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American Signature Furniture

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Richard Gaskey

General Manager

Jason Sharb

Director, Store Finance

Todd Deutsch

Director, DC Inventory Systems

About American Signature Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

American signature company manufactures and sells furniture. The headquarter of the company is situated in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded by Jerome Schottenstein. He first opened an apparel store in 1900s. Later he slowly began to shift to selling furniture in his stores. After second world war the company had a great boom when the demand for furniture increased.

In 1948 after his sons take over, the company prospered greatly. He bought factories manufacturing furniture.

The brand name American Signature was formed in 1995. In 2002, American Signature Inc was formed after which it completely separated from Schottenstein Stores corporation. Today American Signature Inc is the parent company of Value city furniture and also owner of the brand American Signature.

There are over 120 stores operating under the group across 19 states. More stores operate in the eastern part of the country. On the whole the company owns 5 distribution centres.

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  • Diane says:

    waited for months for couch, now that we have it and have had it a few months something is wrong with it. The tech they sent out here was awful and it is still not fixed. Wishing we never bought it.

  • Falisha says:

    Only word I can spell out it scammers! Their mattress protectors do not work! I called to make a claim and miss Nancy from their call center said there’s nothing can do but put baking soda on the spill and try to rub it out!!??? I’ll be for sure going to small claims court. I can’t be the only one. Their so called protective cover did not protect the mattress, I bought it maybe 3 or 4 months ago and now I’ve got a ruined 4k mattress and all they say is try to wash it out when I purchased this item to PROTECT my Mattress and it didn’t. I am at loss of words. Tried calling corporate and got hung up on before I could even speak. Hopefully someone high up reads this and can contact Me. I’ll be sure to never invest in something from them again. That’s alot of money just waisted. Warranty means nothing. More like lets take your money with empty promises and false advertising. Such a shame.

  • Cheryl Williams says:

    I was skeptical about doing business with ASF after reading all the negative comments. I bought some tables from them that came to over $1000. As a thank you I was sent a coupon for $100 off if you spent over $1000. The tables are not in yet so I asked my husband to go to the store and ask them to apply my coupon. They said since I bought during a store sale the coupon could not be applied. After I read the fine print it said it was combinable with online or in store discounts. I called the corporate office and spoke to a delightful lady that did some research and emailed me to let me know that she was able to apply my coupon so I could receive my $100 discount. I’m pleased with my experience so far. Now if only my tables will arrive on time. 😊

  • D Rivers says:

    I waited more than 6 months for the Moto 2-Piece Power Extension Sofa to become available. I had a delivery service pick up and deliver the sofa to me in February 2022, because I live outside the delivery area (3 hours). At the end of March 2022, the sofa malfunctioned. A repair service was sent, and it was my understanding that parts were to be ordered and installed later. When this did not occur some months later, I contacted the store where it was purchased. I was told that a new sofa would be delivered the following week. I again advised the store that I live more than 3 hours away but was told that this did not matter. When this did not happen, I called the store who referred me to Corporate. Corporate stated, per the warranty, I would have to bring the sofa back to the store for the exchange. I advised them that this would mean that this would require a delivery service and would place the cost of the sofa to me more than double. ASF only accommodation was to send out the same repair service that left me hanging. There was no mention of extending me a credit to secure a repair service or shipping. The sofa was available through ASF. At first, I believed that this was because ASF held the exclusivity. But now, given my experience, I have rather gather the opinion that the other furniture stores did not offer the item because they knew the flaw in the product. Possibly because other stores tested the item. Please let your CEO/Owner know that ASF has reinforced the common man opinion of it being the “underdog story”. Your attitude toward customer satisfaction, as well as your product quality, solidifies this for me.

  • Mr & Mrs Gates 678 327 9188 says:

    Your warranty company is filled yield with bullshit. They have given me the runner round For the last 4 or 5 months it is crazy mss my situation wasn’t resolved until I met Paul at store 413 on yesterday. It only took him 5 minutes to do what I have been trying to get done through your warranty company for the last 4,5 to 6 months. Can somebody please call me back I am very dissatisfied with American Signature Furniture. 678-345-0287.Mr. Gates & Mrs Abrams

    • Falisha says:

      Your not the only one! They ripped me off too. Now I’ve got a large luxury item that their product didn’t protect that we just bought that’s now garbage. They are scamming people with false advertising and taking people’s hard earned money. I’m looking into taking them and badcock furniture to court for their scams.

  • Diane H says:

    Looking at all the dissatisfied comments above…I am greatly concerned. Bought a dresser; picked it up completely boxed up and did not open it to “inspect it before leaving the property”. It was boxed so well that it would have been impossible to rebox. To add, it started raining once we left and had a 20 minute ride to get to my house.
    When I did open it, I did not notice right away the damage to the back of the dresser. It is obvious that the dresser was NEVER inspected by someone to ensure it was ready to be boxed up for a customer. I took a couple of pictures and emailed them to the store. Spoke with the Assistant Manager who stated “because you picked it up, you can return it and we can either deliver you another one for $189 or you can come pick up the new one yourself again”. I stated emphatically, “I am a 70 year old woman and will NOT be bringing the dresser back to the store. Now they tell me that the “replacement” won’t arrive until August 25??? I will not be as patient as some of you, as we needed the dresser 3 months ago!! And I will contact their Corporate office very soon.

    • Falisha says:

      Hey! Did you ever get anywhere with corporate? I’ve been treated nasty by these people. They are the bad ones and treat customers like it’s our fault they sale and advertise false poorly made items. I’ve got a lawyer looking into it as we speak! I am just disgusted how poorly they are treating people who keep them in business. I don’t know how their even in business with how many people they’ve treated so poorly.

  • Desiree & Stephon Anderson says:

    On May 3rd, 2022, My husband and I purchased a king size adjustable bed(top of the line) with a delivery date of May 13th. The adjustable base was delivered non functional because the wires had been cut. A new adjustable based was scheduled to be delivered the following week on 5/20/22 because Friday’s is my day off. Delivery postponed again until 5/27/22. I spoke to Armando in customer care he was able to get me $100 off the purchase price which is nothing to me for our inconvenience. We don’t have what we paid your store for. It seems to me that you all don’t care about your customers. Your delivery process is extremely broken or a defective product would not have been delivered to us. I want a reasonable compensation for our wait $100 doesn’t make me feel better.

  • Karlz says:

    Ordered custom sectional on Oct. 30, 2021. Yaay I received an email stating that my sectional would be delivered April 19, 2022.(By the way this is the 3rd time I was told it would be delivered and the delivery cancelled)..Well no one showed nor called to let me know they were not coming. I called to check the order and was told it is special order and not ready yet. I requested to cancel since it has been over 5 months and the receipt states it would be delivered to the store within 120 days. When requesting to cancel I was told it would be a 20% restocking fee. What are they restocking? According to them it hasnt been made yet. I called the corporate office number and it rings and rings and rings.

    • Kristie says:

      I ordered an expensive lift desk november 2021. Given a March 2022 date. Then it was pushed out to July 15th 2022. I called Value city today and they American signature is pushing again now to September?? A 10 month backorder for a desk i paid cash for…WTH is going on. If it takes a year to make a desk..you should be going out of business!

  • Mark Couey says:

    We purchased furniture in February, we had 3 pieces delivered (mind you we had asked for the furniture to stay packed in the box since we are moving), it came un-boxed! The fourth piece was to be picked up at the Kennesaw, GA store on March 2nd, per our purchase agreement. We received a call on March 1st reminding us to pick it up. Drove to Kennesaw on 3/2, and the man in pick up searched everywhere for it!! He came to the loading dock and told us the computer said it would not be available until 3/3. He said someone would notify us. OK, no problem. Well no one called us until 3/6, and threatened us that if we did not pick up our furniture within 24 hours it would go back to the warehouse and it would cost us a 50% restocking fee to pick it up. When we calmed down, we called the Kennesaw store to verify that our Dresser was there before driving all that way again for pick up. Heather the Manager was very helpful, she told us that our furniture would not be charged a fee, but then told us we should have been notified it was there to begin with, AND most importantly, our furniture was not even at that store!! It was at the Camp Creek store. She gave us the nbr., we called them, and the girl told us that our dresser was there and yes we had to pick it up, but sorry no one could help us until Monday 3/7! You have terrible Customer Service! We had no idea where our furniture was, no notification, NOTHING! And threatened if we didn’t pick it up! We deserve an explanation! Period!

  • Robin camus says:

    I keep calling your corporate office and the number does not work. Please contact me asap

  • Kelly says:

    Since November 17, 2021,to now, All together, I bought about $30,000 furnitures from Orlando stores, at begging, I purchased about $18,000 for the living room and dining rooms last November. But after the furnitures delivered, I found many damage problems, face to those delivery guys, I took some pictures of those problems.They told me: “Don’t worry, I will report to the company, and they will send somebody come over to fix it.”Then I waited. A few weeks later, still don’t see anybody come. Then I made a few time calls to tell the stores the existing problems. The service lady promised me they will send somebody over. I believed. After I changed all the room floor into engineering wood, I need buy more furnitures, that is one month later, before the Christmas day of 2021, I rode back to show the store staffs the pictures I took and asked them to deal with the problems by the way I purchased more furnitures for dining room and bedrooms.They promised me, and told me they will send a guy come over January 5th, in the same time, they will deliver the bedroom furnitures I purchased that day. Then I were happy to waiting. January 5th, the bedroom furnitures delivered, the delivery guys found out the bolts and nuts are too short to connect the headboards with the frames, all 4 bedrooms are the same. Then the delivery guy called the company reported the problems and told me the company will send somebody come to fix it. I believed one more time. I could not remember exactly which day there is an old guy come to knock our door, he said his boss send him come to connect those beds. And he showed me what he brought in his hands, many long screws. When I saw those long screws, I broke into laughing. And then I showed him all the existing problems and showed him what kind of bolts and nuts should be. He knows it is funny things. His boss told him wrong thing and he brought wrong tools. He couldn’t do anything about it but took some pictures and then he left. Before he left, he said he will tell his boss about the problems and come back. Then I believed one more time. I am waiting peacefully and expecting the old guy come back again. But until today, about 15:00, February 8th, we did not see anybody come, then I decided to ride back to the stores to tell them one more time by the way shopping something still in need. Then I did it. But after I talked with the staff at the service office, they told me some problems they couldn’t fix it. I felt so upset about it and arguing with the girl and asked her why. A black guy at another window suddenly yawning to me: “ Man, you bought everything in clearance, we would not solve those problems”. the black guy didn’t know the details, he should not have said that with asking. I tried to explain the details to him, and he didn’t want to listen and asked me go out of the store, I felt insulted. Yes, I speak loudly, that is my natural voice, I couldn’t help this. Also I have a sense of being fooled and insulted, I speak loudly to tell them all the truths and factors, but the black guy didn’t want to listen at all, he pointed outside, shout at me: “Please get out of the store”! I felt so bad at that moment, I stood there, I did not want to leave. Because I shopped with a saleswoman I still need pay those things I found. I asked my husband pay those things I found and then we will leave. But the black guy started to call policemen, when he did that, I felt more insulted. Then I told him, I will wait for the policemen come to deal with the arguments. In that period of waiting, I still ask my husband to pay those things, but the staffs are all afraid of that black guy, they did not do it. More than half hour, two black policemen come, I explained everything just happened to the policemen, and asked police: “ Did I do anything wrong? Am I criminal?” Police answered me: “No, you are not. I looked those pictures you showed me, I know what you are feeling, If it’s me, I would not be happy too. But, since the store called us, want you leave, then we have to ask you leave”.
    I did not know who is that black guy until the policemen told me his name is Joesph Anderson. I also do not know what position he acted in this store. Because he didn’t announce to me who he is. The manager or the boss? I just felt so sad American Signature Furniture has this kind of staff and I shopped so many things in that store. If I knew there is guy like this, I would not go there to shop.

    I hope I can get an chance to talk with the CEO of this company and give me a fair treatment.
    If the company ignore to deal with it, I will put the whole story online and let people judge it. Also I hope we can return those furnitures with damages.

    About those furnitures I bought from clearance center, when I saw it, without these problems at all. I want to put those pictures on, then people can know what kind of problems actually are. Then I don’t need to describe it with weak language.
    Why I have to buy things in clearance center? Because when I ordered something, they told we have to wait a few months just can get it. I ordered a bed with a nightstand together at first day (in November 17, 2021), I only get the bed delivered, the night stand still not come. The new house is empty, We need furnitures to use right way, we couldn’t wait 4 months to half year to get the furniture.

    A customer from Orlando area.

    Kelly Liu

    • Nana says:

      Im having similar problems with this company as well. I received a mattress with roaches and food attached to it. I will be writing the corporate office with my issues. Not sure it will help. But I will never shop with them again!
      Also, Im insulted that you had so mention he’s a “black man.” You could have said, a man I was dealing with in the office. Thank you.

  • Kelly says:

    A good company should not follow “political correct” to hire employees, should hire employees with their qualities and morals. If all the companies follow extreme leftist “political correct” value to hire employees, sooner or later, United States will turn into Venezuela. In this country, who are those people robbed the UPS train parked at Los-Angeles? Who were those people robbed shopping mails in Baltimore and other leftist controlled cities? Who were those people ruined the historical statues? Who were those people destroyed the government buildings and police stations in Minnesota? Who were those people don’t want to work but always live with government food stamps and other government welfares? Who were those people paid most of the taxes to support food stamps and welfares?
    The last question answer is: working hard middle class people are the main taxpayers of this country. My husband and me are two of those working hard good educated middle class people. So we have the rights to say something. It is enough! With those low quality employees, with bad services, We could not bear it any more. I am not a stupid person to follow those stupid concepts and thoughts, I never care about “political correct”, who defined “political correct”? I only care about who is good who is evil, who is high who is low. Political events are everybody’s events, could not be defined by one person, or a few group of evil people, should be defined by most of the taxpayers——working hard middle class people.
    So I hope your company can get rid of those employees with low morals and gross behaviors and give us——the customers a good services.

  • Kelly says:

    Since the company hire those low quality people to manage the stores, I feel so sorry and sad for the owner of this company. I just read some comments from other people, so many people complain about the bad service.
    Honestly, I am the person very easy going and considerate. Those small problems, for example, painting damage, surface scratches, I can tolerate, and I bought a set of stuff to make up for it. But missing adapters for a recliner, leather torn more than one inch, the solid wood frame damage, the bolts and nuts for connecting headboards with frames are useless…… these kind of problems have to fixed by the seller.
    I know this country faces a lot of social problems, it is not easy to hire high quality people, but a good company knows how to remove those bad people. If not, the bad reputation can easily ruined a big company.
    Before I bought those furnitures, if I have read these comments here on this website, I wouldn’t have gone to American Signature Furniture stores.
    Unfortunately, I did not see these comments here.

  • Courtenay McClain says:

    This is the worst customer service I have ever received!!! First I purchased the bed to be delivered on November 10th. I was told the day before the bed couldn’t be delivered and I had to reschedule. I started a new job and explained I could not take another day off. The manager didn’t want to offer me another delivery day except for Friday. When I spoke to a representative, she said I could have an evening delivery but the manager said that wasn’t possible. Then I asked to have the bed delivered on Saturday. He scheduled it for Saturday and when I was due to receive my delivery window, I got a call from the same manager telling me the bed couldn’t fit on the truck and I had to reschedule! I was livid! So I rescheduled for November 17th, missing another day of work which I am not getting paid for. The bed arrives but the wrong bed rails were placed with the bed and I was told that the store has to call me tomorrow to tell me when they will bring the bed rails out and put the bed together! I’m sending the bed back and I want a full refund. This is ridiculous! Not only was my time wasted but the delivery drivers had to wait while no manager would come to the phone to even talk to me. I will never order anything again!!

  • Chris long says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS “company” and I use the term loosely… they DO NOT stand behind their product.

  • Chris long says:

    I got I touch with a VERY Friendly woman at corporate office and she was more than willing to resolve our issue. Don’t let one store ruin your opinion of this company. I’ll buy again just from another location. Thank you American Signature for resolving my issue.
    Chris Long

  • Chris long says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER…Hello. We purchased a sectional from your Duluth Ga. store a little over a year ago. Paid cash. And have the extended warranty. One of the recliners had broke and we got it replaced through the store. Now the exact same recliner is broke again. It sags to one side. I contacted the Duluth store and spoke with Gwen a manager and she said I had to contact warranty services. I did through the app and accidentally said it happened 30 days because I was unsure of exact date and they will not cover it. Saying it’s been over 30 days. I tried contacting the store again But no answer. ( caller ID I assume). Every time I call the phone rings and rings. Sometimes it just hangs up on me. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL…. I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to get recliner fixed due to it being the exact same one as before. I’m willing to work out something with you obviously because no one else sells this brand. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Have a Good Day.
    Chris long
    38 Blanc Ct
    Braselton Ga. 30517
    (706) 921-4982

  • Shan Lucas says:

    Here at Lithonia, GA location and received Absolutely the Worst Customer Service Ever from Michelle and Alana not being acknowledged is one but second time around even worst, if I really didn’t want to purchase furniture from here I would have went elsewhere

  • Tawana Sealy says:

    To the headquarters of American Signature Furniture.
    Phone number: 1 844 420-0067

    My name is Tawana Sealy, I am writing as a very very dissatisfied customer/consumer. I am without my fully purchased furniture items that was bought at your company American Signature Furniture in Bear, DE to date.

    It would be almost a full year in December that I embarked on my journey to purchase new furniture for my family/home. To date I am still without my furniture. After getting the run around about several delivery dates, stocked or non stocked items of my furniture. I was given a delivery date of August 30, 2021. I was home yesterday from work anticipating the arrival of my furniture only to find out, they delivery was a No call No show!!!!

    This was the last draw for me, I called the office, I was on hold for nearly a hour and spoke with a Mr Patrick who claimed that he was a corporate member??

    He was less than sympathetic to my situation, offered no relief or resolution??? Mr Patrick also informed me yesterday that my order was placed on back order with an “ESTIMATED” delivery date of December 2021 and January 2022, a full year later???

    I informed Mr Patrick that I no longer wanted the furniture and that I would be seeking a refund. I returned to the store in Bear, DE where the purchase was made, and it only got worst from there, the associates were very argumentative, and the manger was even worst!!!

    With that being said, I am requesting the full purchase amount of $4234.87 due to poor customer service and undelivered merchandise as promised.

    In closing, I am expecting an immediate response from your office within the next three business days from receipt of this complaint, before seeking further action.

    Ms Tawana Sealy 8/31/21

  • Cindy Claar says:

    Ordered and paid for couch and love seat on May 16th 2021, delivery date was 9/2 but I had to call as you only deliver in my area on Thursdays so the new date was now 9/3 but when I called to confirm I was told a new email was sent to me, which I never received and my new delivery date is now 9/16. I feel if you pay for something in full plus the 150 delivery fee you should be compensated so how, but that never seems to come up with your customer service team! Very disappointed at this point you could have built a thousand couches by now.

  • Frank Jones 404-200-7296 says:

    My name is Frank Jones and I ordered 4 Esquire Cherry dining chairs 04-16-2021 and was given a delivery date 07-23-21 which was changed to 08-18-21 and still no chairs after I was told they would be delivered on this date. I was told to have a clear pathway and to move old furniture before delivery. I gave my old chairs away the morning of said delivery and now I don’t have seating at my table! I was told the truck broke down and they would make a special trip Monday. Before a customer I now feel shafted and lied too. This is the worst consumer experience of my life. I’m a 73 yrs old disabled vet and feel like I’ve been scammed!

  • FAITH says:


  • Florita Burrus says:

    I was told my money would be put back on my card. I had to pick up a king size bed . On Wednesday they did not send all my order. On Saturday the 14 they had the head board and 4 planks . When I call no one wanted to do the right thing . I had to pay to get that pick up .I ask would they come and get it she said. No put it in the trash.Well it’s a cost for the dump and pick up. I have been buying from you all for years . .To be treated that way it’s not my fault your warehouse ppl are not doing there job. On Wednesday my furniture came at noon I he ad to wait until 8 pm to get it put together.

  • Belinda says:

    Worst furniture buying experience ever. Been waiting 5 months for delivery and still no furniture. I also paid cash…still no furniture. They are still advertising this couch but yet can’t deliver the product. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the the FTC.

  • Tammie weiand says:

    We Purchased over $400,00 dollars of furniture on 2/28/2021 thy brought my sofa on 3/6/2021 well Wrong sofa, so thy let us keep that one intell other sofa came in got other sofa 6/10/2021. Got love seat 4/9/2021, got lamps, 2 side tables, and coffee table, we was promised sliding doors chest, 3 dates still no chest thy said it will be August sometime, we should get money off of our bill , just for the long time to get, Thank you,

  • Tee says:

    It seem every item in the store is back ordered. I waited 5 months and my order kept pushing foward for at least two months at the time. I’m so appauled with their management team in Clarksville especially the retail side of the house. Poor customer service over all.

  • Jasmine Shoemake says:

    Worst company, so unorganized and rude. Not worth the time or money dealing with this company!

  • Rachel K says:

    Worst company I have ever had to deal with. It is fraud and theft without a doubt. Will be reporting immediately.

  • Michelle says:

    Paid for items 4 months ago. Still waiting for delivery?? Tryed calling every number associated with this company. At this moment…Ive been on hold for 27 minutes???? NEVER EVER WILL I BUY FROM AMERICAN SIGNITURE AGAIN!! Ive waited 4 months thus far! The delivery date has changed several times. And I have to take off work for delivery…And I dont even know when to take off. WORST EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD WITH A COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jakin pablo says:

    American signature
    American signature headquarters phone number +1 844 42O OO67

    company manufactures and sells furniture. The headquarter of the company is situated in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded by Jerome Schottenstein. He first opened an apparel store in 1900s. Later he slowly began to shift to selling furniture in his stores. After second world war the company had a great boom when the demand for furniture increased.

  • Karen Copeland says:

    Please contact me regarding quality of care concerns. Karen Copeland 678-988-6835

    • Christian A Kaess says:

      Are you in a position to help me remove my email from the constant ads which I have tried for remove for four months now?

  • >