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Where is American Furniture Warehouse  Corporate office Headquarters

American Furniture Warehouse Headquarters Address and Contact

American Furniture Warehouse
  • Address:  8820 American Way, Englewood, CO 80112United States
  • Phone Number: 303-799-9044
  • Fax Number: 303-288-1137
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: N/A 
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: N/A

American Furniture Warehouse Headquarters Location & Directions

American Furniture Warehouse Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Jacob Jabs

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Charlie Shaulis

Director of Communications

About American Furniture Warehouse, History and Headquarters Information

American Furniture Warehouse is a furniture selling company. It sells all kinds of furniture that are suitable for living room, dining room, bed room. It was founded in 1975 by Jake Jabs, He is the current CEO of the company. He acquired American Furniture Company in 1950s. It was 90 years old when he bought. He then converted it to the current American Furniture Warehouse.

Initially there was only one store in Denver, Colorado. Today there are more than 14 stores spread across US. The headquarters of the company is located in Englewood, Colorado. There are around 3, 000 employees working with the company. Its annual turnover is estimated to be $700 million.

Besides 14 stores inside the country, the company also owns stores in foreign lands. They are spread across more than 50 countries. They are not into manufacturing. The company buys and sells every popular furniture from all over the world.

The company also sells furniture accessories.

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  • Flora & Clifton Cardenas says:

    This company is no longer a friendly or customer service satisfaction furniture store. This is what happens when buying foreign devalued furniture for less and raising prices on consumers!

  • Kimberly Bumby says:

    So disappointed with AFW. Management and the delivery team need some training. We ordered bedroom furniture and the bed frame was on back order. About 10 days later we were told it was in stock and ready for delivery. FIRST delivery: We received a delivery without slats for the bed. Had to put the frame in our garage while they “cut” them at their warehouse and would have to come back another day to install (Multiple days later). SECOND delivery: we received the slats and they were going to put it together but they didn’t have the HARDWARE for the bed with them when they came. THIRD delivery: they brought the slats, but forgot the hardware AGAIN!!! Mind you, this has completely inconvenienced my husband 3 times at this point because they give you a window of a few hours for the delivery and we have to stop our day to have this bed put together (or not put together) during these multiple visits. Plus, we have to haul a king sized mattress and two box springs into our living room to make room for the bed being put together. After these last two deliveries, I called to speak to a manager and was given to Jenelle. She only apologized and say that it would get it fixed only for it not to be right for the next delivery. She did refund our delivery fee but that is NOTHING compared to our multiple inconveniences throughout the last few weeks. Wouldn’t you offer a credit of more than the delivery fee to try and keep a repeat customer who was inconvenienced this much? No, she just repeatedly said sorry and did nothing besides refund the delivery charge. What a joke! NOTHING could ever make me order from this company again. I would suggest staying away as well. We ended up having them take the bed back after all was said and done.

  • Gene Miller says:

    I purchased a Madison Power Lift recliner on Nov 9 it this year. The chair has a heat and massage function. Last night, Dec 9 I sat in the chair and went to turn on the heat and massage function as my lower back was aching. They did not work. I paid slightly over $1,000 for the chair and it doesn’t work after 30 days. I went to the store in Glendale AZ where I bought it. I went to the customer service department and was told I had to call customer service. I said, “There’s no need for me to call; I’m standing in the customer service department.” I asked to speak with the manager. He told me there was nothing he could do and that I had to submit a claim online. This is pure bullshit. I filled a claim and was informed i would be contacted in 48 to 72 hours to arrange for a technician to come by to fix it. I went to the customer service department in the store and was told they could not help me. Shameful.

    • De says:

      This seems to be their go to line “there’s nothing we can”. They are trying to tell me I was hostile and rude to their tech. When I specifically told HIM, if he’s going to be rude to me in my home he can leave. He said ok. But they are trying to turn it on me. This company is great at taking money and hiring the worst customer service reps ever.

  • Daniel Gallegos says:

    Has there been any talk about putting one of your Furniture stores out east(Watkins, Bennett) area? Thanks

  • ROBERT KMAN says:

    The name should be Customer Non Service. My living room set was delivered and one of the accent chairs
    squeaked every time I sat in it and the seam was crooked. I called Customer Service and Customer Rep #1 said it was under warranty and someone would come out to repair it. I said I didn’t want a repair since it was brand new. I wanted a new chair. I called back and Customer Rep# 2 said they could exchange it for a new one.
    I received and confirmed an email telling me of the delivery date and time frame. The chair never arrived and i called and Customer Rep #3 said it should have been delivered. He put me on hold and then said the chair was not on the truck. He would call me back with the particulars. He NEVER called back. The next day I called and Customer Rep #4 said the chair was coming from Colorado and would be here in two to four weeks. I told here it didn’t take that long to drive from Denver to Phoenix. I called back and asked for a supervisor. Customer Rep # 5 told me they did not have supervisors in the Customer Service Dept. She said the chair was on the truck and would be here in one to two weeks. She advised me to call the Store Manager in Glendale which I did. He told me the chair was in the Glendale warehouse and it would be delivered in two days.
    Contradictions or lies. #1 couldn’t be exchanged without a repairman affirming it/it could be exchanged without a repairman affirming it. Contradiction #2 – chair would be delivered on August 27/chair wasn’t on the truck. Contradiction # 3. Chair would be delivered in 2-4 weeks/chair would be delivered in 1-2 weeks. Contradiction # 4 Chair is in Colorado/chair is in Glendale warehouse. Whom to believe?? I have never encountered such an inefficient staff. If there are no supervisors, there should be to monitor the customer service representatives.

  • Irene russo says:

    Ordered a dresser and nightstand for a Bolanburg collection!!! When I received it it was not the right color!!! I called the store asap and they said there was nothing they could do about!!! This is not what I ordered!! I spent 1600.00 and didn’t get what I ordered!! I am so upset every time I walk in the my bedroom!!! The manager never got on the phone!! I called 3 times poor business!!! The only reason I ordered thru them was because they said it would be in by February didn’t get it till June!!! I should have went with Ashley Store!!! Never again will I buy anything from them!!!!

  • Mike Pivacek says:

    Horrible customer service. I ordered a mattress for delivery, asked for the old one to picked up and the sales person (Jesus) assured me it would be. Lo and behold the mattress is delivered to my Mom’s facility today and they don’t remove the old one. Called the store and they tell me it is not on the order so I ask what they will so as it was an error on the part of the sales person. The support person (Sabrina) tells me they would need to charge me another $150 to do so. I asked to speak to a manager and she tells me she is the most senior customer service person at the store and when I ask to speak to her manager she tells me she works for AFW and she tells me she does not have a manager I can soeak to – her manager does not speak to customers! I have since called and left a message at the corp. headquarters awaiting a call back. I

  • Maureen Kemp says:

    I am currently on hold with the Gilbert AZ location for a manager, its been 52 minutes now. 6 years ago I bought a couch with recliners at each end as well as a dual recliner with a console between the recliners, they are electric. All four recliners have stopped working, I am being told that the warranty expired last year and there is nothing they can do for me because they are holding their parts for customers who’s warranty hasn’t expired…really..aren’t I a customer, who I might add was so impressed with the service when I bought this furniture that I referred several friends and family to purchase furniture there and they did!! Now I am being told, sorry you’ll have to research it yourself and find someone to fix. That isn’t okay with me, I am 60 years old with health issues!! oh and the entire I have been typing this I am still on hold to speak with a manager, 57 minutes now!!

  • Howard says:

    Where do I even begin?! There has been nothing but issues at the Glendale, AZ location. Below is a very precise description with dates included of EVERYTHING that has happened.

    Details you need to know:
    We ordered lots of furniture and placed it under layaway. From the beginning they did say it would take a couple of months and that our furniture would be delivered in 2 separate deliveries as most furniture would come in May and our table would come in June.

    All the details: Delivery for our furniture was set for Saturday May 7th they didn’t show up. We called and they said “forgot to take it off layaway (which we finished paying it before we set the delivery appointment), therefore it couldn’t be delivered.”However, they never called to tell us it couldn’t be delivered. Spoke to the manager names Kathy, First she said there was nothing that could be done, and said our furniture couldn’t get delivered for another 2 weeks, she didn’t even apologize. When I got upset I asked if I could speak to a store manager and she said that she was the only one I could talk to. I then got very upset and she finally apologized and gave us $50 back for the inconvenience and scheduled it for Tuesday May 10th (after 5pm).

    Delivery was set to be on Tuesday (after 4pm) But Delivered right before noon, calling us only about 25 minutes before getting to our home. We were at work and we do not work close to home so that was a huge inconvenience.

    There is stains on our stools that are yellow and brown and you can clearly see the hand/finger prints. I have cleaned those barstools at least 5 times but it won’t clean up all the way. There’s also a 2 inch long chip on one stool. Doors on coffee table are very loose, and coffee table is not leveled.

    AFW Called that table was almost here (they will call when table gets here). Waited a week, never called us that table WAS here, so we stopped at the store and they said table had been here for days but forgot to call us to schedule the delivery.

    It was set to be delivered May 24th, received a voicemail saying table was damaged in transportation (when table was being loaded to the truck and they let us know that delivery was cancelled and table was going to get fixed). Called Kathy (manager), she said we were going to get a $50 check (partial delivery fee reimbursement) as of because of all these inconveniences.

    Later found out table couldn’t get fixed so they sent the warehouse a new table.

    Saturday June 4th, a guy came to take a look at our furniture, he said 2 bar stools need to be replaced (the one with the wood chip, and the other one is damaged and both are actually very unsafe as they can break at any moment). Meaning 2 of the 4 bar stools will be replaced, he also said we will need a new coffee table as it cannot be repaired and doors are very wobbly. However, my question is WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER TWO BAR STOOLS? THEY ARE STILL VERY STAINED.

    Table was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday June 8th in the morning, they never showed up. Husband called AFW said “we don’t know what happened, table never made it to the truck.” They called hours later to tell us that they re-scheduled it for Thursday after 5pm. I called, spoke to Angel (delivery manager) and I expressed my concern of them not showing up at all or showing up in the morning again with very short notice and he rescheduled it for Friday after 5pm so he can personally make sure it gets delivered after 5pm. TABLE WAS NOT DELIVERED NO CALL NO SHOW.

    As you can see, this nightmare has been ongoing for over a month now and all we have received in return is $100 of the delivery fee back to us. We have missed many days at work to get our furniture delivered which have been in vein as AFW don’t even show up. Half of our furniture needs to be replaced and we still haven’t heard when that will occur. As well as those 2 bar stools that seem to be permanently stained have not been taken care of either, and they have not said if they will be replaced either or if they are going to come and get them professionally cleaned.

    I left a voicemail to one of the store managers (forgot which one it was) on June 8th but have not received a call back. I also contacted customer service via email. I sent them information about my order so they could look into it (this was Thursday, it is now Saturday) and no one responded.

    At this point, I don’t know who I can get in contact with as we are being ignore by everyone. If someone who can ACTUALLY help can contact me, that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Howard says:

      Edit: Finally a supervisor named James apologized and helped us. Everything that was damaged and/or broken was supposed to be replaced today and they were going to deliver that today. They didn’t show up and they have not called us. I guess I will need to contact James again soon if they don’t show up in the next 30 minutes. At this time, their delivery time window has passed. We will see if they arrive late, but they are supposed to call 30 minutes in advance and there is no call, no email, no voicemail as of 9:35am AZ time.

      • Howard says:

        Final update:

        Spoke to James in the store and he was able to help more than Kathy and actually apologized. He told us to give him a few hours to look into it. Called us about 2-3 hours later. Delivery for coffee table, bar stools, and table set for Sunday June 19th by James.

        Got an email to confirm delivery with all the info. We were to get the table, coffee table, and 2 new barstools on Sunday May 19 delivered. From 7am-9:30am. They would take the other 2 barstools to get them repainted. They didn’t show up. Called at 10:10am spoke to a customer service agent and they said it was a mistake and we are supposed to get it delivered today but at around 1pm (we are first in line set for 1pm-4pm so you will get it no later than 2pm). I called at 2:20pm, a customer service manager told me that the delivery truck was just heading out of the warehouse and that they were heading straight to my house to deliver as we were still first in line. To expect a call within the next 10 minutes. At 3:00pm I checked online and the delivery truck was marking a location that is almost an hour away from my home and I hadn’t received a call yet. I called at 4:30pm and had to cancel because they said that the stuff wasn’t actually set to be delivered till around 6pm-7pm. Had to cancel as we were not going to be home that day. This was on Father’s Day and they completely ruined our day as we had to cancel all of our plans for this.

        We got our stuff delivered the next day on Monday June 20th. My husband told the delivery guys which bar stools they needed to take to get repainted BUT the guys went to the truck and my husband thought they were putting stuff away and getting tools and the guys just took off without taking the barstools and before my husband got a chance to inspect the furniture delivered. One barstool that was delivered is broken and stained with brown spots AGAIN. And the other bar stool has a missing screw and is also stained with brown spots. We still have the old bar stools that need to be repainted here.

        Spoke to James, he said that at this point… corporate will need to get Involve and that they would contact us. As of June 18th, no one has contacted us.

        Spoke with Brittany (customer service) over the phone. Explained the situation with the bar stools and she set up an appointment for them to come re stain the 2 barstools. Got a message that appointment was for July 22nd from 10:30am-1pm. They called a little after 9am that they were on their way. They showed up right before 10am.

        We ended up just leaving everything and looking up days to repair the furniture ourselves as we got a coffee table, one bedroom set, 4 barstools, tv stand, and dining set. It would be too much to handle as EVERYTHING has something wrong with it. Or was a nightmare just trying to get half of those things right, can’t imagine trying to return everything or get everything fixed. Not worth it. Never going back again.

        In total, we received a $100 refund, and a $100 credit. Consider everything we spent, that was a joke!

  • ddoak says:

    I recent bought Parota 70 in. console from your warehouse. They delivered it and I just love it. They took a picture of it and left. It is a distressed piece of furniture. I didn’t inspect it then, but notice later on the top of the piece one of the depressions has slightly white appearance, like the finish is flaking off. I call AFW and reported it a few days later. They said they would replace it. Within a half an hour a person called from Colorado, and said that the picture that the movers took, doesn’t show anything, compared to what I have sent thru the phone, and would not replace it. They said they could repair it.
    A guy came today, Sunday 1, 2020 and touched up. He got rid of the white, by coloring over the white with a marker and then put a finish one it. It looked ok and about 10 minutes later when I felt it, it feals rough finish. Then a person from AFW call me and asked how did I like the job. I said it’s rough where he sprayed over it & I wasn’t completely satisfied. The she asked me if $30.00 would be ok deducted off of the price. I didn’t accept it, as I didn’t like the difference of the finishes now. Then she put me on hold and came back and said it would be replaced. I said okay. About 10 minutes later, I received a call from a man from AFW and he said that the order for replacement is canceled, from HIGHER UP, and will not be delivered, and hung up on me, while I was trying to explain.

  • Toni Miller says:

    I have had a deposit on an order for a dining room set since November 2021 and was willing to wait until August 2022 when you anticipated you would have it in stock. I also had a pub set that I made a separate deposit on and then chose to cancel the order for that on 2/20/2022. Your associate, Rebecca, cancelled the pub order and also cancelled order for the dining room set, which I did not request. I got my Visa bill and noticed the mistake and went to the Firestone store and made the deposit over again but was told I am now on the bottom of the waiting list for the dining room set. This seems very unfair since it was through no fault of my own. Please consider adjusting the list to place me back where I was before a mistake by your employee. Thank you!

  • Michelle Neal says:

    I purchased a washer and dryer in January of this year the washer was not functional we returned the washer and was told we could either have store credit or a gift card or a corporate check would be mailed to us. We choose to have the corporate check mailed to us since we don’t need any more of their crap. It’s been nearly a month and we have called and called and still no check, we have been told it’s says it’s processing but they can’t see if it’s been mailed. WTH!! This place is a joke. Give us our money already please!!

  • Marlo Irelan says:

    I purchased a bed at American furniture warehouse in Glendale Arizona the bed was broken when I purchased it that was not known to me as the bed is covered in cloth I called multiple times and nobody returned the call the bed ended up being out of warranty I paid a $25 and some cent fee for them to send somebody out here to look at it the representative I spoke with on the phone was able to see that nobody had ever called me back so they repaired my footboard of the bed I was without a bed for three weeks when the men came to bring the bed back and reassemble it I specifically asked that the sides of the bed be looked at as they were not straight they said there was no problem and I had a one-year warranty on the repairs that were made to the bed the bed is now at a complete slant I had a representative come out and look at the bed the other day he told me that he never seen anything like this I just called today to see what they’re doing about it they said they’re not going to do anything about it because it’s out of warranty I mentioned that I was told there was a one-year warranty on the work that was performed they said that was incorrect sorry to hear that I wasn’t part of that conversation and now they want me to sit here with a $600 bedframe that is broken I have rods in my neck I have pins and plates in my foot and at any given moment this bad collapse and isn’t it wonderful that nobody at American furniture warehouse wants to assist you with anything they’re quite happy with selling some faulty furniture and just letting it be trying to contact somebody at the corporate office and unable to locate a phone number I would hope somebody would get back with me I hope you are concerned about your customers I did spend almost $10,000 in your store that year

  • Marilyn Pederson says:

    Bought a couch 3 months later still don’t have. Still selling a model they can’t deliver. Grand Junction store very rude when asked about giving me floor model. Got refund. Will never shop there again

  • Selvana says:

    The customer service and products sucks will never shop there I won’t even recommend this store to any friends and family I wish I can post pictures of the sofa I purchased in July of 2020 and I have had it for a year and it’s falling apart for almost 2500$ I called and spoke to three different people all of them were rude and disrespectful if you have worked hard for your money don’t spend it here

  • Mario Ramirez says:

    I brought a TV and it was broken the sales person told me to bring it back for an exchange. The warehouse manager said it was not authorized and she was very rude. I rented a uhaul to bring it back. I left the TV there until the manager John called me. He was going to try and get a refund or replacement and this guy never called me back or return any of my messages. So I lost 1600 to John and AMFW.

  • Dave says:

    Why do you sell furniture in your other warehouses across the state but the customer has to wait now for three months and still doesn’t have the furniture they purchased. Just keep getting g the runaround ( Pueblo)

  • John laird says:

    We bought an entire house of furniture from amerwarehouse/ the livingroom recliner sofa the fake leather just fell off only a year or so after purchase!!😣😣! I requested some help/ compensation& they basically told me to take a hike! Very poor customer service& even less quality furniture! My # 719- 650 5119 if anyone will help? Im not holding my breath for sure!😠😠

  • Jessi says:

    Worst place ever. They don’t care and only want your money. You probably won’t get what you ordered when you ordered. They are rude and totally unapologetic.

  • Danny Levy says:

    I bought a power recliner sofa sectional and at first one of the recliners was bent they replaced that section and the new one came unwraps in no packaging and the stitching on the bottom flags was horrible. I called they had a service tech out and said oh ya it’s bad stitching from the manufacture so they said they can repair it. The customer service manager said I would have the pieces back in 5 to 7 days so I have to go without half of my brand new couch for. Week after spending all that money on it . I get a call today ie Monday and they say that can’t deliver it back to me till Friday I’m 10 min away from them horrible customer service don’t buy from them I have bought several item from them but I will never buy from them ever again!!!!!

  • Chuck Walker says:

    Purchased a sectional a few weeks back. They delivered it this past Saturday night at 10:30 PM. ??
    They literally drooped the 3 pieces off and left. My wife got up the next morning ( Sunday) and we tried several configurations to make them work. They did not.
    Called the store today Monday to ask if we can return theses and buy the sectional they had and I was told NO. I should has refused them. Told him it was 10:30 Sat night. They swooped in and bolted. Then he said COVID. Then he said it should be within 48 hours. Complete BS.

  • Angela Brown says:

    Don’t ever purchase from them, I bought a $400 patio chair mid April and it’s broke. A tech comes out looks at it says to me ” they aren’t as sturdy as you might think these days, yeah you’re right it shouldnt lean back that far”. Told me customer service will call me with my options. Then when customer service calls they tell me tech told them it’s normal wear and tear and they won’t help me. He wouldnt entertain any other option or discuss it further. How is it normal wear and tear for a chair to not be able to sit erect any longer when it’s only months old. Horrible customer service when you need help on a faulty item!!! So angry I just threw $400 away 😡

  • Lory Velazquez says:

    I was very unsatisfied with the damage department since when does afw damage a door and wall and only offer 59$ . I thought your customers meant more !!!

  • Barbara Todd says:

    July 18, 2021
    Jake JabsCEO, American Furniture Warehouse
    Dear Mr. Jabs,
    I have followed your career for many years = first, when I lived in Colorado, and then again when I retired from the University and moved to Arizona in 2013.  I have purchased many pieces of furniture from American Furniture Warehouse, and encouraged many people who live in our Del Webb community to stop by AFW to purchase their furniture.  I indicated that it was good quality furniture at a reasonable price, and told them about you and your charitable giving.  Now, I am very sorry I did this.  I would expect that training your employees on customer service skills would be high on your list of welcoming new employees, but this does not seem to be the case. Detailed below is my experience.
    On February 4, 2017, I purchased a grey leather sectional.  This was the Gear Charcoal 3 piece leather power recliner from Simon Li.  We failed to purchase a warranty for the sectional – a big mistake on my part.  Within two years after we purchased it, we noticed that the leather in the seats began to “stretch”, not only for the seat cushions we sat on the most, but also those we sat in very little. In approximately November of 2020, I called the service department to ask if they had any recommendations on someone in the Valley who might be able to repair it.  AFW created a service record  (547747003) and indicated they would send someone out to look at it.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that parts could be ordered for it, and the couch could be fixed for approximately $520. This included the purchase from Simon Li of leather replacement pieces and a $59 delivery fee,  
    On December 17  “Andrew” took down my credit card number and deducted $365.82 to start the process of contacting Simon Li and ordering our parts.  The money was transferred to “Taylor” and indicated we “will be contacted when the parts are in.”  After not hearing from anyone, I called on January  5, 2021, as I assumed we should learn of parts delivery by this time.  First I was told by “Jamie” that to my surprise it often takes 120 – 180 days to hear back from the company for parts – especially companies like Simon Li that are international.  I had no idea my money would be on hold for so long.  And then I was told by “Andrew” at this time that nothing had been filed with the parts department.  Andrew indicated on January 5, 2021, that he would research whether or not the order had been placed and get back to me shortly.  I did not hear from anyone at AFW,  over the next few days and I then finally got a hold of”Andrew” again who  indicated that the order was not placed so again, “Andrew” reordered parts that day (January 8, 2021).  
    After not hearing from anyone at AFW, and waiting the 120 – 180 days for the parts to ship, I called on July 15 2021, to determine the status of my order.  At that time I talked with “Tyler” who indicated it appeared that the parts had never been ordered.  He said he would then call the parts departments on July 15, and would get back to me immediately.  I then heard nothing on July 16 so I called him on July 17.  I was told he had the day off, at which time “Jimeah” indicated she would call the parts department and call me back.  It is now July 18 and I have yet to hear anything from ANYONE at AFW.  
    Do you see the problems here, and why my level of frustration is so high?
    1.  You have held $365.82 of my money for six months with no results.  2.  I can’t get anyone to call me back to find out the status of this problem.  Your staff seems very comfortable with failing to assist customers.  3.  There seems to be some real training issues with your staff if there have been attempted efforts to file a request for parts but it is never done.4.  Our sectional has suffered even greater damage due to the amount of time there has been no resolution to this problem.
    I have a confirmation email from an AFW staff member dated January 9, 2021, indicating these problems in the event you are hoping to tell me that your customer service is of the highest quality and this problem did not occur.  Of course, the person from AFW DID NOT include her name.
    I expect now an immediate refund of my $365.82 payment.  I should expect interest but know that this is more than I will get from AFW.  I would like an explanation also to the problems within AFW that led to this abysmal service.  

    Additional comment: After sending in my complaint on the customer service website today, I was sent a return “form” to complete. It was obvious there was no human review of what I was saying. I have been told to submit the “order number” and different photos from different angles. It is apparent once again that AFW has no concerns for it’s customers. There are no pictures of the $365.82 you “stole from me”. Just return my damn money before I report you to the BBB.

    Barbara Todd

  • Need better customer service says:

    I bought a dinning set and it had some dings. So I called customer service and they said they will bring up new chair’s. I couldn’t bring home one chair because the top part was cracked. They weren’t going to tell us it had been cracked. I waited for weeks for a phone call saying it was ready for exchange. I bring the rest of the chair’s to exchange and the chair’s they were going to give me had even worse dings. So I had to come back again. I was told they will give me a call once it was done. Still no phone call. I called a couple days later and they said it was ready. Exchange chair’s and notice that two of the chair’s are now cracked. I called customer service and it was a battle. they were no help and didn’t seem to understand the frustration I was dealing with for 3 months. This past purchase every time I called they have been no help. The representative Kaley was no help and hung up on me without coming to a solution. I’ve bought furniture on different occasions and I never had a problem till now.

  • Autumn says:

    I attempted to buy a sleeper sofa online for pickup. I wanted to purchase it before I actually arrived at the store, to ensure it would be in stock. I was charged TWICE online. My bank cancelled one of the orders, assuming it was fraud. I had to wait a week for the money to be put back in my account for the other charge, because AFW he cancelled my order (even though they had my money) I figured….”ok must’ve been a mistake”.

    THEN I went to the store to buy the couch in person. No problem. Bought it seamlessly.

    Yesterday, I went to the same location and was humiliated!! The salesman treated me like I was some kind of criminal after he brought up my account. He was extremely rude and unprofessional.

    He brought me to the front of the store and started whispering back and forth to the cashier. I inquired as to what the problem was. He snapped at me “I don’t know!”

    As we were waiting to purchase two chairs….the cashier calls multiple people on the phone. We stood clueless. Finally I get the opportunity to pay for my items.
    They over charge me $50. The cashier asked me if he went over the cash policy with me….nope! He then continues to say that since I paid with cash I can’t get my money back for 2-6 weeks ….in the form of a check! I told him it was unsatisfactory due to the fact that I wasn’t informed and there was no such signage.

    The cashier then goes on to tell me that the big hold up was because they had to call their fraud department on me. I was insulted. They had overcharged me, not once, but TWICE, yet I was the subject in question????

    There were no apologies from the AFW staff. I have previously purchased many items from AFW. This was a huge letdown.

    First time feeling racially profiled in public.

  • Charras Hollis says:

    I Brought furniture from AFW and it was infested with bedbugs. I will be calling the health department to get them to inspect all the warehouses. Before I bought the furniture I didn’t have no issues with bed bugs I have moved into the place a whole month before I bought the couch with no bug problem.

  • Reba says:

    I have bought several things at American family warehouse before however this last trip to buy a bed for my son was horrible. I ordered a bed and a mattress In February.I was told That the bed would be in beginning to middle of March and the mattress would be end of March.The sales person called me at the end of March and said the bed was here but we were still waiting on slats for the bed. Wasn’t sure how that could happen you can get a bed without slats? Anyway, we were also then told that the mattress would not be here until the middle of April. I asked the sales agent if there was a comparable mattress that we could get at the same price because my son had already waited more than a month for a bed and was sleeping on the floor. She Called me back and said the manager would let me have a pillow top and there’s only a $10 difference and they’d be willing to waive that $10. Ummm excuse me. I thought I asked for something comparable. A pillow top is not the same as a memory foam. Oh and don’t hurt yourself $10 really. So I asked her to cancel the mattress because it had not come in and I didn’t wanna pay a 15% restocking fee. Which she said she could do.I made it crystal clear That we wanted to keep the bed since we were only waiting for the slats. So a couple days later we’re not hearing anything from her, I called. When I called I was told our order had been canceled so now we not only didn’t have a mattress we didn’t have a bed either. I was furious and asked to talk to a manager. Not only did he blame me saying he heard the whole thing which how he could hear the whole thing I don’t know he only heard the sales person’s conversation not mine. And then proceeded to argue with me. Are you kidding me. Neither the sales person nor the manager said I’m sorry, how can I help you, how can we make this better….NOTHING! I suggested letting us have the four model of the bed we ordered. The manager said oh I’ll go look at it and let you know. Called me back said oh there’s several scratches on it which we can touch up and will give you $50 off. Again are you kidding me!! So needless to say I ordered a bed from online and we’re getting it in three days. Whatever happened to customer service!!

  • Laura says:

    No regard for safety of customers. Two couples were in the Gilbert, AZ store without masks in violation of a City ordinance and store policy. No staff said a word. Then, one of the maskless started talking to us and we politely asked them to step back. They were very rude and no staff intervened. Never shopping there again. Obviously more concerned about selling furniture than customer safety.

  • Tammy Pritchett says:

    Lest start by stating for me to take time out of my horrible evening to type this says a lot but I feel someone needs to know just how horrible our experience was.
    Don’t know what happen to customer service but recent purchases of bed turn into night mare. Three trips which we planned one purchasing then pick up part 2nd trip which is where things went fro bad to worse, first cashier laughed at me and made fun of me with other coworker so I talked with manager on duty who apologized sort of bit compensated up me by order part we need for our bed at no charge we left with part of our purchase thinking all was taken care of.
    Well nothing could be further from the truth not only did the manger order wrong part but he also deleted part of order as we discovered today when we came to pick it up. We were to,d we were refunded but it hasn’t hit our account or is it pending per our bank and it has been 6 business days. But to make matters worse I called before we made the long trip to pick up rest of our order and was told yes it was not only was the rest of our order there but so was the part. Nope not the case wrong part and she. We checked in with my receipt in ah d and ID stated we were here to get top items on receipt and a part that was ordered no problem we will text you when ready. So stand around d wait get text and the we found out all the mistakes. In the heat standing around waiting for manager who just wanted to get rid of us and had no compassion for our frustration after spend 1600 dollars with your business expected better, which we have had in past with our many purchases, table & chairs, couch, two chairs, and now bed. So for all the trouble we dealt with 10% off remainder of order which we were recharged for because I haven’t seen said refund or cancellation of part of our order which I didn’t ask for because I stated and asked if we get get part now and rest later and was told yes. We were drenched in sweat and frustrated and then watch then have two different order puller pull two of identical items so which makes no sense at all.

    All I can say other than our sales person Steven everyone else we dealt with dropped the ball. Think we are done shopping America Furniture Warehouse.

  • Sherrie says:

    Webster store manager Matt, has absolutely no customer service. My salesmen Travis was wonderful, helpful took us right to what we wanted after shopping at many different stores. BUT My couches were supposed be delivered on the 19th, I called because I didn’t hear from anyone. The guy on the phone said “oh they are here, I guess they forgot to put you on the schedule it will be next Friday” At this point I had already gotten rid of my furniture and my in-laws were coming into town. Matt called the next morning on Friday to tell me he could not fit me in. I did not call him back because I was so mad. I called him On Monday to see if they will be delivering this Friday and he said “no we can not deliver until July 3rd we don’t have anything available for this Friday.” I asked him why did he not put me on the schedule for this Friday knowing I did not have furniture. I got rid of mine because ours should have been here. I got rid of ours and my 78 & 79 year in-laws who came to visit for Father’s Day weekend had to sit on lawn chairs.

    If my furniture finally gets delivered on July 3rd it will be over a month waiting on our new furniture. We bought on May 31st. I asked for his corporate office he says we don’t answer to them but you can look them up and call them. Ok what is your last name. It’s Matt store manager that’s all you need to know.

  • Pissed says:

    My son is autistic and this is an inconvenience that I cannot afford. And being told to just buy it somewhere else, or buy something else is just asinine. The privilege of this lady. I asked to speak to her manager and she insisted she had no manager and that she was the manager. No one was above her. Malarkey

  • Pissed says:

    I’m very irritated with the sales people and customer service. I ordered a mattress, a twin mattress. Was told it was in stock and it would be delivered with the rest of my furniture. No mattress in delivery. Then was told to call to check. Texted the sales person and was made to wait all day to then be told it didn’t make it in the transfer from another store. Was supposed to be delivered today and was just call THIS MORNING, after being texted last night that it was being delivered today, saying it wasn’t going to be delivered yet again for the same reason. I’m livid. The lady that called me lied and told me her name was Laura and that she was at corporate. She gave me the customer service number when I asked for the corporate number. Her name is Cheryl and her attitude was nasty and she kept talking over me and breathing hard and kept insisting on just cancelling the order. I’m very upset and will not be shopping here ever again. Very u professional.

  • Mary Yeager says:

    I wanted to buy a bed frame that had built in shelves and drawers. My only options were to pick up or pay $29.00 curbside delivery or $69.00 installed in my home. At 65 years old the pickup and curbside would not work so in addition to an expensive bed you want more money??? I have bought my furniture from you for years, but I am NOT HAPPY with you now, and will take my senior citizen business to someone more helpful to the elderly.

  • Aaron ledbetter who buy kindle the furniture says:

    Lee shocking American Furniture in Montgomery Alabama spend about $20,000 on their time we got we got that when we got in the lamps we got didn’t work button to come out the couch chair ball chair with the balls out strings coming out with told him about this the same day we got it but I didn’t pay it no attention to call the dude and take some pictures I only said I wants to know I spent a lot of money on his furniture she picked out what she wanted we supposed to be good Furniture expensive expensive furniture and shouldn’t be coming apart first day we got lamp should work the county should not become a part ball chair in the ball should be strange coming out of the few more things she said it was wrong I know she told Baha I think it’s his name and at the main office Montgomery but we can’t get anything accomplished through him we’re able Automotive. I hated The Waiting for a Star to come from we’ve been calling every day for about a month trying to get it take care of it is but it’s a lot of money we spend on there and it should become kind of warranty or affect 95 tree or something cuz we don’t get a lawyer to the hell on I’m coming to get done y’all I got the money for one

  • Sheree Valdez - Asset and Supply Manager American Medical Response says:

    We are a very large Corporation, Nationwide. Our local Central AZ. Location is trying to do business with your Gilbert, AZ location. Our checks come out of a holding account with Bank of America and your local operations will not accept the check without verification thru UTA, we are at an impass. Currently we have a pending order of approx. 4600.00 and I would look forward to more business if we are able to work together. Can you set up an A/R charge account for us? 602-885-5671

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