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American Home Shield
  • Address:  889 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38120, United States
  • Phone Number: 901-537-8000
  • Fax Number: 901-537-8005
  • Email: N/A
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    Number of Employees: 2000 
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Tim Haynes (President)

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Mr. Rexford Tibbens

President & CEO

Mr. Brian K. Turcotte

Chief Financial Officer

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  • Victor Herrera/Roxanne Luce says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your company sent a heating and air conditioner technician to my home three weeks ago who diagnosed that my air conditioners compressor needs replacement. I have called the phone number on my contract 6 times now and continue to get the run around. I have been repeatedly told someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours this never happens. My contract # is 260938522. It has been over 100 degrees frequently during this period. My realtor, who has been a realtor for over 30 years and is one of the top producers in her area recommended your company. My displeasure will have weight with her as I use to work for her. I do not feel at this point that my expectation of having a service appointment set up no later than close of business tomorrow 8/16/19 is unreasonable. Victor Herrera/Roxanne Luce

  • Rick Garrett says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you of the POOR service that my family and I have been receiving from your company for the last month and a half. We have had a warranty with American Home Shield for a little over a year now and have had no complaints up until last month when our A C unit went down. Your contracted company out of OKC sent someone 3 days latter to fix it. Well as of today we have been without A C more than we have had it since it’s initial brake down. The service company has taken longer and longer each time to call on us and last night was the final straw. After coming out and replacing the heat condenser the Tech swore to us it was fixed, but of course it broke again 4 hours later and we slept in a HOT house again. This was the 3rd time they had been out to fix this unit. Now, this morning, I call and your people tell me they cannot have anyone here until Monday. Unacceptable. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, after spending 48 minutes on hold she finally gets on the call to tell me she has okayed another company to come out and repair our unit and I should be hearing from them shortly. (have not heard from anyone as of yet and it is now noon) I am letting you know of these problems so hopefully they can be fixed within your organization. You must also realize that I am a 100% Disabled Marine Veteran with lung and breathing issue comping me at the 100% level. It is actually life threatening for me to be going without A C the way that I have been. Please help me in getting this issue resolved and hopefully resolved today.

    Thank you and my contact info is as follows:

    Rick Garrett

    account #: 242917692

  • Jacquelyn sherwood says:

    When I signed up for AHS based on your commercials I thought you were an upstanding company and that you really cared about your customers/clients and would respond in a timely manner. However, that has not been the case. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with is from another country. therefore they don’t have the complete records they are limited and they all have say the same thing. They ask if they can place me on hold 15 to 30 min later hang-up. I’ve been told that the manager is assisting other callers and would call me right back (never receive the call)

    I’ve been trying to get your company to service my air conditioner unit since May 03, 2019.I’ve received every excuse in book Today August 13, 2019, my house is extremely and unbearably hot. I’ve expressed to your customer service that I’m asthmatic and have other health issues that are aggravated made I have a I’m asking your help in getting my central air fixed.

    In addition, I had to have a window unit placed in my kitchen window which created a secondary problem the water from that unit ran in under the back of my sink I now need a new sink. Please help me.

    This company BestWay HVAC has over 12 complaints file against them with better Business Bureau. There is one dated 07-15-2019 filed by one of your clients complaining about their shoddy work.

  • joanne edwards says:

    I have been trying for days to get a simple electrical problem looked at. Have called over a dozen times to check on the status of my WO and have to deal with the call center located in the Philippines. The people answering the phones do not/not understand English. The act like robots and just keep repeating from what they have on a script. The cannot and do not understand or speak English. I lived in the Philippines for three years and I can somewhat understand what they are saying. I pity the poor customers who can’t understand a word they are saying.

    I have been a customer of AHS for years but will either cancel my current agreement or nor renew again. Horrible, horrible service. AHS should be ashamed of how they tout their company.

  • John Hernick says:

    Terrible Company – So similar to below. First problem with AC 6/26/19, 4 service numbers, lost count of calls, and still no AC. Vendor is poor and now says it is something they won’t fix, AHS, call and call, get same run around – need to check with vendor. Never get a call back. Now 8/7/19 and no resolution in site. No point in having this insurance. Last number 547041382.

  • Simone says:

    Terrible company – DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AHS! I have been getting the runaround since 04/26/19 on a water heater issue which includes an issue with the gas line (deemed hazardous by PG&E). I’ve called AHS so many times and they will not escalate my call, they will only claim to send an email to a supervisor and give a 24-48 hour turnaround for a return call. The supervisor does not call back and the customer service department refuses to allow you to wait on the line for the next available supervisor. In addition, they keep repeating the same response to you over and over like a robot, that there is nothing they can do so you have to wait to hear back from the supervisor. I asked how I can escalate my issue when a supervisor fails to return my call or take action on my service request, and was informed that I can go online and google the corporate office. The customer service rep claims to have to email address/phone number for supervisor or corporate. I have a hazardous situation and have had to call PG&E out to cap off the gasline to keep my family from inhaling too much CO2 or from a possible explosion of my water heater. I’m so frustrated with AHS and have also been a long term customer. In addition, the companies that they contract with do less than quality work. I’ve had an issue with my A/C, refrigerator, stove, and now the water heater issue (hence the need for a home warranty), and the quality of work performed was to the level of having to be revisited over and over again. By the way, they installed a replacement cooktop on my stove that wasn’t even color matched to my stove/oven.

    If AHS does not address this problem immediately, my next steps will be to hire a lawyer and cancel my policy.


  • Beverly says:

    We have had your service for over 14years. We live in Arizona and have been trying to get our air conditioner fixed for over a month now. It’s been over 110 degrees here and we have a pet who is in the house all day! We call every day – you have pointed fingers at the service provider but the truth is – you don’t want to spend the money to fix or replace our unit that has been well serviced. When we finally get through to someone, we have to start all over again with the story. And if they speak English clearly and understand us- they give us the same story. We have gotten the run around. In the meantime, our 2nd a/c unit is now over loaded. We are praying that is doesn’t start having issues.

  • Isabel Soto says:

    I have been a customer of AHS for years, this past year has been the worst in customer service. They don’t care about customer service and getting repairs done! They obviously don’t listen to what you are saying and just repeat over and over the same thing like they are robots. Their service contractors are the worst, the one they sent out to broke my garage door opener and left. when I requested him to come back and fix what he did, he refused and he has refused when AHD has called him as well. So instead of getting a new contractor, AHS continues to try and get him to come out and fix what he did. It’s been 2 weeks!! I guess I am going to have to hire my own contractor. It’s obvious AHS only wants to collect your money and doesn’t want to help the customer who’s money you are taking. I am so disappointed in AHS, I used to think they were a great.


    Do Not Purchase any policies from American Home Shield, because they do not HONOR their contracts. I am experiencing the worst problem with AHS fixing Cloth Dryer/Washer/Rang covered in my policy. Every customer service number I called routed me to the Philippines and they are the worst customer service, refused to transfer the call to their supervisor. Never update the notes in your account. Some of them even refused to give their Employee ID# and said “there are not allowed”. Contractors under AHS also the worst contractors ever. They charge you deductible a head of time but don’t provide service. You have to call them dozen times but result ZERO. Its a night mare dealing with AHS.

  • John Stroncheck says:

    AHS has helped me maintain my home for the past 12 years. The overall quality of the service is excellent, the only drawback is the customer service center. Not all reps have the proper information and are unhelpful.

  • Unknown says:

    I’ve had and am having a bad experience with this company as well. All of us should get together and put a lawsuit against this company. If anyone is interested, please email me at

  • Leyah Thomas - Disabled Veteran says:

    Do Not Purchase any policies from American Home Shield, because they do not HONOR their contracts. I am experiencing the worst problem with AHS replacing the hot water heater covered in my policy. Every customer service number I called routed me to the Philippines. My water heater exploded in my garage 6 weeks ago and I am still waiting for American Home Shield to install the new water heater they stated was purchased. Now my policy is expired 6/29/19 and I am still waiting for a technician to come and install a tank. Last week on 6/26/19, I was told by American Home Shield that I did not have any out of pocket expenses. This week, 7/1/19, I called American Home Shields’ contractor, Polar Plumbing – Jacksonville, FL, for my appointment and they told me I had to verbally agree to pay them $300 out of pocket for them in order to install the tank. I asked Polar Plumbing to email an itemized list of charges that were not covered by AHS. I’m still waiting for their email. American Home Shield had no problems taking my money, but refuses to abide by the contract. The escalation supervisor, Anne, in the Philippines refused to call the authorization team at AHS to assist me with my issue. I’ve spoken to others representatives in the Philippines but still no resolution.

    • Jacqueline Murphy says:

      Sadly, I too had to replace a hot water heater. While AHS said the heater was covered I wound up paying $1,700 plus the $106 Service Charge for “bringing the piping etc. “up to code” and numerous other add-ons. As a novice with plumbing, I had to trust the vendor with the charges. The good news is that I love this contractor and will use him for any further plumbing issues I have. He just replaced two toilets for me and I am extremely pleased. I have already recommended him and his company to others. While AHS has sent me some pretty terrible vendors in the past, this one is a keeper. Unfortunately, its a real crap shoot as to who you get to do repairs/replacements. AHS should vet its vendors better before putting our costly appliances/systems in the hands of folks who might damage them more and leave us in a worse situation. Currently, I am covered for my washing machine with my AHS contract but after receiving a really bad vendor dispatch, I had to cancel it because when I checked reviews they were horrendous. My machine is only 6 years old with low to moderate use and I don’t want someone ruining it. I have chosen to just go to my Neighborhood call board to check on word of mouth recommendations for a skilled and reputable company.

  • LSS says:

    Your service is awful. Whenever I have called in the past, I wait at least 45 minutes. On the bright side when I called today, I got through with in 5 minutes BUT I have been on the line for over thirty minutes waiting for your representative to explain why I have a late notice when my payment has posted to my bank account. You do, however, manage to get late notices and renewals in the mail with no issue. I wish I could issue you a late notice for the time it takes to answer phone calls and to respond to simple questions or perhaps I should get a discount for that??? The problem is if I don’t say on the call you will continue to send me late notices. Simply awful and this should be an embarrassment for such a large organization that collects so many payments with so little pay outs (at least that’s my personal experience). The CEO or who ever is in charge should go because this is not a new issue with this company, it’s been an issue for a long time and it does not appear to be getting better. After 20 years with this company, if I had another local option, I would take my business elsewhere. PROFITS over SERVICE!!!! When does this end???

  • MElissa says:

    We have been with AHS for over 10 years with 3 different houses and have NEVER had any issues until yesterday. Our washer went out and we were told it was the control board, technician said they discontinued the control panel years ago(which we already knew because we did research before calling to see if it would be cheaper to fix ourselves) He said if he was unable to find the part AHS would most likely authorize a new machine since there was no replacement part. Nope, AHS told them to remove the panel and MAIL it out of state to have it rebuilt and we would have it back min of 2 weeks. We have 5 kids, 2yr old twins who have had diarrhea for 2 days, a husband who has to have clean uniforms ready to go at a moment’s notice and I am a full time student who can’t go sit at a laundry mat all day wasting money (and won’t go to the laundry mat because they are in a bad part of town that is not safe). There is a definite language barrier when talking to customer service and it used to not be like this, they do not seem to understand what I am saying and I have to repeat myself several times. When asked if I could speak to someone in the US because of the language barrier I was told that is not possible. We will be looking at other companies if this isn’t resolved for this house and the one we just purchased that we were getting ready to set up a contract for. Was told it could be expedited and the company would have it back by July 10, that’s 13 days from now. We have already been without a washer for 1 week, we can not go another 2 weeks and there’s still a chance this place will not be able to rebuild the panel. Representative said he emailed the parts team to help locate a part, I again told him there are no parts, it’s been discontinued and was told to wait another 24 hours. Very unhappy and regret recommending AHS to other military spouses who ask about home warranty companies, and will now warn them to stay away.

  • Amanda says:

    I have been put through hell for the last month and lied to. I want someone to contact me today please to discuss a resolution.

  • Olga Aguilar says:

    I call a 888 682-1043 number for customer and requested service for rental unit in Sherman oaks CA. I ask them to call my Tenant provide name and phone number.
    To do this I have call them twice (from Costa Rica) and today I have to call the again bouse customer has not provide the right information the A/C and Plumbing have the wrong contact person & phone number

    and is not the first time verry mad customer

  • Daniel says:

    This company used to have pretty good service but it has deteriorated considerably in the last few years. They now have customer service that can’t speak English, no one can actually answer any questions, they don’t call to discuss replacement options, they send crappy, unreliable technicians, and it’s impossible to get estimates on time or answers to why they decided to do what they do (or don’t do). Once I have managed to close out my current, very frustrating service issue, I will be cancelling service and moving my custom to another company.

  • shy powe says:

    I am very dissatisfied with AHS they are so unprofessional. My Ac unit is not working and they have sent out 3 different contractors. Its a health hazard my elderly mother and child with allergy problems are suffering. The contractors are unprofessionally and do no know what they are doing. They don’t answer their phones when you call not even for AHS employees. The company Air Design has been out twice in one month and I still have no AC. They were out on 5/6 and put in 3 pounds of Freon and the unit was off again 2 weeks later. The contractor took over a week to come out on 5/31/19 and today 6/4/19 no air again. I asked for a new contactor which Eagle Heating and air and when I called their voicemail is full. I called back to AHS twice and was informed that I would be receiving a call today from the contractor. I have no received a call and again we are without AC. When you call the customer service workers barely understand what you are saying. I have to wait a long time to speak to a manager which never came on the phone. I pay them every month but being without AC is not considered an emergency. There are no after hour companies to services my unit. I need a real contractor to come asses the problem and fix it properly. AHS is taking my money but I am still without any air. My mother is elderly and I have a child with breathing problems. Last week it was over 95 in Georgia and we has no air. I had to stay at someone else’s home. I need help ASAP. Every time I call I get someone new and I have to start over again.

  • Aida Garcia says:

    Worst Customer Service. American Home Shield sent out a contract April 2019 to have my dishwasher repaired and it is 5/28/2019 and still no working dishwasher. I have called every week for the past month and half and get the same story: we understand how you feel about your situation but let me assure you we will get it resolved. The contractor that AHS sent out can never be contacted by me or the AHS, its always we left a message on their phone or emailed them a message. Well, I paid the service fee and still no working dishwasher. Everytime I contact AHS, I request to be transferred to AHS contract relations and am told that there is no internal number that I can be given. So this last time, I called and requested AHS corportate number in the US and the REP was dumbfounded. His script: Sorry but I understand what you are going thru and I will add your concern to your records and someone will call you. That will never happen like I explained to him, that I’m still waiting for 3 calls that I was promised I would get in the last 6 weeks. So, I asked to talk to his supervisor and he wanted to know why I needed to talk to his supervisor, well at the moment I was MAD, I told him, I am allowed to talk to a supervisor, correct? The line went silent and I thought he had hung up on me, but he was just stalling. I asked again and he said that he had to put me on hold 10 min later(I’m not kidding) he comes back and tells me his supervisor is in a meeting and will have to call me back(never gonna happen). I wish I could talk to someone in AHS rep that is not outsourced. AHS gladly takes your money but stops caring about their customers.

  • Lola Cannon says:

    This company (Service Contractor Plumbing) was chosen by my home warranty company (American Home Shield Warranty) and an appointment was scheduled for them to visit my residence on 05/10/2019, to repair pipes leaks in both bathrooms. I requested that they call me 15-30 minutes prior to arriving at my residence, so I could notified my mother of the technician name and arrival time. I call my mother informed her that Cody the technician would be arriving within 30 minutes to fix the pipes leaking in the bathrooms. Soon afterwards, I received a phone call from my mother stating there were two men at the residence displaying strange/out of the ordinary behaviors. My mother states one of the two men requested to enter my residence to fix a water heater, which was different then the work order request. She asked the technician for his name and he didn’t respond, and just stood at the door with a clipboard in his hand without any tools. So she requested that he show his work identification before entering the residence, and he stated he didn’t have too. My mother states the second technician stood quietly a little farther away and never responded. Therefore, my mother informed them that she would not allow them to enter the residence, since they were unable to provide some form of work identification or their names. My mother stated the technician closer to the door became very irritated and angry, and yelled “fix your own water heater” and storm off the porch. The two technicians got into unmark/unidentifiable vehicle that had no company logo or name displaying.

    I contacted Service Contractor Plumbing and spoke with Savannah and she states the service request was closed due to my mother refusing to allow the technicians to enter the residence. I relayed the information that was provide from my mother to Savannah and requested that she send a different technician to my residence, and informed her I wound be presence at this future schedule appointment. Savannah states the service request was immediately closed and the monies would not be reimbursed, and I will have to pay again to have another technician come to my residence.

    I contacted American Home Shield and spoke with a representative Angela and explained the situation that occurred between my mother and the technician at my residence. She informed me that the service request was closed immediately and could not be transferred to new plumbing contractor company. I explained to the representative that no services were rendered and Service Contractor Plumbing technicians attempted to fix my water heater, and there was nothing wrong with my water heater. American Home Shield representative states that Service Contractor technicians showed up at my residence to fix an issues and that is considered as services being rendered. The representative states she will forward this complaint to the review/investigation board and someone will follow up with me. Therefore, I would have to pay $75.00 dollars again to have another plumbing company come out to fix my leaking pipes.

    In the same token, my sister contacted American Home Shield and spoke with a representative that stated someone will contact her within 4 hours with an outcome. My sister never received a return phone call from a representative from American Home Shield, which shows that customers concerns and complaints are meaningless and not important ttheir organization.

    In conclusion, Service Contractor Plumbing closed the service request immediately, so they would not lose the service fee monies that were paid to them from American Home Shield. I am very disappointed in American Home Shield because they allowed a non-BBB accredited company with poor reviews, customer services, and demeanors to received monies for not fulfilling a service request. I am now very weary of money being taking out of my bank account by American Home Shield prior to me scheduling appointment or services being rendered. I have been long term customer with American Home Shield over ten years; however, in past two years the quality of services has been terrible and unacceptable, as well as the contractor companies that have been send to my residence to complete service requests.

  • Frances Wilder- contract number is 235834332 says:

    your service is awful. I have been trying to cancel my contract for two weeks and every time I call they still say the contract is still open. I am about to contact my attorney if this isn’t resolved soon!

  • Dan Gould says:

    I had an American Shield service man came out to repair my forced hot air unit and was told it had to be replaced and would put in an order to replace it. American Home Shield notified me that my claim was denied and when I questioned their decision I was informed that they would replace the unit but that I would have $1450.00 in refitting expenses I check with several heating and air companies and was informed that the average cost of refitting was around $200.00 dollars and installation of a new unit with refitting was around $500 to $600.00. I asked American Home shield if they could give me the unit and have it installed myself, they said they could not do that but would give me $450 to buy the unit elsewhere. I check with the Home Depot and the cheapest inexpensive unit that I could buy from them was around $1000.00 plus tax. and that is without installation.When I told that to American Home shield they informed me that they could not pay more than what they paid wholesale. They would not give me the unit directly. This is a total scam as they know they pay more than $450 for the unit and want me to pay $1450 enough to cover their expense of purchasing the unit and enough for them to cover installation expenses. My next step is to notify the Better Business Bureau , I have already contacted the AARP fraud complaints and also gave a write up to consumers Pissed . If I have to contact my congressman to put in a complaint on Elder Abuse and company rip offs I will do that also. American Home shield is a a terrible dishonest company and all you have to do is check them out on line to see the many, many people who were ripped off by them. Stay away from this company and you will save a lot of money and aggravation . The Better Business Bureau also does not recommend doing business with them.

  • Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Your customer service is the worst. Phone call wait time always 30 min. – 1 hour or more. I paid my deductible for a service call in OCTOBER. I have yet to have my issue repaired. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and calling the NYS Consumer Affairs.

  • Debbie Neely says:

    I am an American Home Shield policy holder. Your service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been on hold for 4 hours and 10 minutes! You obviously are on an extended vacation and your employee went with you! I called the corporate office and was put on hold just like trying to put in a service request. I wish some one from the corporate office would please call me. My policy number is 233363612. My phone number is on the policy. Call my phone number!

  • Linda Ware Toure says:

    I am an American Home Shield customer. I have attempted to reach you by phone this morning 1/11/19 to discuss my renewal. I have been waiting on three different phone calls, one time 28 minutes, second time 35 minutes and the last time 26 minutes. After waiting 28 minutes, a person took my call and referred me to an agent to no avail. This is very frustrating and poor customer service. I wanted to know why my agreement increased for the renewal. I still have no response. I am not certain I want to renew due to service or lack of service I received today. Thank you, I hope you receive this message.

  • Bonita R. Walker says:

    Please Someone,
    I would really appreciate it Someone of Authority would kindly get back to me in regards to this on going situation. I have been a customer of American Home Shield for well over fifteen years;

    Please respond, as soon as possible, This has been going on since September 19, 2018 and is still not resolved. PLEASE

    I would hope that one of you would actually call me on the phone, and if it goes to voice mail, PLEASE leave a name and number, and I will return your call immediately.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Bonita Walker.

    agreement #239086532

    • None says:

      Everyone I was told we should call the Attorney General and voice our complaints. Glad to find out this info and be able to pass it on, let’s get busy.

      • Guest says:

        Most definitely need to elevate this to the attorney general and look into potential breaches of contractual obligations. Class action lawsuit possible.

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