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  • Address: 1 Ashley Way, Arcadia, WI 54612, USA
  • Phone Number: 608-323-3377
  • Fax Number: 608-323-6008
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5,000
  • Established: 1945
  • Founder: Ronald G. Wanek, Carlyle Weinberger
  • Key People: Todd Wanek (CEO)

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Todd Wanek


Dale Barneson


Dwain Jansson

Vice President of Information Technology

About Ashley Furniture, History and Headquarters Information


Ashley Furniture was founded in the year 1945. The company has been operational for almost 74 years now. The founder of the company was Carlyle Weinberger. The main aim of the company was to buy off wooden furniture made by local companies and was then resold at a higher price to the large furniture stores. In the year 1970, the company had invested in Arcadia Furniture, which was being operated by Ronald Wanek. After seeing the business of Ashley Furniture, Ronald Wanek along with a group of investors had bought out the company. Arcadia will be handling the production while Ashley will be handling the sales.

As of the year 1982, the total sales revenue generated by the company was more than $12 million. Also, by the end of the 1990s, many assembly and distribution plants were being established in numerous states of USA, like Florida, New Jersey, California and also Washington. Then by the year 2000, the company had employed more people than the entire population of the Arcadia town in the USA. But, in the year 2015, the company was slapped with a fine of $1.7 million for unsafe working conditions of its employees which had caused over one thousand injuries to its workers. The company had several factories in the USA as of the current date, and even in China and Vietnam. Also, it has sourcing offices in China, India, Vietnam, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in 1 Ashley Way. The name of the place is Arcadia, while the name of the state is Wisconsin, USA. The area pin code is 54612.


Ashley Furniture is an American retail company that focuses on manufacturing, selling and distributing various kinds of furniture product for its customers and clients, all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Todd R Wanek. As of the current date, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.85 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of currently, is more than 22,500. It has more than 700 stores spanned across countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and even Japan as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence so that the furniture products manufactured and distributed by the company could be purchased easily. The company sells home furnishing products and other home accessories as well. The company has both independent dealers selling the company’s products as well as official retail showrooms too.

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  • Jacob says:

    This is the response when I emailed Ashley Furniture about an issue with my item and their policy on pricing and replacement procedures…

    “The delivery fee is not refundable as the table was delivered and assembled. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Thank you,
    Caitlin, OCC Agent”

    it was a long involved email with dates, times and descriptions as well as my feelings regarding their procedures- One sentence!!! Is it an auto-reply and no one is there that cares in the least about customer service????

  • tia call says:

    poorest customer service ever. along with that poorest service in store service i have ever had.
    my furniture is crap and keeps being delivered damaged. no one seems to care and not one person follows through with what they promise you. i will never again purchase from this franchise.

  • Janet Hardy on behalf of Cassidy says:

    Worst experience ever with service when item wasn’t delivered as promised. It’s not put together properly and looks a lot cheaper than the display in the store. Taking complaint to cooperate. No satisfaction from store floor manager. This store is in Sebring, Fl. Go on my page and read complaint and see how many unhappy local customers! Small town…word travels fast.

  • Frederic Delarue says:

    Your manager of the Palm Desert Store in CA, Mr. Bryan Richards, told me DO NOT COME BACK TO MY STORE! What an unprofessional and bully manager you have there!

    You sold me a mattress that is NOT like the one I tried in your store, and you refuse to exchange it or refund it. The manager in the Palm Desert store told me DO NOT COME BACK TO MY STORE after I complained to him. What type of bully manager do you hire? Is he at the image of your company?
    You sell defective items then you bully your customers by telling them there is nothing you can do about it to satisfy your customers? Wow. So unprofessional, un-American, and more importantly, you are thieves. Or would you prefer a lawyer to look into your business?
    Thank you for your time.
    Frederic Delarue.

  • Jose says:

    I do not know whom to turn but I have called and been told that I was going to be called back to resolve but it’s frustrating to keep on waiting. I have even gone to another store in Columbia, Maryland to have this be resolved and still no response.
    FIRST, purchased with a 5 yr$250 plan on the 21st of August and was delivered on Sept 11th at about 11am. Invoice #2139839. Before calling the Warehouse in Brandywine, I called the Glenburnie Store in which I was given the Brandywine Office and on the 11th of I called at 542 and 5553pm to report the stain and arm faults which I explained to Lily and Betsy at the Brandywine Office(301)782-3800 Ext4 which she never got back to me on getting an INSPECTOR etc…Supposedly all of this was recorded so I expect that someone in corporate will be able to retrieve the conversation.
    SECOND, a month later on October 3rd after going to the store in Columbia, MD and communicating the fault and failure of Brandywine not getting back to me, Kevin, TJ Mose and Gary Woods (301)242-5730 were at least helpful in sending an Email finally on the 8th to see if someone could respond to me.
    THIRD, after the emailed, on the 9th I spoke with Yanci and she told me the same about sending an Inspector and again it has been recorded. In addition I called her back on the 11th and was told that I was going to be called back but I am still waiting.
    FINALLY, I did like the couch but it came faultyand did not look anything like the ones I saw on the stores. So therefore, I do not want to keep doing this and would like EITHER a REFUND and TAKE your couch back or REPLACE it. I do not know why I spent money on the 5yr plan if this cannot be resolved immediately after being delivered as a new product. And if not, TV News and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREU are always interested. In addition, many companies,friends and relatives I know will no longer do business with you. I hope this can be resolved.

    • Sheila says:

      Have you heard back from anyone? I see all these issues that are so similar to mine but I don’t see any resolve. What a joke.

  • Maggi says:

    I am not sure how it is possible that this company has generated more than 3.85 billion dollars to date. I bought a couch that took one month to be delivered. Today for my patience I was awarded with 1/2 a couch. The second half was damaged when loading the order. In stead of making this right as in good old fashion customer service I get to wait an additional month for the other 1/2 of the couch. After paying for the couch and $200.00 for delivery not one person in management is willing to correct their own company’s mistake and send out the other 1/2 within a reasonable time. A month is not reasonable. It is not because they have to make that couch. It is because they do not want to go outside the standard shipping days. So if you live in anywhere in the Sierra Valley, Susanville, Truckee or Lake Tahoe area, do not buy from Ashley in Reno. My home is 35 minutes from the store I purchased the couch at. They will only come once a month no matter what per the district manager.

  • mj says:

    the worse furniture store I have ever had to deal with. I have been on hold for 30 minutes now trying to return bar stools that I CANT return at the store; they have in the past, send me incorrect merchandise. Ashley are suppose to call me back, (never do) i end up calling them back. I talk to customer service and they are always confused and don’t seem to know what they are doing. I was going to have Ashley furnish my lakehouse for next summer, NO WAY.

    Nice job,

    Todd Wanek
    Dale Barneson
    Dwain Jansson
    Vice President of Information Technology

    You should be SO proud!

  • Michael Hedrick says:

    The local store Ashley HomeStore 7378 Stream Walk Ln Manassas, VA 20109 has missed 3 delivery dates and will not return my call. It has been over a month since my purchase during the big Labor Day sale that advertised next day delivery. Store states “all sales final” but the sale was incomplete since I have not received my furniture. Next is to contact my lawyer, posting social media, yelp report and BBB.

  • Carol Grumbach says:

    WOW – sure wish I had read these comments PRIOR to my purchase of two loveseats. The furniture is damaged, has manufacturing defects and is poorly constructed. The delivery was rushed with no time to examine. Because I signed the delivery receipt CS will not allow a return. Customer Service is terrible. And no one seems to think it’s wrong to expect a customer to pay full price for damaged goods. My dissatifaction level with Ashley is off the charts. I have filed a dispute with Synchrony Bank and will file a complaint with the BBB!
    I am livid! I cannot believe I have spend over $1400.00 for defective merchandise.
    Shame on you, Ashley Homestore!

  • Chelsea Dogie says:

    I bought furniture from this store in Beckley WV. It took them so long to get my furniture to me and then when ever they finally did they forgot my mattress. I had to wait another week before getting it. Now the mattress that so say from the sales men was the best that I paid a good penny for not even a year old is sinking on both sides. Called Ashely back they sent someone out to measure the mattress and it was a 1 3/4 dept on one side and then 1 inch dept on the other. This was done on Aug 5th . I was told it would be around two days before we would know anything. Well I call today at the distribution center and the lady that works there tell me that she had just got back into work today and she had just sent it off to the manufacturer for approval to be replaced. So can anyone tell me why did it take her three days to submit something from this place. I will never shop here again and I will make sure to tell everyone how horrible your service is. Oh and when they took forever to bring my furniture to me all they offered us for the inconvenience, was a $75.00 gift card which I have never used because I was so insulted.

  • Leah Aguilar says:

    I purchased a power sectional recliner and scheduled for delivery for today 8/25/19. I received a text asking me to confirm delivery for 130-530pm. I replied yes as requested to confirm. Here I sit waiting for my couches at 430 pm and try to track delivery but the system does not have any scheduled for my phone number. I call the store we purchased from and they told me that somehow the delivery dropped off so it wont arrive today and they don’t have another delivery until Tuesday. Mind you my entire family of 6 is now sitting on the floor. My kids start school tomorrow. This is so inconvenient. The manager Kevin offered to give us a discount off of the $200 delivery. I had to remind them that they already discounted the delivery because of the terrible customer service we received in the Fairfield store which led us to the Roseville store purchase to begin with. I should have known of all of the inconveniences that would come from the last time I purchased with Ashley. Never again!

  • Kaprice says:

    I made a purchase not even a month ago online and one of my chairs broke. I sent an email almost 2wks ago and have not heard anything back! I instant messaged them and they said to contact via email smh a BIG JOKE!! After my original emailed they emailed once for my order no. I sent that and the pic of the chair and NEVER heard anything back…whatever you do don’t order online because in store they cant help you @ all!!!

  • helen k says:

    I purchased a recliner from Ashley furniture store for my sons birthday it was delivered 7 days later the first day my son sat in it, it would not recline and when it finally did we couldn’t get the foot rest to lock back down we called customer service they sent a tech out a week later and said it was good that night my son sat in it the same thing happened we called the store and they said got to call customer service so we did they sent the same tech out he said it should be returned and get a refund said someone would call still haven’t gotten a call we call the store and customer service everyday and told there is nothing else they can do we have had the chair 29 days and sat in it 3 time this place and there customer service is a freaking joke

  • Linda Z says:

    My husband and I recently purchased two leather recliner sofas with coffee table and two end tables from Ashley Furniture in Brandon, FL. When the furniture was delivered the coffee table was gauged. The delivery person immediately took a picture of the damage, called someone who scheduled a tech to come out and repair the table. The date was and is two weeks out from delivery. Meanwhile, I felt that the coffee table was too large. I called the store to inquire about returning the table and selecting a smaller one to replace it. The representative told me that there is no returning furniture. Once it hits the floor in your home, it’s yours. I was upset, and explained to her that the manager, Jason, told us at the time of purchase that if the couches were too large, no problem, he could swap it out. So…..what’s the problem of swapping out a coffee table. I asked to speak with Jason, and was put on hold for 8 minutes. The rep came back on and said unless the coffee table is damaged beyond repair, there is nothing they can do. Our first mistake was paying the entire cost of the furniture, buying the warranty, Plus……it cost $200 delivery fee. Now that I look back, I wish I had gone somewhere else. If this is the type of customer service Ashley Furniture provides, SHAME ON THEM!!!! I will go on Facebook and make my complaint known. BEWARE!!

  • theresa says:

    I am SICK to my stomach with Ashley furniture. I am a single woman (going through a divorce) and decided to buy a sectional and received it 8 weeks ago. i have had 3 service calls since then. I am sickened to my stomach. I have to wait another 3-4 weeks for the item to arrive AT MY HOME and then call a tech again. That isn’t the worst part – the worst part is the treatment I have rec’d from the customer service team. The store doesn’t answer their phone (as instructed online and on my receipt to call), so the call rolls over to the customer service center. I have been hung up on, told there isn’t anything they can do for me, that they are ‘sorry’, etc. I FINALLY got in touch with a supervisor who I thought was going to help me…..yup – you guessed it – he didn’t return my call to see the status. So I called back (waited 1.5 hours on the phone) only to be told that they can’t find him and would take a message. That was over a week ago and still nothing. Then I called back again and got in touch (after begging the rep) with a female supervisor. I felt she was listening. She told me she would email the store AND call them which isn’t their practice. And that she would call me the next day. Guess what? Nada again. So, I am on the phone again today. almost 2 hours now…..ridiculous. I should have listened to my gut and gone to the higher end furniture store I usually go to but since I am going through a divorce I wanted to keep my options open. And look at all the money I am out. All I want is to return the section and upgrade to a (hopefully) better section – adding yet another 1200. I should have just went to my favorite store.

    Mr. CEO – you should be ashamed of yourself and your employees. I am.

  • REGINA says:

    I would recommend that this CEO is gone do something about all the Stores he has in this Country I went in the store in mesa az to get living room bed room furniture was told that the night stands are on back order for at least 2 weeks . After 2 weeks they finally came but one of the nightstands damaged. When calling the store they told me that I have to wait for a technician to come out since the delivery person cant do nothing I spent so much money in this store the sales people lie !!!! we got a brand new mattress the sales person put the pillow on the beds when my husband ask if they come with the mattress the sales person said yes. Now he denies that he ever said so ended up getting 1 pillow for the price of 1. The delivery was changed on me 3 times. Now we see how long it will take it this time to get the hole bedroom set. THIS IS A SCAM AND A SHAME PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TRUE THIS

  • Pam says:

    We invested a lot of $$ on three pieces of automatic “leather’ reclining chair, sofa and loveseat with cupholders in the middle. Within 2 years all the so-called leather is literally “melting”off. It is not from wear(no kids or animals) and we don’t entertain very much. Everyday I see it getting worse and brown skin-looking pieces fall on the carpet. It is too expensive to have recovered, but the mechanical parts are fine. No response from the company. Buyer beware seems to be their attitude. I think I will take pictures and post on Facebook, so other potential buyers won’t be scammed like this.

  • Loretta McCall says:

    I purchased a bedroom set and a Mattress with Power base and a mattress protector the was $
    119.00 April 2017. The Mattress alone was $1,612.52 not including tax. A few weeks ago I noticed that the seams had came apart in 4 places and Ashley has been giving me the runaround and refuse to replace or fix this problem. I believe it is a factory defect because the stitching shouldn’t be coming apart this soon especially for that price, I’ve had a mattress for close to 10yrs that I paid $500. for and the stitching wasn’t the problem however, I’m still working on getting this matter solved. I sent an e-mail to the Corporate office, no answer so far, I’m giving the a chance to solve this before I take the next step.

  • Daisy McDowell says:

    do not purchase any furniture from Ashley Furniture Store at all they do not case about about the Items that they sell in the STORE. Once you purchase SOMETHING you are ON YOUR OWN and please do not waster your time purchase the warranties.( LOST MONEY)

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      I am so sorry you also had a HORRIFIC experience with this company and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am an elderly disabled woman who is currently TRYING to get someone to help me with basically buying gorgeous furniture that is falling apart in less than 2 years and OF COURSE was just told that “manufacturer defects” are NOT covered by the “FIVE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY” is pressured into buying – and told not to worry about trying to read “all of the small print” because if ANYTHING happened to my furniture (such as a pet peeing on it or chewing it up…a pet I do not even have by the way…..OR children spilling things, tears,holes, lighters or heat damage, MUST I GO ON???) would ALL BE COVERED – NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Am I now humiliated because I am “elderly” and have been permanently disabled for two decades now – YES I am. Should I be…NO!!! To “coin a phrase” from “Sheldon” on the “Big Bang Theory”: “I WEEP FOR HUMANITY”! It would appear that having a “conscience” these days is more of an OPTION than an ASSUMPTION when it comes to trusting people with money matters. While at first I was very upset about this situation…now I am just SAD and I am sure that I am not alone here on this either!

  • Angela Johnson says:

    My husband purchased two night stands, dresser and chest from Ashley Furniture in your Montgomery, Alabama area. My husband noticed that the dresser was damage prior to them removing it from the truck. He took pictures and so did the delivery person. My husband told them that it was damaged and they told him that they would have to leave it on site and take pictures and that customer service would give us a call back to schedule a pick up time.
    They left and had been gone for about 2 hours and no one had given a call back. My husband called the store in Montgomery and asked to speak to a manager. Customer service said that they did not see anything wrong with the dresser. My husband said that he had taken pictures before it was removed from the truck.
    Customer services stated that they would have a manager give us a call back when the manager returned from lunch. No one called. My husband called back again and customer service said that they would tell the manager about it when they got in. In the meantime someone from Ashley showed up with a power drill and a stapler to fix my brand new dresser. My husband asked him what was he going to do and he said that he was going to fix it.
    My husband asked him if he was a manager and he said that he was a Technician. My husband told him that he was did not want it fix that he wanted a new one or they could come and get all of the stuff and take it back to the store and return his money.
    The Technician went back to his car and made a phone call not sure what was said he stood in the drive for over 15 minutes. He left and my husband called the store again. It amazes me that whenever you call you are never able to speak with anyone in charge. When he was finally able to speak to who we assume was the manager they said that they were not aware and that this was their first time hearing about this. My husband told them that someone dropped the ball. This is unacceptable customer service. I would not recommend Ashley Furniture.


    I purchased a leather sectional from Ashley Furniture in Vernon Hills, IL. I have been emailing and calling since Feb. 2019 remind you I did purchase a Contract Agreement thinking if my furniture needed any repairs Ashley Furniture would get someone out to take care of right away which by the way I was informed by the salesperson that they would take care of me right away. (LIAR’S). When I called the store in Vernon Hills, IL. they instructed me to reach out to Guardsman with whom I have my contract with well I did & they informed me that I needed to go online fill out forms with a copy of my contract & a copy of the receipt. I receive a email message from Guardsman that I do not exist in there system so again I call Ashley Furniture speak with Tricia & give her all the information & she informs me that she will get this to her manager. Well, again I have not heard back from anyone. I would like to get my 2 recliners repaired remind you one has a rip & every time it is reclined it is ripping more. The other recliner has a bent frame & a board is sticking in your back when reclined & the leather is so faded it looks like I bought it at a garage sale.(THE FURNITURE JUST SUCKS POOR QUALITY). Us as buyer’s who spend thousand’s of dollars to get good furniture & pay for a contract on top of the purchase are getting just screwed when you make a sale your employee’s get paid some sort of commission how do you think you get a paycheck (FROM US THE BUYER’S) so we should be taken care of. I need someone ASAP to contact me regarding this matter. Either, get someone out to repair or replace my whole sectional. I will report this to the Better Business Bureau if I do not receive a response.

    • Loretta McCall says:

      I have the same kind of furniture, haven’t used the recliners maybe 4 times so I better use it just in case there is something wrong before my protection plan runs out. I’m having problems with another issue with Ashley, I sent over $10,000 and they give you the runaround when something goes wrong, shaking my head and never again.

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      Saying that the furniture here appears to generally be of POOR QUALITY is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT! Good luck in your pursuit to resolve your predicament but honestly – DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!

  • Jodi Haney says:

    Oh my goodness. I would be utterly embarrassed by the reviews posted! Doesn’t ANYONE in this company care about customer service and doing the RIGHT thing???!!!!! It’s pathetic really. You may think you are making “good money” off of scamming people, but think of how many people read these reviews and do NOT shop at your stores??? Staggering amounts of money left on the table because you seem to know nothing about customer service.

    I too have a huge complaint to post here. This complaint is specific to your Bloomington, Illinois location. I’ve voiced my concerns with the Sales Manager, the Store Manager and am currently waiting on a call back from Ellen (Hook – I assume, since I asked for the CEO and they gave me the name of the Central Illinois division CEO) but am told she has been in meetings “since this morning”, because of course, customer service isn’t important to her either apparently.

    My husband and I went to Ashley Furniture in Bloomington to shop for a bed. Lyle quickly took us back to the bedding section and had us lie down on some type of mattress that would indicate what mattress would work best for us. As it turned out, the “best fit for us” was the most expensive mattress in the store. We tried it out in the store, but were apprehensive about spending $8000 on a bed. After hesitating, the first salesperson (Lyle – who as it turns out, is the Sales Manager) explained that if we didn’t love it, we could return it. There was a second salesperson who had come to take over the sale (Morgan), and she reiterated that we could return the bed for a small “restocking fee” of $150 or $200 (neither were sure of the exact cost). The fact that we could return it (even with the nominal fee) made it easier to spend the $8000 on the bed. We thought we would try it out and if we didn’t love it, we could return it. No harm. Nobody mentioned anything else to us about the return policy or gave any additional details. We completed the sale and were on our way. The bed was delivered several weeks later. We tried the bed out for 25 days and we just didn’t love it. We kept hoping we would get used to is, but we didn’t. It was too hot (despite the additional “snow” mattress pad we purchased for an additional $300), and we couldn’t get used to sleeping with our head and/or feet up (the zero gravity setting was what the salesperson said is the best way to sleep). We called around the 25th day to set up a time for them to pick the bed up. We were told by the store Sales Manager (Lyle) that Customer Service was closed on Sunday and Monday, but he would contact them on Tuesday and get things started – set up a time to come “get all the stuff and we can get you refunded”. (That’s a direct quote and I have the voicemail.) Low and behold on Tuesday, he called to inform us that we could not return the bed, we could only “reselect” a bed. We told him that wasn’t going to work for us since we had been told we could return the bed for a small “restocking fee”. He said he would have to speak with someone else and they would call us back early the following morning. They did call us back the following morning to inform us again that we could not return the bed, we could only reselect. I ended the call with that person and when the local store opened, I went in and played the message for the person who claimed to be the Store Manager. She listened to the message, and then contacted someone else via email or instant messaging (I wasn’t privy to the conversation), but then she had someone on the phone and asked me to play the message for that person to hear. After she ended her conversation with that person, she hung up and told me they would be able to refund the mattress, but not the base. No explanation was given. After much pushing from me (because I as insisting that the BED consisted of the mattress AND the base) and clearly the Sales Manager thought the same thing since he mentioned NOWHERE in his message that they were separate items in terms of refunding, in addition to stating they would pick up “all the stuff” which clearly indicates more than a mattress), she showed me a note in the “fine print” on the back of the receipt that stated “All accessory items have a 24-hour return policy and must be returned in original condition. NOTE: Bedding, pillows, blankets, mattress pads, protection plans, and service fees are non-refundable.” and indicated that the adjustable power base was considered “bedding”. To which I laughed. Clearly the Sales Manager wasn’t aware of the apparent policy, since he AND the associate stated we could return the bed when were in the store to purchase it to begin with AND he later left a message stating they would set up a time to “come back and get all the stuff and we can get you refunded.” They (the store) promised one thing and now they don’t want to honor that.

    You as a company, Ashley, should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • marek kostelic says:

    I was lied to and deceived by the associate in order to get a sale, which in turn my claim was denied for an issue that i had specifically had a concern about.

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! I wonder if this sales tactic is part of their “training” or simply a mandatory personality defect required for employment here? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE I AM AFRAID!

  • >