Where is Alaska Airlines Corporate office Headquarters

Alaska Airlines Headquarters Address and Contact

Alaska Airlines
  • Address:  19300 International Boulevard, Seattle, WA 98188, United States
  • Phone Number: 206-433-3212
  • Fax Number: 206-439-4468
  • Email: alaskalounge@alaskaair.com
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 22,000 
  • Established: 1932
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Brad Tilden (Alaska Air Group CEO)

Alaska Airlines Headquarters Location & Directions

Alaska Airlines Headquarters Executive Team



Ben Minicucci

(President) & (COO)

Mr. Brandon S. Pedersen CPA

EVP of Finance & CFO

Ms. Charu Jain

Chief Information Officer & VP

Mr. Kyle B. Levine

Vice President of Legal and General Counsel

About Alaska Airlines, History and Headquarters Information


Alaska Airlines was founded in the year 1932. The company started its operations in the year 1944, and therefore it has been operational for 74 years now. The founder of the airlines is Linious Mac McGee. The company was listed on the American Stock Exchange for the first time in the year 1943. After starting its operations, it was in 1945 that the company hired the airlines’ first hostess. In the year 1966, the company bought its first Boeing 727 jet aeroplanes. From the year 1970, Soviet Russia was also provided with the service of Alaska Airlines. Finally, in 1999, the company received its first next-gen Boeing 737 jets. As of the year 2016, the company updated its logo and livery image.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is situated at 19300 International Boulevard, Seatac. The state is Washington, with the pin code being 98188.


Alaska Airlines is an America-based airline company that is responsible for helping passengers get transported from one place to another via its aircraft. It is ranked at number fifth among all the other major carriers in the USA and is currently one of the leading airlines in the western coastal part of the USA. The current fleet size of the company is 330 aeroplanes, and it serves around 116 different destinations around the world. The current CEO of the company is Brad Tilden while the president being Ben Minicucci. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is almost $8 billion. The total number of employees currently working there as of the year 2018 is around 21,500.


Alaska Airlines is known for providing the best airway services to its customers at affordable prices, and that is why more customers from Alaska and Lower 48 chose its service. The airline company also helps in liking small towns in Alaska and the USA and helps them to connect with the available main transportation hubs.

Alaska Airlines ​Corporate Office Photos

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  • Thomas Bledsoe says:

    I have tried to call
    Multiple times today and it says the wait time is between 5-7 hrs. I need to cancel my flight for Saturday.
    Reservation # FSHYVW
    Can someone please help me?
    Thank you.
    Thomas Bledsoe

  • Janice. Hickly says:

    I too accidentally my IPad and I phone on a flight fromSeaTac to Honoluluin February of 2020. I filed form to have it looked for. Was told they could not find it. It was in a very distinct red floral quilted bag. I believe one of your staff on the plane took it. My husband is a disabled Vet. I was trying to help the Stewards get him into a wheel chair and set the bag down on my seat. I exited the plane along with him to make sure he was OK I totally forgot to go back and get my bag. I am sure it was found and was kept. The IPhone and IPad could easily be reused. It had numerous contact info that to this day I need. I was told if I payed a few they could search a warehouse where lost items are sent. This too me is beyond the quality of service that I woukd expect from your airline. I know it has been a few years since I left it but because I have been consumed with caring for my VA disabled husband I have not taken the time to contact you further. Is it too late to try a d search the wear houses that lost items are sent. I really need the info on those two items. And to charge me to look for them goes WAY beyond your statement of top quality passenger care. Please let me know if this is too dead to try and revive?

    Thank you sincerely Janice.Hickly. Email. janice123150@yahoo.com. or phone. 8083971908

  • DavidM Hughes says:

    I left my iPad on flight 676, fro Seattle Washington to Omaha Nebraska on January 9, 2020 I have filed a lost and found form, they tell me they can’t find it. My locator service on my iPhone shows it to be in the north terminal at SeaTac airport. Can anybody help me with this? No one answers the phone at Alaska anymore no one is available to talk to you about something like this. It is very frustrating knowing where the iPad is and not being able to tell someone. Thank you David M Hughes



  • Sgt Edgar R Fox USMC Ret WW2 says:

    I hope to visit the home office in 2022 before May.
    I have heard nothing but what a fine airline Alaska is
    and wish to speak with someone concerning a historic
    event that will take place on Midway Atoll 4 June 2022.
    Respectfully, Sgt Fox.

  • Porter Broughton says:

    We have been trying to reach a human since Sunday am. What’s going on. Please have someone call me. Porter Broughton 2085219438 in Idaho

  • Ana says:

    Very poor customer service , I called costumer service and informed them that will be traveling with my service dog,I asked if I needed any additional information, after informing her I had 2 medical necessary letters with my diagnosis from my physicians . Upon arrival to the counter the agent informed me that I need a certificate from a dog trainer, if the first agent had convey that information , i would have made arrangements.. To say the list it was the worst flight ever , been flying with Alaska for meny years , the crew was very rude and not willing to assist, they looked tired and over work . Unfortunately I bought a round trip ,so I have to fly back with them , not looking forward to it but I already pay for my ticket and it’s nonrefundable .

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    So I just saw a video where someone wearing a Trump mask was thrown off of one of your airplanes!!Hmmm Going to be great seeing your airlines sued for discrimation….

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    I watched your new Ad about Covid it is sick and I will never fly you again.

  • TMOC says:

    Alaska Air lied when they told me that my luggage was lost. It took me six days to learn that, in fact, AA DELIBERATELY sent my luggage to AA Corporate headquarters. In the meantime, for over 30 hours I didn’t know if the ashes of my wife of 62 years were lost. It was her wish that I spread her ashes over the tropical waters of the place we met and fell in love, and my birth place.

    The incident was compounded by theft and mysteries.

  • Christine A Sadler says:

    Can someone explain to me….
    8-14-21 delay in Medford resulting missing connection in Seattle to Pittsburgh…Alaska books us on a Delta Flight to Detroit to Pittsburgh same day…Seattle to Detroit delayed will miss connection…Alaska cancels those tickets….books us on original flight to Pittsburgh next day today and puts us in a hotel. Questioned the whole time where is our luggage? Answer … Will get home before you..second answer and most consistent “luggage flies with you”! 24 hours later arrive super early to the airport…first stop
    ..Alaska customer service…Where is our luggage? Rep: We cannot track it until you start flying again!?” Finally get on a flight to Pittsburgh…my first thought was the luggage will be with us on our Alaska flight…no…maybe It came in on Delta at 10:00am…no….ask Alaska rep at Pittsburgh Baggage carousel…”bags never left Seattle I will get more info and email you.” 20 minutes later she calls me to tell us the bags are at AMERICAN AIRLINES OFFICE in Pittsburgh!!! We told her to deliver them as we were on our way home!!!!
    Unbelievable. Alaska dropped the ball on us every chance for 2 days!

  • James lane says:

    You have very rude and lazy employees at your baggage claim office at DFW and who have lied to me over baggage claim, my family’s will not use this airline with this kind of customer service

  • John Wygant says:

    My final comments are unprintable. You’re no longer about customer service. Hope the meals are as ordered by my grandson using your “convient app”.

  • John Wygant says:

    Ak72684021 mileage customer. Flight 139 7-28–21
    Seat 13e. 6.5 hours in seat broken that would not recline. To add insult to injury, learned that to get a meal needed to order and prepay.
    Learned today that must have app to order food. At 83 I don’t need this crap.
    Thanks to grandson used app for 8-10-21 flight 1014 no food available. You can do better, after 20 years, I will be looking for another airline.574-238-2237

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