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Alamo Rent A Car
  • Address:  600 Corporate Park Drive, St. Louis, MO 63105, United States

  • Phone Number: 877-881-5500

  • Fax Number: 314-512-4706

  • Email: N/A

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    Number of Employees: N/A 

  • Established: 1974

  • Founder: N/A

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Mr. Jerry Mosiello

Vice President of Worldwide Travel Industry Sales

Mr. John MacDonald

Vice President of Marketing

Christopher A. Jessup

Chief Commercial Officer & VP

About Alamo Rent A Car, History and Headquarters Information

Alamo rent a car is a car renting agency that is subsidiary of the Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Around 45 years ago, it started its business and now is not only operating in United States but has taken its business to other countries as well. The main regions in which it is operating are the South America, North America, Oceania, Europe and Africa. This was based in Clayton Missouri.

In 1996, Alamo rent a car was acquired by Republic Industries which later changed its name to Auto Nation. It provides vehicles for a short a long period of tie ranging from few hours to days, weeks and even months.

this company is enthusiastic to provide its services especially to the travellers wo do not have their own vehicle in the new country and want to move in a convenient way across the states. Vehicles are generally insured and this company provides extra service as well.

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  • Lisa says:

    I rented a car Nov 12th, 2023 and Christina helped me at the counter. There was friendly banter between her and two other gentleman at the counter, and we laughed and joked around while everything was put together for me. A delightful exchange!

    Then as I was headed to get my car, Z showed me which cars to choose from and we joked a bit back and forth. Then he made sure I was completely satisfied with my service. Was I? Greeted with a smile, professional but not stiff, jovial when I started to joke, it was delightful! Then Z making sure I am satisfied with the service, they were a bright spot in a hectic day of travel.

    Thank you Ft Lauderdale Alamo! Your interaction made my day!

  • Valerie Jean Dobrie says:

    We have never used Alamo before, but we will from now on Thank to the Excellent Customer Service provided by Phill at the Sea-Tac Airport in Washington State. Phill was very helpful, kind, and very Awesome at his job!!! He Definitely needs to be recognized for all he does for your company. After a huge failure by Norwegians air travel department, Phill fixed us up and had us on our way in no time.

  • nancy wilson says:

    Horrible customer service.

  • Karen Hart says:

    I am disgusted with Alamo. My husband & I were Alamo members for decades & got our family to join. We only have one email & one phone He passed away in March & Alamo said I can’t become a member because I don’t have a different phone or email. This is the cruelest thing I have ever heard. They said there’s nothing they will do … that I can never get member discount. I am trying to get to my family in August & the non member rate is considerably more. THIS is how you treat widows? I have never heard of anything so terrible. I have tried calling corporate. PITIFUL! I would appreciate an executive response to “this is how you’d like to treat your mother?”

  • Michael Spencer says:

    I guess losing your keys in your vehicle justifies the right for you to do whatever to my belongings. Why was I separated from the vehicle that I rented. I’m devastated your company can steal my livelihood with no repercussions. Police report #SAPD22257064 has been file. My lawyer has also been notified and ready to take action…. I spent two days at the airport try to retrieve my belongings. Tony from QT and Daniel A4 said they did see my belongings in the lost an found. Where did my belongings go. I was under the impression they were going to open the car and give me the car keys back so I can drive it home. Why wasn’t that an option for me. Why wasn’t I notified when car was open. Why was the car rented out less than a hour after pickup. Why did I have to six hours wait on a new car to be assigned to me. Why was I bill for my own robbery wow. Michael Spencer RES# 1443972838… The worst customer service I’ve ever received in my whole entire life…. I will  dedicate my whole life everyday informing people on social media an in person to never ever ever do business with your company. I want justice be served….

  • ReAnn Scott says:

    I booked an Alamo rental car in ABQ for 19 days. Today I called to change my return date and time and while I was looking at my contract, I had a question about one of the charges. The young lady whom I was speaking switched me over to a man to whom I gave my name and my confirmation #. He then asked for my birthday. I did not give anyone at Alamo my birthday to book this reservation. I cannot for the life of me figure out why he would ask for my birthday, but because I told him there was no reason for him to have this information to answer a question about my confirmed reservation, he hung up on me!m This is what your call quality customer service?! I want an answer to why I cannot get a question answered about a confirmed reservation!

  • Susan Schultz says:

    I left my wallet in my Alamo rental at Detroit airport the other day. I got through security on the strength of the credit card I used to get gas, as well as the rental car contract. On the other side, before I’d finished a report to Alamo, a man named Brian left me a message to say my wallet had been located. I spoke to him, confirmed my home address in HI, and thanked him for his honesty. Yesterday, I got my wallet via FedEx at my home. Everything was in it. Give Brian and his Detroit team kudos, and a raise!

  • Saleem says:

    My first time in San Francisco, after a long journey from Tokyo with a tired wife and 3 kids, we managed to get our car late in the afternoon. I was told by the sales staff that he would upgrade us as he had a car not being used. I was grateful for his generosity.I signed the papers and drove the car to our hotel in Santa Clara. This being the first time ever to have driven from SFO.
    The next morning on my way to SF I noticed the tank was empty and at a critically low stage!
    The staff at the airport should have checked the tank or at least warned me, because if I had run out of gas it would have been disastrous.
    On my return I was given a bill a few hundred dollars more than what I booked the car for 2 weeks earlier.
    It turned out that the upgrade was not free but charged!! I suggest that you inform your sales clerks to not use the term “upgrade” as for most people it literally means a no charge upgrade. Same as flying on a plane, when checking in if one is given an upgrade we certainly don’t pay for it.

    I would like to thank your Branch manager, Mr Derritt Scarver. He was an absolute gentleman. I did not know he was the branch manager as he was the one who took my car at the return park.
    We discussed my situation and he informed me that he would look into it and contact me on the following day which was his day off.
    I had communication from him and he sorted out my problem.
    Mr Derritt Scarver is a credit to your company and certainly should be well promoted into higher management. He knows how to communicate with customers and had a very pleasant professional manner.
    On my next trip via SFO I will book through Alamo and hope to see this young successful Manager again.
    Thank you Mr. Derritt Scarver.

  • Silvia Serbu/gabriel Serbu says:

    We arrive to Barcelona INTERNATIONAL Airport on JUNE 11/2022 @10;00 AM,we book a rental car OPEL Astra,they were 2 ladies, one young and pretty,tall around 25-27 year old and the second SUPERVISOR around 50 year old, we rent the car 18 days, first they say they have only one car S-leon,then they want additional money extra $25/day for different car, they argue with us like there were the owners,I bite my tongue not to scream Screw you!They refuse to give us the S-car because my wife didn’t have international
    driving license but I have and I was the driver, but I didn’t have credit cards on my name, my wife has it on her name in the end they refuse to give us the car.We 2 children after we flu 12 hours to get there, we have reservation to hotels in Madrid,also in France and they refuse to work with us to get the car.I want to say
    for an INTERNATIONAL airport in BARCELONA to have this two ladies handle your business with an aggressive Attitude,rude,unprofessionals,arguing for everything and anything, horrible experience that we NEVER encounter in USA,customer service 0 or- Infinite,you should be ashamed of you that you are allowed
    this ladies to treat american citizens like dirt with no respect, when they so us with 2 kids, tired,they didn’t
    give a SHIT and this happened on the INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…WOW! MY wife was crying,probabilly have a nervous break down.We want to HERTZ and the lady so my wife/kids in distress and in 15 min we have an SUV,our luggage were fit perfectly,she was very nice and helpful and we thank GOD for solving
    our ordeal.I hope in the future you will take notice about this complain and solve the issues,you will not want to be treated like that when you go in vacation with your family.
    I hope you will do something about this, it’s your business after all,your image.Thank you! Gabriel.

  • Darren Pearce says:

    We have twice been promised a full refund, which 3 weeks later has still not been actioned. We have called, messaged and emailed and the Orlando International Airport office is now ignoring us after promising a full refund for the issues we experienced. Nobody seems to want to take ownership of this complaint. We have been loyal customers for 18 years we are very frustrated and disappointed. Please , please get in touch.

  • Sharon alsbrooks says:

    Horrible experience…Tiffany was very rude. They don’t return calls…they don’t return emails…and unfair. Hartsfield Jackson airport Atlanta

  • Cathy Stahr says:

    I’d like to thank Jared at Honolulu Airport Car Return. He went above and beyond to help my daughter and I on December 23, 2021. We had an escalator accident at the Hilo Airport. Both my daughter and I were injured . Airport security put us on our plane and sent us to Honolulu. All the details are not necessary except to say Jared realized our situation and immediately took charge. He helped us with our rental car. Upon returning the car on December28th, Jared once again assisted both my daughter and I . Alamo is very fortunate to have such a conscientious employee. His kindness and caring attitude made our situation easier. When I think of car rental, I think of kindness, Jared and Alamo.

  • Angela Brasile says:

    Jackson Mississippi need I say more. I was charged on line $86.89 then when I arrived at the airport in Jackson there was a line of 10 people no cars. They charged me at that time $74.00 because they supposedly had no record of the online payment. Drove the car to my hotel in Yazoo not even 45min drive where it broke down. No transportation and your tow service had to pick it up. I had the car for 45min and had to pay a total of $160.89 to be stuck and had to get a cab back to the airport that cost me $150


    I would like to comment on the plain and simple fact that an Employee at your Seattle Airport Drop Off Location Stole, Kept and Failed to return an Item I mistakenly left in the Car we returned on August 28, 2021. When we discovered that we had left it in the Car we were on the Tram heading to the Airport Security Check In. Once we were there (10 Minutes) away, we contacted by telephone the Alamo Airport Representative and told them about the item left in the car. Because of COVID the Cars were required to be cleaned and sanitized prior to being re-rented to the customers, so we were certain that by describing the item and the exact location as to where it was left (rear passenger seat) right side, the employees checking the car in, could easily find it and have it placed in the lost and found so that it could be returned. However; we were told there was no such item in the car, and for the past 4 months we have been told that they could not find my property. We filed the claim, and still received no response. In contacting the Seattle Alamo Rent A Car Office, we were told that they would not pay for the lost item (Did not ask for them to – but I did tell them the value). My biggest concern is that you have a THIEF working there. The Dishonest person took my Missoula Stetson Cowboy Black Hat. That hat was a gift that had a lot of sentimental value. Unfortunately it now belongs to an Alamo Employee. I will NEVER RENT FROM ALAMO AGAIN.

    • Shoda says:

      I read this comment hoping for a good outcome due to the fact this happened to me at a Columbus airport. I dropped off my car only to realize en route to my destination that I left an item only to return 10-15 minutes later and my item was gone!! I hope this worked out for you as in, ALamo making it right because I want to maintain faith in humanity!!!

  • Ann Panush says:

    I am eternally gratful for the honesty of your Alamo employees at the Atlanta Airport. I left my wallet under the passenger seat of our rental car which we turned in on Friday, Oct. 1st about 5:00 PM. I did not notice my lose/irresponsibility until we got ready to fly to Seattle at 5:30 AM on Saturday, Oct. 2nd. The office did not open until 9:00 on Saturday and our flight to Seattle left at 8:00 AM. We filed an on line lost and found report on Saturday AM but we had very low hopes that it would be found and/or returned. After alll this is the largest and busiest airport in the US. On Sunday we received an email that my wallet had been found and how did we want it sent to Seattle. Today, Wednesday, at 3:00 PM my wallet was delivered by FedEx exactly as I had left it!! I can’t thank you enough for encouraging honestly among your employees and for their care in sending it to me. I hope you can pass along my sincere appreciation to your Atlanta office.

  • J. BRANDON MASANGCAY, Lt Col, Civil Air Patrol says:

    I would like to commend one of your employees who provided me outstanding customer service on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at the Oakland Airport Rental Car Center. The employee’s name is Jorge. I had a reservation with another company who would not accept my credit card because it did not have a chip. I went to two other companies within the center with the same result.
    I approached Jorge at the Alamo counter and gave me what he had available with the lowest rate was over the available credit on my card.
    I walked away and contacted a family member who was going to drive 1.5 hrs. to come down and rent me a vehicle. Ten minutes later, Jorge called me back to the counter and asked for my Driver’s License and credit card. He work some sort of magic and I found myself signing a rental agreement.
    Jorge is an epitome of outstanding customer service and proved he would do what it takes to satisfy his customer’s needs.

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