Where Is American Express Corporate Office Headquarters

American Express Headquarters Address and Contact

American Express
  • Address: World Financial Center, 200 Vesey St, New York, NY 10285, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-640-2000

  • Email: IR@aexp.com

  • Number of Employees: 59000

  • Established: March 18, 1850

  • Founder: William Fargo, Henry Wells & John Warren Butterfield

  • Key People: Mohammed Badi, Douglas E. Buckminster

American Express Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact American Express Corporate Office

American Express, otherwise known as Amex, an American-based multinational financial services company. American Express enables its customers to use credit cards, process payments, transfer funds, and carry out many other finance-related activities.

American Express serves millions of people. If you have a problem with any of your transactions and America Express is involved, you might want to contact their corporate office. How do you get in touch with their corporate office?

If you need to send a package to American Express corporate headquarters, you will need their physical address.

Physical Address:

World Financial Center, 200 Vesey St,

New York, NY 10285, United States                      

You can reach them through the following phone numbers as well.

Main: (212) 640-2000

Customer Service: (800) 528-4800

Toll Free: (800) 528-4800

You can also write them an e-mail through IR@aexp.com

Visit the official website www.americanexpress.com for more information on how you can get in touch with the American Express corporate office.

American Express has a strong presence on social media. Social media might be the easiest way to reach them.

Twitter: @AmericanExpress

Facebook: American Express

Instagram: American Express

American Express Headquarters Info & Photos

American Express headquarters are at the Three World Financial Center, New York City, New York, United States. The building is also known as the American Express Tower. The building is a 739-foot skyscraper sandwiched between liberty street and Vesey street in lower Manhattan.

American Express has multiple locations in the USA. It has offices in six other countries in Europe and Asia as well. American Express has 59000 employees.

American Express Headquarters Photo
American Express Corporate Office Photo

American Express Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

200 Vesey St New York (HQ), NY



12-20 Shelley St Sydney



100 Feet Rd Bengaluru



Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, 15 Ponte Galeria


New Zealand

Level 3, Building A, 600 Great South Road Auckland

American Express Headquarters Executive Team

Stephen J. Squeri


Stephen J. Squeri is the Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Express. He has held that position since 2018. He was the vice-chairman of American Express from 2015, before becoming the chairman. He was the president of the global corporate services group while he was the vice-chairman.

Squeri joined Amex in 1985. He was appointed to a managerial position within the Travellers Cheque Group of Amex. Squeri first executive position was the President of the Establishment Services group of Amex in the US and Canada. He served in that position between 2000 and 2002. He then served as the President of the Corporate Card group between 2002 and 2005. From there, he became the Chief Information officer of the company. He was named the Group president of the Global Services Group in 2009. He became a vice chairman in 2015.

Squeri went to Manhattan College and earned a BSc. in 1981. He also earned an MBA from the same institution in 1986. He is now a member of the Board of Trustees of the Manhattan College.

Mohammed Badi


Mohammed Badi is the Chief Strategy Officer of Amex. He is in charge of the company’s business strategies. The runs the company’s long-term planning processes. Badi was appointed the Chief Strategy Officer in 2018.

Before joining Amex in 2018, Badi was the Managing Director and Senior Partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Dr Badi is also credited with helping multiple technology start-ups get on their feet.

Dr Badi holds a doctorate, Masters of Science, and Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in French.  He obtained all his degrees from Stanford University. He currently serves as an adjunct professor at Stanford University. He also sits on the board of trustees of the Tenement Museum of New York City.

Jeffrey C. Campbell


Jeffrey C. Campbell is the Chief Financial Officer of American Express. He is also an executive vice president of the company. He is responsible for the company’s financial functions.

Mr Campbell had worked in a similar capacity at American Airlines before joining Amex. He has also worked at Deloitte, Haskins and Sells. He currently sits as a board member at Hexcel Corporation as well as the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Campbell went to Stanford University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He also has an MBA from Harvard University.

Name Title
Doug Buckminster Vice Chairman
Alex Drummond Chief Strategy Officer
Andres Espinosa American Express Chief Credit Officer and Executive Committee Member
Alan Gallo Executive Vice President Chief Audit Executive Internal Audit Group
Howard Grosfield President U.S. Consumer Services
Monique R. Herena Chief Colleague Experience Officer
Raymond Joabar Group President Global Merchant and Network Services
Rafael Marquez President International Card Services
Anna Marrs Group President Global Commercial Services and Credit & Fraud Risk
Glenda McNeal President Enterprise Strategic Partnerships
David Nigro Chief Risk Officer American Express
Rick Petrino Chief Operating Officer American Express National Bank
Denise Pickett President Global Services Group
Ravi Radhakrishnan Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Elizabeth Rutledge Chief Marketing Officer
Laureen E. Seeger Chief Legal Officer
Jennifer Skyler Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Anré Williams Chief Executive Officer American Express National Bank and Group President Enterprise Services American Express Company

About American Express


American Express was started in 1850 as an express mail business. The company was started as a merger between two express companies owned by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, the two guys who started Wells Fargo.

American Express first headquarters were at the intersection of Hudson Street and Jay Street in Buffalo, New York. In its early days, the company was a monopoly throughout New York State in the business of express shipments. Their shipments included goods, currency, and securities.

American Express moved to 65 Broadway in Manhattan in 1874 when it had started becoming the Financial District of New York City. 


American Express is nowadays in the business of processing transactions and money transfers. It offers banking cards products. You can get consumer cards, commercial cards, and non-proprietary cards from them.

They also offer non-card products such as traveler’s cheques, financial advice, international banking, individual banking, and publishing. They also have a travel division that helps business people venture overseas.


American Express had assets worth $28 million by 1903. It was the second most valuable company after the National City Bank of New York among the financial institutions in New York City at the time. As a result of this wealth and might, the company bought the Broadway properties that it was renting at the time. That’s where the Three World Financial Center was built.

The Three World Financial Center is just next to the World Trade Center. The building was severely damaged when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11. The southeast corner of the building suffered significant structural damage, although no part of the building collapsed.

  • Brandie W. says:

    Applied for an AMEX business card for my LLC. In the application it clearly states my social security number will only be used to verify my identity BUT the denial letter I received stated the reason I was denied an AMEX Business card was due to my PERSONAL fico score. False information within the application process will now lead to a mark on my credit score. Also, I suppose American Express doesn’t support 100% minoritory/women owned business!!!

  • Paul Coles says:

    I’m executor to an estate with a balance due to AMEX the amount of $7,768. Called 6/29 spoke with Gene, asked him what is the minimum amount AMEX would settle the claim on? Was told $6,200 which is 80%…I was at work myself at this time so we settled on $3,493 which is 45%. While in traffic on the way home from work..I realized that the negotiation was not done in Good Faith on part I asked him the minimum acceptance and he gave me 80% which normally is at the high end of settlement offers…30-40% is the minimum. As you can this didn’t sit right, I called spoke this time to Phil, asked him the minimum, after numerous times asking him the minimum, he finally said 40% which is $3,105, I countered that offer with 30% that is $2,328…he had to asked his manager Kimberly if that’s agreeable, she denied it. Asked to speak with her…she sounded refreshed and soft spoken so I was hopeful that by me appealing to her of the hardship my family faces with the lost of the matriarch my mom and taking care of a sibling with a disability that that would appeal to her, it didn’t. In fact, not only not even hearing/considering my offer…she said that she would go forth in seeking the full amount.
    I was flabbergasted. AMEX core principle beliefs is to provide the best aid to the people. I asked..is this an example of that aid to the people in need?

  • Steve says:

    After having talked with numerous individuals regarding my issue, I am trying a different approach. I have the platinum card. I also have a gold card. I have been an Amex card holder since 2002. My issue is the following: In August of this year, I signed up for the Delta Amex Reserve card. After finding out it would cost me an additional $175 to add my wife to the card, I called to cancel the Reserve card. During my conversation with the representative, I was told if I “downgrade” to the Platinum Card, I could be part of the promotion which at the time was spend $3000 and receive 90,000 Delta miles. I did not receive the miles on my statement, so I called. I was told I was not eligible for the miles since I downgraded my card. I was also told an inquiry on my behalf would be generated. I called back today, about 3 weeks since my original call. I spoke with 4 different individuals. Eventually, Patrick (a supervisor) helped me. He was very nice and he did as much as he said he could, which is to give me some points. My issue is that while I appreciate the additional points, I do not have the 90,000 points I was promised when I switched cards.

    I would really appreciate getting this resolved so I can receive the 90,000 points.

  • Doug Terry says:

    American Express is damaging my credit rating because of a minor mistake that occurred last summer (June) while I was traveling in Europe. During that time, some minor charges came through on my Hilton/AmEx card that put it over the credit limit by $25.00. I did not take immediate action to correct this because I knew we would be traveling back to the US in a few days.

    The over limit charges happened for two reasons: 1. Some recurring bills came through, several of which I had previously tried to cancel but were not cancelled by the merchants. 2. I made some modest purchases (less than 100) related to the trip we were taking and was not aware that the merchant charges I had requested by taken off had not been removed.

    This minor overcharge caused AmEx to lower the available credit on my Platinum card. This lower limit and the report of the overcharge caused my credit score to drop by 42 points. Apparently, another credit card company has taken note of this drop and now my credit rating has dropped by another 12 points.

    Please take this report of the overcharge off my credit file. This is threatening to ruin my credit entirely.At the time of the inadvertent overcharge, I had plenty of credit available, more than $70,000., and the overcharge was purely accidental on one card. A minor mistake should not indicate any problems with credit at all.

    I have a 100% on time payment record for all of my cards and accounts and wish to continue to do so. However, I can’t let these other AmEx cards (Hilton and BlueCash) endanger my credit just because they have low credit limits. Furthermore, I have asked to prevent any overcharges on these cards and I was told this could not be done. Other cards, such as Capitol One, allow the holder to stop any overcharges by just clicking online.

    Please let me know urgently what can be done to correct this problem. I am very concerned that this one minor mistake could ruin my credit standing and cause other cards to lower the limit (as one has) or cancel them. This is urgent.

    Platinum Card Holder
    (I have stopped using the last two cards for routine purchases and I am asking the merchants to remove all recurring charges from the last two cards)

  • Anne Mayberry says:

    Foreign currency conversion fee……never had this happen before.
    I plan on walking away from my valuable customer status since 1980

  • Sue Harper says:

    3 plus months trying to resolve a returned expensive camera. Still on my card and being charged for a documented return of camera Told to call BBB and after two supervisors requested they do a new dispute and charge back or whatever it takes to resolve the issue. This is a merchant of AMX so put some pressure on this merchant to settle this matter. Spent hours on this, time AMX stood up for the card holder. What a beating!!!

  • Cheryl Hopler says:

    hEARING IMPAired NEEDS A HEARING IMPAIRED NUMBER IN USA not in india or phillipines. numbers listed no one answers. Not the American express we knew for over 50 years. What happened? It is ashamed. Otho and Cheryl Hopler

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does Walker think anyone cares about him?
    By not giving a 1st name.
    I’m your elder.

  • Susan Fagin says:

    Does American Express own American Express National Bank in Utah?

  • Holly Hedden says:

    I need a local rep – ours no longer responds and we have an account emergency and different answers from each person we speak with on the phone.

  • Mariela Perre says:

    I am a Hotelier. How do I become an affiliate supplier of a Luxury brand to offer accommodations to your members

  • Dave says:

    Another AMEX account with a similar last name (T at the end) was linked to my account by Amex accidentally. The account linked to mine is delinquent on his payments, however I’m currently paying the price — as is my company.

    I recently lost my wallet / credit cards and had a new card sent to me. At that point it was linked to this other individual’s account and all of my transactions have been declined since 4/1.

    I called AMEX today and they’ve both taken responsibility and are resolving the matter as well as any credit implications, however I use this card for my business and cannot afford to wait 5 days for the card to be de-linked as there are a number of payments that will be charged over the next couple days that could cause financial risk to my company as well as my employees if missed as well as other repeating charges (of which I don’t recall when they’re anticipated to hit).

    I was informed by AMEX representatives that “these things do happen” and they’ve apologized, however they stated that they still need 5 business days to transfer the info to another internal department (of which they were not allowed to provide me the name of).

    It’s unfortunate. I’ve been a loyal customer since 1996 and my company, employees and myself shouldn’t have to suffer for an issue initiated by an AMEX mistake.

    And I’m unsure how this could occur accidentally given all of the secure information involved, however I’m also concerned it presents a longer term security risk at the AMEX in general.


  • K Greenne says:

    Response time on my issue-5 to 10 minutes. This site works! Thanks!

  • K Greenne says:

    I was sent a platinum card offer, but after speaking with four agents none of them seem to know about the offer. False advertising, perhaps? It has Douglas Buckminster’s name on it, a yard long offer(both sides), and a couple of codes nobody can find. This route may be more effective.

  • Nicole Keen says:

    Yes this is in regards to your partner company Serve. I have had to file 3 disputes now on unauthorized transactions and have waited a total of over 30 days. Your company denied my disputes right on the tenth business day and have not provided no evidence just no error. I am completely blown away by American Express and Partner Serve and your company by the unprofessional, untrained, staff as far as disputes go and your apparent guarantee of zero liability, can’t lose more than 50. Your company is not adhering to your guarantee. I did everything I could to protect my account, I reported it promptly, and furthermore I was 60 miles away from the location of the transaction. ?????

  • Valerie Clark says:

    This is regarding an ongoing issue between my financial institution (Navy Credit Union) and American Express. A $13k checklist was inadvertently sent to AMEX from NCU in July 2021. Despite the check being located by AMEX, it still has not been returned to NCU. Please help me get this situation resolved:

    American Express (11/13/2021 08:40 AM )
    Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Executive Office. I am currently out of the office returning Tuesday 11/16/21. Please be advised that I will not have access to my email. I will follow up with you upon my return.

    In my absence, my colleague, Nahomie Clement will contact you on my behalf.

    Please note that my office hours are generally, Tuesday to Friday, 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST and Saturdays 10:00 am to 6:30 pm, EST

    Customer (11/13/2021 08:40 AM)
    Mr. Walker:

    Please let me know how I can further this ongoing issue.

    This was sent to me from my credit institution, Navy Credit Union) on 10/06/2021:
    Good Afternoon, according to Llonatan Jimenez (Payment Specialist) at American Express, they located the payment on 9/8/21 and was sending it back. We have attached below a copy of the request and instructions to return payment.

    On 7/24/21 a balance transfer check in the amount of $12,683.11 was deposited into account # 37800000. These funds were drawn on Navy Federal account 403216****14710 in the name of VALERIE CLARK. This balance transfer was sent in error.

    Please review and return funds to:

    Navy Federal Credit Union
    PO BOX 24635
    MERRIFIELD, VA 22119-4635
    ATTN: EI 16944 â Case 3193037

    Sent from my iPhone


    Response (09/28/2021 07:57 PM)
    Dear Valerie Clark,

    Thank you for replying to my email.
    I am still reviewing your inquiry and will follow up with you once I have more information.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    D. Walker
    American Express Executive Assistant

    Customer (09/28/2021 07:49 PM)
    Dear D. Walker:

    Thank you for your help.

    Do you have an update from the Payment Specialty Unit regarding my issue?


    Sent from my iPhone


    Response (09/23/2021 08:27 PM)
    Dear Valerie Clark,

    Hi. I am still investigating your inquiry as your concern remains our priority.
    I am waiting to hear from the Payment Specialty Unit and will follow up with you when more information is available.

    Please note, I will be out of the Office beginning 09/24/21 to return 09/28/21. I will follow up with you upon my return.

    Thank you for your patience.

    D. Walker
    American Express Executive Assistant

    Response (09/21/2021 09:36 PM)
    Dear Valerie Clark,

    Hi, I am still reviewing your inquiry and will follow up with you once I have more information.

    Thank you for your patience.

    D. Walker
    American Express Executive Assistant

    Response (09/18/2021 10:34 AM)
    Dear Valerie Clark,

    Thank you replying to my email. I am still investigating your inquiry as your concern remains our priority.
    I am waiting to hear from the Payment Specialty Unit and will follow up with you when more information is available.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    D. Walker
    American Express Executive Assistant

    Customer (09/15/2021 11:01 PM)
    D. Walker:

    Thank you for your attention to my issue. Please let me know how I can assist you. What other information do you need from me?

    I am available most days after 9:00 am.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Sent from my iPhone


    Response (09/15/2021 09:51 PM)
    Dear Valerie Clark,

    Thank you for contacting the Executive Office of American Express We will do everything we can to address your concerns by researching your claim as it relates to your inquiry. Please expect a follow up from me no later than 09/18/21.

    If there is a preferred day and time that you would like for me to contact you, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or additional information that might assist our Executive Offices in addressing your concerns. I can be reached at 800-297-6196, extension 1259412. I am generally in the office Tuesday to Friday, 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 6:30 pm, EST

    D. Walker
    American Express Executive Assistant

    This is a customer service e-mail from American Express. To learn more about e-mail security or report a suspicious e-mail, please visit us at americanexpress.com/fraudprotection.

    © 2021 American Express Company. All rights reserved

    Ref# 210916-000150


  • Kathy Butler says:

    They say that the company ranks 10 in Fortune 500…NOT WHEN IT COMES TO SOLVING DISPUTES! THEY ARE NOT ON YR SIDE AT ALL THEY REALLY “SUCK”!!!

  • James Taylor says:

    Is there any way to reach Stephen Squeri via email?

  • >