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Allegiant Air
  • Address:  8360 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89113, United States

  • Phone Number: 702-851-7300

  • Fax Number: 702-851-7301

  • Email: facebook@allegiantair.com

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 5100 

  • Established: 1997

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. (CEO & Chairman)

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Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. 

CEO & Chairman

About Allegiant Air, History and Headquarters Information

Allegiant Air was incorporated by Mitch Allee, Jim Patterson and Dave Beadle in 1997. It was started under the name WestJet Express. It started as a purpose to link people who live in small cities to leisure destinations throughout the world. In 1998, it was renamed to Allegiant Air. They began with a single airplane and a single route in 1999. The company is headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada. By 2006, it started trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol ALGT.

Allegiant Air LLC operates charter and scheduled flights. Along with this, this company also provides a wide range of services such as cars rental, hotel rooms, and other travel-related services. Allegiant Air provides its products and services to its customers throughout the United States. Unlike other airlines, it has comparatively low fares on an all-jet fleet. Anyone can avail these services by visiting online at Allegiant.com.  Currently, the company owns more than 92 aircraft and 350 routes all over the country with budget-friendly fares; which amount to less than half the cost of the average domestic roundtrip ticket. Currently, it has around 4000 associates working for this company who run and manage this corporation owned by Allegiant Travel Co.

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  • Christopher says:

    Hello to whom it may concern, I have a complaint, my in-laws just flew on an Allegiant flight from Florida into Cincinnati, where we had scheduled 2 wheelchairs, upon landing they only had 1 wheelchair, so my father in law had to walk the entire airport, my mother in law had to tell the gentleman 2 times to slow down so he could keep up, they were rude & inconsiderate, will NEVER fly with your airline again!!!

  • Tom Zdrazil says:

    Several residents in Wisconsin and California would like to see a direct flight from Appleton International Airport to Burbank, CA. Many residents both in CA & WI have made the flight but have to have 1 layover @ another airport. Both pleasure & business.

  • Jeff Howard says:

    Yes,been trying since last Wednesday to talk-to someone. Needing to cancel my trip and I only have till next Thursday to do it or lose my money,since I got the insurance figured it would be a little easier. You had no problem taking my money that day-now I’m trying too get the same consideration

  • Kathleen Devecchio says:

    Will Allegiant Air start offering flights from Panama City Florida to other cities in Florida? No airlines offer direct flights from the Panama City area to other cities in Florida. There will be over 3500 additional personnel stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base within the next year. There are no direct flights to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale or other locations within the state. The drive to other cities is 5 to 10 hours. Would love to be able to take a flight.

  • A. Nelson says:

    Hello, As I sit in Orlando at Sanford airport at 7:30 pm I just wanted to reach out to let you know of my dissatisfaction of your service. My original flight was scheduled for 12:05 this afternoon we still haven’t taken off. We boarded the plane at 2 something only to be told we had to deplane back inside the airport.we have been given 1 drink per person and an $8 voucher for a meal?????
    I expect you will be in contact to let me know what you plan to do to rectify our 4 passenger airfare.
    Andrew Nelson
    196 Bayless Rd.
    Jonesborough Tn.
    (423) 791-4295

  • Ken Motsinger says:

    My son Tommy Motsinger recently flew from Columbus, OH to Savannah, GA during the Thanksgiving holidays and he checked his golf clubs on the flight. When he arrived in Savannah, the clubs were no where to be found. He filed a claim and the # is Cb4YMG and he is being told that you are not going to reimburse him for his clubs and have only offered a modest $250 to replace them. I’m not sure what world you’re living in for this embarrassing amount to offer someone for a replacement set of golf clubs, but he had over $3,000 worth of clubs not to mention the custom golf bag worth over $400 along with golf balls, tees and other equipment worth over $200. I’m writing this to you in hopes to get someone to contact us to offer a reasonable reimbursement. All of his contact information is on the claim I’ve suggested above. Please contact him to get this resolved or we have no choice but to take legal action against your airlines.

  • Collette Lezama says:

    I am incredibly disappointed in this airline. All I wanted to do is get my frequent flyer miles number added to my record. I have had to call, 9-NINE times. Within these calls, I have been bounced around and disconnected. Transferred twice to the member services associated with the credit card even when I told them it wasn’t connected with a cc. I asked one associate 14 times if I could talk to a supervisor so that I wouldn’t be bounced around any more. . Obviously new and obviously being coached (Tyler from Customer Care). Honestly, I was friendly and never raised my voice. I was NEVER granted a call with a supervisor, but instead, transferred back to the member services associated with the credit card once again.

    I have NEVER experienced this type of customer service in my life. With how the economy is today, there will be a swing back to proper and effective customer service. This company will not make it if not truly helpful. I am entitled to my points that this airline promised. I flew this airline because of an emergency. This was the opportunity to prove your customer service and integrity and character as a reputable airline. As far as I am concerned, this is the only option that I have and choice never to try this airline again.

  • Lee Parrish says:

    My name is Lee Parrish . I flew your Airline on Sept 26th Flight 987. I have leg problems so I need the wheel chair, and l used it🤗 I was so impressed by the ones that took care of me, how wonderful they all were and made me feel like I was someone SPECIAL, very Special, and l. Felt like I needed to tell you how wonderful my trip went, they treated me and I will never forget it. I hope there is a way you will give thanks to all that were on call that night💕I will always fly with Allegiant when possible. Thanks Again. Sincerely, Lee Parrish. 336 407 1304. Home is 336 699. 4077

  • DLA says:

    We are waiting on the plane because they need a call from headquarters to allow us to fly without a seat belt extender that is missing from the kit. Been sitting here real close to an hour.

  • Joan L Miller says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been attempting to resolve my request for reimbursement based on poor to no service by Allegiantair. This is my last attempt to reach an amicable resolution. If my request for personal response, not a computer generated response is not honored by September 15, 2022 (262 days from my first cancellation by Allegiantair), I will be left with no alternative but to file a complaint with the FAA and whomever I need to reach out to from there.

    This type of poor customer service and choice to ignore a legitimate claim is absolutely unacceptable. As stated in my first e-mail, I am requesting a cash refund of the vouchers for the total of $542.26. Please promptly remit a negotiable money order and/or check to me in the amount of $542.26. No other form of reimbursement will be accepted.

    Thank you.

    Joan L. Miller

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Customer.Relations@egain.allegiantair.com
    Date: Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 10:43 AM
    Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Customer Request For Assistance: other [#1704711]

    Hi there!
    Thanks for taking the time to write to us. This is just a quick note to let you know we’ve received your message and will follow up with you as soon as possible. Based on the nature of your inquiry, some responses may require additional time and research.
    If your flight departure is less than a week away, give us a call at 702-505-8888. One of our Customer Service Representatives is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    If your claim is regarding medical or bereavement circumstances, please submit any supporting documentation for your claim to customer.relations@allegiantair.com with your six-digit confirmation number. We thank you for your patience.
    If your claim is regarding our Allegiant Honors program, please submit valid proof of military ID, such as a copy of an active military ID, Veteran ID card or DD Form 214. As a military passenger, you can always leave the free bags off your reservation, and they will be added on the day of travel after you show your military ID to the airport agent at check-in. Click Here to review our Allegiant Honors military discount program.
    Need information on where Allegiant flies? Click here to view our interactive route map.
    Other questions? Click here to read helpful travel tips and answers to frequently asked questions.
    Your business is important to us. We’ll be in touch soon!
    Thanks again,
    The Allegiant Customer Service Team
    Please do not reply to this email, as it is an automated message.


    Customer service agent:

    It has been two months since you responded you had a high email rate. Two months has certainly provided sufficient time to research my request. The casual treatment by Allegiant of customers who pay for a service which has been confirmed by Allegiant, is horrific. Such treatment by you has caused me loss of work and unnecessary expense in having to pay a higher rate with a competitor. Thus my request to seek the requested refund. Please be advised that with the receipt of a prompt refund of the $542.26, I will take no further action. In the event I do not promptly receive the $542.26, I will proceed further.

    I would ask for a personal contact, not a “robo” response, and thank you for your prompt response.

    Joan L. Miller

    aware that if I do not receive a prompt

    On Fri, May 27, 2022 at 8:51 AM Customer.Relations@egain.allegiantair.com wrote:
    Dear Valued Allegiant Customer,
    Thank you for contacting Allegiant. We apologize for the delayed response. We are experiencing a high demand in emails, and we are trying our best to respond as quickly as possible.
    If you have general questions, please refer to https://www.allegiantair.com/faqs or message one of our Live Chat Representatives Monday – Friday 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus
    If you need assistance regarding Vouchers, please direct your email to voucher@allegiantair.com
    If your travel is within 72 hours and you need immediate assistance, please contact our service center at 702-505-8888.
    However, if you are no longer in need of assistance, no further action is required.
    We appreciate your business and hope you grant us the opportunity to provide a pleasant travel experience the next time you fly.
    Allegiant Customer Relations Team


    The following request for assistance is from Joan Miller:
    Nature of Request: other
    Name: Joan Miller
    Email: joanielusummer69@gmail.com
    Telephone: 231-675-6277
    Itinerary Number: BL7ZJM
    Flight Number: 1742
    Is this claim regarding a rescheduled or canceled flight yes
    Mailing address 08730 Pincherry Road Charlevoix, MI 49720
    Relationship: passenger
    Request Details: My husband, Albert Miller, and myself traveled to Punta Gorda on December 23, 2021 with a scheduled return to Traverse City on December 28, 2021. (Itinerary # BL7ZJM) . Our flight was canceled on December 27, 2021. We rebooked and rescheduled to return to Traverse City on January 3, 2022. On January 3, 2022, Flight 1742 was canceled at the gate. Due to my work schedule, we had to rebook a return flight to Traverse City through a competitor/another airline. It was very costly to do a quick one-way booking. I had booked a flight (#1562 for 3/11/22) with Allegiant while still in Florida for a return visit. Due to the inconsistent flights and frequent cancellations, which my work schedule did not allow for. I cancelled that flight entirely (Itinerary # BKMXSF). I am requesting a cash refund of the vouchers for the total of $542.26.
    Pre-Travel inquiries receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.
    Post-Travel concerns may require additional research and response time may take 4-6 weeks.

  • Dan says:

    I had an employee tell me you don’t except my fifth third debit card.

  • mark baggin says:

    I have been waiting for a reply to my e-mails re: refund of $793.96 from canceled flight. p;ease expedite

  • TEJA Morris says:

    Been calling for weeks trying to add a minor to my reservation but kept getting a busy signal. Called last week got an answer after 2 hours and the agent hung up. Got through today after 3.5 hours of being on hold. The agent took all my info put me on hold for 25 mins came back asking was I there and placing me back on hold. After about 5 mins of that she hung up on me!


    Allegiant charged $150 in baggage fees and lost my sister’s luggage!!! Its impossible to contact them by phone. My sister is a senior citizen and needs her medications that are in her lost luggage! Allegiant could care less. This situation is very stressful for her and elevating her blood pressure! Someone needs to be held responsible and remedy this situation ASAP!

  • Christine Fountain says:

    Dear Maurice J. Gallagher Jr,
    My mother, Janelle Gianelli, purchased a ticket last March. Going from Oakdale California to Eugene, Oregon. She found out later on in April that she has a heart condition called AFib. She has to wear a monitor that is implanted under her breast and there is a lithium battery. She is afraid to go on the flight now and per your policy she’s not able to get a refund unless we cancel within a 24-hour. Due to my mother’s health condition this was impossible and I’m wondering if there’s any way that my mom can get her refund back to her original card that was used to purchase the ticket. My mom lives on a fixed income and she really would prefer to have a refund then a voucher. I am requesting a full refund for my mother, Janelle Gianelli.
    Please contact me at 209-532-0651 to confirm this email. Thank you for your time and help,

    Christine Fountain

  • Gregger says:

    Well, from what I’ve read…..They NEVER answer the phone. Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr. is the CEO, jus sayan.

  • Janet G MacDonald says:

    I had applied for Allegiant Credit Card and would get a $100.00 credit and they refused to apply for that credit stating I did not apply within that credit.
    I would of not applied if that was the case! Allegiant should honor that credit!!
    I am really upset about it. Maybe others should be aware of false advertizement!!
    I received one from SouthWest and I had no problem.

  • Kenneth Scott says:

    I needed to cancel a flight that I had booked, it was a split flight, from Missoula Mt. to LV, returning from Phoenix to Missoula. I went to Manage my flight and canceled the 1st leg of the flight from Missoula to LV, then i went to do the same on the Phoenix to Missoula return trip, It kept coming up with “system error” and would not allow me to cancel, then a 2.45 hour wait was for nothing, I tried again around 11:30 and sat there for another 2 and 1/2 hours. So far I have been on hold multiple times trying to tell someone what happened. I have invested 5 hours and never got through. Even getting up at 3am in the morning same recording after 1 and 1/2 hours I gave up. It is my belief there is really no one there, and they could give two shits about anyone who had a valid complaint. I have flown to all corners of the planet with my job, I have NEVER see a bigger cluster “F” in my life. Oh but they have my money. I have sent several email to their customer support team asking them to call me so I can explain what happened.with the same results, no call back, no feed back what so ever. How do these guys stay in business is way beyond me. Ken Scott. kenpscott@yahoo.com. 03/14/2022

    • Linda Dvorak says:

      Trying for days to get through unable to finally called corporate office 702 851 7300 and talked with a person and got an answer within two minutes call only rang about three or four times before it was answer and the lady that answered help me

    • Gregger says:

      Just went through th same BS trying to get to sick parents. The airline is only good when it wants to be. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE OR COMPASSION AT ALL!!!

  • Tammy Rosboschil says:

    I want a full refund for the cancelation of my flight by Allegiant Airlines. I have read the other messages and it sounds like fraud has happened with no refunds, no return calls, not getting a rep on the phone, no return emails and the Allegient app doesn’t work.

    • Linda Dvorak says:

      Call corporate office 702-85 1 7300 answered right away and answered my question only took 2 or 3 minutes

  • Tammy Rosboschil says:

    My flight was canceled today from Pennsylvania to Florida. Allegiant canceled the flight. But I have to sit on hold for over 3 hours and still on hold to get a refund. The Allegiant app will not allow me to get a refund bc I also booked a rental car thru Allegiant with Almo. Will I really get a refund even for my travel voucher????? This is not good customer service. Now I have lost money on my hotel as well bc Allegiant canceled the flight the day of the flight. I need a representative to contact me. I called punta gorda airport and the message there, that airport won’t even help with Allegiant airlines. It was easy for Allegiant to take my hard earned money but now I can’t get my money back. 8 need a call within the next 8 hours or I will be making further calls but not to Allegiant.

  • Danny Meehan says:

    Tried to add a 14 year old grand child to my flight and was told to call customer service. I was placed on hold for over nine hours before an Allegiant Rep picked up the phone. She said she could not hear me and hung up! Great Customer Service.

  • Lorraine cochran says:

    Very disappointed with Allegiant. A representative cancelled a return flight for 1 passenger, because of a death in family. I told her not to cancel other passenger because he would be on flight back. I thought they just cancelled Donnie’s flight, but she cancelled BOTH. So on day of return my husband said to check in in on flight home. I never got check in email like everyone else, so I kept calling, nothing. I called airport in Florida too, nothing. I called airport in Elmira, nothing. I called air port director in Elmira, he said there is never anyone at alligient airport site and nothing he could do.
    So we had to buy ANOTHER return flight and pay again. PLUS earlier when we changed seating we were charged, and you charged me a extra charge for something, but you knows what. BECAUSE YOU NEVER ANSWER Phone OR EMAILS.next step BBB

  • Laurie Whitmyer says:

    I need to cancel my flight due to my daughter and I testing positive for Covid-19. In this situation, I refund should be provided. Tring to reach someone by phone is impossible. I have been on hold for a total of 7 hours. I have also sent multiple emails without a response. I am sure you do don’t want me to fly on your airline, but losing $$$ for something that is out of my control is an issue for me. PLEASE answer your phones. I also tried to use the online chat and no one is available.

  • Jen says:

    I have been on hold for COUNTLESS hours for two weeks on and off now not a single time has anyone answered!! I’ve sent multiple emails nothing!! I have two flights that were canceled and I’ve been awaiting my refund for nearly two weeks now!! If this does not get resolved immediately will have no choice but to involve my attorney as well file with the BBB!! Outrageous & unprofessional beyond words!! No one person should have to put this much time & frustration into getting back money THAT IS RIGHTFULLY THERES!!

  • Pattie Gatman says:

    Terribly disappointed. I have emailed multiple times, attempted chat and currently over 4 hours and 18 minutes on hold for customer service. I have a medical emergency and need to change my flight.

  • Angela Mason says:

    Allegiant, train your customer service agents better! I am a disabled veteran and upon checking in for my flight, your agent insulted me telling me that my veterans ID is nothing more than a PRIVILEGE CARD! You need to train them to understand the difference between an active duty ID and a DAV or Retired ID. NO VETERAN should ever have to be embarrassed or spoken to and told they can just not fly if they do not like it. I proudly served my country and and pay for it everyday! Do better for your veterans!!!!

  • Carmella M. Coons says:

    I’ve been calling for days since I received a cancellation of my flight on Thursday, October 21, 2021 from AlbanyNY to Punta Gorda Fl. I called today and waited 60 minutes and spoke to Linda who was rude and unprofessional. I didn’t cancel this flight I’m unsure how this happened. I only wanted my flight reinstated since I didn’t cancel it. I need assistance 518-527-9391

  • C Henry says:

    On Sept 19 from Moline to Las Vegas. 6 metro police officers meet me at the door and escorted me to the gate because I had my mask under my nose. Stewardess was harassing me about my mask didn’t ask once if I had underlying conditions which requires me to breathe. Person next to me sleeping with his off Never been so applauded and felt like a hardened criminal

  • KWill says:

    I traveled with your airline on 6/24/2021 and returned 6/27/2021 to and from Las Vegas, NV.  I filed a claim at the airport in Wichita, KS on 6/27/2021. I have sent you guys the C134 form (Priority mail with a requested signature). My receipt shows Jennifer M. signed for the form on 7/22/2021. I have yet to receive a phone call, email, text, or smoke signal from you guys. Will someone please let me know the status of my claim? I have vacationed again since my Vegas trip and I have had to replace luggage, perfume, bags and attire. I am looking for reimbursement or the return of my luggage. I have called many contact numbers from the internet and I am not able to leave a message or my wait time is greater than an hour. I have been patient enough ( 2.5 months) and haven’t heard a word from Allegiant.  
    I have always been happy with your service and never have had any issues before now. This experience has definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth and I plan to never travel Allegiant again. The lost items may not mean much to you all, but they were MY belongings that I spent my hard earned dollar on and it was not my fault that you all lost my luggage.

  • Victoria Kammer says:

    Allegiant cancelled our flight a couple days before and gave us no explanation. Said to call customer service if I wanted a full refund or I will get a voucher. I called several times over 3 days and was on hold 4-5 hrs at a time and then would get disconnected. I receive 2 texts from Allegiant saying they sent me $100 I went in and claimed mine but went in to claim my boyfriends and it said that it was already claimed but it wasn’t. Then I get an email for a voucher from my cancelled flight. I’ve reached out to them via email several times looking for an explanation and to get the $100 for my boyfriend and have not heard anything back! I’ve been sending them emails since Aug. 8th and still no response. Why would I want to travel with them again? No guarantee that they won’t cancel my flight. I’ve traveled with them several times over the years and no problems until this and they don’t have the decency to reply to my emails.

  • Lynette Monahan says:

    Pretty Pi$$ed off right now…cancelled a flight…no voucher, no refund…line busy then a 2 hour wait was over 5 hours on hold when finally I hung up. I emailed and attached documentation only yet to hear a word over 2 weeks later. I am currently in contact with my credit card company to see about disputing all the charges including the trip flex. Had they gotten back to me, I understand I should have gotten a voucher minus the trip flex, but now? I tried calling again today and the recording said an hour wait time…2 hours later I hung up. On the phone now with the credit card company…hopefully THEY can do something for me as apparently Allegiant does not care about their customers or returning customers. I am so sad and disappointed. And why the cancellation even happened was due to Covid and cancelled days prior to the flight.

  • Florence says:

    We called many days and hours…they would not answer our phone. We expressed concerned on the website page, auto-generated message was sent to verify their receipt of the concern, but they never called or emailed back. This has been over a month now. Very sad.

  • Robert McClelland says:

    I was an allegiant airline avid user until today.
    My 17 year old daughter was returning home to NC to head off to college, and was removed from an Allegiant flight because she was under 18. The plane had issues, so the flight was delayed. But that is not why.

    During the delay, a weather advisory was issued, and at 17, you can’t fly unaccompanied. Allegiant has no problem leaving a 17 year old in Denver to find their way back to NC, but is “concerned about the safety of all their patrons”. I don’t think they know what that means. My daughter went over to Delta and booked a flight with them that left 45 minutes after the delayed Allegiant flight left. They had no issues there.

    With Allegiant, if you try to get a customer care representative (as their website informs you to in this situation) the line rings busy. And if it doesn’t (after 30 minutes of calling in a row), then it is over a 2 hour wait to speak to someone.

    But wait! There is live chat – when you fill in their info, it says that there are no agents available to live chat. That is such good customer service!

    I guess that even though Delta is getting negative press with their mask mandate changes, I will be flying them going forward instead of Allegiant. I will also encourage all 350 people who I work with to stay away from Allegiant due to their poor customer service and care of their patrons.

  • Stacy says:

    Tried 3 times to speak to customer service. Waited for over 3 hours and gave up on one occasion. You cancelled part of my trip and now can’t speak to anyone to cancel the entire trip. I now remember why I stopped flying with Allegiant.

    • Florence says:

      The same thing happened to me, and we were stranded at the airport. They refused to get us a flight home. That scared me and caused me panic. I called many, many, many times and waited for many hours and no answer.

  • Janice Bruck says:

    Need to book new flight because you cancelled it and then was going to be charged again . I should not be charged to change flight but was rebooking

  • Heidi Neal says:

    I’m in the same boat, my mom is in hospice, going to die any day and I need to cxl my flight on Friday, July 16th? please someone help. My friend traveling with me got COVID and you gave her a full refund on her flight. My confirmation number is 9YSVKL. thank you.

  • V. Watters says:

    I would like to know where my refund is for B7YVQP. I have been calling for several days. I have emailed about this and still no response. It was due to me on the last week. I am looking at a transcript of a chat I had with Kristen on June 21st where she said it “pending”
    The original request for cancellation was 6/18. I was told it takes 5-7 days which would have made that the 29th. One moment while I review your reservation please. I called today ( fifth time) and was told there was an error on the back end and it will take another 7-14 days!! What kind of business practice is this?!!! Allegiant had NO problem TAKING MY MONEY YET, I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO GET IT BACK? This is INSANE! How about I charge Allegiant 1000.00 per day for everyday my refund is being help up?

  • Chris Camarena says:

    To whom it may concern

    Flying on your Airline 6/5 Stockton to PHX flight 621 received 6 notifications of delays finally plane arrived in Stockton and they had called your mechanic in flight and he is over an hour out? Our flight was scheduled for 3:00 and now they are saying 10:30 if we are lucky

    You have to keep mechanics on sight with the frequency of which your planes breakdown.
    I plan on filling a complaint with the Feds because your not keeping your planes safe and your.not properly maintaining your planes based on over 300 complaints on line.
    You have over 200 passengers very frustrated sitting in the Stockton Airport and would recommend you get someone in charge of your maintenance or mechanical department and get some help to Stockton to correct these numerous issues.

    This will be the last time I fly Allegiant Airlines a long time flyer

    I would like a call from your Senior Leadership Team to explain why you don’t have a mechanic at your Stockton Airport during your flights three days a week? This basic 101 in running a airline? Isn’t it?

    Very upset passenger
    C. Camarena

  • Elaine says:

    I have been on hold for over 6 hours to change a flight for my daughter who is under 15. How am I supposed to change the flight if you won’t answer your phone?

    • Florence says:

      It happened to us, too! They canceled the flight on us and left us stranded at the airport and declined to get us a flight home. Very scary !

  • Jene lopez says:

    as statement below answer your phone. I have to much to say to comment here. I am writing and probably will not get response however a $50 voucher for a flight I will never take won’t help. you will here from me Jene Lopez regarding my grandson’s flight .

  • judith bracken says:

    Mr. Gallagher Jr,
    I want to thank you for hiring a professional and caring Ticket Agent (Mike Jones) at the Asheville, N C airport.
    I needed help getting my bag from the Asheville airport to the Clw/St Pete airport. Mike Jones went above and beyond to make that happen when no one else would.
    It is nice to know that in this ‘cold world’ there are still some people who care enough to help others.
    Please if you get a chance, thank him again for me.
    Thank you

  • Jeff Hendrix says:

    Answer your God damn phone!

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