Where is Amerigas Corporate office Headquarters

Amerigas Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  460 North Gulph Road, Suite 100, King Of Prussia, PA 19406-2815, United States
  • Phone Number: 610-337-7000
  • Fax Number: 610-768-7647
  • Email: fb@amerigas.com
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 9000 
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Jerry Sheridan (CEO)

Amerigas Headquarters Location & Directions

Amerigas Headquarters Executive Team



Hugh Gallagher


Tony Rosback


About Amerigas, History and Headquarters Information

AmeriGas is an LPG distribution company. It was founded in 1959. The headquarters of the company is located at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The revenue of the company is estimated to be 3 million USD.

Today the company operates more than 2, 500 distribution locations. It supplies to all 50 states of the US. There are around 2 million customers registered with the company.

The main partner of the company is UGI Corporation. UGI owns 26% of partnership. It offers LPG to businesses and domestics. They also provide propane during peak demands. Propane offers the same comfort and efficiency as that of natural gas.

The company also offers gases for outdoor living to enjoy a warm weather by warming up the backyard. It provides tank exchanges for portable tanks. They also provide propane to warm up spa, pools, etc.

Apart from this they also provide gas for businesses like agriculture, building, cooking appliances, forklifts, industrial trucks, refuelling stations, etc.

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  • Donna Carrara says:

    AmeriGas should be closed permanently! They are thieves! Customer service is awful in terms of knowing their policies!

  • LarryCarroll says:

    Everyone needs to inform their local paper about Amerigas. I am writing an article for the local paper. The only way to get results is through their pocket book. Covid Covid Covid aNews flash Covid Covid Covid. They have fired all local people now you have to call India to resolve issues with company.
    I will mot deal with them again. Get me once shame on you get me twice shame on me.

  • LarryCarroll says:

    I had Amerigas install 1000 gallon tank and hook it up to my house they had given me an estimate and the bill was completely wrong when I got the bill I had six hours of work done to hook up my gas generator to the regulator and for over a little six hours worth of work they charged me $168 an hour $1008.00

  • Linda says:

    My parents are Elderly and have always paid their bills. Their bank has stated the payment went through and AmeriGas was paid but AmeriGas keeps stating the payment came back insufficient funds. AmeriGas got their money but is still trying to collect on same bill and increasing the amount each time. I advised my parents to change company and if AmeriGas wants to go to court over it we are ready. Got all the bank information in hand and bank backing us up. AmeriGas is trying to steel from 80 year old parents and should be ashamed of themselves. Even the bank states many in this area are having troubles with this company. I hope AmeriGas is ready for a fight. I am!

  • Kelly says:

    I have been with Amerigas for many years. I have always had great service but always dealt local. This is the first time, because our local office I was told is shut down due to covid. How unfortunate! I had to order propane through the call center. I was quoted a price and ordered a minimum amount. When they delivered it was 20 cents higher per gallon and they filled my tank! Times are tough and I would never have filled my tank with the huge cost that is associated with that right now. Now I have called multiple times and keep getting the run around that it will take 3 to 4 weeks to see what they can do about this issue. Really! I will never deal with Amerigas again unless they open my local office so there is some accountability! Beyond disgusted!

  • Kelly says:

    I had a gas leak back in April 2020. The technician determined that the leak was coming from the gas meter on the condo unit. The meter was removed. No one has come back to replace the meter and I am being told that there are no available dates to have someone in the Bristol, CT meter department to come to my home and replace my meter. Also, my pricing contract expired in April 2020 and I have never received a new contract either by mail or email. My November 2020 bill was extremely high. My December 2020 bill was over $700. I have called the customer service department 8 times now and no one, including 2 supervisors, have provided me with any help. I am always being told that someone from the meter department or a manager will call me back and no one ever calls. I am a person who pays her bills on time, but my bill is incorrect and I need to get help correcting it. I am a customer who is now begging the company for help to correct my bill and to put a meter on my unit so that I can get actual and correct meter readings, not estimated readings. Please contact me through my email.

  • Kent FLETCHER says:

    Experienced almost identical problems as I am reading in these comments. Ordered gas on 2/2/21 given a delivery date range of 2/3/21 to 2/16/21. Gas never delivered. Ran out of gas and called; gas still not delivered as of today 2/20. Called again and was told the driver had noted that my tank was too full for delivery! Must have gone to the wrong location. 500 gallon tank was 40% when I placed order and no truck has been in my driveway. This most recent person was the only one who told me that; the other 8 people I had called just stated they would replace the order. A relative of mine living in the same city is experiencing an identical problem with Amerigas. How do these people stay in business????

  • Doug Ramer says:

    I have to agree with the last comment from Joe. We have had the same problem. We’ve been on the expedited list for 2 weeks now and have less than 10% left. We have had temperatures in the single digits. I have called multiple times onlyto be told the EXACT same thing with the exception of our delivery date getting pushed out further and further. When our tank is empty will we be forced to pay a fee? A fee that shouldn’t be our responsibility
    because we have called, like we were supposed to, when our tank was at 20%? Before we do that, we will have Ferrellgas replace the tank and will gladly pay them for their services. This is unacceptable.

  • Michael Buechner says:

    I sound like a broken record after reading the comments. But I am on an auto fill and was last filled 01/06/21. Now here we sit at 12% in my tank and no propane. I have called the contact number 2/15, 2/16, 2/17 and 2/18 only to be told the same monotonous ” we understand and will get to you as soon as we can”. Yet my order still shows pending. No one will tell me when, if ever my tank will be filled. I am starting to think that they are actually out of propane and just trying to hide the fact. Run away fast if you are considering using them.

  • Ellen says:

    Dear Amerigas, Your corporate model is atrocious. Everyone one here, please report them to the Better Business Bureau. Why should we have to freeze and wait up to two weeks or more to get our propane refilled? Why do I not have a local Amerigas office or representative available to me as a customer? Why have I been told twice by customer service reps that someone would call me, and they never call? I don’t understand how a company that treats its customers with negligence and a hideous non-existent communication model profits and expands. I am going to research in my area how to switch from Amerigas to Garkane, and I encourage all of who find your way to this page to drop Amerigas ASAP and switch to a different propane provider. If anyone at Amerigas is actually reading this, you need to fix at least a couple of things: 1) Give customers a local representative that they can actually talk to and schedule a specific date and time with; and 2) get rid of your $200 “emergency” fill charge. I would rather be cold and purchase space heaters than to give in to your corporate greed. I am disgusted with this company and can’t believe it is profiting and expanding. If your reading this, please cut ties with Amerigas unless it fixes these problems.

  • Derrick Davis Sr. says:

    AmeriGas hands down has to be the worst. I don’t even have to give the details of my experience simply because everyone has the same complaint. Its a shame hard working people spend their hard earned dollars for inadequate, unreliable service. My wife and I reside in North Carolina. Been with this sorry a#@ company for three years and every year it’s a issue with refills. Switching companies asap.

  • Donna DeVito says:

    Your company sucks, can’t even take an order I’ve been waiting 28 days for propane. I was nice to anybody I talked to and my heat assistance helper too never once did they put the order in. I have to use heaters and its below zero. I’m getting a lawyer and going to the news you should be paying my electric bill. I want your tank out of my yard this week not 14 days like your deliveries. The most terrible company I ever dealt with.

  • Donna Rogers says:

    THERE ARE THREE!! OFFICES OF OPERATION WITHIN 41-53 more of my house! Why does it take two weeks to get this propane delivered!?????
    I have reported to BBB and my state legislator and this states Public Service Commission for the very poor response time to people’s propane needs! Not to mention this company’s VERY HIGH FEES AND COST OF PER GALLON PROPANE!

  • Elizabeth says:

    WORST COMPANY SERVICE, EVER!!!!! I have been calling Amerigas daily, since one week prior to moving out of my home. I have been getting the run-around constantly!! I requested a discontinuation of my account, as I have moved, and which I faithfully used and paid for IN FULL FOR 29 YEARS!! In December I tried to schedule a “no further tank filling” order, but they said it was too late, it was already scheduled. They then filled it to the brim, THREE WEEKS AFTER my call. Which again, I paid for.
    The customer service reps keep telling me that they “cannot get a tech to come out and read the gauge to lock off the tank”. I keep saying I have clear photos of the gauge and the tank ID metal label. Meanwhile, the new owners of the house have been in there running the heat and using the propane I own and paid for, while Amerigas is apparently billing them also.
    All I am trying to do is close my account since I have moved away – and they can’t even help with that. Absolutely abysmal, horrible, terrible service!! I will have to follow up with filing a formal complaint.

  • Eric W says:

    I am a 22 year customer of Amerigas since I purchased my second home in Connecticut. After running out of propane a number of years ago and almost a second time, I received a “commitment” from the company to get deliveries EVERY TWO WEEKS during the winter months. That went fine for a number of years.
    Recently, my service has declined dramatically. Last month after not receiving a delivery for three and a half weeks and seeing a “scheduled delivery” already a week and a half late, I called my local office and the corporate office and after a huge cue, reached someone.
    Now in the middle of the coldest weather of the season (on January 24) I checked my deliveries and scheduled delivery. My last delivery was December 23rd. And I have a PENDING ticket since January 11th ALREADY TWO WEEKS OLD.
    I called the corporate office this past Friday and requested a supervisor and again after waiting a very long time, I was told I was scheduled to get a delivery THAT DAY.
    My online account states that never happened.
    As a publicly traded company, there are recourses for me to take. I will be be contacting Headquarters
    tomorrow and will reaching out to Mr. Gallagher the CEO.
    As customers who have placed our trust in the company as a service provider and have
    significant risk of major damage to our homes caused by frozen pipes caused by running out of propane
    and inability to reach anyone to resolve it, this level of service is completely unacceptable.
    Hopefully, this gets read first thing tomorrow.

  • Heather says:

    WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR TANK ANYMORE!! You picked up the tank, which was FULL of the propane you delivered!! We do not owe any bills for any propane. I have repeatedly left messages, wrote emails, and actually talked to one of your collection people informing you of this!

  • Tom Wilson says:

    I am with Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. and am trying to get an environmental clearance to build 14 homes in Rio Rico, Arizona. I need to know who makes your 500 gallon propane tanks, or if you can provide specifications for such tanks. This is very much needed for us to get homes built.

  • Debra Stevenson says:

    I am the service coordinator at The Enclave, 9450&30 Silver King Ct , Fairfax VA 22031. The developer – IDI Corp – installed an Amerigas tank for a fire pit. When the developer transferred all accounts to The Enclave Association, I received a form from Shirley Cuesenberry of the Winchester Va office saying that The Enclave owned the tank. Almost a year later, the former project manager warned us that they were still receiving bills from Amerigas for The Enclave tank, so apparently Amerigas never changed the account to The Enclave billing address. At that point I was also informed that the tank was rented, not owned, by Dawn Parker in the Winchester office. The Enclave received a maintenance agreement which they did not sign due to the nature of the offer. Now, a year later, The Enclave would like to purchase the tank. I have contacted Shirley Cuesenberry who has never responded; I have contacted Dawn Parker who said she doesn’t work in the “that department” anymore and I should call the customer service number; since wait times are very long I requested she send me a direct contact number for accounts; she has never responded. I called the customer service number twice, waited on hold for 40 minutes after hearing announcements about how very busy Amerigas is and then the call was dropped. This is my last effort to get in touch with someone from Amerigas to get this account sorted out and the tank purchased. If I do not hear from you by the close of business on Friday, January 22, this entire matter will be handed over to the attorney for The Enclave. You can contact me at debra.stevenson@fsresidential.com. I hope to hear from you VERY soon.

  • Joe says:

    I have called multiple times to receive a propane tank fill up, starting December 19th. Every time I call, someone tells me that my order is pending and I should receive a delivery within the next business day. Unfortunately that has not happened and I have less than 10% in the tank. I live in Pittsboro NC and the service from Amerigas sucks. Just know that a customer should not be promised something that can not be delivered. I am totally disgusted with the service and would expect a better result for a loyal paying customer who is supposedly on “automatic” fill up. I do not want to run out of gas, and propane is the only way we heat our home.

    On a scale of 1-10, Amerigas doesn’t even register right now. Terrible customer service and I will take my business elsewhere once winter ends. However, I need gas RIGHT NOW. it is getting cold.

  • Douglas R. Connor says:

    I PREPAID for a delivery on12/14/20 and have been getting the runaround since last Thursday 12/24. I’ve called the 800 number and was told that they expedited my request and would get a delivery on 12/24. They told me on the 24th that I would get my delivery that day but never showed up. I have a health condition that requires a special diet so will not be able to prepare my special meals on our stove if we run out. When I ordered on the 14th I told the rep I spoke with that we were low and she said it would be 7-10 days to get our delivery. Well, we are now at day 16 with no delivery! Hold times of over an hour when you do try to call and the recording states that they’ve made all these enhancements to improve their service? I only use Amerigas propane for cooking so am very concerned for those consumers that rely on Amerigas to heat their homes!

    I did contact the NH Attorney General’s office on 12/29 and filed a formal complaint regarding Amerigas and lack of service.

    Deering, NH
    Account #0200640452

  • Victoria says:

    I Made a payment almost a $1000 on December 8th and didn’t get my tunks refiled until December 26 th that including few emergency appoitments. Our family stayed in freezing home of BushKill at Penselvania at -8’C with 3 kids including 4 weeks old on Christmas Eve, and we went to sleep to our neighbot’s house. Costumer service only can talk to you on the phone and make promises. Now it is 10:30 pm December I AM FREEZING IN OUR HOME. I HAVE NO HEAT AND NO HOT WATER. Thank you AmerGas for making Christmas Time UNFORGETABL.

  • Michael Soda says:

    I’m late with this. When I requested my propane tank refill, it never happened within the time I was given. I tele-contacted your Hq. and spoke with one Carline Moen. She arranged for my delivery. The driver was scared of my driveway but Ms Moen made sure I got my tank fill. I was ready to go elsewhere until she took control and got my tank fill accomplished. She kept me as an Amerigas customer. You owe her.


    The company has abandoned my wife and I for almost 3 weeks, out of propane on 3 occasions. POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS GAS LEAK FINALLY FIXED AFTER 2 WEEKS AND NUMEROUS CALLS. We are elderly, one with cancer, one with arthritis, both over 65. No heat, no hot water, no stove.
    NO SERVICE JUST LIES ABOUT WHEN WE WILL GET SOME GAS. It’s winter. It’s cold and so are the people in Merced, CA.

    I have never been treated this badly by anyone.

  • Liz says:

    Customer Service at the local office level has been the worst since EW has started at the Townsend MT office. Here’s what happened:
    We were kicked off the Budget plan for a fault at the auto-pay level (bill changed from $134 to $143 – should have auto-debted the new amount, but didn’t), then not giving us a warning ahead of time to correct the situation, or after it happened to know that the next thing to happen would be…
    Amerigas delivers a tank of gas and hits us with a bill for the whole amount without our prior approval. This is followed by EW arguing with me when I sought information about the situation: she heatedly talked over me constantly to offer to charge us AGAIN ($180) to go back on the budget plan in addition to the $500+ bill.
    Then doing the same thing again a few months later.
    FYI, Elizabeth Wood is not nearly as good as the gal who you had for years and who was honest, friendly, and easy to work with.
    You lost a 15+ year customer because of this. We are very, very disappointed by the treatment we received and the screaming lack of customer service. Is she running a scam and a con game? Do you see or pay any attention to survey results?
    Because YOU NEED TO KNOW.

  • Linda says:

    I have used Amerigas for most of the time since we built our home in 2006. We have never had issues with the Grand Junctions Office. This year we were switched to Carbondale office, the driver was rude calling us liars on filling small tanks. When I called Grand Junction to order propane I asked for our small tanks to be filled she said she would put it down on our order. The man that showed up said we never do that, I told him you have done it every time you have came, he said no we haven’t( otherwise called me a liar). Then he had to ask us where our tank is because he had never been here before( that show a real high mentality).
    I called and filed a complaint against him while he was still on our property, told them he is not allowed on our property or I will have him arrested for trespassing.
    Then I get the bill, I call office give them my bank information for payment. I believe that’s the end of it, then I get a Non-Sufficient Funds Notice in the mail with a 33.00 charge. I know for a fact it’s not true, but I call the bank anyway. Of coarse it’s not true theirs plenty of money in there, and they have had no one submit any payment of any kind from Amerigas. Amerigas takes my bank info again for payment, they say it should go we messed up one of the numbers. I gave them the accounts again very slowly several times.
    Today in the mail I get another Non-Sufficient Fund Notice again, I call Carbondale office again and tell them they sent me another notice again for non payment. I could get no where with the lady in the office, she tells me shes going to transfer me and she hangs up.
    I call Corporate in Prussia, Pa I talk to a Valerie, she tells me she can’t do anything without contacting Amber the manager of Carbondale office. I tell her I don’t want to work with that office they are inept, Valerie tells me I have to. I have a very ill husband that more than 20 docs haven’t been able to help, hes abusive and mean to the point my son has to move in. It’s very stressfull and I’m having to deal with this situation with Amerigas. It’s all about I have been unable to pay my bill the way I’ve always paid it the last 13 years, I have made three attempts to pay with no success. There is something drastically wrong here when office staff creates such a difficult time for customers just trying to pay their bill. I should be credited something on my bill for everything they have put me through, shame on them.
    Linda Sugar
    Acc # 201045127
    Rifle, Colorado

  • Kayla says:

    I hate to sound like another disgruntled customer, but I’m very disappointed in the service that’s been provided to me again and it’s just the being of the Fall Season. I have two propane companies that service my area, and I kept with Amerigas because of the price, but now I’m thinking I’m better off going to WOC Energy because at least I know I’ll receive my propane! I ordered propane September 23rd and still have not received it. This is business day 11 (even though they are open on Saturdays, they do not count that as a day of business). I contacted the local office in Mill Hall, PA and it seems that they haven’t even dispatched someone to my house yet!!!! This means I have to wait another couple days for propane. When I ordered on September 23rd, I paid for the propane that same day and they took my money out that same day. Why am I paying for a product that I’m not even receiving on the 7-10 day guaranteed business day! I have a 4-year-old stepson and we now we will have to use electric heaters to heat our house because we are going to run out of propane before we get the product. How is this even possible without some sort of repercussions against the employees of the company? I just don’t understand how you can run a company with such little respect for your customers.

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