Where is Amtrak  Corporate office Headquarters

Amtrak Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

  • Phone Number: (302) 836-7779

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click here

  • Number of Employees: 10000 

  • Established: 1970

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Mr. Richard H. Anderson (CEO & President)

Amtrak Headquarters Location & Directions

Amtrak Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. William Feidt

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Ms. Eleanor D. Acheson

Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel

Mr. Theodore Alves

Inspector General

Mr. Mario Bergeron

Chief Mechanical Officer

About Amtrak, History and Headquarters Information

Amtrak is a passenger railroad service provider. It was founded in 1971. The headquarters is located in Washington DC. Though it received state and federal subsidies, it remained a profit – organisation.

The company serves more than 500 destinations in 46 states. It also serves 3 Canadian provinces. Everyday the company covers more than 21, 400 miles with more than 300 trains. They have adopted all new technologies including high speed trains. The company faced its down track in 1970s. This was mainly because many routes were made freight only.

The company launched the high-speed Acela Express in 2000.  A big controversy was created by the company for the President Bush’s policy to spin off partial parts to state ownership. It was during this time the company faced insolvency problems.

Later in 2011, the company expanded its high-speed rail corridor. By law the company operates national route system. In 18 states, it serves the public through partnerships. The company also operates commuter services along with inter city services.

Amtrak Headquarters Photos

  • Mrs. Gardener says:

    I have tried for 2 days to contact customer relations and been put on hold for 60 minutes each time even tho the recording says 30 minutes wait time. No one has picked up the phone. All I heard is Amtrak advertisements. Not everything can be handled over the internet. Your service leaves a lot to be desired. The heads of this organization needs checked this out. I am holding while typing this comment 23 minutes) this is my 2nd attempted today😬

    • julie jaman says:

      J Jaman
      Nov 26, 2023
      I am trying to email to customer service concerns about several incidences on west coast Amtrak during two Nov. 2023 trips. So far every link I have opened is a commercial app; there is no email address for Thomas H – Vice President of Customer Service – not even his full name. This is a for-profit corporation. Although a snail mail address in WA D.C. exists there is no way to get past the apps and A.I. access points to the administrators/managers. It’s as if all the tains are autonomous communities run by the employees any way they choose.

  • Brieann S says:

    Amtrak could care less about people. They cancelled our Auto Train back to Lorton, VA from Sanford, FL about 13 hours ahead of time, with no attempt to make things right and help get us scheduled on a new train. We called (after a long wait time) and were told we had to wait days out to get on another train. (I guess to them, everyone has money to keep booking hotel rooms with no regard to getting back to school/work.) We had to drive, and again… pay for hotels and gas which wasn’t what we had planned financially. You spend so long getting ready for a vacation and prepared for a certain cost, not anticipating having to spend as much more as we had thanks to the inconvenience of Amtrak and their lack of empathy for what they caused. Still waiting on the refund, so couldn’t rely on that money… who knows when that will actually be processed through. You call, after waiting for HOURS to speak to someone, they tell you it can’t be escalated past the Customer Relations department… no one else has phones. It’s beyond frustrating.

  • Jerome Jassenoff says:

    I’d like to travel from West Palm Beach, FL; to Richmond, VA then 4-5 days later from Washington, DC to West Palm Beach, FL. I would like deluxe sleeping, bathroom and large comfortable daytime sitting accommodations for my wife and myself. With close to dinning car arrangements . Where and how can I see/view these accommodations and get the costs for this method of travel ? RSVP Jerome Jassenoff 2730 Tecumseh Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33409 E-mail address; JJassenoff@gmail.com

  • Cheryl L Williams says:

    Good Morning,

    Recently, I was very disappointed/dissatisfied with the lack of special assistance service that was requested and not provided by the St. Louis Amtrak Station. My 83 year old mother, Georgia Rowe, 81 year old aunt Bertha Shelton, 88 year old aunt Carrie Quarles cannot walk long distances without excessive breathing issues. We requested special assistance when we purchased the round trip tickets and had no issues in Chicago. However, in St. Louis we were told this service is no longer available from the waiting area directly to the train. We were told that they needed to be able to walk from the gate to the elevator down a long halllway with their own luggage to take an elevator to meet a golf cart. Well they needed assistance from the gate waiting area all the way to the train. I asked how they expected my elderly family members to walk to the elevator down a long hallway. I said they have problems walking and they have pulmonary issues. I asked if they could be assist them and they said ok. Well, the train was an hour late. General boarding started and no one came to assist. I had to find someone last minute to help us as the train was almost completely boarded. My mother and aunts struggled to walk down the long hallway to the elevator huffing and puffing out of breath to get on a golf cart. No one to assist with luggage or anything. It could have been a very bad situation had someone had an asthma attack, heart attack or real issue breathing. This situation could have been avoided, if they were provided special assistance as we originally requested when we purchased the tickets. The special assistance being provided that would board them before general boarding. To make matters worse, once we got on the train, there were no seats in the car we finally boarded as we were last to board the train. They had to struggle to walk while the train was moving carrying their luggage, the best they could to move to a car with unoccupied seats. They also almost fell several times. Amtrak needs better systems in place to assist elderly passengers with issues that prevent them from walking a long distance and carrying their own luggage. I dont want to resort to putting an update on social media regarding this lack of service provided to my elderly family members by Amtrak. So, I am requesting a prompt response and immediate changes to be made at the St. louis Station; in particular so this will not happen again. Sincerely, Cheryl L. Williams

  • Holly Morgan says:

    I mad a reservation today for Sept 12th on the auto train. I have been on hold over 3 hours and passed to different departments several times. My credit card was charged$558 for this trip but I was never sent a confirmation. I got this finally from the 3rd person I was transferred to. I booked a family bedroom for me and my daughter and son who is a child with a disability.
    $340 was the subtotal then $218 for standard car. The 1st person I talked to said that was far from the price of a family bedroom. I told her I would send screen shots. She transferred me to refund dept and he sent me to customer relations. I have been on hold there for over an hour. I’m still on hold as I write you. I went back 🔙 n the Mobil app and reentered all my information to book this trip and all charges still came to $558. I’m not sure what’s going on but I need answers please. The reservation is there my card was charged but I can’t get any answers as to why I have not received confirmation like I usually do when I book a reservation with auto train. Finally answered after 3 and a half hours and I was hung up on.

  • Linda Holland says:

    I have tried to Contact Amtrak Vacation at 1-800-268-7252 for one month without response – remaining on hold for a long period of time. This morning, I finally spoke to an agent who put me on hold again. This time it has been 34:36. This is unacceptable. I have in the meantime sent several emails and have had no response to them either. I will never book a vacation on Amtrak again!

  • D J Simmons says:

    I have purchased 4 tickets in the past couple of days and have one more to go. EVERY sales agent experience I have had was consistently pathetic, although I approached each agent with a short list of needs because I am handicapped and require red cap assistance. Almost everything that I requested overall was either ignored, had a severe online email mistake so that it could not be found for THREE hours, even though I gave the reservation order number that I was attempting to complete.

    Tonight was the LAST STRAW!! The sales person named Crika (?) after my wait of 3-1/2 hrs. acted like she was doing me a favor and was VERY careless in not following through on my request based on my information given. She did not add my member number to any one of the tickets, so now I have to go through ANOTHER literally tortuous wait listening to all of the ads from an irritating sounding voice. She added my requested statement for a red cap wheelchair assist to one ticket but not the other. There was no evidence of payment or how much for either ticket and she said she wasn’t able to tell me. But when I checked my bank statement, I realized she had charged me $100 more for the first ticket which amount I assume was caused by the 1st agent delaying the payment for 2 days??? I will dispute the $100 with my bank. And because I’m ordering yet another ticket I’m forced to again deal with my membership being added!!

    Here’s my take on Amtrak: The trains themselves are great as well as efficient mechanically. The conductors and food service employees are fine, as well as the red caps. What is a complete waste is the absolutely inexperienced sales agents who appear to be completely without knowledge. Admittedly, occasionally I come across a great one (who needs to spend all their time training the one’s who have no clue!! It’s time for Amtrak “to get back on track” (pardon the pun) and to own up to what Amtrak has done to ruin a previously stellar company!

  • Kurt Schroeder says:

    Kurt Schroeder, May 26, 2022
    We booked Amtrak business class from Detroit to Chicago on May 9th and then were to take the California Zepher from Chicago to San Fransisco. When we got to Chicago, we learned that our Train 5 California Zepher was canceled on the 8th and 9th. When I approached the desk, I was told I should have been notified, which never happened. So, here we are stranded in Chicago with commitments in San Fransisco for the 11th. I was told my only options were that they return me back to Detroit, or fly to San Fran. We ended up flying to SF but the ride through the Rocky Mountains was to be the highlight of our trip. When I got home I checked my emails again, and never was I notified of any cancelation. Amtrak should employ a system where confirmation can be sent for any emails read. It was very poor service and I don’t think I can trust Amtrak in my future vacations.

  • Whistle says:

    Amtrak Los Angeles office Managers are abusive to their office employees and on board attendants, Human Resources does nothing about this. Leaving employees to deal with unprofessionalism and abuse. Raise your professional standards Amtrak

  • Jon Johnson says:

    This took place on Easter Sunday in Oceanside, CA. The man who was working in the office was asked a simple question, “what track do we wait on”. His response was so aggressive, rude, uncalled for, and felt threatening. Not sure what the problem was but he told us to F.O, and to go F ourselves. Upon speaking about it outside, another elderly couple came up to us and said they had the same encounter with him. Then a local overhead us and knew exactly whom we were speaking about. We felt shocked and were rattled about it for the rest of the day. We’ve tried contacting Amtrak without any success but this was a serious offence and should not be taken lightly. Amtrak – I hope you are reading this. I really would appreciate a response.

  • Sherry campanile says:

    You are rip off artists!!! Especially during Covid!! Reported! You literally stole 400 dollars from me!!!

  • Juan says:

    This is my first time using Amtrak services. I regret using them. The service is not good including staff as well. Took a train from Chicago to Albuquerque. One of the attendants really rude and unprofessional. Second they told my wife that she can travel with us and last minute we have issues with that. Third when coming back home we take the train in another station in Colorado. Supposedly the train was going to arrive the station about 10 am it got there at 4:15 pm. Thank God we did not go coach because the bathrooms where not working. Smell horrible in that wagon. Service was poorly with most staff. I took a picture of the overflow garbage in on of the bathroom available. Sad that we pay all that money for nothing. We could not see the outside view because it got dark to fast. So we lost that experience. I will recommend anyone to think twice about taking Amtrak. I also will tell anyone I know to don’t waste your money. Is not worth it. I call Amtrak to report this. Have heard from them get.

  • Aimee Pollack-Baker says:

    I live in Boston and I’d like to return to DC for a visit. At this point, I’d prefer to go by car due to what I think is lacking on the Northeast Regional Viewliner “night owl” train. There are sleeping cabins and Coach/Business classes (not much difference), and none appeal to me. There really is nothing distinct about the Business class, except that it costs more. What I’d like to see for Business class is the change of seats to recliner seats with pop-up leg rest rather than resting legs on the metal rest pulled down from the seat in front. It would make its cost worthwhile. I don’t need a sleeper cabin. Just a real comfy recliner in a quiet car. That would suit me from Boston to Washington DC. Otherwise, I’ll continue to drive. And with the schedule I’m looking at, Acela wouldn’t work.

  • Carol F says:

    I have been an Amtrak customer for the past ten years but am rethinking my options for travel. Amtrak’s quality of service and dependability of travel has fallen significantly below standards. My last trip from Kirkwood, Mo to Kansas City on December 20th, 2021 was schedued to depart the Kirkwood station at 8:44 AM. Upon arrival at the station we were informed that a bus would be transporting us back to Kansas City.
    On boarding the bus we were informed that their had been a train derailment and that, unfortunately, the toilet on board the bus was non-functioning. We made one bathroom stop in Hermann,MO, a 40 min ride from Kirkwood and never stopped again for bathroom facilities along the way. The ride took 7 hours because the driver got lost twice. We were without any water or food for 7 hours. This is unconscionable to say the least. I am sorry to say I won’t be using Amtrak in the future unless the company addresses these problems.

  • Nicole says:

    So sad to say but Amtrak is slacking. We have been on the phone holding with Amtrak customer service for 2 hours and 5 minutes, spoke to one person who couldn’t help because it’s too far back. Amtrak canceled my daughter’s train on September 6,2021 and has yet to give her a refund. She was told twice that it will be refunded in 6-8 weeks, well we are way beyond that period. As a college student she needs her money, I don’t understand what the issue is. It’s been 4 months!!! Amtrak canceled the train, just issue the refund. Case closed.

  • Mr.G says:

    Is it common practice to dismiss confuse customers with questions? It seems that way to me. I was at Amtrak ticketing and baggage check-in Inside Daniel Patrick Monaghan train hall around 10:30 PM it was completely empty Then One female employee walked in the room, I Caught iContact from 20 feet away and Begin to approach the door she immediately turned around speed for door she just came out of so I asked her for some information she said we’re close And ignored my request for information I feel totally Disrespected I watched at least 15 people get directions to that location for information and there were three other employees in the adjacent room when I approached It was embarrassing an insulting to be treated like that definitely not the first time.. my first ride with Amtrak was in the 80s SMH. People don’t wanna work don’t hire them I thought they were here to help they stand around like security with an attitude.

  • Cheryl Love says:

    I need your help..
    Purchased a round trip ticket from Norfolk to Richmond Virginia’s Main Street Station, October 18’21. Experienced a lovely trip from Norfolk to Richmond’s Main Street Station, however; the printed ticket’s aren’t very explicit, do not state time of departure. I received 4 text messages from Amtrak stating my return trip from Richmond to Norfolk Virginia had been delayed until 8:37p. The second text delayed the train until 9:10 and so on. I’m at the Staples Mill Amtrak location in Virginia. I’m a Disabled Veteran who unfortunately had to sit outside until 4a. at which time the Staples Mill, Richmond VA office opened for business. I don’t understand why the Amtrak representative can not honor my ticket and reissue. He stated Customer Service could possibly issue a voucher which really doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have the funds to purchase another ticket. I need to return to VA Beach as soon as possible where my vehicle is stranded and could get stolen. I have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and cannot be aggravated.. I would have honored the ticket if I were employed by Amtrak. Don’t have $29 to purchase another ticket. The train to VA Beach from Staples Mill departs at 9:30a. Customer Service stated I must speak to Customer Relations when they open at 8a. Don’t know why Customer Service wouldn’t honor the ticket. I can text you the messages I received yesterday from Amtrak stating the train was delayed. Thanks in advance for your courtesies.

    Ms. Cheryl Love

  • Roxie Williams says:

    I submitted the complaint below in September 20, 2021, immediately following a conversation with an Amtrak agent regarding a refund. It is now October 11, 2021 and I am told Mr Tasby will have to pay an additional charge for the hotel that was not cancelled during the trip. The trip did not happened and AMTRAK CANCELLED THE TRIP! Mr. Tasby will have to pay $450.00 for a cancelled trip that HE DID NOT CANCEL, $238.00 for trip protection(trip never happened Amtrak cancelled due to track repair) and $212.00 for a hotel room ( we never occupied the room). I am finding this very difficult to understand, I have spoken to several Amtrak representatives and it is business as usual for them. Please can Mr. Tasby receive a refund for this trip that did not happen? I do not want to take legal action, I do not want to go to the media but Amtrak and Amtak Vacations are leaving me no other alternative but to take drastic measures, what is wrong with you people, is this how you treat decorated disabled veterans? This was one wish before he passed away, I am shaking my head in disgust.

    I am an advocate for Joe Tasby, a marine, a disabled Vietnam Vet, 3 time Purple Heart recipient, Commander of American Legion Post 14 Las Vegas, President of the Blinded Veterans Assc Las Vegas, and a Patriot.
    One item on Joe’s bucket list is a coastal train ride. Joe, his guide dog Cupid and myself were scheduled for that trip Sept 12, 2021 departing Union Station Los Angeles to Union Station Seattle Washington, Amtrak cancelled. Due to surgeries, recoveries, doctor appointments and general uncertainties of Joe’s health we were unable to reschedule. This is where the problem lies, we requested a full refund, “Amtrak Vacations” will issue all funds EXCEPT$238 FOR TRIP PROTECTION, there was no TRIP therefore NO TRIP PROTECTION NEEDED. The simplicity is astonishing, what is he paying $238, AMTRAK CANCELLED THE RESERVATION! I was told Amtrak could do nothing by several agents of “Amtrak Vacations” is that true? Would Amtrak forfeit their reputation for $238? I assure you the negative publicity would cost Amtrak more than $238. Thank you for handling this situation I await a reply. By the way Joe is so disappointed he no longer wants a train ride. Thank you for your assistance.

  • LIONELL INC says:

    survivor@4timezonechallenge.com I recently wrote to the Secretary General of the United Nations about 4 Time Zone Challenge and how I’m poised to help with COVID.

    I see this as an opportunity for AMTRAK as well (grants will be given to mili-video & selfie winners).

    My mobile 347-456-6838 (LIONELL) & I am a frequent traveler :), stated my national book tour on AMTRAK complete with pictures and posts before COVID.

    An extra layer of protection “Microfiber Turtlenecks”. Hope to hear from someone soon & please visit the site. Might spark some promotional thoughts, thanks:

  • Rafael A. Jones Sr. says:

    At 2:10pm on Sept.9th,2021 I was waiting for the connecting train to St. Louis from your Chicago train station. I was not on board the train and I was not inside the train station,but outside on the platform talking to another passenger who was awaiting just as I to board the d train to St. Louis MO. At which time a African American male conductor approached me out on the platform and demanded rudely that I put up my mask. When I replied o.k.,he continued to get aggressive and began to threaten me with actions he can not legally take,such as denying me transport. I then went to quote him direct covid-19 policies from President Mr.Mike. At which time he stated and I quote. I do not care about what the president of this company says. This is my jurisdiction. At which time I told him he was making libelous assertion and claiming jurisdiction. Under Interstate Commerce.
    My name is Rafael A. Jones Sr. U.S.Presidential ID#P00006708. As an federal attorney this type of focused harrased behavior violates all policies and his action of claiming federal jurisdiction over his falsehoods is in Violation of 18 U.S.C.1964(c) 1964(d). Fraud and Conspiracy to defraud the United States Government and agencies up under our jurisdiction with racial and serial discriminatory practices.
    I seek your redress in these matters.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Mr. Rafael A. Jones Sr. Bar No# B10234365
    28 U.S.C. 1746 Certificate of Service. I certify that all statements on foregoing documents is true to the best of my knowledge under the penalties of purgury this 9th day of Sept.2021.
    Rafael A. Jones Sr. 7.S.Presidential LD#P00008607.

  • Kelly says:

    Your latest ad on Spotify. A man complaining about needing to make a pit stop after two hours and seeing same billboard. I don’t think your target market are entitled ne’er do wells. I would pull the ad and call it a loss.

  • Richard says:

    You are a Terrible company for forcing your employees to be vaxxed.
    Go woke, go Broke.
    Good bye.

  • Sandra brown says:

    Been trying to reach out to Amtrak for a week now .I had bad experience coming back on train from nc seeing my dying 97 yr old aunt.i paid over 600 dollars for a comfort roomette .got a really nice one going up and was told I’d get the same back ..but noo .got one I could even put my carrying on bags in and it was filthy .and service sucked and one service member was rude .I used up a box of alcohol wipes of mine to wipe whole roomette down .nasty ..I have too much to complain about here.even hair was in the bed .filthy Windows doors toilet etc .raffling bed above .had to stick toilet paper and a rag and towel that was used in tracks to stop raffling and air sucked and door kept shaking open .curtains wouldn’t shurt properly .and now I can’t even get through for help on phone .

  • Maxine Goods says:

    We rode the Cresent on June 9 2021 from Philadelphia to Danville Va. The conductor Mandi separated us. We brought tickets together and asked to be seated together.There were seats together in the next car Her customer service stink. The man my son sat was rude and walked pass him more than ten time and never said excuse me. This was our first chance since the pandemic to get together. Maxine and James Goods

  • Sandra says:

    I wanted to know if your hiring for ticket or travelers Trip dispatchers so when Julia malfunctioning ,We can step in and answer questions. And is there any other places you can buy tickets for Amtrak or train tickets kiosks besides the station like certain. Hotels ?

  • Jim says:

    I am writing to express my sadness and disappointment. Plan on travelling from Eugene, OR to Mesa, AZ next month to visit my sister next month and was excited to have a relaxing train travel experience. In checking schedules, it appeared I would be able to ride the Coast Starlight and connect with the Sunset Limited, both reportedly beautiful rides. Sadly, after an entire morning of time on your website, chatting with your robot, and being unable to reach an actual person by phone I was unable to find accommodation options or fares for this trip. Frustrated and exhausted, I guess I will fly. I believe your company has a serious problem in this regard as I’ve heard from other travelers that they have passed on taking the train for similar reasons. I really wish you would get it together.

  • Susan Onisko says:

    I want to go under cover 2 times a month from Longview, Texas to Sandusky, Ohio . EVERYTIME I go away on Amtrak, I had over $7,000 worth of video equipment stolen, my personal items stolen, I witnessed last June 10th 2 people smoking meth on the train, almost every stop ANYONE can get on the train, EVERYONES lives could be in danger! I have reported a lot to Amtrak and Nothing was ever done! I sent some videos from my cell when I got home. I called Amtrak sent them the videos and reported what I seen. I was assaulted getting off the train by the same black lady whom insulted myself and another white elderly lady. And the black lady conductor who was hanging out with the same mean woman NEVER came t check on any of us at all. She wouldn’t help me down or with my luggage and seen that mean woman ram her bag in my stomach, my Husband seen it as he was walking up to help me. I owned undercover businesses years ago, I come from Military and Police families. No one would ever suspect me if I done this for Amtrak. Amtrak said they have spotters on the trains. NOT! I just talked to then Amtrak Police and they were rude and said, No there was no such job. I heard many passengers say they will fly and never take Amtrak ever again!!! No one feels safe! I want Amtrak to passengers and crew to be safe on their journeys. Just let me ride free and do my and all I need is a tiny camera to place on my body to record any events. I will prove it to you all what goes on. Please let me help you and everyone! Thank You and God Bless! Susan “Susie” Onisko 903-842-4242

  • Joubert Michel says:

    Hi! Amtrak, I have many years I have been looking for jobs at Amtrak. I have never been qualified. I am an Electronic Engineer, four kids and I am a dreamer. I applied for a Service Engineer job in Boston, I need your help. I am not going to give up. My phone number is (857)261-2897. My name is Joubert.

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