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  • Address: 281 Sanders Creek Pkwy, East Syracuse, NY 13057, USA
  • Phone Number: 315-454-6000
  • Fax Number: 315-454-6010
  • Email: findyoursmile@aspendental.com
  • Number of Employees: 5,500
  • Established: 1964
  • Founder: Robert Fontana
  • Key People: Robert A. Fontana (CEO)

Aspen Dental Headquarters Location & Directions

Aspen Dental Headquarters Executive Team



Robert A. Fontana


Geoffrey F. Lewis


Robert C. Connor


About Aspen Dental, History and Headquarters Information

For long term or short term oral care or services, Aspen Dentals are there for you. This is a medical service company that is specialized in dental care and dental needs. They operate independently and they are licensed as well. The company was born in the year 1998 in Syracuse, New York in the United States of America.

Aspen Dental headquarter is in East Syracuse, New York, in the United States of America. Aspen Dental is always committed to treating all its patients with care, respect, and compassion. They are known to be caring and provide both long terms as well as short term dental care solutions.

If at all you have any dental need, whether short term or long term, Aspen Dental is the place you can rely on. After you are examined, you will get an honest judgment and opinion. They are the only dental company that can offer all the solutions to your dental needs. For more, contact them today.

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  • Melissa Powers says:

    I was told I had periodontal disease and needed perio treatment.They charged me $406 and I was told by another dentist after that I don’t have periodontal disease.They also charged me for a cavity they didn’t fix.I got home looked in the mirror and wax shocked to see one of the cavities the dentist was supposed to be fixing was still there.I was verbally abused by the dentist too.While I was in the dental chair the dentist told the hygienist “I didn’t know I was going to be fighting this tongue the whole time” very unprofessional to comment about a patient right in front of them 😡I’ll get my money back if I have to take them to court

  • Travis Jackson says:

    I have had several bad experiences and to no avail my dentures are still not right. I have a balance on my account and I was told they would not see me until my balance was paid. I explained to them I would pay and offered to pay $500. for them to proceed with fixing (TOOTH FELL OUT AND UPPER’S DO NOT FIT). I was told they would have to charge me because I didn’t follow up in time for proper fitting. I tried 5 times over a period of time to come in; my wife even went down to speak to office mgr. who made an appointment but when I showed up was turned away. I am very unhappy and now have no dentures do to poor service and warranty request was turned down. I was also charged for service I did not receive. The office I went to was in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida. Please have someone call me or I will have to post issues on social media. Please have corporate contact me.

  • Debbie Leigh Wagner says:

    Do not go here, ever! they only care about money, they let interns work on your teeth. I will be calling my lawyer in the morning as my new crown just broke eating pasta!

  • Grace S. says:

    Acworth, GA office charged me for services I did NOT receive. It is going on 3 months now that they will not reimburse me. They said that I sign consent for treatment but I never received the treatment. I had a simple extraction, that is it. However, they are billing me for Bone Rplc Graft per site AND Guided Tissue; procedures done for implant. I am not getting an implant on the tooth and besides, they never did the work anyway. I went to my regular dentist for advice/second opinion who stated that there is no evidence of the work mentioned ever being completed. My insurance denied the claim because they said that since an implant charge would accompany the claim and since I am not getting an implant, they will not pay for the work. Besides, as I stated earlier, I NEVER received work for the charges on my bill. I never give reviews but this is one worth writing.

  • wm reed says:

    Got a tooth pulled at the Elizabethtown KY Aspen location. The associate cut into an adjacent tooth with a dremel. I noticed it a day later as it cut my tongue. They then put a jiffy patch on it. Within the week the tooth died and hurt like hell. They refused to make the tooth viable on their dime and said they would only soak up the cost of pulling it after they killed it. And over a year later I’m getting billed $135 for a tooth extraction they caused. WTF PEOPLE ?. As far as I have experienced Aspen is like a used car salesman….and you know how low they are !.

  • Christina Peace Broyles says:

    I’m withholding any comment until I get a reply from the corporate office. EXCEPT to say, do NOT go to the Jonesboro AR office until they put in new staff. My next comment will either be how happy I am at what corporate resolved, or how my lawyers are doing.

  • Shirley Jackson says:

    DO NOT EVER GO TO THE EPPING NH STORE! I was told I had to have ‘deep cleaning’ because my gums were messed up. When I had my teeth cleaned-normally, the hygienist was supposed to do one quadrant to see if I could stand it w/o heavier anesthetic. I was warned ahead of time that my mouth would be sore so they would treat my gums with some kind of topical anesthetic. They did not deep clean anything, nor treat my gums with anything. They were paid by my ins. company for a complete deep cleaning-I found that out today when I called my ins.co. Every call I make to the office, every message, goes unanswered-today makes #3 in 3 weeks exc. for an ugly nasty call 3 weeks ago telling me that I signed ‘a completion of care’ paper….which I didn’t. (After I called my ins. co. to tell them that they paid for services not rendered.) Now I am forced (senior citizen on SS) to find an individual periodontist and have to pay what I cannot afford, because most dentists and periodontists in my general area of the state will not accept my insurance even though it is a well known company because the company pays so little for services.

  • AL.JONES says:


  • Mary Ledford says:

    Horrifying experience. Can’t even file a complaint with main office. Posted online complaint. Liars and thieves.

  • Jerry Mitchell says:

    Very poor service & will never be back! they made me dentures’ but never fit after five time’s, an I need implant’s! at the Opelika alabama store

  • Harold Paden says:

    I was told that my dentures were not suppose to enable me to eat steak again. When I said from my very first visit that I loved steak and was looking forward to being able to eat it again. I was told this after my denture was completed and my bill paid and I complained that the denture would not cut the meat only mashed it.

  • Kelly Plaisted says:

    I had great service at the tilton location when I had my procedure done and follows were great. The only issue and its a BIG one is they have not submitted the claim correctly to my insurance company even after 4 times of me calling and telling them what needs to be done in order to. I feel like its not being done and there going to try and stick me with this large bill. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER..

    • Rosalie Powelson says:

      I am having the same issue with the Fort Oglethorpe Georgia store….they failed to submit the insurance claim in a timely manner and will not respond to my money back request due to bad dentures, instead they turned me into a collection agency. Be careful if you plan on using this Aspen Dental facility !! I am almost 65 years old and being ripped off by Aspen !

      Rosalie Powelson

  • Dorothy Stewart says:

    Your offices and dental care is not what I have ever gotten in my life. I have always received very good dental care. That is not what I have been getting in your offices. My brother in law went to one of your offices and was told that they could not clean his teeth unless they did a deep cleaning. He just wanted a regular cleaning. He was told that it was against the law for them to do a regular cleaning when he needed a deep cleaning. I think you should get your offices straightened out.

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