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  • Address: Eight Tower Bridge, 161 Washington St Suite 600, Conshohocken, PA 19428, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 866 825 5433
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 250,000
  • Established: 2016
  • Key People: Mark Olivas

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Mark Olivas


Jason Stapleton

Regional Vice President

Rafael Sorto

Regional Vice President

Devin Samaha

Vice President of Sales

Michelle Bresnahan

LEED AP, Arizona Regional Vice President of Operations

Craig DeMartini

Regional Vice President Northern California

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  • Renee B says:

    I have been with Allied for almost a year and it’s been the most unpleasant experience. I largely work 2 days a week ( it has been this way ) now the supervisor is trying to let me go without even saying it. They are giving all the new hired employees their own shift and took me off the schedule completely. The supervisor put me on a flex sched without my permission. I am going to the BBB and definitely everything I can do to report this company. It is insane how they treat their employees.

  • Ramon Gomez says:

    Hello I have been with Allied for 6 years now, as receptionist, my accrual 40 hours vacation money is owed to me, I have not been offered no other job, I am thinking of reporting this company to the California state labor board.

  • Herbert Kevin Reed says:

    I need the number to the corporate office to file a formal complaint.

  • Lisa says:

    I need to correct my other statement. Holiday pay owed is for 2021 not 2022,that was a typo. I was confused about what was actually owed because of what my manager has put me through, he tried to convince me that i wasn’t owed any pay at all. Then partially paid me two months later and I didn’t check my records to see if it was correct because I was so thankful for being paid at all. Im actually owed 3hrs of Holiday pay from 2021 plus one year of working late because of no relief and never got a dime. I just wanted to make sure this is accurate.

  • Lisa says:

    I currently work for Allied Universal in Louisiana. I have worked here for over one year and constantly have shorted pay checks. My co- workers will sometimes get paid for hours they didn’t work while i am never late nor do I ever miss a day of work,yet my checks are always short. I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in 2022, 12 hour shifts and was only given 5 hrs of holiday pay and i had to wait until February to get it and had to fight for it. I am going to report this company to the state labor and wage division. Allied Universal is a corupt company to work for. Slavery ended more than 100 years ago. Please help Allied Universals many victims.

  • Jonas says:

    I have worked for Allied universal in Beaumont Texas for 2 and a 1/2 years at the same site. My paychecks are shorted every single week. If I work any overtime at general it takes between 4 to 9 weeks to get paid the overtime I am ode. And now this week I took 3 vacation Days 2 weeks ago and this week Christmas week I only got paid for 2 days instead of the 2 days I actually worked in my 3 vacation days for total 40 hours I was shorted about $300. The women in the Beaumont Texas office are nothing short of incompetent

  • Deja says:

    i currently work for allied universal of stockton california. Ive worked for the company for 6 years.
    i had covid back in June missing two weeks of work. They removed me from my site after it was time to return to work. The whole situation has set me back so much as im expecting to be paid my covid relief.
    ive filed the request for covid relief a handful of times already and my branch has not gotten my request
    instead they continue to have me drive 45 minutes to meet at our office, i file forms again and again. And still no pay
    they currently started shorting my last few checks and i call every point of contact and cannot get ahold of absolutely noone.
    Can someone please email on what i can do to be paid

    Thank You!

  • K says:

    I was told my relief was going to be here at 1pm and it’s 5:20pm and I’m still on site. I’ve already worked a full shift and have other more important priorities as in children I have to take care of and I’m still on site. My account manager also told me that I couldn’t request to leave him or he was going to make sure I was fired from the company. I don’t see how that’s fair. I’m miserable underneath him and he’s extremely rude and Inconsiderate. Along with them telling me I was going to be making $18 an hour to all of the sudden me seeing that I’m only making $16.

  • Solomon Price says:

    I live in Beaumont TX. I have worked for AU for the past 8 months. I recently took off to take of my sick wife. When reporting to my supervisor that I needed to be off an indefinite period of time she told me that if I stayed away for 3 weeks that she would have to take me off the schedule. I called he after 2 week (NOT THE 3 WEEKS DEADLINE SHE GAVE ME, I WAS LIED TO) to request to go back to work but was told that she had no site to send me to. I have not worked since Oct 5th! Is there a supervisor in Beaumont, Port Arthur or Orange TX who needs a Security Officer? I prefer days or evenings and off on Sunday.

  • Steve says:

    I am a current employee # 9430414 that has been trying to contact Human Resources both local and corporate. I have sent emails, made dozens of phone with no results from any departments, or supervisor.

  • Kathlene Augustin says:

    Hello my name is KathleneAugustinI stated to work for Alied since June 2019 I wanna take my vacation on September 2022 my boss told me if I take my vacation on September I won’t get paid because my vacation starded on November. Please help me?

  • Kathlene Augustin says:

    I started to work for Alied since. Jun 2019 I wanna take my vacation on September 2022 my boss told my vacation starded November 2022 If I take it on September I won’t get paid please help me?

  • c says:

    wanted to call but all numbers were disconnected so hope you will see this. one of your cars with florida tags was driving behind me on a street call camina de la reina in san diego and it had a large bar of flashing lights blinding me and i thought the police were trying to stop me and i quickly pulled over and was nearly hit be the allied universal car because they are not the police and kept going. I do not think it is safe for parking lot security cars to have flashing lights when driving on public roads. As for when they are in the parking lots, a long bar of light is not necessary (can blind a person there as well) Just a simple light or two will do so folks can see to drive safely. Probably you will not do anything about this issue because business do what they want without consideration of others these days.

  • Nicole Goodwin says:

    Hello my name is Nicole Goodwin and I applied for a job in your California office Oakland to be exact and was told that due to me having a wet and reckless on my record they couldn’t offer me a job at the time. Granted that would have been fine if I was applying for a supervisor position in which I would have been ok with however I was not. I was simply trying to be a regular guard. So my concern is, is how was I not able to be hired as a security guard. Please call me or email me with your response nicolefrison5@gmail.com or 5102539332 thank you!!!

  • Lori Smith says:

    I was shorted on my check and now I have to wait.6-14 days. Like everyone else I have bills to pay. Would never recommend this company to anyone

  • tracey Watts says:

    I work for Allied Universal in Bartow Fl. I asked for a transfer and it was approved but they told me that I could not be transferred, until they were fully staffed and my replacement is completely trained.

  • Mike Jackson says:

    Hi My name is Mike Jackson, I was employed by Allied Universal in Daytona Beach, Fl for a short time, until my cancer returned and I had to leave my job abruptly and start treatment. My Post Commander, put me in a no rehire status and I don’t understand why. She was always so supportive when I missed work due to my illness, did she get along with every officer at WCD (Trader Joes )? No she didn’t because she didn’t know how to talk to her officers, and once AUS bought G4S she had a list of officers that she was going to get fired or not hired by AUS, I just didn’t think I was one of them. I recently applied for an Asst Account Manager position here in Daytona Beach, Fl and contacted the Recruiter in the Jacksonville, Fl. office Tiera Blake, who would only communicate with me by text, and she was the one who informed me that I was no longer able to be employed by AUS, when I asked why? She said that I quit without giving the proper 2 weeks notice, once I explained to her that my cancer had returned and I had to get back into treatment ASAP. She told me that she would get back with me, a week went by and I reached back out to Ms. Tiera Blake and she responded by text that we couldn’t move forward in the hiring process. I have all of the documents about my heath and can present them to you
    I have been a Site Supervisor with AUS, and because of it’s core values there’s no other agency I would rather work for. With over 25 years in the security industry, I have never been put in a non rehire able status by any employer.

    Can you please help?

    Mike Jackson

  • Tiffany Davis says:

    Hi! This is Tiffany Davis, I work for Allied Universal in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a question about the policy and how the schedule of shift are ran. I’m having a problem at my post and my supervisor is not handling it the right way. I’m trying to see if the way she doing it is the right way. I been with the company for 7 years now & I never had a problem with my job or post. This the 1st post I have that I’m having problems with coworker ( who think he the supervisor & he doesn’t have a onsite supervisor) & my supervisor letting him run the site/ make demands about how and who work what shift. Pleas if you don’t mind giving me a call (424) 645-9976 so we can discuss this. I talked to my supervisor about it 3 times already and she not doing anything about it.

    Thank You!

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