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  • Address: Greater london house, Hampstead Rd, London NW1 7FB, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: +442077561000
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5000+
  • Established: 2000
  • Founder: Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, Quentin Griffiths, Deborah Thorpe 
  • Key People: Ian Dyson (Chairman)

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Ian Dyson


Nick Beighton

Former CEO

Anders Holch Povlsen

ASOS, History and Headquarters Information

You will not get the best fashion trends from every fashion store. The women and men of fashion need a fashion store that breaks the news when new award-winning fashions hit the market. If you want to be the head turner at that special occasion, then you must partner with a worthy fashion and cosmetics outlet like ASOS.

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ASOS is an e-commerce store that is known for the delivery of smart fashions for both sexes. The company was established in 2000 and has over 5000 employees. The founders are Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, Quentin Griffiths, and Deborah Thorpe. The Chairman is Ian Dyson.

The corporate headquarters is at NW1 7FB, London, United Kingdom

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  • David Melton says:

    Someone needs to let the CEO and upper management know that there’s a real problem with the men’s sizing at ASOS. Does anyone check this stuff before selling it on the website? I ordered the skinny fit, dusty blue, wide collar, Corduroy retro Western shirt. It was no surprise the Large didn’t fit so I reordered an XL. I have a (38) inch chest so I reordered the XL (44) and I still can’t button it. I weigh 150 pounds and super slim. So I don’t understand who can wear this shirt without looking ridiculous. Is this some kind of joke? Does skinny fit mean you can’t button it? With this shirt, it especially disappointing because the shirt is beautiful and other than the sizing, it seems well made. The detailing on the back yoke is stunning. But all of that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit! Why is that such a hard concept for ASOS to grasp? The sizing is all over the place and has gotten a lot worse lately. This is out of control. I send so many items back to ASOS due to this. It’s just the same problem over and over. Sizing should be priority number one would you not agree? I doubt anyone will read this or even cares. Prove me wrong.

  • Jayden says:

    I wish ASOS would stop giving students the run around for student discounts. I am told I will be sent a verification email with the coupon. I never get it. BUt I get all other emails including my password resets. that I was told I have to do manual verification, submitted my student ID, my class schedule. Then I got an email that was current school term ends September …mind you I am an American student.. my term date says 08/22/2022 – 12/09/2022. DO you think someone looking at that date would know the 09 is the date and not the month since there in no month 22 as in the start date ? Is ASOS really not trying to honor what they advertise ? I am going to let this be known.. this is crazy

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