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  • Address: 51 E Hines Hill Rd, Hudson, OH 44236, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 440-439-7075

  • Email: shop@arhaus.com

  • Number of Employees: 5,500

  • Established: 1986

  • Founder: John Reed, Jack Reed

  • Key People: John Reed (Co-Founder and Chairman)

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John Reed

Co-Founder and Chairman

Kate Cadou Clegg

Chief Marketing Officer

About Arhaus Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

Have you been looking for quality home furnishings and décor? Look no more. With Arhaus Furniture, you will search no more. This is a company that is based in the United States of America. It is a retail type of company specialized in designs as well as selling of furnishings and home décor. The products that the company sells include tables, chairs, sofas, beds among many more.

Arhaus Furniture was founded in the year 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio United States of America. The founder of the company was known as Reed together with his father Jack Reed. Today, the store has its headquarters in Boston Heights, Ohio in the United States of America. Before the company became Arhaus, it was called Homeworks Inc. the company has expanded gradually operating different chain of stores in the United States and other places

If at all you want modern décor, modern furniture style or any furnishing, this is the place you can trust. It has stores all over the USA and other places. Therefore, you can lias with any of the stores to achieve what you want.

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  • Audrey Kelly Dyer says:

    My comments are awaiting “moderation?” So if you don’t like my comments, you don’t post?

  • Audrey Kelly Dyer says:

    Reading previous comments, I see I am not alone in my frustration. The furniture is excellent. Beyond the purchase, you are in for a ride. There is NO customer service beyond that point. I have had ridiculous issues. Let me mention a few:
    –Rug-delivered to a construction site (lost for 4 months). All I got from Arhaus was that it was delivered. I finally found it after searching for weeks at a construction site.
    –Coffee table returned (lost somewhere between my house and their distribution). It was my problem to track it down; worked my way through 4 people. Then I get a call that my coffee table has been found and ready for delivery. It was being returned, not delivered. Start all over again.
    –Desk came with broken hinge. Call after call, sent photos. Finally took a $200 credit to fix myself.
    –Three rugs purchased with pads–no pads for any rugs were ever delivered.
    –A painting that I bought in September 2022, is no where to be found.
    –Office chair delivered and put together backwards; hinges only to the front. Customer service told me that’s how it was supposed to work! Had to call the store and FaceTime with them to show them that the chair was put together wrong. I purchased that chair in December 2021 It was delivered in August 2022. Still waiting for a replacement in January 2023. I asked for the floor model. I was told no way, that has to stay for prospective customers. Forget the customer, once they make the purchase.
    I will stop here. The internal workings of this company are a MESS. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Their concierge service is just plain curt. There is no feeling of customer service. They put the customer on the defense, as you go from one person to another who says, it’s not under their area. I spent over $60K with this company. I should be an A+ customer. I am just totally frustrated. I like my furniture, but the hassle has been unreal. Therefore, I would tell anyone and everyone–DO NOT PURCHASE ANY FURNITURE FROM ARHAUS.

  • Shelly says:

    I love the look of all their furniture and my husband and I am ready to make a large purchase on living room furniture but just before we do…I happened to order an LED holiday lit tree from online. Let me say that the experience has been the worse!

    I called Arhaus online to make a purchase, an LED light tree for the holidays. It was supposed to be delivered within a week. Let me just say that I’ve had to make multiple contacts with customer service just to get a receipt of payment (which one rep told me that after a full week, that the original person I spoke with to place the order, must have forgotten to place it), then it was supposedly sent out through UPS but never was, to multiple lies about when it was was shipped. After expressing my disgust with everything, I told one of the same reps I have spoken with (Sharon), I’m done and I want to cancel since I have NOT received the product. I also asked twice in two different emails of who the manager is and wanting the contact information. She, for the first time, responds back via email that she is sorry and said that when the product does arrive, and if I still want to return it the tree, I can contact her and she will process a return. Well, tree finally came and so no worth it PLUS as I mentioned, wanted to return it. I contacted SHARON back has she requested and she replied to contact someone else…again. So called “consierage department”. Called them yesterday and spoke to a female expressing the need to return. She said she would call me back in a.a few minutes. Well, it’s now been a day later and no phone call. Can’t return the product at the local store either.

    I’m so done with this company. I’m sad because we finally had the fabric sample and furniture we were going to order but I’m afraid to order anything from this place now that I’ve experienced with a smaller purchase.

  • Ann Caruso says:

    A warning to anyone who might be interested in buying furniture at Arhaus don’t do it. The customer service department is absolutely horrible. I have had nothing but aggravation since I ordered this living room furniture. First my original order after three months waiting they call me to notify me that what I ordered can not be done with no explanation. But at that point I liked the furniture and went forward with my order big mistake. I paid extra for firm cushions I was promised delivery within four months which turned into nine months. Finally the furniture is delivered and the cushions on my very expensive couch are like mush and extremely wrinkled. With this I called them to complain they gave me customer service number which I called numerous amounts of times with no avail. They told me to take photos of my couch which I did. Sent it in never heard a thing from them. Called them back again they told me to retake photos of the whole sofa even though it is the cushions which is the problem. But to appease them I took photos of the whole sofa and it did absolutely nothing this my friends has been going on for one year now. The last I heard was I will be receiving a call from them to set up an appointment that was several weeks ago still waiting. I can not express how angry I am this store is terrible and I recommend that no one shop there the furniture is not what it is cracked up to be and it is a mere fortune. And the service is horrendous all they do is keep passing the buck and no one does their job correctly. I have no idea who is in charge of customer service but who ever it is should be instantly fired. I suggest that the owner of this company get on it real fast or else this store is going to fold. The reviews I have read are all the same bad not
    good for his company.

  • anita solan says:

    I am saddened to read these comments, particularly because I know them to be true. We have been buying from Arhaus for many years, enjoying the creative designs, and we have recommended the company to friends and family. But now we find that the craftsmanship is far below what is acceptable, and not only will they not provide compensation, but they refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. How deeply disappointing. After 6 months the planks of our outdoor Hampton table are splitting and the finish is bubbling off. The table is now discounted below the other outdoor tables, suggesting that they are aware of a manufacturing defect (45% vs 30%) but unwilling to help their customers.

  • Tribal Naharki says:

    Worst Customer service at Birmingham location.

  • Maria Martello says:

    The worst customer service and salesperson. Love the furniture but would never shop there again or recommend to family or friends.

  • Martin says:


    I am sending this email hoping someone would make some time to answer me or at least give me an answer on what’s going on with delivery and my orders that I have been waiting for to be answered over a week now, 

    I have a trade account with Arhaus,  just signed up and had an order placed for a client. Since the week before the 17th of April I reached to Northbrook location which where I have placed my order at (with Marcy), and either no one answers or Marcy is not available.  I have left more than one message and voice message and no response for Marcy or her manager to let me know if she is not there. 

    I contacted the 866.427.4287 number and of course when you hit 0 for customer service rep there definitely seams to be a problem of getting one to help you, but since my question is a delivery question,  I dial 4 for delivery and they are to help which I got a gentleman by the name of Nick who insured me that my delivery issue will be handled either by Marcy her manager or regional person, in other words someone would call me to adjust and correct the matter as he has requested it in an email. But today is May 2nd, And I still have to contact you and still no luck, I am giving this one last chance and after I think if the corporate office can’t do anything then Arhaus should not represent it self as a company who cares for its customers and designers

  • Sara says:

    The WORST customer service bar none.

  • Anita says:

    I had a very poor experience at the Arhaus in Northbrook, IL last weekend. I had previously chatted online with a representative to see if I would be able to return two lamps to this location instead of shipping them back. The representative said I was able to do that. When I arrived at the Northbrook store with my items, two sales representatives were chatting, noticed me, and finished their conversation. One of the clerks walked away and the other one reluctantly addressed me with attitude by saying, “What is going on here?” as she rolled her eyes and looked at the boxes my daughter and I came in with. She went on to say she wasn’t sure she would be able to accept the returns even though I shared what the representative said on my chat to the contrary. At that point she went to speak to a manager. The manager approved the return and the clerk took care of the transaction. I previously purchased an expensive floor mirror from Arhaus, but that will be my last purchase with a company that does not treat their customers with respect.

  • Patricia Alvarado says:

    Fortunately I have had outstanding service and updates from the Arhaus team at: 4213 Fairfax Corner Ave E, Fairfax Virginia. I would like to specifically thank Ryan and Liz for their outstanding support. As we are all aware, shipping has been a major roadblock for many retailers. However, they constantly provided updates to my order and work continuously with the Arhaus providers asking for status of my purchases. They went above and beyond in keeping me happy. Please give them a great big, “Thank You” from me. Their professionalism during these times deserve a great big “Pat on the back”.

  • Rebecca says:

    I’ve never dealt with a company who could give a shit about their customers. They were more then happy to take the whole $$$ for my dining room table and 6 months later-not even
    The courtesy of a phone call.
    I’ve had to chase them on every level. Buy your furniture somewhere else.

  • Peter says:

    BE CAUTIOUS of the quality of craftsmanship if you purchase furniture from Arhaus. BE MINDFUL if you are thinking of purchasing it online. BE AWARE that they don’t care what you think once delivery is made.

    Be cautious. I found what I consider pretty credible defects in two tables I purchased in 2021. A claim to have the tables replaced was timely made. Their answer to each of the 3 or 4 examples of poor craftsmanship I gave came with the response that “they were within the standards of craftsmanship” that the company tolerated.” Ok. Good to know going forward.

    Be mindful. I bought three pieces from the Cherry Creek store in 2021. I bought the two couches referenced above on-line. Despite my previous patronage on 3 items, no help was offered by the Cherry Creek store manager. Also good to know going forward.

    Be Aware. I’ve properly and timely made claims. I’ve called their concierge service to follow up. I cannot seem to get the courtesy of any response. I don’t think they’ll be any “forward” for me with Arhaus.

  • Hope Overmeyer says:

    I have been waiting for seat cores for my sofa since contacting/paying Arhaus in February 2021. I have dealt with: Sara Williams- Concierge specialist, Ginger Middleton-Arhaus Concierge, Andrea Doerschuk- Processor, Bradley Ludemann, Ginny Gordon- Director of Concierge Dpt. All have provided zero service.Buyer beware!!! They will never contact you and you will spend a lifetime on the telephone. I’m having to report to the attorney general.

  • Carla says:

    Unfortunately I’ve had the same experience with Arhaus, very poor customer service. Purchased a dining room table in September 2021, was told that delivery would be in November, it is now January and I don’t have the table. I have not received any information from the Norwalk CT store where I made the purchase regarding delivery. I was told they were too busy to call each customer with updates on delivery, and was offered a 5% discount which doesn’t even cover the delivery charge. Will not by making any more purchases with this store. If I didn’t love the table I purchased I would cancel the order.

  • Peter says:

    Over promise, don’t come close to delivering. Sofa now 2 months beyond what saleswomen Denise promised us. Now no one gives a call back.
    Company cashed check day after paid in full months ago.

    • Stephanie says:

      When you do get your sofa don’t let them take off plastic in truck and make them wear gloves. One man bled on my sofa piece. Back it went. Store manager still not calling me…Leawood, KS store. Pathetic! and this was a REPLACEMENT PIECE to a my first delivery screw up!!!

  • Larry Winter says:

    I’d like an opportunity to speak to your lamp and wall decor buyer

  • Shari says:

    I am very surprised and tremendously disappointed in the lack of customer service from Arhaus. Having purchased several pieces of furniture from the Bethesda, Maryland store, I expected much more in the way of communication. Much like the customers below, going forward, I will look for another store to complete furnishing my home. I have tried to reach the corporate office line several times, and continually get disconnected.
    I am still waiting for a bed that was to be delivered in May………found out this morning that it should arrive in July. I have never received a call explaining what is going on, or what I should expect. I am now calling the concierge line a few times a week, in an effort to get my furniture.
    Huge disappointment…….

  • Karen Brown says:

    Arhaus has terrible customer service! I also have spent thousands there and I’m done!

  • Karen Brown says:

    My entire home is furnished with Arhaus. I like the furniture however I believe the quality has gone downhill in the past year, and the customer service has been consistently horrible. I don’t understand how Larissa Greene, the manager of the Burlington MA store has kept her job. I believe when you are a high paying returning customer, you should be treated as such. Customers deserve to be responded to and helped in a professional manner. I see from other reviewers that I am not alone. My recommendation would be that if you see something in the store you want, purchase it online (using Rakuten Ebates 1-2% off) and disregard the pretentious sales people that are only interested in their commissions. Attaching photos of the poor quality sofas I recently received after waiting 5 months for!!!

    The auto generated comment below from the business owner is humorous and apparently trying to show that they care in the public eye? Nobody has returned my calls.

  • Karen Brown says:

    I have spent thousands of dollars in Arhaus furniture and am extremely disappointed with the customer service!

  • Terri says:

    I too have had the same problem. Ordered patio furniture in June 2019 and was told it would be delivered in July. July came and I was then told it would be September. Once again September came and I was promised I would have it by mid-October. Well, here it is mid October and now they telling me November. What use would I have for patio furniture in November? This is a joke. I opened a Arhaus credit card and they plugged no payments for 6 months. So now I get an email that my balance is due in full by the end of the month. I haven’t even received my merchandise. What kind of special financing is that?

  • Pam Doughty says:

    Ordered thousands in merchandise in January. Still haven’t received all of the order. Cant get concierge or sales rep to return calls. What to do????? Pam Doughty 817-559-4848. Beyond Frustrated….Ready to call Credit card company and tell your company to come get your merchandise.

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