Where is Alibaba  Corporate office Headquarters

Alibaba Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  969 West Wen Yi Road, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou, 311121, China
  • Phone Number: 86 571 8502 2077
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 66,421 
  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Jack Ma
    Peng Lei
  • Key People: Daniel Zhang (CEO)

Alibaba Headquarters Location & Directions

Alibaba Headquarters Executive Team



Jack Ma

(executive chairman)

Joseph Tsai

(executive vice chairman)

J. Michael Evans


About Alibaba, History and Headquarters Information

Alibaba Group was incorporated by Jack Ma and Peng Lei in 1999 and is based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It began as an e-commerce site called Alibaba.com. In 2003 they introduced Alipay, Taobao Marketplace, Alimama.com, and Lynx. They worked really hard and made use of different technologies to secure a place in the Chinese e-commerce market. Yahoo! also invested in Alibaba and purchased a 40% share in the company for around US$1 billion in 2005. In 2007, Alibaba.com was launched as a public corporation at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange but was later removed in 2012.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational company which operates as a holding company. The company offers a wide variety of services which include business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services via web portals. Along with these services, they also offer cloud computing services, electronic payment services, and shopping search engines. It owns and manages a number of separate businesses across the globe in various fields such as e-commerce, internet infrastructure, and internet content and online financial. It has been featured on the Fortune magazine as one of the world's most admired companies. Alibaba Group Holding provides its line of products and services around the globe.

Alibaba Headquarters Photos

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    Alibaba Trade Assurance is fake.
    I purchased a very expensive tractor and received a machine with many faults and damaged parts. There were also component substitution with cheaper parts as well as missing items.
    The Contract was detailed but the seller cheated me and the so called Trade Assurance is worthless as the person at the other end played the ‘evidence’ game with me. This was demanded as proof and when submitted the next demand for evidence proceeded. And so this person behaved with the threat of closing the dispute if I did not respond in 2-3 days time. Clearly no amount of evidence will ever be enough even though it was sourced from very reputable local companies.

    Even worse than the above is that all avenues of contact to escalate the dispute were shut off with the customer service operator refusing to do so.

    A warning to potential purchasers: DO NOT TRUST ALIBABA. They will cheat you if it comes down to acting for their dishonest Chinese seller against your legitimate claims after you have paid. Its better to go pay more locally rather than be cheated by the Chinese sellers who have no morals or decency about them. I should not have trusted the Alibaba Trade guarantee. My mistake.

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    I applied for a dispute regarding a supplier not sending all my goods at once and the remaining goods has been with the supplier for more than 3months without sending. I requested for the goods to be returned back to me and also ask for the refund of my money meant for the remaining item the supplier didn’t send.
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    I recall back my other five items in August when I got tired of waiting and didn’t like the service provided by the supplier. The supplier return back my five items and said my balance can’t be refunded because the goods was in the shipping warehouse even though it wasn’t sent and I have to bear the empty fee cost. I told the supplier I can’t pay for that as it’s not my fault the shipping was delayed. I did everything on my part and I didn’t breach any terms and condition, infact it was the supplier who breach as Thier terms and condition says all buyer item will be shipped within 30daya and mine took more than three months and still wasn’t sent. When the super saw that I wasn’t agreeing with them not refunding my money, I was blocked from communicating with them both on Alibaba and WhatsApp which made me open a dispute.

    I opened a dispute and provide all necessary evidence on my part but only to receive a message saying my proof was not substantial but wasn’t told on what basis was it not enough. I spoke to customer service who made me known that the supplier wrote that the balance of my money was used to pay abandonement fees in Nigeria on goods she sent which was absolutely a lie as the supplier has mentioned before that any fees in Nigeria can’t be borne by them and also that wasn’t what she told me on reasons why she can’t refund my money cause the supplier knows that’s not right. All I want to know now because Alibaba can’t expect me to just forget my money without any job done. I will like to know the Proff the supplier gave on that basis? Where is the reciept that shows the money paid and it should be on the letterheads of the shipping company and not the supplier. I ask this from the supplier but the supplier says reciept is confidential, how can a reciept be confidential? What is inside a reciept that makes it confidential. If Alibaba didn’t get this Proff then it shows they are not being partial and there’s no protection for Thier customer. Thanks

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