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American Airlines
  • Address: 4333 Amon Carter Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76155, United States

  • Phone Number: 817-963-1234

  • Email: info@amstock.com

  • Number of Employees: 133,800

  • Established: April 15, 1926

  • Founder: Charles Lindbergh

  • Key People: Doug Parker, Robert Isom

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American Airlines created a huge impact on everyone’s life – professional as well as personal. American Airlines made life easier for travelers by flying them anywhere and at any time. Their commitment towards the customers is to provide them with a safe and positive travel experience.

At the professional end, they have created millions of job opportunities for people worldwide as the airline started and merged with US Airways.

After merging with the US Airways, American Airlines has become the world’s largest airlines in terms of growth, revenue, passengers they have carried and the number of destinations they fly to. Their customer service can be reached through the corporate headquarters via mail and phone.

American Airlines Headquarters Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

4333 Amon Carter Blvd,

Fort Worth, TX 76155,

United States

Phone Number – 817-963-1234

Email – info@amstock.com

Website – You can visit their official website for any kind of information related to American Airlines. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.American Airlines.com/

American Airlines Headquarters Info & Photos

The American Airlines headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. The current HQ has two buildings with a 1,400,000 square foot space.

The previous American Airlines HQ was located in New York City. When the American Airlines decided to move to Dallas, 1000s of people lost their job.

In 2016, they decided to build a new HQ complex within a 300-acre. This campus is officially named as the Robert L Crandall Campus. This building is expected to occupy 12,000 American employees.

In this complex, the employees will be motivated to use cycles and will be surrounded by nature and water sceneries.

American Airlines Headquarters Photo
American Airlines Corporate Office Photo

American Airlines Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1 Skyview Dr Fort Worth (HQ), TX

American Airlines Headquarters Executive Team

Robert Isom

Robert Isom

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Isom is the president of American Airlines and American Airlines Group. He oversees the company’s operations, sales & marketing, planning and pricing.

Priya Aiyar

Priya Aiyar

Chief Legal Officer

Cole Brown

Cole Brown

Chief People Officer

Name Title
Ron DeFeo Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Nate Gatten Chief Government Affairs Officer
Ganesh Jayaram Chief Digital and Information Officer
Steve Johnson Vice Chair and Chief Strategy Officer
Derek Kerr Vice Chair President of American Eagle and Strategic Advisor
Devon May Chief Financial Officer
Vasu Raja Chief Commercial Officer
David Seymour Chief Operating Officer

About American Airlines


In the 1930s, around 80 independent airline carriers merged into a corporation called American Airways Inc. In 1934, the corporation’s name was changed to American Airlines. Cyrus Rowlett Smith was elected as the president of the company in the same year.

The first commercial American DC-3 flight flew from Chicago to New York in 1936. The American Airlines began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on 10th June 1939. At the time of World War II, Americans had to hold their expansion as most of their planes were given to the US military. The American Airline Stewardess College was the world’s first special facility which was started in 1957 to train the flight attendants.

In the year of 1982, American Airlines 500 millionth passengers fly with their first Boeing 767 from Chicago Hub.

In April 2002, daily nonstop Boeing 777 service was performed successfully to connect New York JFK and Tokyo, Japan.

American Airlines became the world’s largest airline career in 2013 after merging with US Airways.


American Airlines and American Eagle together provide a secure, reliable and friendly air transportation service for their customers.

American Airlines provides medical services and facilities at the airport for its customers in case of an emergency.

American Airlines allow you to earn miles by flying, shopping, binging or spending your credit card as a part of the AAdvantage loyalty program.

They provide the best luggage, baggage and fresh food services.

American Airline services provide in-flight services like TV programs, video games and Wi-Fi services as per the preferences given by customers.


  • Dave Harris was the first African American Pilot to fly a major American Airline Passenger plane. He joined the company in 1964.
  • Bonnie Tiburzi was the first-ever woman pilot to fly a major airline with the American Airlines. She was 24 when she joined the company. She worked in the same company for 26 years.
  • American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines with around 6700 flights every day to 350 destinations around the world.
  • American Airlines is environmentally conscious and started recycling the water needed for washing planes since 2002.
  • American Airlines is the first airline to launch a one-of-its-kind program allowing customers to enjoy the company of fully trained Assistance Dogs twice a week.

  • om singla says:

    cancelling flights ude to unavailability of crew is not accepatable
    airine should be penalized

  • Cindy Gordon says:

    Boycott companies, like American Airlines that support anti-women states by having their corporate headquarters in those states. Fly United.

  • Cory Larson says:

    Have you thought about doing a boot camp style training program? I know a lot of veterans that are very successful in a structured environment but fail to launch at college. If this is something you’d explore myself and one other veteran are interested.

  • Sherry Chrismon says:

    I am looking for a bag for Sherry Chrismon. It has went to the central office in Texas 8001251674. It is a large silver luggage bag that looks like one of those silver cases you put on top of a vehicle. I need it back in RIC please. I don’t know who else to contact.
    Thank you

  • Lisa says:

    To whom it may concern: I purchased 2 tickets for a round trip non-stop flight booked for Oct.2022. I received an email the other day from American Airlines saying my flight time was changed and the flight on the way back has been changed to a 1stop. I don’t think it is right that I paid for a non-stop flight and they can change it to a 1 stop flight. I should be refunded some of my money due to the airlines problems, since I paid more for a non-stop flight. I need my money just as American Airlines does.

  • Lisa Mcgirt says:

    Worst airline in history, pty airport stole our bag. Tampa agents are rude

  • Leslie Chaplin Singleton says:

    I am so angry at this point. I have to find a hotel, try and get more medication and a flight home because once again American Airline cancelled a flight (4886). My daughter arranged this trip to Memphis and against better judgement chose American Airlines. Of course you can’t talk to a human being so I am venting here. I feel I should be compensated in so form. As a Senior citizen In have to say this Airline is the worst. I will write to your CEO whenever I get home.

  • Holt Louque says:

    In my case, AA has been grossly incompetent or willfully deceitful/dishonest!

    • Ronald Groves says:

      Same cant talk to anyone about problem paid for first class and was put in coach when I asked why and was told there were no seats and there were plenty of seats this is the worst airline

  • Jenine Kinsler says:

    Awful company non existent customer service. They don’t take responsibility or accountability for their actions. They seem to pass the responsibility on. Not even an acknowledgement of the catalogue of errors, inconvenience and stress they have caused. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! There are better airlines out there that look after and value their customers.

  • Shawn Griffin says:

    I booked a rental car on the AA web site on January 28, 2022. Because of the snow storm that weekend no flights were going into BDL where I booked the car. The vendor refused to refund or rebook and AA does not care. Obviously making sure dubious companies are not on their web site means nothing to AA. Stay away from their vendors, stay away from their travel partners, stay away from their web site. Oh did I mention I am Platinum Pro? I should have learned from my 2009 hotel booking with AA Vacations in Hawaii the hotel was substandard the room came with mice!

  • Elena v Lidgard says:

    When the COVID hit in 2020, I had to cancel my flight on AA. At that time they issued me a credit, which supposed to last till Oct 2022. About a month ago they changed it to expire at the end of March. I was counting on that credit to travel in April, but now I am told that they will not give it to me, because it expires in March. They practically took my money.

  • Christopher Plummer says:

    Spend two days in Miami. Had to Uber to a Walmart to buy clothes suitable for Miami and toiletries so that we could bathe and be somewhat presentable. Monday, Feb. 7 comes, and we are on our way back to the airport, via Uber, once again. Arriving at the airport, we want to verify that our bags are there and have been or will be loaded on to our flight. The attendant, after punching in some numbers, informs us that our bags left on a flight to Las Vegas earlier that morning!!! Of course they did. The Las Vegas flight we were suppose to be on was cancelled. We never rebooked for a Vegas flight. We rebooked for a Pittsburgh flight. Remember when I said the bags would arrive at our final destination? That final destination, upon rebooking, should have been Pittsburgh, not Las Vegas. So naturally, our bags left on a flight that we were not told about or booked on. Not that it would’ve mattered. We would have arrived in Las Vegas, seen the airport for maybe an hour or so and then have to board our original return flight, thats of course, assuming it wasnt cancelled as well. The attendant then informs us, that the mistake had been discovered, was placed on a Pittsburgh flight which was being routed through Charlotte and would have a four hour layover. The flight with our bags on them would arrive in Pittsburgh 9:00am Tuesday morning, Feb. 8. We arrived in Pittsburgh at 11:45pm Monday night, Feb. 7. Now, incase you dont see the dilemma here, remember earlier when I said that we checked our carryon, car keys, fiances wallet..we now have no means to open or drive our car, the money we had in reserve is on its way to Charlotte so, once again, due to American Airline’s utter stupidity and negligence, we are now stranded at the airport. So much to our dismay, we drag our tired and fed up selves to the nearest booking agent. Only to find out there are no booking agents at that time of night. As a sidenote, there was someone standing at Southwest Airlines. Back down to baggage claim we go. This venture of ours is to see if we can receive accommodations for the night. The baggage claim lady could not help us, her capabilities could only claim our lost baggage. This was not necessary, our baggage was not lost, merely just sent somewhere without our knowledge and being returned to us the slowest means possible. She was, however able to get a manager on the phone that told us he could not provide us any accommodations, hotel or otherwise due to the fact a flight or our flight had not been cancelled. You see their system only allows them to provide the most least accommodations possible, once they have completely screwed up your plans. So, we were stuck, no way to leave, no money to buy food or a place to stay, the clothes on our backs and each other. We were provided blankets and pillows at one point, this was after a phone call had been made, complaining to one of the airport representatives, not an American Airlines employee. The night came and went and the flight arrived. Our bags were on the flight but did not come down the belt where we were waiting. Instead we had to ask one of the baggage claim attendants and she had to go retrieve them from another belt. Bags in hand, exhausted, defeated we call for long term shuttle, get to our car and off we go. Our wedding completely ruined, still not married, thousands of dollars lost and thus far the only thing we have to show for it all is a hatred towards American Airlines and an overwhelming urge to never fly again! So, if you have managed to read all of this and stay with this tale of tales, thank you for reading and heed our story. American Airlines, thank you for ruining the most important day in our lives and thank you for making no effort to make it right.

  • Christopher Plummer says:

    Miracle right? The flight was about two hours, we caught a small nap, enjoyed the wonderful in-flight snacks (said with the utmost sarcasm) and then touched down in Miami. Once the tires had met the road, we took our phones out of Airplane Mode, like responsible passengers, put them in when we were taking off, and I immediately began receiving text messages about our connecting flight to Vegas. Several stating that the flight had been delayed and moved gates and then last text received, the final nail in the coffin, flight canceled. My fiance and I are dressed in fairly warm clothing as it is quite cold in Pittsburgh in February and have now landed in Miami where it is currently 80 degrees. Now even though the text said cancelled, the departure boards showed that the flight was still leaving. Confused? Yes, us too. So we make our way to the gate and find out that the flight is officially cancelled and that rebooking is commencing at gate number whatever. So then we hoof it down to there. By this point, we are sweating, we’re tired and pretty much fed up, but STILL we want to try and salvage our wedding and still get married. Once, waiting in a line for almost two hours, maybe more because time really has no relevance when your mad, we get to the man who can rebook us and provide us accommodations for the night. Next flight out to Vegas is Tuesday morning. No hotel provided, “no hotels”, and no transportation provided, “cant do that either”. Did I mention that our original return flight was for Monday, Feb. 7 12:20pm. How do we fly into Vegas Tuesday if we’re already suppose to be flown back Monday night, it would be late at night by the time we hit Pittsburgh. With no hope of making it to Vegas, no hope of getting married, seeing all the money we had saved for the past year and was non refundable just go down the tubes, we tell the man who is of no help to us what so ever to book us a flight back to Pittsburgh. The rebooked flight is now set to leave Miami, back to Pittsburgh at 9:08pm. Two days we will be in Miami and at the moment, have no place to stay. So now with heavy hearts, we proceed down to baggage claim to retrieve our checked baggage, now times two bags that should be offloaded and awaiting us. We would be wrong. After walking the baggage claim area up and down numerous times, our bags are no where to be found. I stop and ask several attendants and they say that our bags are infact there and we will have to go to Customer Service to claim them. The line for Customer Service is roughly a mile long, lots of unhappy passengers being screwed over in one way or another. We get in line and again we wait, dressed warm and standing in a humid, dirty, smelly baggage claim. While waiting in line, I still have just a glimmer of hope that we can still make it to Vegas so I call the rebooking number. Not only could the lady on the other end not help me, couldnt fly us to another destination where there would be a connecting flight to Vegas but she then proceeds to ask me how we made it to Miami. She and the system had absolutely no record of us flying or record of us being on the flight that had just landed in Miami. Very comforting to know that if our flight had gone down, our families would not be notified of our demise and according to American Airlines were still safe and sound in Pittsburgh. We were infact, not. So now, we have waited an ungodly amount of time to find out that our bags are at the airport, and will either meet us at our final destination or we can request them. However, if we request them, we probably will not receive them at least until 12:00 the next day. You see, American Airlines really messed up alot of people’s flights, baggage and other and they were back logged with lots of angry customers. Back logged with alot of misplaced or lost baggage. At this point it is about 1:30am at night, Sunday Feb. 6 and we were not waiting around the airport until noon that day. Tired, hungry, hot and sweaty, we then begin to look for a hotel. ALL the hotels in the immediate Miami area are booked solid. Lots and lots of people stranded due to American Airlines. Also, let me include that we were never given a reason for the cancellation of the Las Vegas flight from Miami. Just told it was cancelled and that was it. The only vacant hotel that I could find on my quickly dying phone was in Fort Lauderdale, nearly 45 minutes away. Phone chargers are in our carry on, which we checked and is now in the custody of American Airlines somewhere in the airport. We arrange an Uber, go to a gas station to get chargers and then on to the hotel.

  • Christopher Plummer says:

    I have read several of the comments left on here and while each one has its own horrific story to tell, I cant help but feel like our story may take the cake. For almost a year my fiance and I planned our wedding day. We set the date. When the time was right, purchased our tickets, made AirBNB reservations, reserved a rental car and put the down payment on the chapel we were to be married at. Did I mention that we planned to do all of this in Las Vegas? We wanted to do it up Vegas style, married by Elvis, hit the slots, see the sights..really live it up! Our date chosen was Feb. 5, 2022. Fly out date Feb. 4, arriving around 9:30pm Vegas time, plenty of time to take in some night life when we got in, finalize our plans the day of and be married by Elvis at 5:30pm. The dates are important to pay attention to and keep reading, because this is quite the tale. Our flight was set to fly out at 5:25pm Pittsburgh time and was initially on time. My fiance and I arrived roughly three hours prior, checked our car into long term parking, used the shuttle to get us to the terminal, retrieved our boarding passes and made it through TSA with plenty of time to spare. Enjoyed a meal prior to heading to our departure gate where we had almost an hour prior to boarding. As time passed, the attendant at the gate began to announce that the flight would be delayed. The reason given was they could not find a pilot to fly the plane. Now, making light of the situation, we began to joke and say things like “its an airport, just go find a pilot”, “he’s probably at the bar drinking, walk up there and get him”. Many delays and four hours later, the flight is finally canceled. Rebooking and accommodations commence to all of the passengers who were not flying. Our accommodations included a hotel for the night, voucher was for one person which the hotel gave us a hard time about and a bus/shuttle to and from the airport. Oh, I forgot to mention that our original flight was from Pittsburgh to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Las Vegas. Hotel check out is at 11:00am as it is in most places and the rebooked flight was not leaving until 3:25pm and was now going from Pittsburgh to Miami and then Miami to Las Vegas and would not be getting into Vegas until 11:45pm that night, Feb. 5 2022, well beyond our reserved wedding time. So phone calls had to be made and date moved, not the date we had picked and chosen as this is what we want our anniversary to be. We now had to move it and settle. We check out, do a little light shopping and make our way back to the airport. Again, making it through TSA with plenty of time. Rechecked our bag and had our carryon with us, housing our car keys, my fiances wallet, toiletries we would need upon arrival and our medications. Remember this part as it is relevant later in the story. At the gate we, the passengers, are asked if some of us would voluntarily check our carryons as the flight was very full and they might not have enough room for all. So we agree to, thinking we will see our bag on the other side once we land in Vegas. We board this flight and the flight takes off!

  • Mister219 says:

    Brought flights for 9 family members and myself in 2019. We were suppose to fly out July 2020, however covid struck. Everything was shut down. A credit was given and to be used until the ending if March 2022. Our Cruise does not sail out until July of 2022. I reached out to Customer Service and was told that an extension would not be granted because it was not covid related. Just about all credits are covid related. I do not understand. I will write corporate and see if they can help. This is ridiculous. The country is a state that it has never seen and this company is behaving like this. Not kool.

  • Lourdes Cordero Delimitros says:

    On December 14 my bag did not arrive with me on a direct flight from El Paso to DFW. My case: AA-22Delimitros-B55P20. The Central Baggage Specialist is Scott Lang who gave me his contact number as 800-866-4010 EXT 50664. I was relieved to know that I had someone assigned to this situation. Unfortunately calls to Mr Lang go to is voice mail with no response back. I am willing to go to your central baggage and spend a day looking for my bag. I filled the lost claim form. Bag and contest are high-end and obviously I want my bag. My husband and I are lifetime AA travelers and have stuck with you during your bad times. I was flying AA right after September 11. I appreciate immediate attention to this situation. And will elevate this complaint to your CEO if it continues unattended.

  • Kamron says:

    I am being harassed by one of their employees and I can’t get anyone to call me back.. I need Human Resources to call me now

  • Daniel Coyne says:

    AA STOLE MY MONEY!! Paid near $1000 for my son to fly out to my MOTHER’S FUNERAL. Due to technical delays on the AA end he missed his connection in DFW and they couldnt reroute him until next day. AA sent him back home then CONTACTED ME to process a refund, which they said would automatically go back to my credit card. Instead of simply doing that, they are now holding my funds HOSTAGE trying to offer voucher credits and discounts INSTEAD OF JUST GIVING MY MONEY BACK!!!!

    Been fighting with them over a month now, customer care cant do anything, refunds dept is non existant, no one at the entire company seems to know how to help or who to contact other than the automated online forms that accomplish nothing.

    After being a LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR FORTY YEARS… I will NEVER use american air again.

  • Debra Bruner says:

    I see all these negative comments but yet I just had a American Airline worker go way up and beyond any job duties. My husband and I were coming back from Arizona to Illinois and flying from Tucson to Dallas and on to Illinois. Our plane kept getting delayed because of high dangerous winds in Dallas. I was hoping we could catch our next flight in Dallas but by the time we arrived it had been canceled. I was immediately stressed because two weeks previous I had a heart attack and like stupid idiots we left my medicine packed in my checked bag. The airline had automatically booked me another flight but it wasn’t until the following night. With no medication to take we were worried. An American employee searched and searched until he could find us an earlier flight. It was close to our destination but not direct but it was the best we could find. After that he found us a hotel that had a shuttle and helped us set that up. The next morning I received a call from him which surprised me and he had found a early direct flight for us. He asked were we were in the airport and brought us our new tickets. He had ordered me a wheel chair and he personally took me to my gate. He didn’t know who I was and didn’t have to do any of these things. I will forever remember Michael for helping me through a tough time. I will fly American again.

  • Ruth says:

    On my AA flight from Montgomery Alabama to TPA the flight attendant promoted flyer miles if a M/C applied for .she clearly
    stated miles can be used to
    book flights on JetBlue as well as AA. I have spent up
    to 3-4 hrs. In an attempt to
    book my non-stop reservation unsuccessfully from JFK to TPA on flex dates beginning on 11/30- 12/3/21
    I am a senior in need of a
    Wheel chair while commuting. I have greater than 60,000 miles but unable
    to use them on jetblue

  • Warren Walker says:

    American airlines
    Let me give you some background on the most horrible trip I’ve ever been on and it was only 2.5 days, 2 nights on the worst mattress I’ve ever slept on! My right side is still sore!
    Our trip started out by not being able to find a flight to Gilbert Az., we were going to our first grandaughters blessing, but my wife is persistent, and my wife was able to book us on American Airlines, the plane sat on the tarmac for a long time, about an hour or longer while they fixed the plane, time enough to make me nervous about the flight and I threw up all over me and the windows on the plane, the most embarrassing moment of my life. and the trip doesn’t end there.
    We get to Pheonix and our hotel has the worst beds I’ve ever slept on! We only spent 2 nights in Pheonix and my right side is still stiff and sore.
    This is where everything takes a turn for the even worst is yet to come!
    My wife and I decided to make sure we got to the airport early to make sure we make our flight. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 805pm, when we got to the airport we found out that American Airlines had delayed our flight to 940pm, as 940pm rolled around we were told a third time our flight would be delayed again till about 600am, and again they tell us the flight is delayed again until 930amas my wife is getting a voucher for a taxis and a hotel. As were are riding the taxis our driver says there’s only 1 voucher for 1 person, because my wife booked our flight together American Airlines told us we only needed 1 voucher, but the taxis driver said the voucher was only for 1 passenger, not 2 passengers. American Airlines told us to go to San Carlos Hotel, we got our room and when we walked through the door a burst of hot air hit my face, by this time I’ve had enough, I asked the front desk where the thermostat was and she said we don’t have thermostats in the rooms, they have one a/c unit for each floor! So the front desk gave us a fan, when I got back to the room. That was 80° and the room had no way to get fresh air to the room, the windows are screwed shut!, I went downstairs and I apologized to the front desk and I told her we can’t stay in a room that’s 80°. Remember my bags were checked with all 9 of my prescriptions and a prescription if I don’t take first thing in the morning, I start throwing up, and I’ll tell you it’s not fun! Everytime we turned around something went wrong and I swear it’s not me! I’ve always believed if your nice to people you interact with that you’ll be paid back with kindness, anything that learned from this experience is not matter what you do in life things are going to go wrong! and I realize that, but I should never have to go through a day like I did on Sunday Oct 24, 2021.
    I’ve told my wife I will never fly again, anywhere, shame on you American Airlines we can sure tell you do not care how your customers feel about your company, and last but not least, I tried to upgrade to first class and because of my wife made the reservations as 1 reservation, the assistant at the gate said I could move to first class because our tickets were purchased together and because of that fact I couldn’t upgrade to first class because there was only 1 seat left in first class, I asked my wife and she wanted me to take the first class seat and she would fly coach and the assistant still wouldn’t upgrade even if I was to pay. The American Airlines assistant still wouldn’t change my seat!
    I’m 65 years old, disabled, royally disapointed with our experience with your Airlines, I at this moment will not be flying American Airlines ever again! My wife tells me you don’t care about your customers and American Airlines won’t do a thing to help us with our situation!
    And the worst of all is all my medication(8 or 9 prescriptions which I take at night(my bags were checked thinking I’d get home in time to take them, that did not happen and if I don’t get one of my prescriptions I have to take first thing in the morning g or I will start throwing up! It’s happened once before and it’s not fun at all!

    You really need to help than hinder.
    Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder a bit, but keep in mind I’m will wait for your reply. And just so you know this was the worst day of my whole entire life! It’s going to take a long time to get over this, I’m so wound up and tense I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep at all tonight, it’s already 1230am and I’m wide awake!
    Warren Walker
    3373 North 2900 West
    Farr West, Utah 84404

  • Meghan says:

    My husband was traveling to see me while I was on active duty military orders. We had been apart for some time because of my orders and he was bringing our baby with him. He had to bring all of the things any baby would require along with some of my military gear. He had printed off my orders, a picture of my id, and has military identification himself. The airline charged him $100 for the bag. Very disappointing. What should have been an enjoyable reunion with a special dinner is now tarnished and we won’t be able to go out for dinner.

  • Robert Herbeck says:

    Shame on this airline. I have been on hold for an hour this morning.Then I left my number for a call back which they did and kept putting me off … “Your call will be answered in 10 minutes ..” then again … “17 minutes” .. this went on for almost an hour. I finally hung up. Can’t get anyone on the phone at the corporate office. I have flown AA for years. Never again. I urge everyone to do the same. Doug Parker and Robert Isom need to get their heads out of their greedy asses and take care of this problem.

  • Greg H Zotta says:

    There is a viral video about a mother and her 2 year old asthmatic child flying on an American Airlines plane. The child was having an asthmatic attack and could not wear a mask. Yet the flight attendant Karl demanded that the mother put the mask on the child. She tried but the child was terrified and had trouble breathing. So instead of using COMMON SENSE and COMPASSION, Karl contacted the Captain who instructed the passengers he was returning to the airport due to a non-compliant passenger. The plane returned to the airport and the mother and child were turned over to three police officers.
    This is RIDICULOUS! Children and especially two year olds should not be wearing masks to begin with. American Airlines are you proud of what you have done?

  • ShawMcCain says:

    American Airlines is the worst! I had A connecting flight from Arizona to Houston then home to Chicago. Worst ever! All flights were diverted to Houston due to weather issues in Dallas, San Antonio and whoever else in Texas. Customer service treated me horribly, we were stuck on the run way for 4 hours. Customer service lost my bags, told me that they transferred them, and also told me that it was Them being nice as to why they put me on another flight. Customer service tried to blame weather but in Houston there was no bad weather at all. The two people that were at the gate need to be fired. It was A black man and black woman. They both told me that they had been at work all day and they basically said eff me and my situation. How can you blame weather when you can look at my flight and see it was Stuck on the runway. Pathetic!! I’ll never fly AA again and I’ll forever write a bad review about them. I’ve left numerous of emails and made so many phone calls to the head of customer relations.

    • Barbara Myers says:

      We recently had a similarly bad experience with American Airlines. We were to be on a flight from Key West to Wilkes-Barre, PA but the flight was cancelled abruptly with no rationale given. When asked, they said it was weather-related. The only weather I could see was clear skies and no wind. No vouchers offered for our trouble and we had to spend an extra 2 nights in a hotel that was not cheap. I am very unhappy and vow to never fly AA again. Charles Lindbergh must be rolling in his grave.

  • Nicole Martin says:

    Please share for Kyle. Kidney transplant asap. gofund.me/594120c4

  • Brady says:

    I’ve just completed a trip with American Airlines with travel to Belize. I had four AA flights. ALL WERE DELAYED, CANCELLED and POORLY MISMANAGED! While AA blames weather for my 8/2/21 issues, weather was NOT a factor for my 7/29/21 issues. Customer service was rude, unsupportive and completely without concern or appreciation of our issues. This is the WORST airline currently operating.

  • Peeved says:

    Crappiest Airline ever. I booked in hopes that it had changed, clearly not. Guess those tick tock, twitter, facebook and YouTube videos are right. Lie after lie and delay after delay, each time showing the desk attendants how full of crap you are and how much of a liar it makes them and you look. Then to spend several hrs on the phone on hold just to be jerked around… you bet your sweet fanny, this is also going up on social media.

  • Ricardo González says:

    Worst airline in the indistry.

  • Steve Theodorakis says:

    I booked a direct flight I get to the airport no direct flight then you put us on a plane that sits on the runway for an hour for no reason not even a rain drop so this caused us to miss our connecting flights I’m had to cancel my 8 pm reservations in Phoenix and you have me flying to Chicago with no connecting flight! This is the largest boot leg airline I’ve ever been on ! When I get back my fleet of attorneys will enjoy ripping this airline apart ! All you do is extract money then screw your customers I believe the world should know how you operate! I’m gonna make you famous

  • Ray Gomez says:

    We spent $3200 for 6 flights. I need to switch my elderly mother, who needs alot of assistance, to our flight and you want to charge me another $300+ to move it up 2 days… when you have an open seat on our flight….. making her ticket price about $800!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER-WILL NEVER FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES AGAIN-WILL TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE AA…. hope that $300 was worth it in the short run.

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