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American Eagle Outfitters Corporate office Headquarters

American Eagle Outfitters Address and Contact

American Eagle Outfitters

  • Address: 77 Hot Metal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Email:
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  • Number of Employees: 37000+

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Jerry Silverman, Mark Silverman 

  • Key People: Jay L Schottenstein, Chairman/CEO

American Eagle Outfitters Location & Directions

American Eagle Outfitters Headquarters Executive Team



Jay L Schottenstein


Jennifer M Foyle “Jen”

Chief Creative Officer/Pres:Aerie Brand

Michael A Mathias “Mike”


American Eagle Outfitters, History and Headquarters Information

Fashion men and women who love jeans must collaborate with a fashion store that only stocks award-winning brands. The fashion store must have its ears to the ground; this will enable them to break the news when new arrivals come up. One of the fashion stores that leads the industry is American Eagle Outfitters.

No matter what designs you want, you will get results with a click on the icon of your device if you are at the right store. The arrangement must be user-friendly and provide all that is required in terms of shopping for the latest and best in jeans wear. The ideal store must have all the accessories that will complement the jeans.

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the places to be for men’s and women’s jeans, tops, bottoms, activewear, loungewear, and much more. It was established in 1977.

The corporate headquarters is at Pennsylvania 15203, United States

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  • Susan D. says:

    An email I srnt

    On November 2, I placed order #cxxxcxxxx.Unfortunately, i had to start a return for the pants last night. The pants cost $35.52 at the time of purchase. I placed another order #
    0149625462 last night at a cost of $58.79. So now with the $5 cost of returning the original pair, the cost is $63.79 for a $35 pair of pants. To add insult to injury, the site would not allow me the 25% discount APPYDANCE, so I tried your chat site. I got kicked off by “David” because he apparently didn’t have 5 minutes to wait for an explanation. My next “chat” was with Patricia P. who said of course i should only be charged the original price! BUT i had to call the customer service line and that was a total fiasco. That young lady had no idea of what i was explaining to her. This has been the biggest joke EVER. As far as I’m concerned your company owes me $28 for the overpayment i made ladt night and for the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Bar none. The cable company offers better customer service and before last night I thought they were the worst.

    But it gets better- i get an email from “Stacy B.” Who assures me that she can price natch the 2nd order to the first order and I will be refunded $38.22. She did give me a $5 refund for the cost of postage to send back the original order. Issued a $9 refund to my cc for the price difference but as I found out yesterday, failed ( of course) to issue my refund for the original pair. And the refund i was issued was not the refund i was told I would get.
    No wonder your sales are declining since you can’t seem to hire competent people.

  • Marla Morrison says:

    To whom it may concern : I wanted to purchase some jeans online with an American Eagle credit card. There is a big sale going on, and i was trying to jump in on it fast. I have not used my card in a while, as my boys (which always mainly wore your brand growing up ) r all grown now, and they now typically buy their own clothes. I wanted to use my card, but could not locate it. Anytime I’m in one of your retail stores, and want to make a purchase, but can’t locate my card, They look it up by my license. Everyone is always understanding about the situation. It’s always an easy quick process. However today I called customer service and asked if they could look up my card for me, so that I could give yall some of my money, lol and place an order. I was told I would need to be transferred to the credit card dept. I was talking to the operator answering questions, and she asked me for my full social security number. I replied I do not give that over the phone. I said I will give you the last 4 digits, but not the whole no. I also said everyone knows better than to call out their entire ss no. Over the phone. I asked, could I give any other information, besides that. The lady was rude and kept talking over me. I ended up hanging up, because she continued to talk over/ under me. I then called the American Eagle customer service number again. I asked if there was anyone else that could help me, figure this out. I was told only your credit card dept.would be able to help me. I was very frustrated at this point. I was told that when i was transferred, it’s actually synchrony bank I spoke to, and not anyone at your company at all. Regardless of what organization I’m talking to, I’m not giving anyone private info like my entire ss number over the phone. I don’t know anyone in this day and age, in their right mind that would do that. I do not understand,why I can simply give my license number in the store, but in order to place an online order, I cannot do the same. I understand if it would not be allowed in your company, to call out my card info over the phone. However an email could be sent, I would think with my info. I thought that would be a safe way to do it. Anyhow I hope that in the future, if I’m not able to locate my card, ( and want to do a purchase online) that the process of getting my card info, will be a much simpler fast process. Unfortunately at this point, yall may not get my little bit of money, lol that I wanted to give to your company. I have probably lost out on all the jeans I wanted. I am only one of your millions of customers, is my guess. However I hope you consider my unfortunate situation, and switch up the process a bit, of looking up card info, for online orders. Thank you for your time, Marla Morrison

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