Where is Ancestry.com Corporate office Headquarters

Ancestry.com Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1300 W Traverse Pkwy, Lehi, UT 84043, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 801-705-7000

  • Fax Number: 801-705-7001

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  1867

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: Paul Brent Allen & Dan Taggart

  • Key People: Margo Georgiadis, Howard Hochauser

Ancestry.com Headquarters Location & Directions

Ancestry.com Headquarters Executive Team



Mary Margaret Hastings Georgiadis

CEO & Director

Howard Hochhauser

COO, CFO & Director

Brian Hansen

Senior VP & GM – Emerging Businesses

Chief Privacy Officer

About Ancestry.com, History and Headquarters Information

Ancestry.com operates genetic genealogy websites, historic records and network of genealogical records. Genealogy is DNA profiling. The site is owned by Ancestry Inc. It was founded in 1983. The headquarters of the company is located in Lehi, Utah. It was founded by Paul Brent Allen and Dan Taggart. Today the annual profit of the company is estimated to be 683.1 million US dollars.

The company began its journey by selling floppy disks. In 1997 the company was acquired by Western Standard Publishing.

Later in the same year, under WSP it acquired Bookcraft that publishes books of famous leaders and members of LDS church. The company launched the websites ancestry.com and myfamily.com in 1999. Within the first 140 days, the sites became huge success with more than one million registered users.

Ancestry DNA is a subsidiary of Ancestry LLC. It offers genealogical tests. In May 2019, more than 15 million DNA kits were bought by its customers.

Ancestry.com Headquarters Photos

  • Helen says:

    I need to speak with some one about at order can’t get hold of anyone. Chat is not able to answer my questions no email will go through and no phone number working. Can someone please get back to me.

  • Charles F Haussler says:

    It seems that there is a common thread in the comments. I have suffered your phone tree and other “helps” for over 45 minutes today (27 Dec “22). Truly your “customer serevice” is at best a hoax if not fraud. I ordered a DNA kit for my children on the 22nd of August last year. I received an email that it was on its way. That wasn’t true; it still hasn’t arrived. In November, I complained and on the 8th I received you email: “Thank for your email. We have received your comments/questiona and we will reply as soon as posible. Thank You.” Guess what, no reply yet.
    It seems that my only options are to report it to the Utah Department of Commerce, Consumer Fraud or Law enforcement. I am not happly.
    Charles F Haussler

  • Jeff W. says:

    I get charged by ancentry.com for an account I never had. Every month the charge shows on my credit card and every month I have to call and report it as fraud and get a new card. They have zero customer service. This is literally fraud. It is amazing how they can steal from people and get away with it.

  • Karen T. says:

    Never had an issue with them. Alway had good service. I know it’s not them same for everyone.

  • M. Armstrong says:

    Ancestry customer service has the probably some of the worst customer service I have ever encountered. All attempts to talk to some one who is knowledgeable and able to address complaints are meet with the proverbiable “brickwall”. even if it is at the expense of your integrity and business. I defintely give you a minus five rating for customer service!

  • Len says:

    If you like being patronized, lied to, stolen from, placated and blown off. Go ahead order a kit!

  • Teri Stuart VanVliete says:

    Still waiting for my results that I sent in August of this year.

  • Edward Noble Allen says:

    I paid for my DNA to be done so I could find out who my birth father is and when I got my results I found out I was Basque and that is the first time I found a link to my birth father and now because they keep updating it I can not find my birth father all they have not there is my mom’s side anyone want to join me in a class action law suite??

  • Harry Hood says:

    to the expert who receives this message, , get a message to Margo Georgidis. that her statement is uncalled for .. her statement on a banner on the front page, Why doesn’t she support all the communities?? I could not count the communities that are on this web site, tell her that all live matter, no matter what the race or color.. she is being very racist saying what she said on that banner,, get rid of it

  • Florence E. Dearing says:

    I disconnected my subscription in Dec 2019. You continued to bill me in Jan, Feb, Mar of 2020. You make it easy to subscribe, but not discontinue service. I must have heard the word apology 50 times before I told the rep where he could put his apology. He wanted to give me 3 months “free” world service in exchange for my $59.97. Would you like for me to tell you, Ms. Georgiadis, where you can put that $59.97. Do yourself a favor, people. Use Family Search instead of Ancestry. Reputable, Christian based service.

  • Mary McIntosh says:

    why do you continue to take money out of my bank when you say I don’t have an account. I have been fighting this for over a year and haven’t received any money back. Now suddenly this problem is back. somehow you have a back door to my account.

  • Anita LEONARD says:

    I wouldn’t recommend Ancestry to anyone. They have employees that are not very efficient in there jobs, and give incorrect information to people that are having issues with there kits, I have been dealing with a kit since April and it is still not fixed. do yourself a favor order from a different company.

  • Glenn Greenway says:

    I was surprised and disappointed to call today (JULY 5TH) and hear a recording that you are closed for the “Holiday” (which was yesterday). I was hoping to speak with someone about a six month subscription to ALL ACCESS as an “apology” for the assorted frustrations I experienced with ancestry some months ago. I had written a USPS letter and sent it to your Utah address. I subsequently received an email notifying me of the 6 months of ALL ACCESS free. One day a few months ago I tried to activate it but then received an email that it could only be activated at my monthly subscription anniversary which is tomorrow (July 6th). That’s why I was trying to get everything in place today. I don’t know where I could possibly have misfiled those two emails, but I have not been able to locate either of them as proof for your regular Customer Solutions Associate so he or she could process my request. I would very much appreciate it if you could send me another email showing the free upgrade. Thank you for your consideration. Glenn Greenway (with your help I have established that my family has been in the USA since 1735)

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