaint with my insurance company and they’re going after them now PLUS I just found out through my insurance that I was overbilled and so was my insurance company! How is your case going, Marlene? This has been going on for me since August 2019 and is still on going. I’m sure I will end up going to a different dentist once I get my money back, which his supposed to be within (30) days, according to my insurance company.

  • Melissa Powers says:

    I was told I had periodontal disease and needed perio treatment.They charged me $406 and I was told by another dentist after that I don’t have periodontal disease.They also charged me for a cavity they didn’t fix.I got home looked in the mirror and wax shocked to see one of the cavities the dentist was supposed to be fixing was still there.I was verbally abused by the dentist too.While I was in the dental chair the dentist told the hygienist “I didn’t know I was going to be fighting this tongue the whole time” very unprofessional to comment about a patient right in front of them ?I’ll get my money back if I have to take them to court

  • Travis Jackson says:

    I have had several bad experiences and to no avail my dentures are still not right. I have a balance on my account and I was told they would not see me until my balance was paid. I explained to them I would pay and offered to pay $500. for them to proceed with fixing (TOOTH FELL OUT AND UPPER’S DO NOT FIT). I was told they would have to charge me because I didn’t follow up in time for proper fitting. I tried 5 times over a period of time to come in; my wife even went down to speak to office mgr. who made an appointment but when I showed up was turned away. I am very unhappy and now have no dentures do to poor service and warranty request was turned down. I was also charged for service I did not receive. The office I went to was in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida. Please have someone call me or I will have to post issues on social media. Please have corporate contact me.

  • Debbie Leigh Wagner says:

    Do not go here, ever! they only care about money, they let interns work on your teeth. I will be calling my lawyer in the morning as my new crown just broke eating pasta!

    • Hazel L Holmes says:

      Debbie, the same thing happened to me..they are a rip-off..Wouldn’t return my calls either..

  • Grace S. says:

    Acworth, GA office charged me for services I did NOT receive. It is going on 3 months now that they will not reimburse me. They said that I sign consent for treatment but I never received the treatment. I had a simple extraction, that is it. However, they are billing me for Bone Rplc Graft per site AND Guided Tissue; procedures done for implant. I am not getting an implant on the tooth and besides, they never did the work anyway. I went to my regular dentist for advice/second opinion who stated that there is no evidence of the work mentioned ever being completed. My insurance denied the claim because they said that since an implant charge would accompany the claim and since I am not getting an implant, they will not pay for the work. Besides, as I stated earlier, I NEVER received work for the charges on my bill. I never give reviews but this is one worth writing.

  • wm reed says:

    Got a tooth pulled at the Elizabethtown KY Aspen location. The associate cut into an adjacent tooth with a dremel. I noticed it a day later as it cut my tongue. They then put a jiffy patch on it. Within the week the tooth died and hurt like hell. They refused to make the tooth viable on their dime and said they would only soak up the cost of pulling it after they killed it. And over a year later I’m getting billed $135 for a tooth extraction they caused. WTF PEOPLE ?. As far as I have experienced Aspen is like a used car salesman….and you know how low they are !.

  • Christina Peace Broyles says:

    I’m withholding any comment until I get a reply from the corporate office. EXCEPT to say, do NOT go to the Jonesboro AR office until they put in new staff. My next comment will either be how happy I am at what corporate resolved, or how my lawyers are doing.

  • Shirley Jackson says:

    DO NOT EVER GO TO THE EPPING NH STORE! I was told I had to have ‘deep cleaning’ because my gums were messed up. When I had my teeth cleaned-normally, the hygienist was supposed to do one quadrant to see if I could stand it w/o heavier anesthetic. I was warned ahead of time that my mouth would be sore so they would treat my gums with some kind of topical anesthetic. They did not deep clean anything, nor treat my gums with anything. They were paid by my ins. company for a complete deep cleaning-I found that out today when I called my ins.co. Every call I make to the office, every message, goes unanswered-today makes #3 in 3 weeks exc. for an ugly nasty call 3 weeks ago telling me that I signed ‘a completion of care’ paper….which I didn’t. (After I called my ins. co. to tell them that they paid for services not rendered.) Now I am forced (senior citizen on SS) to find an individual periodontist and have to pay what I cannot afford, because most dentists and periodontists in my general area of the state will not accept my insurance even though it is a well known company because the company pays so little for services.

    • Megan Mentzer says:

      Found out I had 8 cavities they neglected cause they told me I had mild periodontal disease and I didn’t they charged me a fortune and now Ive lost some of my permanent teeth at a new location cause it was to late I’m sueing them I have a lawyer for medical neglect

  • AL.JONES says:


  • Mary Ledford says:

    Horrifying experience. Can’t even file a complaint with main office. Posted online complaint. Liars and thieves.

  • Jerry Mitchell says:

    Very poor service & will never be back! they made me dentures’ but never fit after five time’s, an I need implant’s! at the Opelika alabama store

  • Harold Paden says:

    I was told that my dentures were not suppose to enable me to eat steak again. When I said from my very first visit that I loved steak and was looking forward to being able to eat it again. I was told this after my denture was completed and my bill paid and I complained that the denture would not cut the meat only mashed it.

  • Kelly Plaisted says:

    I had great service at the tilton location when I had my procedure done and follows were great. The only issue and its a BIG one is they have not submitted the claim correctly to my insurance company even after 4 times of me calling and telling them what needs to be done in order to. I feel like its not being done and there going to try and stick me with this large bill. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER..

    • Rosalie Powelson says:

      I am having the same issue with the Fort Oglethorpe Georgia store….they failed to submit the insurance claim in a timely manner and will not respond to my money back request due to bad dentures, instead they turned me into a collection agency. Be careful if you plan on using this Aspen Dental facility !! I am almost 65 years old and being ripped off by Aspen !

      Rosalie Powelson

  • Dorothy Stewart says:

    Your offices and dental care is not what I have ever gotten in my life. I have always received very good dental care. That is not what I have been getting in your offices. My brother in law went to one of your offices and was told that they could not clean his teeth unless they did a deep cleaning. He just wanted a regular cleaning. He was told that it was against the law for them to do a regular cleaning when he needed a deep cleaning. I think you should get your offices straightened out.

  • >