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  • Address: 1090 Hammond Dr, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
  • Phone Number: 678-514-4100
  • Fax Number: 678-514-5346
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 75,000
  • Established: 1964
  • Founder: Leroy Raffel, Forrest Raffel
  • Key People: Paul J. Brown (Chief Executive Officer)

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Paul J. Brown

Chief Executive Officer

John Bowie

Chief Operating Officer

David Pipes

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Taylor


About Arby's, History and Headquarters Information


Arby's was founded in the year 1964. The company has been operational for 54 years now. The founders of the company were Leroy Raffel and Forrest Raffel. The aim of the company was to provide various fast food options, other than hamburgers, like chips, sandwiches, roasted beef, soda, etcetera.

The first franchisee store of the company was opened in the year 1965, in the state of Ohio, USA. By the year 1968, two new restaurants again opened in Pittsburg and Detroit as well. Around the 1970s, the company started expanding very fast and also started adding more food recipes to its restaurant menu as well. That’s why by the year 1981, there were already 100 stores. In the year 1991, the company was the first to offer a lite menu service, which consisted of salads and sandwiches under 300 calories. But in the year 1997, the company was sold off. After the sale of the company, the company acquired various other franchises as well, like RTM. The company also opened two of their stores in Kuwait and was expected to take over Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 1155 Perimeter Center West 12th floor. The name of the city is Atlanta, while the name of the state is Georgia, USA. The pin code of the area is 30338.


Arby's is an American retail restaurant chain that focuses on the production of various kinds of fast food products and recipes for its customers. The company has more than 3,400 restaurants under its name. The current CEO of the company is Paul Brown. As of the year 2007, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $1.2 billion. Also, as of the year 2013, the total number of employees currently working at the company is 74,000.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food recipes, like sandwiches, roasted meat, hamburgers, chips, etcetera. The company also sells low-calorie foods as well, such as salads too.

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  • Manuela Porter says:

    In McDonough GA I got on 09-02-2023 a complete Raw chicken sandwich and got very I’ll from Restaurant number 01820 !

  • Kathleen Lapierre says:

    Dear Arby, we would be sooooo happy to have in the Sanford Maine area so tired of only Mac D and Wendy . You have the best Beef sandwiches and the rest of your menu. Please come to Sanford ,Maine. Thank you for hearing my plea!!!!!!

  • TB says:

    It doesn’t look like the corporate office of Arby’s actually reads or reacts to these comments as so very many of them are super Negative! I am expecting that Arby’s is the next chain on it’s way out of business! The one where we mistakenly went through the drive thru in Rapid City, SD should be closed! We had seen the fantastic commercial for the Hushpuppy Fish and thought we’d try it – TERRIBLE IDEA – it took like 20 minutes after they asked us to pull ahead out of the way of others in the drive thru. Then when I realized we had no tarter sauce, I ran in to get some. Nope – no more for the day! What ? How is that even possible? Who serves fish without tarter sauce, looks like they make it there with pickles and mayo, can’t make more?
    Fish was soggy, fries were cold and half empty. Doesn’t the corporate office actually send people out to regularly check on these failing locations ?

  • David says:

    So they screwed my order up and I called and they wrote my name down and sayd they would fix it next time I came and it would be on them. So I just left and they had no idea what I’m talking about and told me they don’t write down names anymore. So I’m gonna tell everyone I know not to go back in there and I know people that go on a daily basis. There to expensive to be messes up orders and not giving people what they ordered. And they were rude as hell. Prolly why there slow as hell at the Russellville KY location.

  • Jean Nyman says:

    I found a hair in my sandwich which made me throw up. Hair nets, hair nets, hair nets!!

  • Donald Bramhall says:

    Stopped at Arby’s last weekend…no fish sandwich so ordered chicken strips and two small fries…cost over 13 dollar’s….the worst part of my experience was the so called chicken strips…..on the tv ad they look pretty good. Not so at the store….they were the size of my middle finger but shorter….( the middle finger sums up my experience ). Your tv ad is false advertisement, you should change it, or at least not call them chicken fingers but biddy fingers. Last time I’ll pay 13 dollars for this, or anything else at Arby’s.

  • Rebecca Hendrickson says:

    I am from Washington state, in the town of Buckley, there is not an Arby’s close to us, is there a way you could put one in our town? I love Arby’s food, we have everything else here in the Bonney lake, Buckley area just not you


    I reside in Traverse City, Michigan. After seeing all the posted comments. I have a feeling no one takes complaints seriously, so ignored! I will reach others to get the problem taken care of. In last 3 weeks Arby’s here has closed for one day each time. Then next day stuck a piece of paper saying NO BURGERS! The one day nothing was posted and I sat 9 minutes. Pulled to window and girl said they were closed cause manager had to leave. Then another time I ordered the Steakhouse cheese burger. The guy practically threw the bag at me. When I open burger up. Burger burnt outside, raw..I mean raw inside. A brown partial leaf of lettuce and a dried up piece of cheese. Bun was dry. I had to throw away and I was to far away to go back and give to them! I tried to call…no answer! Either close, get someone from Cooperate to come run until proper people can work the place!! Thank heaven I looked and not ate it. If I had, then git sick. I would of sued!!! I’m not a sue happy person either just 70 yrs old and disabled with a bad heart. So please take this serious.

  • Randi says:

    Thank you for advertising during the Fantastic show The Chosen.

  • Business that often sends employees to eat there. says:

    Just tried to visit what used to be your busiest location in Ft. Wayne In. on Coliseum Blvd. across from the mall. Only to have the lobby closed at 12:30pm. This location continues to take advantage of the Covid way of business and I am sure has lost a lot of revenue by randomly closing the lobby, normally never at lunch time. I am surprised this is tolerated, as its been 12 to 14 months since I’ve been to a fast food or restaurant that has conducted business this way. I understand only running a drive thru is much easier but I believe this is poor management ethics or employees doing this without managers knowledge. This may also be a result in poor hiring practices.

  • Jon Meinze says:

    The Arby’s at 4975 said their shake machine is broken and they don’t plan to fix it(ever).

  • Jeffrey Banes says:

    Your Boonville Missouri store is crumbling! Please contact me. I would like to share some pictures of product received. Every time they screw up orders.

  • Kathy guy says:

    I live in small town America, Shelton WA. 20 miles from our state capital, Olympia. We need Arby’s to come here. In desperate need of a new alternative fast food. Please come check us out.. hungry in Shelton. Kathy Guy

  • Donna says:

    Location 460 N Military Hwy
    Norfolk Va 23502
    Stole my card information. And took my money.

  • Patrick Blackwell says:

    It’s time to get paid again and I have got my check the we got on the 6 th of this month

  • Jeff Thomas says:

    Why did you get rid of your absolutely fabulous potato cakes,
    Arby’s was iconic for that other than your beef, a few stores I’ve been in I ask they said customers weren’t very happy.
    I know I’m only one person but as a truck driver and run every where, I think I speak for everyone, WHEN OR ARE YOU EVER GOING TO BRING THEM BACK.

  • Jeff baisden says:

    Your Richmond Kentucky store needs to be completely reset…from managers to workers is just completely awful and the food was a joke..it was dry slimy nasty

  • Cj ckeek says:

    Went to Arby’s Saturday 12-022. Ordered a wagau hamburger with cheese no thousand dressing. Got a burger with no cheese and thousand dressing and winter a half use tomato and reused pickles on it. We live a distance from the Arby’s. My husband ordered was right but this the 2nd time mine was screwed up.NEVER AGAIN

  • Beth says:

    We stopped at the Demotte IN Arby’s and placed our order. We asked for a soda water – which we have been able to purchase weekly for the past months. We were told that they didn’t have it. We explained that we’ve gotten it before and the girl on the intercom unwilling said she’d need to ask her manager. She stated that they had it on the other side. Not knowing what she meant, we asked. She said it was on the loves gas station side.

    We paid and then the “manager” came to the window, stuck the bag out and turned around and left the window without saying a word. My husband looked in the bag and found no napkins. Since the manager was already far from the window, he knocked to get her attention. She promptly walked back and asked “was that necessary?!” We were yelled at by your snotty manager for asking for something that any idiot knows belongs in a bag.

    It is a sad time when common courtesy is too much to ask. We have previously had such good luck stopping there on our way out of town each Friday. Not sure how long Yessica has been there- but clearly it’s been too long.

  • Robert Faire says:

    Good morning,Arby.My name is Bob Faire,l live in Chicago,thank you for your Awesome food products. I have a product that will complement all of your food products,I know because I did a test market when I was trying to get my small businesses off and running. I eventually failed because I had no funds.It was called Ora Lees,Gourmet Foods.it is now closed.Sir or Ma’am, if I could meet with one of your regional managers to sample my product ,my one product can also be into five different flavors. I have called corporate several times but no answer.please contact me at 17732307681 or my email,robertfaire23@gmail.com-Thank you.

  • Linda Tosto says:

    I was in Santa Clarita thurs at 545pm
    at Sierra hwy. I wanted a fish sand,he said no fish no more. I ordered 2 chicken sand and a med. choclate milk shaked 24.48.that is a bit steep. Never again

  • Paula G says:

    I should have been more specific. There aren’t any in Pasadena, Arcadia, Azusa,West Covina. If you look on their map of southern california there is a big hole in those areas.

  • Paula G says:

    We desperately need more Arby’s in southern california. There is one in Lakewood which is 35 miles from home or Laguna Woods. There are none along the major freeways.

  • Cloris says:

    Arbys in Ohio are charging sales tax on milkshakes and I contacted our county and they said milkshakes are not TAXABLE. The North Baltimore OHIO STORE IS CHARGING SALES TAX WHEN YOU ORDER THROUGH THE DRIVE UP,

  • Rebeccastevens says:

    When are you going to bring back Arby’s q? That was the best sandwich ever

  • PATRICIA H. says:

    The Arbys in Concourse E Atl airport needs to be observed and investigated as soon as possible. just by waiting for my food for 30 minutes, i could see the violatons that will have any other sites shut down and cited. Horrible service and the Manager is very salty to be a service Manager. Scraping cheese off a roll in the front of the house with no gloves and giving it back to the customer is a huge No No.

  • Lori says:

    Can you please bring back the Arby Q! It was a great sandwich!

  • Sherry says:

    I went though the drive thru at Arbys #6833
    One of the items I ordered was Lemonade no ice with my order.
    The guy at the window refused to make my lemonade without ICE. He stated per corporate he has to put ice at least half full in my drink. After my request (He filled it to the top)
    I drink room temperature items at home. I DO NOT USE ICE in my drinks ever.
    If this is an actual rule you need to seriously reconsider your rule for the health and safety of your customers. To cold of drinks can cause a heart attack in some during a strenuous day of work, Also to cold of a drink causes me personally to choke, cause throat spasms. I explained this to the gentleman and he continued to refuse to leave the Ice out of my drink. I was dumbfounded that he did not consider my condition.
    Please clarify this rule please and if this is an actual rule we will keep that in mind when choosing where to eat lunch on our outings

  • Michael patrick Nelson says:

    My wife and I just returned from the Chico Ca, store, We have enjoyed it several times. Tonight however, I was literally almost attacked by one of your employees, First he threatened me, then took off his apron and came from behind counter and stated that he was going to kill me. This all happened around 5:15 PM Wednesday October 12 2022. I plan to seek the hospital as i am suffering from severe anxiety from this. My phone number is 626-673-9417. Someone please call me.

  • Jon R Estal says:

    The same person owns one in Mason City, Iowa and Clear Lake Iowa, both are about the same distance from my home. Both are the worst Arby’s restaurants I have ever encountered. Always out of buns either for the normal sandwiches or the sandwiches that come on a hoagie roll. Always out of at least 2 sometimes 3 of their soda offerings, always get dried out rolls or French fries, always get watered down aujus with the French dip. These two Arby’s suck.

  • Jim C says:

    Called to discuss an issue I had with a local Arby’s. Person took my information and told me someone would contact me soon. Three weeks later and no one has contacted me at all. Very disappointed in the lack of follow through and handling of my concern.

  • Darren says:

    Sitting at the Arby’s Lady Lake Florida on hwy 27/441.
    Stopped to get a sandwich and I have to say unbelievable! Person working counter with ear buds in and doesn’t speak when you walk up. Slow as death ! Floors stick to your shoes when you walk in. Soda fountain non functional and that is told after you place your order. Fries cold, sandwich was the only good thing.
    Would speak to manager but I think she is fed up with things and staff. Then as we sit here there is a women in a white tank top bagging drive up orders, didn’t even look clean.
    I don’t even know where to go with this, I understand staffing and all the troubles to get people to work but as far as I am concerned this is my one and only visit to this store!!!

  • jack sutton says:

    Evert year I especially like Lent because I too enjoy “Fish Fridays.” In fact, if you’re old school you had fish every friday. Arby’s has the BEST fish sandwich (bar none!)! I go to the Rocky River, OH location for it. It makes Lent bearable & easy since I’d rather have a very GOOD ready-made sandwich. No fuss & very GOOD!
    I wish you’d offer it every Friday…2 for ? or Surf & Turf ( one fish & 1 beef)? :-). I also like your new sandwiches for the change too. The Greek gyro with cucumber sauce & your meaty rueben are outstanding & every bit as good as the chicken sandwich or world famous roast beef sandwiches! Keep up the good work and giving us good choices. The same thing gets monotonous. Just please consider the Fish at least on Fridays:-). You could do specials….(ruby) rueben Tuesday, Gyro Monday, etc. Fish is healthy 2 & a good balance to a more rounded menu. You should always have mini roast beef sliders or sandwich on the dollar menu. Maybe small fry or tater tots too….I miss the onion rings:-). Thanks….Change is good & healthy if done right….keep at it, love the Arby quality… Kudos to entire staff! 🙂

  • Bill Buseman says:

    “We have the meat.”
    The voice. The message. I love it. So much so that I went through a drive through here in Missoula, excited to try Arby’s after many years of staying away that had had good roast beef sandwiches.
    I was drawn by the ads. Great new ads great new food. I was half right. My gyro meat was raw, the sauce was tasteless and there was nothing gyro about it except the pita. My wife’s wrap was equally disappointing.
    I would suggest that when you invest a lot of money to bring customers to your door, invest in your food quality to keep them coming back.
    Thank you for allowing me to speak.
    Bill Buseman

  • Billy c says:

    Billy c again just wanted to correct location it is the south shore massachusetts

    Thank you

  • Billy c says:

    Please bring an Arby’s to the shout shore massachusetts.

  • Linda Warden says:

    For the second time going to the new store on Palm Bay Road, Palm Bay, FL, I left very angry. I had an incedent about 6 weeks ago which was reported. I was sent 2 “Make it Right” cards for free meals which I tried to use today. Again going thru the drive-thru, I was 5th or 6th in line. It took over 5 minutes for the third car in front of me to place their order. The truck behind pulled up and waited a full 10 minutes (I timed it). As I left the line, I heard someone from inside say “I’m so sorry”. I did pull up to the window and told the young lady about what was going on. It may or may not have been her fault for the long wait but, unfortunately, because I has angry, I said the “s” word. This is not something I normally do. Came home and called the store. Talked to “Manager” Jimmy. He provided the info that they had had 10 call outs today and were very short handed. 10 call outs tells me there is something wrong with the management. I know it’s hard to get help, good or otherwise, but be realistic. 10? Really a shame this happened AGAIN. I was really looking forward to a Rueben. Maybe the answer is to not use the drive thru. We’ll never know. I’m giving my “Make it Right” cards to a homeless man on the corner.

  • Richard Patch says:

    You know what I really use to enjoy eating at Arby’s But now after today NO WAY, I went to order a Half Pound cheddar and Cheese in a bowl and they shoved all the meat into a little ice cream style cup with a little cheese, I asked the girl what happened to the big brown bowl, Her answer oh they quit selling the salads and so we have no more bowls, ARE YOU SERIOUS, Arby’s you are going down hill you use to be really good now you are nothing. So unhappy. By the way this is in Bullhead City AZ.

  • Krystal Taddicken says:

    I have documentation of everything I am going to say. Arby’s store number 7183, in Anchorage, Alaska has something wrong with the staff. I ordered food through UberEATS at 3:00 pm on the 24th of September. UberEATS cancelled it because of lack of drivers. At 4:29 pm, they cancelled it again due to the lack of the drivers. I then ordered food again through Door Dash at 5:58 pm. They delivered me my food about 6:30 pm. I didn’t think about anything when my food was cold. I started feeling sick, then I looked at the receipt. The food they gave me was from 3:00 pm. Can you please explain how this should even be possible? I have a very low immune system. Getting food that should have been thrown out, makes me very sick. I ended up violently throwing up from this.

  • Gail Jett says:

    Don’t waste your time on the Arby’s in Festus.They can never get an order right

  • Shelly Rouse says:

    I thought I would let you know y ate at an Arby’s in in Springfield Missouri this week on Tuesday evening an brought it home to eat and just to let you know it made me very sick within an hour of eating it I threw up harder than I ever have in my life and I still don’t feel good at all I’ve eaten very little because all I can taste is rotten meat I will never eat there again and I’m going to talk to the TV station about it to let people know it was bad thank you

  • Kevin Byrne says:

    It took me 20 minutes to get two sandwiches and a fry Why

  • Linda crowder says:

    I live in Henderson ky 42420
    For some reason our store does not exist so when we try to use the rewards on the app it will not let us use them because it can’t find our location. Please take care of this problem. It is very annoying

  • Jason Anderson says:

    I recently went to ur restaurant on Eastside michigan Ave in Jackson Michigan. As we pulled up.to the drive thru 5 team members were standing put side joking around laughing and more. They said system was down the part that bothered me was they were smoking weed and just laughed about it. I tried 4 different times to contact a manager about it but no one seems to care. I don’t care they smoke at home but if they system is down they should b doing other things to close restaurant early or be cleaning up not smoking weed by the drive thru and the back door

  • Butterfly says:

    So sad. Basically false advertisement. Have been to 8 or more different Arby’s since the new Gyros sandwiches have been advertised. Not one of them have the turkey one! And I have gone to a different state and they still don’t!

  • Linda Miles says:

    I live in Pulaski New York 13142… I have a complaint! You have been serving FISH STRIPS.. and my husband and I have fallen in love with them! We went to our Arbys today and we’re told they are no longer available! WHY??? You have a product that people love and you stop selling it! That is the most ignorant way to run a business that I can think of! When you have a successful product you don’t stop making it available to customers unless you don’t want success! Please bring them back they are the best fish strips we’ve ever had! Thank you Linda Miles lmiles1950@icloud.com

  • Edward Zee says:

    Considering the great product variations and generous quality servings Arbys offers, you are doing yourself no favors with the two sauce was formulas you offer. There is no complexity of flavor, and the edge flavor of the horsey sauce or the Arby sauce is terrible; insultingly artificial.

    I like Arby’s, and I want you to thrive and stay in business. Do something about this! Edward Z Grand Haven Michigan

  • john doelle says:

    Hi Arbys in Savannah the worst and they owe me money and no one will answer the phone to help. i want a call.

  • Rebecca Davis says:

    The restaurant I went to was pound 6940 in the employee is Elizabeth it was at 9:29 PM thank you

  • Rebecca Davis says:

    Yes I went to the Arby’ in Evans Mills New York . I had a Market sandwich a turkey and Swiss there must’ve been two little pieces of meat on it with one teeny strip of onion in a whole Lotta lettuce it was absolutely horrible. Also the meat on The beef and cheddar was two little pieces in and cheese. That place has been gone to hell nobody care . Very very disappointed and the shake machine is always down!!!!!!!!!!!🤬😡

  • Denny says:

    why advertise fish n’ chips when your stores always say they are out of it

  • Priscilla Bugari says:

    Please consider opening an Arbys in Palm Coast. Florida. Our city is growing(population 100k) and we have to travel to Ormond beach or St. Augustine for Arbys. We love Arbys and are sick of McDonald’s!

  • Z says:

    Please bring back the hush puppy fish, those are the best.

  • Ray F. Cherry Jr. says:

    I just purchased your new cheesesteak sandwich paying over ten dollars for it. It looked great on the photo display but when I got it the sandwich home it looked like someone’s stepped on it. It looked and tasted like a paste. Two bites and i threw it away. Arbys on Ashland terrace and His son pike. Terriable!

  • Colleen says:

    Until you open the dining room I am done. In August of 2022 there is no excuse. You charge us $20 bucks for 2 wraps and we have to eat in our car. If you don’t have staff by now you aren’t trying.

  • Steven M Bonds says:

    A few years back you had a Braised Pork Belly sandwich. It was the best thing EVER! Can you please bring that back as a permanent item on your menu. I have dreams about that sandwich. lol

  • Ronda Cope says:

    The Arby’s food at the Taylor Michigan location on Telegraph Rd is one of the worst Arby’s I have ever been to. The oil is old and it leaves a very bad after taste and the roast beef taste old and the buns are almost burnt just not acceptable and we as the people deserve better food and service, we are the ones that keep the doors open and with without us there would be no Arby’s I personally think they could do a lot better.

  • Shari Stuart says:

    Yesterday, I was very disappointed in the menu at your Mentor, Ohio location. You have removed your side salad and onion rings from your menu. I am a diabetic and every once in a while I love to get your Classic Roast Beef Sandwich and a side salad. Both were delish. Now I have no side choices. I have just received a kidney transplant and was sooo looking forward to my favorite meal and couldn’t get it. Prices for your sandwich have gone up too. Guess you will need to count me and many other diabetics out from stopping in your restaurant again, since my choices are now too limited.
    Shari Stuart
    10270 Hoose Road #10
    Mentor, OH 44060

  • Thomas Sperka says:

    Wish Arbys would build franchise in Winfield (Crown Point) Indians..Winfield is growing and desperately need you here!!

  • RK Backus says:

    PLEASE,,,,, open an Arby’s in Newport Oregon. We guarantee you won’t regret it!! Thanks..
    the Backus family and hundreds of others that want an Arby’s in Newport, OR.

  • Angel says:

    Went to the Arby in upper Marlboro, Md and wanted two Greek gyro and was told that they didn’t offer the Greek Gyro but they offered the roast beef and the turkey gyro. This Arby should be closed down, they lie, I checked there website and it shows three choices for the gyro. Will never buy anything from Arby

  • Dave says:

    Walked in the restaurant my 2nd time and the person at the register is wearing Black live matter mask, I run a Buisness and my employee’s have a choice at life during their personal time I asked the manager are you okay with this is Arby’s okay with this she said at the Arby’s at 109th in Cicero Alsip IL 60803 she said it is his choice , I left and will not return.

  • Laurie says:

    Mr. Paul J. Brown CEO,

    First and for most, I LOVE Arby’s food! I have been eating at Arby’s since the 70’s. Unfortunately the Arby’s that I have enjoyed all these years has not been up to par in a long time.

    3200 West Mercury Blvd.
    Hampton, VA 23666.

    It is so sad to see this establishment that I have so enjoyed deteriorate from its appearance outside, to its uncleanliness inside, to not having menu items, not opening its doors for customers to dine in, which is ultimately causing the drive-through line to back up out onto the main highway which is 45 miles an hour. I fear that someone is going to be killed waiting in the drive-through line one day. The time it takes to go through the drive-through is totally ridiculous! I have actually waited in the drive thru line for 51 minutes, and I was only four cars from placing my order. I really wish that someone from corporate would come down to the Hampton, Virginia store as an undercover boss or something and find out what is going on with this Arby’s! I would truly hate to see it close and I fear that this is where it’s headed.

    Mr. Paul J. Brown CEO, PLEASE HELP us keep our Arby’s in Hampton, Virginia! Thank you!

    A loyal customer since the 70’s

  • brookschandler50l@gmail.com says:

    The store and Chanel woods in chenal says they close at 10:00 and the manager said they close at 9:30 I was there at 9:35 never closed you need either change the sign or get on the manager’s ass because she closed early

  • Irene Jaworski says:

    Please, please consider opening an Arby’s in Nolensville Tennessee. The population here is growing and I have to go either into Nashville or Murfreesboro to get my Arby’s fix, lol! I know it would be a win-win for everyone! Thank you,
    Irene Jaworski, email: Bluebird7636@aol.com

  • Tammy Heflin says:

    I was a secret shopper for Arby’s. But the company only let good reports. Even if the dirty tables, drive thur or the parking lot. Only used us when you had chicken pecan sandwich, I did not like it, but had to say it was good.

  • Carolyn Allen says:

    My 89 year old neighbor asked me to take her to Arby’s so she could get the new fish entree. When we were ordering window she had questions. The young lady at the window was very nice and patient. However, as we were ready to go up to the delivery window the manager told me to pull up. I thought this was surprised but I pulled up. When we were handed out food, I was told I was not allowed to come back to the drive through to order but I must go inside to order. I asked why. She said because I was at the drive through window for 7 1/2 minutes. Is said but no one was behind me. She said that didn’t matter. It was 10:30 a.m.

    • Ronda Cope says:

      They are just rude and the food is terrible, awful and has a bad after taste personality I think they need to close down and start fresh and we as the people need to stop giving our money for bad food and service!

  • Richard McCandless says:

    You guys need to stick to what works. You advertise fish sticks heavily so I gave them a try. Worst ever. Bland and cold. Stick to your roast beef.

    • Ronda Cope says:

      All there food is bad including the roast beef Arby’s really need to get it together or we as the people can shut them down stop going and paying for bad food and service!

  • Jayne kelley says:

    I went to arbys on broad street in Richmond Virginia and ordered the fish basket my husband ordered the chicken nuggets. The picture and advertisement shows the fish with crinkle fries I did not get them nor was I asked what I wanted. I hate the curly fries. When we arrived inside the 2cashiers we’re laying across the register and acted as if they did not want to take our order. I called the manager the next day and he tried to tell me I had to come in the following morning between 10 and 11 only to get a refund. I did not go because I had to go to work during that time. I have never had anyone tell me what time I had to be there to be refunded for a horrible meal and a horrible experience. I will never go back there again

    • Ronda Cope says:

      And that’s exactly what am talking about when I say bad food and bad service, we as the people have the power to shut them down if people would just stop going and spending your money on bad food and service! Wow…the nerve of him to even say something like that….show that they don’t care and they should be removed! Sorry for your bad experience with Arby’s and my experience was bad as well.

  • Linda Chapman says:

    Aug 1 I went to Avon IN store drive thru. Had a bad experience with fish basket. Made a complaint via information on receipt. AUGUST 2 I received phone call from a female rep from Arby’s. She said she would send me 2 free meals that I could use any Arby’s. Today is Aug 8 and I’ve never received anything.

    • Ronda Cope says:

      Lol… and you probably won’t!! Arby’s really need to get there act together or we as the people need to shut them down!

  • David Roforth-Smith says:

    Hey Arbys
    My nearest Arbys is 11 miles away. East Naples is a fast growing community in sw Florida. There is a perfect site for you at the junction of US 41 and SW Blvd Naples 34113. SO I CAN GET THE MEATS!!!
    Best regards

  • Jason galvin says:

    I submitted 2 complaints about the Arby’s in Covington WA. They did not value my business enough to respond. Boycott Arby’s.

  • Shannon hammons says:

    I would like to get a tattoo 12inch x 12inch of the arbys logo,of course for a fee… let’s talk!!! I think it can benefit the both of us!! I will show individuals on social media and in person everyday.

  • Linda says:

    Please please bring back your potato cakes. We all love those were very disappointed when you took them off your menu. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that misses them.

    • Ronda Cope says:

      Yeah bring back the potato cakes just make sure you change the cooking oil everyday!! Arby’s is the worst, no one of worst fast food chains.

    • Jeanette Swanson says:

      Yes potato cakes would be great. But the best thing would be to have roast beef at five o’clock at night and not be out of it. I have been a customer of Arby’s since it opened. When you run out of roast beef at a roast beef place, you definitely have managerial problems!!!!!!

      Oh, and we tried your lovely new Wagyu burger made from a dead milk cow that was burned to a crisp and gray with a large meatless whole in the middle that we threw out and would not serve it to our dog!!! Need to stick to your roast beef sandwich as long as you have roast beef available.

  • Cheryl says:

    Could you please look into building an Arbys in Hardinsburg Ky in Breckinridge Co. We have no Arbys close, We have to go 30-40 miles either direction. So many ppl love Arbys and I know it would do wonderful in Hardinsburg ky 40143

  • Victoria Miller says:

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a meal until tonight. I ordered the new hushpuppy breaded fish with fry’s meal. It was the one with 3 fish meal. I started laughing when I opened the bag. The fish is literally the size of a lighter, my fry’s where soggy and I asked for a medium size and I feel like I got laughed at, especially for the price $10.00 for what I would call a appetizers. Wow

  • V. Cole says:

    We have always enjoyed Arby’s until the last few months. The Martinsville, Va store is poorly run, never consistently open for customers and because of this when you do get food it is not fresh. We need help!! We can not even count on the drive thru any more. Send someone to get this place organized, please!

  • Ex customer says:

    You should spy on the Arby’s in Lawrence Indiana in a 7000 block of Pendleton Pike you will see why it’s going out of business

  • Jeff says:

    Hello, I live in brockport ny. Please for the love of all Arby’s fans bring back an Arby’s to our town. Please we miss Arby’s in our community.

  • Lou says:

    I wish y’all would open up a new place in Broussard,LA. There is one nearby in Lafayette but it’s getting old and not the best area. The two towns of Youngsville and Broussard are booming with several of sports complexes in addition to population growth. I love Arby’s.

  • Not important says:

    Why don’t you sell salads anymore? Very disappointing!

  • Gary Rennpferd says:

    The canoga park,ca location is closed can you update on Google search.waste of a trip

  • Shelley Stevens says:

    Left Snohomish, WA Arby’s drive-thru tonight about 5:3 p.m. with my order. I ordered two chicken sandwiches and an order of mozzarella sticks; not a tough order. When I got home and opened the bag, there was one chicken sandwich, three out of six mozzarella sticks, and what should have been a second chicken sandwich was a cold beef patty with a tomato, onions, so much sauce it soaked through the bottom of the box, with no bun at all. What is that? I chose to stop on my way home and this is how their customers are treated? Such poor customer service. Got me once… won’t happen again. Will not spend my money there.

    • Victoria Miller says:

      Way to put it out there, don’t order the new hushpuppy breaded fish there no bigger than a lighter was very disappointed. We should get together and file a class action lawsuit.

  • Sue Hardy says:

    I love Arby’s. However, I live 65 miles from the nearest one. But, there is a building where Burger King used to be in Houlton, ME and it would be great if an Arby’s would open up there!!

  • Frank Crutchfield says:

    Gyro : pita needs more time on grill, needs more ziti sauce, otherwise very good.

  • Shelia Farrell says:

    Please bring back the potato cakes! This made your restaurants unique! Everyone loved them! We want them! We miss them! Please…

  • Linda says:

    I just went to an Arbys in Sahuarita. Placed my order. The girl at the register had finger nails as long as cucumbers and so did the girl standing in back of her. The girl standing in back was digging God knows what out from under her finger nails. It was disgusting and turned my stomach. They need some rules if they want to work in a food business. This will only drive customers away. Maybe they could do other jobs other than a food business. That’s very unsanitary.

  • Peggy Comstock says:

    Hey, Just wanted to make sure that you’re aware that no one wants to have a coupon for other sandwiches they want that hamburger back. It was delicious and I’m afraid that if you don’t return it then you probably won’t have a lot of business for the lunch meat sandwich at this point in time.

  • Ron says:

    I was disappointed to learn that your “Greek Gyro” doe not contain 100% LAMB meat, but a mixture of lamb and beef. To be a real GREEK Gyro it should have 100% LAMB meat. Either make it 100% lamb meat, or change the name from Greek Gyro to Mediterranean Gyro, so as not to mislead us Greek Gyro loving customers.

  • Bonita says:

    The store was nasty. As a customer there should not be food visible on the floor all waste should be out of a customer eyesight. I have a picture but who do I send to.

  • Allan Cameron says:

    At 9:20 pm onJune 16, 2022, I went to order in the drive thru at the Arby’s on Spur 63 in Longview, Tx. I was answered by a female giving me a very stern notice that they no longer had any roast beef or the hamburgers. My reply was ok do you have turkey? Her nasty response was “Did I say we didn’t have turkey” At that point and time she would no longer take my order so I departed. I feel very strongly about customer service and I have seen this decline strongly at this particular store. I feel this needs to be looked into because this is one of my favorite places to eat lunch.

  • Sylvia Strong says:

    I loved Arby’s originally. The changes thru the years not good for me . #1. They replaced the freshly sliced delicious beef with a pressed meat. #2. They replaced Pepsi with coke. #3 They did away with the freshly baked pastry dessert. #4 potato cakes which was everyone’s favorite are only served for breakfast. #5 Tried new sandwich today. Tasty but small. #6. Lastly on today’s visit no napkins and no receipt. So sad 😞!

  • Linda says:

    I am frustrated. I buy from Arby’s at least once a week usually more. But when I order food it is never the same. I ordered Double roast beef sandwiches as I have hearty eaters in my house. Sometimes they are great and then like yesterday it was just a bit bigger than the regular sandwich. There is no consistency. I had to give up my food so they would have enough to fill them up. I feel I get ripped off so many times for the price I am paying.

  • Belinda Barker says:

    I finally bought the wagyu burger from Arby’s. It was ok but could be better. The burger was over cooked and the bun was awful. Please think substituting the bun with something else. Overrated!!!

  • Joe Carr says:

    I have eaten at Arbys for over 50 years. Love the French Dip but don’t understand you use to get a full cup of au ju for dipping and now only get a fourth of the cup. That is not enough for half of a sandwich. Please increase amount in cup.

  • Angel Fravel says:

    I just visited the Arby’s at 3650 Riverside Dr. Upper Arlington, OH at approximately 1:35pm on 5/31/22. This is the 6th time in 2 months that they have said their credit card system is down. There were 4 employees sitting in the dining area laughing and goofing off. There was no sign posted in the drive-thru so as to not waste the time of the patrons. When I asked why they couldn’t take orders the woman said hold on then someone else came back and said the cc system was down. She then asked if I had cash and said she could take my order. I was not given a receipt because “the cc system was down” What does that have to do with it since I paid cash? The manager said the system is being replaced sometime this month, but they are last on the list because of volume. It seems to me that if you actually took customers orders your volume would be much better. Only 2 of the 6 times have they said they could take a cash order. There should be sign posted if orders cannot be taken. If cash can still be accepted then that should be offered. A receipt should always be given. Lastly, the food should be hot. I think this needs to be invested further.

  • Peggy says:

    Tonight was an Arby’s night. I wanted to try the new waygu burger. Went thru drive thru and everyone was very pleasant. Got home and took my first bite and saw the burger was raw. Seared on the outside but barely warm on the inside and totally raw. This happens when a new product is introduced sometimes. And we Love Arby’s, so willing to understand until bugs are worked out. But our problem really began when I called the restaurant to give them feedback to correct future orders. First, no one wanted to answer the phone, after 10 rings the person taking orders answered. I asked for the manager. He said “Elly said she is busy and can’t talk to you”. Wow! So I told the guy about the condition of burger. He tells everyone and after a pause says, ” Elly says she is busy”. Next person on the phone was Trevon. He said he was also a manager. He was very inexperienced. Said bring it back and we will give you a new burger. The team, including manager were not aware how to safely prepare the product or didn’t understand the importance of the protocols. Hoping someone can train them. Hopefully before someone is seriously ill. Good Luck.

  • James Hartley says:

    I purchased one of your steakhouse burger and I’m not impressed with it, my burger was very raw in the middle plus there isn’t any flavour to it

  • Eve says:

    Your disgraceful Arbys on Wedgewood lane in the villages!!!! Stoped there for a quick bite on our way to an emergency. Wanted to try your new chicken sandwich that we seen on TV. WELL NOT ONLY was it a horrible 3 pieces of over done nuggets but it was not the chicken sandwich. My husband and I was so disgusted we trashed it and went elsewhere. I will never go there again and I will let my group of friends know what the HELL was that.
    U need an undercover boss to straighten this out or u definitely will loose business. What a shame used to love my ARBYS. Maybe you should stick to your beef and cheddar. Or is that a list cause too. Disgraceful, disappointed, and disgusted you could do that to customers. Do some thuan out it NOW!!!!! Shame on u. Eve

  • Jane Covey says:


  • Kathleen M Gasiewicz says:

    Today, 4:01PM EST, I ordered online for the restaurant 5067. I got there at 4:24 PM, went to the drive-thru, said I was there to pick-up an order for Kathy. She asked what time p/u was, and I told 4:30. I was told to come back or wait in the restaurant as they hadn’t received the online order yet. I waited in my vehicle and drove back up to the drive-thru at 4:29 PM. I told the gentleman the same as I told the girl. I gave him my last name and he told me to drive up to the window, which I did. At the window, I was scolded for trying to pick up my order at the window and was told online orders are for in-restaurant pick up, only. I asked why and was told online orders are no-contact orders. I told him that no such thing was stated on the website at check-out, nor did it say one could not pick up their pre-paid order at the window. Had I been able to explain further that I was unable to get in/out of the vehicle and walk-in for my order, it may have made a difference. So, that said, what does it mean no-contact? Is it no humans touched the food and/or bag and that robots did all the work? What difference did it make if I ordered the food online for window pickup or I pulled up to the squawk and ordered it? I’m sorry to say that this incident will no longer have me purchasing food from Arby’s again. One should never treat a customer at any age with a scolding, especially from someone who was old enough to me my grandson!

  • Sue says:

    Why are the potato cakes gone??? 😡 They are the best!!!

  • Mrs Mitchell says:

    Went to my Arby’s in Jacksonville, AR at lunch today. I waited in the drive thru for 5 minutes. I was the only one in line, but not a soul said nothing. I even said “hello”. Nothing. So, I drove up to the window and no one at the window. I saw a lady on the phone at the food prep wrapping area. She looked up , but resumed to her phone. I also, saw a another lady setting in a chair in the far corner straight in front of me. She seemed to be looking at me. She didn’t say anything to her employee, but just kept looking at me. Then, two more employees came from the dining area and they never looked to the window where I was present. The girl that was in the prep and wrapping area walked to the guy employ and then they walked back to prep area. This same girl walk back to the prep area and laid her head down on the prep and wrapping area. Which, is nasty. Meanwhile, the same lady in the chair is moving her head back and forth and starts getting up to come to the window. The girl that had her head laid down proceeded to walk past the lady that got up out of the chair and went outside. The lady that was walking towards the window, opens up the window and ask me if she could help me. I told her what I just witness with her employees. I asked her why she did not ask anyone to help me. She couldn’t answer, so I didn’t order and will not be back. All of this took place about 15 minutes. I have a 30 minute lunch break. So, I went to a competitor and got something. I, have many favorites at Arby’s and looking forward to having lunch there again today.

  • nikki says:

    I ordered a sandwich from door dash and had sent to my daughter at home , she sends me a pic and there was a live spider in the middle of the sandwich, and I tried to call them and they only wanted to offer another meal, and told me that it wasn’t there issue and they hadn’t seen a spider all day and that I needed to call door dash. I am very ticked off, that was a spider and if she wouldn’t have seen that and ate it, what could have happened and who knows if she didn’t eat one or what, I mean I am unsure but I am very unhappy and will not be back to them!

    • Krystal Taddicken says:

      And who knows if that spider was poisonous or not to top that. That’s just as gross as someone brushing their hair over the food counter. I have seen that in an Arby’s too.

  • FC says:

    Have ya’ll thought of putting a store In Granbury Tx, It might be worth looking into! It would do good on 377 and Meander

  • Susan jones says:

    I like arbys. The arbys at legends in kc is bad….1145 Monday morning… not open for business . This is second time of no concern for customer. Might as well close

  • Jeffrey Rodger Walsh says:

    The location in Salt Lake City, Utah at 25 N. Redwood rd. Inside the Loves truck stop has had the milkshake machine out of order for 12 complete months now !!!

  • sonnyalphonsocaste says:

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  • Jackson Monroe says:

    I would like to file a report on this Hispanic man that work at Arby’s store #7555 at belvedere road I seen the store open for the first time in two months i wanted to order some food there were a lot of customers there eating while they were being served and I was in line til I was ready to order a man with glasses who is Hispanic told me to leave store before I was ready to make my order I told the store has customers there why can’t I order ,the Hispanic man with glasses demand me to leave the store he said to my face aggressively ” F* you leave the F*ing store right now he purposely slams his hands on the counter screaming at me to leave I didn’t say anything to him but walked out this is very sick and unprofessional for someone working at this store providing bad service and cruel attention to customers I assume he’s a manager much older to be a regular worker I’ll give description he’s Hispanic, about 5’1 , glasses , bearded strong accent when speaking English this happened 5/6/22 at 4:15 pm that’s the time I’ll call cooperate due to unprofessional behavior at an Arby’s restaurant I’ll claim this once and for all

  • Andrew Carey says:

    You have a restaurant in Delphos, OH that is just filthy, my wife and I were in there last night for the last time and I don’t know that we will ever go to another Arby’s again. I can’t believe that any of your management would go into that restaurant and not work to clean it up.

  • Michael Min says:

    My son made an order at the Pearlridge Mall in Aiea, Hawaii. When he got the order home, one item was missing. His own order was a double beef and cheese sandwich. It was not there Despite the fact that it was the lunch hour, the counter clerk should have shown the order to my son because he/she may not have been the person filling the order. Basically, he was cheated out of his order because no one double checked the order or showed it to him at the counter. I have already written a negative review for that location and have not been able to contact the manager at that location. In the past, we were generally pleased with our orders there, but based on other reviews, there have been problems with items that were left out of orders at that location.

    My son didn’t feel like driving back to the mall to get his order corrected, but at very least someone needs to know what happened so that incidents such as these don’t happen as much as pissible

  • Nicole Derango says:

    Arby’s has always had some of the best service and food. They do a great job keeping the menu fresh. Recently our office ordered lunch from Arby’s twice in the same week. Both times the order from our local store was really messed up. We ordered a salad, Reuben, and some chicken sandwiches. We received no salad and 4 extra roast beef sandwiches that we never even ordered. Today we ordered Chicken and a French dip. We ended up with 2 fish and a French dip with no dip. A call to the local store was not well received. I listened to the call my associate made and she was very professional. The response was not very customer service friendly. I hope this is just an issue with our local store and not indicative of the Arby’s culture as a whole.

  • Karen says:

    I had a great experience at the Arby’s in Marion, Arkansas store #884. Your staff was great and very polite, respectful and went out of their way to make everyone in there fell like they were glad to see them. One young man named Baylon, for a teenager was the best. You could tell he enjoyed his job, but most he always answered with yes sir or Mam. He is someone that you as a company has working for you that is very rare for this day and time. I will be stopping there when I am passing that way and it is a meal time. I know that there are other places to eat but this is one place I will be making sure that I stop, and will tell others who travel on I55 to stop. I thank this young man can do well with your company, if this is something he would like to make a career out of. You need to keep him and if you have a reward program you need to add his name to your list of one of the best employees in the company.

  • Steven Craig Blake says:

    Hello, I love your food! I have a question about the ingredients in your chocolate shakes. I have a issue we’re after enjoying shake.
    Which are great. My hands and toes start to extremely Itch. Yes I know no more shakes. But I can still enjoy all of your other wonderful food. I am Wanting to know what is causing my problem so I can avoid possible future issues. If you would please send me a list of ingredients.
    Steve B

  • KATHY RYAN says:


  • Brian K. Hessey says:

    Hello, my name is Brian Hessey and I am currently the Principal at George Voinovich and OHDELA Success Track. We will be opening a new state wide drop out prevention school in Ohio next year called Gateway of Ohio. We get many students that come to us and we are their best or last chance to graduate. Most of them are over age, credit deficient and have had poor attendance. Overall school has been a bad experience and they do not believe in themselves. Our philosophy is that each individual student is the most important person in our school and we work hard on the following ideals;
    1. We individualize their education program to meet them when they are available (work around jobs, childcare, etc.) and reduce weekly required hours by having a longer school year.
    2. We try to develop relationships with them. Each student and family is assigned a mentor that has contact several times a week to provide support, help with outside needs and just talk and care.
    3. We are positive and encouraging. We try to take away all the negative experiences and celebrate any successes they have. Show them they matter and can be successful.

    Our Mentors are looking for positive behavior rewards and one of the biggest rewards that you can give a teenager is food. Your company was discussed as one that is considered by many, as community driven and a friend to educators. Because of that discussion I would like to ask if you would consider participating in our reward program for students who show academic success and /or improved engagement. We are looking to reward students with gift cards ,Certificates or any other method that will allow us to show them that we recognize and celebrate their successes and improvements.

    I would love to discuss ways that you can team with us to encourage these at-risk students to achieve. If you have further questions or want to support us, please reach out to me at your convenience. We are looking to start this program now with it being in full existence at the beginning of next school year

  • Donna Nish says:

    Te: Arby’s -99th Ave & Bell Rd
    Sun City AZ 86373
    We frequent this location & enjoy the food! BUT – apparently the staff have no control of the inside temperature!!!
    It is very cold – to the point patrons will not go there OR will be unable to enjoy their meal & leave or sit outside!!
    It makes NO sense that the manager doesn’t have access to control the interior temperature!
    Please make a positive change!! Thanks

  • Laura McDonough says:

    Cust. svc lousy, 4pm ppl getting off work, drive in window not open for customers, me and others will never be back, lines were there, no svc. Other choices. Dothan AL w. main store.

  • Robyn Rand says:

    I always loved Arbys… But they took out the restuarant out if my neighborhood and moved to far away from my house… I miss the meats…theres an empty building in my neighborhood by greenacres bowling alley… zip code 33463.. please please consider putting one here I’m sick of burgers chicken and taco bell..

    Thank you

  • Harold says:

    Arby’s was a wonderful place to work at until I started at a new location in utah 5414 W Daybreak Pkwy, South Jordan, UT 84009 it’s was the worst place ever under paid employees under staff over worked with no breaks no training from day one i myself plus 3 other employees worked more than 140+ plus hours the d.c franchise Arby’s has tainted the good name of Arby’s I was ask to leave for refusing to work drive thou remember no one to train their employees so I was accused of not being a team player and was told to clock out and leave by the district or regional Cesar he was upset because he worked a few hours and told us Arby’s workers that it’s unfair that he can’t get a break but where’s are break after working a 13 to 14 hour shift.why was I asked to leave when we have no training??

  • Louis Papp says:

    Is there any way I can get a 1984 menu for Michigan?

  • Paula says:

    I visited #01665 today (after craving Arby’s for a while) and I have to say…it was the worst sandwich I have ever had (and I bought 2). The cheese was greasy looking and runny the bun was sweet with what looked like burnt onions on top. The curly fries were over cooked. I bought other items as well but was afraid to eat them. The sandwich I did eat made me nauseous! They were out of a lot of things! I was just so disappointed!!!

  • Jon says:

    Bring back the potato cake

  • Suzie says:

    I am so impressed with the Ultimate Spy Vault and Code Kit in the kids’ meal! My granddaughter really enjoyed the secret code and took the idea to create other secret code messages of her own. This is such a worthwhile activity! Other restaurants should take your lead to provide activities to promote literacy!! Thank you!

  • Tonya Herron says:

    I’ve gone to our arbys in my town 3 xs in past month they didn’t have roast beef I mean it’s a roast beef joint but they didn’t have any said nobody took it out very disappointing

    • Laura McDonough says:

      Like me and friends, just don’t go back. lites were on, no one inside or drive in speaker working. W. Main Dothan AL.

  • Matthew McLearn says:

    We called your store to see if they were open and they said yes, until 10 . We get there at 9:35 and they said oh sorry we close at 9:30 on Wednesdays. But one of our friends got there before 9:30 and the doors were already locked.

  • R Rector says:

    I was in your store today in Streamwood Illinois 60107 & ordered the 2 for 9 double beef & cheddar & when I got home the sandwiches DID NOT HAVE CHEDDAR on them!!! I am Very Upset. My friends & I debated on going to Popeyes or Steak & Shake or Arby’s. It looks like we made the wrong choice unfortunately. I spoke with the manager ” Collin” & he was Very rude & short with me as well as unaccomidating.

  • Sarah Antonishak says:

    We cannot believe potato cakes have been discontinued!!! They often swayed us in our decision on what to eat if we were debating on a couple choices. Probably will skip going until they come back.

  • Donna Magdaleno says:

    My husband and I decided to give Arby’s (in Pueblo, Colorado) another chance after a receiving very bad food and service about a year ago. We stopped for lunch on 12/30 and we’re sorry we did. I ordered a fish sandwich and this is what I got. It was loosely wrapped, the top under-sized bun wasn’t even on the sandwich when I opened it, the bun was squashed, the fish was overcooked, the lettuce amounted to a couple of pinches thrown on, and the tarter sauce amounted to less than a teaspoon. And it wasn’t hot. When I brought it back, the Manager (?) looked at it and asked me what was wrong with it! In exchange, I ordered a Beef and Cheddar which was pre-made, under portioned and barely warm. As for my husband’s meal, the chicken was tough, overcooked, and old. Same for the curley fries. We won’t be back. Here’s the problem– If a manager doesn’t know a bad sandwich from a good one, that person shouldn’t be in charge. If a manager has an attitude because of a customer complaint, that person shouldn’t be in charge. If food is being pre-made and staged, it will be cold. The restaurant appeared to have adequate staffing, but apparently, no one cares what the customer receives.

  • Thomas says:

    Well I’m In Spring City Tn. And I Drive Down To Dayton Tn. To Get Arbys Meals like $23.00 Worth And I Specifically Asked For Arbys Sauce And I Get Back Home To Eat My Spicy Chicken Wings And My Roastbeef And Cheddar Sandwich And I Was Looking For The Sauce And Guess What No Sauce In The Bag And It’s Only 23 Miles Away 1 Way Do You Or Anyone Think you Can Tell the window employees To Give Arbys Sauce Especially When The Customers Asked For Arbys Sauce Please ?

  • Amber says:

    I am sending this message on behalf of my friend and mostly because I am quite upset about the encounter myself. I have filled out many surveys praising the Arby’s I go to. I LOVE Arby’s and will easily say its my favorite fast food. However, I was on the phone with my trucker friend while his encounter happened. This happened at the Arby’s in Bellingham Washington. He was driving his rig and needed to stop for food- I suggested Arbys, but since he is driving a semi- he can’t go through the drive thru, so he parked and walked him. The sign said lobby is closed but he didn’t want to use the lobby, he just wants to get food to go and be on his way. SO- he just wanted a carry out order. I worked in retail and I get the rules things- but…. I also feel this is very wrong- the person said “lobby is closed” and would not help him – would not take his order and put it through the drive thru register and just handle it like that. Instead he turned away business just because the lobby was closed- he refused a carryout order. I have a few issues with that. Our truckers are what supply our country with the consumers needs and wants and if a company is going to refuse service to those people that keep this country running, then is it a business that people should even support? Am I putting my hard earned money into a company that refuses to help the people that supply them? I am extremely upset over this and highly suggest that this changes now. I can understand if you don’t want people eating in the lobby, but carry out should be allowed. Not only for the trucking community but also for people that don’t have the luxury of a car.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Karen Gates says:

    The store by my house has the most amazing people working there. But as for the chicken “trnders” I fell like they won a chicken fight because the toughest ones I have ever had! Also, bring back potato cakes! Curly fries are great but get cold to fast. Runza leads the pack on crinkle fries

  • Jane Smith says:

    Could you bring back the potatoe cakes that was the only potatoes that was any good

  • Anna Ramos says:

    Please put an Arby’s near downtown Dallas on Ross Ave, or Lower Greenville. There is available property in those areas. The closest one is on Greenville and Caruth.

  • Andrew Miller says:

    Highly disappointed you took potato cake’s off the menu!
    My dad and I have had potato cake’s for 30+ years! Very dissatisfied! Hope you bring them back! Please explain why?

  • Kristen W. says:

    Seriously you guys decide to make french fries vodka? Are you kidding me? I know you’re sick and tired about the potato cakes but you get rid of the potato cakes and decide to become a liquor company and make vodka? I can honestly say I will never visit your establishment again. I hadn’t been back to your establishment since I found out you get rid of the potato cakes. But the ridiculousness of you making vodka is just the straw that broke the camels back. You lost a customer for life.

  • Patrick says:

    Your place in Andover Kansas that blows my mind in attitude & ignorance ! I been there a dozen times in past years and I feel I’m a inconvent ! Smarten Up cause there not doing good !

  • Chuck Castle says:

    I am really unhappy with your Leonardtown Maryland store. They never have change to give back to customers when purchasing food and now they are always saying their receipt machine is broken. This is no way to run a business.

  • Alanc says:

    Every fast food restaurant in Southern California has dine in but all your restaurants don’t. Pathetic. Guess you want to destroy your customer base. It’s working. Won’t eat again at your place. I was a regular.

  • Nola Doering says:

    Why does the arbys in union missouri close at 7pm?? They have missed in so many sales because of this. It’s silly to close that early.

  • Delores Rinehart says:

    Who’s bright idea was it to do away with the potato cakes? Today I went thru my Arby’s location #7116 Mesa AZ discovered potato cakes were done away with. Why? They’re a big seller. May not go back. While I’m at it the roast beef tastes different too, different seasoning. Just leave things alone! The worker at the drive through said I wasn’t the only one complaining.

  • Cindy Holt says:

    Worst service attitude at, Arby’s store # 7446 Paducah, KY. Did not say hello, did not give me a receipt back. I asked for a bag and she gave me small one I then asked for a larger she just rolled her eyes and then did it.

  • BettyGonzales says:

    I wish they would put a arby’s in Zion.IL 60099 for people that live in Zion and Winthrop Harbor IL because we have to go up to wish or Antioch IL and that is a way off spot please get one in are area

  • Lori Aly says:

    Please bring back potato cakes!!! So many people are disappointed. Your potato cake is what everyone associated Arby’s with!!! Just add them back along with crinkle fries.
    Take a survey!!! You’ll see just how many are sad by this move.
    Thank you

  • Charles Marcus says:

    Why not open a new location somewhere on the west side of Jacksonville, Florida. no arby’s anywhere on wesrside

  • Dustin slifer says:

    Why would you ever get rid of the potato cakes. So many people love them. Bad choice.

  • Gary Crockett says:

    So just went to the Goshen Indiana store. Pre recorded message saying they were closed. This is at 7:30 on aThursday evening. I’m talking to MYSELF about how much BULLSHIT this is and leave. I pass the drive thru window and there’s an employee flipping me off and screaming FUCK YOU out the window at me. Wow!!! You can’t serve customers but you can flip them off and yell FUCK YOU at them!!! I WILL NEVER SPEND MY MONEY AT YOUR WORTHLESS BUSINESS EVER AGAIN!!!!!

  • Angel says:

    One of your employees Caitlyn Smith should be drug tested cause she smokes weed 24/7 she will need to watched cause she uses something to pass drug tests

  • C Horn says:

    I went to Arby’s yesterday the one that’s 3990 Methodist Circle, Bessemer AL 35022 to purchase one of the new prime rib steak sandwiches. Upon getting my order I noticed I didn’t have any bell peppers on it nothing but meat and cheese so I’ll pull back around to inform the cashier and she said Oh the bell peppers are in the meat I said no the last one I purchased you could see the yellow and red bell peppers so I pull back around she said they were out of Bell peppers and, I said that I didn’t want it she said just keep it I will refund you your money. I get’s home to find out I never had a receipt in my bag and my money was never refunded back to my card for $10.06 so I just got screwed I didn’t get an order nor my money back very very disappointing highly disappointed. I got home called back several times no answer. The fries was old and cold .

  • Richard says:

    Just left the Arby’s in Booneville, MO there were two different prices for the brisket sandwich. I asked why they had two different prices he said one expired. I asked Why it was still being advertised and he said ‘get over it.’ By the way it was the manager. At that point I left. I have managed fast food before and you never talk to a customer that way.

  • Donna Todd says:

    I have been to Arby’s in Myrtle beach sc 3 times came from Carolina forest. It has been closed advertising open. So disappointed

  • LC says:

    I’m disappointed that u stopped selling your potato cakes. The one u should stop selling is your curly fries. There absolutely disgusting. You started to sell onion rings n there were the bomb. Better then burger kings. All I have to say it well be great to bring potato cakes n your onion rings back.
    Thank you!!

  • Ann Sullivan says:

    Today, 8/25, my roommate stopped by Arby’s in Trussville Alabama to get me something to eat. I recently had a stroke and still bedridden and most food won’t stay down. She ordered a fish sandwich and curly fries for me and jalapeño poppers and a jamocha shake for herself. They didn’t have the milkshake or the coke she asked for as a replacement. Her peppers were dried out from sitting around so long. My fish had no lettuce and no tartar sauce and was cold. My curly fries were soggy and they had no ketchup and included broncho berry sauce to go with the fries. There were no carbonated drinks except Diet Coke which they were handing out freely because they didn’t have proper stock to fulfill orders with. What happened to you? When did you go from the top of the pack to the bottom? I can get better food and better service from Taco Bell!

  • Sharron Johnson says:

    Advertise fish sandwiches in 2 for $5 and don’t have when ordered.

  • Larry Conkle says:

    I stopped at the Arby’s on Miller Lane in Dayton, Ohio yesterday. I ordered a small Fry and a classic Roast Beef. When I got it and pulled over to eat. The Fries were cold, and the Cheeseburger was barely warm, and the bottom of the Bun was white and powdery. Smelt like flour. I couldn’t eat it and Threw it out. I ordered it through the Drive Thru. I will never stop at that Store again if that is how They serve their food. They must not take pride in their work. The Food was not good! I like My Food Hot.

  • Robert W Shadley says:

    Store 7867 in Rowlett, TX does not mask, are they vaccinated?

  • norman Guthrie says:

    Hi my name is Norman Guthrie. I just wanted to share my opinion of one of your store locations in Milroy PA store number 7971. I’ve been coming to the store for 10 years now it seems give or take a few years. I have a very bad experience this time at the store. Or should I say restaurant. I walked up to the counter I order my food. The cashier was very friendly. I’m looking around I look up and the ceiling above where all the food is is covered In dust spiderwebs hanging. Floors haven’t been mopped or swept. I’m sitting there eating my dinner. And I look above the soda machine and there’s cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling. There’s cobwebs on the walls. These people are not cleaning the restaurant like they should. Not only that I’m sitting there at my table I had to wipe off my self because none of the tables were wiped off. In times like we’re living today with the pandemic going on after each customer leaves they are to sanitize the tables and chairs I thought. But apparently that’s not happening at this location. I’m very disappointed I probably will not ever eat at this restaurant again. I think someone from corporate should visit this place and see how filthy it is I think the ceiling needs replaced or cleaned professionally the walls. I’m very sorry that I have to post it I usually never post anything negative about a restaurant. But this is a bad experience for me like I said before I probably will not visit this location ever again. Thanks for your time God bless and I hope you get this fixed

  • Michael says:

    So, my nieces were actually enjoying working at Arby’s at 11488 Preston Hwy Louisville KY, but the GM, Robert, has turned off all cameras, and says the most inappropriate things to them, and touches their shoulders and thighs. Tells them they wi lose their tits and ass once they have children. One employee took the door off of Robert’s office so he cannot touch the girls in privacy. He left a handprint on the ass of another young girl and she took one of my nieces to the bathroom to show her. Jason, the regional manager, has been informed and has done nothing. My nieces have turned in their notices for two weeks. Arby’s needs to intervene.

  • Mike says:

    I went to your location in loves park Illinois at about 8:50pm on sat august 7th and tried to make my order. first they said they don’t have large drinks. I asked what they meant and the manager clicked in rudely to over talk his employee and crassly explain they were out and only had medium. To which I said that would be fine. And tried to complete my order they gave the total I didn’t hear. so I asked to repeat and the manager again rudely clicked in to give attitude and the total. To which I said you know I came for food not an issue cancel the order and I pulled around to leave but stopped at the window and said if you didnt interrupt and be so rude I would have made the order to which he ran to the window and said fuck you and called me a drunk( I don’t drink period) and told me I had attitude to which I asked to speak to either someone above him or to his corporate he told he was the manager and I couldn’t to speak to corporate becuase I was a drunk ass hole and told me was going to call the cops on me becuase I was drunk.. again I don’t drink!!

  • Terri says:

    I think Arby’s should buy my pictures from the beach tonight for an ad. I have a pretty hilarious shot of a seagull walking around with an Arby’s cup in his beak. Corporate, email me?!😀

  • Denise Bell says:

    We went to Arby’s on S Emerson Ave in Beech Grove to get something through the drive thru at 9:20 along with several others that were in front of us and no one ever took our orders. We called while in the drive thru line and saw at least 3 people standing at the counter playing on their phone and no one ever answered. We called 5 times too. If you’re not open please turn your lights off and have the common courtesy to let your customers know in the drive thru line that you’re closed instead of letting 3 cars sit there for 15 minutes waiting to order. We eat here often and it’s been bad here lately! Probably won’t be back.

  • robert Mcgrail says:

    Hello I’m robert McGrail I helped a store get a remodel in pittsburgh the district man. Was keith stewart and sherry zorich was my boss I have some excellent recipes and ideas I think we should open an Arby’s type diner with newly fresh home cooked style and I have the recipes.i was the guy who won #1 red hat service and sold the most donation for cancer ..lmk namasaki 🙏

  • Linda Williams says:

    Dear Arby’s I love most of your food but I don’t eat there very often your prices are to rich for my sad budget. Any how here is my complaint you dropped the potato cakes. I love them and I hate curly and crinkle cut fries. Please, Please bring potato cakes back. I will not eat there until they return and no good comments until then. P.S. the new bread for the French dip is too thick even with the dipping sauce

  • susan p says:

    You lost our business today; we went to order your Italian subs and were politely told that Arbys no longer sells them. Who made that decision? I believe it had been made in the past and then brought them back. Didn’t the company learn from their past mistake? Customers love the Italian sub sandwich. I certainly hope you plan to bring them back again, only better!

  • Holly Hoagland says:

    I went thru your drive thru in Hazelwood MO. 63042. I ordered your Rubin. Had 1 slice of corned beef. Worst sandwich I have ever had. Reminded me of Subway which the picture on TV IS NEVER what you get. I don’t go there. I hope this is only a local issue with your Rubin. Holly Hoagland

  • Steve Lowe says:

    Hello I’m not complaining I’m wanting to comment about a very hard work that you have working at the Arbys here in Bartlesville Oklahoma his name is Jeffrey he is one great guy he always has a smile on his face he is very polite he really bust his ass working for you all in sure all Arby’s workers busy their ass but he goes above and beyond I went to Arby’s yesterday and he didn’t look like he was feeling well but he was still their busting his ass please don’t ignore this please st him know he is appreciated give the man a raise or something he deserves it Arby’s needs more good people like Jeffery and he works nights till close thanks for listening Steve.

  • Disgruntled Guest says:

    I have experienced the same problem numerous times at Arby’s in Southfield, Michigan. They make their sandwiches ahead of time and leave them out on the counter to be served. Not only that but that location is always dirty. I’ve called corporate every time and there has never been any corrective action! Next time I will report it to the health department but this time I called to try to reach Arby’s CEO. I was told he doesn’t accept phone calls. I understand that a lot of people try to contact him but it seems very odd to me that he doesn’t take calls. I’m sure he uses a phone! The person asked me if I tried reaching out to his administrator. I answered no and politely asked for their number or to be transferred. The person apologized and said they couldn’t give out that information. What kind of business operates like this!?

  • Linda Smith says:

    I would like to request that you consider opening an Arby’s in Yuba City, CA. The nearest location is 50 miles in either direction. I love Arby’s but in CA the gas prices do not make feasible to travel 100 miles round trip for a sandwich. Our town is growing fast and you would be welcomed here with open arms.
    Thank You

  • Toni Chapman says:

    I would like to suggest to your chief operating officer that there is a property available at 137th Street
    and Walsingham Road in Largo, FLorida, 33774 that was formerly a fast food restaurant (Burger King).
    Arby’s would be a welcome change for this area because of its varied menu. There is no Arby’s
    within a mile or two from this location.

  • Raymond J Heck says:

    Is Arbys corporate really closing = Buffalo Wild Wings NTN contacts ???
    That is a lot of people who might be moving to another location
    Thanks for listening , Raymond

  • Tom Wedin says:

    I live in French valley, Murrieta, I have a suggestion that will make you bundles of money. On the Corner of Winchester Rd and Benton Rd, you should look at the property there to build a restraunt there. There is a Stater Bros shopping center, Popeyes, (new) Denny’s (new) Farmer Boys, and all three are so packed takes forever to get food.. This is a gold mine area, there is nothing for miles each way on Winchester Rd. Hope you can send someone to check out this area, many many new homes built in the area..Regards and please check it out you won’t be sorry………

  • Pam Veldheer says:

    After watching movies on a streaming channel recently at LEAST every five minutes the same Arby’s commercial played 5 times in a row. It was a very obnoxious commercial. We probably heard the commercial 100 times that night. I swore I wouldn’t go there because of it. Well, I’m a AFC provider and when asking the men I serve where they would like to go they chose Arby’s. So we went because it’s about them not me.Obviously I knew there was a $5 meal deal because I had just heard it 100 times! Well we get there and they were told by corporate not to sell it!!! That is plainly false advertising! I ended up spending more out of my pocket. Not a happy customer!!!

    • Tom B says:

      I agree with Pam. I used to be a customer but refuse to go because I am sick and tired of all the advertising !!! Over and over and over and over…..The food is OK but the way they advertise you would think it’s a five star restaurant..It’s just fast food…Without the cost of stupid, repetitive commercials they could probably cut the cost of their food in half. They not only waste money on advertising, they are losing customers because of it!!! Change your ways or soon you’ll have to close the doors.

  • Jeff says:

    Some of your sandwiches are very good but some aren’t. A Rubin should grilled so the bread is toasted and the cheese melted, not microwaved.When you microwave bread or toast it makes it tuff. Hero’s should also be grilled. The meat and the bread has to be grilled to be cooked correctly. Not heated in a toaster oven or microwaved. Get a grill and start making a great sandwich.

    • Ann Sullivan says:

      Agreed. Bread needs to be toasted, not microwaved into inedible rubber. Cheese should be melted on top of the hot meat. Your restaurant shouldn’t even own a microwave for anything!

  • michele says:

    At 630 PM may 1, 2019 I went to the helena Montana Arbys store location to order dinner for my family, I went IN store to order “to go/carry out”. What a disappointment. The place was filthy, out of various food supplies, the young lady working the drive through was nasty to both customers AND other staff, her hygiene was gross. Apparently 2 staff/team members had walked out/quit, another member of the “team” had gone to calm down and have a beer. The ONLY saving grace was the FIFTEEN YEAR OLD YOUNG MAN working the counter! A baby TRYING his damnedest to hold the restaurant together! And that young man was already working past his shift end and doing a better job than most adults!!! Shame on you Arbys! Where the hell is your manager?? District Manager? With the millions you take in you cant train? pay a decent wage? obviously the franchise doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it’s employees so it stands to reason it doesn’t care about it’s customers! I did NOT give the place my business tonight nor will I EVER!
    I applaud the young man at the front counter, admire his efforts, friendliness and respect shown to ANGRY patrons and loved his smile. Arbys Franchise… You dont deserve him!!!

  • ALLY says:

    Arbyy’s fish sandwich is being ruined by serving it with Mayo instead of tartar. Oregon has a company beaver brand that makes the best tartar in the USA. Why not try it and relaunch the fish sandwich in Oregon.

  • Richard Chapman says:

    My wife and I went to the Arby’s in Sierra Vista, AZ yesterday. We had an Arby’s gift card and after we ordered we were told the machine was down to take gift cards. They told us sorry, can’t help you. So we were basically turned away. What good are gift cards if you can’t use them? They were asked when will it be fixed? They casually said: Don’t know.

  • John Love says:

    I had the worst service of all time tonight. I asked if the sliders were what the Arbys Jr. used to be. he said yes. So I ordered 20 plus other things. when they set them on the counter, I said I don’t want cheese on them. That’s when the head manger blew up at me. He said I needed to learn how to order sandwichs. Now he’s has to waste food because I’m so dum that I don’t know that the sandwichs come with cheese!! I said to him as I pointed to the meau, it doesn’t say anything about cheese. He said “you ought to know that it comes with cheese”. “You need to learn how to order a sandwich.” Then he said, as he was slinging things around, “I don’t go to your job and criticize you!!!” And he was very loud. I have never been so humiliated and yelled at like I was tonight. I’ll never go back to that Arbys as long as he is manager, and I might not go any Arbys again. I have a heart condition and I had to sit in my truck for a little while to get my heart rate down some. He was very rude. This Arbys is at 129 Luyben Hills Rd Kingston Springs, TN 37082

    • Jewel Casey says:

      I can empathize with you, John, though I’ve never (and never would) eat at an Arby’s. I would suggest, however, that someone with a heart condition should not eat at any fast food restaurant, including Arby’s. You would be well advised to eat a better diet, best done at home where you know what is in your food and how it was prepared. Be and eat well.

  • Nonya Biz says:

    watch out for Arby’s pricing-they charge a higher price than what is shown on their marquee. That would be fraud – right??

  • >