Where is Amerigas  Corporate office Headquarters

Amerigas Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  460 North Gulph Road, Suite 100, King Of Prussia, PA 19406-2815United States

  • Phone Number: 610-337-7000

  • Fax Number: 610-768-7647

  • Email: fb@amerigas.com

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    Number of Employees: 9000 

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Jerry Sheridan (CEO)

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Amerigas Headquarters Executive Team



Hugh Gallagher


Tony Rosback


About Amerigas, History and Headquarters Information

AmeriGas is an LPG distribution company. It was founded in 1959. The headquarters of the company is located at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The revenue of the company is estimated to be 3 million USD.

Today the company operates more than 2, 500 distribution locations. It supplies to all 50 states of the US. There are around 2 million customers registered with the company.

The main partner of the company is UGI Corporation. UGI owns 26% of partnership. It offers LPG to businesses and domestics. They also provide propane during peak demands. Propane offers the same comfort and efficiency as that of natural gas.

The company also offers gases for outdoor living to enjoy a warm weather by warming up the backyard. It provides tank exchanges for portable tanks. They also provide propane to warm up spa, pools, etc.

Apart from this they also provide gas for businesses like agriculture, building, cooking appliances, forklifts, industrial trucks, refuelling stations, etc.

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  • Debra Hyde says:

    Worst customer service EVER!

  • Tom de Yampert says:

    I opened my account with AmeriGas December of 2023 in North Carolina. On February 8, 2024 I received 3 bills for service at 3 different addresses all for the same amount of gas delivered at the same time on the same day. I do not and have not owned 2 of theses addresses. I never ordered any gas to be delivered and did not receive any gas at my address.
    I have called on several days over the past 2 weeks and have spent hours getting transferred from department to department to get this problem, WITH NO RESULTS TO THIS DATE, even though your supervisors have assured me that the problem would be corrected.
    Today, I spoke to Shawn (sp) Customer Service Rep.. He assured me again that the 2 incorrect addresses would be removed from my account and that even though you billed me for gas delivery there were no delivery tickets on file for any gas delivery and any of the addresses.
    The customer service that AmeriGas provides to its customers is the worst I have ever had from any large or small company I have ever dealt with. If AmeriGas has any even minimal customer service they will respond to my email attached here to.

  • Annette Welch says:

    I ordered gas on January,12, 2024 and paid in full. Every time I call someone can’t tell me when my gas will be delivered or why it is delayed. Can someone help me please.

  • Paul says:

    I have been trying to get fuel (that’s paid for) since 12/28/2023. I keep getting the run around! It will be here in 24 hours, the truck broke down, it’s to muddy in your area. When does this end?

  • Susan Van Nest says:

    As a long time customer (25 years) I’am very upset AmeriGas charged the full amount when I was told I would receive a credit of $88.94 for gas they burned off..
    There was 35% left in the tank.. It took AmeriGas 11 o’clock to 4 o’clock to burn off the propane because of a leak..
    Now their charging 36.00 dollars late fee..
    I have been calling since 11-28-2023. They say they will credit my account..
    I have paid in check on 11-20-2023 for $367.77..
    I should be credited by more than I’am asking for as feel there was a lot left in the tank that was paid ..
    Am hoping someone will care enough to take care of this situation.. Thanks

  • SC says:

    Overseas call center is a major issue. Never mind the irony of a company with “Ameri” in its own damn name has people in another country answering their phones that barely speak English! Received a call, “I’m connecting you to a supervisor”, immediately put on hold and no one can be bothered to speak on the line. Call for a delivery, pay $300 if you want it right away or wait up to a week, which is unacceptable in the middle of winter. Shitty company, don’t use them if you don’t absolutely have to!

  • Judy says:

    I am new to your company and am very sorry I’m forced to use Amerigas. My account has been wrong since I started. Now you are charging me for a delivery that I didn’t get. Called customer service many, many times- nothing. They once transferred me to someone in Florida who was going to get it fixed. Heard nothing. This has been going on since November. I’m not sure why you are unable to respond or fix anything – you have over 9000 employees!. And you boast about your company? What an absolute shame.

  • Randy Harris says:

    I am a 27 yr customer with your company. I was out of country last month and missed a payment. I am on a budget plan that I pay every month. I have been informed that NOW I have to pay the entire amount. I’m on a budget. I want to get caught up with my monthly payment, which should be $212.00 and change.please have someone contact me 901-490-1510

  • You arentribhingneligeferellgas says:

    This propane company is in the weeds horrible I can’t get a human being to get my money in account back and fire this retard run company and freeze to death again this winter like the last three Amerigas ceo belongs in prison

  • David Moss says:

    I recently ran out of gas and called for a delivery. They brought my tank up to 40% and “locked out” the service because I was not at home. Since then I have been caught in the same dysfunctional “customer service” loop as the rest of these commenters. I have not had heat for seven days. I spoke to a “customer service advocate” who says the soonest they can get someone out here to unlock my service is December 5th……I’m guessing they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines where the current temperature in 72 degrees whereas it is dropping below freezing where I live. I am contacting the State Attorney General. Judging from the comments I have read I think there are many people who could join together to force this company to get it’s act together. Does anyone know of an effort of this kind already in the works?

    • Anthony Kleb says:

      Ill join, they installed me tank 4 years ago and now tell me its too close to the house and wont fill it, after them filling it over they last 4 years. I get no response as to how this will be resolved.

    • You arentribhingneligeferellgas says:

      We are the American herd of dum asses we are getting fleeced by apple Att Ferrellgas Amerigas pge gasoline food trinket Chinese garbage that doesn’t last time to burn it all and revolt

  • MLHIcks says:

    I will be contacting the attorney general in my state regarding the overbilling, holding my money until it meets their time frame to complete service and resolutions. No where can you get any resolution to your problems especially when they create them by running you out of gas when you are auto refill and then they want to charge you fees for their mistakes.

  • Amber Steele says:

    As a customer who has had amerigas for a year now I am over it! I call every dam month trying to get the correct billing and every month I have to keep calling every month for 10 months to get things right. This is a joke trying to speak with someone who understands english. The corporate number hangs up on you and doesn’t allow me to speak to anyone. I want some one to contact with out being hung up on or misunderstood of what needs to happen to my account. I am ready to get a lawyer and contact the better business amongst other agencies to get the action that should have been already done. I call every month and nothing is getting straightened and honestly fed up with this company. I have paid every month on my convenience pay yet your company shows months past due… HOW? You Dropped my convenience pay and stopped my deliveries when I have not missed a payment and have even paid extra towards the bill. And now charging me for rental fee when it is supposed to be included in my convenience pay, which amerigas once again says I did not pay and have been taken off convenience pay…. AFTER giving the company $380 more than what my payment was. How can you treat customers like this and expect them to stay loyal? I have called, emailed and tried to call corporate office to get something done about this. Someone should be able to correct the issues and rebuild my account, I have had this issue every month since NOV of 2022 and think it is time for it to be correctly corrected, or my next step will be contacting a lawyer and seeing what my options are to proceeding with a lawsuit! Which I have all my records to provide noting I have already been credited over $700 due to AmeriGas’s mistakes and mishandling of my account and the fact they wont fix the issue to see it does not continue any longer.

  • Joel Howard says:

    I don’t understand how this company is still doing business. I started with a company that was then bought out by another company, then another one and maybe another. And was pleased with each one, until Amerigas bought it!!! You have the worst customer service I have ever encountered! We have been billed for work that wasn’t done and for months, repeatedly tried to reach someone to get it straightened out. All phone numbers leads to another country! We decided to get another company to bring gas because we needed it! A woman finally called and said they were coming to pick up our tank. We made it clear to her that we own our tank, and had it (over thirty years) before ever starting with the original company! She said unless we could find a bill of sale for it, that it is theirs. It is our tank!!! We do not owe Amerigas anything! Everyone I know that was with your company have already left too! The worst part is that even if it was your tank (it is Not) after finally being able to speak to someone in the U.S., she wants to fight over a rusted 30year old tank, that doesn’t even belong to you Others have complained that Amerigas is waiting months or even a year to pick up the empty, rented tank from them. Again I want you to understand, we own the tank and we don’t owe any bills! I hope someone can get your company in better condition!

  • B Mccoy says:

    How do I reach corporate? Can someone give me an email or number to contact. I had to cancel service and switch companies due to no show for propane fill up multiple times with no date as to when it would be filled. Been waiting on my refund for over a month now. The man who canceled our service and gave us the confirmation number told us the check was being mail immediately and would receive it within 7-14 business days. Still no check a month later!! They have credited our account when we call the automated system but when speaking to someone they keep giving us a run around on the refund. Have spoken to 10 people and waited hours on phone for same answer every time. We have no update as of now on our refund. Have dispute open and still no update. Every time we call they say we’ll send a refund request update that takes 24-48 hours to refund dept. Call back to find out to get no update we will send a request to refund department. Same thing over and over when we call. This company is pure trash!!

  • Stephanie Lynn Frank says:

    20days later.. 4 customer service conversations.. put on expedited delivery, then emergency delivery due to finally running completely out on the 1st cold weekend. And still have NOT DELIVERED!

  • Stephanie Lynn Frank says:

    Absolutely the WORST COMPANY available

  • Mrs.Colorado says:

    We have had Amerigas Propane for almost 7 years and the last few years have been one disappointment after another. Your Customer Service Call Center is completely AWFUL! I have spent hours of my day on the phone with them. They have hung up on me so, so many occasions because they get tired of me asking them to repeat themselves since I can’t understand them and they don’t speak and understand English. They don’t resolve any of my questions and/or problems. When I call, I give them my account number and they can’t EVER find our account. We go back and forth many times trying to locate our account, remember we have had them for almost 7 years. They don’t know ANYTHING at all! They change their narrative so many times and if you speak to different people, you will also get different answers. Your pricing and costs are completely off the charts! People who I have spoke with including friends, acquaintances, and companies all have different prices for each of us. They also all get different statements from your customer service call center. I have been ABSOLUTELY furious trying to get anywhere when speaking. To them. We have recently canceled our service with them. Our new propane company has been a delight to deal with and it’s great having a customer service that is nice, respectful, values you as a customer, and speaks English. Amerigas has such a disgraced reputation in our state and even nearby states. All of the problems I have are similar to others with Amerigas. I have also heard so many formal employees and they have gave us lots of insight of how you are running your company.Since we have canceled our service, I have called twice to tell them to come get their empty and disconnected tank. The two customer service representatives gave me two different accounts of what will happen next. The first representative Lady I spoke to said that someone from Amerigas will contact me to schedule the tank to be removed, the second Male representative I spoke to said it will take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to even months to get their tank. Are you kidding me? Your past employees and customers I have spoke to said your empty propane tanks have been left on their properties for over 2 years or more. I told the second representative that they will owe us a storage rental fee for EVERYDAY they leave their empty/disconnected tank on our property. I will continue to post and tell as many people and companies via in person and/or social media to NEVER use Amerigas for any reason. I have also filed many complaints with the Colorado Attorney General, Colorado Public Utilities Commission, Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau.

  • Mr. Kay says:

    I am truly disappointed by the service provide by AmeriGas, Customer service at best can be described the most unpleasant interactions with your staff. These staff personnel are outsourced in Philippines and they have mastered two sentence that is “my apologies sir” “I am sorry” . Our country, culture is supposed to demonstrate beacon of freedom not exploit by paying them less than a panhandler makes in the United States. I have yet to reach a person in my local area located in Fredericksburg, VA- only 15-20 minutes away depending on traffic. The number is (540) 898-0357 and all you get is a Pilipino “customer Service representative” who can barely speak English. I have been an AmeriGas customer for almost 18 years – and never knew the company is deceptive, fraud in accounting of gas delivered and the charges on tank rental. I finally had it and terminated my services in mid August 2023 and asked them to pick up the tank, they gave two dates and no show on both days. The excuse was ” we were not aware it takes two people to remove the tank (twice) and we will include a second crew member on the next pick up date which is 21 September 2023. I hope CEO Mr. Jerry Sheridan, and the key executive team, Mr. Hugh Gallagher and Mr. Tony Rosback soon realize your Company is at its wits end. It is a shame….

  • Lawrence D Meno says:

    Customer is the worst , 2 weeks trying to schedule a truck to fill 1k tank call after call up the chain down the chain. the problem is here so Im forced to take my business somewhere else. Management needs to address the way you treat customer its worst then att and comcast. Larry 305-297-1902 If i dont hear from you I will take my business somewhere else

  • Carolyn says:

    I canceled my service in June and am still trying to get the tank picked up. It’s impossible to speak to the local office and the offshore “customer advocates” give a different story every time I call. Bogus appointments are scheduled, but nobody shows up. Today’s excuse was that there is no one in the district office and they couldn’t find a technician. I filed a complaint with the State Office of Consumer Affairs today. Maybe they can get some answers out of them!

  • Mimi says:

    I suggest contacting corporate by certified mail to file complaints.
    I also suggest switching to another company.

    We had Amerigas for many years at this residence but in December of 2022 things went south. We could not be assured of any delivery date. That was unacceptable.

    We changed providers in Jan 2023 and now have an Amerigas 250 gallon tank sitting on our property with the same song and dance as everyone else re: “pick-up”.

    Interestingly, I just called the Oregon State Fire Marshall’s office as they regulate licensure of propane companies’ propane sites within the state.

    Apparently, in spite of installing a new tank for us, filling our old and new tank 2 times totally (1 fill each tank), their local offices are “unlicensed, not renewed, or out of business” in my locale in Oregon. So basically driving without a license.


  • Dissatisfied Customer says:

    Worst customer service ever! With Inaccurate information! They never resolve any issues! When transferring a call to a supervisor, it goes directly to the survey. Searching for a new propane delivery company.

  • Tom King says:

    Account closed May 2022 when I moved out of my house. Feb 2023 Amerigas charges me rent for the tank. At a home I nolonger own nor live at. Not even in the state. I have called every month for 7 months and the issue still isnt resolved. They charge me a late fee every month as well. Customer Service and Resolution are incompetent.

  • Daniel Cabot says:

    So, the saga continues. I called customer service from April 2023 to June 2023 to tie in from a manifold to my house and got nowhere. After I contacted corporate I got an immediate response. A dispatcher contacted me and a technician came out and got the project going. We buried the pipe and I called the customer service line today and they said there are no techs available. Please help. Thanks, Dan Cabot 440/487-8424 cell/text.

  • Randall p brown says:

    Was a customer for 10 yrs .My tank was installed in 1967 during my time paid rent fees your tank leaked twice called had to pay for repairs 3rd time turned off at tank it had 30 percent in 500 gallon tank leaked out over the summmer.Call Calhoun Ga office they sent delivery driver spray dishwasher detergent on fittings said no leak my reply was it was empty no pressure Driver laughed .Contacted office requested them to remove tank from my property.Recieved bill for couple hundred dollars for leak check.Request to remove tank again no reply.Finally got someone on phone made request again.Called Ferrell gas they came immediately removed tank and installed new tank.Technican did proper leak check with gauges laughed at how Amerigas performed leak check stated lucky there wasn’t explosion Amerigas tank .Ihave call at least 10 times trying to get your leaking tank removed from my property.I work hard to keep my property well maintained wife has flowers etc,Man called couple weeks ago when it was pouring rain monsoon pretending gonna pick up to but weather wouldn’t permit.Nothing more than insult to my intelligence.It’s been over 6 months get dangerous tank from next my house.Wife is contacting BBB,Firedepartment.Channel 5 consumer investigation team.Please reply got unsightly obselete tank removed from my property

  • Josh v says:

    20 days behind delivery

  • Jill Sturgis says:

    Still waiting on my refund from July, 2022. “It’s in process” is the same canned answer I get every phone call, email. I don’t think they would wait 6 months to be paid for their gas. SEND MY REFUND.

  • Mark J. Wilson says:


  • Mark J. Wilson says:

    I asked the person on the phone where they were and he lied and said that they were in Cleveland. I said well that’s weird, then asked, do they only hire Filipinos? He then admitted that their call center was in the Philippines. He told me that their company INSTRUCTS them to LIE to their CUSTOMERS! Why don’t they want their customers to know? What are they afraid of?

    Horrible service. Twice now they’ve gone to the wrong address! Who knows when I’ll get my delivery. As soon as summer’s here and my tank’s drained down, it’s bye-bye to this LYING company!

  • Sherry Carlson says:

    Absolutely the worst customer service! And worst company ever. 4 weeks ago, had an appointment, no show no call. Scheduled another. Same-no show no call! Scheduled again, same! I am currently on the phone with them for the second time today trying to find out where my appointment is for today because the first chick hung up on me! Still on hold after 25 minutes…

  • Diana wilson says:

    I’m reading these comments and I’m seeing that everyone is having the same problem as me so I’m not feeling alone. I was informed that my delivery was coming on December 26 via email. I had placed my order two weeks in advance, my order never came, I continue to call daily. Every day a customer service representative would lie to me and tell me a new story by the third day of calling I was told my order was going to be expedited and would be to me within 24 hours mind you I am a single mother with a three year old child and I have been calling and calling and calling and no one is giving me answers. I called the next day because my order hadn’t came in someone else lied to me and told me that I was sixth on the list for the day, I called later that day, knowing we were going into a holiday weekend and the person I talk to you this time told me that they are not sure why I was told that when they don’t know that information and that my delivery would not be coming until the next day. I then talk to what they consider a resolution specialist, who also lied to me, and all she could do was apologize and say I’m sorry I don’t know why you were told that, she then said she would personally call me Saturday New Year’s Eve, and tell me when my delivery was coming because once again, I’m a single working mother and nobody would be at my house. She assured me she would call and that the driver would also call. Well, I get an text confirmation that says hooray. Your propane has been delivered on Saturday and I was excited thinking wow I get to go home to a warm house, no, I get home, and the driver ignorantly filled my tanks and then locked me out because nobody was there for them to perform the test. How was I supposed to be at my house when nobody could tell me when my delivery was coming? Now I called the emergency line. They told me that a lockout is not in an emergency, I’m told to call Monday I called Monday they’re still closed in observance of the holiday, I called today, which is Tuesday and I’m told the soonest they can perform a lockout would be January 9 so they’re trying to tell me I have to wait a whole Nother week to get unlocked due to their negligence and their driver not calling me. This is complete bull crap I have been a customer for 15 years and I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on gas. I can guarantee you the next season I will be taking my money elsewhere. I’m flabbergasted that a company that the whole time you’re on the weight says number one in customer service and customer safety can’t help your customers. And every representative that you can’t understand because they’re not American, cannot help you and they also live you on a daily basis.

  • Patricia Ryan says:


  • Dennis Daniels says:

    AMERIGAS 12-27-2022
    I am on your automatic delivery schedule. Last Jan. we received a fill only after many calls. this year we were notified in September 15 that a scheduled refill was started. We waited and waited for months, no one came. I assumed you were waiting until it was really low. I started calling on Dec 19 to have delivery because we were at 5%. They said we would be filled within 24 hours, nothing happened. Called again on 12-21, same promise in 24 hours, nothing. Called again on 12-22, told it would be today. Nothing. Called again on 12-23, told it would be delivered on 12-26, nothing. Called today 12-27, asked for supervisor, was told she would call back within 1-2 hours. No phone call. By the time you read this I am sure we will be out of propane caused by your inaction. So please remove us from your accounts and schedule your tank pickup as soon as possible. Please refund the reserve I that I have built up. I really believe that you have broken any contract we may have had because you did not deliver in a timely manner. Dennis Daniels Account # 202637247

  • Michelle Kovach says:

    I am at the point of Extreme frustration! Received a text from Amerigas on 12/12/22 that we would be receiving our delivery in the next several days. On 12/20/22 I called the customer service dept. to find out when it was to be delivered. Was told they expedited the order and we would have it in the next 24-72 hours. Called back the morning of 12/22/22 inquiring about a delivery date. Was told by CS that our delivery was coming that day! She assured me 100%. Called back at 5:56 pm letting them know we had not received our delivery. ONCE AGAIN was told it was expedited and it was scheduled for the next day. Called back the next day and spoke to a supervisor. She called the local dispatch for our gas and it was expedited for an emergency “1-day delivery”. She also informed me she would call me back with an update. Never received a call back….. Received a text from AmeriGas as well showing the one day delivery. Following day- NO DELIVERY. Christmas was the following day-NO DELIVERY. Called yesterday, Dec.26th and officers were closed- NO DELIVERY. Called back today, 12/27/22 and spoke to another supervisor. Possible delivery scheduled for tomorrow. She could give me no information and again we have no idea of when we are getting our gas. We are currently at 7%. We have been using our heat sparingly, if we had not we certainly would have already ran out. Our temps have been between -1/32 degrees (with windchill of -20) for the last 6 days! We are freezing! I want an explanation on how this level of service is acceptable! Why should it take over 2 WEEKS and multiple phone calls and still have NO PROPANE? There was ZERO problem when you had us sign our lease agreement and we received our first delivery in less then 3 days. Is this how your company works? Basically, get people into a lease agreement so you lock them in and then, Hey… fend for yourself! NEVER have I had such poor service from a utility/service provider. I want to speak to someone at the Corporate Office. I have called and only been able to leave a message in your general mailbox. You give an option to for “Customer Issues” however that just transfers me back to your “800” customer service line. I am beyond upset on how I have been treated as a customer, this is 100% unacceptable. Guessing we will run out of gas by this evening.

  • Lavon Silvernell says:

    1st, I really appreciate the propane delivery on Dec 24 at 6:15am.
    But the effort to get the propane delivered was frustrating. Called Dec 12, requested delivery; given the information delivery by the 19th. 20th arrived and still no delivery. Called given a delivery date of by Dec 22, no delivery. Called was told propane would be delivered in 72 hours. Propane was delivered on Dec 24 at 6:15 am, which I really, really appreciate. However, a more realistic answer from the beginning, would have left me trusting Amerigas a lot more.

  • Monessa Gomez says:

    We purchased our home in september 2020. There was a tank already on property. We called for a fill up. They were happy to come give us that initial service. Then we needed another fill 3mos later. My husband is on home dialysis and his equipment and solutions need to be maintained at 65-70degrees. They said they would have someone out in 3 to 5 days. That didnt happen. I called they told me same thing. I called several times between December2020and January2021. Never got our tank filled. I called for a tank fill for the next 3months following, never got service. Finally canceled my service summer of 2021. Went with a fantastic locally owned company that was happy to help and came out the same day i signed up to set and fill a brand new tank.
    After cancelling our service with Amerigas i called for 13months to get them to pick up their tank. Which had 20% gas in it. They finally came in that 13th month. Now i have received a bill!!! For what?? Tank removal and early termination. That makes no sense at all. We never received actual service and it took over a year after cancelling to pick up the old tank! We still have not been reimbursed for the unused fuel. They can credit that to the bill they are trying to give us for nothing and worse than terrible “service”.
    I strongly advise against this company. They are extremely unprofessional and they don’t care about their customers’ satisfaction. They only want to find bogus reasons to stick it to you when you finally cut ties with them.
    Absolutely horrible company.

  • Oscar says:

    Horrible service. Have been an Amerigas customer for 28 years. Wanted to purchase my 500g underground tank and contacted them now for 6 months. My initial contact (July) said they would sell me the tank for $620 and would have someone contact me within 72 hours to set up payment and provide me with proof of purchase. No one ever did. Called them again (Aug, Sept, Oct)…same story…same no call back. Call them again (Nov) and was told that they were no longer selling the tanks. After a “serious” response on my part they said since they agreed to sell me the tank since I had requested the sale back in (Jul, Aug, etc.) and they told me, you guessed it, someone will call me back within 72 hours and…never got a call. Call again (early Dec (Shane?)) and got the same run around. I requested that I talk to whomever could resolve the problem. Was set on the “merry-go-round” and finally got to someone in the States who spoke very clear English (all previous contacts were “off shore” agents who appears do not solve issues and just are instructed to say that “some one will call you back within 72 hours”. I spoke to a “Sherry” and gave her the above story. To my amazement, she told me they had no record of any calls made by me. Asked her to have whomever can make a decision to call me. Was guarantied I would get a call “that day”. No call. It’s been two weeks, so I decided to call again. Same off shore agent (Lisa? this time), same story…would get call back in “20 minutes without fail.” Have contact my attorney and he has advised me to contact the SC Public Service Commission to file a formal complaint. He also indicated that there may be a Restraint of Trade Issue that as no other seller will fill another company’s tank, it forces me to purchase propane only from Amerigas. Let the buyer beware…stay away from Amerigas as you would with someone with Covid!

  • M. Taylor says:

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Just bought a property, and the previous owners already paid to have the tank filled up a month ago before closing- it’s still never been filled. We keep getting told they’re in route, yet they never show up. I’m reporting Amerigas to the BBB.

  • Michael Michalko says:

    I have been a loyal customer since 2018. Since covid, the quality of service has diminished drastically. It’s apparent that amerigas has outsourced their call center and it shows. I have been lied too, solicited for funds for service not delivered. On December 13th, I finally reached someone who put through a emergency 1 day fill, It’s now the 15th, still no delivery.

  • Jill Sturgis says:

    I have been trying to get a refund since July 2022, after tank was removed from my property in June 2022. I have made numerous phone calls, sent several emails to which I am always told I should get my check within X days/weeks. All to be lies. My now closed account still shows my credit balance as I have yet to be issued a refund check. I was a customer for over 20 years, same tank although 2 different companies in Cabarrus County, NC until AmeriGas took over. Since that time it has been nothing short of a disaster. I just want my refund so I can be completely done with this mess. SEND MY REFUND ASAP

  • Joe Straw says:

    This is the worst customer service that I have ever seen! I was charged for one of your reps to come out and give me directions on how to get a underground tank. I followed all of his directions and paid to have a hole excavated to accommodate his instructions. The rep came back out to check the hole and approved it according to his directions, then ordered a tank to be delivered. The tank was delivered and set in place of the instructed hole, I was charged over $1000. Come to find out, the tank placement is not under county guidelines and cannot be approved. I call to have the tank removed, over and over and over again…. 2 months later, they still have not picked up this tank that is sitting in a giant hole in my yard. I can’t get anybody on the phone other than their call center in the Philippines. An appointment was scheduled and they no showed without a single phone call, I called to set another appointment and the soonest available was another month out. I am going to sue unless this thing is picked up immediately and I am refunded the money that I paid for your services that was not in regulations with laws in our county. What is going on with this company??? I demand a call and resolution from someone at the Placerville, Ca office.

    • Oscar says:

      Joe…With their “off shore” call center and their ability to resolve (or want to resolve) issues is long gone. Suggest you contact your State Public Service Commission and file a complaint. Seems like that and a law suit is all that works. I feel your pain!

  • Brett Anderson says:

    Absolutely the WORST experience in dealing with a company that I have EVER experienced in my 61 years on this planet. I’ve been trying for over a month now to get a tank installed and filled with propane so that my wife and I can move into a new house. You would think it would be as easy as calling a number, telling them you want to start service, and they’d make the arrangement to have someone come out and get it set up. However, that appears to be too &:$:$: £|€||>|> difficult for this company to do. I’ve been calling and talking to various people for over a month now and I’m no closer to getting propane or moving into my house than I was a month ago. Twice now someone has asked me what size tank I want and I asked them what are my size options. I can’t tell them what size unless I know my choices. Neither of them could tell me what the choices were. They told me someone would come survey it to find out what size. I told them I’ll take the same size tank that I have now and they ok. Then they said they’re have someone come out to survey it. 1. Why ask me what size tank if you can’t give me size options? 2. Why ask me what size and have me tell you what size, if you’re still going to send someone out to survey it?

    Absolutely INFURIATING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Todd Bergeron says:

    Your company is the fucking worst,why don’t you get all your dot heads and camel Jockey’s and go the hell back where you came from been a customer with Keene Gas over 10 years, never had a problem now nobody and I mean nobody can do shit get your tank off my property

  • Pedro says:


  • Roger Manning 602-689-6981 says:

    Trying to figure out how to get you to live up to your contractual obligations to keep my residential tank filled so I don’t freeze to death. This has been an ongoing problem for the last two or three years. Even though I have auto fill, it never seems to get filled unless I make numerous phone calls complaining. I have been waiting for two weeks since I was “scheduled” and now my tank is fumes and the temp tonight will be in the 20’s. I was told twice today that I would receive an emergency delivery today and as yet such has not occurred. I am 80 years old and I think your failure constitutes “Elder Endangerment”.

  • Steve Bonnington says:

    I’ve been a customer for 22 years. In the spring I tried to refill my tank, they quoted me fuel prices at least $1.00 above the local going rate per gallon. Everytime I called I got a different overseas call center and some new overinflated price. Tired of dealing with the worst customer service I have ever seen, I decided it was time to switch to any competitor. Most businesses are glad to have you. Amerigas signed me up without my consent for the monthly prepay plan. I didn’t care at the time. Now that I have terminated their services, they illegally fail to send me my $298.56. Customer service says they owe me this, but no check.
    They picked up the tank in June and still no check and its almost November. Nothing in the mail, email, or phone call. Pure thievery!!!!! Time to contact the Idaho Attorney General. Before Amerigas bought Northern Energy, everything was fine. Great people. Not any longer

  • Jeffrey Gallo says:

    I’ve been a customer for almost five year. I had a service call to check my gas cause it had leaked out, the service found I had a leak that would take to people to fix, the service man said I would get a call back in the next couple of days. Well we’re going on two weeks no call, I’ve called ten to fifteen times to managers and customer service to no avail. Everyone tells there calling me back managers. Incompetent I will be calling a knee gas company on Monday to take ur take out and cancel my service. My name is Jeffrey Gallo 722 95 AVE Naples FL 34108 I will never recommend ur company total incompetence

  • Theresa Milsap says:

    The company will not give me a specific delivery date when my gas tank reads zero. My initial request for gas was 10/03.
    I called customer service, texted with the online messaging and spoke to Tiffany, Christine and today Sarah. I was told today my expedited 3 day window that was to be delivered today (10/12) is now moved to tomorrow the 13th however that date is tentative. I asked them to please help me my gas reads zero but there is nothing they can do to get the gas today. I called corporate and left a message with the escalation team to call me but have not received a call.

  • Kathleen Termyn says:

    Amerigas took away my meter and installed a small temporary tank, size 30.. Tank ran out of gas tonight just as I started to cook. Called company and it will be a week before they can deliver. I asked for emergency service delivery and will be charged $300 because I’m told, the tank is empty and I didn’t call them sooner. Problem is – there is NO GAGE on tank so how do I know it’s getting low? So, everytime the tank runs dry and I call for emergency service delivery I’ll be charged $300. Meanwhile I just came home from the hospital after surgery and now I can’t eat or take a hot shower, as I have n o gas . They don’t care.

  • Linda dyson says:

    Oh and I called the number above which is supposed to be corporate office, it’s not the guy gave me the wrong number to call when I asked it he was at the corporate office,I called back and asked to speak to the ceo they hung up on me

  • Linda dyson says:

    This company is a very dishonest company been fighting for three weeks to get a refund of overpayments, they hang up on you, say they are still working on the refund nasty people to talk to, they lie,I supposed to be on automatic deliveries, they let me run out two times in the coldest months, and when I called for emergency fill the girl never called the person on call that handles it, don’t ever do business with this company poor customer service I over paid $1900, they never called me to advise me of this, they sent out that I was on a new budget I found out by calling them, I have been fighting them since September 6th


    I was recently quoted a price per gallon of propane that was more than $2.00 higher than 3 competitive distributors in the area. They own my tank.


    This company doesn’t even rate. It gets a big fat zero.

  • Amerigas is retarded says:

    This company is Absolutely garbage and I pray they go out of Business POS management and customer service is a joke if you speak English

  • John Welch says:

    Update on my previous comment. AmeriGas has agreed to except $35.00 as payment for THEIR mistake. The only way to correct their mistake is for me to pay them the $35.00, as my previous comment said “if you’re looking for a propane provider there is better providers out there”.

  • John Welch says:

    If you need propane you should probably look somewhere else. This company has the worst customer service. Multiple calls over an $87.00 bill that was an accidental delivery to my home. The call center they use often hangs up on you or places you on hold and never returns. There is much better gas companies out there. If you choose to go with this company be prepared for all kinds of problems.

  • Leland Hess says:

    In 2020 just before Thanksgiving you broke our contract by not auto filling our tank. We called several times and no one answered the phone. Consequently we had to use our neighbors to cook our Thanksgiving dinner. We continued to call with no success. It was like you closed your doors and left town. Finally we got through and you could not fill our tank until the end of December. Not the answer we needed. So, we called another company and had gas within a week. We also told someone to pick up the tank. This never happened until 2022. One of your drivers saw it and stopped without orders to do so. Therefore, I am charging you rent for your tank being on my property for 16 months. If you would like to pay me, it will be $158.99 plus $36.00 for a late charge. Total is $194.99. Or, we can call it even. I am counting on your common sense to resolve this issue and stop billing us.

  • Carlos Nuñez says:

    I live in South Florida. I must say that hands down this has to be the worst utility company in America. Due to an accounting error on their end I have been with no gas for over 2 weeks now. I have 3 children & pregnant wife. The automated service keeps saying we scheduled for delivery but no delivery. I’m skipping all the horrible customer service where they kept arguing I owed $670.00 but had no explanation why. Finally my wife spoke with someone with common sense & they realized we did not owe that kind of bill. After 4 days later we were accredited that $670 to our account. Week later still no gas. Since they’re the only gas company around we forced to buy from them. The way they operate is inhumane & abusive. I’m going to report them to the better business bureau as well as I will be speaking with my local constituent regarding this matter.


      Carlos, for your information, Amerigas is regulated by the U.S. Attorney’s office, the Federal Trade Commission and about 15 other agencies all of which will accept a complaint from you. Just google “who regulates propane distributions” in your state.

  • Mary says:

    I keep getting charge a late fee for an account that his been closed and paid in full since February of 2022. I have called several times, always getting the run around with promises that someone will call me with 72 hours and no one does. I have filed a complaint against the BBB and The Federal trade commission for double dipping and false charges. I encourage anyone who is having an issue with Amerigas to file complaints. the links are listed below.

    BBB – https://www.bbb.org/file-a-complaint

    Federal Trade Commission – https://www.ftc.gov/media/71268


      I agree Mary; customers must file complaints with the regulatory agencies; there are about 15 of them. In addition, complaints should be filed with the Consumer Protection Agency

  • Margo proksa says:

    I’ve explained in writing, several times. I’ve explained to “customer service” several times. We are not their customer and stop billing us for tank rental because you took the tank away. They add late fees of course. This has become a bad joke. They won’t stop harassing us so I would join a class action suit against them. They do not listen. I’m tired of being charged for a tank we do not have. Terrible, indifferent service led us to change providers.


      Stop calling Amerigas and call the Federal Trade Commission, US Attorney, Railroad Commission and about 15 other regulatory bodies. Don’t forget to call the Consumer Protection Agency.

  • Elizabeth schnurpfeil says:

    Cannot get a final biland charging me a late payment . Full tank and l. Cancelled my account after waiting a January fill up .it can at the end of January I only had 3gallons left in my tank. Filled at 89 gallons used 20. It took until the end of March for them to pick up tank. I kept calling and no final bill.they are charging for all gas and yearly rent of tank at $125. When my contract started in September for $45. Originally charged me for all gas at around $365. Now near $600. I need a final honest bill!

  • Colleen G Welch says:

    This is what happens when they close all local walk-in locations and outsource customer service, which is terrible. I have paid Amerigas in full for my propane for 29 years. I have been grateful that they have let me set up a payment plan now that I am a widow on a fixed income. My most recent bill was for $1900 dollars and I set up a payment plan for 4 payments. I have paid two payments and I received a note from a collection agency for the remaining balance 2 days ago. I can’t understand the customer advocates, so why bothering to call the only number. I am writing and mailing a check today for the remaining balance, 2 payments, and will NEVER do business with Amerigas again. Loyalty means nothing anymore!

  • Jeff porter says:

    Been trying to get a new account with this complete joke of a company for over a week. All their customer service does is lie to you. Crappy company run by ignorant leaders.

  • Debra-Joyce: Wilson says:

    Who is the current CEO of America’s

    • Vincent Crupper says:

      Ms. Wilson, I been trying to close my account since the 12th of Jan. 2022. My acct. # is 0203666653. They have allowed me to run out of gas (3) winter in a row. Call at 20%, sorry try 30 % , well just call 2 week ahead of time. Nothing worked. Please have someone come get this empty tank and refund my balance. Hope you call they are least 6 months in advance!!!! Still waiting. Good luck with any service request. Thanks for your time.

    • Barbara Thibeault says:

      It doesn’t matter, they won’t talk to you and they just lie and cheat their customers…

    • Barbara Thibeault says:

      You can call but they won’t respond to you because they lie to their customers…

  • A.Lawton says:

    I hate to do this, but, but I’m P.O. I have been with you for 51 years. Same house and same gas company, why isn’t there a set date and time when you deliver? Was told anytime between March 31 and April 6 it would be delivered today. April 6, today called 2 times and the same answer, its today. Well… 6:18 I call the main office ( not Orlando ) and they said it will be here sometime tomorrow. I have a fence with a locked gate, and a pool in the back, can’t keep the gate unlocked because someone could get hurt, I get sued. I wish you would get your paperwork on when the deliveries would be, this 6 day wait sucks. I never had such a problem before. I see everyone is going in on a class action suite.. if this keeps up Ill be right behind them.

  • Robin sheldon says:

    DO NOT do business with this company. Worst ever, was without hot water for 4 days 2 wks ago finally came middle of last week to fill propane but could not because of leak. Told they would come Fri for repair and fill tank. Did repair but no propane. Told them it would come on Mon..NO, called Mon and was told Tues…nope! And get some silly text yesterday ,” Yippee your tank has been filled .” Today , Wed. Called and tank was NOT filled. Run away fast …TOTALLY UNRELIABLE !!!

  • Robin Sheldon says:

    This company has the WORST customer service ever. Do not use them RUN. NEVER follow through with what they tell you will be your service day and you wait all day for them to show up and they don’t. Out of hot water for 4 days last week. Stayed home 3 diff days and was told they’d fill it on Fri. Didn’t happen. I have a temp tank and was told it would get me thru weekend and my tank wouldbe filled on Mon. It’s Tues and “supervisor” said yesterday that my tank would be filled Tuesday, which is today. Called to check today and NO, I’m not on schedule. No surprise !!! HORRIBLE service. Worst ever!

  • Nicole Middaugh says:

    After reading some of the comments here and having huge issues with this company myself I am wondering if anyone would like to start a class action lawsuit against Amerigas.

  • John D says:

    Worst company to deal with ever!!! Been trying to get a refund for a credit on my account since Dec today is March 10 and was just told it would be issued after March 31 possibly!

    • Gloria Holloway says:

      Yes I would like to join the class action law suit. My propane gauge was on 40 and the gas company came to check it and said the gauge was working. A few days later Amerigas came and put more gas into my tank and lied and said they filled my tank to 40.9 and they did not because my tank always get filled up to 80.I took a picture of the gauge before and after, so I have proof they ripped me off again. We all need to get in touch with the Attorney Generals consumer protection bureau.

  • A Belcher says:

    Worst customer service. Have called today trying to find out why propane was not delivered that I paid for the day it was ordered. They say it was delivered ( it wasn’t )Talked to 6 customer reps & a different answer or didn’t call back like they said they would. Now they are going some one out to verify gas wasn’t delivered. Said there my be a charge. Can’t send any one until March 10. I paid for PROPANE Feb.15,2022. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor service is an understatement.🤯😡

  • heather says:

    Reading the comments. I’m having the same problem. Called in my order February 22, 2022. February 24, 2022 they supposedly showed up and said no one was home, but my oldest was. So on March 1, 2022 my middle child stayed home from work to receive the order because we are now out of gas. Driver said no one was not home again when she was there all day. About a month ago I saw amerigas pull up to my neighbors house and just sit there and did nothing. Makes me think the driver just is lazy. Customer service (call center) absolutely sucks. They keep telling me they are expediting my order but can’t tell when someone will be at my house. Never had this problem before until they changed over to people that aren’t in our area. Of course I paid bill up front. Just wonder how these people stay in business and how the corporate office disregards how the company is being handled. So frustrated because I have talked to 12 people by now.

  • mary burton says:

    This is my second time last month they did it to me for 8 days no heat, no hot water day 4. worst company and customer service.

  • Lisa Isbell says:

    Terrible customer service so I cancelled my account back in August of 2021. But yet I’m still being billed for a tank rental because no one will come pick it up. It’s just sitting there, not attached with propane in it. Thankfully it didn’t get picked up and thrown about the neigbourhood when the tornado went over our house back in December.

    • Jon Iverosn says:

      Lisa….my name is Jon. we are going though the same issue . cancelled our account November 2021. it took months to pick up our tank that was manufactured in 1954. Because they didn’t pick up the tank till 2022 they have charged us for rental for the entire 2022. we’ve had numerous conversations on the phone to correct this debacle and today we received notice from a collection agency demanding money and ruining our credit . I emailed the CEO Jerry Sheridan, if that doesn’t cure the Problem I’m seeing an attorney.

  • name says:

    I’ve worked for this company, actually resigned from them and yes they are garbage. After seeing how they treated customers first hand, unchanging, all customers having really no set price for propane. Last but definitely not least, the customers can’t reach their local amerigas office, calls are outsourced to a different state kn purpose

  • Lisa Rocker says:

    Does anyone have a class action lawsuit going? I’m sure there would be thousands that jump on it.

  • Rowan says:

    I think it’s time to find an group of attorneys and file a class action suit….
    This is criminal what they are doing to customers

    • Gloria Holloway says:

      You are right. Also file with the consumer protection bureau at the attorney General’s office.

  • Nathan Morgan says:

    Hello Amerigas. I inherited a 500 gallon propane tank when I purchased a home in Aug 21. I have called 5-6 times over a 4 month period trying to get this tank that is on my front lawn picked up. I get the run around and generic answers every time I call. Occasionally it gives off a strong odor, is a safety hazard, and eye sore. If this issue is not resolved quickly I will have no choice to start legal proceedings soon and a $10 a day storage fee. I just want this ugly and possibly leaking tank removed from my property. It can not be that hard???

  • Linda Booher says:

    We have called and mailed request to canceled service many times over the last year. Thier tank is still here. Even tried to send us to a collection agency, they told us they have heard this before about this company so the close the collection. Last call to them said
    Our account was still open? How
    Do you get sent to collections if account is still open. Last call was in Dec 2021 promised someone would call and set up a pick up of tank its is now Feb 2022 still call.

  • Timothy Horn says:

    Absolutely horrible customer service!!!!……Spent 1 1/2 hours on hold waiting to speak to a customer service rep only to be told that I would have to leave a message and they would get back to me (This is not the first time this has happened, but it will definitely be the last. Also, had to wait 17 days to get my tank refilled…… Because of their slow response, I ended up having to use kerosene heaters for about a week. I’m changing companies because of their poor service). I took up service with them for the second time approximately 3 1/2 years ago. I had previously been a customer from 1996 until 2012 and could not have been more pleased with the service that they provided during that time frame. I don’t know what has changed within their corporation in recent years, but their customer service has gone so far downhill in recent years that it would have to improve substantially just to be able to truthfully call it abysmal. My advice to anyone who is looking for a propane supplier is that you steer clear of AmeriGas and utilize the services of another company.

  • Brian says:

    I would have to say I agree with all of these other complaints. Customer service is beyond bad. I have never been treated so unfair, bad, lied too with no help. An emergency call was placed on Thursday morning. A bad regulator on the tank. It it now Monday night with no repair done. Current temp is 8 degrees. The lowest it has been is -16. They don’t care.

  • AK says:

    If I could give a zero I would cause that is what they are worth nothing. Like everyone else they bring you a tank with no gas in it and then you wait for about a week in zero degree weather and do not care. Customer service is a joke, just puts you on hold and then gets back to you and says they can not do anything. When I called them out on it they just laughed. When you ask for a supervisor they tell you its an hour wait, I ask them I will wait and they tell me I can not connect you. Everything out of their mouth is a lie. They do not care about you or your family. WARNING: They have class action suit against them. They will not service you whether you are a new customer or old customer. BEWARE

  • Brandy Prien says:

    I have been calling Amerigas everyday since Monday. My 74 year old mother has been out of propane since Monday. She pays monthly so she never runs out. They have not delivered propane to her since April 2021. This is an emergency situation! If I do not hear back from someone who can rectify this by 3pm today I am going to the Sheriff’s office and I’m calling the VA Attorney General.

    Please contact me at the number above immediately.

  • Holly Cramer says:

    Worst company ever! We are on automatic delivery and ran out of propane. We can’t get them to come out and fill our tank. Have been out of hot water for days! Stay away from this company! Customer service is horrible!

    • Marie says:

      We’re experiencing the same thing right now. Plus we keep being told completely different delivery dates. This company is absolutely horrible. I could go on and on about the smoke they’ve been blowing up my you know what, but right now I’m way to upset.

    • Gloria Holloway says:

      Holly my meter was changed after I complained that the delivery man only filled my tank up to 70 instead to 80 although my tank go up to 90. I was charged for a full tank although I did not receive a full tank of gas. To cover up they really installed a broken meter that read 40 for some time now. So you are right about this company. This need to be reported to the Attorney General office of consumer bureau of protection.

  • Linda Locke says:

    I have been a Customer for 30 years. I have been through several different propane companies which have all been bought out by Amerigas. I can tell you that my longevity with this company means NOTHING to them. I work for a company that values customers that have been with us a long time. Amerigas not so much. So, Propane is my only source of heat. I ran out of propane on Jan 6, 2022. I called my local office only to have it transfer me to someone that had no clue where i was located or even cared. Anyway i ordered my propane and was told that the standard deliver is 7 days (used to be no more than 3) and if i needed it expedited that would be an Additional $300.00. So here it is the 7th day and still no propane… called to be hung up on twice and finally got someone to confirm that it is being delivered tomorrow.

    I checked Amerigas reviews…. average of 1.3 stars… Does corporate know this?? i think not and nor do they care.. AMERIGAS GET IT TOGETHER… this long time customer is looking for another provider that will do a better job and care about the customer

  • Brandi says:

    This is the worst company I have every dealt with! Can’t get a tank picked up or get reimbursed. 4 different people with different answers as to what to do but nobody can help me. Customer service SUCKS! Stay far away from amerigas!

    • Sandra says:

      My experience exactly. Contacted them in July 2021 to discontinue service and pick up a propane tank (whose ownership is questionable). Same runaround with different people in different locations. they did actually remove propane from tank, but not the tank. Now I am getting bills for several service calls (which were my inquiries as to when they were going to do something), monthly late fees, have turned account over to collection agency, and statements show no credit for propane returned. TERRIBLE COMPANY. Feb 2022

    • Barbara Thibeault says:

      I agree….

  • Charles says:

    We have been waiting on propane for 8 days. No heat in house. It is 34* outside. Was told we would be charged an “expedite” fee.
    Continue to be transferred to different customer service representatives, with no answer or resolution.

    • D.Rogers says:

      Report this company to the Dept. Of Energy and you State utilities regulation board! It’s time something happens to this awful company!

  • Marilyn Mccarver says:

    Ran out of propane Monday I ordered it on Dec21ran out on the 27, been calling daily , keep being told my order is being “ expedited “ still out as of 22/31 , called yesterday & was told i wld get a delivery today … offices are closed today !
    This is the worst company ever what a joke u are

  • Ruth says:

    I work for a large corporation that has several office in the United States and I deal with customer service each and every day. The AmeriGas customer service has been very disturbing and frustrating. I have called 3 – maybe 4 times in the last month. To get a receipt of a charge that was put on my credit card. 1st time I was on hold for 33 min after talking to someone for maybe 3 min said they would need help with the situation. I finally hung up. I tried again and was on hold 20 min and said they would send me a receipt. Provided them with my email. That didn’t happen. The 3rd time I was told a receipt would be given to the Project Manager upon delivery. That didn’t happen. Called today and what they called a receipt was a one line cut and past from somewhere inserted into and email. Which I had to edit just to get it to print correctly. Oh my gosh, it has been a very horrible experience. Sad to say….

  • William J Cosgrove says:

    Wow!! Automatic sensor but no propane. Issues with phone system in Customer Service Center in Ohio. NO one in corporate to help. No apologies. It’s awful. Worse service I have ever seen from an energy company.

  • Tara Lain says:

    folks, this company is rated F by the BBB. Stay away.

  • Tara Lain says:

    Absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. BEWARE. THEY SAY THEY WILL DELIVER WITHIN 10 DAYS. They even tell you it will be delivered between this date and that date… but then the final day comes and goes and not only will they have not delivered, but they give you a complete run-around and say basically it will be delivered someday. EVEN though you have paid for it in advance. They will not allow you to speak to a supervisor. This is not the first incident with this company. They once broke something when they delivered and had to come back out a few days later and fix it, refill our tank because they broke it and it leaked. a few months later we got a debit on our credit card for the second fill that was because they broke it and caused a leak! We even had the repair guy (their own guy) write down what had happened. I don’t know if it’s a national issue or just a Placerville office issue but BBB is hearing from me and I strongly advise those who have a choice to stay far away from Amerigas.

    AND not surprised my review gets the automated standard BS response. Terrible job AmeriGas. Terrible. (And yes, I’m updating this post several days later and STILL have no propane)

    Update- another day later and now their support is saying that the window they gave us for delivery (10 day window) was not correct although we have a screen shot of it. Yesterday they said it would be delivered today. Today they say it will be delivered tomorrow. They “tried” to get a regional supervisor to call us back but… “he’s not answering”. Meanwhile, I paid for the propane ($600) when I ordered it. Never again. Do not do business with these people.

  • Robert Holloway says:

    This is a terrible company. No customer service and local offices are not even open for customers. I have been a customer of AmeriGas or the propane company they purchased for twent-two years and I cannot even get them to contact me about a problem. I have trying to get a response for over 2 months and have been told by their Customer Advocates on eight occasions and by their sales department on two occasions that someone would contact me within 72. Still no call. If you do business with this company and have any problem, you will regret it.

  • Robert says:

    I am a bulk purchaser, once each year before the snow hits. I called my local office number, not knowing they had closed all the local offices. I tried to negotiate a lower price, and for the first time, got a case number and was asked to call back in a week and was assigned a case number. This is a scam. I called back and was transferred to a representative and we settled on a price which I prepayed with a credit card. The propane was delivered, and 3 weeks later, I received a billing for $0.98 more per gallon for over a thousand gallons. I luckily have the propane for winter and am just disputing the fraudulent overbilling. Over a half dozen calls and hours on the phone with their pathetic customer service from the Phillipines where they only have the authority to discuss billing issues of less than $100. I have never been connected to a supervisor. Time to switch to an independent propane delivery service, locally owned.



  • Robert Leonard says:

    So what lie now, your the worst company I have ever done business with. Lots of calls and the same B.S
    still no gas but lots of bull.

  • Karen says:

    You’re company sucks! This is my 4th “you’re on the schedule for tomorrow” this week. I even had an emergency delivery ticket number (#692079762). Pull your heads out people.

  • Eileen Frank says:

    I was switched from metered to bulk and my billing has been incorrect ever since April 2021. They charged me one years worth of gas on one bill. I called over 10x in the past months for resolution with empty promises to get back to me. It is Nov in MI and I need gas!! Since I want my bill resolved, And won’t pay for gas that WAS NOT delivered, my account is on hold and they won’t even let me prepay for gas in the tank. So much for being a 20+ ur customer. And I’m worried about my credit since the bill was sent to collections. (I did pay for my May delivery)

  • Wendy Mcaulay says:

    I have been asking you guys since the beginning October to come and get your tank because I have a new company coming and you guys tell me someone will call with in 7 days to schedule the pick up and I call 8 days later and nobody had anything in the computer for you guys to come and pick it up I call week after week since the beginning of October not to mention I have had customer representatives hang up on me I want the tank gone and nobody will come get it I can’t get heat at my home because you won’t come and pick up your tank and I will not get any service from you that is for sure I am going to speak to a attorney to get this taken care of if you don’t get your tank off of my property

  • Ralph Hornbeck says:

    I had my take removed on Sept.8,2021.It was reported to be 60 per cent full.As of Nov.9,2021I have not received a phone call or an e-mail trying to get me my refund. I have once a week called to try to get my refund but service reps will not connect me to billing . All I get is lip service and “it takes time to get your refund”.When the delivered the propane the sure wanted money right away or interest was charged.As a senior citizen and with inflation the money owed to me is extremely important. Amerigas does not care about anybody but themselves.Two months past when picked up my tank and propane that I payed for is outrageous to still not have my refund. They are the most terrible company and would never ever recommend them to anybody.

  • Frank Peluso says:

    Called billing customer service. Was cut off twice, very poor connection all three total times I called. I have two accounts with them. Money was paid to wrong account (my fault) but couldn’t get rep to move funds between accounts plus very bad connection as mentioned. Nothing done and back to where I started.

  • Tracy says:

    Somehow my tank ran empty….Automatic refill wasn’t so automatic!!! Needed gas fast. I couldn’t get anyone….was on hold forever. Drove to the office in Peacedale. Sign on the door stating it’s not a public office any longer. Please call the 800 number. Four people in the office. No one would come to the door. Called the number again, after a long wait, finally, I was told that if I could wait 7 days, it’s $140 emergency fill fee. If I needed it within 36 hours, emergency fill fee will be $180. For 24 hour emergency fill $300. SERIOUSLY????? I needed it in 24 hours. It’s now 8:00a.m. I wait. I call at 2 p.m….any idea when the fuel is coming? ” within the 24 hour time frame.” 7:15 a.m. the next morning, no propane. I call, “it’ll be there soon.” I drive to the office in Peacedale and knock on the windows until someone realized that I’m not leaving until I speak to someone. FINALLY a nice delivery person opens the door. I tell him what has happened. He was very disappointed, went and got his delivery sheet for the day….WE ARE NOT ON IT!!!!! WE WE NOT ON IT FOR THE PREVIOUS DAY AS WELL!!!!!!! This nice young man said that they have become a different company. No more nice service. Only out of country call centers and POLICY. He had gas to me in just over an hour with the sincerest apologies. Amerigas has lost another customer……a 35 year customer. Do yourself a favor and dump Amerigas. The absolute worst customer service I have ever had, besides Buckley heating, which we got rid of as well. Can’t wait to change. Shame on you Amerigas. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Brock Henning says:

    This is one corrupt company, they are billing me for services never rendered…. i have an email that is 3 weeks after the first invoice indicating that they can’t yet provide the service ….. when you call in they end up putting you on hold and then hang up on you….. Check their ratings this company is BAD NEWS

  • Kat says:

    Awful company!!! Still owe ME money but claim I owe them!!! Overseas people have no clue and tired of being on hold and then hung up on. Time to turn this over to TV station and or lawyer

  • T Fritz says:

    AmeriGas charged me for filling the tank and I have on video that the guy did not fill the tank. When I called, they did not care and made me pay anyway. I’ve been trying to purchase the tank but no one will get back to me and, when I call in, I get the run around and hung up on. When I ask to speak to a manager, I get disconnected even faster. They are rude every time and provide no customer service. Several have yelled at me so I doubt seriously that the calls are recorded for review. I have been dealing with this for over 3 weeks now (this time around) and have yet to hear from Ron Patrick who is the person from corporate that is supposedly supposed to be “getting in touch” with me. How can one company be so awful? I have never had a company treat me with such disrespect and aggression.

  • Larry says:

    America’s could care less about their customers their customer complaint department is terrible they build you for items that you own own they took my equipment and will not return it and then they want me to pay a service fee America has the worst company service you would ever experience

  • Bob Stevens says:

    Amerigas filled my tank to 100% instead of the minimum 100 gallons I requested. My invoice was $250 higher than what I was told it would be when I ordered the gas. They refused to work out 2 monthly payments and insisted I had to pay the full amount in one payment. I am switching my gas hot water heater and range to ELECTRIC.

  • Tracy says:


  • Chad Burson says:

    Amerigas is the worst ! I have moved my elderly mother into a home because they were unable to repair a leaky valve on the tank. They left her service off for over 11 months. Finally I have had another provider come in to replace the tank and provide a service for future residents.

  • Marvin says:

    I cancelled my account months ago. When I called disputing the last bill, I was told I would be contacted by their “resolution team” I received no such call. I called back and waited endlessly on hold. I finally got a representative who said he took care of the problem, even gave me a reference number. i month later I receive ANOTHER bill. I’ve called three times now and have been disconnected when I give the info and request it be taken care of. DISGUSTED!

    • Tracy says:

      AMERIGAS as a whole are PATHETIC, Marvin! My spouse has worked there for 40 years and by the grace of God is getting ready to retire. Their ENTIRE customer service team is compiled of foreigners. NONE of them understand me and I don’t understand them. When asked to be transferred to the states, they laugh at me. The FTC states that as an American, we have the right to ask to be transferred if there is a communication problem. Amerigas does not abide by the rules set by the FTC. I have filed a complaint with them. Then, the next day, my spouse gets a cowardly email from a LYNNE HANEY who is meant to be the manager for the Benefits Dept of Amerigas. She states that I was ‘erratic’ on my phone call to her customer service agents and that I am not to call the Benefits Dept ever again. The other ‘so-called’ manager, TOYA MELTON, is evil to the core. I have taped all of the convos, but the MS LYNNE HANEY apparently isn’t interested in hearing them. I am currently trying to reach a Mr. Gallagher and some other man that is ‘supposed to be CEO’. I will not stop. I am a determined cuss. LYNNE HANEY needs to be terminated. As well as TOYA MELTON. I have clearly been discriminated against. I feel for you, bro. The company is SCUM.

  • Samantha King says:

    I have a propane account in Maine. For my Paving Business.SAD i have deliveries done. I knew my propane exchange’s wasn’t correct. Driver has a awful Attitude because the way he has to drive his truck into my driveway to make a delivery!!! He delived 9 tanks in oct 2020. That’s all he had on the truck that day.Last we saw of him.Never got no delivery slip to my office.They e-mailed me yhe first bill. Fine my sons saw him drop nine tanks. Throwing them in the air to the cage like a asshole. Then said he handed me a delivery slip for 18 Cylinders in Nov 4,2020. I never saw the slip or the delivery. My Paving Business was closed in Nov.2020 Seasonal. My entrance ways are close together so you can only come in on entrance. My Dumptrucks go across where the propane cage is, So deliveries can’t be made unless yhe trucks are moved. No One Has contract me back with resolving this bill, I DON’T OWE it !!! I’m going to call my local news, Your company is a scam!!! I hope other people read!!! They pass the phone and e- mail on someone else!!!

  • Ivy says:

    Worst customer service experience ever with this company! No way to speak to a local person. I have been trying to resolve my account for one year unsuccessfully. I asked to have a tank removed and close my account. Instead, they brought a new tank and filled it with gas and charged me for it. They have yet to credit me back for the full amount and now they have collectors calling me for the balance.

  • Donna Carrara says:

    AmeriGas should be closed permanently! They are thieves! Customer service is awful in terms of knowing their policies!

  • LarryCarroll says:

    Everyone needs to inform their local paper about Amerigas. I am writing an article for the local paper. The only way to get results is through their pocket book. Covid Covid Covid aNews flash Covid Covid Covid. They have fired all local people now you have to call India to resolve issues with company.
    I will mot deal with them again. Get me once shame on you get me twice shame on me.

  • LarryCarroll says:

    I had Amerigas install 1000 gallon tank and hook it up to my house they had given me an estimate and the bill was completely wrong when I got the bill I had six hours of work done to hook up my gas generator to the regulator and for over a little six hours worth of work they charged me $168 an hour $1008.00

  • Linda says:

    My parents are Elderly and have always paid their bills. Their bank has stated the payment went through and AmeriGas was paid but AmeriGas keeps stating the payment came back insufficient funds. AmeriGas got their money but is still trying to collect on same bill and increasing the amount each time. I advised my parents to change company and if AmeriGas wants to go to court over it we are ready. Got all the bank information in hand and bank backing us up. AmeriGas is trying to steel from 80 year old parents and should be ashamed of themselves. Even the bank states many in this area are having troubles with this company. I hope AmeriGas is ready for a fight. I am!

  • Kelly says:

    I have been with Amerigas for many years. I have always had great service but always dealt local. This is the first time, because our local office I was told is shut down due to covid. How unfortunate! I had to order propane through the call center. I was quoted a price and ordered a minimum amount. When they delivered it was 20 cents higher per gallon and they filled my tank! Times are tough and I would never have filled my tank with the huge cost that is associated with that right now. Now I have called multiple times and keep getting the run around that it will take 3 to 4 weeks to see what they can do about this issue. Really! I will never deal with Amerigas again unless they open my local office so there is some accountability! Beyond disgusted!

  • Kelly says:

    I had a gas leak back in April 2020. The technician determined that the leak was coming from the gas meter on the condo unit. The meter was removed. No one has come back to replace the meter and I am being told that there are no available dates to have someone in the Bristol, CT meter department to come to my home and replace my meter. Also, my pricing contract expired in April 2020 and I have never received a new contract either by mail or email. My November 2020 bill was extremely high. My December 2020 bill was over $700. I have called the customer service department 8 times now and no one, including 2 supervisors, have provided me with any help. I am always being told that someone from the meter department or a manager will call me back and no one ever calls. I am a person who pays her bills on time, but my bill is incorrect and I need to get help correcting it. I am a customer who is now begging the company for help to correct my bill and to put a meter on my unit so that I can get actual and correct meter readings, not estimated readings. Please contact me through my email.

  • Kent FLETCHER says:

    Experienced almost identical problems as I am reading in these comments. Ordered gas on 2/2/21 given a delivery date range of 2/3/21 to 2/16/21. Gas never delivered. Ran out of gas and called; gas still not delivered as of today 2/20. Called again and was told the driver had noted that my tank was too full for delivery! Must have gone to the wrong location. 500 gallon tank was 40% when I placed order and no truck has been in my driveway. This most recent person was the only one who told me that; the other 8 people I had called just stated they would replace the order. A relative of mine living in the same city is experiencing an identical problem with Amerigas. How do these people stay in business????

  • Doug Ramer says:

    I have to agree with the last comment from Joe. We have had the same problem. We’ve been on the expedited list for 2 weeks now and have less than 10% left. We have had temperatures in the single digits. I have called multiple times onlyto be told the EXACT same thing with the exception of our delivery date getting pushed out further and further. When our tank is empty will we be forced to pay a fee? A fee that shouldn’t be our responsibility
    because we have called, like we were supposed to, when our tank was at 20%? Before we do that, we will have Ferrellgas replace the tank and will gladly pay them for their services. This is unacceptable.

  • Michael Buechner says:

    I sound like a broken record after reading the comments. But I am on an auto fill and was last filled 01/06/21. Now here we sit at 12% in my tank and no propane. I have called the contact number 2/15, 2/16, 2/17 and 2/18 only to be told the same monotonous ” we understand and will get to you as soon as we can”. Yet my order still shows pending. No one will tell me when, if ever my tank will be filled. I am starting to think that they are actually out of propane and just trying to hide the fact. Run away fast if you are considering using them.

  • Ellen says:

    Dear Amerigas, Your corporate model is atrocious. Everyone one here, please report them to the Better Business Bureau. Why should we have to freeze and wait up to two weeks or more to get our propane refilled? Why do I not have a local Amerigas office or representative available to me as a customer? Why have I been told twice by customer service reps that someone would call me, and they never call? I don’t understand how a company that treats its customers with negligence and a hideous non-existent communication model profits and expands. I am going to research in my area how to switch from Amerigas to Garkane, and I encourage all of who find your way to this page to drop Amerigas ASAP and switch to a different propane provider. If anyone at Amerigas is actually reading this, you need to fix at least a couple of things: 1) Give customers a local representative that they can actually talk to and schedule a specific date and time with; and 2) get rid of your $200 “emergency” fill charge. I would rather be cold and purchase space heaters than to give in to your corporate greed. I am disgusted with this company and can’t believe it is profiting and expanding. If your reading this, please cut ties with Amerigas unless it fixes these problems.

  • Derrick Davis Sr. says:

    AmeriGas hands down has to be the worst. I don’t even have to give the details of my experience simply because everyone has the same complaint. Its a shame hard working people spend their hard earned dollars for inadequate, unreliable service. My wife and I reside in North Carolina. Been with this sorry a#@ company for three years and every year it’s a issue with refills. Switching companies asap.

  • Donna DeVito says:

    Your company sucks, can’t even take an order I’ve been waiting 28 days for propane. I was nice to anybody I talked to and my heat assistance helper too never once did they put the order in. I have to use heaters and its below zero. I’m getting a lawyer and going to the news you should be paying my electric bill. I want your tank out of my yard this week not 14 days like your deliveries. The most terrible company I ever dealt with.

  • Donna Rogers says:

    THERE ARE THREE!! OFFICES OF OPERATION WITHIN 41-53 more of my house! Why does it take two weeks to get this propane delivered!?????
    I have reported to BBB and my state legislator and this states Public Service Commission for the very poor response time to people’s propane needs! Not to mention this company’s VERY HIGH FEES AND COST OF PER GALLON PROPANE!

  • Elizabeth says:

    WORST COMPANY SERVICE, EVER!!!!! I have been calling Amerigas daily, since one week prior to moving out of my home. I have been getting the run-around constantly!! I requested a discontinuation of my account, as I have moved, and which I faithfully used and paid for IN FULL FOR 29 YEARS!! In December I tried to schedule a “no further tank filling” order, but they said it was too late, it was already scheduled. They then filled it to the brim, THREE WEEKS AFTER my call. Which again, I paid for.
    The customer service reps keep telling me that they “cannot get a tech to come out and read the gauge to lock off the tank”. I keep saying I have clear photos of the gauge and the tank ID metal label. Meanwhile, the new owners of the house have been in there running the heat and using the propane I own and paid for, while Amerigas is apparently billing them also.
    All I am trying to do is close my account since I have moved away – and they can’t even help with that. Absolutely abysmal, horrible, terrible service!! I will have to follow up with filing a formal complaint.

  • Eric W says:

    I am a 22 year customer of Amerigas since I purchased my second home in Connecticut. After running out of propane a number of years ago and almost a second time, I received a “commitment” from the company to get deliveries EVERY TWO WEEKS during the winter months. That went fine for a number of years.
    Recently, my service has declined dramatically. Last month after not receiving a delivery for three and a half weeks and seeing a “scheduled delivery” already a week and a half late, I called my local office and the corporate office and after a huge cue, reached someone.
    Now in the middle of the coldest weather of the season (on January 24) I checked my deliveries and scheduled delivery. My last delivery was December 23rd. And I have a PENDING ticket since January 11th ALREADY TWO WEEKS OLD.
    I called the corporate office this past Friday and requested a supervisor and again after waiting a very long time, I was told I was scheduled to get a delivery THAT DAY.
    My online account states that never happened.
    As a publicly traded company, there are recourses for me to take. I will be be contacting Headquarters
    tomorrow and will reaching out to Mr. Gallagher the CEO.
    As customers who have placed our trust in the company as a service provider and have
    significant risk of major damage to our homes caused by frozen pipes caused by running out of propane
    and inability to reach anyone to resolve it, this level of service is completely unacceptable.
    Hopefully, this gets read first thing tomorrow.

  • Heather says:

    WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR TANK ANYMORE!! You picked up the tank, which was FULL of the propane you delivered!! We do not owe any bills for any propane. I have repeatedly left messages, wrote emails, and actually talked to one of your collection people informing you of this!

  • Tom Wilson says:

    I am with Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. and am trying to get an environmental clearance to build 14 homes in Rio Rico, Arizona. I need to know who makes your 500 gallon propane tanks, or if you can provide specifications for such tanks. This is very much needed for us to get homes built.

  • Debra Stevenson says:

    I am the service coordinator at The Enclave, 9450&30 Silver King Ct , Fairfax VA 22031. The developer – IDI Corp – installed an Amerigas tank for a fire pit. When the developer transferred all accounts to The Enclave Association, I received a form from Shirley Cuesenberry of the Winchester Va office saying that The Enclave owned the tank. Almost a year later, the former project manager warned us that they were still receiving bills from Amerigas for The Enclave tank, so apparently Amerigas never changed the account to The Enclave billing address. At that point I was also informed that the tank was rented, not owned, by Dawn Parker in the Winchester office. The Enclave received a maintenance agreement which they did not sign due to the nature of the offer. Now, a year later, The Enclave would like to purchase the tank. I have contacted Shirley Cuesenberry who has never responded; I have contacted Dawn Parker who said she doesn’t work in the “that department” anymore and I should call the customer service number; since wait times are very long I requested she send me a direct contact number for accounts; she has never responded. I called the customer service number twice, waited on hold for 40 minutes after hearing announcements about how very busy Amerigas is and then the call was dropped. This is my last effort to get in touch with someone from Amerigas to get this account sorted out and the tank purchased. If I do not hear from you by the close of business on Friday, January 22, this entire matter will be handed over to the attorney for The Enclave. You can contact me at debra.stevenson@fsresidential.com. I hope to hear from you VERY soon.

  • Joe says:

    I have called multiple times to receive a propane tank fill up, starting December 19th. Every time I call, someone tells me that my order is pending and I should receive a delivery within the next business day. Unfortunately that has not happened and I have less than 10% in the tank. I live in Pittsboro NC and the service from Amerigas sucks. Just know that a customer should not be promised something that can not be delivered. I am totally disgusted with the service and would expect a better result for a loyal paying customer who is supposedly on “automatic” fill up. I do not want to run out of gas, and propane is the only way we heat our home.

    On a scale of 1-10, Amerigas doesn’t even register right now. Terrible customer service and I will take my business elsewhere once winter ends. However, I need gas RIGHT NOW. it is getting cold.

  • Douglas R. Connor says:

    I PREPAID for a delivery on12/14/20 and have been getting the runaround since last Thursday 12/24. I’ve called the 800 number and was told that they expedited my request and would get a delivery on 12/24. They told me on the 24th that I would get my delivery that day but never showed up. I have a health condition that requires a special diet so will not be able to prepare my special meals on our stove if we run out. When I ordered on the 14th I told the rep I spoke with that we were low and she said it would be 7-10 days to get our delivery. Well, we are now at day 16 with no delivery! Hold times of over an hour when you do try to call and the recording states that they’ve made all these enhancements to improve their service? I only use Amerigas propane for cooking so am very concerned for those consumers that rely on Amerigas to heat their homes!

    I did contact the NH Attorney General’s office on 12/29 and filed a formal complaint regarding Amerigas and lack of service.

    Deering, NH
    Account #0200640452

    • Larry Shanker says:

      I have had the same situation they took my tanks they replaced them which I paid for another billing me for tank rental service I can’t get service

  • Victoria says:

    I Made a payment almost a $1000 on December 8th and didn’t get my tunks refiled until December 26 th that including few emergency appoitments. Our family stayed in freezing home of BushKill at Penselvania at -8’C with 3 kids including 4 weeks old on Christmas Eve, and we went to sleep to our neighbot’s house. Costumer service only can talk to you on the phone and make promises. Now it is 10:30 pm December I AM FREEZING IN OUR HOME. I HAVE NO HEAT AND NO HOT WATER. Thank you AmerGas for making Christmas Time UNFORGETABL.

  • Michael Soda says:

    I’m late with this. When I requested my propane tank refill, it never happened within the time I was given. I tele-contacted your Hq. and spoke with one Carline Moen. She arranged for my delivery. The driver was scared of my driveway but Ms Moen made sure I got my tank fill. I was ready to go elsewhere until she took control and got my tank fill accomplished. She kept me as an Amerigas customer. You owe her.


    The company has abandoned my wife and I for almost 3 weeks, out of propane on 3 occasions. POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS GAS LEAK FINALLY FIXED AFTER 2 WEEKS AND NUMEROUS CALLS. We are elderly, one with cancer, one with arthritis, both over 65. No heat, no hot water, no stove.
    NO SERVICE JUST LIES ABOUT WHEN WE WILL GET SOME GAS. It’s winter. It’s cold and so are the people in Merced, CA.

    I have never been treated this badly by anyone.

  • Liz says:

    Customer Service at the local office level has been the worst since EW has started at the Townsend MT office. Here’s what happened:
    We were kicked off the Budget plan for a fault at the auto-pay level (bill changed from $134 to $143 – should have auto-debted the new amount, but didn’t), then not giving us a warning ahead of time to correct the situation, or after it happened to know that the next thing to happen would be…
    Amerigas delivers a tank of gas and hits us with a bill for the whole amount without our prior approval. This is followed by EW arguing with me when I sought information about the situation: she heatedly talked over me constantly to offer to charge us AGAIN ($180) to go back on the budget plan in addition to the $500+ bill.
    Then doing the same thing again a few months later.
    FYI, Elizabeth Wood is not nearly as good as the gal who you had for years and who was honest, friendly, and easy to work with.
    You lost a 15+ year customer because of this. We are very, very disappointed by the treatment we received and the screaming lack of customer service. Is she running a scam and a con game? Do you see or pay any attention to survey results?
    Because YOU NEED TO KNOW.

  • Linda says:

    I have used Amerigas for most of the time since we built our home in 2006. We have never had issues with the Grand Junctions Office. This year we were switched to Carbondale office, the driver was rude calling us liars on filling small tanks. When I called Grand Junction to order propane I asked for our small tanks to be filled she said she would put it down on our order. The man that showed up said we never do that, I told him you have done it every time you have came, he said no we haven’t( otherwise called me a liar). Then he had to ask us where our tank is because he had never been here before( that show a real high mentality).
    I called and filed a complaint against him while he was still on our property, told them he is not allowed on our property or I will have him arrested for trespassing.
    Then I get the bill, I call office give them my bank information for payment. I believe that’s the end of it, then I get a Non-Sufficient Funds Notice in the mail with a 33.00 charge. I know for a fact it’s not true, but I call the bank anyway. Of coarse it’s not true theirs plenty of money in there, and they have had no one submit any payment of any kind from Amerigas. Amerigas takes my bank info again for payment, they say it should go we messed up one of the numbers. I gave them the accounts again very slowly several times.
    Today in the mail I get another Non-Sufficient Fund Notice again, I call Carbondale office again and tell them they sent me another notice again for non payment. I could get no where with the lady in the office, she tells me shes going to transfer me and she hangs up.
    I call Corporate in Prussia, Pa I talk to a Valerie, she tells me she can’t do anything without contacting Amber the manager of Carbondale office. I tell her I don’t want to work with that office they are inept, Valerie tells me I have to. I have a very ill husband that more than 20 docs haven’t been able to help, hes abusive and mean to the point my son has to move in. It’s very stressfull and I’m having to deal with this situation with Amerigas. It’s all about I have been unable to pay my bill the way I’ve always paid it the last 13 years, I have made three attempts to pay with no success. There is something drastically wrong here when office staff creates such a difficult time for customers just trying to pay their bill. I should be credited something on my bill for everything they have put me through, shame on them.
    Linda Sugar
    Acc # 201045127
    Rifle, Colorado

  • Kayla says:

    I hate to sound like another disgruntled customer, but I’m very disappointed in the service that’s been provided to me again and it’s just the being of the Fall Season. I have two propane companies that service my area, and I kept with Amerigas because of the price, but now I’m thinking I’m better off going to WOC Energy because at least I know I’ll receive my propane! I ordered propane September 23rd and still have not received it. This is business day 11 (even though they are open on Saturdays, they do not count that as a day of business). I contacted the local office in Mill Hall, PA and it seems that they haven’t even dispatched someone to my house yet!!!! This means I have to wait another couple days for propane. When I ordered on September 23rd, I paid for the propane that same day and they took my money out that same day. Why am I paying for a product that I’m not even receiving on the 7-10 day guaranteed business day! I have a 4-year-old stepson and we now we will have to use electric heaters to heat our house because we are going to run out of propane before we get the product. How is this even possible without some sort of repercussions against the employees of the company? I just don’t understand how you can run a company with such little respect for your customers.

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