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  • Deanna Carter says:

    Very disappointed in this current stay at this location! Horrible management and no hospitality. Paid $500 to stay for a week and still have 2 days left and I feel so uncomfortable!

  • Sarah Wingate says:

    Guys — Fair warning on this tax deal with Sarah Wingate, you should know the owners pocketed this money. I’m nearly positive they didn’t remit it and I’m sorry…..what is they’re argument again? This is big.

    Sarah left the hotel owing $3,000 I heard? That’s ridiculous. You guys need to get them in check or I will….former Internal Audit Manager.

    Thank You,

    Zach Walker on behalf of Sarah Wingate.

    CC: Sarah Neil

    (314) 217-8091

  • Sarah Wingate says:


    To: Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Corporate Headquarters
    Attn: Management
    1550 Market St., Suite 425
    Denver, CO 80202

    From: Sarah Wingate (Guest)
    Americas Best Value Inn & Suites
    6602 South Lindbergh Blvd.
    St. Louis, MO 63123

    Re: Large Tax Overcharge

    To whom it may concern – My name is Sarah Wingate and I was a long-term guest at the America’s Best Value Inn on S. Lindbergh Blvd. in St. Louis, MO. I’m writing to escalate a sizeable overbilling for taxes to your attention at the corporate level, having not been able to obtain a refund locally to resolve the matter.

    The facts are as follows:

    I began my continual stay at the hotel in Nov. 2020, if I’m not mistaken (please confirm arrival date, see request below).
    · In terms of the associated tax regulation(s), all lodging facilities located inside the boundaries of St. Louis County must pay a room tax on the room sales for each calendar quarter (please see attachment titled: Instructions for Hotel_Motel Exemption Filing for details).

    The tax is 3.75% for the Convention and Tourism Tax and 3.5% for the Convention and Sports Tax. Both taxes are remitted to St. Louis County. The 3.75% tax is sent to the Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) and is used for advertising to attract people and conventions to the St. Louis area.

    From the attachment: Some guests may qualify for exemption from the tax:
    o Guests who stayed at the facility for more than 31 days per calendar quarter.

    I’ve stayed more than 31 days per calendar quarter (continually) since my arrival in the 4th calendar quarter of 2020 and have been tax exempt since day 32 of my stay.

    · The hotel has charged me taxes for the duration of my stay beyond day 31 in error and a considerable refund is due as a result, the amount we’ll need to agree to after researching my billing history.

    Note: The root cause of this error is the hotel rewrites my ticket/contract every 30 days due to an internal policy, I’m told. That’s fine, but they need to back out the taxes, roughly $5 per night. Without the exact date of my arrival, I’ve been overbilled approximately $7,000 based on renting one room and as noted below, a considerable portion of the time I’ve paid for two rooms simultaneously for additional space, raising the refund I’m owed considerably.
    In speaking with local management, they say it’s a conversation that needs to be had with the owners of the facility, your Franchisee, if I’m not mistaken.

    Regardless, I’ll rely on you to carry this forward at the corporate level and ensure a refund is issued. Also, I respectfully ask that you give me reasonable notice if for any reason this impacts my ability to be a guest going forward. I assume it doesn’t given the precedence, but wanted to mention.

    The staff at the hotel have been good to me overall and I’ve obviously been a good customer, so I hope we can resolve this without a third party, Civil Court being my only alternative.
    In closing,

    I’d like to request a few action items:
    1. Stop charging me tax immediately.
    2. Please do a comprehensive lookback on my billing history, going back approximately 4 years to my initial check-in date (again, Nov. 2020 if I recall correctly) to ensure all charges are captured. As noted above, in the past I’ve rented 2 rooms simultaneously, using the second room for extra storage space (and I’ve slept in there sometimes as well). I’ve also stayed in multiple rooms over the course of my stay. Please mention this to the person doing the research.
    I’d like a cumulative statement for each room I’ve rented showing the room rate, taxes and total charges broken out and netted cumulatively for all rooms.
    3. We can review the billing history, agree on the total amount of the overcharge and a timely refund to true up the account will bring this to a close.
    I think 30 days from the date of this message is a reasonable expectation for the refund and I will use that as the deadline for further action. This information is accurate and will be reflected in the billing statements, so it should be straight forward, but let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Please correspond via e-mail or propose a time for a phone call: sarahwingate1@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter

    Sarah Wingate
    (314) 217=8091

  • Cheryl Gwen Smith says:

    Good Evening 🌇 I needed to get away for one night due to many family problems and deaths at this time of year. I have spent the nights many times with America Best Inn and have always been treated with kindness from staff and up to code nice rooms.
    I left out headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains to get away to rejuvenate. I checked it at America Best Inn and to my disbelief I was in Room 114 only smoking room left this night. I found the heat was not working and I froze took all the covers from the extra bed in my room to stay warm as I could. Many other issues the sink bathtub and ceiling was flaking down in the tub along with both tub and sink terribly nasty. I opened the refrigerator and the freezer was disgusting. No trash bags in the garbage cans. And one of the staff members cleaning knocked on my door telling me it was 11:00 check out being horribly rude as I had already been in disbelief. Then she kept pounding on the door I told her I was getting dressed do not come in yet. To my surprise she opened the door and started yelling at me to leave it’s past check out time. I asked her not to open the door but she did anyway with the door wide open I’m sitting on the bed with only my undergarments on trying not to freeze to get dressed. I explained I took more time to try getting warm to shower. It never got warm so I immediately left. I went to turn in my key and the same housekeeper took the key and was rude again yelling at me,Therefore, zi shouted back I told her she was a bad Employee for this company and I was going to report her. I honestly believe I deserve a refund and an apology from America Best Inn. We are the customers that keep the doors open and her a job ❣️Thank you kindly Cheryl G Smith 470/304/6643. I’m attaching photos to show you this needs seriously address. You stand behind this Company!! I will send photos in another email after this 😃

  • Carlos A Dimas Rivas says:

    In this hotel of the Oakland location I will start double even though I have already paid through Expedia when I talk to the manager I receive no empathy no apologize even though they left me with no money I tried to get a room for another night which was more beneficial to me than to wait the whole fight businesses but they told me that they have to check out no remorse no empathy on top of that they forgot to give me my ID and because I was so pissed I forgot it too I’ll feel it should be compensate for my wasting of time inconvenience but this hotel is run by Indians I didn’t know no sympathy for others

  • Robert Burk says:

    On 09/29 to 09/30/23 I stayed at your LaGrande, Oregon location. During that time I parked in the parking lot. While I stayed there my new car was defected on by birds causing damaged to the clear coat of the paint. I called and left several messages for time the manager to contact me and did not get a call back. On 10/09/23, I called and finally spoke to Melissa. I explained the situation to Melissa and she was rude, showed no remorse, and at times confrontational trying to get me to argue with her. Melissa implied it was my fault for parking under a tree, a tree planted by your company. I stay in hotels several times a year and have never been treated so poorly. If Melissa is the manger of this location I fear how the rest of your staff treats guests. I even asked Melissa why she was talking to me this way after I have been polite and trying to resolve the issue. She said “you are only upset because your are not getting what you want.” I hadn’t asked for anything yet. Due to the conversation I was having with Melissa, I asked for her manager (Diana) the regional manager to call me, we will see if it happens.

    I understand it is not 100% ABVI issue but at least offer an apology, show some remorse, or partial payment to have damage repaired.

    I would probably drop the issue however, with the way I was treated by a “manager of your company, I will go as far as seeking legal counsel for a tort claim. NO ONE should have been talked to or treated this way by a person who is in management.

    If your phone are recorded this took place on 10/09/23 at about 12:30. You can look at your records and be able to contact me by phone and or email.

    Whoever reads this in the corporate office, please contact me.

  • Tim says:

    Jackson Mi, owner Kelly employees junkies that overdose on sight in rooms they weren’t suppose to even be in. She also tries offering her special “services” to any man that she wants. Hotel rooms are disgusting filled with scum, black mold, mice, bedbugs. Place needs help bad or to be condemned

  • Joe Rozman says:

    Stayed at Austinburg, Ohio,
    Shower needs to be steamed clean, old black caulking, cracked tiles, disgusting for what we paid,

  • Wendy says:

    Newnan hotel management does not understand ada service animal laws. Refusing to allow customer to pay the weekly rate as agreed and insists on charging daily + per fee. Price of room went from 440 to 780 week due to service animal being in the room even after being told and being shown proof. Management needs to be informed of the laws regarding service dogs § 30-4-4.

  • dustin l smith says:

    Has the roadest people I had ever met in my day only person that are pretty good was the two guns that that’s the housekeeping they straight up 100% who folks over there come down to get my money back they stole it it’s taking money out of my credit card so please nobody use your credit card they are double charging triple charger even when he ain’t there but

  • William says:

    I got tore up by bed buggs

  • Crystal Scherer says:

    The America’s Best Value Inn in Salisbury, MD is horribly ran. I paid for 2 nights and paid a $50 deposit that I was told would be returned to me on Sunday when I checked out. Saturday morning, the same front desk clerk that took my money Friday night, said I only paid for one night when I paid for 2. I paid $ 181 and some change plus gave her a $50 deposit. The front desk clerk said its only showing one night so why was I charged almost $200 for one night ? Not to mention the room she put us in was so infested with roaches. I went to the front office to cancel my reservation and get a refund, she said she couldn’t do refunds so she put me in another room. Now I’m being told to get out which means I’m out of $181 + my $50 deposit. What a way to do business I’ll never stay here again. Poor management at this location and obviously the clerk doesn’t know how to do her job. I know what I paid her and it should be on camera since they have cameras in front office. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced. This motel just beat me out of over $200 way to go americas best value in…..I was just put out my daughter and I needed a place to stay and these people practically scammed me out of my money!! How can they even charge $90 some bucks a night for roach infested rooms and clerks who take your money and lie saying you Only paid for one night. I strongly recommend find another hotel and stay away from this place!

  • Cherish says:

    Rude staff, filthy rooms obviously staff and management doesn’t care about their establishment. Non smoking rooms that have burn holes in the blankets and on furniture. Had a small kid and infant. Carpets are black from dirt.

  • Destiny says:

    Hurst,TX location refused my reservation because it was discounted saying they wouldn’t make money therefore would not let me use a discounted reservation. Having to pay full price, the room was badly infested with roaches and not cleaned. Smelled of smoke despite being non smoking and had burn holes in the sheets and blankets. My husband is asthmatic, we ended up having to leave and find better accommodations.

  • David says:

    My wife and I booked a 3-night stay, through Priceline, at Americas Best Value Inn Blue Ridge located at 4970 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, GA 30513-5039 for Tuesday 18 October checking out on Friday 21 October 2022. It had mixed reviews, but, how bad could it be?!? The website photos looked OK. We requested a non-smoking room with 2 queen beds. First room was dirty and smelled like smoke and we immediately requested another room without looking at this room any further. Second room had a deadbolt that would not lock because there was no hole in the strike plate, a plastic baggie over the smoke detector, black mold in the shower, stained sheets, broken phone, no clock, and the mini-fridge needed defrosting. I asked for another room and was told there were no other rooms available. I was given a new phone that I had to install myself (no problem). When I asked when breakfast was open, I was told “There is no breakfast.” although it is offered on the website and was one of the reasons we booked here. Coffee was supposed to be offered in the lobby and was also not available. There were no vending machines as were advertised. The Waffle King restaurant was next door so we had our breakfasts there. I asked the hotel to reimburse us for the 3 breakfasts we had to purchase at approximately $20 each day for the 2 of us. They flatly refused to reimburse us. I would like to be reimbursed for the $60 we had to spend for the three breakfasts that the hotel advertised and did not supply. I would like this business to be charged with false advertising for not providing services as advertised. I would also like the Public Health Department to conduct an inspection of this business. I would like the Fire Department to conduct a safety inspection. I do not know if this last item is the responsibility of the hotel, but there is a giant pothole at the entrance of the parking lot that is almost impossible to miss. You may contact me anytime.
    Desired Outcome/Settlement
    Desired Settlement: Refund

  • Ardwens E says:

    At your Macon location in GA the security guard was EXTREMELY aggressive and proceed to use racist slurs at me and husband I have video evidence that we literally kept confirming that we had a reservation the clerk inside basically said that check in is after 4 o’clock even though I had a online reservation that the check in was at one so miscommunication on the whole company altogether, especially with the website, especially with how the clerk handled the situation, the desk clerk, and especially with the security guard, saying that he’s a police officer ““ so I don’t know if this is how you were company handles, African-Americans or what’s going on at that company, but I feel very scared and very distress because I’m a pregnant woman experience that I had at your hotel and I didn’t even go in the room is horrendous. I was so scared for my life. I felt like I was literally going to die and it’s crazy because I had a reservation. It was understand that it’s not my fault of the company did not have proper information updated on the website that’s on the company’s fault so if anything, I expected the clerk and in the security guard to be a little bit more helpful because of the miscommunication in the wrong information on the website that was given in the first place with the email confirmation and to add insult to injury, the security guard is telling people that he’s a lawn, Forssman officer that he’s actually police officer for that county so with that being said, you have a security guard, impersonating a police officer, which is an offense at the end of the day, because when I said I was call 911, which I did, he said proceeded, you don’t have to do that which is on video even though he said he was a police officer himself, so the whole situation was crazy. It was scary. It was it could’ve been completely avoided, and the fact that he came to this very bad on the company’s behalf

  • Jack says:

    I booked a stay at this Americas Best Inn in Beaufort, SC for 12 Oct 2022 thru 16 Oct 2022 for my daughters Marine Corps graduation. I arrived on the evening of the 12th and checked in. Upon entering my room, I immediately recognized the odor of cigarettes even though it was a non-smoking room. Looking around I noticed that the room didn’t look nothing like the photos with the exception of the bed. The bathroom was missing the door but hinges were in-place and the bathroom light switch was missing the cover plate. The bathroom itself looked recently updated but you could clearly see dark rings bleeding through the white paint on the ceiling, Pretty sure it was mold. The room didn’t have clean towels for the shower, so I went to the local Walmart so that I could take a shower. The next morning 13 October I woke up feeling awful as if I were catching a cold and roach floating in the toilet. Went to attend family day at the Marine base and noticed I felt fine while on the base. That evening I couldn’t enter my room due to door lock keycard malfunctioning and while attempting to do homework I found roaches on my laptop. I wanted to leave then and there but decided to stay the night due to already paying for the room. I also began feeling ill once again and decided that I would check out first thing in the morning and go somewhere else, due to the hotel conditions. I checked out on the morning of the 14th and asked about a refund for the the remaining nights. I was told to contact the company about issuing a refund. After five days of priceline attempting to reach hotel management, the hotel denied my refund request. Hopefully somebody in corporate will help me out on this.

  • Darrin Touchton says:

    I stayed at one of your hotels last weekend in Alachua County and I have some very very serious concerns about that hotel that I need to share with you I need someone to email me or call me as soon as possible my number is area code 850-812-0926 please contact me as soon as possible this is something you definitely want to hear about if it doesn’t concern you then I will contact the governors office the fire marshal and I’ll shut that hotel down immediately

  • Allan Fay says:

    Hello. My wife and I booked a room at your Kalispell, MT property for October 10 – 12. We have stayed at many budget establishments, and ask fir little more than a clean room and pleasant staff. Although the staff was very pleasant, we had serious complaints about the cleanliness of the property and the room. We were also concerned about security, as the back door was not secure, being jammed open by a pen taped in the door frame.

    As a result of our concerns, I posted a review on Tripadvisor entitled “If this is America’s Best, I‘d hate to see America’s worst.”. In it, I set out my concerns, accompanied by photographs.

    Clearly, management became aware of my review, and to their credit, a number of the concerns were addressed soon thereafter. However, the manager, Shawn Campbell, posted a thoroughly snarky and unprofessional response, in which he blamed high occupancy and low staffing for the issues. He went on to say that, in effect, had Montana been shut down for COVID-19 as we had been in Canada, the problems would not have occurred. I found his response very rude, condescending, and unprofessional. I would expect that someone in management level in the hospitality industry would be better able to respond to constructive criticism.

    As a business owner, I can appreciate the issues that COVID-19 has given rise to, and I appreciate that staffing issues have arisen all over North America. However, I’m taken aback by Mr. Campbell’s suggestion that his property’s success is somehow an excuse for allowing unsafe and unclean conditions to exist. Perhaps the answer is to intentionally reduce occupancy to the point where your staff can ensure that your establishment is safe and clean until staffing can be increased. Again, I want to reiterate that the staff we dealt with were at all times friendly and professional.

    I would have welcomed the opportunity to have this discussion with Mr. Campbell, but unfortunately, Tripadvisor does not allow the poster of a review to respond.

    My wife and I love coming to Kalispell, and we were so pleased to be able to start coming back after the border opened. We’ve stayed in a number of establishments, both before and after the pandemic, but I can honestly say that we’ve never seen conditions like this. Regrettably, this experience has completely soured us on America’s Best Value Inn.


    Allan Fay

  • Tonya Acred says:

    My daughter stayed in Robbinsville, MS and the room they gave her to stay in looked like a cocaine party occurred along with a lot of vomit/blood. No sheets on the bed, THANK GOD, so she could see the horrible mess. So proud she took a video upon arriving. I am hoping she gets someone to contact her for a explanation and make this right. With all these comments including ours, looks like this Hotel chain would make a change and turn it around. She saw it was a low star but attempted to give it a shot since it was around 4 star hotels. She will never do that again.

  • Brian says:

    Being charged for 4 more days after I checked out. Won’t issue credit.

  • Tonya Williams says:

    We stayed at the Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Racine checked in on Saturday 9/10 checked out 9/12. We were told on Sunday 9/11 there were no clean towels until Monday. I’m sorry What? No clean towels until Monday? Later Sunday morning I noticed I had bug bites in several places on body. My first instinct was to look for bed bugs. Unfortunately that was unsuccessful…UNTIL… 1:15am on 9/12 when I woke up to use the restroom & turned the flash light on my phone. Decided to scan the bedsheets & pillows only to find 4 crawling bed bugs!!! Grabbed some toilet paper smashed them & my husband took them to the front desk. Mind you it’s 1:20AM! Was told she could not provide us a refund but she could give us a new room. To receive a refund we would have to EMAIL the manager! I’ve sent an email and patiently waiting for a response! DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE, WILL NEVER STAY AT ANY OF THESE HOTELS, & ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND STAYING HERE!

  • Debby Sullivan says:

    Absolutely unacceptable condition. Toilet had not been cleaned properly before I checked in.
    I was exhausted and didn’t shower until late in the night. When I was stepping out of the shower I saw brown splatter on the side of the toilet bowl. I was sick at the thought that I had used the toilet. I am thoroughly unhappy.
    Folio No 290722081203377
    Date 07/29/202

  • Amber Fitzmorris says:

    My husband stayed at the Americas Best in Fort Collins, CO at 4333 Mulberry St. On his last night at the hotel he had two separate people WITH key come into his room in the middle of the night. The following week I call the hotel to inquire as to why this had happened and the Manager Peyton admitted to me that she had done this while there was a power outage in the building. She had given people keys to my husbands room! I requested a refund for that night and was told that the owner Jason would only allow a 30% refund on that night. Not only was my husband’s privacy violated but also his safety and the safety of all their guests. How many other rooms did she make this “mistake” with? I am hoping that someone on a corporate level will assist us in getting the FULL refund we deserve.

  • Ed Proffitt says:

    I stayed Am. Best V Inn – San Benito, TX on a research trip with several graduate students (2 rooms, several days) in May 2022. When they gave me the receipt they’d put the room charges in the wrong column. My Travel Dept at the university (Tx A&M U – Corpus Ch.) won’t accept it. The hotel won’t respond to my emails nor return/address phone calls. I need a revised receipt. Please help

  • Diane Chapman says:

    Your POTTSTOWN PA location on High ST where I am currently in at this time 12:51 am Monday Aug5,2022 is not fit to be stayed in however after the 3 rooms prior had no working TV & the 3rd was infested with bugs they refused to give me my $180 cash I had just paid to them! I HAVE PICTURES OF WHAT MY ROOME LOOKS LIKE & the bed has old sheeted on it! For this at 67 & very disabled & just out of medical care from PENN Hospital I was forced to stay at this motel!

  • Dalisa james says:

    Americas best value inn in Blytheville arkansas is sooooo nasty and filthy he makes his own rules and don’t want nobody to tell him bout how nasty his rooms is and that he is very rude and disrespectful somebody needs to come in and have an expection because these hotels is very nasty and has mold everywhere and he tries to cover it up and make us clean this shit knowing it can kill us but he dosent care he is not reliable and he is not a good hotel owner somebody really needs to look into it for real before it’s too late I done worked quit worked here quit because he is very nasty and another thing he is a petifile he be feeling on his employees and be tryin to have sex with them I done seen it and witnessed it he needs to be in jail because he gone try to do that to the wrong person and they gone kill his ass that’s not cool how he treats us I’m sick of it and some needs to be done and he don’t pay us by the hr he only pays us by the room and be wanting us to slave like we’re slaves and we’re not

  • Thomas Ashcroft says:

    I wanted to inform you of an incident I had last night at your location in Greeley CO. I’m traveling for business and due to work I was not able to return to my room until after 10pm. When I returned, the front door was locked with nobody around to let me in. There is a buzzer at the front, which I tried ringing at least a dozen times did not get anyone’s attention. I attempted trying to knock loudly several times, but these are large glass doors and still nobody came. I tried calling their number, but nobody answered. I then attempted to use the back of my foot to create a louder noise that someone might hear, which resulted in unintentional cracking of the glass. It’s also of note that this glass door was previously damaged. I was outside trying to get someone’s attention for nearly 20 minutes. I finally had to leave to find a restroom and returned 10 minutes later to find the door open and was able to go to my room. They have filed a police report against me and want me to pay to fix their door, which was already damaged. My intention was not to crack the glass door or break in, but simply to get someone’s attention. I doubt that there’s anything about that in their police report. I understand if they don’t want to give me my deposit back, but I don’t think I should have to replace their door and they bear some responsibility for this situation.

  • C.W. says:

    The staff was rude, didn’t want to do their damn job, didn’t have a clean room, the air conditioner was so damn dirty it was fucking black and very dusty. Our feet turn black from the carpets, under the hide-a-bed wasn’t cleaned in months or maybe years, and the room was caked in thick dust. the bathroom wasn’t cleaned in a long time and I have videos. As a retired housekeeper for over 20+ years this is NOT how you fucking take care of a hotel. This place only shows you the good pictures of the other part of the hotel that is where you check-in. The pool was so fucking ice cold and when they see it’s a heated pool it actually isn’t. They do not do complementary hot food They will send you to a restaurant that is downtown for you anything with their hot food and all they do is ONLY cold foods. What kind of place are they fucking running here. And then they say they accept pets but I almost got fucking charged for my service dog when the ADA Law states they are free to access anywhere I go with no questions asked. This place is a fucking JOKE!!! I rather stay at best western than here!

  • April Lewis says:


  • Jazzmine Nelson says:

    Horrible on giving or answering questions on my refund yet they were quick on taking my money off my card that I NEVER agreed to do . Most for an example motel 6 gives an option on cash or card holding spot on room . And gets back when room is FULLY EXPECTED !! Same day . No one even cares enough to even help nor explain ANYTHING .
    to me

  • Jazzmine Nelson says:

    Only issue I’m having is on my” security deposit”… I’ve yet to receive !! It’s crazy that y’all take it out on my card but never not 1 time asked if I wanted to pay cash or card like motel 6 do and did in my visit ! Only reason I chose this place was because of the cleanses.

  • Thomas says:

    Stayed in Solvang 3 nights
    Night #3
    I was over charged $318 on my bank card
    Made 3 attempts to contact the manager to discuss returning my money
    Thomas Diskin

  • Dantasia says:

    I want a refund !!!

  • Dantasia says:

    The hotel room was so nasty we had to switch from the first room because it was poop in the toilet and hair in the bed. The next room was just as worst it was a big blood stain on the sheet, dirty stains on the toilet seat, and there were dead bugs in the room.

  • George says:

    I am at a Americas best value inn property, the manager on duty changed the pet fee , even though it’s posted $10 per pet per day to $15 per pet per day. The room apron check in has dirty solid underwear in a bag on the bed.

  • Edward Reis says:

    I stayed at America best hotel at 5240 San Bernardo Ave
    Laredo, Texas 78041. On Monday June 13th 2022. From reading the other comments other gust wrote i feel like i am about to wast my time but i will feel a lot better if i express my disappointment.
    We were given room 145. The bed looked like someone slept in it. The Air condition unit had mold all over it. The walls were dirty and the microwave had dried food all over it. Few towels. All Trash cans outside the room was full until overflowing. We called the front desk and they moved us over to room 146 that was also not cleaned but a little better. I must advise you all that I will never recommend America’s best value inn to anyone. It is the perfect example of a ghetto hotel.

  • Marie says:

    Americans Best Value Inn & Suites in Jackson Michigan. Things getting stolen from our room every time we go out, General manager acts like she’s better than every one else with a huge attitude & more worried about telling them she’s traveled the world and and coming up with anything fake she can to blame on the customer instead of taking care of issues like theft, fights noise, and drunks. Can’t sleep or hear the tv because of noise everyday and night, cops are here almost everyday because of fights, lots of drinking and drugs. This place use to be nice but its the worst in Jackson now. My father-in-law use to work here and it was a great place to stay. I’m ashamed to see what it’s become and how people are being treated here. Definitely needs new management, workers and remodeling at this point.

  • Andrea Mercer says:

    Nasty and not even trying to check on situation… Pics to prove it.Overheated, tired, dirty, just wanted to clean up, rest for work the next day. Unlock the door to be nearly taken down with that smell…at first I thought it was dog crap, then I opened the fridge at sour nasty smell caused me to Gag.Called front desk, sending someone to clean. I told him I would do it I needed supplies. He said some one would be down to clean shortly. 2 hours later, a whole bottle of body spray, and personal cleaning stuff, it still was bad. I called again and again was told they were coming…930 p.m. I go to was Walmart, 10 pm. In room. Unloaded my stuff fixed a t.v. dinner, pulled fridge out AND OMG PICS TO SHOW WHAT THAT CONSISTED OF OR HOW LONG IT HAD BEEN THERE!! Called again, and once again was told someone was coming. Never showed. I can’t sleeyfor the smell, barely ate. Thought someone was coming so left it pulled out, having to cross over bed to get to everything together, and for 2nd time that day, packed up and stopped at front desk. The lady was nice enough, offered to move me to another room. I didn’t have unpacking in me again. I DO MAN’S WORK, and I ended up missing work paid over 70 for a room I didn’t say in 8 hrs. A note left for manager, this was Wed, May11th…THEY HAVE YET TO CALL….I CAlled up there the next afternoon to be told she saw the note, had left and was going to contact me when she got back. STILL WAITING. NOT PRO FESSIONAL AT ALL .. IM sick of rude ass people that hold positions act like they know what happened and don’t contact to get the customers side. I’ve seen people just sit back n take it, spending hard earned money on another place, because they just didn’t want to bother with someone telling me s line of crap. I WANT A FULL REFUND AND OPTIONS TO STAY AHAIN AT ANOTHER LOCATION. THERE IS NO EAY ANYONE CLOUD HAVE IPENED THAT DOOR TO 117 AND NOT SMELL THAT SMELL….I WILL BE WAITING ON INFORMATION AND HEARING FROM YOU SOON. I HAVE TALKED TO ATTRY AND TRIED TO GET UO WITH MANAGEMENT. NO LUVK. THANKS FOR THE TOME. Nd for full refund out back on card that was used.

  • Gregory Yahm says:

    I would like someone from your office to contact me about the real bad experience my wife and I had at one of your inns on Fort Collins the past 4 days.

  • Frank J Payne USC says:

    Checked in 24th March and Checked out 25th March

    Roaches in the room, Burn makes on the comforter, Broke mirror, and Dried old stains on the comforter. Very Very dirty. Front desk personal was very rude and acted as I was a inconvenience. Costumer Service is the worst. Can’t believe I have to jump through hoops just to get anyone on the phone. Check and balances and holding accountable.

  • Kathryn Scherette says:

    I would like to take the time to express how the America best value on blue ridge in kc mo is making there own laws they will not except a service animal at there hotel there dirty they do not offer u anything no ref. No dresser no place to hang clothes u pretty much get a bed and tv and roaches and dirty bathroom

  • Sheila Hartley says:

    The worst service ever made reservations go to check in I updated my driver’s license so I had my regular drivers license and my paper driver’s license saying it was no good according to their corporate they don’t take that within the state of Texas is the law provided to me by the Texas Department of Public Safety the lady at the front desk so rude denied me reservations that I made a week in advance screamed and yelled at me and threatened me and when I went back in to find out what they charge my card I was told that I would no longer be able to rent a room with them in the future.

  • Toni says:

    I stayed at one of these hotels in Jonesville mi ! They guy over charged me and then the room wasn’t clean found a drug pipe took that and the others we found to the front he wouldn’t do anything at all about it treated me and my friend like crap refused to give me a receipt and then charged me again 4 days later trying to say we took the iron when we sure as crap didnt and hangs up whenever I try and get anything solved I have kids and a signal mom with covid going around my room was not cleaned right and to over charge not like I have a crap load of money as is !!! This is crazy and I need them to stop taking money they have over drew my account twice with had cost me another 50$ this is not ok !! Something needs to be done !!

  • leodisrandle5 says:

    this hotel is not good at all in little rock arkansas they are all about money and b.s services dont pay here some kind of way you will violated its your choice dont say you wasnt told

  • Bradley J Breault says:

    Drove here from Michigan for a funeral checked in with my party of 3 this evening was charged $100 for a room where the TV didn’t work called down to the front desk they did nothing to fix it. One of the lamps doesn’t work is broken. Refuse to give me an extra bag of coffee. No Bible in the room. The late that doesn’t work has a missing light bulb and is shoved in the corner with a broken power switch. Should be removed from the room or repaired. Found hairs on the beds and in the shower that we’re not ours. Also requested an extra ashtray for the smoking room cuz we had only one ashtray for two smokers and were denied. Front desk employees did not have very well trained customer service experience. When we spoke to them about some of our requests they seem to be confused and unhelpful. When we requested a towel for the third person checked in with us to our room we were given the towel but not very pleasantly. Almost seemed like the front desk staff was unhappy to do their job and give good customer service. I normally wouldn’t bring up these issues but my brother who also drove here from Michigan paid good money for our family to have two rooms in your hotel that were unsatisfactory.

  • Cathie boydstun says:

    Yes we recently stayed at a America’s Best Value Inn in Hurst Texas off of 183 and Highway 10 I was there 2 hours fell asleep my niece remedy room I was there with her I fell asleep woke up my car was being towed went to the office the gentleman in the office said yes he called the tow truck because my name was not on the register but I was a guest with someone that was my question to you is if you’re not on the register with that room your car will be towed the gentleman office said no guests no one else but the person who lives in that room rented the room stays there and he called the police to make sure that we was going to be escorted out so I spent right at $100 for the room got to stay 2 hours cost me $350 to get my car out of impound the beware if you stay in hers at America’s Best Value Inn because they will tow your car if you’re not on the register if you’re visiting somebody you better not cuz he will tow your vehicle the Beware of the Americas Best Value Inn in Hurst Texas

    • Kathryn Scherette says:

      They are all like that I have a service animal they will not allow him they only have tv bed dirty bathroom trap house

  • Miranda Ditullio says:

    The hotel In anchorage Alaska needs to be shut down immediately it is a illegal trap house an they break in to Geust rooms an get high an live while guests are gone bull shit

  • Miranda Ditullio says:

    This hotel is a scam an a bunch of addicts run it an work hear an they broke in to my room to use there drugs an have a place to use for free an this all took place when I got my housing an I was in the middle of still moveing out my room not only did the hotel employees break the n to my room the lived there in my room they will not return my security deposit of five hundred dollars there where a lot of needles found an mine you I have six kids an I called the police turned in the id s I found an police took pictures verified my room was broke in to an the reason the hot l will not give me back my deposit is becouse they say it is my fault my room was broke in to I tried nemerous times to get my money back but hotel guests told me they smoked it up that is why they will not return my deposit they don’t have cash in till but they are ran an owned by meth heads the hotel guest told me it was the employees that broke in my room I bealive it I saw crack heads in an out of a employee room there I just want my deposit back becouse not only will I make this post but I will take this to court as well as media this hotel should not be on business it is simply a 24 hour trap house people get free rooms in exchange for drugs I will not stop till I get my money back an maybe not till they are shut down this place should be shut down

    • Kathryn Scherette says:

      That’s the way the Americas best value on blue ridge is trap houses with fowl mouth employees that make there own rules

  • The guest that will make changes to this shit hole says:

    Service here was horrible house keeping went into my room without permission stole my bracelet and ring and accused me of smoking in my room when I was out there for business purpose never gave a warning when I called to speak to the manager who name is Ben and needs to be fired as of the day he got hired he wasn’t trying to help me at all when asked for his name he refused to give it to me nvr gave me a warning for any smell allegedly coming from my room was told an police officer smelled it as well which is odd because it’s illegal in the state of North Dakota wouldn’t he have knocked as well ….. nope let Ben tell it they called and gave me a verbal warning which by the way never even happened I checked out the room and was charged $468 which the manager claims he only charged my card $100 I asked him to email me the receipt he has on file of the charges he hung up in my face mind u I paid for the room with cash and used my debit card for the $25 deposit on top of all this I wasn’t charged the charges till 2 days after I was already checked out the room they need to shut the whole AMERICA BEST INN FRANCHISE DOWN if they can’t hire a better staffing personnel I would nvr stay here again and will do everything in my power to get the AMERICAS BEST INN IN BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA SHUT DOWN the hotel and staff is completely unacceptable

  • Erica says:

    Terrible Room… after I checked in and went through the room the room was not cleaned at all still had dirty sheets on the bed and also dirty blankets the bathroom was never touched had hair from previous guest all in the shower the floor had piss on it the carpet by the sink I was dirty just filthy the rooms never been vacuumed I paid for two nights I believe and I contacted the overnight auditor manager to let them know that the room was not cleaned and the TV was also had a lines going through it I did let him know that I could not I didn’t want to stay here he said he couldn’t change my room to try to adjust the TV so I couldn’t watch TV I didn’t get any sleep the nights I was here and so I didn’t go to the front desk the next day thinking I was going to speak to a manager and it was just another worker who did change the room for me that morning but I was not offered any type of refund or credit for my stay on 1124 1125 and 1126 of 2021

  • Mary A. Craddock says:

    I checked into the Americas Best Value Inn and Suites, located at 2050 Philpott Road, South Boston Virginia 24592 on November 23, 2021 and the room wasn’t fit for an animal. I videotaped the room and I can provide you this footage at your request.

  • Cindi Marzolf says:

    We stayed at Americas Best Value Inn – Wildersville, TN, the room was ok but the mattress was horrible. My husband could not sleep! What a waste of money. We stop on trip from Westfield, NY to Tomball, TX which we do a few times a year. The bed was king size, we even tried to see horizontal. We said something in morning to front desk and they seemed not to care.

  • Kenneth Wes moody says:

    I stayed. At porter inn yall advertise. Service dogs are allowed but they refused mine and would mot giveoney back

  • David Campbell says:

    The motel in Carson City Nevada is messed up. Carpets are real dirty. Rooms smell. Toilet rocked when you sat on it. Coffee pack left in machine from previous people. If this place is representing you. You are loosing profit. It’s bad business to charge 100 deposit for pets on such a dump room. Will never stay here again.

  • Daniel Monsma says:

    Hello I’m staying at a America’s best value inn in Fort Collins Colorado. I was told by the manager if I didn’t like the way the staff knock on my door while I’m sleeping I could check out of the room. This was her solution to the problem. I work nights I sleep during the day. I’m not making a large request. If they need to clean my room do it in the afternoon. So I can get the rest . I pay by the week. I get a room so I don’t have to drive home everyday. Please have someone talk to this establishment.

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