Where is Ally Bank  Corporate office Headquarters

Ally Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  500 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

  • Phone Number: 801-790-5000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

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    Number of Employees: 8100 

  • Established: 1919

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Franklin W. Hobbs, (Chairman)

Ally Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

Ally Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Jeffrey J. Brown


Christopher A. Halmy`


About Ally Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Ally Bank is into financial services. The headquarters is located in Detroit, Michigan. The company has planned to shift its headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2021.

Ally Bank is into the business of car finance, mortgages, credit cards, brokerage firms, online banking, etc. It is the 19th largest bank in the US.

The company was founded in 1919 by General Motors. It was then a corporation that provided loans for automobiles. In 1985, the then CEO of the company introduced mortgaging services under the company. In 1998 the company stepped into real estate business. Eventually it sold its real estate wing in 2006 due to heavy debt. In 2010, its name was changed as Ally Financial.

In 2012, it sold its Canadian banking operations. In 2016, it acquired Trade King. Trade King was a brokerage firm. Today there are more than 1500 employees associated with Ally Bank. Its work area is more than 400, 000 square feet.

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  • Patrice Luttrell says:

    My name is Patrice Luttrell I paid off my Nissan Murano over a year ago have spoken with I don’t know how many people at this company trying to get my title to my car and was told several times that it was on the way but every time I check with GA DMV they tell me something different! I have never seen a company where there is no email address to any corporate officers that you are able to contact or anyone that you can speak to or hold accountable for their actions. I need help with this matter right away. Thank you!

  • Mary Randll says:

    I’m Mary Randll. I paid Ally Auto Financial in full for my car. The car was paid off June 10, 2023, but shows a paid date of July 13, 2023. I have contacted Ally Auto Financial the Title to my car, but have not received it as of September 5, 2023. I have addressed the issue with Ally Auto Financial in Hunts Valley, Maryland and PDP Group on twelve different occasions. I even sent a certified letter with my state request from from Ally
    Auto Financial, but received no response as of todays date September 5, 2023. PLEASE HAVE YOUR COMPANY THE TITLE TO MY CAR. A 2014 KIA Sportage.

  • Henry E Richard says:

    My name is Henry Richard and I have been trying to speak to someone in management about an account that has my name and my ex wife of now with our names on it. I’ve been getting the run around by this company rep, been put on hold for long periods of time, hung up on, and sent to voice mail because supervisors don’t want to talk. What can I do to get in contact with management.

  • Spedthere says:

    Ally is ripping people off with high interest rates and the customer service department isn’t good at all.

  • Denise says:

    They make the dealer pay a higher price that what is owed on your car so you can never get out of it. I would never do business with ally again. Can’t talk to no managers and no phone number for corporate. Scam

  • DEREK G. says:

    Just found out Ally customer service that is horrible is in South East Asia…..wow….NEVER AGAIN !!!!

  • DEREK G. says:

    OH MY GOD !!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE…….Ally is the VERY worst lender i have ever dealt with all the negative reviews are TRUE !!!! Even the dealerships that i was trying to trade my jeep into were all telling me the same thing that they dont want to deal with Ally….. its insane !!!! If your leasing a car do yourself a favor make sure the leasing lender is NOT ALLY

  • Joe L. says:

    Had my extended vehicle service contract (included in the financing) erroneously cancelled by the selling car dealer. First, Ally told me I would get the refund; then no refund and monies would be used to reduce balance on my car; then would only be refunded to OEM (Toyota); then only refunded to selling dealer; etc. Three months and am still waiting.
    REAL ISSUE: I was sent my monthly statement in February ’22 indicating “next payment due” in three months. Because of “refund” issue, I was then billed for a two month payment (which I paid) and later found out this was reported to Credit Bureaus as 30+ days late/delinquent. Being in the middle of a mortgage re-fi, I discovered a 50-60 pt drop for both myself and my wife on our credit reports, which resulted in a “no refinance” situation.
    When I first found this refund problem, I immediately called Ally and started a dispute to reverse this credit report problem. After seeing it on my report I called again and was told that even though they had the dispute, there was never any negative report made to the credit agencies. That was all B.S. Today I was told by my potential mortgage lender to “yell and scream” and demand that they reverse the negative impact they created. No matter how many people I spoke told it was always the same answer: CANNOT INTERRUPT THE AUTO PROCESS AND MUST LET IT RUN IT’S COURSE OF 45 BUSINESS DAYS TO REVERSE/REMOVE THIS NEGATIVE CREDIT ISSUE. Later filed a dispute with Experian and that would take 30 days with no guarantee.
    Seems like everybody takes your money and if there is an issue, the consumer still keeps on paying in “more ways than one”. WILL NEVER, EVER DEAL WITH ALLY AGAIN!!!!!!!


  • KIM says:

    This week Ally locked my acct online access . A rep from “back room” aka LP department verified me as all activities have been legitimate I could log in but all my external transfer links are blocked. Call CS and two supervisors Thu ( 93 minutes) and Fri (95 minutes) but Ally still hold my money hostage for no legitimate reason and none is my fault or error. I seriously lost trust and confidence having my money kept at Ally. I’ll make my case known to other consumers and authorities.

    • Mattie says:

      I’m experiencing this now. The account is locked because of a deposit I received. I feel like I am powerless. I keep getting referred to the “back room” and they have nothing to say except an “investigator” is looking into it. The person who sent the funds is frustrated from their end also. Ally will not discuss it with them.

  • MA says:

    Same issue as everyone else. Foreign-based customer service with empty promises of assistance. I have called repeatedly to no avail. Contacting congressman to see if he can offer assistance. When they purchased GMAC’s folder, they lost titles, etc. In fairness, if they resolve this, I will come back and say so. But for now, no matter how much you call, whatever they promise, it will not happen.

  • Garon Douglass says:

    Great bank to do business with

  • Nisha says:

    This company is a complete scam ! I have been requesting a payoff for 5 days everyday they had a different excuse. Today they tell me my account was in restriction. At this point I’m going on their social media’s and just going to hire an attorney.

  • Brian Lawther says:

    Does anyone at the corporate level read these comments?

    It would seem the general theme is the same; horrible customer service, inaccurate and mistake filled accounts, and a complete lack of empathy for negatively impacting people’s lives through their own errors.

  • Brian Lawther says:

    Trying to get any assistance with correcting errors made by Ally is next to impossible. We were put on hold for 2 hours, just long enough for the main office to close and for us to be put off.

    Inaccurate reporting to the credit agencies may very well make us homeless, but the highest level manager we are allowed to speak to apparently has no authority to fix it.

    • Brian says:

      I get run around

    • Debra Schultz says:

      I am having the problem of what they are reporting to the credit bureaus also. I paid off 2 vehicles early and they are reporting my account as “closed”. Not PAID OFF, but closed. The credit bureau is telling me to get in touch with them, they’re telling me to get in touch with the credit bureau. It’s major bs. The people they have at customer service are the absolute worst. I will never give Ally another dime and I will make sure to tell anyone else, this is the worst experience I have ever had

  • Frank says:

    this is by far the worst bank I have ever had business with. rude people, no help at all, tried making payments on time, they mess it up each and every time. I had a perfect credit score until I have has dealings with this bank!! TERRIBLE does not even touch how bad they are.

  • Karen Barzar says:

    This is the worst bank ever my car was totaled over a month ago, i had full insurance coverage including GAP insurance, my primary ins paid their part and now the GAP is waiting to pay the balance but ALLY can seem to provided a detailed payment history after requesting it via phone calls and emails. The phone reps are useless. After making many calls I was first told it would be 5-7 then 3 days still I’m waiting as far as I’m concerned they should not be paid a dime. – give them a -0 score with said face.

  • Roberta says:

    Worst bank ever…they blame the customer when their own people give bad advice. Then they clear a check to then tell.me the check was no good after I already paid my Bill’s. So they lock me out of my account and claim they are investigating me and refuse to give me access to my charges so I can see what is going on with my account. The best part is they hang up on you when they hear you have all the evidence in writing and recorded. I am so ready for this fight. I am done letting banks do this to people.

  • Tamia Davis says:

    Worst Bank I’ve ever done business with. I will never do business with this bank again. I had an ongoing issue that lasted 3 months and requested to have a manager reach out to me several times with no call backs. I had to almost harass the company for them to find my money that they deposited in someone else’s account. You need to refocus your teams because the service I received was unacceptable.

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