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Arvest Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 103 S Bloomington St, Lowell, AR 72745, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 479-770-1615

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,500

  • Established: 1961

  • Founder: Sam Walton

  • Key People: Jim C. Walton (Chairman of the Board)

Arvest Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

Arvest Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Sherri Billings

Chief Financial Officer

Karla S. Payne

Senior Vice President of Finance

Case Barnwell

Community Bank President for Delaware County

About Arvest Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Everyone in need of financial help or assistance is always looking for the best bank they can trust. If you are looking for one, consider Arvest Bank.  Arvest Bank is a Banking institution that is among the largest in the United States of America. The Bank is also known to be among the oldest bank in Arkansas. Arvest Bank is owned by the Walton family and it was born in the year 1871.

Arvest Bank has its headquarters is in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in America. The services provided by the bank include loans, credit cards, assets management, insurance services, and mortgage services among others. The bank has grown and as we speak, it has so many branches such as Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

For any bank services or needs, Arvest Bank is the right place to confide to. They are always ready to receive you and help you in whichever way that you want. To get in touch with them, call them or visit any of their branches.

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  • Marie Hamilton says:

    I just received this text on my phone. From what seems to be a Florida number.
    +1 754-249-1665.
    I do not have an Arvest account. I’m sure this text is a scam, phishing for people’s account information. I received this text at 7:58 am 10/25/22. I still have my Arkansas phone number but live in Missouri now. Just wanted you to know about this scam that may hit some of your customers. Thank you. The text I received is below.
    You have just updated your personal information, if this was not you kindly follow here bymmedya.com/ to update now ref562

  • Kathleen Peart says:

    To Jim Cargill, CEO, Arvest Banks
    After trying numerous times to get my personal account titled with my name & address, not my daughter’s name & address, I am frustrated beyond belief at the responses I have been given by your bank employees. My bank statement has my daughter’s name & address as Primary & I’m told this can’t be changed. Outrageous!!!!! Why should I have to be extremely inconvenienced because your bank accounts person setup my account this way. I expect that you will make some effort to rectify this grievous error immediately and contact me to advise.

  • Alex Crenshaw says:

    I would Not Reccommend This Bank To Anyone They Do Not Know What They Are doing Dont Trust Them With Your Money Trust Me They Emailed Me And Said My Account Is Officially Open Then I Call Today To Find Out If everything Was Ok I was Set Up For Direct Deposit To Go Into My Account Tonight And The Fool Said My Account Was Closed So Sadly To Say Being A Homeless Man On The Streets Gonna Be Struggling With No Money For A couple More Weeks People Told Me This Bank Was Messed Up Now I See Why

  • Chuck says:

    I’ve been banking with Arvest for over 17 years. Since moving to Texas, my card has been compromised or lost 4 times. I’m told it will cost me $60 to overnight a card, or a week to 10 days.
    I actually had to go to another bank to start building credit. Thank you Capital One and Navy Federal Credit Union. I don’t expect Arvest to be around much longer. Transferring my Disability to my other accounts ASAP. Highly ticked off.

  • Rita McClary says:

    Bentonville Arvest banks are the most frustrating banks I’ve ever dealt with. A call to a branch is a 19-23 minute wait. The newest branch, 1 mile from my home, does not give $50 or $10 through the drive through… you must go inside, which is like attempting to get in to Fort Knox. POOR customer service. I called other banks in Bentonville and was greeted immediately by a real person .. and found any denomination is available in drive through service. I’ve yet to go to the Reg Airport Rd bank that other customers weren’t voicing their same frustrations… and the bank rep admits they get lots of complaints about the same issues in the drive through and entering the bank. I will be switching banks!!!

  • Rodney Gray says:

    This bank is a joke a look most 5000 dollars deposited. In it in as month and a half they treat you like you mean nothing to them as a customer and if you voice your opion they close your account well I’m informing arvest bank you violated my right of freedom of speech so since you want to violate my God given rights let’s see who’s lawyer is better this bank is a joke.

  • Rodney Gray says:

    This is the worst bank we have ever delt with the lead hill branch does not care anything about its customers they treat you that way also then when you fight back they just close your account and that’s that this is america when are we the people going to start standing up against tyrants like this there are better banks out there for sure who needs a crappy bank like this one that teaches there tellers to lie to you a bank that don’t protect your money or interest they have people that work their like Dawn Carter that think they are god and can close your account because you say something about the way they handled your account.well let’s see how arvest bank likes getting downed on twitter and other sites.

  • Sherry McKown says:

    Absolute worst bank I have ever dealt with in 50+ years of banking. Zero customer service!!!!!!
    479-750-1480 is just a customer non service number. 4 Weeks of trying to get a issue resolved nothing, zero help, zero call backs and if you file a complaint you still get zero call backs.
    I have lived in 7 states always had a bank in every state and have never had any issues that were not resolved instantly.

    Arvest Bank is the most funky funk organization I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Since I have been dealing with this problem, several people have told me they have had to change also. Arvest has a really bad reputation and not I have to go to all the hassle of changing banks. Very sorry I choose them as our bank when we moved back to Arkansas.

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