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  • Address: 111 Weir Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 651-438-5099

  • Email: customercare@abcfitness.com

  • Number of Employees: 2,500

  • Established: 2002

  • Founder: Chuck Runyon, Jeff Klinger, Dave Mortensen

  • Key People: Chuck Runyon (CEO)

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About Anytime Fitness, History and Headquarters Information

Anytime Fitness is a coming together of three people named Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger who used to work for a fitness club and in 1995, bought a club called Southview Athletic Club. Along with running this club, they learned about the expectations of people going to the fitness centres by working with some consultancy. After selling their fitness centre in 2001, they started Anytime Fitness in 2002.

This club runs 365 days a year and with unlimited facilities, it primarily focuses on providing strength, endurance, and tranquillity of the mind to its members. All the members can access the facilities securely as these clubs have security cameras installed. This company reimburses anyone who shows the picture of them having the tattoo of the club’s logo.

From one-on-one personal training to team workouts, this 24×7 running club helps its members by keeping them on track and make healthy happen. They use all the advanced equipments while carrying out various types of workouts so that customers feel stronger from the inside as well as outside.

The company has its headquarters in Woodbury, Minnesota, United States and got over 4000 clubs established across 50 different countries – with an aggregate of more than 3 million members worldwide.

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  • Marlene Wingate says:

    The Anytime Fitness in Sebastian is the worst. 2″ of dust on pipes and bathrooms are filthy. Also none of the ceiling fans work. A/C is kept at 78 degrees. I’ve asked when they will be fixed and the gym needing a deep clean. Also spoke to one of the owners Bryan Swain a couple of times and he acted like he could care less. I went there today and came in the wrong door and was pointed at and a finger telling me to come to the office. I asked again about ceiling fans and they cost $100.00 at Homedepot. He said what? I told him they haven’t worked for months and the place is filthy. He said, this is not a good fit and I must leave. I said I have brought these issues up with all employees and nothing has changed. If things don’t get fixed then you go to the owner. He could care less.. It’s hot in there and the equipment pads need to be replaced. He is a sorry excuse for a businesses owner. I told him I’m a business owner and when things break, you fix them. He doesn’t care! As long as money is rolling in, that’s his main concern. Btw, they do not provide paper towels. You have to bring your own cleaning cloth. Now that’s plain cheap! I’m 67 years old and was treated like I was a 5 y.o. He needs to go back to school and learn how to treat people! I will spread the word around town!

  • Astounded says:

    My husband has been a member of anytime fitness for over 3 years…about 3 months ago we started having problems with your billing company charging declined payment fees. We spoke with our bank…anytime fitness and your billing service…these charges which they are still trying to take these amounts out of out account DAILY..I have 6 recorded conversations from billing stating they were wrong and promised I would receive a credit…they posted one credit but then continued to try and take it back out again…anytime said they would issue a month’s free for the inconvenience…that conversation is recorded as well…they never entered it into the system so the billing company continued to try and take the regular charges out. I’m here to tell you…this is outrageous!!! I’m told you have no affiliations with the billing service you use????? Thats poor business….they rude guy in the office told me that I should have money in my account to pay the fee….I have plenty of money but I can tell you one thing…I’m not having my hard earned money stolen by a company that can barely speak English to me….3 years you’ve been wonderful and one slip up on your end that you didn’t care to fix has cost you a devoted customer….good luck and next time…keep your billing service within your company and not overseas! GOOD DAY!

  • Jo says:

    I was a member of Anytime Fitness Summerfield Fl. When I attempted to enter Sunday Jan 6 I found my key fob would not work. I returned Monday morning and was told my insurance Silver and Fit was no longer accepted. My first thought was a little heads up would have been nice. Now I can’t join another gym until Feb 1 (just the way my insurance works) However I visited Anytime Fitness a few miles away and was told my insurance was still being accepted until the end of April. The manager Joseph at Summerfield location is very unethical.

  • Nancy B Brown says:

    I joined last Wednesday online and I still can not get anyone to give me a key to work out- even gone during staff hours and emailed, called and no one has help me yet!

  • dianne ratusz says:

    this is third time for this attempt i went to north ridgeville anytime fitness for their offer of FREE after getting screwed out of $300.00 i told them i was already a member there plus silver sneakers then he said oh then this is free they took out $150.00 within 2 hours i called right away no recall again another $150.00 2 weeks later called no return call talked to Janet Lee at corporated office she said wait a week still no call back called janet back left message two weeks ago no recall no help

  • kathrine solberg says:

    Central Point, OR Anytime Fitness without follow up it appears we’re being ignored. gym management has disturbed our living space on multiple occasions ie:they’ve knocked on our door in the early morning, they’ve cut the entire buildings water supply for hours without contacting the owner or tenants prior to doing so (which is illegal), the remodel moved/added equipment to the second floor that has disturbed appointments at Central Point Behavioral Health next door, classes at 5 AM with blaring music and instructors yelling, loud tvs playing nonstop, gym members deadlifting at all hours dropping weight so heavy we can literally feel the vibrations floors up, etc. the point of all this is to say we’ve been inconvenienced countless times and we’re asking again to turn down the music and be respectful of the other occupants of the building. in my previous post i mentioned the 8 families living up here, and come to find out one of your managers is also an apartment tenant. it’s astounding to me knowing this information, her being management, that the peace and sanity of her neighbors means so little that we don’t even warrant a response. this is a noise violation and complaints will be filed.

  • Lannah says:

    I have never been so mistreated and talked down to in my life. These people do not know customer service at all. The anytime fitness in gilroy California. The girl Sadie is only one that was somewhat helpful but still the fact I can’t cancel after dealing with Covid and the after effects of it and my mental health depleted during pandemic and they still want to give me a hard time. Covid has not let up and actually got worse and still they stick to the bull. They have done nothing but harass me over and over for their money and use a company called abc solutions who hounds me and I finally try to give them a payment and I’ve dealt with condescending people over the phone and my payments not being taken and them making it seem like it’s my fault and my bank when my bank found no issues what so ever. ABC blames anytime fitness policy and anytime fitness blames abc policy. No one wants to take responsibility and treat people like crap when they have no idea what people are going through at all. I call the gym and try to make payment that way and this idiot girl took my payment and before even listening to what I said about specific amount and I told her no to the full amount she goes and submits it. Then has nerve to be like oh oops all I can do it write in a note that says to wave the new month payment. People do not listen this days and have no consideration about other people and their struggles. Her mistake cost me my gas for work and food and now how to take money out of my rent to cover that loss and be late on paying my rent. Now they are messing with my lively hood..you are a gym!!!! Their are circumstances and a pandemic you idiots. Think about what to u do or say stop telling me I’m so sorry I’m tired of it. If you were sorry then you would give a crap about other people. Greedy and selfish company.

  • Christie West says:

    I have been desperately trying to cancel my membership in Thomasville Georgia for 10 months and get nowhere with these people could someone please help me I am retired and cannot afford this

  • Eva Firmani says:

    I joined Anytime Fitness in my home town of Greer, SC because I was impressed with their amount of classes especially the Zumba. I travel quite a bit to visit family in different areas because of a health condition they assist me with. Two of my relatives the facilities were over 40 minutes away I could not travel that far. One facility near my daughter was so ill equipped and small. None of the facilities in 4 states offered zumba or any other classes. Much of the facilities were untidy , broken mirrors and disorganized. In order to keep up with my 6 day a week workout I joined planet fitness for less money and way more amenities. Unfortunately I am on a fixed income being disabled I cant afford both . I Unfortunately took the advice of a sales person and signed a two year contract with anytime fitness. I’m distraught to give up planet fitness where I get much better eqipment and access in areas. I will deter anyone from joining the anytime fitness

  • Dianne Ratusz says:

    You advertise free summer program I made an appointment went in he said $300.00 gave him my card Also told him I was already a paid member he looked up my name and saw I was also a silver sneaker member he said well looks like it’s free gave me my card back I have been charge $300.00 this is false advertisement I called they have not called me bak

  • Nathan says:

    Just canceled by membership at the gym in big lake, MN due to there not being enough weights in the gym. The owner is great and had no issues with the gym itself besides the lack of equipment.

  • Cathy Wunderle says:

    I am desperately trying to cancel my membership at the Anytime Fitness in Amherst, Ohio. They refuse to cancel it. I am on a fixed income and inflation is hurting me. Please help me!

  • Mike Jeffery says:

    I will continue to give bad reviews until it’s off my credit report. I was even willing to make a settlement they said they don’t due settlements so they get nothing. Dumb ass would rather have zero dollars

  • Mike Jeffery says:

    Chuck the ceo just cares about how much money he will make

  • Mike Jeffery says:

    Anytime fitness worst gym ever. Don’t join. Had Covid almost died wouldn’t let me can cancel. Went back driving over the road gone months at a time, they said that wasn’t reason to cancel either. So they put my balance in collection

  • Pissed Off xmember says:

    Its bull that I have to pay a full month of membership even after the membership is canceled plus the maintenance fee. So when you cancel your membership apparently there is a 30 day window that you still get charged. This is bad business.

  • Bill Rafell says:

    The Anytime Fitness Gym in Boulder City, NV is soon to be closing in the next few months.

    The current owners are not keeping it up and apparently have lost interest in running the place. It would be a shame for it to close, as there are many retired people in the town that need a place to work out and stay healthy.

    Could you please see if you can find someone to take over their franchise, or someone new that could take over running the gym with the current facilities that are already in place ?

    Our community really needs this gym, and it would be a shame to lose it.

    Thank you

    Bill Rafell

  • Jonathan Anderson says:

    I was a member of the Arkansas City Kansas anytime fitness. I moved to Florida, there were no anytime fitness gyms near me. I called Ark City to cancel.The manager told me I needed to send a notarized letter of cancellation. I did. I also emailed it to them. They continued to bill me for months. I had to cancel my credit card so they would stop taking my money. When I called they told me the old manager made a mistake and never processed my cancellation and that I would still have to pay for the months after I cancelled. I refused. They continued to call me for many months trying to get me to pay and each time I refused to pay for their former managers mistake. Now they are calling and telling me that im being turned over to a collections agency. Even after they found my letter of cancellation. This is wrong. Why are they turning me over to collections? Why are they trying to ruin my credit? This unscrupulous behavior is just wrong. My name is Jonathan Anderson my phone number is 316 882 6319. I am hoping someone from your corporate office will see this and rectify the situation.
    Thank you.

  • kirsten orcutt says:

    i do not agree with not having a dog in the gym. i will never have a gym membership or consider it until this.

  • JON says:

    The manager at the Holcomb Bridge Anytime Fitness in Norcross, Ga. sent me a survey asking my opinion of the equipment at the gym. When I filled it out and sent it back to him, he decided that he would take it personally and CUT OFF MY MEMBERSHIP there at that club. So then I called the club to ask what the matter was; but he then interrupted me, was very rude, told me I was restricted from the club, and then hung up in my face!!

    Is THIS how you treat all of your members when they don’t respond to you the way you wish???

    I want him fired for this! It is unacceptable. If he didn’t want my opinion about the gym, then he should not have asked in the first place. He was arrogant and refused to answer any of my questions as to why I was restricted from the club….especially when I hadn’t done anything to be restricted for in the first place! I have been a paying member for YEARS with your company! Never bother anyone, am polite when and where appropriate, and mind my own business. Observe your cameras; you’ll see. So then why treat me so disgustingly?!!

    I have always cleaned up after myself; have always followed club and company rules, and yet I am treated this way? This is unacceptable. I want a verbal apology from him/your company and I want him reprimanded for his arrogance and rudeness. I shall also be putting this on Facebook and Twitter so that others may see how Anytime Fitness treats their members!

    I also want a follow-up on this to make sure that it has been dealt with properly. This is completely ridiculous!

    Jon Bond

  • Kim says:

    This is regarding your Westminster, MD location. I am EXTREMELY Upset by the news I heard at the gym. The fact that you are requiring your employees to work on Thanksgiving is appalling. (This came down from the regional manager not the owner of the location.) This is a day for families. As a nurse and volunteer firefighter I have missed numerous holidays over the past 30 years as I am considered an essential worker. There is nothing essential about being a trainer needing to be in the gym on a holiday. If you really think people are going to come in to sign up on a holiday, especially on a holiday all about eating you are very misguided. At this unprecedented time where people do not want to work you at a very high risk of losing very good trainers. All this shows is the your company is all about the revenue and that you do not value your employees.
    I also took the liberty to call other gyms in the area the ONLY gym that will have staff working is Planet Fitness. They are also the ONLY gym that has staff scheduled 24/7 and no key fob access.

  • Dan Newsom says:

    How does one end membership to the gym In Flagstaff Az when they don’t answer the email you send them
    They keep charging me after I stopped my contract at the gym . Stay away from the gym they don’t care all they want is your money

  • Anthony Guidry says:

    My membership is under my ex wife’s name but I’m paying for the membership. I went on 10/5/2021 to have the membership frozen and was told it would cost $5 to freeze it. That’s 2 payments of $2.50 for the month of October. I got on my online banking and seen that on 10/7/2021 they took out $25.28 and on 10/13/2021 another $35.18 was taken out. The manager here in Jennings La. told me her membership was frozen but they still charging me regular price. Anytime Fitness ain’t nothing but a big rip off. And the only way to get out of this membership is to either pay outrageous cancellation fees or declare bankruptcy.

  • Sandra says:

    The gym on 34th st in St. Petersburg, fl is very dirty. From the overhead ducts to the machines, most of the seats on the machines are torn. The entire place is pretty depressing. Please follow up with this.

  • Karen O says:

    The gyms in Buda & Kyle, Texas are filthy! I made numerous complaints to management, the ATF corporate offices and finally to the Health Dept for our municipalities. Nothing ever changed. There were always mold, brown ceiling tiles, disgusting bathrooms with no toilet paper, salty sweat stains down the sides of the equipment, grass & mud in the tracks of the ellipticals and treadmills. Equipment was often broken & seats were torn. I always wondered what my “annual upgrade fee” went toward. When Covid hit, they closed but continued to bill! How can you bill members for services they cant use. Anyway, who would want to go to a filthy, unkempt gym during a deadly pandemic? I canceled my membership by sending 3, CERTIFIED letters to the local gym, the ATF Corporate HQ and to ABC Fitness Financial. I wanted to make sure they knew I was terminating my membership. This week, exactly 18 months after my letter, I made an offer on a new house and was shocked when I discovered that without any attempt to contact me, they put an outstanding balance of $156 on my credit report. Their derogatory account cost me the house, as it dropped my credit score by 42 points!!! I verified with Anytime Fitness Corp, and with ABC Fitness Finance that NO DEBT is owned on my account. They emailed me a letter stating so, but I am still left to make phone calls and write letters to dispute the account and have a fraudulent charge removed from my credit report. In the meantime, the house I wanted is under contract to someone else, and I have to wait 30-90 days for TransUnion to verify the dispute and remove the item. Thanks, Anytime Fitness!!!

  • Hern Carolino says:

    Stay away from “AnyTime Fitness” (loud jocks most places). Anytime Fitness does not offer month to month because they know most people give up in less than a month. Once you give up, than you are hooked into paying their high monthly fees together with their high “quarterly facility maintnance fees” (no getting out of the contract). “Plant Fitness” offers low month to month fees so that you can see if working out regularly is for you. You can always join “Anytime Fitness” after you have found out that working out regularly is for you. Do not let them hook you into a contract that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • martin pistilli says:

    by the photos of there corp. offices no wonder why they do not let people cancel memberships

  • AB says:

    I had fraudulent charges on my credit card from another member at the AF location in Conifer, CO. The other member is NOT on my contract and I did not authorize any of these charges; $315 worth. Management says it is not their problem.

  • Martin Bloomberg says:

    Just had the WORST EXPERIENCE I’m my life at the ST PETERS ANYTIME FITNESS OWNED BY KEVIN COLEMAN. I’m from out of town and own a business in this area. He was rude beyond belief. He told me he Was NOT THE OWNER..as he told me off. I will be contacting the corporate owners tomorrow first thing.

  • Colleen says:

    I asked to cancel my membership and was told I my reimbursement had been started. I have since been charged $104 three times. I can’t reach anyone. Please help.

    • Duane C. Rosenlieb Jr. says:

      Yes. Same thing with me. They have “automatically renewed” my membership several times and won’t stop, even though I am disabled.

  • Terrance Johnson says:

    I need to cancel my membership how can u guys charge when your closed

    • Duane C. Rosenlieb Jr. says:

      I’m disabled and can’t get my “automatic renewal” to stop … they take it out of my social security check in my bank a count.

  • Maria Valdez says:

    I cancelled my membership after My fiancé, Larry, got fired. I am pretty disgusted with the way the managers at AF Larkfield have been handling membership/training fees and how they treated Larry. Personally, I think firing him during this crisis was incredibly cold and dispassionate. On top of that, telling his clients he “was fired” is extremely unprofessional (and violates laws of confidentiality). But it only made the gym look bad because Larry’s clients loved him and could not see any basis for him being fired.
    Ultimately, Larry being firing has been a blessing in disguise. He has been offering free group training on Zoom, which is what he thought the gym should have been doing during this crisis all along. In fact, he has been building quite a following, including my friends/family, his friends/family and many people from the gym. Several of the members who have joined his group had recently quit the gym and complained to Larry that they were being charged for training even though the gym is closed.
    That is outrageous!!! When the shelter in place order went out, the gym should have called each member to check on them and asked what they would like to do regarding their membership/training fees. Some of these people were paying over $600 in training/per month! You can’t honestly expect people to continue paying for something they’re not getting! They would’ve been happy to continue paying their membership fees and pick up training when this is over. The gym has lost many members over this issue. That’s very sad and unfortunate. And it is specifically why Larry got fired, among other things. He disagreed with the gym pulling money out of client’s accounts without checking in with them first and was told, “That’s not our responsibility.” He advocated for his clients and got labeled “difficult“ and “hard to work with.”
    To be honest, based on my own observations of her and Larry’s experiences, Steph, the manager there is a hyper-micromanager and has a “my way or the highway “ perspective on leadership. She was bossy, abrasive and inflexible. There is no room for creativity at that gym.
    Furthermore, especially the managers, to be extremely unfriendly, cold and impersonal.
    All I can say is I transferred my membership to AF Larkfield only because Larry had started working there, and I am so glad I don’t have to go there anymore! The environment was very triggering for me. I actually felt like I was entering someone’s house uninvited every time I walked in the door. The clients Larry brought with him, said the same thing. They only went there to Train with Larry. All in all, this is the perfect time for Larry to find a better place to work, one that will appreciate his training style, energy and passion for the job.

    Maria Valdez

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Mary S. says:

    The AF gym I belong to is closed for me, but not for everyone. I suspect the manager is letting his friends in because there are cars in the parking lot. If the gym is closed to me, it should be closed to everyone. I doubt the owners know the gym is NOT closed to everyone. My gym is at 1851 W. Irving Park RD, Schaumburg, Illinois. The owners should be notified that they can be fined and lose their license if they are raided for staying open during the COVID-19 quarantine. I don’t want my gym closed down any longer than it has to be. Notify owners please!

  • Dale McCullough says:

    Gym is a joke taking money out of my account when all the gyms are closed I can get a hold of anybody about it somebody at least email me I’m cancelling asap hoping to just cancell an not have to take any further action 951-288-1164

  • Anonymous says:

    Arkansas Governor Hutchinson mandated to close all gyms. All gyms have closed but one in van buren and why? The anytime fitness in fort smith closed. We locally have confirmed cases of covid 19 in our area you are seriously putting staff and others at risk. You need to shut down or I’m reporting this.

  • Kelly Lawless says:

    I am a member of Anytime Fitness in Galloway, NJ for 1 year. The owner Mike refuses to turn on the AC or the heat after numerous complaints to him and corporate customer service since the entire year of my membership. I was unable to work out because of these conditions and I want to cancel my membership with no charge. I feel the cancellation policies are unreasonable and I have contacted the attorneys that handled the class action lawsuit and won against Retro Fitness for practicing the same unfair cancellation policies. I am waiting to here back from them. My reach number is 908-625-6040.

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