Where is Angies List Corporate office Headquarters

Angies List Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 130 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 317803-3284

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,500

  • Established: 1995

  • Founder: Angie Hicks, William Seelye Oesterle

  • Key People: Scott Durchslag (CEO)

Angies List Headquarters Location & Directions

Angies List Headquarters Executive Team



Scott Durchslag


Thomas Fox


J. Mark Howell


About Angies List, History and Headquarters Information

Angies List is an online directory. It allows customers to review local businesses and contractors. Initially till 2016, it was open only to subscribers. However, today anyone can review products through the website. The headquarters of the company is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded by William S Oesterle, Angie Hicks in 1995. The annual revenue of the company is estimated to be $344million.

Within one year of its journey the company recruited more than 1000 employees. After hiring, it acqui Unified Neighbours. In 1999 the services of the company were moved online. It published all the acquired data on its site. There were over 3 million paid users in 2015.

It follows a report card method to rate the companies. The grades given to the companies can be between A and F. The website provides individual page for every company. The company does not allow advertisers on its website.

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  • Sam lotemple says:

    I’ve had a complaint about one of your venders. The person that is supposed to be working on it is Armondo. Phone number 719-624-2408. This guy never falls back. The company that screwed me over still has high rating on you list. I would like some answers. If not I will never use Angi again, and tell as many people as possiable.

  • Jeff Long says:

    Why doesn’t anyone answer any pf your phone numbers. They just put you on hold and play music to you. I have spent 45 minutes trying to get through. My phone number is 715-499-1086

  • Mariana says:

    Please stop calling people …. It’s annoying

  • Vincent spoto says:

    Your customer service sucks
    Nothing but bullshit
    Nothing ever gets resolved

  • Justin says:

    Angie list sucks. They send you fake leads to people who don’t exist. People will act like they need a job done agree to the terms and then say I’m going to send a check to pay you, then you send me the rest back to them. Big scam. Angie’s is probably in on it. Don’t hire them.

  • Michael Petyo says:

    I read all of the responses below and they are right on the money honey. When I was with Home Advisor I had no problems with service, leads, and satisfied customers. I did have a problem paying for the leads though. I would call in and try and send them money and of course, the gentleman who created the program no longer works there and no one there knew what to do. Strange. So I continued to work and do work for people and I, of course, had a 5-star rating. Actually, I’m old school and I make sure that the customer is completely satisfied even if it costs me something out of pocket. Now the problem is I got shut down by Angi and the problem is that they owe me $23.21. Did I get the money honey NO? So here is my complaint. Home Advisor was great. Angi well I can’t print what I am thinking. Maybe I should be applying for a position in Corporate Headquarters. It seems that everyone there does not know how the system should work. I do and a lot of others like me do as well. It could be a good company but as of right now they have their head up there. I’ll leave that part out.
    Michael Petyo
    The Image Makers LLC
    Since 1988

  • A S says:

    The worst customer service I have ever received. Don’t bother calling to get a supervisor as you will be transferred like a hot potato. Not once will you get a supervisor or anyone where gives a fuck. DONT GIVE THEM YOUR INFO.

  • Angela says:

    Horrible experience. The painter caused over $14,000 of damage. The problem started in June and is still not fixed. I sent them over 100 pages of documentation. I got an e-mail telling me how they were going fix it. They will pay$2,900 and I pay the rest. Some damages can’t be fixed. kitchen cabinets, the entire floor, window and door frames, paint on the couch. The painter go paint on my bathroom wall and hid the paint. He dripped paint on the wall hutch and moved things to hide the paint. I didn’t cause this. The $2,900 is a slap in the face. I have bought $3,558 on stuff he ruined. I don’t have $12,000 to $14,000. I live paycheck to paycheck. How do I get my house fixed. I can’t take out a loan. They should fix it. You can’t imagine what was damaged. I can’t repair it. I just remodeled 7 years ago and now it looks really bad.
    When I call I am transferred to so many that end up talking to the same person, many times. To get this resolved they just pay for the damage.

  • Bill Klein says:

    I hate these motherfuckers. Stop calling businesses after we’ve told you 7 times we’re not interested. Please fuck all the way off!

  • Maranda Owens says:


  • Lydia says:

    Again Angie’s list screws up again. After experiencing the worst nightmare of service they continue to show how incompetent they are. I was told they would deposit $249 in my bank in 2-5 days and again they lied to me, a widow (68). They think because we are older we are stupid and demented. Do not use their services they lie and deceive!! Awful company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Williams says:

    Do not use this service and DO NOT USE FOUR SEASONS CONSTRUCTION out of Virginia Beach. This list leads you to believe they put reputable contractors on this site and we were robbed of $4000.00 currently in court proceedings trying to find Matthew Peelish and it is as if he were a ghost.

  • Lydia says:

    To whom this may concern,

    I have been taken advantaged of 2 times and trust me this is the last!!!!! I am a 68 year old widow on limited income you people should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Im April 2022 I was sent an incompetent wallpaper person with no experience. He told me he never did it before and Stupid as I am a allowed him to wallpaper he destroyed $214 worth of wallpaper and I disputed the charge of the wallpaper and services . Angie just sent me my money back TODAY!!!! Three full months to received my refund thats unacceptable. NOW last July 5th at 4:49pm I spoke to a man Marlon Frialde to change my appoinment because my 93 year old mom went the hospital. He was nice to send me another phone number in an email (I did save), and called it last night. The person I spoke to changed the appointment to July 20th. To my amazement the appointment was never changed and I had to contact Angie and advise not to send the person over because my appointment wasn’t until July 20th!!! THERE WAS NO RECORD of me changing this appointment and due to this Angie deducted $240 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am beyond angry if I had a way of bankrupting you would. You provide horrendous service, and horrendous people not trained to do what they said they could do. Apparlling behavior on all parts. I HATE Angies with a passion and will be writing this all over every media site I can find today!!!!!!!!Fuck you and all those stupid Call Center Reps that don’t speak or understand English well enough to help! I hope ou all go to hell and stay there.

    Lydia Santos

  • Scott says:

    What a joke company. You get HORRIBLE service by agents in the PI (that is Philippines by the way) that do not understand English completely, and do not give a damn about the customer experience. I have asked for a supervisor to call me by 4 agents and they give me a song and dance…and today on the 5th call I was told they have NO supervisors at all!!! Hahahaha. After the original lady sold her company it went down to worthlessness!!! I will be calling my CC provider next to cancel the charge for the year membership!! WORTHLESS ORGANIZATION!!! Very sad since it was outstanding when Hicks and Oesterle started it in 95. Now the owners that took over ruined it!! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN SINCE THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT A CUSTOMER COMPLAINT TO CALL AND ADDRESS IT!!

  • Brandy m Mitchell says:

    I just went back and reviewed some of the comments and not one positive comment is on here about this company I believe we should all get together and Sue this company for the money we have lost

  • Brandy m Mitchell says:

    Angi is just plain out awful I started using them to get jobs I paid them over $1,000 within a month and I never got one single job from them I called the numbers they gave me it was a bunch of fax machines or people that didn’t even want someone at their home to do anything for them now I have a collection agency calling me saying that I owe Angie over a thousand more dollars then I start talking to my girlfriend that turned me on to this company and me and her started matching numbers together and what do we know we know that we have the list almost identical she never got a job off of them it is a gimmick it is a scam to get your money please please please do not use them to get jobs or have someone come to your home to do a job I wouldn’t even gave one star but I had to to make this review

  • Maureen ( Marti)Tominaga says:

    Don’t use this service. My service was canceled twice and rescheduled. No one contacted me to ask about dates or time. They chose the date and time.
    Someone finally arrived on a Sunday. I hired a kitchen organizer. They had never organized before and had no idea where to begin. I decided to have the young man do some work around my home. He was unable to complete installing a front door handle and hanging a fan. He’d never done this before. I used my 3 hours to have him hang pictures. I didn’t need a service to do something I was capable of doing.He was a very nice inexperienced young man. not a professional. Hire a young neighbor!

  • Real says:

    Angie’s list is a bunch of scumbags. The leads are the worst. They couldn’t pay me to be affiliated with them. Beware stay away they suck and will destroy your business!

  • Notthisgirl says:

    I completed a request for quotes on a job on December 15, 2021. In less than 10 minutes I received a call from a woman who presented herself as a representative of Angi’s list. She asked for a more detailed description of the job. As soon as I completed my explanation she stated they could do the job for $212.00
    I asked if that was for material and labor or just part of their fee. She said it was for the completed job and they required payment today. Since I do not pay for any work until it is completed to my satisfaction I told her I would look to hire someone else. I am disappointed that Angi’s has become a scam operation. I had used them before but that was long before they were acquired by the other company. Obviously, customer service has long left this corporation.

  • MAJ says:


    Today, I cancel my Angi list membership after being a member since 2010 or earlier. The business is no longer looking at customer care and guidance, instead the concerns look to focus on the combination of “Home Advisor and Angi list subscriptions only. They were my chance to get quality care for home projects from people who had been embedded to provide services.

    As of now, they have advanced technologies to take your money, but no advance condition of care to ensure your requested work will get done as scheduled times. They are not syncing your work schedule with taking your payment. There’s is no explanations to explain how paying for work and getting the contractors you requested will do the work as scheduled are sync-up. I had the Angi list money app requested for me to pay, but my preferred contractors could not perform the jobs for another 4 to 6 weeks.

    Angi list, please explain how charging my card, while I wait for weeks; is helpful and good for me? It’s likely my credit card charges will accumulate interest, during the times my project work is pending to get started. Go back to your whiteboard and include real customers to improve and then possibly contact me. I once believe your methodology in the services business was great; just find your business approach again.


  • Christopher Wiedegreen says:

    Angi Ads has been the worst experience in advertising I have ever experienced. I was lied to and mislead into a contract with the assumption I would get leads in my field. Instead I received leads for jobs I do not do or nor do I have a license to do. They refuse to connect me with any supervisor or manager to try and resolve the situation. Instead they are trying to get me to pay close to half of the years contract. I have not received ONE SINGLE LEAD in my field. I wouldn’t recommend angi ads to my worst enemy. Absolutely awful. As a result I will end my 3 year relationship with Angi leads, which I actually like to use. I spend $10,000/year with them and if the parent company cant resolve a small issue like this I refuse to work with them at all.

  • John Longo says:

    December 11, 2020

    Angie’s List
    Officers/Board of Directors

    To all those concerned

    Angie’s list, Home Advisor apparently does not vet their contractors, they would like you to believe that from the image they present. As a consumer you go to this company and find they are only interested in the advertising fee paid by the contractor. Services like Angie’s List are a breeding ground for fraud. They need to vet their contractors to protect the consumer-public. I have found that many contractors do-not posses basic trade knowledge, no trade license, no business license, no insurance, falsified reviews, unmarked vehicles, etc… Basically, scammers.

    All that required to join Angie’s list as a contractor or tradesman is you pay the advertising fee; supply one or two reviews and they automatically give list the business with an “A” rating.
    Then Angie’s list advertises their business members a/k/a paid advertisers as being vetted promoting this image to the consumer who believes the business, they are hiring is reputable.

    My wife and I are senior citizens. I’m in my 70’s. We were threatened with bodily injury and scammed by this guy Tony and his partner called John from All Appliance Repair. Angie’s list gave this contractor an “A” rating which has now turned into a “B” rating after our review was posted. This company had two reviews posted and showed an “A” rating. Both reviews were posted on the same day which were required by Angie’s list prior to there being advertised. This apparently is now considered a vetted business.

    This company is out there every day doing this. Someone needs to put an end to them taking advantage of the citizens of this State and County.

    All Appliance Repair, 9958 Spanish Isles Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33496, Anthony Dominguez, aka “TONY” c-561-788-1949, Advertised # 561- 349-4677, Partners (John) c-954-864-8451
    The attachment to this letter explains what happened to my wife and me.

    Personal Resolution: Return our money

    The replacement value of our existing Frigidaire refrigerator, freezer is approximately $ 6,000.00. In addition to the modification of the cabinets to fit the newer model which takes more space. It was a value vs replacement decision to have the existing unit repaired at that time in November 2020 when it stopped functioning. Now due to All Appliance Repair scam value vs replacement is no longer a viable option. According to Global Tech and Gunn Appliance it is costly to undo All Appliance Repair scam.

    Public Resolution: Vette your promoted businesses as advertised.

    Official Angie’s List™ Site – Angie’s List™ – Visit for Free

    Check Angie’s List for Free to access top-rated Pros, exclusive deals and over 12M reviews. Now you can use Angie’s List for FREE. 10M+ Certified & Trusted Reviews. No Anonymous Reviews. Shop Local Service Deals. Search for Top-Rated Pros. 10 mil verified reviews.

    This requires the immediate attention of all those concerned.

    My wife and I will continue to pursue this matter until we get a resolution. This is an attempt by us to promote an end to the matter.


    John Longo
    2200 SE 8th Street
    Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

    Cc: Attached list





    Contacted Angie’s list November 24, 2020 I responded to two Appliance repair referrals hired the least expensive. All Appliance Repair (Anthony a/k/a Tony Dominguez) I wrote him a check for $ 1,450.00 to replace the freezer compressor he advised that it needed to be ordered from special supplier in Miami and would return 11/26?20 to install. Tony called me the evening of 11/24/20 and advised that he lost the check I gave him it blew out the window. We made arrangements for him to return the following day and that I would stop payment on the lost check. I later postponed that meeting and began negotiating with both companies. Both companies reduced their price and Tony was the lowest at $ 1000.00 if it were cash. Tony came the following day, and I gave him a cash deposit of $ 500.00 as agreed. Tony supplied me with an email generated invoice. He said he would return on 11/26/20 for the repair. On 11/26 Tony advised that the supply house in Miami was closed and he would need to pick it up on Monday 11/30. We agreed that he would arrive 11/30 at 10 am. I contacted him at 9:45 am without response. At 10:15 am I called again, and he was very angry and started yelling at me for calling him to early he does not open until 10 am and worked all night until 2 am. He showed up at approximately 3pm 11/30 and replaced the compressor. I paid him the remaining balance of $ 500.00 in cash. The freezer ran all night as he stated it would need to. In the morning, the freezer was hot. I contacted Tony via text and then when he didn’t respond I called him. Tony advised me he was too busy and had no idea when he could return to check out the freezer. When I questioned him about priority, he became extremely angry and stated he would meet me face to face at my house or on the street anywhere to cause me bodily harm and then hung up. I contacted the other company who checked the freezer and they returned today 12/2/20 at 4:00pm. This company checked the freezer and stated the compressor is not working, it’s the incorrect compressor it’ a used or repaired compressor and requires replacement. On 12/01/20 I filed a complaint with Angie’s list.

    I contacted a second company called Global Tech to give us an estimate. They were higher than All Appliance Repair. I selected All Appliance Repair to do the job.

    On December 3,2020 I contacted Global Tech and advised them of my situation with All Appliance Repair and they returned to my home to evaluate the work done by All Appliance Repair. Attached is their written response from December 3, 2020.

    On December 8, 2020 I then contacted another company called Gunn Appliance they came to my home on December 9, 2020. I advised them of the circumstances. They stated at this point a repair is not recommended due to the poor quality of the installation done by All Appliance Repair. The cost would not warrant the repair. The dryer should have been replaced and the system should have been evacuated, etc…

  • stephen thomas says:

    Angie’s list has no number for customer service. I asked for a reference online for a roofer in Richmond, Indiana. The unnamed roofer went by the home, looked at the roof, made a hole in my ceiling, said they would return, and never came back. I cannot call Angie’s list to find out who they sent, or how to reach them. I cannot reach Angie’s list at all. What are they doing? What happened to the neighbor and customer service? Someone from Angie’s list please call me.

  • sarah chermak says:

    Angie’s list refuses to make my review publicly accessible by listing it under the heading they claim it is under. I have repeatedly asked them to correct this point. The evidence to support my review has been attached to the review itself. I have kept the emails of our conversations. These people now refuse to answer my emails. Headquarters is not reachable to resolve this matter or to even be informed this action is going on.

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