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  • Address: 111 Weir Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125, USA
  • Phone Number: 651-438-5000
  • Fax Number: 651-438-5099
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,500
  • Established: 2002
  • Founder: Chuck Runyon, Jeff Klinger, Dave Mortensen
  • Key People: Chuck Runyon (CEO)

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Chuck Runyon


John Pindred


Dave Mortensen


About Anytime Fitness, History and Headquarters Information

Anytime Fitness is a coming together of three people named Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger who used to work for a fitness club and in 1995, bought a club called Southview Athletic Club. Along with running this club, they learned about the expectations of people going to the fitness centres by working with some consultancy. After selling their fitness centre in 2001, they started Anytime Fitness in 2002.

This club runs 365 days a year and with unlimited facilities, it primarily focuses on providing strength, endurance, and tranquillity of the mind to its members. All the members can access the facilities securely as these clubs have security cameras installed. This company reimburses anyone who shows the picture of them having the tattoo of the club’s logo.

From one-on-one personal training to team workouts, this 24x7 running club helps its members by keeping them on track and make healthy happen. They use all the advanced equipments while carrying out various types of workouts so that customers feel stronger from the inside as well as outside.

The company has its headquarters in Woodbury, Minnesota, USA and got over 4000 clubs established across 50 different countries - with an aggregate of more than 3 million members worldwide.

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  • Hern Carolino says:

    Stay away from “AnyTime Fitness” (loud jocks most places). Anytime Fitness does not offer month to month because they know most people give up in less than a month. Once you give up, than you are hooked into paying their high monthly fees together with their high “quarterly facility maintnance fees” (no getting out of the contract). “Plant Fitness” offers low month to month fees so that you can see if working out regularly is for you. You can always join “Anytime Fitness” after you have found out that working out regularly is for you. Do not let them hook you into a contract that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • martin pistilli says:

    by the photos of there corp. offices no wonder why they do not let people cancel memberships

  • AB says:

    I had fraudulent charges on my credit card from another member at the AF location in Conifer, CO. The other member is NOT on my contract and I did not authorize any of these charges; $315 worth. Management says it is not their problem.

  • Martin Bloomberg says:

    Just had the WORST EXPERIENCE I’m my life at the ST PETERS ANYTIME FITNESS OWNED BY KEVIN COLEMAN. I’m from out of town and own a business in this area. He was rude beyond belief. He told me he Was NOT THE OWNER..as he told me off. I will be contacting the corporate owners tomorrow first thing.

  • Colleen says:

    I asked to cancel my membership and was told I my reimbursement had been started. I have since been charged $104 three times. I can’t reach anyone. Please help.

  • Terrance Johnson says:

    I need to cancel my membership how can u guys charge when your closed

  • Maria Valdez says:

    I cancelled my membership after My fiancé, Larry, got fired. I am pretty disgusted with the way the managers at AF Larkfield have been handling membership/training fees and how they treated Larry. Personally, I think firing him during this crisis was incredibly cold and dispassionate. On top of that, telling his clients he “was fired” is extremely unprofessional (and violates laws of confidentiality). But it only made the gym look bad because Larry’s clients loved him and could not see any basis for him being fired.
    Ultimately, Larry being firing has been a blessing in disguise. He has been offering free group training on Zoom, which is what he thought the gym should have been doing during this crisis all along. In fact, he has been building quite a following, including my friends/family, his friends/family and many people from the gym. Several of the members who have joined his group had recently quit the gym and complained to Larry that they were being charged for training even though the gym is closed.
    That is outrageous!!! When the shelter in place order went out, the gym should have called each member to check on them and asked what they would like to do regarding their membership/training fees. Some of these people were paying over $600 in training/per month! You can’t honestly expect people to continue paying for something they’re not getting! They would’ve been happy to continue paying their membership fees and pick up training when this is over. The gym has lost many members over this issue. That’s very sad and unfortunate. And it is specifically why Larry got fired, among other things. He disagreed with the gym pulling money out of client’s accounts without checking in with them first and was told, “That’s not our responsibility.” He advocated for his clients and got labeled “difficult“ and “hard to work with.”
    To be honest, based on my own observations of her and Larry’s experiences, Steph, the manager there is a hyper-micromanager and has a “my way or the highway “ perspective on leadership. She was bossy, abrasive and inflexible. There is no room for creativity at that gym.
    Furthermore, especially the managers, to be extremely unfriendly, cold and impersonal.
    All I can say is I transferred my membership to AF Larkfield only because Larry had started working there, and I am so glad I don’t have to go there anymore! The environment was very triggering for me. I actually felt like I was entering someone’s house uninvited every time I walked in the door. The clients Larry brought with him, said the same thing. They only went there to Train with Larry. All in all, this is the perfect time for Larry to find a better place to work, one that will appreciate his training style, energy and passion for the job.

    Maria Valdez

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Mary S. says:

    The AF gym I belong to is closed for me, but not for everyone. I suspect the manager is letting his friends in because there are cars in the parking lot. If the gym is closed to me, it should be closed to everyone. I doubt the owners know the gym is NOT closed to everyone. My gym is at 1851 W. Irving Park RD, Schaumburg, Illinois. The owners should be notified that they can be fined and lose their license if they are raided for staying open during the COVID-19 quarantine. I don’t want my gym closed down any longer than it has to be. Notify owners please!

  • Dale McCullough says:

    Gym is a joke taking money out of my account when all the gyms are closed I can get a hold of anybody about it somebody at least email me I’m cancelling asap hoping to just cancell an not have to take any further action 951-288-1164

  • Anonymous says:

    Arkansas Governor Hutchinson mandated to close all gyms. All gyms have closed but one in van buren and why? The anytime fitness in fort smith closed. We locally have confirmed cases of covid 19 in our area you are seriously putting staff and others at risk. You need to shut down or I’m reporting this.

  • Kelly Lawless says:

    I am a member of Anytime Fitness in Galloway, NJ for 1 year. The owner Mike refuses to turn on the AC or the heat after numerous complaints to him and corporate customer service since the entire year of my membership. I was unable to work out because of these conditions and I want to cancel my membership with no charge. I feel the cancellation policies are unreasonable and I have contacted the attorneys that handled the class action lawsuit and won against Retro Fitness for practicing the same unfair cancellation policies. I am waiting to here back from them. My reach number is 908-625-6040.

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