Where is Amscot  Corporate office Headquarters

Amscot Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  600 North Westshore Boulevard, Suite 1200, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

  • Phone Number: 813-637-6100

  • Fax Number: 813-637-6260

  • Email: N/A

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 2500 

  • Established: 1989

  • Founder: Mr. Ian A. MacKechnie

  • Key People: Mr. Ian A. MacKechnie (Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President)

Amscot Headquarters Location & Directions

Amscot Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Charity McDowell

Director of Human Resources

Ms. Erika Harris

Director of Community Relations

Mr. Deveron Gibbons

Vice President of Public Affairs

About Amscot, History and Headquarters Information

Amscot is a financial service company. It was founded in 1989. The headquarters of the company is located in Tampa, FL. Their services include check cashing, prepaid access cards, bill payment, cash advances, money orders, etc. There are more than 2000 employees working with the company.

The company was founded by Ian MacKechnie. He began his business career with a small bakery in Tampa. The bakery supplied doughnuts and pastry to west Florida.He formulated the concept of Amscot when he saw his employees struggling to encash their salary cheques.

By 2005, Amscot had 84 branches operating in the US. It extended its services to the Miami market in 2012. In 2013, the company opened training centres and began to train 50 employees per week.

Today it serves more than 3 million customers a year. Apart from profitable businesses, they are known for their community services all across Florida. It is involved in various community programs like Children rescue network, traffic safety awareness program, Kids First program, etc.

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  • Termirror says:

    HellO I would like to kno how many money orders had been cashed in 2022 and 2023 for whrispern pines..

  • Candy says:

    I went to get a cash advance. I had a blank check, id and check stub. The lady asked me for my bank statement so she could see my name, routing and account number. What is the point of the check and id. I feel its intrusive and i dont want a stranger looking through my bank statements.

  • Daniel Desrosiers says:

    This place is one of those places you avoid because of messed up attitude customer service. They also, take the longest to process or give you a simple answer Yes or No.. then when no business was done they didn’t want to give me my personal information bank account number , ssn, dob, and bank statements SMH nor did they want to shred it for my please of mind.. Now my bank account was being tampered with.. this place need some work they’re 1 more bull shit from being called a pease of sh#@ company..

  • Vernette Thomas says:

    It’s Vernette Thomas, adding on to the first report. The second sales person that did the scanning my documents and supposedly refax my documents again, but she didn’t. She was on the phone talking to someone telling them what each documents says. I was watching her and listening to her. This is a invading of my right to privacy. I don’t care who is requesting the information. Your staff should have told me who was on the phone requesting to know what I was faxing. I have the right to privacy, and one has the right to know what am faxing. Or to whom am faxing it too. Is this your legal office. I stated in the being that that psycho police officers are slendereing my name and harassing me and I’m trying to bring up charges against them, and they want to prevent me from doing so.

  • Vernette Thomas says:

    Dear President and CEO, MY name is Vernette Thomas. And I live in Sunrise fl 33313 I go to the amscot at location, Financial Services 219 Oakland Park Lauderhill FL 33313 The employees are very nice and they do an excellent job. My name is being slandered by some psycho police officers who are trying to stop me from providing that they are slandereing my name. So they will call up the staff and have them describe what it is am having them fax. This happened this evening between the hours of 7:30pm I until 8:45pm. The first lady was a young girl, who put am items threw the copper. Then a second young lady told me she would have to scan my documents and fax them. Well she scan them, but she didn’t fax them. And the first lady look as if she didn’t know what she was doing. Anyway my report say fax failed. They could have at least tried to put my fax threw a second time. Over all the staff do a good job.

  • Chase Strode says:

    I have used Amscot for years to pay bills and all was well untell the day came when the money orders i recieved from them were misplace/stolen i dont know but asking for assistance from them to cancel the money orders (which they say is no problem) nearly took an act of congress. I had to pay them to look into it and during what felt like an interrogation and very snooty attitude i am now into the third month and still have not received my money back, they say its coming but we’ll see. No i dont think they a good business at leased not in my experience.

  • JAMES says:


  • Ex costumer says:

    The staff treat you like crap.
    Not worth thestress

  • Ashley says:

    Amscot, you’re making me so sad. 😭
    Amscot is trying to take a second loan payment out of my account (pending charge).
    I called last night, the supervisor stated they see my payment did go through on Friday and my next payment isn’t until the 10th. However, my bank statement shows the payment from Friday AND a pending charge that won’t be released until the 1st.
    My bank told me to call Amscot, I went in person, (my favorite supervisor stated they see my payment went through but nothing else), Amscot told me to go to my bank, to which they told me they can’t do anything because even if the charge goes through on the 1st, I would have to contact Amscot to get my money back. 🙄😭
    With Amscot’s system trying to take a second payment, I no longer have money to get gas & groceries for the week. I’ve never been through this before and shouldn’t have to.
    Although the interest rate is high, if anyone is wanting/needing a little financial boost, Amscot is the place to go but don’t trust their system, pay with cash because they will try to take more than they should and you will be screwed. 😭

  • Jessica S. says:

    Insane how the women at the branch at 670 st rd 7 in Margate. I go in there with a PRINTED payroll check and a personal check wrote to me for cleaning. I’ve cashed checks from both parts at that branch for years. Well they were charging me a wrong rate and one of the other employees said make sure they know its a payroll check. Both women start acting as if the checks are stolen then she says she has to VERIFY the PAYROLL check when not only have I cashed their checks but several other people from the company cash at that location and the one in Pompano off Sample. Both women were ridiculous. The one with the bow and the other one helping me acted like I made the checks up. I’ve never had an issue with you guys before, but I will never use your company and I will also tell the company who wrote me the payroll check so they can tell the other employees to go elsewhere too. I can maybe understand verifying a personal check but a PAYROLL check that I’ve cashed before and you guys ripped me off on the fees by charging me a hire rate. You’ve got to be kidding me

  • Dena A Vedder says:

    Lisa in HR doesn’t return calls, she doesn’t do her job. Needed her assistance and she flat out ignored all my calls.

  • Maureen McDonough says:

    I have been a customer of yours for many years. Your employees are some of the finest, kindest people I’ve met. I’ve been told they can’t accept any type of gratuity. I’ve always felt the need to do something, but it’s never accepted. I’d like to get a box of chocolates for the two offices in my area. Please let them accept from a grateful customer. I’m in Melbourne FL. Thank you!

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