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  • Address: 1 Ashley Way, Arcadia, WI 54612, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 608-323-6008

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1945

  • Founder: Ronald G. Wanek, Carlyle Weinberger

  • Key People: Todd Wanek (CEO)

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Todd Wanek


Dale Barneson


Dwain Jansson

Vice President of Information Technology

About Ashley Furniture, History and Headquarters Information


Ashley Furniture was founded in the year 1945. The company has been operational for almost 74 years now. The founder of the company was Carlyle Weinberger. The main aim of the company was to buy off wooden furniture made by local companies and was then resold at a higher price to the large furniture stores. In the year 1970, the company had invested in Arcadia Furniture, which was being operated by Ronald Wanek. After seeing the business of Ashley Furniture, Ronald Wanek along with a group of investors had bought out the company. Arcadia will be handling the production while Ashley will be handling the sales.

As of the year 1982, the total sales revenue generated by the company was more than $12 million. Also, by the end of the 1990s, many assembly and distribution plants were being established in numerous states of USA, like Florida, New Jersey, California and also Washington. Then by the year 2000, the company had employed more people than the entire population of the Arcadia town in the USA. But, in the year 2015, the company was slapped with a fine of $1.7 million for unsafe working conditions of its employees which had caused over one thousand injuries to its workers. The company had several factories in the USA as of the current date, and even in China and Vietnam. Also, it has sourcing offices in China, India, Vietnam, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in 1 Ashley Way. The name of the place is Arcadia, while the name of the state is Wisconsin, United States. The area pin code is 54612.


Ashley Furniture is an American retail company that focuses on manufacturing, selling and distributing various kinds of furniture product for its customers and clients, all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Todd R Wanek. As of the current date, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.85 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of currently, is more than 22,500. It has more than 700 stores spanned across countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and even Japan as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence so that the furniture products manufactured and distributed by the company could be purchased easily. The company sells home furnishing products and other home accessories as well. The company has both independent dealers selling the company’s products as well as official retail showrooms too.

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  • Emily Quinn says:

    Dear Todd Wanek,

    On Friday, 02/09/2024, our order of one right arm chaise, one left arm sofa and one armless chair was delivered to my home in Aurora, IL.

    Prior to this, my husband and I had discussed that we believed the armless chair would have made the couch too large for our living space. We made attempts to contact the store we originally purchased the furniture from to have them remove the armless chair from our order, but to no avail. Every attempt was met with poor customer service or phones going straight to voicemail.

    On the day of the delivery, I spoke with one of the men and asked them to not bring in the armless chair; to leave it packaged and on the truck, expressing to him that we believed it wouldn’t fit, and we decided we no longer wanted it.
    During this time, I had my hands full between my 13 month old son and also being pregnant, I was very overwhelmed and feeling ill.
    I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat and by the time I returned, the armless chair was not only in my living room, but it was also being unwrapped. I asked them not to install it, because I wanted to see the couch without it. Again, I was completely disregarded. They began to install it anyway.
    I had asked them to stop and to remove it because we no longer wanted it. One of the men replied, “it looks fine.”

    Once they were done, one of the men took a photo and handed me his phone to sign my name. I asked him if they could please remove the armless chair once again, because I felt like it didn’t look appropriate for our living room, (being too large for the space.)
    I was told by this delivery man that I could “change my mind in a few days and return it if I didn’t like it.” Upon hearing this, I signed, and the men left. Obviously, this was a lie.

    I have been in contact with your customer service repeatedly over the course of this week and I have been met with nothing but resistance and the constant mention of a “no return policy” which I was unaware of until now.
    This entire experience has been extremely disheartening and I have felt even more ignored now than I did when the delivery was taking place.
    I have explained to the customer service representative (Evangelina Patlan) I have been emailing back-and-forth with multiple times that I had requested to have the armless chair removed at the time of the delivery, prior to signing anything, because we no longer wanted it.
    I was coerced into signing for it, under false pretenses.

    I need this situation rectified. I feel as though I was taken advantage of and manipulated and I’m sure that is not the light you want your company to be shown in.

  • Janette and Tony says:

    We spent $7,200.00 my wife and I at Ashley furniture in, Roxbury / Ledgewood, NJ. The delivery got all messed up. They refuse to help, post sale and, it seems funny, every person in that store is a MANAGER, and noone wants to help us!!! My wife and I, are beyond pissed off. I’m sooo’ tired of there warehouse issues, etc, etc, they all just pawn you off, to each person, whom supposedly is, a manager but, they can’t help. All I want is our furniture!!! No more EXCUSES!!! Bewarned, don’t go shop there and shop at, Ashley furniture, especially in, Roxbury/Ledgewood NJ…
    Janette Larkin
    Tony LaMicella

  • Juli says:

    Customer service not a priority. Employees are not provided with the resources or tools to resolve issues. ASHLEY does not care about the customer experience.

  • Drew Trees says:

    Opened a warranty ticket in early August. Was told a technician would be sent because the issue was extensive and couldn’t be handled by them just “mailing” me the replacement parts. I’ve yet to have a technician reach out. I’ve yet to speak with anyone about this issue regardless of how many times I’ve called. At this point, I will be contacting an attorney to see if there is potential class action regarding Ashley’s “Warranty”. I’ve been on hold, this time, for over 30 minutes. At this point I’m just letting the call stay open to see how long it takes someone to answer.

  • Jana Woodley says:

    I bought a sectional in January 2022, one of the recliners is broken and the manufacturer I bought it from said I’d have to pay for it to be fixed, there’s only 1 year warranty.

  • James Smith says:

    Ordered dining room set. They delivered it didn’t notice till after a week it wasn’t the color. Took the chair up there to show them still won’t do anything. Told them we would even take floor model. Don’t think it was manufacturer how could they mess up a color. It’s like night and day. Our guess they knew it was available in the color we ordered. Never again will I shop there or recommend them to anyone. Customer care tried to no avail.

  • JoDee says:

    What is the life expectancy of your power recliners?
    “”2150613 Composer power recliner””

  • Kim says:

    Bought a recliner, picked it up from the warehouse and assembled at home. Called them within two hours of the purchase to let them know it has a clicking noise when you rock. Also, the seat pops sometimes when your sitting, like you’re sitting on a thin piece of cardboard, and there is a defect in the material at the base of the rocker. Unfortunately, they won’t replace, but want to send out someone to service it. No service still! They want to know what part to bring with them for replacement. How would we know??? The entire chair needs replaced. Unfortunately, Ashley Furniture is not an upright company that cares about the satisfaction of the customer or the quality of their furniture. To get refunded is impossible, which is the right thing for them to do. Will never shop there again or recommend them to anyone.

  • Stephanie says:

    Buyer beware! I have been assisting my elderly father long distance in purchasing a bed and mattress because I know that the sad truth is seniors get taken advantage of. My experience with this store has been horrendous. I needed to make several phone calls between my father and the store because of all the issues that came up. Items indicated online were not available at this location, got discontinued over the weekend forcing us to consider replacement, and one item even became unavailable overnight (between store closing and opening the next day). The store would not remove his old, clean, thin vinyl mattress. The store kept quoting me prices that were higher than advertised. Replacement suggestions for things that were discontinued were hundreds of dollars more…even the quoted delivery price got hiked by $100 from my first call to payment. It took hours of calling every 10 minutes to reach someone. Messages were not returned. Notes left by one associate for the person drawing up the invoice were riddled with errors. If I am so angry and frustrated, I can only imagine what my 90+ year old father would have gone through. This experience has left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I next need furniture…Ashley is not a place I’d go to!

  • Bill Cochran says:

    I purchased $4,000.00 worth of furniture from the Ashely store in Wesley Chapel and still not received, all of my furniture , the furniture i received is damaged or the not what we purchased .

  • Wendy says:

    Never had such a run around experience in my life. Flaw in metal on mechanism on recliner. Store even said they had no record of purchase. Said I would pay out of pocket still no satisfaction this company’s customer service is a joke

  • KATHY O'BRIEN says:

    Do not purchase from any of the Ashley Homestores. i purchased q couch with cash and they put the incorrect address in their system. Since then I cannot get the couch delivered or a refund for the merchandise. I have tried the corporate office and they keep directing me to back to the store I purchased,. That store says they cannot help me due to systems being down. I purchased this 6/2/23 and I have not had any results since then.

  • Bency Museau says:

    On March 18th I placed an order SALES ORDER NUMBER: 725008181218 online and used my Ashley furniture card through Genesis Financial. I was charged and the order was shipped however, FedEx delivered the package to the wrong location despite having the correct address. I contacted FedEx first and was told since Ashley Furniture was the shipper they would have to contact them to fix the issue. I immediately called Ashley in hopes of getting the FedEx driver to at least tell me where they dropped off my delivery so I could go pick it up. That was an epic fail. Ashley Furniture e-commerce customer service told me to walk around the neighborhood/complex to find my packages. After day 3 of no packages, I called back. I requested either my items be re-shipped or a refund. They processed a refund, ok cool I can just order the items again so I thought. Wrong! Ashley furniture placed pending charges and never released the original charge. Then charged my card again on April 26th for the full amount of the purchase again. Now I have two pending charges since March 18 of $551 each charge. I’m also being charged interest on the purchase and forced to pay a balance on items I didn’t receive. I don’t have the items and I no longer want them. This is bad business and robbery.
    Every time I call Ashley e-commerce customer service they hang up on me while transferring me to finance. I’ve called every day to have the pending charges removed and every representative has told me something different. I’ve requested this issue to be escalated and nothing has happened. I feel as if I’m being robbed! I need this issue resolved quickly.

  • Teresa Loar says:

    Bought a sectional that 2 pieces of it were mismatched in color, nail trim, different stitching and wrong cushions.
    The managers said there would be no problem to replace. Customer service said no replacement and no refunds. Very rude on the phone! Will never step foot in Ashleys Furniture again! Or recommend to anyone! They will tell you anything to get your money!

  • Rose Pierce says:

    All of the above information is good, However, the company needs to invest in ‘customer service’. I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture in Frisco, Tx. The sofa arrived damaged. The store has attempted 3- exchange deliveries, all have resulted in damaged pieces. It’s been 2-months, the store continues to change my exchange delivery date. It appears that the right hand does NOT know what the left hand is doing. I’ve actually made 2-payments on my purchase to protect my credit. I would like to mention that this was my first ever purchase from the store. I will NEVER go into that store again!
    I’m still waiting for my replacement.

  • Mark Barrett says:

    Your Houma Store is run by a bunch of liars very unprofessional we are waiting on our Bed for the last 5 months every time we call we get the freakin run around call me back Mark Barrett 205 Christine st Chauvin La my next call will be to my attorney and then I’m renting the nearest big billboard near the Houma store to let everyone know how Ashley really does there business 985-209-8329

  • Ray Medcalf says:

    Getting “runaround” regarding over charge and refusal to give back an earned store credit from a previous purchase – mgrs at store won’t help, customer care will not respond to e-mails. It’s like “we got your money so we don’t care about you now. Been trying for 3 months – total lack of concern from Ashley – how do they stay in business when they have a “don’t give a s— about customer issues?

    • Rose Pierce says:

      Information needs to be shared on all Social Media sites! I was unaware of customers complaints! Will share this info and my experiences as well.

  • Jacqueline Alvaro says:

    Worst company ever. You took my money and a year later, I still don’t have my furniture!!!

  • Linda says:

    My name is Linda Senor, order number is 5548384321. I am aware that order items are expected to arrive within 12 to 16 weeks and may “extend” beyond the time frame.

    I am reaching out to file a formal complaint on the the lack of communication since paying in full on 4/1/2022. I understand the potential factors that may have caused the delay, but I have been told 3 different things since the 16 week mark has passed and this is from me reaching out to you not the other way around. I hope that we can come to a mutual agreement to resolve the lack of quality in service.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • judi magaw says:

    this is the worst ran company I have ever tried to deal with. They have an on line only for a lot of the furniture, but no where can I go to a showroom and sit on it to see if it is comfortable. So i am supposed blindly order and expensive chair, get it delivered, find out it is not comfortable, and pay to return their product…nice customer service…plus there is zero way to communicate with the corporate headquarters for suggestions…stay clear of this pain in the a**.

  • Janie says:

    I’m not even sure if anyone reads our complaints, but here is my rant! I purchased 2 beds, a television stand and 2 sofas from your company March 2021. One of the beds (my bed) was missing the legs to the headboard. and without the legs, the bed can not be pieced together. After MULTIPLE calls and a review on the BBB I finally received the parts 07/18/2022. I feel that I have been patient enough waiting for my parts, while sleeping on my mattress on the floor and my bed in pieces ( useless without the legs.) I was also advised to contact customer service to schedule a service call to have someone come to assemble my bed. Per your customer service staff, I am now out of warranty and had to kindly explain my situation. Now, I want someone to explain to me how my warranty has expired, yet I haven’t been able to use my bed.

  • Bill says:

    Disgusted with Ashley furniture and Speedy furniture (Grove City Pa.) I had bought a couch and recliner from Speedy furniture and with in a few months the seam started to separate. I contacted the store and they reluctantly (blaming my dog ) replaced the material. After a couple months it started to separate again (THE SAME SEAM THE SAME IN THE SAME SPOT) and again they blamed my dog. This time both Ashley furniture and Speedy furniture refuses to pay for repairs. If my dog had the talent to do this I’d be a millionaire. Needless to say you’ll never see me buying anything from Ashley furniture or Speedy furniture. These type of people are to blame for the condition our country is in. WHAT A DISGRACE

  • Dawn Young says:

    This is my first and last purchase from Ashley furniture. I always buy from Raymour and Flanagan and regrettably took a chance with Ashley. I was more than satisfied with furniture from Raymour and Flanagan. I am begging for my money back. The furniture I purchased is beyond horrible. It’s extremely uncomfortable, the cushions sink and pillows are flat and saggy. I had the furniture less than a month and it looks like I’ve had it for ten years. I live alone no pets or children and I’m barely home. Your company refuses to refund I am so hurt and feel disrespected I got cheated out of my money. To make it worse service in my area are only on Wednesdays and Fridays and gives short notice of a time frame they will be available. So on top of being robbed for my money I have to be inconvenienced. I really regret buying furniture from Ashley. I should have continued to give my hard earned money to Raymour and Flanagan. I hate myself for buying furniture from Ashley.

  • Pina says:

    I am an “in store” and “online” customer. I am trying to get information on an order I have placed in May 2022. The only answer I am getting is, “I don’t know”, this is not a proper answer for when I was given the eta of receiving my item in 7 days from June 4, 2022. Now that I have a Case# I am NOT getting any information on when my order will be fulfilled. This is not to mention the discrimination I have encountered just based on where I live. One side of the US should cost the same as the other side, yet that is no longer what your company does.

    I have spoken to 8 different departments and NO one is doing their job. I as the consumer am working 10 times harder and this is a waste of my time, money, and resources with this company.
    I have never in the years of doing business with this company ever encountered such horrible service.

  • Stuart says:

    Purchased a sectional in JULY of 2021 it was delivered damaged and they just kicked out on my porch because I wasn’t home because they came earlier than they said. I paid for white glove delivery and set up, didn’t get either. Paid for protection plan all a scam, a year later all I have is a damaged sectional and missed 2 days work because they said the were delivering my replacement furniture. And then did not show up. When I called them both times they said they didn’t even have it. So why call someone and set a delivery date if you don’t have it to deliver. I guess I’m just stuck with damaged furniture. Worst company to deal with. The people in their service center never no anything or call you back after they tell you they will check on it and call you back. Ashely Fraudulent Company should be the name of the corporation.NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! Unless you like wasting your time and money!

    • Michael Jerila, CEO says:

      You will regret your purchase! You must do your homework and Research. Places to look is BBB, YELP, Google TrustPiliot, Facebook and so many more sites.

      Their delivery is at least 6-12 months out, even though they promise you sooner. They will string you along, unless they ship you B-Goods or Showroom Floor Samples.

      The Attorney General is some states, are investigating AF Fraudulent Business practices. You may be dealing with Breach of Contract, Broken Furniture, No Call/No Show for deliveries, Illegal Contracts, and Fraudulent Business Practices and Bullying.

      – – -CAUTION- – –
      You think you want your AF items, you will be facing issues within the first 12 months, if that long.. Your first line of defense is to inspect your delivery thoroughly, with a hawk’s eye. If anything is not right…Refuse It! The General Rule: The More You Talk To AF, The Faster You Lose.

      What are the issues?
      -You may not be able to see is structural. About 7 years ago Ashley went Disposable, like TVs. (TVs went cheap in quality & price. If they last a year or two, no worries, just buy another.). Any Leather based product sofas, chairs, etc…You Better Run and Run Fast!!! It will flake and peel off before 2 years and AF has stated they will not cover any of those issues. In fact there are 2 class action lawsuits about their fake leather. The other major issues are the frames..they have big issues…with frame breakages. Let’s talk dining. Dining tables and chairs, will flake and peel! There are many more items with problems, like bed frames, with cracks or will break and they have loose connections. On the safe side, is a mattress. Just the guarantee will get you, unless you understand it throughly. Dressers/side tables, similar issues as dining tables, but have added concerns with loose or crack bottom molding or h and sliders, etc. These are the major concerns with the overall quality.

      What does that generally mean? It means that Ashley gets higher profits and more repurchases. So instead of lasting 10-15+ years, Furniture is lasting maybe 1 year (depending on use/care) and in some cases only 6 months. AF went the way of TVs; Disposable. If it last the year, great, just buy more furniture.

      This is also sometimes referred to as the Pantyhose Effect. When pantyhose first came out, they were built to last, they were durable, etc. But the company found out, after the initial purchase, their residual income was non-existent. The ladies didn’t have to keep buying more. So what did they do? They cheapened the product. Ok, ladies, what happens to pantyhose nowadays? They tear, run, snag, etc. They just don’t last anymore, so you buy more and more.

      -AF has no issues trying to ship you Showroom Floor Samples & B-Goods, hoping you don’t notice. B-Goods are anything less than perfect (scratch & dents, broken pieces, or missing or out of alignment pieces). Usually, those get wholesaled out to small warehouse or retail stores, etc for cheap and then sold to the consumers for about 50% of the original retail. For example an item costs about $300 to produce. The normal retail is $1000. The mark up is 700%. Now B-Goods get accounting adjustments & write offs at a loss and wholesaled out at about $400, which gives Ashley technically a profit of $100, but because of the write off, they gained about $400. Let’s say they sell that B-Goods item to you, their profit is now in sense $1000, because of the accounting. Let’s say you catch it, they will try to convince you to keep it! They’ll send a technician, they still make out on the profits. No loss to them?
      What does that mean to you, if you get B-Goods, it means you paid full retail price for a lessor product. Do you go to buy a New Car and Pay big money for that new car, just to have it delivered dented and scratched? Just to have the dealer say, “We’ll fix it. We’ll send your car to our body shop and putty up your doors and match the paint color.” No, we won’t accept that. But Ashley customers do that everyday. You paid good money for new, not broke and let’s fix it.

      Ashley will do and say anything to get you to accept delivery. See they have an Internal Policy that they strictly enforce, “No Returns.” That is why, if you try on your own, to get a refund…you are met with resistance or should I say, never met with anyone. And if you do talk to someone, nothing is done, no notes in the system, etc.

      -Another big problem is Partial Deliveries/Partial Orders. You order a 5 piece set or a sectional. They call for delivery, but don’t tell you they only have 1 or 2 pieces or you order a couch and a chair. They know you are likely to accept that much, they promise quick deliveries of the rest of the items, etc. This is a trap!!!.

      Now they have the power to keep stringing you along and keep your holding on. The longer it stays in your home, the more power Ashley has on their side.
      -Refuse It. It is easier to schedule another delivery, than hassle refunds or replacements, or sit on one section of a 5 piece sectional. I am not making this up. This happens and happens multiple times.

      -Warranties are a scam item for Ashley Furniture. They sell these warranties, for pure profit. Why is it a scam? What you will learn is after your furniture starts to breakdown within about the 2-3 year timeframe (as early as 6 months), you will think, “No problem, I bought the awesome 5 year warranty. They sold it to me to protect my investment, just in case it doesn’t make it to the 5 year date.” What happens is after calling AF and having to call around to different departments and companies, you are eventually told that the warranty doesn’t cover your issue.”

      This has been a Public Service Announcement by Ashley Furniture Advocacy Group.

  • Tona Shields says:

    Don’t Buy from Ashley Homestore!! The furniture is so horrible! And the people that work there suck!! If you can ever get to talk to anyone!! The Niles, Illinois must have one associate. Waited on hold for 1/2 hour then was disconnected….. have a sofa that I paid 2964.17 after 2 months started pilling….time to call my lawyer!! Because this is bull shit!! I think I could have gotten better quality at Walmart….. This is why Bobs Furniture will make you go bankrupt!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬<———— in case you don’t know what this means, I’m really pissed off!!

  • William Heldman says:

    I have tried to get you guys for a while, I bought a lot of things over the years at Ashely but it seems like the
    customer care is falling down some.

    I bought a kitchen table that seems to get loose all the time and I have to adjust the legs and the chairs I am very disappointed in they seem so cheap and been dealing with them since I bought it before the covid struck then nobody on earth it seemed could be reached by phone I gave up trying to call the local store.

    I hope Ashely still cares about its customer base.

  • Patti says:

    It pretty bad when you sit on hikd for 45 minutes only to find out you are caller 178!! I finally hung up and tried the next day. Guess what, I am caller 77 and the store has only been open for 2 hours. Crazy thing is, I can go to the store and they are not busy, so why cant they answer the dang phone!!!!

  • Nicole Edwards says:

    I am a first time customer of Ashley furniture and have purchased almost $10,000 in furniture. My experience with this company has been of the utmost frustration and dissatisfaction. Multiple pieces have needed to be replaced/returned due to damage upon delivery. In addition, after being approved for finance for all purchases, I was notified that the remaining items needed to be paid for as financing was no longer available. Had I known this, I would not have accepted a partial delivery of items and canceled the entire order. Nonetheless, I am still waiting for pieces of furniture where I paid for the remaining items out of pocket because of the financing debacle. Today, I ended up having to reject the delivery of one remaining piece because of damage yet again. I am still without pieces that go to a bedroom suit purchased many months ago. Because of this experience, I will not purchase another item from this company. There are too many competitors who have have provided me with exceptional service and I will be returning to them for any remaining items needed in my new home.

  • Carolyn Baity Disappointed says:

    I purchased some furniture and I paid for it in full. Then a few days after purchasing the items. I had decided I wanted to exchange it for something else, little more up to date. So when I get there they didn’t have what I had seen at another Ashley’s. So I asked for a refund, so I could go to the Ashley’s that I seen it at.I spent $1,465 dollars. Now in the Terms and Condition’s pamphlet they had out a the time of purchase. Inside there tells you on what, when on a refund. It doesn’t say anything about! how the refund will be refunded. So I’m under the impression that the $465 back on my card and the $1,000 back to me in cash as it was given. So the young lady that was helping had to be a new girl, because she had to ask her co worker what to do. So by this time I’ve been in the store about 30-40 minutes. So the co worker’s say well we don’t give back cash and she don’t know what it not explained in the terms &conditions. So I asked for the on Duty manager. So a Mr. Henry Robinson at the 4865 Auto Plaza ct Fairfield,Ca 94534 (707)864-3537 location. He comes out and we briefly talk and he says ok we will put it all back on the card. At this time I was just tried of hearing every one say something different. It was like they all had different return policies and I’m disabled and I couldn’t stand there any longer. Then it went to the left again when he heard how much of a refund it was. Then he say no we’re going to have to send you a check and it takes 8wks. I was so disappointed and upset, about him changing his mind!!! So I said let me try and call the corporate office, because this is just not fair at all. I Love Ashley’s furniture and has been buying it Faithfully, me and my Family, co workers, neighbors. But at that moment I was lost in Disappointment and feeling let down and I cried. So I finally spoke to someone millions a miles away. The lady was nice and said she was glad I called because she was on some kind of board, that likes to hear the complaint so that they could rectify situation like this. She gave me a case #06021982. I know that Ashley’s is a Very Large company and I know that know one cares about what happened to me. These Big companies are only out for our little money we saved for so long and hard. But I feel better that I just didn’t give in and voiced my opinion and story and hopefully someone will read this. Still waiting on my refund, that was supposed to have been expedited. Which all this took place on 4/20/2022 and still haven’t gotten my refund.
    Thank you
    From a Loyal customer
    Broken Hearted customer
    Waiting still for Refund customer
    Still No Furniture customer
    Disappointed customer

  • Maria says:

    I purchased a recliner ONLINE from Ashley website. The next day I called to probably have them deliver my recliner from 12 noon to 6pm. We Normally get a 4 hour window. I was giving them a 6 hour window. All of a sudden a so called “supervisor” at the delivery center CANCELED MY ORDER and on top of that she told me “I have to wait 10 days to get my money back”. All because of her attitude. She wouldn’t work with me. As soon as I told her that I’d be reporting her to HEADQUARTERS she started calling me Miss
    .. oh I’m no falling for that i told her….Her name is TRAVONNA she’s everyone’s nightmare.
    I hope this goes all the way to a big shot … she’s a horrible customer service. She canceled my order instead of canceling the delivery as I requested to be done at a later day.
    Disgusting woman.

  • Kathy Kennedy says:

    Ashley furniture is the worst store I have ever dealt with I hope the CEO will read this not that he will care because he is a billionaire and I’m just a peon with a few dollars but I feel that since I ordered a bedroom set back in November I should have received some kind of furniture by now and I have received nothing you have had my money this whole time made interest on my money and I have no furniture therefore I went into the store yesterday and canceled my order and found out today when I got a confirmation that you kept $241 of my money supposedly because of a cancellation fee do you think that I should be paying a cancellation fee after all the aggravation and phone calls I have made to find out where my furniture is and to find out that it’s still not to be available till September there is almost a whole year that I have had to wait I have been sleeping on a blowup bed on the floor since last November this whole situation is unacceptable I would like to have the full amount that I gave you people I would like to have it all back not give you a cancellation fee you should be paying me for the damn aggravation you have given me I am the most miserable unhappy customer you will find I would never never never buy a thing from Ashley furniture and you can believe that I will tell everybody I know about your crappy policy you people stink all you’re out there to do is steal money from innocent people who don’t have it that’s how Mr. Todd got his billionaire status I am so sick of you people and I will be reporting you also to the Better Business Bureau not that you would care I hope you all choke on the money you have robed me out of

  • Mikka G. says:

    BY the way the sells rep @ Ashley’s @ the Blakenbaker location in louisville, KY!! is GAVIN NICKERSON who took advantage of my son’s disability!!!!

  • Mikka G. says:

    My son recently bought furniture and was told by the sells rep that the ottoman was included with the sectional and he didn’t get his 2 of 4 chairs that he purchased with his dining room set. He received 2 of 4 chairs on the day we picked up the furniture but 2 of 4 chairs was missing along with the ottoman. So they are saying he didn’t pay for the ottoman but if you say it’s included well that very well means that he paid for it and then shocked to the surprise that it’s not in the order when picked up and unloading. So, we called and spoke to the sells rep himself and he lied and said he didn’t say that mind you 5 people heard this. We made several calls and attempts and no return calls until finally we get ahold of angela from guest services who was supposed to resolve the situation. Well a week had passed and no one had called so i called today 4/21/22 no one knows who angela is and i’ve been hung up on by Hannah and spoke to a manager from Ashley’s on Blakenbaker and i told her the situation and she said they are not honoring what the rep told 5 of us. She offered 30% off but if he’s told it was included in his purchase why the hell are you offering 30% off??? Where is his ottoman!!! He paid for it!! You got sells reps walking around trying to take people’s money stating things are not included and taking advantage of people’s handicaps. if it wasn’t included than you shouldn’t be telling people it is in order to get their money. I even had to call today to find out his chairs was ready for pickup. Then the manager at the blakenbaker gave me a bogus number to call to get resolution for the ottoman. I have talked to so many people and have got the runaround so much its ridiculous!! I need someone to honor what was told to my son.

  • Tom inman says:

    I wish I would have read these comments before I ordered from Ashley, told my chest would be in March 15 called they said now mid April, I called today was told 1st week of may. I spoke to my sales man and told him I’m was aggregated and miraculously I can pick it up tomorrow. Very poor customer service. It better not be the 1 that was on the sales floor for who knows how many years. Or back for my refund tomorrow afternoon. Ashley used to be a reputable and great place, what happened? I hope that the higher ups see all of these comments but I know they don’t care about their customers they probably have made enough money now they don’t give a crap.

  • Robert Tejera says:

    Very unhappy with customer service your furniture almost one year old still waiting to get that one furniture fixed they did not want to replace it this is outrageous.i will never buy Ashley furniture again and yes we will report you to the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer.And yes we had problems with it off the truck driver did not want to take it.

  • Greg May says:

    My wife and I have been waiting 7 months to get a bench for a dinette set that we purchased back in September 2021 from the Roanoke, VA store. They kept telling us that they could not get the bench anywhere or from any other store because of the ships stuck off the coast of California!!! and kept putting us off. First they said it would arrive in November, then December, then March, April, etc. And I understand that things are a little more complicated since Covid began. But, we found the bench in stock in the Charleston, WV store. We drove to Charleston and purchased the bench and came back and asked the Roanoke store to reimburse us for the bench. They refused. They only wanted to reimburse us for the sale price that we paid 7 months ago. I get that. But they never offered anything for the inconvenience and the fact that we had been waiting 7 months and then drove to Charleson, WV to finally get it. The difference that we are talking about would have been about the equivalent of giving us about a 10% discount on the entire purchase for our troubles, which they did not offer and we did not ask for. We’re talking about a little over $100, not thousands. The sales manager, I believe his name was Scott, was rude in how he handled the situation with my wife, telling her that life is not always perfect!!!. Ashley Furniture has lost a customer so they could save a little over $100 but I have requested the district manager in Roanoke to contact me to give them a last chance to make it right before I start filing my complaints with the BBB, facebook, and everywhere else that I can post a complaint. Very poor customer service over less than $150.

  • Roger Jennings says:

    This experience with Ashley Furniture has been nothing short of a NIGHTMARE! From Beginning to currently.

    I was incorrectly charged for the furniture I purchases on 01/24/2022 to sale the associate not ordering the correct parts go to my purchase.

    They have delivered the incorrect parts to my residents 4TIMES!!! Absolutely unacceptable. At what point do someone step in to ensure the customer is not inconvenienced in this manner.

    Having to arrange my schedule to be available for the “window” for delivery is a waste of my valuable time. I will never do business with this company again.

    Do Better!

    Angry Customer

  • Shellie Muller says:

    Worst company ever! All you get is a runaround from them. Everyone lies to you in every department. I’ll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

  • Mike Ferguson says:

    Hello sir/ma’am

    My name is Mike Ferguson and I wanted to reach out not only for assistance but I beleive you need to be aware of my nightmare experience with an on going order from the Melbourne, FL store. This will be a long email and I hope you understand that I just want you to have the full store as I can give.

    My wife and I bought a powered sectional sofa, coffee table and tall lamp on March 6 order # 1010888180. On this order you will see that not only was my email incorrect as I advised them but my name was incorrect as well. Part of the sectional (loveseat and wedge) table and lamp were delivered on 18Mar and this is the start of my issues.

    The deliveries brought in the table and lamp in their original boxes and the sectional items. They left without putting the table and lamp together and it wasn’t until after they left that I realized that the loveseat was manual recline not the power recliner I told the sales person, Daniel, we wanted. I spent well over 2 hrs on the phone with the call center where they were having me send pics of the loveseat and wanted the serial number. After several attempts the tech said that since I was not able to give the serial number that a tech would come to find it and then go from there. I told them that was not doable they can see from the item number what was given. That call center rep hung up on me.

    I then drove to the store and spent 3 hrs there trying to figure out what happened. Turns out that Daniel ordered and charged me for the incorrect sectional. Ok no biggy let fix it get me the right one and take the old one back. The manager was being not only rash at me but at Daniel as well taking him to the back to reprimand him while I’m waiting. She also was talking down to me concerning the refund for the delivery fee on how it works even after I told her my background is finance from the military as well as my current job pricing and processing large military contracts. At the end and after disputing the fact of thing to change me another delivery for the correct furniture I was told I would get the full refund for the delivery and the difference on the sofa since the price changes when they had to correct that order as well but it would take them two days to process these document and to determine the actual refund amount. I would then have to come ask to the store in order to get the refund processed. I advised that’s not acceptable as I’ve waisted enough time there that day to have to comeback to fix a mistake that never should have happened. I was then told it would be processed on Monday 21March and the refund would be added back to my card within 2 days. I agreed and left.

    When I got home and put the lamp and table together I found that the table was missing its legs. I was still upset about the transaction I already dealt with so I did the help chat option. I provided them the info pics of the table and the exact parts that were missing. I was told a tech would come out with the parts and have it fixed today, 24March.

    The correct loveseat was delivered within a few day however on that I had more issues. The delivery people were refusing to take to other loveseat back. They kept saying that it’s not on their paperwork so maybe they are letting you keep it for free. Ha I don’t buy that for one minute so I again called customer service for assistance. While on the phone they confirmed that they were to take the wrong liveseat back. It was just split out on a different work order. I asked that tech to look into when the sofa would be available since I was told I would have to wait until May. She advised that she don’t know when I was told that since they have the sofa available and she set up the delivery for me. If I had not asked I would have had to wait for another 2 months to get my order completed

    Tech arrived this morning and was very Pleasant but had no part. He took the same pics I supplied last week and advised all he can do is order the parts and try to put a rush on it as it would take another 2 weeks to get the part. So I am look at having a half completed table sitting in my living room in it box for a month.

    After the tech leaves I checked my credit card for the refund (specific amount still not advised) to see nothing. I called the store number and was sent to the call center. The advised the see nothing in the system and was going to open a case. I asked to just be transfered to the store, she advised she would bit sent me back to the auto system where I had to guess how to talk to the store.

    After finally getting to the store I’m told the refund was not fully processed like I was told it would be. The store tech said she would have to set up a case to have Corp issue the refund but that could take up to another 2 week to be issued. I asked if I can just come in to have it added to the card directly and they advised I could and that could still take up to 5 days. So I plan on going to the store again tonight to finally fix this nightmare process but I have no hopes it will be smooth.

    This is not a situation that anyone should ever have to go through and with my last item expected this Monday 28March I have little hope of it not having issues. I have ordered from this store a couple of other time and had small issues but nothing like this. I’m sure this may be my last order through Ashley’s unless I go through the military stores that has business partnerships already established.

    I need assurance that my order will be completed corrected in a timely order as I’m not on the payroll but feel like I ha e to be in order to get this corrected. I’m not trying to be rash at you but as I know most manager want to handle problems with you hearing about it this is too much for you to not be told about.

    When I went to get the refund last night the manager on duty was questioning why I was getting the delivery refund and it turns out that the above message was sent to the GM whom I was dealing with in the store so I don’t expect any further assistance from them…there was also the problem that the GM didn’t do the Credit memo correctly so I had to waist another 1.5 hrs waiting. While they research.

    If you would like to talk or need more information please let me know and you will get it ASAP.

    Thank you for you time and understanding of my frustration.

  • Adriene Adriene says:

    I am writing the CEO, hopefully he is not a scammer.

  • Anthony says:

    Don’t waste your time writing a comment about this joke of a company because it will not be reviewed or acknowledged.

  • Camille Drake says:

    Awful customer service. I’ve had to wait six months to complete my bedroom set. Went to the store to cancel and was told I have to wait 10-14 business days to get my money back via check. Note: I paid cash….will never shop here again.

  • Ruben Rivera says:

    Ashley’s Furniture and salespeople in The Amarillo Texas Furniture store on South. Western. and some “kook”out of Hereford Texas that called representing the store, OMG 😳 I’d be so Dammed embarrassed 🙈 your store 🏬 needs a lot of Therapy and I mean 😢 it

  • EMMA says:

    Made a 15,000 purchase and furniture arrived broken and everytime we call we get the run around

  • Shauntavius Gonzalez says:

    Ashley Furniture is by far the worst company I have ever shopped with. Although I was completely screwed by this is unprofessional company, I have them another chance all thanks to Bill from our local store. However, Ashely seem to fail me again but now, my family and I have nothing to eat on. I am disgusted at the lack of professionalism and customer service I received and appalled at the level of willingness to help. I was turned away like my concerns didn’t matter. That’s disturbing. I will never shop there again and warn anyone who does.

  • Midian says:

    Mr. Todd Wanek I hope you see my comment you have terrible employees who don’t like to deal with customers. I received my product (chest) twice damaged and it has been a nightmare after thousands of chat messages and no one willing to help today I was told I can only offer you 100 credit really. Never buying again from you thanks to your employees and the horrible quality of your products.

  • Ron Neal says:

    This company is a bunch of scam artists. Once they have your money ,,you can forget about customer service. Honestly ….they have owed me a refund on canceled furniture for over a month . Ive already paid my credit card company…which I pay off every month . Please …..if your reading this … dont purchase from this company . You’ll be sorry !

    • Camille Drake says:

      I agree the. When you try to call their corporate office, it directs you back to the store where you made the purchase. It’s horrible customer service.

  • doreen griffith says:

    very disappointed bought a sofa electric after about six months stop working sent some one to fix that took 6 weeks now 3 weeks later same problem going to get my money back

  • Customer says:

    How can you have a customer wait all day for a delivery that you are told at the end of the day that the item is on back order? Purchased July 17th 2021, delivery scheduled for November 16th 2021 What company does that….?

    • My says:

      I ordered a bed and they delivered the bed and dresses but still waiting on the frame from Oct 10,2021today is Feb 7 and still no frame this is there scam so you can’t return! I don’t want anything just for them to pick up there furniture. I need a lawyer? What did you do?

  • Leslie says:

    This company is worse!!! I used to love them and now I will NEVER purchase anything from them anymore. I bought a kitchen set and after just 2 weeks in my home it’s falling apart and chipping. Let’s not talk about the HORRIBLE customer service. No one has ever called me back only for me to call them back and tell the order replacement parts!!!!! When was someone going to let me know??!!! Most importantly why should I have to accept replacement parts for a “BRAND NEW” table set!!! HORRIBLE COMPANY I will be contacting BBB and lawyer to take them to small claims court

    • Unknown says:

      I am having same issue they delivered a broken power base and has brushed me aside and will not return my daily calls they also owe me $750 they over charged me. This has been on going fight for about 1 month now horrible company to deal with

  • Mike says:

    My Mother bought a recliner at the Chattanooga Tennessee store on November 2018. She also purchased a extended warranty with protect all. The heater in the recliner stopped working about 3 months ago. Protect all said it can’t be fixed. They said Ashley would replace it. Ashley does not have a recliner like one she bought or anything close. They offered a store credit. That is unexceptionable. She don’t need furniture she needs a recliner with heat. Does Ashley have anything to offer? Or can she get a refund to go buy her one somewhere else? My email is provided.

  • Angela Phillips says:

    Your Cookeville Tn store is a shame! My elderly parents bought matching lift recliners(warranty included) due to their health conditions, and both recliners have mechanical issues. They’ve made many calls, get the runaround, yet no-one has come to resolve the issue. My stepdad can’t stand or sit without his. He can barely walk! Why did you take their money, and have them waiting all these months, without so much as a repairman come by? My parents need HELP!! Mr. Ronald G. Wanek, are you going to reslove this issue??

  • Mark K says:

    I am disturbed at the number of negative reviews! I have been an Ashley customer for 10+ years and have purchased over $25,000 in furniture. I never had a problem with the customer service or warranty use until my last purchase in June of this year. The customer service for this company has gone from adequate to disgustingly ignorant! No one returns calls as promised if you can get someone to answer the phone to file your complaint. I have been promised by 4 managers at a single store in Bel Air, MD they would help and not one of them has replied back to me after promising to do so.

    The repair facility is a joke. I had a technician contractor come to my house and tell me the sofa platform needed to be replaced and that the cushions were not of adequate density that was why I was sinking into my $3000 sofa. He stated he has seen this problem a lot recently as they were cutting corners in the manufacturing process. He also stated he would order the parts needed and that Ashley would contact me when the parts arrived in about 3 to 4 weeks. Well its been 6 weeks and I called to see where the parts were and when my sofa would be repaired and no one knows anything about it. Ashley says the technician (contractor) closed the ticket as being satisfied. Bull #@*^. The repair was expensive and my request was denied!!!!!! I will never buy another item from these common thieves again and will file a complaint with the BBB and file suit for my money back

  • V says:

    This is one of the worst places to shop. I have been waiting for my order for over 4 months. Every time I call I have been told to call someone else, not a single agent is willing to help. They took my money and keep delaying delivery. The absolutely worst company ever. Not sure how they call themself the number one furniture store. Nobody is willing to take responsibility and it is just a big scam! I will never shop there again!

  • Tim says:


  • Eunice Madrid says:

    People please don’t buy from this company the worst expire I’ve ever had I cannot believe how a company is different from the online site and has the worst customer service is discussing how nasty their service is I’ve called everyday for the past 4 months to get a status on my furniture which I paid this place is a scam they will only rip you off please spend your money wisely this company is a completely scam and they should get sue for ripping people off. I would never recommend this place to no one not even my worst enemy that’s how nasty this company is. They are scammers and Thieves.

  • Carolyn Thomas says:

    I’m currently waiting my purchases it’s been 6 months sence I order my furniture. They never call you to let you know it’s not coming on the date that they quoted and good luck getting anyone to answer the phone when you call. We’ve been on hold 2 times today leaving a message is useless! I’m very disappointed in there service!

  • bryan H says:

    Almost impossible to contact the store directly in Lathrop, CA. They cancelled a delivery last minute on 9/27/21 after waiting weeks to get the item. They delivered next day when it was not as convenient. They stated they would be there in 45 minutes and then they showed up late and then wife was in a meeting at this now later time. The item showed up and had a weird swirl mark in it and wife pointed this out and was advised we could call. Once they left she then noticed multiple dings in the item which she did not see originally because she was trying to host a meeting and do the delivery at the same time all due to them cancelling on a day that she was not distracted or they were late. The delivery guys should have known not to deliver with the dings that were in the items. I spent hours trying to call the location we bought it. Nobody every picks up and then when you think someone is picking up its actually the customer service people who pick up and can not handle all items and state you have contact the store directly. The problem is you don’t know if your on hold with the store or customer service because it routes you over. Not a good experience at all and don’t know what to do.

  • Mad as hell says:

    I have been very patience with this company and have had the rudest people call me on the phone. There is no customer service at all. They send text message that even if you reply to them they keep texting and call you. They make delivers at times before a business or resident is even up and running. I called to tell them that 7:45am would not work and Sean said too bad and there is nothing they can and hung up. This company doesn’t care about their customer. I have been trying to check on my couch since June and have got nothing but bad service and a whole lot of attitude from the customer service people. I was given a day (9/17/2021)that my couch would be delivery and receive a text and call that they are going to delivery it early which I told them, that will not work because I have to get rid of my old couch. Ashley continue to call and text me to take the couch early. I finally get a person on the phone who said no problem let me fix that. Received a text on 9/14/2021 that my couch will be deliver on the 9/17/2021 with no time.

  • Paul E Brown says:

    trying to reach your store facilities dept. manager

  • Denise Smith says:

    Yes, I bought 2 chair from a thrift store and I cannot find any thing on them. Could you please research my item by its cereal number? The number is. M-2521. Thank you, Denise Smith.
    I have pictures but I do not know how to send them.

  • Tim u says:

    I have been a customer with this store since 2013 and have purchased many things from them over the years. I recently purchased this dining room set from them and it was delivered on July 4th. The lady that sits at the back desk where the financing is done specifically told me that if the set went on sale within 30 days they would honor that price and credit the difference back to my Ashley card. She had NEVER mentioned that once it was delivered that would no longer apply. Since I’ve been a customer for several years and i’m on the mailing list I get an email stating it’s on sale so I contact the store. The lady that answers informs me that since it’s been delivered they won’t honor the price. I again stated that the lady specifically told me if the product went on sale in 30 days they would honor the sale price. She NEVER once stated that once it’s been delivered it wouldn’t apply anymore. She also asked if I got that in writing and I stated “no, why would I? I’ve been a customer since 2013 I didn’t think to since I’ve never had an issue before”. The lady at the Daytona Beach store then stated “oh well, you’re out of luck then, there’s nothing we can do”. I’m extremely frustrated that no one will fix this issue. Apparently being a long time customer means nothing to them! I’ve also called the corporate store and requested to speak to the CEO and just like with the local store I continue to get the run around. It’s such a shame that there is no accountability anymore. The staff and sales people can say whatever they wish, continually blow you off and have no repercussions what so ever. I will never buy from Ashley Furniture again!!!

  • John says:

    No one answers the f’ing phone at the Roseville CA location!!!

  • Damiana layne says:

    I made a cash purchase for a recliner because l need a chair for after my surgery l told the delivery person this was not the chair l purchase l received a different chair of less value that from the one l purchase l could have gotten for much less had l gone some place else l am very disappointed and discussed by this

  • Damiana layne says:

    Very disappointed and disgusted customer

  • TODD M. says:

    I’m right along with Everyone Else!.. This has been by far the WORST Furniture buying experience I’ve Ever had in life. Not to mention the unreliability and incompetence of the Logistic & Warehouse team. I’ve been waiting 2 months for a couch that I paid for in full. Was told that it was delivered to the warehouse, scheduled my delivery… but somehow, the couch “disappeared” in the process. LOL.. what a joke!


  • KD Campbell says:

    Two deliveries in last month. BOTH received damaged. Never again!

  • Pat says:

    Another Dissatisfied Customer

    The purchase was made on April 8, 2021. Was told the two chairs would arrive the end of April, then May 5, then the 11th. When we called again on the 12th, was told one chair was in and waiting on the other to come in, should be in by 15th, still no chairs. When tried to call several times on today May 17th, no one would answer the phone and when someone did, they immediately hung up! Called Customer Service and was told the chairs would be arriving in July, no date in July, just hung up. By this time I was livid. I called Customer Service again, was told around July 8th. I ask where is the one chair that was in, there was no chair in, they lied. This was handle in a very unprofessional manner! I ask to speak with a manager. Was told to call the local store, I said, this is one of the problems, no one picks up the phone at the local store. CS Agent got frustrated with me and hung up! This is sad! I am in the process of writing a letter to Ashley Furniture Corporate Office.

  • F. Bryant says:

    Customer service is HORRIBLE and they give you the run around for items that you spent good money on. I will NEVER buy anything from them again.

  • Lucia Gugliuzzi says:

    the worse store that I have dealt in my entire life .not honest and insincere at the top of the list and its reaaly bad because specially in this times; and I DON’T NEED TO SAY WHY. THANK YOU. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE GOING IN, TO SEE THESE STORE. AND I HAVE NEVER ISSUED A COMPLAIN REGARDING A STORE OR COMPANY. THANK YOU, LUCIA GUGLIUZZI

  • Another unsatisfied customer says:

    I guess no need to add any details all seem to be covered previously, people need to stop shopping at Ashely, they don’t have any furniture available at the time of purchase. Then it takes forever to get the ONE person that they have to process the refund.

    • Paul says:

      We’ve been waiting since 10/23. They have had our $4,000 for 20 weeks. Called the store on Wednesday and was promised a call back by store manager. I guess he got lost looking for our furniture!

  • Beverly Sessum-Mcintosh says:

    I feel ashley furniture company makes sales with deception..first they tease you with inventory in the store get you to make a purchase…although they dont seem to have it in the warehouse…the money they get from you helps them pay their bill to keep the business running until the inventory gets stocked up in the warehouse ….then they can send out some and monies still coming in from sales of items they really dont have……so far its been almost 2 month of waiting for furniture that was i the warehouse and keeps breaking….really???? im am not happy with the delay i have no dining furniture and thought i would have some by now…and sitting on my new couch and ruining by eating all my meals there

  • Renee Renna says:

    I ordered furniture Oct 11, 2020. I have still not received it and they can’t give me any date. I had a delivery date of 3/5 given to me 2/15, however the furniture is still not available. They keep promising texts to keep me updated- I have never received one. The only way I get any information is to call and then they just tell me to cancel if I am not happy!

  • Emily says:

    Ashley is the worst furniture company to do business with. I will never purchase anything from here again and I plan to let everyone I know, know about their terrible customer service and continued delayed deliveries.

  • Daniel says:

    Purchased 10,000 dollars worth of furniture at the Ashley Homestore at 4535 Galleria Blvd Birmingham Al 35244 The salesmen name was Terry Henderson, I told him that I did not want the protection plan he advised me that there would not. After carefully looking at my bill I noticed that the protection plan was added to our bill. He is not trustworthy do not buy from him. I had to contact the Manager Charles Beard to get things taken care of on my invoice.

  • Ron says:

    Do not purchase from this abhorrent company. They have no problem making a sale but getting the furniture to you in one piece is a REAL problem. 3 attempts were made and first 2 the furniture was damaged/broken in pieces. The third, which was to try and rectify incompetence came at their leisure, even though I stated that I would need a morning delivery in order to save the sale. I guess they didn’t need my money. I am going elsewhere because their warehouse is completely incompetent. And, seeing how they like to charge for their failures, I will be writing the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and every other option at my disposal to make sure I receive full credit. Everyone beware and find a more competent company to purchase furniture from.

  • Barb says:

    I see no responses at all to any of these complaints – worst company ever! Ignores all complaints!! It looks like it is true in every location. What a joke – they keep selling but not taking care of customers like us. I am finding out the formal process for complaints to the BBB and Attorney General’s Office. Please do not shop at Ashley.

  • Terri says:

    I order Living room furniture June 3, 2020 and i have yet to received my furniture. When I asked about refund i was told I could get my money back less 25%. Is the a store policy. It is now August 31, 2020 and i have not heard anything about a delivery or a refund.

  • Mary says:

    I’ve made prior purchases at Ashley but now I cannot even get anyone on the phone at Colton, CA location. I’ve called every number available to me. I’ve left messages that no one returns. It seems like Ashley does not want to make a sale. Horrible customer service.

  • Jennifer says:

    I have same scenario, ordered 2 art works on line August 12, 2020 and was told the pieces cannot be delivered because it might get damaged. Before purchasing the item the sale associate informed me both pieces are available in one location and has given the address (according to my postal code) 1hr and 15min away from my house which is fine, set to be picked up on Aug 18 at the store. When my daughter arrived at the store (Aug 18), the sales associate was very helpful and apologized that the items are not in their inventory and it’s unavailable. She gave the warehouse address to go and pick up on the same day which is 15min from our house. When my daughter arrived at the warehouse, she was told to go the loading dock. Waited 50min, finally someone came out and told her that they don’t have the order slip and told her to come back. I went back on line to speak to the original salesperson (he’s unavailable). Captain got involved. I was promised that my pieces will be delivered in my home. The following day (Aug 20) I received a call from the Guest Care and was told my pieces has been picked up. I was puzzled at first and then hit me “How is that possible”, very upset. Phoned the number that appear on my phone and was transferred to one of the associate. I was promised that my pieces will be delivered Aug 26. Just the day after (Aug 21) received a call from Guest Care and was told one of the piece (that I had paid for on August 12) is not available and it’s on order, she is not sure when will it be delivered. Again loosing my patient, I phoned the 1.800.737.3233 Guest Care spoke to a different associate and same thing was said “Unfortunately”….. Ecommerce is now taking involved. These items is paid in full and I was supposed to pick them up…. end of story and happy ending….. Instead it became a nightmare.

  • Leonard Priscilla says:

    I purchased a two piece living room set, with a warranty. My loveseat power system is very unsafe to the point that it’s in danger of catching on fire. It need to be replaced, but they are no longer making this style. Ashley’s will only replace the loveseat, leaving me with mismatch pieces. How unfair for me to be inconvenienced be cause of their mistakes. Very unsatisfied customer.

  • Yolanda says:

    I found some vases inside the Lithonia store on 8-2-20 that i wanted to purchase and they told me that they could not sell them to me. I would have to purchase some more and have them shipped to my house. So I did. They were suppose to be delivered on 8-20-20 and were not. I have been calling for over an hour and could not get any help. Finally someone from customer service said that the order had been cancelled. I asked her, “well when were they going to tell me?” She said that she didn’t know. After transferring me back to the store, I hung up and called the corporate office with my complaint. They gave me a case number and someone is suppose to call me with 48-72 hours. I’m praying that they will. In the mean time, I am contacting my credit card company and filing a dispute. I will never shop with them again.

  • kenneth says:

    I paid 2143.88 for a living room suit from Ashley HomeStore 3101 McClellan Blvd Anniston, Al 36207 on May 16, 2020. It is currently August 19, 2020 and I have yet to receive my furniture or a refund. I was told I would receive a refund because they could not get my furniture in and I have yet to receive that refund. every time I call the store I am told they cant do anything about it. The lady I speak with every time tells me she will send another email and I will be called once she gets a response. I have yet to be contacted by the store I call and check on my refund every week with no help. I have asked if I can call a corporate office and she tells me she has no phone number to call only thing she can do is send another email and hope some one replies. I am ready to get a lawyer involved if I don’t hear something back soon. no one should have to wait four months for furniture or a refund.

  • Jan says:

    In your commercials I noticed you always have a black man paired with a white woman. FYI black men do have black mothers and fathers n black families do exist. I’m sure thousands of black people shop at your store and we need to see black men n women represented as families in your commercials. Black people are tired of being used. That’s why we have protest going on now because of prejudice n racist people. Sincerely, Jan

  • kim says:

    Purchased furniture less than 6 months ago, and furniture is falling apart. Farmhouse style furniture is not real wood. It is held together by a water adhesive and if you spill one drop of water the panel come loose and table will appear warped. Cannot get anyone to contact me back after writing several letters.

  • Shirley Pickett says:

    I recently made an online purchase, after visiting a showroom which had staff that was totally unconcern with making a sale. My first mind was to not buy anything, because of the staff, but I really like the item. So, I went online and ordered it. I was charged for delivery and set up ( no information on set up) item was delivered by UPS. Today I attempted to contact Ashley’s with ABSOLUTELY NO SUCCESS! (I attempted to call ( Left on hold to get the hang up, chatted to have whomever the chat person not respond after being informed of the problem). I am now frustrated while trying to find this item which is a table set with a bench someplace else to help me determine if there will be a return. Complaint will be going to the corporate office.

  • Chris says:

    Worst furniture experience I’ve ever had. Avoid this store if you value your time and energy. Just a lousy customer service and sales team trying to solidify a sale without any regard for procedures after the initial sale. Was informed when I called to confirm my delivery for the upcoming weekend for my first time home purchase that my furniture that had been placed on a significant back order. I asked why they wouldn’t have called me to let me know as we had discussed that this was for a first house and without the furniture we would have nothing until it arrived. The tentative date for delivery is the middle of September and could potentially be pushed back even further. When I purchased the items they were promised to be delivered on time, 6weeks out from the date of purchase. Now I’m being told it will be at least another 6 weeks and my three options are to wait for the delivery and maybe be given a small store credit after it’s delivered. Option 2 is to purchase something else from their store that might not have a shipping delay (it appears everything is delayed at this place currently) and Option 3 which was suggested by multiple people both instore and over the phone is to cancel the entire order and go somewhere else. As much as I appreciate the options they fall very short of expected results of the failure on the team at Ashley. Don’t expect them to be what they once were and never have been in this city.

  • VC says:

    I purchased furniture on July 12 and I still don’t have a ETA on when I can expect my furniture to be delivered. I bought almost $3500 worth of furniture and paid cash for it! Every time I try to contact my salesperson, he still cannot give me a FIRM delivery date. This is UNACCEPTABLE and poor customer service from Ashley Furniture. I understand we are in the times with COVID 19, but if you are open for customers and constantly advertise on TV to buy from Ashley Furniture… you have to deliver! Plain and simple. I will never purchase from them again. I am a very unhappy customer. I am still waiting for when I can expect my “paid for” furniture.

  • Angela says:

    I would like someone from Ashley Corporates Headquarters to contact me as I never recieved the merchandise I paid for and delivery date of July 15, 2020 came and went along with another rescheduled deliver date of July 30, 2020. I believe that my merchandise has been stolen off the truck and I had to file police report. I spoke with numerous people at your Stockton, Ca store who were of no help to me in finding my merchandise. I have all receipts of paid in full along with paperwork stating when I would receive my merchandise. Your Stockton, Ca location has a problem with theft especially with items being taking off the delivery truck. Please look into so either I get my merchandise replaced or my money back in full.

  • Jeff & Stephanie says:

    Sadly, my complaint won’t be too different than the ones below me. We have been customers for YEARS! We’ve made some big purchases and so have our family members. However this time was different. Back in May, we ordered a new bed for my son, who has aspergers. It was a big deal for him to finally want a new bed and came with us to pick it out. We were told a few weeks. We were fine and he was prepared. It’s now almost August. I won’t get into ALL the details, but we walked into the store in Mesquite texas to cancel face to face. Our sales person is great. Steve has been there for 10 years. He can only tell us what is on the screen and what they tell him at the warehouse, over the phone. Long story short. We have been contacted over 10x and we have called them even more than that to address the issue that they keep telling us of “we don’t have all your items”. Though each time they tell us, it’s all here or will be by (fill in the blank), we can have it delivered “this week”. This has happened to us 6 times!!!!! Change is not easy for someone on the spectrum like my son, so each time has to be carefully calculated when telling him.My husband was physically told saturday they were waiting on the box spring. We said cancel the box spring then and get it to us. They scheduled our delivery AGAIN, for tuesday (yesterday)and yesterday they call us and tell us “sorry, we are missing a different piece, it will be august 8th.” Then today, we got a text saying august 28th! Now imagine this exact scenario happening 6 times over a 2 month period…as they tried to push it out to 3 months. Umm no sir. We immediately got online with another store. Bought a bed that is already showing in transit to us to be delivered this saturday then bought a mattress we are picking up tomorrow then went to the store to personally cancel our order.
    This is not “covid” related. I’m tired of places with bad customer service telling us this as an excuse. Today, it showed in the system, that yesterday they released alllllll our pieces being held, which means they went to someone else. My advice…..you need to double check your warehouse manager or his employees. This is shady and has lost you a customer for good. As someone who is in B2B sales. The old saying of “it takes years to earn a customer and seconds to lose one”, has played out right in front of your eyes.

  • Carol D says:

    I placed an order with Ashley on June 15, 2020. Still have not received it! Told it’s back ordered. Partial delivery was supposed to happen July 28, 2020 and they phoned to re schedule it for Mid August. I have tried calling, chatting, texting the sales rep, no answer, no calls back. Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM ASHLEY AGAIN! They took my money asap, and I’m still without my purchase. They Get an F-

  • John S says:

    I order a bedroom set for my daughter back in May. I have not recieved the entire order. Each time I call I get a different answer with a different delivery date. I tried again today as the said I would not receive my delivery on 31 July and now the new tenitive date is 7 Aug. My daughter has been sleeping on the floor since May 13, 2020. Nobody seems to care about customer service at Ashley, everybody is towing the company line that they are having manufactoring issues, yet you visit thier website and they are still selling furniture. Something has got to give. Once I finally recieved my order if I dont canceled first, I will never use Ashley again. Just lost a returning customer. Sad

  • Candi g says:

    We need help (CEO Todd (w a n e k.) Please read all these reviews were all having trouble I’m having trouble getting my refund back for defected dinette set I still haven’t received my couches I asked for a refusal and a refund still no response and this is the store in Yorba Linda California it’s been a hectic Merry-Go-Round I purchased items June 18th,2020 $2316.62 and nothing has been resolved please help us.

  • Sandy says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEYS!!!!!!! I’ve sat home 2 Saturdays in a row for appointment their representative called us and made and even confirmed the day before. When I call when don’t show up they say I don’t know why. What happen to customer service? The company I work for would never do this! We take pride in how our customers feel about us. How can I talk to CEO? I got recliner and chair and a half in May. I want the furniture picked up and money back and couch cancelled.

  • Daniel Maher says:

    Ashley very happy to Sell Furniture, BUT, they forget you as soon as they cash the check, Find another place to Purchase Furniture!!!!! We unfourtantly purchased (3) pc bedroom set my wife wanted the fourth pc, they did not have, did not tell her it was discontinued!! however, they may have it at outlet store, after one drive to outlet, they did have, it was with the other 3 pcs, it was broke, but, my wife said it was ok, we will get it fixed, Store Manager said this was a Corporate Store, he WOULD NOT SELL IT, she needed to purchase all 4 pcs, what a joke, even one of the pcs from our set is broke, paid FULL price.DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH ASHLEY IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee says:

    I have purchased 4 sets of living room couches and ottomans, 3 at the same time for a large home and 1 earlier. Every single one of them has flaked and peeled off the so called leather. Would you take the chance buying their furniture? I am retired military so on a set income. I purchased these to last a long time as I am meticulous about my possessions and all within the last 2 to 4 years are basically trash.

  • DR says:

    Ashley furniture says anything to get a sale. But once that happens they fail to deliver to their promises. Still waiting on a key piece of furniture that should be have here a month ago. That got rescheduled to 16 Jul 2020. Then that day came and passed. I had to call and they casually said the piece was not in stock so I can’t get it without further delay. Touted as the largest furniture store you have forgotten basic principles of ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • lp says:

    bought two recliners in June 2019. In the past year, both recliners had to be rebuilt because of a design defect. The second recliner was fixed on June 8, 2020, and within two weeks the original problem came back. Sent a letter to corporate office which was forwarded to somebody in Texas and they called on Monday morning and left message to call them back. Called back within five minutes and got a answering machine and left a message. Have left 3 messages so far and got no results. Stop in the store and spoke with management who then emailed the same person in Texas and stated we should be contacted with two days. Again, no call. No one seems to care that we have an issue. We will unfortunately will have to replace these recliners and you can bet we WILL NOT return to Ashley if this is the way they treat their customers!!



  • Ramona Sedillo Lorenzo aldape says:

    I will never buy furniture from you you sold me broken furniture the only thing I asked for you to fix you fixed part of it but the broken wood that was inside was not fix

  • Stacy Sherlock says:

    I’ve attempted several times to contact the homestore I purchased from and nobody will answer the phone, and no it’s not just today. I purchased back in early May and my delivery keeps getting rescheduled and now it says it won’t be through text. This is beyond ridiculous. Due to nobody answering the phone, even when I call a complaint number, not surprised, I hope this gets to someone who will return my call. You all want the payments on time, but not all the furniture has been delivered!

  • sheila says:

    To anyone who reads this. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything from Ashley Home Furniture. I have been trying to get the furniture (that I paid for in full at the purchase) which was damaged at delivery to be replaced or refunded since May 28,2020. Don’t even try to call any number it will not be answered. I am so mad that my head is about to explode. I have been on the phone again today for over 3 hours calling every number that I can find for Ashley Furniture. Save yourself ALOT of grief and shop somewhere else.Please post this to your facebook so others can see it. I tried to post a review on the website and it will not post . Look at the comments on the website they are all just like mine. I should have looked at the website first. I won’t make that mistake again.

  • Tammy Young says:

    Dear Mr. Todd Wanek,
    Hello, I purchased a lovely set of bedroom and living room furniture from Ashley Furniture, and unfortunately I have been experiencing a problem with the order, and I just wanted to reach out so you can help to solve my price match guarantee problem. I found the living room furniture on several other websites at a much lower price and I called the salesman Bobby in Victoria, Texas and he said he was going to call me back the next day, which he never did, and I ended up calling him back a couple of days later and he gave me a bunch of excuses about the other company and they’re terrible customer service. I could cancel the order but then there’s the 30% restocking fee. I believe one way to solve the problems of Ashley Furniture would be to honor your price match guarantee with all vendors. Problem solved. The bad reviews would stop and the company‘s reputation would flourish and thrive much more so than with these terrible comments that I see Ashley Furniture receives. I eagerly await the price match guarantee as offered by Ashley Furniture. I look forward to hearing from you Mr. Wanek.
    Sincere Regards,
    Tammy Young

  • Kim says:

    Went into store and ordered furniture which was out of stock they said it would deliver in August. Today I went onto the website and it states that it is in stock and available to deliver so I called store told me I have to wait I can’t get it they are not restocked and I have to wait til August. I find it so hard to believe A company would treat customers like this. This is the last furniture I will ever buy from Ashley .

  • Mp says:

    I bought several furniture for my new house almost more than $6,000 .when I purchased my items they said I can price match if they lower there prices within 30 days which they did it was a difference of almost 1,000 when I contacted my sale person melinda she said it shouldnt be a problem that she had to contact her boss we she got back to me she informed me that since I purchased it in a 60 month plan I couldn’t do it. This is very unacceptable talk about False advertising they never stated I had to purchase it on a specific term
    Also I denied an item cause it was damaged we they brought it ashley never called me to give me a date to redeliver I called several times for almost 4 days and still.no response. I had to go to the store and talk in person . I still have several purchases I need to make for my house but ashley furniture wont be the place I purchase again.. very disappointed with the service and customer service.

  • Stacey says:

    Ordered a mattress on June 7 said it would be delivered on June 25th but was not on the truck when they delivered my bed. Now it’s showing as if they delivered it but it wasn’t delivered yet. I need the matter fixed ASAP as I am being billed for a mattress I have not received yet

    • Joanne says:

      Put a dispute on your credit card. As you can see from all this feedback, Ashley is horrible to deal with. I have also been having issues on a power recliner that doesn’t work. I actually go to the store and get a different answer each time I’m there. I won’t give up!!

  • Wilona Lewis says:

    DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT purchase any furniture from Ashley, you’d be better off going to a mom and pop furniture store. Ashley has the worst customer service. I don’t think I’d get worse customer service even if I prayed! May 30th I took my mother to purchase two lift recliners due to my fathers failing health. April 4th the lift recliners were delivered at an additional cost. Two hours after the lift recliners were delivered one broke! Worst yet my father fall backwards due to the back of the chair completely coming apart. My mother called the store, no answer. So I take my mom back to the store to speak to someone, we’re assured the problem will be addressed, given a case number and told someone would contact us. WRONG! ONE WEEK LATER we call (I know why bother they don’t answer the phone) no answer. I take my mother back to the store where we are informed our case had been closed! Spoke to the store manager blah blah blah I’m sorry for inconvenience blah blah blah. MANY PHONE CALLS LATER Finally June 25 a repair person comes out to inspect the chair to tell my parents what any person with one good eye can see big shocker the chair is defective! As of July 3rd my parents still have yet to get what they paid for! BB!

  • Doneen A Hoffman says:

    I waited over a month for half of a desk! First half was delivered but you need the other half to use it. I got tired of waiting and having half on my floor called Ashley and representative stated that I am not the only person with this issue not worries we will credit the half that you never received in 48 hours and pick up the other half on 6/30/2020. Pick up never happened called on hold FOREVER just to be told they moved it to 7/3/2020 without my consent of even being called to inform me. I waited all day on Tuesday and took off work! I also NEVER got my refund for the half that I NEVER had! After very frustrating talks with supervisors they said there is NOTHING that can be done and I have to sit and wait on Friday a holiday weekend for pick up of the desk and once it is picked up then I will receive refund for both pieces! This is the WORST customer service EVER ! Tons of other furniture stores out there I will NEVER EVER give one penny to Ashley or City furniture! They will be happy to take your money but if anything goes wrong they will not make it right!


    Ashley sells cheap inferior furniture and to top it off, their customer service reps are rude and unprofessional. I WILL NEVER GO TO THAT STORE EVER AGAIN.


    Ashley is THE WORST store that I have ever purchase anything from. I order a 7 pieces dining room set from the store in Hagerstown, MD. and it took a long time to deliver it. When They did, they send the wrong table. They sent a HIGH table with 4 high chairs and 2 regular chairs. I refuse to accept them and I got a call from the store that I was responsible for the order because I had the order delivered to my home. I told the person to show me any document where I accepted the delivery. The clerk then asked me if I could stop by the store and they will give me the correct furniture. I should have never set foot in that store again but I did and now I regret it. They did not have the set in the warehouse so they deliver it and I was not home when they came and 2 of the chairs have one leg shorter than the other. I brought the 2 defective chairs back to the store and they said that the only thing they could do was to fix the shares. I told them I wanted to return the whole set and they said that no returns are allowed because my wife has signed for delivery. Also, customer service at the store and headquarter are very unprofessional and they make customers feel that they are doing us a favor by talking to us.

  • donna thomas says:

    HORRIBLE customer service in the McDonough Ga store. Trying to reach an actual person is like trying to reach Ft Knox. I purchased dining room furniture on June 14th, due to be delivered on June 30th (yesterday). No delivery and no update. Called today and got typical run around. Can’t speak to a person. I will have to contact VISA to resolve this problem in the form of a charge back to Ashley’s. I will also file complaint with Better Business Bureau. Never will I purchase from this company again. They take your money, then all but disappear when there is a problem.


    Worst experience I’ve ever had. Delivery date changed 6 or 7 times. Lied to repeatedly. I still dont have my furniture and I’m still being lied to. Corporate tells us to handle it with the local store and they are the most unprofessional group of people I ever had misfortune of dealing with. This is outrageous! Shame on you…

  • Sarah says:

    Asheley furniture in Prattville, Al, is horrible. Still haven’t received, all the items to my bedroom. Some have to be done bout this!!! Can’t talk with anybody with corporate, won’t answer phone

  • Gerardo Salas says:

    This comment is awaiting moderation
    THIEVES , I had a bedframe delivered on June 14th to men came to set up bed , I had just taken my apple watch off and put it on my husbands dresser because I was cooking well they were setting up the bed. When they left I gave them a big tip went into my bedroom to charge my watch and it was missing . So next day went back to savi ranch store and I told them what happen they gave me a number to call to put in claim, I asked to see manager he would not come and see me. Put a claim in with Kawana B and they responded if I didn’t have cameras in my bedroom to bad basically. So I started another claim with Paulette and have not heard back. so I called Savi Ranch store again begging to speak to manager he refuse to talk to me said Katrina. So I called back again and spoke to Tracey and she said manager told her to tell me to call customer service I told her I did 10 times and I want to speak to the manager I said give me his name she laughed and said it was Charles and told me have a nice day and hung up on me. DON’T TRUST ASHLEY FURNITURE THEY HAVE PEOPLE THAT STEAL FROM YOUR HOME . WHY DO THEY HAVE A MANAGER THAT WON’T HELP PEOPLE. this was at Yorba Linda ca store

  • Dottie & Tony Ferreire says:

    In March my love seat didnt recline. They sent out a guy, he sent it to All Furniture, they sent in to GBS.In the beginning of June I started making phone calls. Must have spent about 20 hrs. trying to get answers. The last thing I heard was Ashley’s was replacing the love seat. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM, A SLOW BOAT IN CHINA. Please I am 75 with a husband who is 100% disable that I take care of. Then with our bedroom set the beds don’t recline but they vibrate. My hubby need to stay reclined. PLEASE IAM BEGGING YOU FOR HELP GETTING ME ANSWERS

  • Dave Hass says:

    my wife and I live an hour from your Portland Oregon store we put aside our Saturday to shop for living room furniture we went to 3 other stores in the Portland area with very pleasant experiences we went to your store and once in the door we informed the greeter as we had at every other store that I have C O P D and my wife has Asthma and we cannot wear masks as per our dr instructions the greeter called over the female manager and we told her the situation she was both rude and made sure to do her best to embarrass me and my wife I tied to explain to her about federal law saying I am not required to wear a mask but she could care less I was shocked to find that Ashley furniture treats people with disabilities this way we even carry the note from our dr even though the HEPA laws make it where I don’t have to share any of this info I took pictures of your store and posted the pics and let all my face book and twitter followers know how jantzen beach Ashley furniture treats people with disabilities I was shocked in todays world that a company as large as yours allows this kind of discrimination against people such as myself and my wife I took my embarrased crying wife home and I will never step foot in one of your locations again and will make sure to let everyone I know of my experience at your store as a business owner myself I would fire that employee if they treated one of my customers like that especially in front of my other customers. as a owner I would want my customer to let me know if my employee treated someone that way so that is why I am writing you. thank you

  • Gerardo Salas says:

    THIEVES , I had a bedframe delivered on June 14th to men came to set up bed , I had just taken my apple watch off and put it on my husbands dresser because I was cooking well they were setting up the bed. When they left I gave them a big tip went into my bedroom to charge my watch and it was missing . So next day went back to savi ranch store and I told them what happen they gave me a number to call to put in claim, I asked to see manager he would not come and see me. Put a claim in with Kawana B and they responded if I didn’t have cameras in my bedroom to bad basically. So I started another claim with Paulette and have not heard back. so I called Savi Ranch store again begging to speak to manager he refuse to talk to me said Katrina. So I called back again and spoke to Tracey and she said manager told her to tell me to call customer service I told her I did 10 times and I want to speak to the manager I said give me his name she laughed and said it was Charles and told me have a nice day and hung up on me. DON’T TRUST ASHLEY FURNITURE THEY HAVE PEOPLE THAT STEAL FROM YOUR HOME . WHY DO THEY HAVE A MANAGER THAT WON’T HELP PEOPLE. this was at Yorba Linda ca store

  • Dai Nguyen says:

    Please help. My order has been confirmed and changed at least 5 times. I am not sure if I will ever get my furniture. How does it take after items are paid for? It has been 6 weeks, confirmed many times but still no furniture period. Please e-mail me to discuss.

  • Dorothy Moore says:

    I’m only giving a 1 because 0 isn’t a option. I purchased a counter high table set with barstools. Paid for delivery and setup, the installation was done horribly. The barstool broke the same day. On top of that the table was put together just as bad.
    The next day I went to the store that I purchased the table from to inform them about the situation I was told that it wasn’t their department and was sent away with a number to call.
    I’m so upset that out off every employee in the building no one could help me out. After all I haven’t even had the furniture 24 hours.
    I called the number only to be be put on hold for 22 min before their line just disconnects out of nowhere.
    Its upsetting to see the poor customer service that this company has. If The employees can’t make money off of you no one is willing to help.
    I will be taking my business to elsewhere.

  • Ms. T says:

    I wish i had seen these comments before ordering. I have been on phone for 45 min to cooperate headquarters and no answer yet. still on hold. I ordered a top of the line set on June 5 2020. I was informed it would take about the 1st week in July before furniture would be delivered. on 11 June received a call the chase lounge was in but the rest wouldn’t be here until July 7th confirmed. I have recently ordered a bedroom suite and a smaller one as well. the smaller bedroom suite came about 4 days after the order. the master bedroom set is suppose to be here on 26 Jun. 2020 and the furniture still not until july 7th.. today i received a call indicating my furniture would not be here until July 17. That is ridiculosis. I have requested to receive something from cooperate.. i am almost afraid to request refund. this is not acceptable at all. Every major cooperation is delivery and even with the slow down of Covid causing problems deliveries are being made. I am going to write my congressman and the BB about this. Like i said had i known this would be a problem, i wouldn’t have ordered. you can beleive i will not order another thing

    • Sarah says:

      I’m going through the same thing! I ordered a bedroom set from the Prattville location. This was in the beginning of July. They delivered the bedroom with the wrong mattress. So I took mattress back and found another one, was promised one date, still waiting on mattress. I can go on and on, with the problems I have endured, with this company! They are all over the place! I will never ever give them my business again

    • John S says:

      Ms. T. I am in the same boat, I order a bedroom set for my daughter on 14 May and still awaiting delivery. I called today as they were supposed to deliver on 31 July and they are telling me now maybe 7 Aug. My daughter has been sleeping on the floor for close to 3 months now. When you call the store they basically get you the company line. “We are doing our best to get you your order” I said part is we paid cash for the entire set. I am afraid to cancel as it may take a year to get our money back.

  • Rickster says:

    Unbelievably horrible customer service! The worst I’ve ever encountered. Bought a chair on line that was shown on their site as having a seating height of 17.5 inches. The chair was delivered and it’ was only 15.5″ high off the ground. We cannot sit in it. I have called their customer response line at least 5 times, sent several emails, and received a call one day from “somebody” at corporate who said Ashley no longer had the same customers care email address. I was told to send an email to a different address. I’ve sent 2 emails and no response. The chair is sitting in the box to return, but NOBODY will return an email message or respond with anything. These people are absolute CROOKS. I will NEVER BUY anything fro them again and advise everyone else to not do business with them. I am now filing a report with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau!

    • Ramona Sedillo Lorenzo aldape says:

      Oh my God that’s why the world is the way it is a bunch of crooks that’s all I have ever asked to fix my sofa and they say that’s the only thing they could do so here I sit with a broken sofa and I work hard for my money and I didn’t get it free I paid for it very disappointed

  • Deepak says:

    I am hoping someone will find this useful.
    These people will act really nice and make you feel they really care for customer service…etc. they just lie to you till you buy stuff, Please be aware before you make a decision, first of all, the furniture is very poor quality and on top of that they will upsell some warranty what they claim is that they will cover anything for next 5 years and mint from you and when it’s time to do something they will say it’s not covered and make fools out of the people who buy things from them. I want to share this on goodwill to save someone hard-earned money

    All they do to you is lie to you to make sure you buy the furniture from them and upsell with almost other warranty and other things to mint money. BEWARE.

    I went to the store to talk they are so rude said you are done with the manufacturer warranty and your extended warranty is not us go please leave the store we cannot help you please leave. When you call the warranty company they say we don’t cover this if someone said to you at the time of purchase it is covered then it’s a lie. I am sorry for your situation we cannot help.

    These people act just nice till you buy stuff and once they made a fool out of you they show the true color.


  • kay says:

    this is not my first purchase with buying Ashley I will NEVER NEVER purchase from them again. Not only was I charge for services that were not provided upon delivery, set up, when I finally got help to set up the bed, it is DAMAGED! I cant get a real person to help me and every email was undeliverable. I waited on the phone many many times only to get voicemail again!!! CEO, Help! Help! Help! CEO


      They fooled you once, shame on them; they fool you twice, shame on you. I purchase a DR set and I had a horrible experience and will never buy anything from them.

  • terry decoster says:

    I have tried contacting your company over twenty times. Chats are disconnected. Phone calls not returned. I have a defective desk can’t attach stretcher bars no holes. This is the information I’ve sent . I reached out to oaypal to assist with resolution. I plan in contacting bbb your customer service is non existent. I work fir a calL center Actual a manager in a large medical supply company we would never treat customers this wSy. I doubt I’ll here from anyone. But trying as I’ve sent this severAl times


      Terry, I hope you contacted the BBB already. I had a bad experience with their inferior and cheap quality merchandise so I reported to the BBB/

  • JIM says:

    I bought a living room set, they delivered it and it was not the same as the store model notified them the same day. went to store to talk to them and wound up selecting different products. I wanted them to pickup first order and get my charge card cleared before I took delivery of another order, they absolutely refused to pickup the first order without delivering the second order all on the same day. I contacted corporate headquarters in Arcadia Wi. and was told they had no power over the store managers final decision. I finally got a credit memo for the first order that was subsequently changed by the store manager without my knowledge that said if I cancel the second order then the credit memo would not be valid on the first order.
    64 phone calls to this phoney outfit some 2 hours in duration and then they hung up on me. Store manager forged my name on the paper work for the second order. I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau in Wisconsin and they were able to get some action done on the matter, the first order of furniture was finally picked up on April 18th two months from when this all started. I still have not seen the adjustment to my credit card account. These people should be out of business AND IN JAIL

  • Christina says:

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered. This has been a nightmare! I was charged yet
    My order
    It isn’t showing. Surprise! No one will answer the phone. Messages or emails!

  • Karyn says:

    3 years I purchased a couch and two reclining chairs. I paid for a separate warranty. When I called the warranty company I was told that they would not cover anything because according to the pictures I sent them, it was a manufacturer problem.
    Ashley sent out someone to look at the damage and take pictures. He said the Dura-Blend material was made cheaply and the manufacturer should stand behind their product. My items were cracking, peeling and the seams were splitting.
    Ashley refused to recover these items with a better material and refused to replace them. They said that after 3 years it was damaged from usage. In other words, do not sit on furniture and every three years it should be replaced. Ridiculous. I am writing to the company CEO and may have to take them to court. Buyer Beware!

    • terry decoster says:

      I am filing with better business bureau and PayPal which I used to process my payment. Very horrible company

  • Steven w Matos says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I gave them one star but if there were zero stars they would get it. I have bought furniture from Bob’s and Raymour in the past and never had the experience I am having with this compay. It started because my nephew bought furniture from Ashley and said to me why don’t i go see what they have. I went to the store in Farmingdale Long Island and Purchase A dining table, 6 chairs a buffet server, sofa and love seat ( this one) end table. I spent almost 5000 dollars. When the stuff comes in every single piece had a problem with it. I know your suppose to check everything which I did but the problems with the furniture were well hidden until I really started to look at it. Starting with the dining room chairs, they came pre made and wrapped. The delivery guys put them under the table in their spots so to the eye nothing looks wrong until i went to sit in them. Two of the chairs were not fully screwed in and the screws were stripped. So much that the chairs just wobbled when you went to move them. They had to know you couldn’t sit on them. Then the shelves on each side of the server were put in place so nothing looks wrong or out of place until you go to put something on them and then both shelves collapsed. It turns out the side clips don’t fit in the holes properly. If you go to put them in they just fall out. so once again to the eye it looks fine but the concerning part is the delivery guys set that up. they knew they didnt fit properly yet they set it up so that after they were gone and you go to use the shelf it collapses. The the best of this is the sofa. When i inspected the sofa to the eye you can’t see anything wrong but when i looked closer the center support leg was off the floor as I get closer I push on the leg and it is just folding under the couch. When i reach my hand under you can feel the wood is broken. Once again they screwed the leg in so he had to know that the wood underneath is broken. Then i notice a pull in the material on the threading which they tucked in the seat which you would have never seen until you moved the cushion which I did and found. So as a new customer of Ashley and on my first delivery there are all these problems but the best is yet to come. Once I noticed the issues which was about a half hour after the delivery guys have left i called customer care right away to tell them what was going on. As a matter of fact i was the first caller of the day. When customer care gets on the phone they wouldn’t even discuss my situation unles i found all the serial numbers on the products took pictures and videos of what the problems were. I spent an hour doing this just so they would talk to me. Then they proceed to tell me that they can’t replace the items but would send parts and get a service tech to come out and try to fix the problems. they it could take up to 10 days then after the parts come I can schedule the tech to come in. I was like why should I have to wait almost two weeks on brand new products and have someone fix something that I never even used before. They said it is the policy of Ashley’s that the salesman should tell the buyer that they can’t replace broken new furniture that comes in. I have never heard of this ever in my life. They told me to go back to the store which i did twice and all you get is we are looking into it and we will call you back and no one ever does. It is the biggest con game I have ever seen. I should have read the reviews that are posted over social media before I spent my hard earned money their. They keep going back to well you should have looked at everything before they delivery guys left, and I keep telling them they hid the issues so well you couldn t tell any of these issues by looking at the products. I told them just replace the 2 chairs and the sofa and fix the shelves on the buffet server and call it a day and then i was told by a customer service manager we don’t do that. It is a policy of Ashley not to replace but to fix the broken (brand new) products. This is total unacceptable for a furniture company like this to act in this manner. Do yourself a favor and stay far away.
    March 19, 2020
    Steven M

    Dandrea sofa

  • LIsa says:

    On 2/8/2020 I purchased three items that were to be delivered today. I called the store yesterday and they said they don’t have a delivery date yet because two of the items aren’t ready yet. I said why didn’t anyone call me. They just shrugged their shoulders. So I went to the store and told them I wanted a full refund on all three items. The manager said I just called the warehouse and they have the couch and it’s going to be delivered on 3/12. Well, the couch came today and it was wrong. It was part of a sectional and the salesman told me he could make both sides so they had an arm rest. Well it came with one side arm rest and the other part of the sectional so I refused delivery. I called them and the manager started arguing with me saying no that is how we told you it would be. He wouldn’t let me talk. Finally it got my statement through. He said once the couch is scanned back into the system they will refund my card. Well, I want to make sure the delivery charge is refunded and the warranty. So I will be going into the store this week. The funny thing is my Mom went out to the truck before they even took it off and said do you have the other arm piece and the driver said yes. After he got in he said he was only delivering one piece and wouldn’t give us the arm piece and put it on. He stated he tried to call to check on the other piece and the store was of no help. I can’t believe this…. I just moved into a new place and no don’t have a couch to sit on. If the store won’t help me then there is no corporate office to contact. if this happened I will be calling a lawyer.

  • Mike says:

    To Whom it may Concern:

    I recently received an order that I bought in February, which was delivered on 2-29-20. Of the 5 items purchased and delivered, 3 were damaged (2 during shipping and 1 was dropped by the delivery crew) Needless to say that I was quite disappointed that 60% of my delivery was damaged. Unfortunately, I did accept the furniture with the understanding that replacement parts would be shipped out immediately (according to the rep on the phone). After 10 days of waiting for a representative of your company to reach out to me, I decided to call in today and find out what the next steps were. Alas, there were no next steps because an “order” was never created as promised on the day of delivery as it relates to replacement parts.
    I understand things mistakes can happen but it was discouraging that there was no service recovery attempts or actions of any type to mitigate the errors that occured. I have spent thousands of dollars at Ashley furniture throughout the years, and regretfully after this experience, I have spent my last. I would be happy to discuss further if you would like. Thank you



  • JooJoo says:

    I’m in predicament with Ashley Furniture also. Bought a living room set 4 weeks ago; they said 2-3 weeks, called, last Monday, they said oh they’ve sold so much of that set, they’re just doing what they can. It sounded like she was giving me too many excuses and giving me a run around. Said oh maybe next Monday you’ll have it. Well it’s Friday night no one has called to make arrangements. I want my deposit back, and I will not pay any restock fee because, it hasn’t been taken out of stock. How dumb. I’ve bought Ashley Furniture all my married life, I love the styles. Last year I bought a kitchen set, had a couple of problems, but they fixed them…but it was delivered when they said it would be. I feel like the stores are giving us run arounds, part of their tactic, but I won’t deal with it.

  • Michael Cordova says:

    Purchased a Temper Pedic mattress and frame in October 2019 from Ashley costing me close to $7,000.00 the bed never broke in like I was told, in November of 2019 I told them we have a problem and now that i’m trying to get the problem resolved comes the run around from the reps with no help other than sorry for your inconvenience

  • Christina Bertrand says:

    I purchased a sectional in 2019 it is falling apart and I have filled two claims with the premium plus warranty I purchased and they have denied it twice stating it is not covered because it is a poor product a manufacture defect- Ashley is the manufacture. Ashley is also the one that sold me the warranty! I am left with a terrible looking $2000.00 sectional that is 1 year 4 months old and I am embarrassed of it! And your company does not care! I will never stop telling people how you are all super rich from stealing money from hard working people like me. I will email, write and post every where I can! Since you do not care about little old me and what you have cost me and my family! May not seem allot to you! 🙁 You are NO humanitarian!!!

  • Susan Doyne says:

    Purchased a living room set which consists of a sofa, recliner, and love seat. Purchased in August of 2019 and we have had the furniture for 6 months. We have already had two representatives to our home twice as our new furniture is falling apart. The foam is broken up in the cousions, on the couch a rip in the seat. Went back to the store and we were told the furniture had been discontinued but the parts could be ordered to repair said furniture. First of all why would we repair it only for the furniture to possibly start falling apart again. The customer service at the Melbourne Fl were rude and said there nothing they can do. I offered to pay the difference and buy a better quality set at the store but was refused. I am being forced to keep poor quality furniture which is unacceptable. What can be done to resolve this.

  • Denswah Daniels says:

    I have a bed that was delivered to my home today and the color is different that whats in the store. I also ordered a dresser and the drawer has fell off. The inside part that goes to it was broke and didn’t hold up to the drawer. It is unsafe to be in my home but they want me to wait 4 days for someone to come out and see what I am talking about. I took pictures and took them to store for the manager to see. He told me this happens and he can’t take it back. If I have to I will be taking Ashley Furniture to small claims court to get my money back for sending me something I didn’t order and forcing me to keep it. It seems this happens and they are already prepared for what they want to say. Plus corporate doesn’t answer and hangs up on you. I wish I would’ve saw these comments before I purchased anything from them. McDonough, GA Ashley Furniture.

  • Francesca C says:

    I went to Ashley and picked out what I thought a WAS a beautiful set. Two months in, the fabric on the seat cushions on the seams on both the loveseat and sofa started tearing. I quickly found out the seam strength on this fabric is not durable for furniture. I called customer care immediately and asked if the sofas could be exchanged. They said they have to go thru the process of replacing before anything is returned. About 30 days later I I received new covers and I did check sewing and they even added extra fabric at the seams. I thought it would work but once again 2 months later they are tearing again. They told me to check the fine print they won’t take the sofas but will replace the cushions, so now I guess every two months I have to call to have them replaced. This is clearly a mfg defect and they should be taking the furniture back but i didn’t read the “fine print” I just remodeled my house and now I’m stuck with a sofa loveseat that I paid over $1500 for that are defective! Never again!!! Don’t buy from the there are plenty of other stores!

  • Tom says:

    Power recliner delivered today. Switch does not work Now, called the Greenwood Indiana store # 5 times today. No one answers. I have spent over 30 minutes or more listening to elevator music and info adds. Finally got a customer service rep, explained that I wanted to talk with the store. After a minute or so she hung up on me. Called the # again, no option to talk with a store salesperson, got a different customer service rep that wasn’t any help other than call the store #……. Now I’ll have to drive 8 miles to the store to get with the salesperson. Not happy.

  • Paul says:

    I bought a sectional couch. I have been waiting for 2 months to get this item delivered and the day before it was to be delivered they called me to tell me it got damage. Now they make me wait to talk with a manager about this problem. This is my first and last time buying anything for Ashley furniture. This is by far the worst company I ever dealt with in my life. Customer service is terrible, management is terrible, therefore in my opinion your company is terrible. I gave this company a chance and this is the last chance you get from me.

  • Denise says:

    Need help with the s

  • Jim Romine says:

    Forgot to ask. Does anyone have a phone number that will reach Ron Womack, the head honcho of Ashley Furniture. I’m retired and have plenty of time to call him either at work, at home, on a cell whatever. I’m a Computer Engineer, my son is a senior software engineer for Google. We will find his phone numbers and set up an auto-dialer.

  • Jim Romine says:

    I have an Ashley Furniture sectional sofa that is 6 years old. It’s “leather look” fabric with a course fabric covered by brown vinyl to make it look like leather. The bad part about it is that after about 3 years or so of use, the vinyl started flaking off. On top of that it was bought from an Ashley Furniture Home Store in Texarkana, Texas. When I called them about it and asked to have it repaired or replaced they told me to “stick it” in a nicer way but with the same meaning. I’m now finding out that the flaking off of the vinyl was a known defect and they have discontinued using it due to the flaking problem and also no longer offer the piece of furniture I bought. I’m in the process of tracking down a man by the name of Ron Womack, he is the current owner of Ashley furniture. I’m also trying to track down “The Wilson Brothers” who I’ve been told own the local store here in Texarkana. The store is telling me that they now tell the customers that ask that the life expectancy of a sofa of this type is 7 years. So my advice is this. BEWARE of Ashley Furniture, it’s cheaply made, they will not stand behind it, even when they KNOW that it’s going to be trash in just a few years.

  • Jamie says:

    The worst company ever. They have people in management that cant explain their store policies. This is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t buy a mattress from a furniture store. This store needs to go bankrupt because of how horrible their services are!

    • Debra says:

      I agree with you so much Jamie.

    • Cassie says:

      Something needs to be done with this company. They are completely incompetent in every area. They need to be shut down. I had been trying since middle of April to have a piece picked up and a refund. I finally took the piece back to the warehouse myself 2 months later and now am waiting on my refund. IT IS A SCAM!!!

  • Judi says:

    Worst customer service ever..do not shop here!!!! I ordered (which took weeks to get it done) and paid for a custom made piece of furniture in July 2019 it is now Jan 2020 and I still do not have it. There is always an excuse, you can never speak to to pper management and the sales person is dumb as a brick. They will never return my calls or give me updates.
    I have turned them over to my attorney,the Oregon Department of consumer affairs, and the State of Oregon Attorney General. Go elsewhere to shop. In Salem Oregon across the street is Lazy Boy same items great service and lower price. I will not shop Ashley or it affiliate’s again

  • KW says:

    On 12/14/19, I puchased $6280.45 worth of furniture. This included a bed frame, mattress, dining room table set and server. The bedframe and mattress were delivered and the frame was damaged. We were left with the mattress on the floor. We were told that someone from Customer Service would call us to reschudule a new time for the delivery of the new bed. After waiting 2 days, no one called, so I called to reschedule.On 12/30/19, the furniture was delivered. This time, the bed frame was fine, but the server was damaged beyond repair and the dining room table was damaged (a piece was chipped off in the corner.) The chairs were the only pieces of furniture not damaged. The driver took the server back, and left the table. He said that he would send out a serviceman who could fix the corner. Again, no call to reschedule, so I finally called a day later. I was told that the earliest delivery day would be a week and 1/2 later, unless I wanted to take a personal day off work to stay home and wait. I talked to a manager at the store and he said there was a private delivery service they could use to deliver this weekend, but it would cost me a fee! After paying cash, not financing over $6000.00 worth of furniture, the manager couldn’t help me get my piece this weekend! Horrible!

    This company delivered the majority of their funiture damaged, and doesn’t care about the customer as long as they have the money. I tried to send an email to the corporate offices, but after typing it, was told there was a problem and it couldn’t send. I hope to get a response soon from corporate.

    Like most others, I wish I had read all these reviews before I gave them my money.

  • Ms Moore says:

    I wish I had read these reviews first. I’m not the only one that’s been taken by Ashley. They need to stop doing so much advertisements and focus on the lack of quality of their furniture and customer service. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. Even their financing terms are crazy. Please beware new customers that you ask plenty of questions and read the fine print especially what’s going to happen to you if you go over your 12 mos repayment agreement. The furniture is crap!
    Stay away is all I have to say. We need to create a support group for the mental and psychological stress you end up going through with this so called business. I do remember a time when Ashley furniture had a good name…hump…those days are obviously gone. Can’t wait to get out of this contract….NEVER, EVER AGAIN!

    • Rob says:

      I have read most of the comments on here and I have had the same problems here in Brandon, Fla., would like to set down and talk with Ron or Todd Wanek, owners to ask if they realize their employees are given them a bad name.

      • Susan Doyne says:

        I am trying to send my concerns to Corporate but they will not go through. I have Todd Waneks number. 608-323-3377. If I cant get any help I will file a compiant with the BBB

        • LIsa says:

          I have tried to contact that number and they said they only handle online orders. They do not handle any orders purchased in the store. There is another customer service number to call if you purchased online — 1-866-436-3393. If you purchased in store they say they cannot assist in any way.

    • Cassie says:

      This store needs to be shut down. Sounds like everyone is having the same problem with customer service. Maybe we could start a lawsuit.

  • pam patino says:

    still waiting for store to reply to my concerns .

  • JC says:

    This has been the worst customer service experience i have ever seen!! No one knows how to help me. I have paid for a cabinet that i have yet to receive for 2 months now. I can never speak with the Store Manager at the Store, Customer Care cannot connect the dots with the Warehouse and the Store team. I was texted that my cabinet would arrive, i took off from work to receive it only for it to be incorrect. No one called. When i finally called the delivery drive he said “the cabinet is backordered. i cannot do anything. call your store!” This will be the second time! Every one seems clueless as to how to help me or even offer me a floor model until the one ” i have already paid for” comes in. No one is empowered to get to Yes with customers!!! Absolutely unacceptable and a horrible way to treat customers! I will NEVER shop with Ashley again! Never, ever, ever!

    • Rob says:

      again, similar problem with Brandon, Fla. store, I’m a 100% disable veteran and have been lied to , misinformed, promised since Nov. 27, 2019 after spending in the thousands with Ashley, very sad.

  • Marianne Constan says:

    Terrible customer service. I ordered end tables from the Wilmington Delaware store, and received a phone call saying they were in, drove to the store and they were not! I was never told they were in another store, in Northeast Philadelphia, miles from my house, until I showed up in the store and demanded answers as to where my tables were. The manager offered me the floor models until my tables were in. Four weeks passed and I still had no tables. After calling again, I was told they had to be reordered because they sat for 2 weeks…in the wrong location! Meanwhile, my credit card bill was due and I didn’t think it was fair that I pay for tables I didn’t have. My husband asked to have a credit put on our credit card until the tables arrived and we were refused. We then asked for an adjustment be made to the original price if we accepted the floor models, which had scratches and nicks in it, but were refused again!!! I will never buy from this store again. And I advise others not to as well!

  • Jacob says:

    This is the response when I emailed Ashley Furniture about an issue with my item and their policy on pricing and replacement procedures…

    “The delivery fee is not refundable as the table was delivered and assembled. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Thank you,
    Caitlin, OCC Agent”

    it was a long involved email with dates, times and descriptions as well as my feelings regarding their procedures- One sentence!!! Is it an auto-reply and no one is there that cares in the least about customer service????

  • tia call says:

    poorest customer service ever. along with that poorest service in store service i have ever had.
    my furniture is crap and keeps being delivered damaged. no one seems to care and not one person follows through with what they promise you. i will never again purchase from this franchise.

  • Janet Hardy on behalf of Cassidy says:

    Worst experience ever with service when item wasn’t delivered as promised. It’s not put together properly and looks a lot cheaper than the display in the store. Taking complaint to cooperate. No satisfaction from store floor manager. This store is in Sebring, Fl. Go on my page and read complaint and see how many unhappy local customers! Small town…word travels fast.

  • Frederic Delarue says:

    Your manager of the Palm Desert Store in CA, Mr. Bryan Richards, told me DO NOT COME BACK TO MY STORE! What an unprofessional and bully manager you have there!

    You sold me a mattress that is NOT like the one I tried in your store, and you refuse to exchange it or refund it. The manager in the Palm Desert store told me DO NOT COME BACK TO MY STORE after I complained to him. What type of bully manager do you hire? Is he at the image of your company?
    You sell defective items then you bully your customers by telling them there is nothing you can do about it to satisfy your customers? Wow. So unprofessional, un-American, and more importantly, you are thieves. Or would you prefer a lawyer to look into your business?
    Thank you for your time.
    Frederic Delarue.

  • Jose says:

    I do not know whom to turn but I have called and been told that I was going to be called back to resolve but it’s frustrating to keep on waiting. I have even gone to another store in Columbia, Maryland to have this be resolved and still no response.
    FIRST, purchased with a 5 yr$250 plan on the 21st of August and was delivered on Sept 11th at about 11am. Invoice #2139839. Before calling the Warehouse in Brandywine, I called the Glenburnie Store in which I was given the Brandywine Office and on the 11th of I called at 542 and 5553pm to report the stain and arm faults which I explained to Lily and Betsy at the Brandywine Office(301)782-3800 Ext4 which she never got back to me on getting an INSPECTOR etc…Supposedly all of this was recorded so I expect that someone in corporate will be able to retrieve the conversation.
    SECOND, a month later on October 3rd after going to the store in Columbia, MD and communicating the fault and failure of Brandywine not getting back to me, Kevin, TJ Mose and Gary Woods (301)242-5730 were at least helpful in sending an Email finally on the 8th to see if someone could respond to me.
    THIRD, after the emailed, on the 9th I spoke with Yanci and she told me the same about sending an Inspector and again it has been recorded. In addition I called her back on the 11th and was told that I was going to be called back but I am still waiting.
    FINALLY, I did like the couch but it came faultyand did not look anything like the ones I saw on the stores. So therefore, I do not want to keep doing this and would like EITHER a REFUND and TAKE your couch back or REPLACE it. I do not know why I spent money on the 5yr plan if this cannot be resolved immediately after being delivered as a new product. And if not, TV News and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREU are always interested. In addition, many companies,friends and relatives I know will no longer do business with you. I hope this can be resolved.

  • Maggi says:

    I am not sure how it is possible that this company has generated more than 3.85 billion dollars to date. I bought a couch that took one month to be delivered. Today for my patience I was awarded with 1/2 a couch. The second half was damaged when loading the order. In stead of making this right as in good old fashion customer service I get to wait an additional month for the other 1/2 of the couch. After paying for the couch and $200.00 for delivery not one person in management is willing to correct their own company’s mistake and send out the other 1/2 within a reasonable time. A month is not reasonable. It is not because they have to make that couch. It is because they do not want to go outside the standard shipping days. So if you live in anywhere in the Sierra Valley, Susanville, Truckee or Lake Tahoe area, do not buy from Ashley in Reno. My home is 35 minutes from the store I purchased the couch at. They will only come once a month no matter what per the district manager.

  • mj says:

    the worse furniture store I have ever had to deal with. I have been on hold for 30 minutes now trying to return bar stools that I CANT return at the store; they have in the past, send me incorrect merchandise. Ashley are suppose to call me back, (never do) i end up calling them back. I talk to customer service and they are always confused and don’t seem to know what they are doing. I was going to have Ashley furnish my lakehouse for next summer, NO WAY.

    Nice job,

    Todd Wanek
    Dale Barneson
    Dwain Jansson
    Vice President of Information Technology

    You should be SO proud!

  • Michael Hedrick says:

    The local store Ashley HomeStore 7378 Stream Walk Ln Manassas, VA 20109 has missed 3 delivery dates and will not return my call. It has been over a month since my purchase during the big Labor Day sale that advertised next day delivery. Store states “all sales final” but the sale was incomplete since I have not received my furniture. Next is to contact my lawyer, posting social media, yelp report and BBB.

  • Carol Grumbach says:

    WOW – sure wish I had read these comments PRIOR to my purchase of two loveseats. The furniture is damaged, has manufacturing defects and is poorly constructed. The delivery was rushed with no time to examine. Because I signed the delivery receipt CS will not allow a return. Customer Service is terrible. And no one seems to think it’s wrong to expect a customer to pay full price for damaged goods. My dissatifaction level with Ashley is off the charts. I have filed a dispute with Synchrony Bank and will file a complaint with the BBB!
    I am livid! I cannot believe I have spend over $1400.00 for defective merchandise.
    Shame on you, Ashley Homestore!

  • Chelsea Dogie says:

    I bought furniture from this store in Beckley WV. It took them so long to get my furniture to me and then when ever they finally did they forgot my mattress. I had to wait another week before getting it. Now the mattress that so say from the sales men was the best that I paid a good penny for not even a year old is sinking on both sides. Called Ashely back they sent someone out to measure the mattress and it was a 1 3/4 dept on one side and then 1 inch dept on the other. This was done on Aug 5th . I was told it would be around two days before we would know anything. Well I call today at the distribution center and the lady that works there tell me that she had just got back into work today and she had just sent it off to the manufacturer for approval to be replaced. So can anyone tell me why did it take her three days to submit something from this place. I will never shop here again and I will make sure to tell everyone how horrible your service is. Oh and when they took forever to bring my furniture to me all they offered us for the inconvenience, was a $75.00 gift card which I have never used because I was so insulted.

  • Leah Aguilar says:

    I purchased a power sectional recliner and scheduled for delivery for today 8/25/19. I received a text asking me to confirm delivery for 130-530pm. I replied yes as requested to confirm. Here I sit waiting for my couches at 430 pm and try to track delivery but the system does not have any scheduled for my phone number. I call the store we purchased from and they told me that somehow the delivery dropped off so it wont arrive today and they don’t have another delivery until Tuesday. Mind you my entire family of 6 is now sitting on the floor. My kids start school tomorrow. This is so inconvenient. The manager Kevin offered to give us a discount off of the $200 delivery. I had to remind them that they already discounted the delivery because of the terrible customer service we received in the Fairfield store which led us to the Roseville store purchase to begin with. I should have known of all of the inconveniences that would come from the last time I purchased with Ashley. Never again!

  • Kaprice says:

    I made a purchase not even a month ago online and one of my chairs broke. I sent an email almost 2wks ago and have not heard anything back! I instant messaged them and they said to contact via email smh a BIG JOKE!! After my original emailed they emailed once for my order no. I sent that and the pic of the chair and NEVER heard anything back…whatever you do don’t order online because in store they cant help you @ all!!!

  • helen k says:

    I purchased a recliner from Ashley furniture store for my sons birthday it was delivered 7 days later the first day my son sat in it, it would not recline and when it finally did we couldn’t get the foot rest to lock back down we called customer service they sent a tech out a week later and said it was good that night my son sat in it the same thing happened we called the store and they said got to call customer service so we did they sent the same tech out he said it should be returned and get a refund said someone would call still haven’t gotten a call we call the store and customer service everyday and told there is nothing else they can do we have had the chair 29 days and sat in it 3 time this place and there customer service is a freaking joke

  • Linda Z says:

    My husband and I recently purchased two leather recliner sofas with coffee table and two end tables from Ashley Furniture in Brandon, FL. When the furniture was delivered the coffee table was gauged. The delivery person immediately took a picture of the damage, called someone who scheduled a tech to come out and repair the table. The date was and is two weeks out from delivery. Meanwhile, I felt that the coffee table was too large. I called the store to inquire about returning the table and selecting a smaller one to replace it. The representative told me that there is no returning furniture. Once it hits the floor in your home, it’s yours. I was upset, and explained to her that the manager, Jason, told us at the time of purchase that if the couches were too large, no problem, he could swap it out. So…..what’s the problem of swapping out a coffee table. I asked to speak with Jason, and was put on hold for 8 minutes. The rep came back on and said unless the coffee table is damaged beyond repair, there is nothing they can do. Our first mistake was paying the entire cost of the furniture, buying the warranty, Plus……it cost $200 delivery fee. Now that I look back, I wish I had gone somewhere else. If this is the type of customer service Ashley Furniture provides, SHAME ON THEM!!!! I will go on Facebook and make my complaint known. BEWARE!!

  • theresa says:

    I am SICK to my stomach with Ashley furniture. I am a single woman (going through a divorce) and decided to buy a sectional and received it 8 weeks ago. i have had 3 service calls since then. I am sickened to my stomach. I have to wait another 3-4 weeks for the item to arrive AT MY HOME and then call a tech again. That isn’t the worst part – the worst part is the treatment I have rec’d from the customer service team. The store doesn’t answer their phone (as instructed online and on my receipt to call), so the call rolls over to the customer service center. I have been hung up on, told there isn’t anything they can do for me, that they are ‘sorry’, etc. I FINALLY got in touch with a supervisor who I thought was going to help me…..yup – you guessed it – he didn’t return my call to see the status. So I called back (waited 1.5 hours on the phone) only to be told that they can’t find him and would take a message. That was over a week ago and still nothing. Then I called back again and got in touch (after begging the rep) with a female supervisor. I felt she was listening. She told me she would email the store AND call them which isn’t their practice. And that she would call me the next day. Guess what? Nada again. So, I am on the phone again today. almost 2 hours now…..ridiculous. I should have listened to my gut and gone to the higher end furniture store I usually go to but since I am going through a divorce I wanted to keep my options open. And look at all the money I am out. All I want is to return the section and upgrade to a (hopefully) better section – adding yet another 1200. I should have just went to my favorite store.

    Mr. CEO – you should be ashamed of yourself and your employees. I am.

  • REGINA says:

    I would recommend that this CEO is gone do something about all the Stores he has in this Country I went in the store in mesa az to get living room bed room furniture was told that the night stands are on back order for at least 2 weeks . After 2 weeks they finally came but one of the nightstands damaged. When calling the store they told me that I have to wait for a technician to come out since the delivery person cant do nothing I spent so much money in this store the sales people lie !!!! we got a brand new mattress the sales person put the pillow on the beds when my husband ask if they come with the mattress the sales person said yes. Now he denies that he ever said so ended up getting 1 pillow for the price of 1. The delivery was changed on me 3 times. Now we see how long it will take it this time to get the hole bedroom set. THIS IS A SCAM AND A SHAME PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TRUE THIS

  • Pam says:

    We invested a lot of $$ on three pieces of automatic “leather’ reclining chair, sofa and loveseat with cupholders in the middle. Within 2 years all the so-called leather is literally “melting”off. It is not from wear(no kids or animals) and we don’t entertain very much. Everyday I see it getting worse and brown skin-looking pieces fall on the carpet. It is too expensive to have recovered, but the mechanical parts are fine. No response from the company. Buyer beware seems to be their attitude. I think I will take pictures and post on Facebook, so other potential buyers won’t be scammed like this.

  • Loretta McCall says:

    I purchased a bedroom set and a Mattress with Power base and a mattress protector the was $
    119.00 April 2017. The Mattress alone was $1,612.52 not including tax. A few weeks ago I noticed that the seams had came apart in 4 places and Ashley has been giving me the runaround and refuse to replace or fix this problem. I believe it is a factory defect because the stitching shouldn’t be coming apart this soon especially for that price, I’ve had a mattress for close to 10yrs that I paid $500. for and the stitching wasn’t the problem however, I’m still working on getting this matter solved. I sent an e-mail to the Corporate office, no answer so far, I’m giving the a chance to solve this before I take the next step.

  • Daisy McDowell says:

    do not purchase any furniture from Ashley Furniture Store at all they do not case about about the Items that they sell in the STORE. Once you purchase SOMETHING you are ON YOUR OWN and please do not waster your time purchase the warranties.( LOST MONEY)

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      I am so sorry you also had a HORRIFIC experience with this company and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am an elderly disabled woman who is currently TRYING to get someone to help me with basically buying gorgeous furniture that is falling apart in less than 2 years and OF COURSE was just told that “manufacturer defects” are NOT covered by the “FIVE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY” is pressured into buying – and told not to worry about trying to read “all of the small print” because if ANYTHING happened to my furniture (such as a pet peeing on it or chewing it up…a pet I do not even have by the way…..OR children spilling things, tears,holes, lighters or heat damage, MUST I GO ON???) would ALL BE COVERED – NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Am I now humiliated because I am “elderly” and have been permanently disabled for two decades now – YES I am. Should I be…NO!!! To “coin a phrase” from “Sheldon” on the “Big Bang Theory”: “I WEEP FOR HUMANITY”! It would appear that having a “conscience” these days is more of an OPTION than an ASSUMPTION when it comes to trusting people with money matters. While at first I was very upset about this situation…now I am just SAD and I am sure that I am not alone here on this either!

  • Angela Johnson says:

    My husband purchased two night stands, dresser and chest from Ashley Furniture in your Montgomery, Alabama area. My husband noticed that the dresser was damage prior to them removing it from the truck. He took pictures and so did the delivery person. My husband told them that it was damaged and they told him that they would have to leave it on site and take pictures and that customer service would give us a call back to schedule a pick up time.
    They left and had been gone for about 2 hours and no one had given a call back. My husband called the store in Montgomery and asked to speak to a manager. Customer service said that they did not see anything wrong with the dresser. My husband said that he had taken pictures before it was removed from the truck.
    Customer services stated that they would have a manager give us a call back when the manager returned from lunch. No one called. My husband called back again and customer service said that they would tell the manager about it when they got in. In the meantime someone from Ashley showed up with a power drill and a stapler to fix my brand new dresser. My husband asked him what was he going to do and he said that he was going to fix it.
    My husband asked him if he was a manager and he said that he was a Technician. My husband told him that he was did not want it fix that he wanted a new one or they could come and get all of the stuff and take it back to the store and return his money.
    The Technician went back to his car and made a phone call not sure what was said he stood in the drive for over 15 minutes. He left and my husband called the store again. It amazes me that whenever you call you are never able to speak with anyone in charge. When he was finally able to speak to who we assume was the manager they said that they were not aware and that this was their first time hearing about this. My husband told them that someone dropped the ball. This is unacceptable customer service. I would not recommend Ashley Furniture.


    I purchased a leather sectional from Ashley Furniture in Vernon Hills, IL. I have been emailing and calling since Feb. 2019 remind you I did purchase a Contract Agreement thinking if my furniture needed any repairs Ashley Furniture would get someone out to take care of right away which by the way I was informed by the salesperson that they would take care of me right away. (LIAR’S). When I called the store in Vernon Hills, IL. they instructed me to reach out to Guardsman with whom I have my contract with well I did & they informed me that I needed to go online fill out forms with a copy of my contract & a copy of the receipt. I receive a email message from Guardsman that I do not exist in there system so again I call Ashley Furniture speak with Tricia & give her all the information & she informs me that she will get this to her manager. Well, again I have not heard back from anyone. I would like to get my 2 recliners repaired remind you one has a rip & every time it is reclined it is ripping more. The other recliner has a bent frame & a board is sticking in your back when reclined & the leather is so faded it looks like I bought it at a garage sale.(THE FURNITURE JUST SUCKS POOR QUALITY). Us as buyer’s who spend thousand’s of dollars to get good furniture & pay for a contract on top of the purchase are getting just screwed when you make a sale your employee’s get paid some sort of commission how do you think you get a paycheck (FROM US THE BUYER’S) so we should be taken care of. I need someone ASAP to contact me regarding this matter. Either, get someone out to repair or replace my whole sectional. I will report this to the Better Business Bureau if I do not receive a response.

    • Loretta McCall says:

      I have the same kind of furniture, haven’t used the recliners maybe 4 times so I better use it just in case there is something wrong before my protection plan runs out. I’m having problems with another issue with Ashley, I sent over $10,000 and they give you the runaround when something goes wrong, shaking my head and never again.

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      Saying that the furniture here appears to generally be of POOR QUALITY is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT! Good luck in your pursuit to resolve your predicament but honestly – DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!

  • Jodi Haney says:

    Oh my goodness. I would be utterly embarrassed by the reviews posted! Doesn’t ANYONE in this company care about customer service and doing the RIGHT thing???!!!!! It’s pathetic really. You may think you are making “good money” off of scamming people, but think of how many people read these reviews and do NOT shop at your stores??? Staggering amounts of money left on the table because you seem to know nothing about customer service.

    I too have a huge complaint to post here. This complaint is specific to your Bloomington, Illinois location. I’ve voiced my concerns with the Sales Manager, the Store Manager and am currently waiting on a call back from Ellen (Hook – I assume, since I asked for the CEO and they gave me the name of the Central Illinois division CEO) but am told she has been in meetings “since this morning”, because of course, customer service isn’t important to her either apparently.

    My husband and I went to Ashley Furniture in Bloomington to shop for a bed. Lyle quickly took us back to the bedding section and had us lie down on some type of mattress that would indicate what mattress would work best for us. As it turned out, the “best fit for us” was the most expensive mattress in the store. We tried it out in the store, but were apprehensive about spending $8000 on a bed. After hesitating, the first salesperson (Lyle – who as it turns out, is the Sales Manager) explained that if we didn’t love it, we could return it. There was a second salesperson who had come to take over the sale (Morgan), and she reiterated that we could return the bed for a small “restocking fee” of $150 or $200 (neither were sure of the exact cost). The fact that we could return it (even with the nominal fee) made it easier to spend the $8000 on the bed. We thought we would try it out and if we didn’t love it, we could return it. No harm. Nobody mentioned anything else to us about the return policy or gave any additional details. We completed the sale and were on our way. The bed was delivered several weeks later. We tried the bed out for 25 days and we just didn’t love it. We kept hoping we would get used to is, but we didn’t. It was too hot (despite the additional “snow” mattress pad we purchased for an additional $300), and we couldn’t get used to sleeping with our head and/or feet up (the zero gravity setting was what the salesperson said is the best way to sleep). We called around the 25th day to set up a time for them to pick the bed up. We were told by the store Sales Manager (Lyle) that Customer Service was closed on Sunday and Monday, but he would contact them on Tuesday and get things started – set up a time to come “get all the stuff and we can get you refunded”. (That’s a direct quote and I have the voicemail.) Low and behold on Tuesday, he called to inform us that we could not return the bed, we could only “reselect” a bed. We told him that wasn’t going to work for us since we had been told we could return the bed for a small “restocking fee”. He said he would have to speak with someone else and they would call us back early the following morning. They did call us back the following morning to inform us again that we could not return the bed, we could only reselect. I ended the call with that person and when the local store opened, I went in and played the message for the person who claimed to be the Store Manager. She listened to the message, and then contacted someone else via email or instant messaging (I wasn’t privy to the conversation), but then she had someone on the phone and asked me to play the message for that person to hear. After she ended her conversation with that person, she hung up and told me they would be able to refund the mattress, but not the base. No explanation was given. After much pushing from me (because I as insisting that the BED consisted of the mattress AND the base) and clearly the Sales Manager thought the same thing since he mentioned NOWHERE in his message that they were separate items in terms of refunding, in addition to stating they would pick up “all the stuff” which clearly indicates more than a mattress), she showed me a note in the “fine print” on the back of the receipt that stated “All accessory items have a 24-hour return policy and must be returned in original condition. NOTE: Bedding, pillows, blankets, mattress pads, protection plans, and service fees are non-refundable.” and indicated that the adjustable power base was considered “bedding”. To which I laughed. Clearly the Sales Manager wasn’t aware of the apparent policy, since he AND the associate stated we could return the bed when were in the store to purchase it to begin with AND he later left a message stating they would set up a time to “come back and get all the stuff and we can get you refunded.” They (the store) promised one thing and now they don’t want to honor that.

    You as a company, Ashley, should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • marek kostelic says:

    I was lied to and deceived by the associate in order to get a sale, which in turn my claim was denied for an issue that i had specifically had a concern about.

    • despondent and lonely old disabled lady says:

      SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! I wonder if this sales tactic is part of their “training” or simply a mandatory personality defect required for employment here? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE I AM AFRAID!

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