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Alabama Power Co
  • Address:  600 North 18th Street, Birmingham, AL 35291, United States

  • Phone Number: 205-257-1000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: support@alabamapower.com

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 8000 

  • Established: 1906

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Mark Crosswhite (CEO & President)

Alabama Power Co Headquarters Location & Directions

Alabama Power Co Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Philip C. Raymond

Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer

Mr. Zeke W. Smith

Executive Vice President of External Affairs

Mr. R. Scott Moore

Senior Vice President of Power Delivery

Mr. Gregory J. Barker

Executive Vice President for Customer Services

About Alabama Power Co, History and Headquarters Information

With its headquarters in Birmingham, it is a company in southern United States and is fulfilling the energy requirements of the area for several years.

It is no doubt considered to be one of the largest electricity producers of the state by providing power to approximately 1.5 Million people. Company’s mission is to protect the natural beauty of Alabama and fulfil the electric requirements of the state in the best manner possible without affecting the natural resources of the state. It focuses more on renewable energy resources as compared to traditional methods of producing the electricity and that is why it is operating at such a large scale.

It started in 1906 and soon solved the problem of agricultural people who had no source of electricity. It then started the electrical appliances business as well, which is providing up to the mark products for a number of years in the market.

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  • Eddie says:

    Trying to cut service for a meter replacement. Recordings don’t give option to cut service at pole. Actual people transfer you to customer service. It is a loop. Never could talk to anyone. Please tell me what number should be dialed to cut service for a meter replacement.

  • Michael Moore says:

    Demand ot [ay bill that are not mine….. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESES PEOPLE.

    We value you as a customer. We understand your frustration to the matter. When the previous representatives have used the term “commercial account”, that can mean a business, a pole for camper/trailer, or temporary service. If you did not have an account at 1240 Center Point Pkwy in 2015, you will need to fill out a fraud packet in your local office. Once you get the fraud paperwork, you will need to contact your local law enforcement to make a report of fraud. The office will give you instructions.

    Also, there is a bill at 6113 Castle Heights Road that will be required to be paid. You may speak with the local office manager. Your letter states that you are the only person authorized to occupy the residence. We are forwarding your email to the local office manager, he/she may reach out to you.

    It is our goal to provide you with superior customer service. If we may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, and thank you for using

  • Tina Sims says:

    Alabama power needs major improvement! The power goes out for ANYTHNG! If it actually stays on during a storm then it goes out AFTER the storm is over! And stays out for days!! My dad is on oxygen and can not survive without it so we are forced to find other places to stay besides our own home!! This happens every time the wind blows hard or it happens during a light sprinkle!! Alabama power NEVER works or performs maintenance on the power lines that are outside city limits!! They do not keep their lines clear of trees, they do not care about their customers, but they do want to keep charging more and more for their raggedy service! And you better not think about not paying the outrageous bill for sitting in the dark without power! I am going to start a petition about Alabama power and the negligence to the maintenance of their lines and the negligence to ther customers! WHEN I GET A COUPLE HUNDRED SIGNATURES TGEN I AM TAKNG IT TO A ATTORNEY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT IS TIME THAT SOMETHING IS DONE!! I know that the co-op and their customers do not have this kind of problem! My daughter is on Central Alabama Co-op and her power is never out! And the one time it did go out, it was back on later that evening. BECAUSE THE CO-OP ACTUALLY DOES MAINTENANCE ON THEIR LINES!! MAYBE ALABANA POWER NEEDS TO TAKE SOME LESSONS FROM CO-OP!!

  • Robert Studdard says:

    This is Robert Studdard, on 7-16 -21 we bought a trailer in Jacksonville Al. so our son can live in it and go to college.On 7-21 we tried transferring the bill/ account to our name on 7-28 we was asked to provide the rental information we did and on 7-31 we was informed that it was transferred and everything was good and we got an account number.This weekend we drove a hour and a half to work in the trailer and the power is turned off .I got ahold of Birmingham at 13:50 and talked to Donna she apologized for the inconvenience and told us the power would be turned on and that somebody would be there to turn it back on and nobody had to be there so we left and got more supplies to work on the trailer . We return 6 hours later and no power so we called and talked to Brenda she got ahold of the service department they said that they are working on the power outages and may or may not be able to come and turn our power back on .So now here we are a hour and a half from home with no power to work, a situation we are in that should have been prevented and now I’m being told it’s going to cost $40.00 to get the power on regardless if it’s transfer, start up or anything else for that matter . We did our part getting the transfer done and the power was turned off on us ,now after a very unproductive day we have got to go back home at dark with no results due to negligence on your companies part .I would like to talk to someone about this situation so please respond .Thank you , Robert Studdard

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