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  • Address: Apple Campus, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 866-275-3866

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 132,000

  • Established: April 1, 1976

  • Founder: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak & Ronald Wayne

  • Key People: Tim Cook, Katherine Adams, Jeff Williams

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S. No.





10600 N Tantau Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States



120 Bremner Blvd #1600, Toronto, ON M5J 0A8, Canada



7 Avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris, France



Level 3/20 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia



Hollyhill Ln, Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Cork, Ireland



7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64, Singapore 569086

Apple Headquarters Executive Team

Tim Cook

Chief Executive Officer

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Katherine Adams

SVP & General Counsel

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Jeff Williams

Chief Operating Officer

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Name Title
Eddy Cue Senior Vice President Services
Craig Federighi Senior Vice President Software Engineering
John Giannandrea Senior Vice President Machine Learning and AI Strategy
Greg “Joz” Joswiak Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing
Sabih Khan Senior Vice President Operations
Luca Maestri Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Deirdre O’Brien Senior Vice President Retail
Johny Srouji Senior Vice President Hardware Technologies
John Ternus Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering
Jeff Williams Chief Operating Officer
Mike Fenger Vice President Worldwide Sales
Lisa Jackson Vice President Environment Policy and Social Initiatives
Isabel Ge Mahe Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China
Tor Myhren Vice President Marketing Communications
Adrian Perica Vice President Corporate Development
Kristin Huguet Quayle Vice President Worldwide Communications
Phil Schiller Apple Fellow
Carol Surface Chief People Officer

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  • Delroy McFarlane says:

    I called in to customer service today after purchasing two new EarPods Pro. I was very disappointed that a new Lightning charger was in the case ; However, no outlet cube included. After spending almost $600 dollars for this product I will have to spend another $60 plus tax to get the cube for the charger. The customer service rep was extremely rude. I was told that it’s my job to do my research when buying a product. I was also told that if I wanted the cube for this new technology that the company is moving to I should upgrade to the IPhone 11 it comes with a cube.
    I do take some responsibility. Here are the devices I own that are Apple. 8 Cellphones, 3 MacBook Air’s, 6 pairs of EarPods, Mac mini, 4 IPads, Apple TV. I also have given Apple products as gifts.
    I have invested in Apple and now I feel like I’m being buckle and dime for al la cart products. This is bad business practice. All I wanted was two cubes for the charging cable.
    Look forward to a call back or even an email.

  • Ruben Morales says:

    On February I received a set of beats headphones As a gift and on April 14 the right ear lobe came off. I thought that was normal. I was in the middle of my run exercise and I was adjusting my ear piece and noticed my ear piece that goes around my ear had come off. I attempted to put it back together but it didn’t stay in the hole. The headphones have warranty but the technicians refused to fix it without a charge. I was told by a senior advisor that it was not a factory defect and I replied “ How do I know that”? She replied that the technicians are professionals. She went on and address the issue if it were a factory problem the right side would not be working as far as audible. I mentioned to her that when the ear piece came off I could still hear my music out of that side I just no longer had the wire that wrapped around my ear lobe. Anyhow; I never resolved anything with her they expect me to pay for the repairs which total $99.00. With all due respect I feel I shouldn’t have to pay for something that was not my fault. Every thing I mention is the truth. I hope to hear back concerning this matter. Sincerely, Ruben Morales ph# 210 260-8591

  • Mitch says:

    I am totally dissatisfied buy what your company has done and is doing. I have three apple devises and two services Icloud and Itunes myself and my kids each have two devices and my wife has two devises. I am at the point that I am almost ready to through them all out and move to Microsoft or google.
    You sent me a email or text message or notification I don’t remember that told me I needed to verify my account. I followed the instructions and it didn’t work. I called apple support and they told me to reset my password. I made it clear that I didn’t want to go through the problem I had before that took me many hours to fix. I was told by that person that I should not be having this problem.
    Now I am being told that it is not your problem that that I need to create an App specific password for each devise I have. When I do this it lock me out of the other devises because the passwords are all different. After an 1 -2 hours on the phone with the first level tech support I went to her supervisor.
    Savalmae who would not give me her last name or employee number. She would not listen to what I was telling her and continue to tell me that what is was telling her was wrong. If you check your records you will find this not to be true. She told me that I would need to contact Microsoft to address the problem that you created.
    I tried reaching Corporate Apple and got no answer, just sent back to customer support.
    I want a person who can address the problem I am having and tell me how not to have it again ASAP.
    You can reach me at 215 479-3922. If I don’t hear from you I will take this to mean you want people to go to Microsoft support to fix the problems you create. If that is the case I am sure people on the internet and papers would be very happy to hear that this is your position.
    I gave you one more chance and called support later in the day and spent 3 ½ hours on the phone for a manager in your service department “KOREY” “IT IS WHAT IT IS” I DON”T NO HOW TO FIX IT. I CANT REMOVE THE DOUBLE AUTHENICATION AND ITS YOUR PROBLEM.
    My Name is Mitchell Welsch you can reach me again @ 215 479-3922

  • Mary Thibdeau says:

    I received an email supposedly from Apple saying my account had been hacked in Indonesia and asking me to change my password. I became curious because words were misspelled. I did not change my password at that site but did change it in your official site. Just want you to be aware.

  • Ron says:

    I am tired of your calls. Remove me from ALL your list

  • Richard Gunter says:

    Apple is an excessory to ciber crime i have physical evidence that their apple i pod cards are being used for internet fraud i have a case number for my complaint involving $1000 worth of apple i pod cards i have supplied apple support with the card numbers and since i can not get in contact with the australian apple head office in sydney legal department then i am going to let it be known that apple is aware that their product namely the apple cards are being used in internet scaming (cyber crime) and they do not want to do anything about it …. hence apple is now an accomplice in ciber crime

  • Joao Antunes says:

    Good afternoon, I bought a Mac air in August 2018, and since the first day I have problems, after contacting Apple support for manny times I was forwarded to a repair in a recommended store, the problems continue, and I intend for the MAC to be exchanged , it seems that Apple Portugal does not intend to make the exchange.
    Is it hard for Apple to swap a Mac Air with problems?

    The manufacturing number is: FVFW4SYYJ1WK

    i Hope that Apple has the good census of having to make its exchange. Thank you
    João Antunes

    phone 00351 939713123

  • >