Where is Amerigas Corporate office Headquarters

Amerigas Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  460 North Gulph Road, Suite 100, King Of Prussia, PA 19406-2815, United States
  • Phone Number: 610-337-7000
  • Fax Number: 610-768-7647
  • Email: [email protected]
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 9000 
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Jerry Sheridan (CEO)

Amerigas Headquarters Location & Directions

Amerigas Headquarters Executive Team



Hugh Gallagher


Tony Rosback


About Amerigas, History and Headquarters Information

AmeriGas is an LPG distribution company. It was founded in 1959. The headquarters of the company is located at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The revenue of the company is estimated to be 3 million USD.

Today the company operates more than 2, 500 distribution locations. It supplies to all 50 states of the US. There are around 2 million customers registered with the company.

The main partner of the company is UGI Corporation. UGI owns 26% of partnership. It offers LPG to businesses and domestics. They also provide propane during peak demands. Propane offers the same comfort and efficiency as that of natural gas.

The company also offers gases for outdoor living to enjoy a warm weather by warming up the backyard. It provides tank exchanges for portable tanks. They also provide propane to warm up spa, pools, etc.

Apart from this they also provide gas for businesses like agriculture, building, cooking appliances, forklifts, industrial trucks, refuelling stations, etc.

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  • Liz says:

    Customer Service at the local office level has been the worst since EW has started at the Townsend MT office. Here’s what happened:
    We were kicked off the Budget plan for a fault at the auto-pay level (bill changed from $134 to $143 – should have auto-debted the new amount, but didn’t), then not giving us a warning ahead of time to correct the situation, or after it happened to know that the next thing to happen would be…
    Amerigas delivers a tank of gas and hits us with a bill for the whole amount without our prior approval. This is followed by EW arguing with me when I sought information about the situation: she heatedly talked over me constantly to offer to charge us AGAIN ($180) to go back on the budget plan in addition to the $500+ bill.
    Then doing the same thing again a few months later.
    FYI, Elizabeth Wood is not nearly as good as the gal who you had for years and who was honest, friendly, and easy to work with.
    You lost a 15+ year customer because of this. We are very, very disappointed by the treatment we received and the screaming lack of customer service. Is she running a scam and a con game? Do you see or pay any attention to survey results?
    Because YOU NEED TO KNOW.

  • Linda says:

    I have used Amerigas for most of the time since we built our home in 2006. We have never had issues with the Grand Junctions Office. This year we were switched to Carbondale office, the driver was rude calling us liars on filling small tanks. When I called Grand Junction to order propane I asked for our small tanks to be filled she said she would put it down on our order. The man that showed up said we never do that, I told him you have done it every time you have came, he said no we haven’t( otherwise called me a liar). Then he had to ask us where our tank is because he had never been here before( that show a real high mentality).
    I called and filed a complaint against him while he was still on our property, told them he is not allowed on our property or I will have him arrested for trespassing.
    Then I get the bill, I call office give them my bank information for payment. I believe that’s the end of it, then I get a Non-Sufficient Funds Notice in the mail with a 33.00 charge. I know for a fact it’s not true, but I call the bank anyway. Of coarse it’s not true theirs plenty of money in there, and they have had no one submit any payment of any kind from Amerigas. Amerigas takes my bank info again for payment, they say it should go we messed up one of the numbers. I gave them the accounts again very slowly several times.
    Today in the mail I get another Non-Sufficient Fund Notice again, I call Carbondale office again and tell them they sent me another notice again for non payment. I could get no where with the lady in the office, she tells me shes going to transfer me and she hangs up.
    I call Corporate in Prussia, Pa I talk to a Valerie, she tells me she can’t do anything without contacting Amber the manager of Carbondale office. I tell her I don’t want to work with that office they are inept, Valerie tells me I have to. I have a very ill husband that more than 20 docs haven’t been able to help, hes abusive and mean to the point my son has to move in. It’s very stressfull and I’m having to deal with this situation with Amerigas. It’s all about I have been unable to pay my bill the way I’ve always paid it the last 13 years, I have made three attempts to pay with no success. There is something drastically wrong here when office staff creates such a difficult time for customers just trying to pay their bill. I should be credited something on my bill for everything they have put me through, shame on them.
    Linda Sugar
    Acc # 201045127
    Rifle, Colorado

  • Kayla says:

    I hate to sound like another disgruntled customer, but I’m very disappointed in the service that’s been provided to me again and it’s just the being of the Fall Season. I have two propane companies that service my area, and I kept with Amerigas because of the price, but now I’m thinking I’m better off going to WOC Energy because at least I know I’ll receive my propane! I ordered propane September 23rd and still have not received it. This is business day 11 (even though they are open on Saturdays, they do not count that as a day of business). I contacted the local office in Mill Hall, PA and it seems that they haven’t even dispatched someone to my house yet!!!! This means I have to wait another couple days for propane. When I ordered on September 23rd, I paid for the propane that same day and they took my money out that same day. Why am I paying for a product that I’m not even receiving on the 7-10 day guaranteed business day! I have a 4-year-old stepson and we now we will have to use electric heaters to heat our house because we are going to run out of propane before we get the product. How is this even possible without some sort of repercussions against the employees of the company? I just don’t understand how you can run a company with such little respect for your customers.

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