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Where is American Home Shield Corporate office Headquarters

American Home Shield Headquarters Address and Contact

American Home Shield
  • Address:  889 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38120, United States
  • Phone Number: 901-537-8000
  • Fax Number: 901-537-8005
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 2000 
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Tim Haynes (President)

American Home Shield Headquarters Location & Directions

American Home Shield Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Rexford Tibbens

President & CEO

Mr. Brian K. Turcotte

Chief Financial Officer

About American Home Shield, History and Headquarters Information

American Home Shield administers home service contracts. In simple words, they write home warranty.  It was founded in 1971. Later, the company was acquired by Service Master in 1989. The service Master is into the business of providing residential and commercial services. The headquarters of the company is located in Memphis, Tennessee. There are around 1600 employees working with the company.

They offer repair and replacement of important appliances and systems that breaks down with time. They provide both repairing and replacing services.

Today the company serves more than 1.7 million customers. They provide online options for payment of warranties. It neither makes home inspection nor demands maintenance record. 

The company allows the customer to select a plan. In the later stages, when the service necessity arises, the customer has to raise a request to the company to claim their replacements. The company hires local contractors to address the issues.

American Home Shield Headquarters Photos

American Home Shield Resources

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  • Mary says:

    AHS has pissed me off so bad I am taking the time to write a complaint on how they do business. I have been a faithful customer for 13 years and never missed a payment. I have been having trouble with my central air unit for the last two years. I spent several days last year in the heat of the summer without air, where it was so hot in my home that I could not even go to the basement to cool off because it was hot underground. My unit started acting up again this year. Again it is hot as hell. AHS wanted to put another bandage on the AC after the technician said it needs to be replaced. . I am still in the process of waiting for someone to call me back and let me know when I can get reimbursed for the money that I had to spend on an AC that my Insurance was supposed to cover under my contract. I am up for renewal this fall and I considering going with another company. Where is the loyalty to customer that pay diligently their money to they companies.

  • Sahil Sabharwal says:

    I want to bring to your notice that I had a leak at my house on the 17th May and a plumber was assigned property by AHS. Since then I had the restoration company break the wall and dry the leak. The plumber visited us on the 22nd May , with a comment that I will get an approval from AHS and come to fix the leak. Since then I have called AHS and the plumber daily only to hear , from AHS that plumber has to submit a request (and plumber saying I have submitted the request and no approval from AHS). Every time I call AHS I have a new rep who reads a script and promise a resolution in 24 hrs , with no call back or action.

    I am very frustrated with a leak and broken wall for a month : hopefully you can help me get the service I pay for


  • Need corporate complaint line to email me asap says:

    Need corporate complaint line to email me

  • Deb Read says:

    corrected number 804 928 3659

  • Deb Read says:

    I need help!!!! I filed a claim 3 days ago and still no contractor assigned. We have no air conditioning and it’s unbearable. whenever I call there is never any updated information on timing. Please call me 804 828 3659. Need resolution not run around.

    • CB says:

      We’ve been waiting for well over a month – after 1st contractor finally showed up and deemed our AC ‘unrepairable’ and said we’d have to get a new. AHS then decided they wanted a second opinion – though the company that said it needed replaced had worked with them many times and never had their opinion questioned. Another company was assigned – only they didn’t service our area. Yet, that didn’t lead them to help us – instead, their ‘dispatch’ looked for another company – we’re in a rural area and no other company services here. We’ve explained that.

      That was 3 weeks ago. Just got off the phone after another hour with an employee telling us to ‘patiently wait 24 hours for dispatch’ for the 8th time.

  • Fares Abourjeily says:

    Need supervisor to call me @ 7023014068

  • Peggy Hilleren says:

    I have 2 open claims at the moment & I am baffled by the lack of communication & the situation I find myself in. I have personally owned my policy for 18 years. As a realtor of 30 years I have supplied this policy for both my buyers & sellers. I have NEVER experienced such blatant unprofessionalism from the contractors AC Plus (for AC unit ) & All Out Appliances (for refrigerator) not to mention American Home Shield’s call center. As with many of the previous comments I am experiencing the same thing. My deductible was taken, tech’s came out & now they are missing in action. The AC issue has been going on since 4/28, I have Asthma & a history of a P.E., and the frig since 5/24,have insulin that has to be kept cold. With every call I have made I have been told the same thing. They need to reach out to the contractor, after another long wait they come back on the line to tell you they can’t reach them. I have told them they do not answer or return calls when I have called. Next thing I’m told is it has been sent to their Escalation Team & expedited. And I will get a call back in 30 minutes. I have been told this everyday for the last 3 weeks, when I call EVERYDAY. Today, I looked up the address for the corporate office located in TN, I called & guess what I ended right back at the call center. When I have asked to speak to a supervisor, I get the same run around we have done A,B & C & no supervisor. I have asked for confirmation that this has gone to the Escalation Team, they can’t provide me with that. I have been told I will get the $150, refunded.(which haven’t seen either) I don’t want a refund I need my appliances fixed. I am so completely disappointed in the way this has ben handled & the way this company has gone down so terribly. I can no longer buy these policies for my clients & my Brokerage company has been made aware of my experience. There are several other companies that offer the same coverage and at a much cheaper price & I have NEVER thought of moving I believe in LOYALTY, but it’s hard when you don’t receive the same.

  • Eunice Edwards says:

    If you have AHS Cancel. Very poor services. Call for service on my washer, stove and dishwasher Someone came who look to be 20 years old and weight 90 pound and tell me I need to pull out the washer. I am a 68 year old female and he is asking me to pull out a stackable washer. He open my self cleaning stove and told me I need to get spray for it . They took my $100.00 and did not repair one thing. And refuse to come back.

  • Stephanie Lewis says:

    I have called to have my AC fixed on May 23 and I still don’t have any AC and the contractor United AC to come out and repair my unit and then tried to extort money out of me and change me $540 stating that AHS doesn’t pay for anything. I then called AHS back and spoke to Elijah who was not paying attention to my complaint and wasn’t helpful. The technician Maurice than gathered his belongings and left without fixing my unit. I called back and spoke to Janna who stated there was no supervisor available and I have to wait 2 more for AHS to see if they contact the vendor. This is ridiculous and poor customer service and the number for corporate is out of order. I am going to report this to the Better Buisness Bureau. I Am dissatisfied with the service from AHs and United Heating and AC Maurice for his extortion.

  • Martin Gomes says:

    April 30,2021

    Last year August, 2020 I had service call for my 3 years old deep freezer. Customer service agent told it is under my policy & send technician with $ 100/- service charge. Later on AHS denied the service. AHS did not check properly my coverage before send technician. AHC told me they will refund/Credited $ 100 for next service call. It was fine with me.
    March, 2021 my water heater leaking. Service agent told yes it is covering and told me, they will use $ 100/- credit towards present service charge. I said ok.
    But my bank statement shows AHS charged $ 100/- 03/11/21. As I called service agent Mr. Paul Garcia & his supervisor informed me they cannot refund, because the clam was 90 days’ over.
    Customer like me always believes & depend big corporation like your basic Principal, Honesty and Trust.
    Looks line your agents are twisting the story, playing hid & sick games & cheating with customers day and night, $100/- is not big issue, but agent should do their job honestly to provide realistic suggestions /option.

  • Jan says:

    This company offers very very poor service. They readily subtract the monthly fees from your card, but when it comes to showing up, the contractors are horrible.

    I will NEVER use their service from TRIPLE ALLBRAND APPLIANCE AIR CONDITIONING 954-866-0665. They will give you an appointment for 48 hours later for an a/c service (which is in their plan description) but this company never shows up in 48 hours but rather 72 hours or later.

    They keep stalling because they overbook appts. When you reach out to AHS these pleasant ladies who come on the line are in the Philippines, you can hardly understand them, (and this is not being xenophobic in any way) they try to reschedule you from the Philippines, a now urgent appointment for another 3 days later.

    When asked to speak with a Supervisor or someone in charge, you are left to wait an hour or so at the end of which no supervisor comes on the line and you are back to square one.

    The pleasant lady now tries to redirect you to what she calls the “Excellating Dept” Everyone is pleasant and polite but useless. Requesting an email address to send correspondence is hopeless, there is none. No way to contact the company. I am canceling all four of my contracts. The mailing address I reluctantly got out of one rep was 150 Peabody Place, Suite 301 Memphis Tennessee 38120. She didn’t want to disclose an email address as she claimed that was only for internal use. The President Tim Haynes, another Renford Tibbens CEO and Brian Turcottle. However the number on line was no longer in service. There might be a serious scam going on. We have seen these kinds before.

  • Patricia A. Parker-Dumas says:

    Mr. Barry, I have been a customer for a long time. I Never had the problem that I am having now. I open a ticket on 30 March 2021 for my hot water heater. The company that you all sent wanted to charge me $800 to put in the new one. I decline his offer and call you all for a buyout instead. I am still waiting for the check for the hot water heater. They keep giving me the run around about the pay. Please help me get the MONEY THAT IS OWED TO ME. My account # 282419022 and Dispatch# 53146367. I sent the receipts by certified mail on 30 Mar 21, giving them the proof that I purchased the hot water heater. As of today, I have not received anything for the item that I purchased and paid to have installed. I asked to speak with a Supervisor but they tell me that they don’t have to number. I know that is a LIE. CAN YOU HELP ME ON YOUR END? Thanks, Patricia Parker-Dumas, 478-994-42256.I

  • Victoria Jackson says:

    I want a supervisor to call me back asap, since this company chooses to not let a call come in for help.

  • Rll says:

    No AC for 3 months, I called for a repair on May 26, 2020 after 2hrs on the phone I was finally given information on the contractor who was to contact me. Contractor called and said it would be 3 weeks before he could come to diagnose. Well time went by and when he did show he told his assistant “this would be the easiest job today!” He turned to me and said “yep you need a new unit.” Bad news is it’s going to be 3-5 weeks before the part would get to them from AHS.

    It’s been 3 months going on 4 and still without AC. Each phone call is answered by an insensitive person who can not relate or one that even cares. I’ve made approximately 6 calls lasting from 45min-2hrs with no results. The only excuse I get is because of Covid-19 manufacturing is slow. I’ve called several local heating and air conditioning companies who can get a new unit in 2 days? I will say they are quick to take your service fee and monthly payment. Maybe I should stop paying and when called I’ll tell them I can’t make my payment because of Covid-19.

  • Jeanette Johnson says:

    AHS is too difficult to contact for its customers and the companies they have contract to do the jobs. My sump pump has not been fixed and I am still waiting. This situation has been a problem which started in March 2020. Plumbing Enterprises LLc is having too many issues of getting simple answers for solving the problem which is replacing the sump pump. The problem is no one can contact AHS to receive any answers. They have called and so have I. Yet, I can check my back account and AHS has received their payment but I cannot receive services. My next move is to report this matter to the Better Business Bureau and drop AHS as well as tell everyone how poor you have been as a home warranty company. Your commercials about people having no worries is a lie.
    Ms. J. Johnson

  • Peggy Deichstetter says:

    It is amazing that on websites that AHS receives 5 stars real customers are not able to leave a review. I’m still waiting to have my A/C fixed. This saga stated on June 26, over two months ago.

  • Karen says:

    I really don’t know how AHS is still in business, the worst company, who ever the head of this company shame on him to allow things to continue be this way, I will not be renewing my contract will never ever recommend this company to anybody, there advertising is false there is nothing good about AHS.

  • Gail Keith says:

    my BIGGEST complaint is the hold time with American Shield Home Warranty. NEVER less than 1 1/2 hours and then you get someone in the Philippines where some people have a language barrier. I tried calling the corporate phone number and you are in a continuous loop. You must have the extension of the person you are trying to reach. I was promised a credit to my account July 27, 2020 and still do not have it.
    Just called again and the recording said wait time over 70 minutes! Just want to talk to someone that has authority and speaks and understands English fluently.

    I have been a long standing customer of AHS. I am beside myself at the level of incompetence your company has exhibited during my recent interaction.

    I have been off and on the phone for two weeks now, trying to get someone who can resolve my issue. The issue that your company said was “no problem”, gave us instructions on how process everything and then the fun started.

    I’m sick and tired of playing the, let’s find a person to transfer me to, place me on hold, until my phone battery runs out and I become constraint to the short cord of my charger, completely consuming my afternoon and evening until I give up for the day.

    Or, my personal favorite, connect me with a very sweet but heavily accented individual who I can understand, will repeat everything I say multiple times, place me on hold or eventually just hang up on me, so I get to re-live this hell all over again, as I have this past week.

    I could continue with the details but to save you the misery of reading the full extent of my frustrations, how about you just send this complaint to the secretary of someone with little or no authority, who probably not reach out to me, I would be floored if they did. I only say this because, we have requested a Supervisor call us back on two separate occasions and still have not heard from anyone.

    If you care at all about your business, or the customers it serves, I would love to speak to you personally. If you could respond to

  • PMK says:

    I have been a customer with AHS for 20+ years and had been satisfied with the few services rendered thus far. I’ve been having stoppage problems in my master bath on several occasions. Contractors have ran the Auger (75+feet) at least four times this year. The last AHS plumbing contractor told me and written diagnosis stated if the problem continues the camera line and Jet is recommended because there may be a break in a line/pipe.

    Water started backing up into the MB face bowl for more than a week. I decided to have the camera line ran( which I paid $350 ) on August 4, 2020. The contractor returned on the next day to run the camera in the guest bathroom. The camera did show a break and a sink in the pipe. The contractor sent me an email and called AHS with the diagnosis. When I called AHS on the 6th to find out if AHS will pay for the repairs, Customer Service told me that Authorization was processing the diagnosis and I should receive a call by the next day. Knowing this was the weekend, I knew I probably would not receive a call.

    I called AHS early Monday morning only to be told by Customer Service that the contractor did not provide the diagnosis to Authorization. I explained to her that the diagnosis was provided on the 6th and I was told that Authorization was processing the diagnosis. We went back and forth for a few minutes about the diagnosis being sent. The CS rep told me that if Auth received the diagnosis she would see it in her system, so she finally decided to call the contracting company and received the diagnosis and told me I will hear from Auth within 24 to 48 hours. Frustrated and disgusted I asked to speak to someone in Auth or her manager only to be told that I could not speak to either. I asked the CS rep to hold on and I called the Plumbing Co to verify that the diagnosis was provided, with the three of us on the line together, the Co verified that they did called on Friday and provided the diagnosis and again a few minutes ago when the CS rep called. Fast forward, I could not speak to anyone in authorization and was told by the CS rep that she will expedite the orders to Authorization and I should hear something within the infamous 24 to 48 hrs.
    I am so tired of the run around from AHS with Authorization saying they never received the diagnosis on an order.
    QUESTION: How do AHS pay the providing company and deduct the $75 service fee from my account stating, Service Completed, if Diagnosis HAVE NOT been received?

    I starting to believe AHS is no longer a RELIABLE and UP STANDING company and I will be reporting this company to the BBB.

  • Herb Ruderman says:

    On 7/24/2020 the AHS sent a service person to check a repair on my washing machine which a prior service company from AHS said a mother board was needed. It was determined that the cost of the mother board would be more that the unit is worth. Service said I would be notified within 48 hours for the swap and to date I have not heard a thing. Calling is useless as the say I have a three hour wait. Worst service I have ever experienced. I have been on phone now for 2 1/2 hours with that miserable music playing. Very disappointed.

  • Sandy.picciotto@gmail.com says:

    This company is awful. I am having major issues . They have taken out of my a account 163.00 this month. 37.99 which is part of my package deal. And that’s ok. And 125.00 for services they could not fix. So much as gone wrong I can not begin. Come Monday I am going to call an attorney, and see if I have a case.

  • Sylvia says:

    I have been a American Home Shield customer since 1997 with my present home and 1985 with my past home. The customer service is extremely poor and to schedule a service it is over two hour wait time. I scheduled a service with American Home shield on 7-16-2020 with them coming to my home on 7-20-2020 to fix a leak under my kitchen sink and do a clean out on the stoppage I had in my bathroom sinks. The plumber that was sent out would only plug the sinks and stated the stoppage need to be completed through the vent on the roof. We called another plumber out and paid over $500.00 to clear the stoppage and they did not have to clear the stoppage from the vent on the roof. This plumber did even try and Loyalty Home service would not own up to their mistake. I called customer service for a refund of my $75.00 and was on hold from 9:00A.M. to 11:45A.M. with customer service only reading from their scrip paper to read, and It was a person out of the United States. Every time you call it is a long wait time with talking to someone oversees. My contact is up soon and I will be checking into another company that will give better service.

  • Cassidy says:

    Why can customers not get in touch with you all? No lie I was on the phone on hold for over an hour in regards to a service reqeust I made on June 17th, the contractor came out and said that AHS had 2 weeks to find th part and servcie or replace my oven. No word from you all at all in regards to an update. I contacted you all last Tuesday and was placed on hold multiple times. The customer service rep indicated he was on hold trying to find out where the parts were and would call me back, he never did. I called again yesterday and was on hold for over an hour and did get a nice representative who indicated that the decision had been made to replace the oven, I indicated to her that no one has contacted me to tell me that or to set up this service. She aplogized and transferred to the purchasing department. I literally was on the phone with AHS for a total of over 3 hours including the conversation with the representative who transferred me. No one ever ANSWERED my call. I hung up and dialed the number she gave in case I was disconnected and was a gain on hold over an hour, no one ever answered my call. I called again this morning and the wait time is over an hour! This is ridiculous!!!!! Why can customers not email or have online chate with someone. Here we are without an oven for over a month!!! No one from this company cares to resolve the issue, which is what the this company is for!!! I need to be contacted ASAP by you all and a working oven installed ASAP! My agreement number is 214473742 contact me!!!!!

  • Austin Graton says:

    I have been sitting here for 1 hour and 34 minutes. The motherboard on our dishwasher is fried. We originally asked for service on 6/29. The repairman has been here 2 times and finally discovered the problem with the motherboard. AHS notified the repair company that they are authorizing a replacement. Did I just say they contacted the repair company? They did not contact us. Our contract expires on 9/20/20. We will not be renewing! If you were only on hold for 30 minutes…Congratulations. It’s not customer service it’s Corporate. Customer service can only do so much. Having worked in customer service I know they can only do so much. I would like to know what home warranty company to replace AHS come Sept. Adios AHS!

  • Lisa Bulla-white says:

    I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed with American Home Shield. I’m in disbelief as to the hold times exceeding THREE HOURS, the misinformation, lack of appreciation, and respect for a customer. I’m disabled which makes this even more devastating. To say that the process to get my washer and dryer repaired and now replaced has been beyond stressful is an understatement.

    Please give me a call ASAP or atleast provide me with a valid email address.
    Contract #271388662

    Lisa Bulla-WHite

  • Brian says:

    I’ve been with this company for about 11yrs, I am in California and I must say that I have had a very good relationship with the company it’s self, now some of the companies that they work with to do the repairs at times, like now, isn’t much to be desired! I do believe that they need to do more to clear there rolls of all the bad companies and they have a lot, and not put they’re customers through this B.S. I know darn well these bad companies has been reported to A.H.S. so why put your customers that’s been with you for many years with these just awful experiences someone needs to root out the problem! there also needs to be an online contact place.

  • DEBORAH G says:

    My name is Deborah G and I would like to file an complaint against the customer service I have received through AHS. On 05/14/2020 I had an service call for my refrigerator and due to COVID-19 which I was effected, the customer service stated that “I WILL NOT BE CHARGED THE $100.00 SERVICE FEE” for the service. The following month I received billing stating that I owe $100.00 plus $41.00 for service. I called the customer service line 4 times which waited on hold over 1hours BEFORE customer service connected. They reassured me that the $100.00 service fee would be revised BUT NEVER DID THE REVISAL HAPPENED.

    I called again today which was put on hold for another 1 hours, and the customer service rep. gave me this number 1-877-413-3281 and told me to call this number to resolve this matter, but when I called at 10:30 pst the recording stated THIS DEPARTMENT IS CLOSED FOR TODAY PLEASE CALL BACK.

    This is the worsts customer service I have experience and this is why I am sending both department this complaint because the website DO NOT HAVE A COMPLAINT LINE FOR COMPLAINTS!!!!! I WILL BE CONTACTING THE HEADQUARTER OFFICE ABOUT THIS MATTER.

    MY ACCOUNT: 272824772

    Deborah G

  • Michael Amaro and Les Young says:

    I am exhausted with American Home Shield and before contacting the local television station to discuss this problem I thought I am going to go to Corporate Headquarters. Guess what, you can’t get through to Headquarters which to me says they know damn well the product stinks so the executives hide because they don’t care. Well I am trying one more time then I am going to my local TV station. A year to get a free standing ice machine fixed is ridiculous. Multiple visits from the same company who didn’t resolve the problem and recommended a replacement, AHS ignores the advice. They have paid more then the value of the machine on parts and a year later it still doesn’t work. What really bothers me is Crystal on the Escalation team in Georgia last week promised one more visit and we will replace your machine, when I asked for her contact information she said oh we don’t have direct lines, I should have realize then I was being fed BS. Today when we spoke to Rose for 43:00 minutes she danced and danced and lied. Well Yelp, better Business Bureau, Facebook, Next door and Realty Associations we will be sending you our data and not recommending this service. Fortunately our contract expires shortly guess who will not be renewing.

  • BLC says:

    Anyone who can help,

    I have been a long standing customer of AHS, with policies on two properties. I am beside myself at the level of incompetence your company has exhibited during my recent interaction. I work in customer service based industry. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to admit I’m was apart of this organization.

    My wife and I have been off and on the phone for a week and a half now, trying to get someone who can resolve our issue. The issue that your company said was “no problem”, gave us instructions on how process everything and then the fun started.

    I’m sick and tired of playing the, let’s find a person to transfer me to, place me on hold, until my phone battery runs out and I become constraint to the short cord of my charger, completely consuming my afternoon and evening until I give up for the day.

    Or, my personal favorite, connect me with a very sweet but heavily accented individual who I can understand, will repeat everything I say multiple times, place me on hold or eventually just hang up on me, so I get to re-live this hell all over again, as I have this past week.

    I could continue with the details but to save you the misery of reading the full extent of my frustrations, how about you just send this complaint to the secretary of someone with little or no authority, who probably not reach out to me, I would be floored if they did. I only say this because, we have requested a Supervisor call us back on two separate occasions and still have not heard from anyone.

    If you care at all about your business, or the customers it serves, I would love to speak to you personally. If you could respond to this email with a contact number, that you can be reached at, that would be great.

    If not, just reply to this email showing some interest and I will provide you my personal cell phone number. You will not be placed on hold, routed to Manila and transferred around or hung up on. I will personally answer.

    Thank you for making it possible for me to reach out to you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Linda Perry says:

      I could have written this from my experience also. Beautifully said. You very accurately described doing business with American Home Shield. And, of course, blame everything on Covid.

    • Gina says:


    • Cassidy says:

      I am having the same issue! This is ridiculous. I believe the better busness bureau needs to be contacted!

    • David Eastman says:

      I can relate – this sounds exactly like my story but instead of 11/2 weeks I have been at it for 4 weeks

      David Eastman

  • Roger Baker says:

    This company has some of the worst customer service I have dealt with in a very long time. My AC went out almost 2 weeks ago. I live in the high desert of NM and the temps have been around 100 degrees. Had this company let my service company provide an AC I would have had a new one installed last week. As of this comment they have yet to receive the AC unit. I have had numerous calls, been given bad info and terrible attitude by some of the representatives. As soon as my AC unit is replaced I am canceling my service. They have offered nothing but apologies that are standard in the industry. I am beyond inconvenienced by this issue. On top of the 100 deductible I still have an out of pocket expense of 1200 dollars. On top of all this the wait times to talk to someone in any dept is horrendous.

    • Cassidy says:

      At least you are getting one, two seperate technicians indicated on two seperate occasions that I needed a new one, they would not replace only would replace a part, my power bill has been sky high for the last couple of summers. I had to purchase one myself. Now my oven has went out and they are supposed to replace that but they don’t contact me to set up the service. They only thing that is quick or reliable for this company is when you make a service request, paying them $100 dollars to do so.

  • Richard Trent says:

    Worth considering….1. .Contact the States Attorney’s Office and submit a written complaint to them. Let them investigate. 2. Contact your local news station as most have a Consumer Help Desk. Perhaps they will do an investigation and maybe AHS will be on the local news. 3. File a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau. 4. File a written complaint with your local county/municipality Consumer Affairs Office. 5. Reach out to your Govenor’s Office and ask them to assist you.

    Yes, it’s a lot of work and requires tenacity but AHS needs to be held fully accountable for their actions or lack thereof. They need to be on the “hot seat” from the Top down!

    Consider me a very dis-satisfied former customer.

    • Missy says:

      I will be taking you up on your advice!! They are ridiculous! Did you cancel your policy and what fee did they charge? If you don’t mind?

    • Cassidy says:

      Great ideas and I plan to do so!

    • John Griffin says:

      This company has no bussiness being in bussiness I have been on the phone for hours trying to get someone on the phone from Carroll Ia to Memphis Tenn I will never spend my Money with this Company ever again!!!!!!!

  • Richard Trent says:

    I have contacted the American Home Shield (AHS) Retention Department to CANCEL my contract IMMEDIATELY. Customer. I will not be recommending AHS to anyone. Very disappointed, dis-satisfied, disgusted, and frustrated. I’ve contacted my own heating & air conditioning company and plumber. The contractor you sent to my home never heard of an “Aurora” faucet. Did he just get out of plumbers school? AHS is a JOKE. Save your money. For what AHS charges, you are better off putting that money in the bank, draw interest and pay for needed services yourself. No one needs a Home Warranty Company

    Make sure you read the fine print in their contract, because they will charge you a cancellation fee! Just another way they “screw” the consumer!

  • Chris Westlake says:

    Called in a water well not working on July 2, 2020. Repairman came out on July 3rd and Contractor Relations Department told them not to do the work as it seemed expensive. Supposed to send a second repairman out. This was an expeditated call due to no water, still 5 days later and nothing is happening and no one can explain when something is going to happen. Nothing has happened as of July 7th. Still no water….. Have called at least 3 times a day trying get an answer. NOTHING…Need to talk to someone that can get this work done…. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

  • isaac says:

    I have been trying to have my dishwasher repaired for two years. Four different service providers have come to my residence on seven occasions to try to repair the device; however, the dishwasher continues to break down. AHS advised after the last time the device broke down, they would replace the device; however, have failed to do so. I was on the phone with them for 6 hours today and AHS is insisting on sending another provider out to look at the appliance.

  • Janet Ahmad says:

    American Home Shield
    A call to the plumber on June 8 was unproductive as the Immediate Response Plumbing lady was rude. I was told the new the faucet was on order and would be in and installed on Friday, June 12. I did however receive a call from IRP to make an appointment for the following week to install the faucet on Friday, June 19th. The leak continues… NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE … as the backed up toilets continue… June 30, 2020

  • John Dean says:

    The first of 100 negative postings on all social media platforms. Background: I’ve enjoyed AHS for 14 of the 17 years as a homeowner. Generally pleased with service / claim experiences. On 26 May 2020, I opened a claim for my oven. The initial response was what I normally expect from AHS and its contractors. On 2 June the claim was reopened because the issue was not resolved and required a replacement motherboard. The Contractor contacted me promptly on 3 June and said he would not come out again to re-inspect the oven – he stated he would order the part and come out when the part arrived. I also received an email generated message on 3 June confirming the part was ordered and could take up to 10 business days for arrival. I waited 8 business before calling the contractor regarding status. By the 12 business day and third call (Now 19 Jun 2020), I had no return calls from the contractor. On Monday 26 June I logged into my AHS account and learned the part was delivered to the contract on 4 June via FedEx. Again calls to contractor not returned so I focused on contacting AHS and escalating issue as this is now causing me financial and health risks during a poorly contained pandemic. During the week of 26 June 2020 I contacted AHS seven times (each time with an average wait time of 48 minutes before reaching a call center). Each time I asked to speak with a supervisor. Each time I was told they were not available and they would have to call me back since they could not share a phone due to Covid 19. As of this first of 100 negative posts, I have not been contacted by AHS or the contractor to repair my oven. I have however had to run up credit card debt buying meals for my family of five for now nearly four weeks unnecessarily singularly because of this extreme failure of service, contract fulfillment and reputational commitment by AHS. I need to be made whole and repairing this oven seems to be out of the scope that it can do so according to my policy, I need a replacement oven. This message will be posted everywhere I can, and reposted should it become deleted daily. I have also been in contact with my local new outlets regarding this scandalous business outcome.

  • monica wilson says:

    Been on hold 3 days this week for greater than 50 minutes and still no resolution. This customer service is HORRIBLE. I put in a request 15 days ago and still no A/C nor has provider responded to my calls. But let me miss a payment and AHS ready to sue

  • Laura.paladino@palmbeachschools.org says:

    American home shield Corp, I have been without a/c for close to 3 weeks ,it is 88 degrees in my house with 3 big dogs, We called your company as soon as it started getting hot, you have one company that handles a/c, they are in Miami, we are 2 hrs north. They somehow cancelled our appt.
    When we got them down here it was 6-7 days and the company South Cooling said it was the com-presser.All the the parts we’re coming from AHS, and we still do not have a date that this A/C problem will be fixed, ……

    Really close to 3 weeks , you really need to fix this.
    Laura Paladino 270232552.
    861 Magnolia dr
    Lake Park,Fl 33403

  • Betty says:

    I am very frustrated with your company. My renewal is close to renewal. But I don’t want the frustration of waiting an hour or more, having 5 yes 5 companies referred to repair my heat pump none of whom knew what to do. I’m emailing a resolution person who doesn’t read all emails from me and closes my referral. What am I supposed to do next

  • Don Scott says:

    Received an account renewal letter today. Now have been on hold 30 minutes waiting to talk with an associate. Very unaccepted service. This is one of the many reason we are cancelling our annual home warranty contract with AHS. You pay $1000 annually , then for a service call, then for uncovered repair work. all AHS fine print voids them having to cover any repair expenses. Not worth the money or headache.

  • Thomas Conklin says:

    Terrible customer service. We have been AHS customers for 20 years. Our refridgerator has been broken for a week. We are living out of ice chests and eating out. The serviceman came and said it needed a new compressor. I checked with the Appliance repair company today and even after a week AHS hasn’t approved the ordering of the compressor. I’ve called AHS 6 times today and can’t get through even after being on hold for 20 minutes each time. The customer service is terrible. I’m going to another company!

  • Vote Change says:

    Tim Haynes, are you hiding from the public? Corporate Office does not answer the phone, auto-dump calls, on hold for nearly an hour, dont return phone calls.


    I’ve been placed on hold for extended periods of time, broken commitments of call backs, and hung up on. Apparently you all have no processes nor SLAs for anything you do. I’m so frustrated and so over this company right now that I am just pissed off. And the company that I pay doesn’t care as long as I’m paying them every month. I’ll add my complaint to the BBB with everyone else. Guess I’ll call back and wait an hour and half for someone to answer only to be placed on hold or hung up on again because their system is down.

  • Jim Riggenbach says:

    Have used AHS for eight years with no significant problems. Called 5-8-20 for service on pool heater and as of today the contractor they selected has yet to set appointment and doesn’t return calls. After several attempts the contractor basically said they are busy with regular customers. Memorial Day is one week from today and no parts or service has been provided. Called AHS four times about this issue waiting on hold from 20-45 minutes each time. Requested a different contractor but they wouldnt agree. Asked to talk to someone in charge rather than a customer service rep but would not give any help. Evidently the only pool company is 45 minutes away while Peoria is twenty minutes away with numerous companies to do the job. Contractor just called and refused to come all the way to Pekin to look at the problem but think they know what parts are needed and maybe next week can look at the problem. Will fix at my own expense and not renew AHS in July when contract expires. There are numerous warranty companies out there with better reviews.

    • nonhle says:

      I have a same issues with the contractor telling us that is out of his way. I have called my own electrician but promised to be reimbursed.

  • Leanne Blyth says:

    I’ve been a customer for 6 years, my sister has been using AHS for 20 years and so far we have been pleased with the service when it comes to basic repairs. This is my first time needing a major appliance replaced on my policy and like most of the other people who have left comments, I’m finding that this company has horrible customer service.

    My furnace quit working Saturday, March 21st, a contractor was at my house Monday morning with the bad news that my furnace had a crack and needed to be replaced. AHS contacted me March 24th to let me know that a replacement furnace would be covered on my plan and they were putting the order in that day. I called the contractor March 30th to check on the status and was told they hadn’t received notification the furnace was ready. I contacted AHS who in turn contacted my contractor and gave them a pickup number, so far so good.

    Fast forward 2 days and still no notification that the furnace is ready for pickup. I call AHS again and am assured my furnace was ordered and they will contact the contractor. This scenario is repeated 2 more times that week (once via online chat). Since they outsource their call center to India, Philippines, Caribbean, etc. I am being told they have no way to connect me to a supervisor or operator in the US, each call was a minimum 45 minutes between hold time and restating the same information as there’s no way to talk to the person from the previous time I called. On April 2nd the call center escalated my claim to contractor negotiations. On April 3rd they admitted there was an error on their end and they had the wrong model number which didn’t exist so the furnace wasn’t ordered. They contacted the contractor and gave them another pick up number. The contractor has called the distribution center every day this week and still no order is on file for me (they also contacted the manufacturer and same thing, no order on file). I’ve been in contact almost daily for the past week and a half with the Furnace contractor and they’re as frustrated as I am.

    I’ve tried every avenue I can think of to contact someone at this company who has authority to resolve my issue. I’ve tried calling all 5 phone numbers I’ve found on the AHS website and all go to the call center. I sent an email and got no response. The corporate phone number I found online has been disconnected and the new one is for a different company. I clicked on the send feedback link on their website and it gives a phone number that takes you to, you guessed it, the call center! I clicked on the link for repair “still not fixed?” and it takes me to request service with another minimum service charge.

    I’m on day 19 with still no furnace due to a supposed clerical error. I’m so frustrated!

    Thankfully the temperature in my house has risen to around 60 degrees with the use of space heaters but it’s a lot of work on my part and I can only imagine what this will do to my electric bill.

    I will definitely be reconsidering my policy renewal with this company.

    • Kay says:

      I’ve found their contractors & employees to be less than stellar. I’m in a battle myself with them, I’ve cancelled my coverage. I’m saving their monthly fee in a repair account I’d rather pay myself, especially since box stores usually offer 6 months fee interest on big purchases

  • JCW says:

    Horrible money pit! Just had to set up my 6th appointment since 1/3/20 to get my very expensive refrigerator working – doesn’t cool evenly. They have sent out 4 different companies, ordered and replaced the main board, thermostat and blower fan, and it’s still not working. Now they want to send out yet another technician to confirm that it’s not working before they will talk about replacement…unbelievable. Will report them to the BBB.

    • Kay says:

      I’m with you! Money pit !! I’ve set aside a repair account at my bank I’m done paying AHS to do nothing ! 4 different contractors from them nothing done !

      • FBR says:

        I am on my 7th repair and the last tech told me that they were going to file a for a replacement and come to find out that they are ordering another part! And to top off they send you to a India rep that does not know what they are doing.. This is nuts!!!

  • Sophia Zilahy says:

    This company is absolutely the worst customer service. They charge the highest service call $100 tthey send out incompetent service people who do not do the work and the custumer service department in the Philippians no one in the US they do not do anything, they put you on hold than the line is disconnected and than just start again. I am since 48 hours on the phone try to get a resolution for my service call or get my money back and I could not get a solution. !!! This. company should be revoked their license !!!!! I tried to register on the website so I can get the. service in writing however the website registration does not recognize my policy number or my address or phonenumber. THIS COMPANY IS A FAKE JUST TO GET YOUR MONEY BUT WILL NOT DO THE. WORK WHEN YOU NEED IT!!!!! ALSO THEIR. CORPORATE OFFICE DO NOTR HAVE A WORKING PHONENUMBER IT IS ONLY DISCONNECTED NUMBER! PERHAPS IT IS. JUST A SCAM TO GET THE MONTHLY POLICY PAYMENT AND THE SERVICE CALL PAYMENT BUT THEY DO NOT REPAIR ANYTHING. JUST COLLECT THE MONEY!!!!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!REVOKE THEIR BUSINESS LISENCE!!!!!

    • Kay says:

      If you paid by credit card dispute the charge. I did my credit company found in my favor and I was given a credit for my service fee From my credit card company.

  • Syl says:

    The only reason we decided to go with AHS is because one of our retired neighbors recommended; however, at the time they had not placed a claim. We’re on a fixed income and since living in an older condo, only 1100 square feet, we decided to do it. Rates were raised in the fall at contract renewal time. We had not placed any claims. Now we want to cancel because we have all new appliances and systems. Of course, they can automatically take our monthly fee but when it comes to cancellation…a lot more difficult. No one is available in the Cancellation Department on weekends. The customer service reps from in the Philippines gave me misinformation and contradictory information about the cancellation process twice this weekend. AHS charges an administration fee to cancel however the rep failed to quote the correct amount of the fee according to what’s written in the contract. This is ridiculous. Why should I have to pay a fee to cancel when AHS cannot provide accurate information from their reps about the cancellation process! A customer non-service nightmare.

  • Sandra says:

    I thought I was the only one having issues with AHS. Just purchased home 2 months ago had to use my warranty for refrigerator. Tech company was GREAT but AHS customer services horrible. They have double charged my account. I have faxed them my bank statement as requested called to check status and everyday that I call I get the same response they have to send a form to some department. I called again today same answer but this time I called headquarters number and they are the same. First she tells me that no fax has been received to resend it. Instead I emailed it because she provided me with the email. I had her repeat it and I read it to her and she said yes that’s correct….but guess what email she provide is not correct. I got back an undelivered email. Not a happy customer at call.

  • Hope Mccall says:

    Janet — Im with you…I cant wait to cancel too! Horror stories

  • Janet L in CA says:

    I think it is about time a class action law suit to be filed against AHS for misrepresenting themselves. We pay our premiums in good faith but don’t get back what we are paying for. Everyone beware of this company don’t fall for the scam they are doing on all of us.

    I have been a customer for well over 20 years and have never had the problems I have today with them. I will no longer be a customer of theirs. I just want what I paid for nothing more and nothing less. They are so bad they won’t let you talk to any type of management and won’t return messages that you leave with the associate. You look for yourself their is no email or contact information you can get in order to get to a higher up person. Everyone I have talked to is in the Philippines and very had to understand. I am like the others they each have a different story on what is going on but no final answer then they put you on hold. All they are is lip service and they aren’t even good at that.

    • David says:

      I’ll be the first to sign up…David Lamson-Keene David@santoriniblu.com

    • Joel says:

      Count me in!

    • Dr. John says:

      I am willing to sue the pants off these bastards! We had our first year contract with an older home in a new area, and the initial work done by local service people was top notch. Then, we began to have problems with the ‘chain of command’- Having renewed for a second year, we now have 45minute-1 hour wait times at all hours of the day; no direct phone number to contact Corporate; emails are not answered, and are “ONLY” for security and privacy issues- in short, CORPORATE International crew-ups! The local service people (plumbers/electricians)are more than willing to do work for us, but it’s AHS’ inability to do the legitimate work orders, that ties up the entire process. We’re appealing to our bank for a refund/cancellation of our second year fee, after this.

  • felica clark says:

    Recently I called to request service on my refrigerator. The telephone prompted me with questions in which I responded with information needed for service. It then asked for a credit card number for the $75 service fee. The card that I gave for payment was different from the card that’s on file and used for my monthly membership payment. The called ended by giving me a confirmation number and the company who would be servicing my refrigerator.

    However, without my permission, American Home Shield used the card on file for the service payment instead of the card that I gave them. I called to correct the charge and was told that they would credit my account, and charge the card that was given.

    After one week, I noticed that the credit still had not been made, so I called again to learn that the correction had been denied. And what adds fuel to the fire is the rudeness of the customer service rep who I understood enough to know that she told me that it was my fault for putting using a different card, and when I asked to talk to someone else who could make a decision, she said that she had the final say – she was rude and talked over me. She said her name was Brecy S. – with a serious misunderstanding of excellent customer service.

    I’ve been a customer for years, but strongly considering leaving and going where I’m appreciated and where my credit card is safe!

  • janet says:

    i can not wait to cancel my policy long time customer this company it is not like use to be you just pay for everything always they come up with something, by the time you need them a lot of things are not cover good luck have to pay out of pocket customer service forget about it !!!!! No more thank you

  • Cyndy Stewart says:

    I have been scammed by this company by paying for a Warranty & they did not cone through. I have been trying to cancel my policy since Sept. – with NO success. You keep taking money out of my account – even after I have filed a stop payment with my bank. I have repeatedly ask that you refund my money & delete my bank account from your records. I have filed a FTC complaint against you.

    • Lauren says:

      Cyndy, can you share the site where you filed your complaint with the FTC ? We are so disgusted with AHS.

  • Gary says:

    I have been using American Home Shield for many years and I am very happy with their service. I have called them for both air conditioning and plumbing problems. They set me up with a service company that showed up at my house as scheduled. I paid AHS a $100 charge for service and they took care of the rest. My kitchen sink was blocked and would not drain. The plumbers ended up having to go under the house and replacing a section of drain pipe that was clogged. I am sure the final bill was way more than $100. When my AC stopped working, the AC guy showed up, replaced the capacitor in my heat pump, cleaned the whole unit, and stood by to make everything was working right. I don’t know about $70 to $80 service calls, but it has been my experience that that is what is charged just to make a house call. Then you have parts and labor. I am totally satisfied with this company and would recommend it to anyone who is not a “Do-It-Yourselfer”

  • Al says:

    This company is nothing but a giant ripoff to the community they operate in. They have a few employees that answer the phone. They start by getting you to sign up and give a credit card no. and agree to pay $100 for any service call that is made to your home. Most service calls are $70 to $80. They tell you to pay them, and they will pay the service call. This is a ripoff as they make $20 to $30 on every call you make to them. They have several small service people they call to make the “service call” they will not change any parts without first getting approval and will report to AHS They will play you along and try to get you to pay for any parts with your credit card and they will pay you. This is the next ripoff as they will never repay you. When you call they use the same technique, a) put you on hole, b) transfer you, leaving you on hold, c) transfer you again, place you on hold, And D) after 20 to 30 minutes, they hang up!
    If you call back, you go thru the same technique; hoping that you will get tired and hang up. Bottom Line you will never get satisfaction, or have your problem solved. We should all sigh a petition, telling our stories, and send the information to the at the attorney general, and demand that he investigate and prevent AHS from selling any of their products in the state of TN. Does anyone know of an attorney that can help us? I cannot personally take this Problem on, but I would be happy to help any way I can.

    • Denise says:

      That’s what I’m going through right now! I just spent 49 minutes on hold! Wish I saw all this before I ever signed up a year ago!!! Somebody should be able to do something!

  • cheryl says:

    Every time I call it is a complete nightmare. That is why you cannot ever reach corporate headquarters to complain. If you ask for a supervisor they put you on hold or hang up on you! I have been at this for three weeks this time trying to get a washer and dryer fixed. Do not buy protection from this company!!

  • Scott says:

    Our second year with AHS, and will be our last. They have no customer service at all, just want to take your money and collect their fees for every claim.
    Our refrigerator/freezer failed 2 days ago resulting in a total food loss. AHS was contacted via their claims website as well as via their toll free number to a call center located in the Philippines. It resulted in many frustrating phone calls to their call center due to lack of updates regarding locating and scheduling a repair technician to diagnose the problem. After 36 hours, I received a text from a repair company indicating I would be required to wait another week before they can come diagnose the problem. No repair or replacement time frame in sight.
    Earlier in the year, same experience regarding failed Central AC unit. We ultimately were forced to go to an outside vendor for complete replacement of the unit.
    Don’t waste your money on this Warranty company.

    • Kim says:

      I agree completely. My Kitchenaid refrigerator stopped working October 5th; today is October 17 and they have not contacted me even once. I have called too many times, every number I dial ending up at the same out of country center of very polite, but unhelpful women speaking limited English and unable to do any more than read their script, over and over. Time to cancel this ‘service’.

      • Scott says:

        Good Luck, My experiences are very much the same. Refrigerator/freezer stopped working 10/13, reported issue and service technician did not arrive as scheduled on 10/21 so they rescheduled to 10/24. Technician replaced the compressor, and said temps would take 24 hours to normalize and start making ice again.
        Now the unit operation has not improved, it cools, food won’t freeze, no ice. They won’t send the technician back out until 10/28.
        My experience with calls to customer service are much like yours. Getting an operator or response or escalating to a supervisor never happens. They have a script that does not include customer service. Calls to the corporate office in Memphis, TN are a waste of time.
        Mr Rexford Tibbens is the President & CEO of FrontDoor Companies including AHS. Let Social Media know issues with company. They try to shield themselves behind this phone system.

  • Sharon says:

    I have been an American Home Shield customer for over 5 years. Until recently I have always been very satisfied with services provided. In June I started the process to have my air conditioner repaired. It was running but not providing cool air, making a very loud noise and constantly draining water creating a consistently wet area around the unit. Two contractors have evaluated the unit and both have determined that the evaporator coil needed to be replaced. Contractor one started the process on June 25, 2019 and failed to completed the job and is no longer a contractor with American Home Shield. Contractor two started the process on August 27, 2019. I have been informed that Contractor two never sent in a diagnosis and repeated attempts have been made to obtain this information and to date it has not been received. No action has been taken to order the part or schedule repair of my unit since that date. I have called numerous times weekly and each time I am told that someone will call me back and get this scheduled and I have never received a call back. I have asked that this issue be escalated to management for resolution. On September 25, 2019 I spoke with Contract Relations and informed that they needed 48 hours to get the information from Contractor two and was assured that I would get a call back no later than September 30, 2019. I have not received a call back and I called today and was told that they could not transfer me to Contract Relations and there was no one that could speak with me. The call lasted 21 minutes and I repeated requested that I be transferred to someone in management that could assist me with resolving this problem and I was informed it wasn’t possible and that I would get a call back within 4 hours. I am contacting the corporate office seeking resolution of this problem.

  • Tracy says:

    Good Morning,

    I have enjoyed being a client of AHS for many years. This morning I called regarding my account and was told it was deactivated due to a system glitch. I was greatly surprise and confused when told that the account must be reactivated. I was told that I would have to wait 30 days before using the service. To my great dissatisfaction and unbelief, I am told that I was the root cause of this issue and nothing AHS can do to reactive my account before 30 days.

    I was on the phone this morning speaking with 3 individuals for over 1 hour and was not able to get this issue resolved.

    See that I am a loyal customer of AHS, I am requesting that my account be reactivated before the 30 days. Can this happen? Please advise.

    Thank you for all you do.

  • George Gallman says:

    This is unbelievable…So many people with problems and this company is still in business. I’ve been without my refrigerator since Aug 7th. Living out of a cooler. I’ve explained to them that I have a 7 month old infant that has milk that has to be kept cold. AHS sent out this company called Fixx My Appliance and they have been here 5 times and its still not working. I was told that they would be here again today between 1 and 5pm. When I called them at 5:18 he told me that he was 2 and 1/2 hours behind. So my entire Sat. I sat home and I’m still waiting…STILL WAITING…

  • Charlene Suttice says:

    My name is Charlene Suttice (AHS Contract # 257684592) and I’m a customer/victim of American Home Shield and I believe I have been scammed for years. It all started in 2011; my air conditioner stopped cooling. I called my warranty company (I use that term loosely) and in turn they called a company out to repair it or so I thought. The company came to my home and filled the air conditioner with Freon then left. In a matter of 40 days the air conditioner went out again and at this time I requested that something else must be wrong. The company informed me that AHS won’t allow/approve anything else but replacing Freon. I then called AHS and spoke with a representative and was told basically the same thing.

    Since 2011 we have been dealing with some sort of problems with our air conditioner. Each time AHS sent someone out, it has cost us money and the problem has yet to be fixed. I can’t believe the incompetence of this company (AHS). This entire company and its affiliates are total sham artists!!

    I have dealt with warranty companies before and nothing and I do mean nothing derives remotely close to this mess. I can’t believe AHS is allowed to conduct business or shall I say rip people off the way they do! How American Home Shield is allowed to stay in business/ripping people off is beyond my understanding!!! I’m thoroughly disappointed with the entire process.

    Now we are having to live in a hotel due to the fact the air conditioner went out in our home twice within a period of two months. The state of Texas is extremely HOT with the temperature reaching and exceeding 100 degrees.

    Less than two months ago the air conditioner stopped working. After contacting AHS, a technician was dispatched to our home. The technician notified us that the compressor was out and a part needed to be ordered. It took over two weeks for the part to arrive. During that time we were in a HOTEL! We paid the required customer amount to get the air-conditioner repaired. Fast forward two months later, the air conditioner is broken yet again. Another company was dispatched to our home and to our SURPISE the compressor is broken again. Now, we are back in a hotel and AHS is requesting we pay another FEE to get it repair yet again! At what point will someone other than the home owner be held accountable?! One would think that the compressor plus all the components would be under warranty (being that the unit is only two months old); but NO it doesn’t seem to be that way.

    Every time I speak to someone at your company, I receive different answers to the same questions. No one should have to tolerate this type of incompetence. We have decided to go with a reputable heating/air company and buy ANOTHER unit on our own due to the fact we can’t trust AHS/Affiliates. We then spoke with an AHS representative and was told that we would only be reimbursed $500 for a cash out. Mind you we have already spent a tremendous amount of money on a compressor that only worked for TWO MONTHS.

    We purchased a home warranty to be proactive in case something happens and we would be protected. We can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone at American Home Shield. I’ve asked several times to speak with a supervisor, manger, or even the manager of the Authorization Department and they will NOT transfer me to either. No one should have to go through this. I’m feeling tired and frustrated. American Home Shield really needs to be exposed for their erroneous behavior/business practice.

    From this day forward, I will communicate with ANY and EVERYONE about our experience with AMERICAN HOME SHIELD and trust me it will NOT be favorable. I am not sure if writing this letter to the corporate office will make a difference. I have to inform you that your Vision Statement is not being represented AT ALL! I will also forward this same message to the local news investigative reporter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  • Dave Malenfant says:

    AHS = American Home Shield —A Horrible Scam —


    This isn’t really news, but another (somewhat wordy) story about why you should put money in your savings account rather than towards an annual contract with this company. We live in Texas, where it’s common to have two A/C units for two story homes. Our second unit, for the upstairs where we have three bedrooms, went out on a Saturday, September 7th. A call was put into AHS for a urgent service since the unit was out. Since we have two units, it wasn’t considered an emergency by AHS, but it was 90+ degrees in rooms where we sleep. But, they did book a company, company #1. When I called the company, the dispatcher (or person who takes weekend calls) was “rude” to put it mildly. She had absolutely no desire to help us. Another call was made to AHS and company #2 was assigned. Meanwhile, thinking the lines could be frozen, we turned off the air and left it off for 12+ hours. On Sunday it came back on, but we were obviously concerned. Monday, we finally heard from company #2 and got a “technician” to come on Monday afternoon. The technician happened to be the owner of his company.

    The owner walked around with his flashlight and said the unit coolant was full. Noticed there was no filter and mentioned something like “I hope the coil isn’t dirty”. Didn’t check or offer to check. Went into the attic and saw damage to the duct work (original to the home built in 1989) and mentioned it would be about $700 and that American Home Shield didn’t cover duct work. He proceeded to tell my son how he could fix it himself by purchasing materials from Lowe’s. He returned to his truck and came out with a statement for his “visit” (where he did nothing). Didn’t replace the filter, nothing. Said “I don’t carry that stuff on me”. Essentially acted like he couldn’t be bothered – or, cared !!!! I called AHS, and complained, explained the situation again, and was assured that my policy covered the duct work if it was in need of repair. The Air conditioning unit went out again the next day (Tuesday). Called AHS, again, after no follow-up and requested a different company after our poor experience with company #2. Company #3 came Wednesday and said the machine had significant issues, was low /leaking coolant, coil issues and agreed with company #2 about the duct work needed. Instead of working on anything, company #3 handed us another piece of paper and said they had to wait for approval. I called company #3 as to why they did not fix the unit. They commented that the team that came to the house was only the “diagnosis” team and a report had to filed with AHS. Explained to them that the unit is not working. In reply, they commented that they (company#3) has 24 hours to submit the report to AHS. Called AHS again and they simply stated that they have to wait for the diagnosis from company #3 – that they have not received as yet.

    Meanwhile, as of Thursday, we still had no A/C. My wife called company #3 and they stated that the diagnosis is only sent twice a day – 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm – the report will be sent to AHS at 6:00 PM. Made multiple calls to company #3, to AHS, who continuously passed the buck blaming the other for lack of paperwork/approval. Since we had spent several nights at a hotel, we decided to call a different company not associated with AHS to get the unit back on so we could come home. He (company #4) came that evening after normal hours, he stated how he doesn’t even bother with taking calls/business related to AHS. Company #4 got the machine running by adding coolant and TURNING ON A SWITCH THAT THE PREVIOUS AHS ASSIGNED COMPANY TURNED OFF ! company #4 told us the coil/condenser was fine, and not ruined. We discussed the duct work, and agreed for the need for repairs . He told us that a professional was needed that it was not an easy job with the duct work. Paid company #4 out of pocket for the repairs he completed, assuming that we could still get the duct work done through AHS.

    Called AHS again on Friday to check on the status of the diagnostic report from company #3. Mentioned to AHS that we had an independent company come in and was able to get the unit running. AHS told me that they still had not received the diagnostic report from company #3. Called company #3 and, after being on hold for several minutes, stated that they have to call me back – never did. Called company #3 again later in the day – and they said that they would call AHS and call me back IMMEDIATELY – absolutely nothing. Called AHS again and they stated that they have up to 48 hours (Monday afternoon) to review the diagnosis and give an opinion.

    Called the following Monday (1 week since co. #1) to check on the status of the duct work order approval from company #3. AHS first stated they had not received the paperwork. Co. #3 told us that AHS was wrong, and that they would contact AHS to straighten things out. Next thing we know, AHS says that the work order is denied because of a dirty condenser. Since we had company #4 come out, we knew that was false. Further, AHS told me that the duct work repair is DENIED as well because of “manufacturer defect” for duct work. Duct work that was put in in 1989, so 30 years old! I asked for an explanation how they could say that !!AHS stated they would call me back – nothing.

    Called AHS again and requested to have the detailed diagnosis report sent to me and they stated that they will have company #4 (or them – not sure at this point who is doing well) email the report. IT IS NOW THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH and HAVE RECEIVED NO CALLS, FOLLOW-UP OR ANYTHING.

    At this point, it is abundantly clear to me (and us) that AHS was playing the game of “say whatever we need to deny the claim, but keep their annual premium”. I requested an escalation of my call since it was clear that limits needed to be set with someone who had authority, and I was told that they were “too busy”. I told them that if they were too busy to deal with a loyal customer that I would cancel my contract with them, and take my complaints to social media. I got put on hold again. Then we were notified that they were sending another company for an opinion. My family talked with company #5 who scheduled a visit and stated they did not handle duct work. Unsure of what the company was actually coming to the house to do, we agreed to the visit. 5th company came (two guys) who went up into the attic for less than a minute, looked at the thermostat, ran outside, and came back in and said the machine was fine and the duct work was fine. They stated that they had been sent for a “second opinion” but that it was not specified to them what the opinion was even on. We tried to explain to them our series of technicians (now 3/4) who disagreed. He seemed to listen for some time and then said “Ok, my partner is in the truck on the phone with AHS, I’ll go check in and be right back. We went outside less than a minute after and they were gone. This couldn’t be funnier if it wasn’t in real life! Of course, AHS used company #5 (who said they did not do duct work) as the source for an “expert” second opinion to cancel out the other technicians who said there were significant issues.

    We really have no idea how long the duct work has needed to be repaired and or replaced. We’ve had different companies sent by AHS over the years to look at the HVAC system since the upstairs circulation has seemed off for some time and no one has addressed anything. We’re at the point where continuing to try to work with AHS is insanity. Words like “unprofessional”, “dishonest”, and “shady” don’t even begin to describe our experience with American Home Shield. Invest your time and money into finding reliable, local, businesses for home repairs, not this garbage.

    M. Dave Malenfant

  • Thomas Blake says:

    I have attempted to contact the Office of the President to lodge a complaint on 4 different occasions today regarding the contractor sent to me for my air conditioner and also the customer service people I spoke too. I ask to speak to someone that could speak English as there 1st language and was never connected to one, even when I ask for a supervisor I was speaking this a foreign speaking person who was difficult to understand. Only when I spoke with a security office at the corporate office was I able to speak to a true English speaking person. However I still was unable to get a phone number of the Office of the President so I could lodge a complaint. I find it very strange that it is so difficult to obtain that office number. Every other corporation that I know of, has that number available to the public..I hope some actually read this comment and I receive a call back or an e-mail on who I can speak to. NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE !

  • Leslie says:

    Please BEWARE!!!!!! Two days after moving in, I called a sales rep one day and she was on her way to take real estate agents to lunch! I told her of the issues we have, along with no cellular service or internet here either. Two days later I called leaving her a message, calling to file/report a work order.

    Their contractors have a radius of 50 miles from wherever. We were outside that radius and were told they would get an outside contractor to come out. Next I get a call from one of their contractors, asking of all the issues we have and to send pics of all them.

    Then I asked, so when can you guy’s make it here? She replied, I can’t say. We will need to work you in our schedule. So I asked? What, one, two weeks or a month? She again replied, I can’t say because we don’t have a clue when we will be able to make it out there.

    The a Friday I called to ask why an outside contractor didn’t call me as I was told that’s what American Home Shield would have to do! The lady said someone would contact me today or by tomorrow (Saturday) at the latest. Well that didn’t happen either.

    So I called American Home Shield office and told them, since you guys were going to hire outside contractors then that’s what I am going to do myself…….and hung up! Now the sales lady texts me and asks me to give AHS resolution team a try.

    I said too late, a plumber will be here Friday or before. Then she says I need to let the resolution team help me and to give me permission to use an outside contractor? Isn’t that what they were going/needing to do ANYWAY???? OMG! This is a story of SALE, SALE, SALE, and SALE more contracts that they can’t handle what they have!!!!! BS!!!!

    We’ve been without hot water in the master bathroom shower, sink if VERY slow draining, the guest shower has NO pressure, hot water heater has a leak from the hot side outlet, and water seems to accumulate underneath the kitchen sink! We moved in 8/17/2019, time has run out for AHS!!!


  • J.I.K. says:

    My son purchased a home and the realtor purchased an AHS policy for him. Part of the policy was the re-keying of up to 6 locks with 4 keys per lock. The “locksmith” showed up and re-keyed 1 lock and left 2 keys not 4. He told my son that AHS doesn’t pay him enough to do 2 of the locks and that he couldn’t do the other 2. Apparently he was not equipped to do the job he was sent to do. He complained that AHS didn’t tell him that there were 6 locks to be re-keyed. He wanted additional monies from AHS to do the entire job. My son called AHS customer service and was read a script with the AHS person unable or unwilling to understand the issue. This company is NOT recommended by me.

  • Janet Ofl says:

    Seems this company is going down hill real fast. I had a problem with my pool pump and they sent a contractor from 1 and a half hours away. He came and returned and replaced my pool pump. I paid the first $100. and was told I would have to pay $200. more to the repair company for plumbing work. The service man did a bad job and caused a leak in my plumbing. I called the service company back and told them of the problem. The service man called me and told me I would have to place another service call and pay another $100. as it is a long distance drive for him. He was not professional, saying things like, you are a smart women you can fix it yourself… I notified AHS and they said they would have them come back out. I told them I did not want the same service man as he was very nasty to me. Later my pool filter was not working right so I put in another claim and included the plumbing leak. That took almost two weeks to be contacted for an appointment. More about that but I don’t want to write a book. The only local service man to me came out and did the list of repairs and up loaded it to AHS. After a week and a half I did not hear back I called the service man and he said he did not get any answers from AHS and told me to call AHS to see what the problem was. Well they said they never received the upload with the repair list and the contractor would have to call in. I have called both AHS and the contractor numerous times over 7 weeks and now I have many snakes coming and eating pollywogs and baby frogs out of my pool because I was told not to put any more chemicals in my pool as the repair required draining the pool. I can not let me dog outside to use the bathroom because of all the snakes. My son has a broken leg and was supposed to do his physical therapy in the pool. And also we have lost the use of my pool during the summer months. We are not happy at all. Yesterday the service man showed up at my house saying he had to take more pictures and that he would not leave until he got AHS on the phone to authorize the work. Well he told me that they want to investigate the claim and will call me. They never called. I called AHS again today only to be told they are sending another service man out to do the estimate. I am looking at another 2 weeks. When you call you can not speak to a supervisor. Most of the time you get people from another country that can not make decisions and put you off. This company is making me physically sick from all the stress.

  • Olga Aguilar says:

    You are the worst Company ever……

  • Chervil Tatum says:

    I have called multiple times with issues and placed a complaint and have not received a phone call back. Pretty sure this is not going to get answered either.

  • David Foster says:

    It is impossible to get a straight answer out of customer service. They don’t even seem to be looking at the same information that I have access to as the customer. I have currently been on the phone for more than 45 minutes and have yet to speak to the manager I asked to speak to when the call started. I would love for someone to reach out directly via email and explain whether the company lied to me or to the contractor when they told us different stories about repair parts. Your customer service told me 3 different stories (so far) and they don’t match up.

  • VALERIE Gales says:

    I had a service tech come to my home on August 26 to work on my washer and dryer he came in and let me know that he had not worked on a dryer like mines but had worked on the washer which I told them not to send out anybody that wasn’t certified to work on my machines because I had this problem before and had to call corporate I have explained to customer service that I know longer even trust this company and don’t want them back in my home I’m the owner of a salon and need my washer and dryer there I have spoken to 4 rep who out of the 4 one has called me back I need for corporate to step in on this matter


    Mr. Rexford Tibbens, My name is Debbie Talamantez my contract number is 242291002. I am beside myself with the service your company has provided for almost 2 months we have been without an A/C. We live in Laredo, TX the average heat is over 108 degrees. My house never gets below 84 and that is with 5 fans and two window units we had to purchase due to your company being unable to send the correct working compressor (a rebuilt one). Your company sent a contractor that had to know immediately it was bad, but continued to try more Freon when they would show up. Everyday o we will be there tomorrow in the morning everyday and not show up. When the contractor put it in he new it was not working right it was making a hissing noise. We paid $65.00 for a third party to evaluate it. They said the compressor should have never been put in and another one should have been ordered. Now after 1 month and 3 weeks another one has been ordered. Only to find out it took your company 4 days after the contractor placed the work order to place the order for the compressor. (I hope this is a new one and not another defective one). I have now read reviews from other people where they feel your company is probably doing this in order for us to give up and do it ourselves to save you money, it almost borderlines on fraud and deceptive trade practices. It would also be nice to speak to a customer service rep that you can understand. I also called you and left you a message, I am sure I will never hear from you. If you truly care about your customer please get this taken care of and set up new procedures with your company so your other customers do not have to have this happen to them and get the great service you promote.

  • Victor Herrera/Roxanne Luce says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your company sent a heating and air conditioner technician to my home three weeks ago who diagnosed that my air conditioners compressor needs replacement. I have called the phone number on my contract 6 times now and continue to get the run around. I have been repeatedly told someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours this never happens. My contract # is 260938522. It has been over 100 degrees frequently during this period. My realtor, who has been a realtor for over 30 years and is one of the top producers in her area recommended your company. My displeasure will have weight with her as I use to work for her. I do not feel at this point that my expectation of having a service appointment set up no later than close of business tomorrow 8/16/19 is unreasonable. Victor Herrera/Roxanne Luce

    • blythe minneweather says:

      I also am waiting on someone to contact me back within that same 24 hr period and that has been since 8/26/19. The rep now tells me he doesn’t show a record of me calling on Monday 8/26/2019. They came out on 8/23/2019. I just don’t understand!!!!

  • Rick Garrett says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you of the POOR service that my family and I have been receiving from your company for the last month and a half. We have had a warranty with American Home Shield for a little over a year now and have had no complaints up until last month when our A C unit went down. Your contracted company out of OKC sent someone 3 days latter to fix it. Well as of today we have been without A C more than we have had it since it’s initial brake down. The service company has taken longer and longer each time to call on us and last night was the final straw. After coming out and replacing the heat condenser the Tech swore to us it was fixed, but of course it broke again 4 hours later and we slept in a HOT house again. This was the 3rd time they had been out to fix this unit. Now, this morning, I call and your people tell me they cannot have anyone here until Monday. Unacceptable. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, after spending 48 minutes on hold she finally gets on the call to tell me she has okayed another company to come out and repair our unit and I should be hearing from them shortly. (have not heard from anyone as of yet and it is now noon) I am letting you know of these problems so hopefully they can be fixed within your organization. You must also realize that I am a 100% Disabled Marine Veteran with lung and breathing issue comping me at the 100% level. It is actually life threatening for me to be going without A C the way that I have been. Please help me in getting this issue resolved and hopefully resolved today.

    Thank you and my contact info is as follows:

    Rick Garrett

    account #: 242917692

  • Jacquelyn sherwood says:

    When I signed up for AHS based on your commercials I thought you were an upstanding company and that you really cared about your customers/clients and would respond in a timely manner. However, that has not been the case. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with is from another country. therefore they don’t have the complete records they are limited and they all have say the same thing. They ask if they can place me on hold 15 to 30 min later hang-up. I’ve been told that the manager is assisting other callers and would call me right back (never receive the call)

    I’ve been trying to get your company to service my air conditioner unit since May 03, 2019.I’ve received every excuse in book Today August 13, 2019, my house is extremely and unbearably hot. I’ve expressed to your customer service that I’m asthmatic and have other health issues that are aggravated made I have a I’m asking your help in getting my central air fixed.

    In addition, I had to have a window unit placed in my kitchen window which created a secondary problem the water from that unit ran in under the back of my sink I now need a new sink. Please help me.

    This company BestWay HVAC has over 12 complaints file against them with better Business Bureau. There is one dated 07-15-2019 filed by one of your clients complaining about their shoddy work.

  • joanne edwards says:

    I have been trying for days to get a simple electrical problem looked at. Have called over a dozen times to check on the status of my WO and have to deal with the call center located in the Philippines. The people answering the phones do not/not understand English. The act like robots and just keep repeating from what they have on a script. The cannot and do not understand or speak English. I lived in the Philippines for three years and I can somewhat understand what they are saying. I pity the poor customers who can’t understand a word they are saying.

    I have been a customer of AHS for years but will either cancel my current agreement or nor renew again. Horrible, horrible service. AHS should be ashamed of how they tout their company.

  • John Hernick says:

    Terrible Company – So similar to below. First problem with AC 6/26/19, 4 service numbers, lost count of calls, and still no AC. Vendor is poor and now says it is something they won’t fix, AHS, call and call, get same run around – need to check with vendor. Never get a call back. Now 8/7/19 and no resolution in site. No point in having this insurance. Last number 547041382.

    • blythe minneweather says:

      Sorry to hear. They stated they are calling the vendor that came out to get information they should have had and sent already. I asked the now rep who I am on the phone with 3 times to speak with a supervisor.

  • Simone says:

    Terrible company – DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AHS! I have been getting the runaround since 04/26/19 on a water heater issue which includes an issue with the gas line (deemed hazardous by PG&E). I’ve called AHS so many times and they will not escalate my call, they will only claim to send an email to a supervisor and give a 24-48 hour turnaround for a return call. The supervisor does not call back and the customer service department refuses to allow you to wait on the line for the next available supervisor. In addition, they keep repeating the same response to you over and over like a robot, that there is nothing they can do so you have to wait to hear back from the supervisor. I asked how I can escalate my issue when a supervisor fails to return my call or take action on my service request, and was informed that I can go online and google the corporate office. The customer service rep claims to have to email address/phone number for supervisor or corporate. I have a hazardous situation and have had to call PG&E out to cap off the gasline to keep my family from inhaling too much CO2 or from a possible explosion of my water heater. I’m so frustrated with AHS and have also been a long term customer. In addition, the companies that they contract with do less than quality work. I’ve had an issue with my A/C, refrigerator, stove, and now the water heater issue (hence the need for a home warranty), and the quality of work performed was to the level of having to be revisited over and over again. By the way, they installed a replacement cooktop on my stove that wasn’t even color matched to my stove/oven.

    If AHS does not address this problem immediately, my next steps will be to hire a lawyer and cancel my policy.


  • Beverly says:

    We have had your service for over 14years. We live in Arizona and have been trying to get our air conditioner fixed for over a month now. It’s been over 110 degrees here and we have a pet who is in the house all day! We call every day – you have pointed fingers at the service provider but the truth is – you don’t want to spend the money to fix or replace our unit that has been well serviced. When we finally get through to someone, we have to start all over again with the story. And if they speak English clearly and understand us- they give us the same story. We have gotten the run around. In the meantime, our 2nd a/c unit is now over loaded. We are praying that is doesn’t start having issues.

  • Isabel Soto says:

    I have been a customer of AHS for years, this past year has been the worst in customer service. They don’t care about customer service and getting repairs done! They obviously don’t listen to what you are saying and just repeat over and over the same thing like they are robots. Their service contractors are the worst, the one they sent out to broke my garage door opener and left. when I requested him to come back and fix what he did, he refused and he has refused when AHD has called him as well. So instead of getting a new contractor, AHS continues to try and get him to come out and fix what he did. It’s been 2 weeks!! I guess I am going to have to hire my own contractor. It’s obvious AHS only wants to collect your money and doesn’t want to help the customer who’s money you are taking. I am so disappointed in AHS, I used to think they were a great.


    Do Not Purchase any policies from American Home Shield, because they do not HONOR their contracts. I am experiencing the worst problem with AHS fixing Cloth Dryer/Washer/Rang covered in my policy. Every customer service number I called routed me to the Philippines and they are the worst customer service, refused to transfer the call to their supervisor. Never update the notes in your account. Some of them even refused to give their Employee ID# and said “there are not allowed”. Contractors under AHS also the worst contractors ever. They charge you deductible a head of time but don’t provide service. You have to call them dozen times but result ZERO. Its a night mare dealing with AHS.

    • blythe minneweather says:

      ha, I asked the gentleman 3 times to transfer to his supervisor and they didn’t update notes on me either. each time I have used them for ac the vendors are horrible. I have requested some not return

  • John Stroncheck says:

    AHS has helped me maintain my home for the past 12 years. The overall quality of the service is excellent, the only drawback is the customer service center. Not all reps have the proper information and are unhelpful.

  • Unknown says:

    I’ve had and am having a bad experience with this company as well. All of us should get together and put a lawsuit against this company. If anyone is interested, please email me at djsmooth601@yahoo.com.

  • Leyah Thomas - Disabled Veteran says:

    Do Not Purchase any policies from American Home Shield, because they do not HONOR their contracts. I am experiencing the worst problem with AHS replacing the hot water heater covered in my policy. Every customer service number I called routed me to the Philippines. My water heater exploded in my garage 6 weeks ago and I am still waiting for American Home Shield to install the new water heater they stated was purchased. Now my policy is expired 6/29/19 and I am still waiting for a technician to come and install a tank. Last week on 6/26/19, I was told by American Home Shield that I did not have any out of pocket expenses. This week, 7/1/19, I called American Home Shields’ contractor, Polar Plumbing – Jacksonville, FL, for my appointment and they told me I had to verbally agree to pay them $300 out of pocket for them in order to install the tank. I asked Polar Plumbing to email an itemized list of charges that were not covered by AHS. I’m still waiting for their email. American Home Shield had no problems taking my money, but refuses to abide by the contract. The escalation supervisor, Anne, in the Philippines refused to call the authorization team at AHS to assist me with my issue. I’ve spoken to others representatives in the Philippines but still no resolution.

    • Jacqueline Murphy says:

      Sadly, I too had to replace a hot water heater. While AHS said the heater was covered I wound up paying $1,700 plus the $106 Service Charge for “bringing the piping etc. “up to code” and numerous other add-ons. As a novice with plumbing, I had to trust the vendor with the charges. The good news is that I love this contractor and will use him for any further plumbing issues I have. He just replaced two toilets for me and I am extremely pleased. I have already recommended him and his company to others. While AHS has sent me some pretty terrible vendors in the past, this one is a keeper. Unfortunately, its a real crap shoot as to who you get to do repairs/replacements. AHS should vet its vendors better before putting our costly appliances/systems in the hands of folks who might damage them more and leave us in a worse situation. Currently, I am covered for my washing machine with my AHS contract but after receiving a really bad vendor dispatch, I had to cancel it because when I checked reviews they were horrendous. My machine is only 6 years old with low to moderate use and I don’t want someone ruining it. I have chosen to just go to my Neighborhood call board to check on word of mouth recommendations for a skilled and reputable company.

  • LSS says:

    Your service is awful. Whenever I have called in the past, I wait at least 45 minutes. On the bright side when I called today, I got through with in 5 minutes BUT I have been on the line for over thirty minutes waiting for your representative to explain why I have a late notice when my payment has posted to my bank account. You do, however, manage to get late notices and renewals in the mail with no issue. I wish I could issue you a late notice for the time it takes to answer phone calls and to respond to simple questions or perhaps I should get a discount for that??? The problem is if I don’t say on the call you will continue to send me late notices. Simply awful and this should be an embarrassment for such a large organization that collects so many payments with so little pay outs (at least that’s my personal experience). The CEO or who ever is in charge should go because this is not a new issue with this company, it’s been an issue for a long time and it does not appear to be getting better. After 20 years with this company, if I had another local option, I would take my business elsewhere. PROFITS over SERVICE!!!! When does this end???

  • MElissa says:

    We have been with AHS for over 10 years with 3 different houses and have NEVER had any issues until yesterday. Our washer went out and we were told it was the control board, technician said they discontinued the control panel years ago(which we already knew because we did research before calling to see if it would be cheaper to fix ourselves) He said if he was unable to find the part AHS would most likely authorize a new machine since there was no replacement part. Nope, AHS told them to remove the panel and MAIL it out of state to have it rebuilt and we would have it back min of 2 weeks. We have 5 kids, 2yr old twins who have had diarrhea for 2 days, a husband who has to have clean uniforms ready to go at a moment’s notice and I am a full time student who can’t go sit at a laundry mat all day wasting money (and won’t go to the laundry mat because they are in a bad part of town that is not safe). There is a definite language barrier when talking to customer service and it used to not be like this, they do not seem to understand what I am saying and I have to repeat myself several times. When asked if I could speak to someone in the US because of the language barrier I was told that is not possible. We will be looking at other companies if this isn’t resolved for this house and the one we just purchased that we were getting ready to set up a contract for. Was told it could be expedited and the company would have it back by July 10, that’s 13 days from now. We have already been without a washer for 1 week, we can not go another 2 weeks and there’s still a chance this place will not be able to rebuild the panel. Representative said he emailed the parts team to help locate a part, I again told him there are no parts, it’s been discontinued and was told to wait another 24 hours. Very unhappy and regret recommending AHS to other military spouses who ask about home warranty companies, and will now warn them to stay away.

  • Amanda says:

    I have been put through hell for the last month and lied to. I want someone to contact me today please to discuss a resolution.

  • Olga Aguilar says:

    I call a 888 682-1043 number for customer and requested service for rental unit in Sherman oaks CA. I ask them to call my Tenant provide name and phone number.
    To do this I have call them twice (from Costa Rica) and today I have to call the again bouse customer has not provide the right information the A/C and Plumbing have the wrong contact person & phone number

    and is not the first time verry mad customer

  • Daniel says:

    This company used to have pretty good service but it has deteriorated considerably in the last few years. They now have customer service that can’t speak English, no one can actually answer any questions, they don’t call to discuss replacement options, they send crappy, unreliable technicians, and it’s impossible to get estimates on time or answers to why they decided to do what they do (or don’t do). Once I have managed to close out my current, very frustrating service issue, I will be cancelling service and moving my custom to another company.

  • shy powe says:

    I am very dissatisfied with AHS they are so unprofessional. My Ac unit is not working and they have sent out 3 different contractors. Its a health hazard my elderly mother and child with allergy problems are suffering. The contractors are unprofessionally and do no know what they are doing. They don’t answer their phones when you call not even for AHS employees. The company Air Design has been out twice in one month and I still have no AC. They were out on 5/6 and put in 3 pounds of Freon and the unit was off again 2 weeks later. The contractor took over a week to come out on 5/31/19 and today 6/4/19 no air again. I asked for a new contactor which Eagle Heating and air and when I called their voicemail is full. I called back to AHS twice and was informed that I would be receiving a call today from the contractor. I have no received a call and again we are without AC. When you call the customer service workers barely understand what you are saying. I have to wait a long time to speak to a manager which never came on the phone. I pay them every month but being without AC is not considered an emergency. There are no after hour companies to services my unit. I need a real contractor to come asses the problem and fix it properly. AHS is taking my money but I am still without any air. My mother is elderly and I have a child with breathing problems. Last week it was over 95 in Georgia and we has no air. I had to stay at someone else’s home. I need help ASAP. Every time I call I get someone new and I have to start over again.

  • Aida Garcia says:

    Worst Customer Service. American Home Shield sent out a contract April 2019 to have my dishwasher repaired and it is 5/28/2019 and still no working dishwasher. I have called every week for the past month and half and get the same story: we understand how you feel about your situation but let me assure you we will get it resolved. The contractor that AHS sent out can never be contacted by me or the AHS, its always we left a message on their phone or emailed them a message. Well, I paid the service fee and still no working dishwasher. Everytime I contact AHS, I request to be transferred to AHS contract relations and am told that there is no internal number that I can be given. So this last time, I called and requested AHS corportate number in the US and the REP was dumbfounded. His script: Sorry but I understand what you are going thru and I will add your concern to your records and someone will call you. That will never happen like I explained to him, that I’m still waiting for 3 calls that I was promised I would get in the last 6 weeks. So, I asked to talk to his supervisor and he wanted to know why I needed to talk to his supervisor, well at the moment I was MAD, I told him, I am allowed to talk to a supervisor, correct? The line went silent and I thought he had hung up on me, but he was just stalling. I asked again and he said that he had to put me on hold 10 min later(I’m not kidding) he comes back and tells me his supervisor is in a meeting and will have to call me back(never gonna happen). I wish I could talk to someone in AHS rep that is not outsourced. AHS gladly takes your money but stops caring about their customers.

  • Lola Cannon says:

    This company (Service Contractor Plumbing) was chosen by my home warranty company (American Home Shield Warranty) and an appointment was scheduled for them to visit my residence on 05/10/2019, to repair pipes leaks in both bathrooms. I requested that they call me 15-30 minutes prior to arriving at my residence, so I could notified my mother of the technician name and arrival time. I call my mother informed her that Cody the technician would be arriving within 30 minutes to fix the pipes leaking in the bathrooms. Soon afterwards, I received a phone call from my mother stating there were two men at the residence displaying strange/out of the ordinary behaviors. My mother states one of the two men requested to enter my residence to fix a water heater, which was different then the work order request. She asked the technician for his name and he didn’t respond, and just stood at the door with a clipboard in his hand without any tools. So she requested that he show his work identification before entering the residence, and he stated he didn’t have too. My mother states the second technician stood quietly a little farther away and never responded. Therefore, my mother informed them that she would not allow them to enter the residence, since they were unable to provide some form of work identification or their names. My mother stated the technician closer to the door became very irritated and angry, and yelled “fix your own water heater” and storm off the porch. The two technicians got into unmark/unidentifiable vehicle that had no company logo or name displaying.

    I contacted Service Contractor Plumbing and spoke with Savannah and she states the service request was closed due to my mother refusing to allow the technicians to enter the residence. I relayed the information that was provide from my mother to Savannah and requested that she send a different technician to my residence, and informed her I wound be presence at this future schedule appointment. Savannah states the service request was immediately closed and the monies would not be reimbursed, and I will have to pay again to have another technician come to my residence.

    I contacted American Home Shield and spoke with a representative Angela and explained the situation that occurred between my mother and the technician at my residence. She informed me that the service request was closed immediately and could not be transferred to new plumbing contractor company. I explained to the representative that no services were rendered and Service Contractor Plumbing technicians attempted to fix my water heater, and there was nothing wrong with my water heater. American Home Shield representative states that Service Contractor technicians showed up at my residence to fix an issues and that is considered as services being rendered. The representative states she will forward this complaint to the review/investigation board and someone will follow up with me. Therefore, I would have to pay $75.00 dollars again to have another plumbing company come out to fix my leaking pipes.

    In the same token, my sister contacted American Home Shield and spoke with a representative that stated someone will contact her within 4 hours with an outcome. My sister never received a return phone call from a representative from American Home Shield, which shows that customers concerns and complaints are meaningless and not important ttheir organization.

    In conclusion, Service Contractor Plumbing closed the service request immediately, so they would not lose the service fee monies that were paid to them from American Home Shield. I am very disappointed in American Home Shield because they allowed a non-BBB accredited company with poor reviews, customer services, and demeanors to received monies for not fulfilling a service request. I am now very weary of money being taking out of my bank account by American Home Shield prior to me scheduling appointment or services being rendered. I have been long term customer with American Home Shield over ten years; however, in past two years the quality of services has been terrible and unacceptable, as well as the contractor companies that have been send to my residence to complete service requests.

  • Frances Wilder- contract number is 235834332 says:

    your service is awful. I have been trying to cancel my contract for two weeks and every time I call they still say the contract is still open. I am about to contact my attorney if this isn’t resolved soon!

  • Dan Gould says:

    I had an American Shield service man came out to repair my forced hot air unit and was told it had to be replaced and would put in an order to replace it. American Home Shield notified me that my claim was denied and when I questioned their decision I was informed that they would replace the unit but that I would have $1450.00 in refitting expenses I check with several heating and air companies and was informed that the average cost of refitting was around $200.00 dollars and installation of a new unit with refitting was around $500 to $600.00. I asked American Home shield if they could give me the unit and have it installed myself, they said they could not do that but would give me $450 to buy the unit elsewhere. I check with the Home Depot and the cheapest inexpensive unit that I could buy from them was around $1000.00 plus tax. and that is without installation.When I told that to American Home shield they informed me that they could not pay more than what they paid wholesale. They would not give me the unit directly. This is a total scam as they know they pay more than $450 for the unit and want me to pay $1450 enough to cover their expense of purchasing the unit and enough for them to cover installation expenses. My next step is to notify the Better Business Bureau , I have already contacted the AARP fraud complaints and also gave a write up to consumers Pissed . If I have to contact my congressman to put in a complaint on Elder Abuse and company rip offs I will do that also. American Home shield is a a terrible dishonest company and all you have to do is check them out on line to see the many, many people who were ripped off by them. Stay away from this company and you will save a lot of money and aggravation . The Better Business Bureau also does not recommend doing business with them.

  • Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Your customer service is the worst. Phone call wait time always 30 min. – 1 hour or more. I paid my deductible for a service call in OCTOBER. I have yet to have my issue repaired. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and calling the NYS Consumer Affairs.

  • Debbie Neely says:

    I am an American Home Shield policy holder. Your service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been on hold for 4 hours and 10 minutes! You obviously are on an extended vacation and your employee went with you! I called the corporate office and was put on hold just like trying to put in a service request. I wish some one from the corporate office would please call me. My policy number is 233363612. My phone number is on the policy. Call my phone number!

  • Linda Ware Toure says:

    I am an American Home Shield customer. I have attempted to reach you by phone this morning 1/11/19 to discuss my renewal. I have been waiting on three different phone calls, one time 28 minutes, second time 35 minutes and the last time 26 minutes. After waiting 28 minutes, a person took my call and referred me to an agent to no avail. This is very frustrating and poor customer service. I wanted to know why my agreement increased for the renewal. I still have no response. I am not certain I want to renew due to service or lack of service I received today. Thank you, I hope you receive this message.

  • Bonita R. Walker says:

    Please Someone,
    I would really appreciate it Someone of Authority would kindly get back to me in regards to this on going situation. I have been a customer of American Home Shield for well over fifteen years;

    Please respond, as soon as possible, This has been going on since September 19, 2018 and is still not resolved. PLEASE

    I would hope that one of you would actually call me on the phone, and if it goes to voice mail, PLEASE leave a name and number, and I will return your call immediately.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Bonita Walker.

    agreement #239086532

    • None says:

      Everyone I was told we should call the Attorney General and voice our complaints. Glad to find out this info and be able to pass it on, let’s get busy.

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