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Where is American Cancer Society  Corporate office Headquarters

American Cancer Society Headquarters Address and Contact

American Cancer Society
  • Address:  1599 Clifton Road, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329-4251United States
  • Phone Number: 404-320-3333
  • Fax Number: 404-329-5787
  • Email: social@cancer.org
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    Number of Employees: 10000 
  • Established: 1913
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Gary M. Reedy (CEO)

American Cancer Society Headquarters Location & Directions

American Cancer Society Headquarters Executive Team



Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr., M.D.


Mr. Ralph DeVitto

Chief Executive Officer of Florida Division

Prof. Richard Wender M.D.

Chief Cancer Control Officer

Ms. Rosemarie Henson

Senior Vice President of Prevention and Early Detection

About American Cancer Society, History and Headquarters Information


American Cancer Society was founded in the year 1913. The company is currently operational for 105 years now. The foundation of the organisation was made by five businessmen and also ten doctors. The former name of the organisation was American Society For The Control Of Cancer, which was later changed in the year 1944. During that time, over 75,000 people used to die of cancer disease, and therefore in order to treat them effectively, this move was made. By the year 1938, the number of employees working at the company increased to 150,000. Finally, by the year 2013, the company started its reorganisation - which included employees applying for their jobs again, centralising its operations and also performing some mergers as well.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the organisation is situated in 250 Williams Stree NW. The city or district name is Atlanta, while the state name is Georgia. The pin code of the area is 30303.


American Cancer Society is an America established voluntary organisation that helps cancer patients to fight their cancer disease and also aids people in eradicating cancer from the world as well. There are a total of eleven divisions of the organisation spread across eleven geographical locations. In the USA, there are more than 900 offices for the organisation to function. The organisation also helps in publishing various journals and magazines like Cancer Cytopathology, Cancer and CA: A Cancer Journal For Clinicians. The headquarters of the organisation is based in New York, United States. The CEO of the organisation is Gary M Reedy. The number of employees working at the company right now is more than 5,000.


The primary services provided by the American Cancer Society is the process to help patients to keep their bodies in good shape, help patients who are fighting of cancer to get well, promotes non-smoking products like nicotine and orange juice, advertises public cancer campaigns and  also do more research and finding more cures for the cancer disease.

American Cancer Society Headquarters Photos

American Cancer Society Resources

  • Bonnie J Todryk says:

    I am a patient with a rare Nero Endocrine pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to my liver. I am scheduled to have testing and a surgical procedure done at mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. I will need 10 nights of rooming. I tried to apply for the free room and board with the Hope Lodge Which is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. However because I am not currently receiving chemo, radiation, or in a clinical trial at Mayo I do not qualify to stay at the Hope Lodge. Unfortunately with my type of cancer chemo does not work. However I have active cancer which will never be cured but can only be hopefully kept at bay with monthly injections of Sandostatin. Yet I am not allowed to stay at Hope Lodge. The surgery that I am scheduled for is to prolong my life. The American Cancer Society does not allow me the same courtesy as the patients receiving chemo, radiation therapy, or in a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic. Just one of my tests at Mayo Clinic is over $42,000 and I have to pay 30% of that. Which is about $15,000. I don’t even know what my cost will be with the surgery for the hospital the surgeons any type of testing on the specimen, etc. Yes, I can get a discount on housing in a local area hotel however that cost will be close to $1000. my husband and I are both past retirement age and are not able to retire we still have a mortgage plus many other bills. My income has been cut because I am not able to work with my cancer at this point. Which is causing us to have to live off of a credit card at this time. However that credit card will run out soon! Yet I don’t qualify to get assistance with housing during my time of need! I am putting this out there so that donators can realize that not all cancer patients with life-threatening cancer or helped with their donations!

  • TedLopez says:

    no take it off i will find another to make contact with the ACS

  • TedLopez says:

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  • TedLopez says:

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