Where is Allsups Corporate office Headquarters

Allsups Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  2112 North Thornton Street, Clovis, NM 88101, United States
  • Phone Number: 505-769-2311
  • Fax Number: 505-762-4660
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: N/A 
  • Established: 1956
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Mr. Lonnie Allsup (CEO & President)

Allsups Headquarters Location & Directions

Allsups Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Lonnie Allsup

CEO & President

Ms. Barbara Allsup


About Allsups, History and Headquarters Information

            Allsup’s is chain of stores. It was founded in 1956 as Lonnie’s Drive – in Grocery. Today it is widely spread across New Mexico, Texas and Frederick, Oklahoma. The headquarters of the company is located in Clovis, New Mexico.

The concept of the company was established by Lonnie, a veteran of US Air Force. After serving in the Korean war, the pilot, he started the company along with Barbara Allsup. The couple began their journey in Rosewell, New Mexico. Even today the stores are owned and operated by them together.

There are over 300 stores in 160 towns and cities. There are over 3000 store employees working under the company. In 2011, the company began to remodel its store. It completed a quarter of its remodeling in the same year. Today it also offers its own products like Allsup’s milk. They also provide gas from Texas and New Mexico.

Allsups Headquarters Photos

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  • Mary says:

    I would like to address that we travel by Throckmorton Texas, 76483. And we usually stop there for food as well as to use the bathroom but every time we have stoped by there, a displayed written sign on the door- saying that the bathroom is out of order,and if so, -How are the employees using the bathroom? Just wondering how can you expect customers stoping by if the employees are rude and lazy, an have everything locked up. Please look into this for you are losing customers.

  • Unhappy costumer says:

    I had the worst experience at allsup’s in Taos the clerk through the money at me because I asked if it was happy hour or the drinks were still 99 cents from 2:00 to 5:00 it was about 5 minutes till 5:00 she said no you need to have a card and I said well then I don’t want it then I decided to pay for it because she told me not to ever go back in there again and because I’ve done that several times I have never done that not once so she threw the money at my face after I put it in her hand I really think that is very unprofessional and she humiliated me. I asked her to call her manager and she informed me she was calling police instead personally I don’t like to deal with police so I left.

  • Marshall says:

    Whoever the “guy” is with all the face peircing is that works on 1rst and Richey in Artesia needs to learn how to respect his customers.. I’ve gone to that store for about 6 years and haven’t had any issues until now.. he hasn’t been there that long but being disrespectful to customers shouldn’t be tolerated. Today was the 3rd time I’ve went in there and he was disrespectful to someone. The first time he walked up and started talking crap to another employee then just walked out..

  • Rhesea says:

    I need someone to call me asap

  • Debbie griffin says:

    As a single woman I really dislike having to cross the parking lot at night to go into the store to get a receipt !!! I would think the company would care a little bit more for womens safety !!! Do better

  • Janie Benavidez says:

    There’s a Allsups store here in Albuquerque NM on Zuni and Indiana I think Indiana St close to Louisiana, anyways there always closed and close store early don’t understand it’s a convenient store it should always be open, it’s an inconvenience when I have to drive farther down there street to go to Circle K I love going to your store ‘s but that one store most of the time closed

  • Ricky Kirkland says:

    I frequent the store in Coleman Texas I always ask why I have to come inside to get a gas receipt ,just today there are 3 people standing around so I asked why one of them couldn’t put paper in the pumps one said because they eat the paper and get jammed ,I responded that they are equipped to give receipts that shouldn’t be a problem to which the other said they aren’t allowed to touch the pumps the third didn’t answer she was standing outside talking with someone sitting in their car so if this is true you shouldn’t have pumps that offer a receipt and if it isn’t true then you should address the problem maybe start with management but from the looks of things there is not one and if so they are not taking the job seriously,Oh it was probably the one standing out side talking. Thanks and good luck

  • Judy says:

    Tried To Call Had To Leave Message. The Allsups In Eastland Between 5:30 And 6:00 P.M. Has Barely Had Food In Warmer And When You Ask If They Are Going To Put Food In They Tell You In About 20 Or 30 Minutes. I Guess Since I Am Getting No Calls Or Answer It Is Not Of Importance To Anyone But This Has Happened TWICE NOW

  • Roger says:

    I have a parking lot maintenance company. I have stopped in at multiple stores to either get fuel or a couple of gut grenades. I don’t ask if they would be interested in my services unless I noticed an actual need (pressure cleaning, pothole or shattered concrete or striping and handicap retraces). Every time I ask, I get “we do it ourselves.” They are generally polite in the response, but Lonnie, if you have a crew that performs these duties for you, YOU’RE GETTING SCREWED! Some of your lots (to utilize civil wording) are FILTHY! Your striping and handicap designations are non-existant on way too many properties for you to be “doing it yourselves.” Concrete slabs are broken or cracked to the point you will one day be looking at a liability suit against the company because your maintenance people are either too lazy or incompetent to perform the duties you hired them to do. I would love to send you pictures but apparently you don’t care….. and that type of empathy will one day jump up and bite you on the butt!

  • Mary says:

    What can I do about the manager of the store will not put me on the schedule even though I have already been hired he will not even talk with me

  • Stephen vazquez says:

    Make a complaint for store #95 some of the workers day and night shift seem to and act like they are talking to customers about me and my life situation which is no one’s business but my own the main one talking is named harry I believe. If you would like more info you can contact me at alexis20012500@gmail.com. thank you I would like for some kind of action please.

  • Sandi Sue says:

    Visited Allsups in Espanola, NM today. Male cashier was rude and unprofessional…I asked for his name and he said he didn’t have to home his name…I told him I was going to report him to the manager and he said he WAS the manager. I advised him that Corporate office would find out about him and he said he doesn’t care. This guy shouldn’t be working in a place like this….he is an animal…

  • Elizabeth says:

    The allsups in mora is one of the dirtiest, there is never anything on stock, there is never any food in the hot box and you have to wait forever in line.

  • Allen says:

    None of the stores in Roswell New Mexico are open past 11 it seems anymore. Have seen multiple employees inside but doors are locked with closed signs…. maybe a sign of poor management?

  • Austin Sabala says:

    You’ll need to look into the stores in Morton, Tx . They are rude as hell. Don’t ever want to cook anything you ask for. Never have cigarettes. It’s a joke. They always seem to be in a bad mood, never want to cook . Always have an excuse like , let me call the manager and ask where’s the chicken or hot links. And if they do find it , they just throw the hot links in the microwave. Cmon man .

  • Stella says:

    I really appreciate the team members at the store in Las Vegas 1037 Grand Avenue. Always professional and nice. Clean store. Yeah, team!

  • Donna Carmichael says:

    I have lived in NM nearly all my 73 years and have never received such rude and lazy employees as the Allsup’s in Carrizozo. Every day is a challenge to even go in there. The Manager is nice and a girl called Andy but none of the others lifts a finger.

  • Zayla Amaya says:

    Went to the alsups after work to get some food for my kids and sick grandma. The girl working literally had one other customer and still “forgot to put my food in the bag” I drove home (which is 15 miles away.) When I called to say What the problem was, she yelled at me and said I forgot to grab the bag. When i got to the store she was rude and didn’t want to give my food. So when I said I wanted my money back she made me and another customer wait so she could see how to do a refund. I told her I don’t need the money for drinks. She got more rude and acted like I didn’t know what I meant. When she Handed me the money she threw it In my hand and rolled her eyes. Then she didn’t want to give me the food even though it was her mistake to begin with.. so my family didn’t get to eat till 9:30 p.m. wouldn’t recommend going to the alsups in front of stripes in plainview tx. You might just get caught up in dumb bs like me 🙄

  • Wendy alloggio says:

    Was in there Monday morning at 130to200..I didn’t have a mask but covered my nose anyway…. As I approached the door an employees daughter violated me humiliated me and just disrespected me.. for sending over me like she was breathing her germs. I’m a star telegram distributor & will not being buying anything from.that store only delivering papers. Voiced my opinion to the store manager very unhappy but the situation..

  • Mad customer says:

    My husband and I were coming back from Muleshoe stopped in the little town of Sudan to buy a drink and some lottery tickets, asked if she had change for a hundred she just shook her head cashed lottery ticket asked me how much it was for I told her and she just threw the money at me didn’t ask if I needed anything else so I just got my money and told my husband let’s go rude ass people in this place she didn’t even say thank you or anything, my husband got a drink and she was nice to him even asked if he wanted anything else!!! Allsups really needs to check on their employees they are rude ass hell!!!!

  • Kevin Bradley Maddox says:

    I have also found out that also That alsubs Violate state labor laws if for some reason employee has to work any time over 40 hours because I’m another employed does not show up they do not pay them. So in all reality all sub steals from their employees. Store equipment is always broken down corporate does not even care if they fix it or not this is about the saddest run company I’ve ever seen. Specially since it’s been bought out there just letting these stories is getting even worse.

  • Kevin Bradley Maddox says:

    I find it unbelievably said corporate came not answer a phone in the middle of the day. Their store 80 in Las Vegas New Mexico is a complete disaster management is A complete joke you cannot contact the manager there is never even in assistant manager available the employees call the managers and they will not answer their phones. This is not how you run a company this is nothing but a failure.

  • Grandfall says:

    Firt of all let me start by saying thank you for putting a store in our small town. Now it would be nice if you could actually purchase products from this store. They are constantly out everything or its always locked up in the office and only the manager is aloud to unlock that room, she is never around. When they do get a truck in all the products set out side untill its nice and hot,( milk sucks when worm) coolers are always out of service and Beer is hot, i could bye ICE but they forgot to bag any and are to busy to get you some. Really who wants HOT Beer, and dont get me started on them running out of Hot sauce i dont know how this is even possible since yall make yourselves ( Manager Problem). Thats about all i got for now, i only have 76% battery life and im afraid my phone will Die before i finish. On a side note you do have some really good workers there that should actually be in charge.

  • Cynthia Astello says:

    Abilene Allsup’s – valid reason they are very lax in the mask state mandate given the flow of out of town traffic that comes through?? Also why are employees stuffing their faces with food behind the register and then literally not washing their hands before getting back to work and handling A customer’s food? I asked the cashier if they weren’t being that strict about masks and she nonchalantly said “no.” Come through Abilene at least 12 times a year. Won’t be stopping again and neither will my entire family.

  • Harley says:

    The employee at Allsups in Holliday, TX did not wear gloves when handling my food today. I am not one to care too much but that is very unsanitary and could end up getting someone sick.

  • Mark says:

    Store #335 in Roswell New Mexico on Main Street. the container said 4 pm the food expired but they still served it to me 7 hours later and I got food poisoning I have pictured of my food please contact me at (682) 559-5045

  • Mark says:

    Had a horrible experience food was 7hours old and still served to me I have pictures and not the best service there. There were 2 workers and 1 line with 14 people in it

  • Geter Harrell says:

    Why during these horrible times would your company raise the price on your grocery items. $5for a dozen eggs. Seriously

  • William Green says:

    Allsup’s store 99 and Allsup’s store 163 in Dumas, TX consistantly do not have any food ready for customers even if they have just recieved a shipment. I work at Allsup’s 164 also in Dumas. Night after night, week after week I get customers that come in for food and complain to me how the other stores havent met their needs. I’ve mentioned this to my supervisor numerous times, but I feel as I dont have a voice here so this is my last resort. I hope something can be done to improve these conditions. Thank you for your time.

  • Anthony Martinez says:

    Hi I’m an ex employee and work like to know who I can talk to about my termination

  • Debra Hall says:

    hi i am a recent passed employee and i know a girl who was under
    Dr. care for a short time it was minor and now being told she needs a form signed by Dr. so she can go back to work, although the manager never has the form. can you let me know where to direct her on your web page to obtain this form so she can get it faxed to you due to time to get it signed will expire. she is a great worker thank you so much thank you from Grandfalls Texas

  • Ginger says:

    Between Allsups and Loves located in Clayton, the town is getting gouged by gas prices. Shame on you.

  • Arlene Morales says:

    My question is why when you have people willing to work and have applications already summied they take long to hire you and have a sign on the door we are hiring please do something about it .My step daughter is single mother and needs a job , her name Mercedes Canals , and this store is located in Grandfalls, Texas

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