Where is Aldo  Corporate office Headquarters

Aldo Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  2300 Emile-Belanger, Montreal, QC H4R 3J4, Canada

  • Phone Number: ​1-888-818-2536

  • Fax Number: 514-747-7993

  • Email: comments@aldogroup.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A 

  • Established: 1972

  • Founder: Aldo Bensadoun

  • Key People: David Bensadoun (CEO)

Aldo Headquarters Location & Directions

Aldo Headquarters Executive Team



Norman Jaskolka

Deputy Chairman/President, AGI

Mr. Aldo Bensadoun

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Robert Raven

Vice President of Finance

About Aldo, History and Headquarters Information


Aldo was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for almost 47 years now. The founder of the company was Aldo Bensadoun. The original company group had included stores within Quebec City, Montreal, Winnipeg and Ottawa. The first store of the company was opened in the year 1987. During the year 1980s and also the 1990s, the company had expanded across Canada. The company had entered the USA market via opening a store in Pittsburg, New York, USA. With the help of the store, the company started to test its logistics, hiring and also marketing as well, so that it can prepare itself for a full-blown release later.

Then in the year 1995, the company had opened its first store in Israel. During the 2000s, the company had also expanded in Saudi Arabia, along with England as well, in the year 2002. The company expanded in Singapore in the year 2003. With the help of these expansions, the company presented itself in front of the international markets. In the year 1991, the company had launched the ‘Transit’ banner in Canada, which was later launched as ‘Spring’ in the USA. In the year 2011, the company had launched the Pegabo brand as well – which was shown off at the Hudson’s Bay stores located in Canada. During the year 2010, the company had made significant announcements which led to more expansion in the USA. The company had collaborated with JC Penny as well. With the help of almost 600 JC Penny stores, the company had planned to sell its ‘Call it Spring’ branded products. The company had also partnered up with the Kohl’s department stores and therefore manufactured exclusive footwear products as well. The new products were sold in the stores of Kohl’s, during the Spring 2011 season. The company also collaborated with Youth AIDS in order to stop the spread of HIV or AIDS. The company was involved in fundraising campaigns, where almost $3.5 million were donated. In the year 2010, the company had launched the ALDO Product Services, which provided branded wholesale and also private label fashion accessories and footwear. Then in the year 2012, the company was charged by the US Department of Labour, for paying less than minimum wage to its workers. The headquarters of the company is based in 2300 Emile-Belanger. The name of the place is Montreal, while the name of the state is Quebec, Canada. The pin code of the area is H4R 3J4.


Aldo is an American company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of footwear as well as other accessories too. The current CEO of the company is David Bensadoun. As of the current date, the company has almost 3,000 retail stores under its name, but under different banners, such as Aldo, Globo and Call It Spring/Spring. The company not only has its stores in the USA but also in the UK, Ireland and Canada as well. Some of the closed or rebranded banners of the company are – Christian Shoes, Locale, Transit, Simard & Voyer, Pegabo, etcetera. The company also has its international offices located in Europe and Asia.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail platform to purchase various kinds of footwear as well as accessories, that are solely manufactured and designed by the company itself. The company manufactures footwear and accessories for men, women and even children as well. Some of the existing brands of the company are – BBX, Luca Ferri, Solemate, etcetera.

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  • Susan says:

    I attempted to return an online shoe purchase to the Walt Whitman shop in Huntington, NY. I didn’t care for it so I wanted to return at the store. I dealt with Helen the store manager. I said please tell me when you’re ready for the order number I will read it to you. She refused to let me read the order number … she wanted my phone. I told her she did not need my phone I can read the order number to her and once it comes up I will verify the personal information. She can clearly see if the shoe is the same item on the order once it’s pulled up. After several go arounds with Helen and her refusal to help me, I relinquished and gave her my phone. Next she examined the shoe for several minutes as if they were worn. One was still factory wrapped! I clearly could not have wrapped it to look like that. At one point in our discussion, she said this is above my pay grade and I don’t get paid to call people. Ultimately I left the store and returned it elsewhere in 3 minutes with no hassle. You can say Helen just had a bad day but then I realized a similar incident with her over a year ago with another online return. I left doing the return at different store that time, as well, without any problems. So what is her issue? Does she not want to do returns? Or does she have some type of power struggle with customers? I asked her to call customer service to handle her problems but she stated it was closed. She clearly doesn’t understand what it is to be in a customer service role but apparently likes to be in a position of authority refusing to help customers. She is definitely in the wrong job and should be removed. I don’t say that lightly. They need a new store manager who understand the role of a manager and how to help customers.

  • Penelope says:

    Remove the manager he’s rude and swears in front of children

  • Penelope says:

    The manager in Victoria BC needs to be removed he’s rude and swearing 🤬 with my children in the store, second time I’ve had a bad experience in two days, I love Aldo and I won’t return ever!! If Donavon is there, I returned just to get the managers name, he needs to GO!!!

  • Leonie Bartley says:

    I am so furious right now I ordered a sandal online only to receive 1 foot yes 1 foot I called all they could do is offer a refund no effort to locate the other foot from where it was mailed from maybe it was on a display or something apparently online has false ads to get people to order what they don’t even have but if there is 1 foot u would think the other foot must be somewhere anyway I will never shop aldos ever again & u bet my devastating experience will be out on all media platforms

  • Peter A Rocchio says:

    Missy at the Bay Plaza store in the Bronx mistreats its employees and deserves to be reprimanded or fired. She has the employees cleaning the rest room instead of taking care of customers.

  • Melanie Horsburgh says:

    I am a former employee waiting for my w2 to file my taxes and no one will respond

  • Melanie Horsburgh says:

    I am a former employee waiting for my w2 to file my taxes to no avail I can’t reach anyone please help

  • ANONYMOUS says:


  • Anonymous says:

    The phone number listed IS INCORRECT. The phone number is 1-888-818-2536.
    Please do not call (630) 227-2000, as this number is for an unrelated company.

  • Lazara Casanova says:

    I purchased sandals and when waling literally 20 steps outside the store I had to remove them because they hurt my toe at the gathering, called to return them and I came back right away, the lady who sold them to me said I could not return because I walked out in the shoes regardless of my coming back immediately and having disclosed to the lady who sold them to me that they seemed to be hurting at the toe that I was going to try waling down to the apple store which is a few stores down from the Aldo store she never told me that I would not be able to return them if they didn’t work out form me I guess she was trying to trick me into having to exchange them . Why are the stores so desperately trying to lie to us customers.

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