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American Airlines
  • Address: 4333 Amon Carter Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76155, United States
  • Phone Number: 817-963-1234
  • Email: info@amstock.com
  • Number of Employees: 133,800
  • Established: April 15, 1926
  • Founder: Charles Lindbergh
  • Key People: Doug Parker, Robert Isom

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American Airlines created a huge impact on everyone's life - professional as well as personal. American Airlines made life easier for travelers by flying them anywhere and at any time. Their commitment towards the customers is to provide them with a safe and positive travel experience.

At the professional end, they have created millions of job opportunities for people worldwide as the airline started and merged with US Airways.

After merging with the US Airways, American Airlines has become the world’s largest airlines in terms of growth, revenue, passengers they have carried and the number of destinations they fly to. Their customer service can be reached through the corporate headquarters via mail and phone.

American Airlines Headquarters Address - You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

4333 Amon Carter Blvd,

Fort Worth, TX 76155,

United States

Phone Number - 817-963-1234

Email - info@amstock.com

Website - You can visit their official website for any kind of information related to American Airlines. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.American Airlines.com/

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The American Airlines headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. The current HQ has two buildings with a 1,400,000 square foot space.

The previous American Airlines HQ was located in New York City. When the American Airlines decided to move to Dallas, 1000s of people lost their job.

In 2016, they decided to build a new HQ complex within a 300-acre. This campus is officially named as the Robert L Crandall Campus. This building is expected to occupy 12,000 American employees.

In this complex, the employees will be motivated to use cycles and will be surrounded by nature and water sceneries.

American Airlines Headquarters Photo
American Airlines Corporate Office Photo

American Airlines Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1 Skyview Dr Fort Worth (HQ), TX

American Airlines Headquarters Executive Team

Doug Parker

Chairman and CEO

William Douglas “Doug Parker” became the CEO of American Airlines Group, after merging with US Airways in 2013. Under the great leadership of Doug, US airways achieved exceptional performance and profit margins that outnumbered most of their industry peers.

Robert Isom


Robert Isom is the president of American Airlines and American Airlines Group. He oversees the company’s operations, sales & marketing, planning and pricing.

Elise Eberwein


Elise Eberwein is responsible for company’s human resource, media relations, communications & engagement, and community relations & social media marketing. She has served different airline carriers and has a 32 years experience in the airline industry.



Stephen Johnson


Derek Kerr

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Maya Leibman

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

About American Airlines


In the 1930s, around 80 independent airline carriers merged into a corporation called American Airways Inc. In 1934, the corporation's name was changed to American Airlines. Cyrus Rowlett Smith was elected as the president of the company in the same year.

The first commercial American DC-3 flight flew from Chicago to New York in 1936. The American Airlines began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on 10th June 1939. At the time of World War II, Americans had to hold their expansion as most of their planes were given to the US military. The American Airline Stewardess College was the world’s first special facility which was started in 1957 to train the flight attendants.

In the year of 1982, American Airlines 500 millionth passengers fly with their first Boeing 767 from Chicago Hub.

In April 2002, daily nonstop Boeing 777 service was performed successfully to connect New York JFK and Tokyo, Japan.

American Airlines became the world’s largest airline career in 2013 after merging with US Airways.


American Airlines and American Eagle together provide a secure, reliable and friendly air transportation service for their customers.

American Airlines provides medical services and facilities at the airport for its customers in case of an emergency.

American Airlines allow you to earn miles by flying, shopping, binging or spending your credit card as a part of the AAdvantage loyalty program.

They provide the best luggage, baggage and fresh food services.

American Airline services provide in-flight services like TV programs, video games and Wi-Fi services as per the preferences given by customers.


  • Dave Harris was the first African American Pilot to fly a major American Airline Passenger plane. He joined the company in 1964.
  • Bonnie Tiburzi was the first-ever woman pilot to fly a major airline with the American Airlines. She was 24 when she joined the company. She worked in the same company for 26 years.
  • American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines with around 6700 flights every day to 350 destinations around the world.
  • American Airlines is environmentally conscious and started recycling the water needed for washing planes since 2002.
  • American Airlines is the first airline to launch a one-of-its-kind program allowing customers to enjoy the company of fully trained Assistance Dogs twice a week.
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  • Robert Herbeck says:

    Shame on this airline. I have been on hold for an hour this morning.Then I left my number for a call back which they did and kept putting me off … “Your call will be answered in 10 minutes ..” then again … “17 minutes” .. this went on for almost an hour. I finally hung up. Can’t get anyone on the phone at the corporate office. I have flown AA for years. Never again. I urge everyone to do the same. Doug Parker and Robert Isom need to get their heads out of their greedy asses and take care of this problem.

  • Greg H Zotta says:

    There is a viral video about a mother and her 2 year old asthmatic child flying on an American Airlines plane. The child was having an asthmatic attack and could not wear a mask. Yet the flight attendant Karl demanded that the mother put the mask on the child. She tried but the child was terrified and had trouble breathing. So instead of using COMMON SENSE and COMPASSION, Karl contacted the Captain who instructed the passengers he was returning to the airport due to a non-compliant passenger. The plane returned to the airport and the mother and child were turned over to three police officers.
    This is RIDICULOUS! Children and especially two year olds should not be wearing masks to begin with. American Airlines are you proud of what you have done?

  • ShawMcCain says:

    American Airlines is the worst! I had A connecting flight from Arizona to Houston then home to Chicago. Worst ever! All flights were diverted to Houston due to weather issues in Dallas, San Antonio and whoever else in Texas. Customer service treated me horribly, we were stuck on the run way for 4 hours. Customer service lost my bags, told me that they transferred them, and also told me that it was Them being nice as to why they put me on another flight. Customer service tried to blame weather but in Houston there was no bad weather at all. The two people that were at the gate need to be fired. It was A black man and black woman. They both told me that they had been at work all day and they basically said eff me and my situation. How can you blame weather when you can look at my flight and see it was Stuck on the runway. Pathetic!! I’ll never fly AA again and I’ll forever write a bad review about them. I’ve left numerous of emails and made so many phone calls to the head of customer relations.

  • Nicole Martin says:

    Please share for Kyle. Kidney transplant asap. gofund.me/594120c4

  • Brady says:

    I’ve just completed a trip with American Airlines with travel to Belize. I had four AA flights. ALL WERE DELAYED, CANCELLED and POORLY MISMANAGED! While AA blames weather for my 8/2/21 issues, weather was NOT a factor for my 7/29/21 issues. Customer service was rude, unsupportive and completely without concern or appreciation of our issues. This is the WORST airline currently operating.

  • Peeved says:

    Crappiest Airline ever. I booked in hopes that it had changed, clearly not. Guess those tick tock, twitter, facebook and YouTube videos are right. Lie after lie and delay after delay, each time showing the desk attendants how full of crap you are and how much of a liar it makes them and you look. Then to spend several hrs on the phone on hold just to be jerked around… you bet your sweet fanny, this is also going up on social media.

  • Steve Theodorakis says:

    I booked a direct flight I get to the airport no direct flight then you put us on a plane that sits on the runway for an hour for no reason not even a rain drop so this caused us to miss our connecting flights I’m had to cancel my 8 pm reservations in Phoenix and you have me flying to Chicago with no connecting flight! This is the largest boot leg airline I’ve ever been on ! When I get back my fleet of attorneys will enjoy ripping this airline apart ! All you do is extract money then screw your customers I believe the world should know how you operate! I’m gonna make you famous

  • Ray Gomez says:

    We spent $3200 for 6 flights. I need to switch my elderly mother, who needs alot of assistance, to our flight and you want to charge me another $300+ to move it up 2 days… when you have an open seat on our flight….. making her ticket price about $800!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER-WILL NEVER FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES AGAIN-WILL TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE AA…. hope that $300 was worth it in the short run.

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