Where Is Airbnb Corporate Office Headquarters

Airbnb Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 888 Brannan Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 855-424-7262

  • Email: aisling.hassell@airbnb

  • Number of Employees: 14,210

  • Established: August 2008

  • Founder: Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia & Nathan Blecharczyk

  • Key People: Belinda Johnson, Beth Axelrod

Airbnb Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Airbnb Corporate Office

Airbnb is an online platform for making travel, accommodation, and lodging bookings according to our requirements. People may want to visit Airbnb’s headquarters for various reasons, including an internal business meeting to expand the chain of business, for a potential investor owning a hotel at a destination, wanting to join the Airbnb chain, the mailman delivering his daily mail, a meeting of the owners of local hotels and restaurants, an event to announce a successful new acquisition, and more. There are many ways to contact their headquarters. Below are a few methods.

Airbnb Headquarters Address

If you want to reach out to the headquarters by sending mail or visiting, you can do so by using the following address:

888 Brannan Street

4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103

United States

Airbnb Board of Directors Address

If you want to send a parcel to the board of directors or request an autograph, you can do so at the following address:

Board of Directors name

888 Brannan Street

4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103

United States

Phone Number

If you want to contact the headquarters team, you can do so by calling them during business hours on working days at +1 855-424-7262.


If you want to reach out to the team digitally rather than physically, you can do so by sending your grievances, queries, and questions to mailto:aisling.hassell@airbnb.com. You can send your message at any time.


If you want to check out the company’s various packages and other services, you should visit their official website. You can follow them on their various social media accounts to stay updated on the addition of locations and other features. You can visit their official website here.

Airbnb Headquarters Info & Photos

Airbnb was founded in 2007 by former roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia by putting up an air mattress in their living room and offering a bed and breakfast service. Therefore, the first headquarters was the room rented by the founders in San Francisco.

The fairly new headquarters is constructed in 170,000 sq. ft. and in San Francisco. With the most creativity in creating a workspace, Airbnb has become one of the best places to work. Its headquarters is filled with innovative decorations and features to help its employees feel comfortable in the workspace.

Today, Airbnb has a total personnel of 14,210 employees working all over the world. They provide great facilities to many travelers around the world for safe lodging.

Airbnb Headquarters Photo
Airbnb Corporate Office Photo

Airbnb Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

888 Brannan St San Francisco (HQ), CA



25, 28 N Wall Quay, North Wall Dublin



Level 9, Spaze i-Tech Park A1 Tower, Block S, Sector 49 Gurugram


Russian Federation

1-Y Lyusinovskiy Pereulok, 3B, office 501-505 Moscow



01B, Unit 1401, 14th Floor, East Tower, World Financial Center, No.1, East Third Ring Middle Road Beijing

Airbnb Headquarters Executive Team

Brian Chesky

Co-founder, CEO

Brian was born in New York. His parents were social workers. He graduated with a degree in fine arts and industrial design. He founded Airbnb with Joe Gebbia, who was a fellow student of the same college. He leads the company through thick and thin. He pledged to give away most of his wealth in 2010, joining Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the giveaway club.

Joe Gebbia

Co-Founder & CPO

Joe is the one who persuaded Brian to move to San Francisco. They started the company to pay the rent for their apartment. He also graduated with a degree in fine arts and industrial design. He is Airbnb’s chief privacy officer and is responsible for the code of conduct in lodgings.

Nathan Blecharczyk

Co-Founder, CSO

Nathan is a computer expert who graduated from Harvard. He joined Brian in 2007 to design Airbnb’s first website using Ruby on Rails. He was the first chief technology officer of the company. He is currently their chief strategy officer.



Belinda Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Stephenson

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lehane

Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Communications

Melissa Thomas-Hunt

Head of Global Diversity & Belonging

Aisling Hassell

Vice President of Community Support

Beth Axelrod

Vice President of Employee Experience

Rich Baer

Chief Legal Officer

Ari Balogh

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Schleifer

Chief Design Officer

Greg Greeley

President of Homes

Fred Reid

Global Head of Transportation

Joseph Zadeh

Vice President of Experiences

About Airbnb


Airbnb was founded in the creators’ apartment to accommodate the conference-goers in San Francisco in 2007. It was a success, but they did not get any funding after the end of the conference to continue their project.

In 2009, they attended an incubator session conducted by Y Combinator. They received funding of 20,000$ in exchange for a small interest in the company. Since then, Airbnb expanded its reach worldwide, becoming one of the favorite platforms to plan lodgings and stays.

The company’s name was shortened from AirBread and Breakfast to Airbnb in 2009, along with their expansion from shared spaces to full rooms, hotels, homes, and apartments.

In October 2011, Airbnb crossed the seas to go international. It has rapidly progressed as an international organization over the years. It acquired various rivals over the years and is making its presence known all over the world.

Airbnb became a public company in 2020 by offering a sum of 3.5 billion dollars to the public. It laid off 25% of its workforce in the wake of the pandemic.


Airbnb creates a platform for the hosts and guests to connect for mutual benefits all around the world. It offers various services for its users, such as entire homes, unique stay locations for adventurers, farms and natural locations for nature enthusiasts, and homes that allow pets to stay.

It also allows hosts of various localities and areas to join the company to help the traveling community achieve mutual benefits and profits. Both hosting and booking make up the majority of its services.


  • Airbnb has its presence in almost all the countries on the planet, except for Sudan, Syria, North Korea, and Iran. That means Airbnb is present in 97.95% of the world.
  • Airbnb provides residence in all kinds of places, including palaces, private Islands, igloos, treehouses, boathouses, yachts, and lighthouses.
  • Airbnb is the most preferred and used rental marketplace in today’s world, with two million people staying with Airbnb each night.

  • Leah says:

    If you have unresolved issues with Airbnb, here is a list of actions to take: File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, file a complaint with your state and the listing state’s Attorney General’s office, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of your state and the listing state. If the issue is a health or safety issue, you can also file a complaint with OSHA or the local Health Department.

  • Bradley Masters says:

    Good morning,

    My family reserved an Airbnb home (2434 Fairway Ave, Eustis, FL 32726) for the week of Tuesday, 9.27.22 through Sunday, 10.2.22, to celebrate our son’s wedding which was to take place on Friday the 30th. Unfortunately Hurricane Ian got in our way.

    We had reserved a wedding venue in the area, secured the services of a caterer, a flower shop, a photographer, a bar tender, all of whom were more than gracious about providing a refund or rescheduling our big day to a February date that the Bride and Groom are considering. The single exception was the Airbnb owner(?).

    When the lady was contacted about the incoming storm her response was, “check the refund policy,” which of course we had already done. When we explained that we would be more than happy to simply move our reservation to the new tentative February time period that our son and his fiancé are considering, she again said check the refund policy.

    We had followed all of the procedures for procuring the house for the week of the wedding. We understand that this is a business venture. High quality customer service is the key, as you know, to long term success of any business. I do not feel that we were provided quality customer service. In fact, in light of the State of Florida Emergency Declaration at the approach of Hurricane Ian, I believe that at a minimum, the rescheduling of our time at the Airbnb should be an automatic part of the service provided, if not a full refund.

    Again, we will be coming back to the area in February, and we will need a house to stay in, the rescheduling of the reservation would suffice. I look forward to further discussion with Airbnb corporate leadership on this issue.

    Thank you,

    Brad Masters

  • Grete Roland says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    You can be sure it is frustrating trying again and again on impersonal, bewildering websites to find a rental for a month. After exploring many sites, I booked a rental near Porto, Portugal for few days over a month (36 days) for my son and his daughter through Airbnb. Investigating its location, we decided it was too far away for their purpose – to find and buy a house. After I had viewed the cancellation policy, stating (cut & paste from its website) the following:
    “The Airbnb Strict cancellation policy allows guests to receive
    a full refund if they cancel within 48 hours of booking and
    at least 14 days before a listing’s check-in time. In the event of
    a cancellation within 48 hours, the guest is only entitled to 50%
    refund, regardless of how far out the check-in date is.”

    I Immediately canceled the reservation and made another one with Airbnb, well before
    the check-in time. Nevertheless, when I logged into my bank to see the credit card
    statement, frustration turned to anger. Airbnb had charged me for two reservations,
    the entire payment for the cancelled one ($2,129.52) and almost all of the second one.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes. Circumventing Airbnb’s website, asking for the exact payment,
    I double-checked my bank and noticed I had not only paid totally for the cancelled reservation but also for the $30.36 cancellation fee. Is this a scam, or what? I filled out the obligatory website applications and waited for the ‘Airbnb team’ to get back to me.
    After some hours, the answer was posted – that there is a special long-term cancellation policy which states the first month has to be paid in full (no mention of the cancellation fee). Certainly, the reservation for Sept. 22 to Oct. 27 ought not to warrant losing $2,190.24 for a reservation cancelled before the check-in date. On top of that, one reservation was replaced by another in the same corporation. I mean, what legitimate business does that?
    I suppose a person rolling in money might call it ‘chicken feed,’ not worth the time
    to do battle for justice, in fact, the injustice of misrepresentation. However, to a 85-year old mother, who has spent 60 years teaching and to a decorated U.S. Naval Veteran of Foreign Wars, who is disabled, such victimization by Airbnb is sickening and cruel. I have been
    saving and hoping for several years to leave Turkey, teaching English and editing English
    texts via the internet. Airbnb has just stolen a year’s worth of my savings!

  • Dahlia says:

    The experience I had recently as an airbb guest was nothing less than horrendous. It was all a lie. And dangerous. I wrote an honest review about the place and the host retaliated with a terrible review about me which was all lies. Airbb had me talk to 10 different people and passed me around multiple times. Nothing was resolved. I guess it’s lawyer time.

  • Janet Frangie says:

    Airbnb charged me an extra $300 after I paid in full and would not tell me what it was for, or give me a receipt. When I contacted them, they had different explanations, the last being that they never got it. My credit card statement says otherwise. They told me to contact the owner which I did and the owner never got it or made a claim for it. What is going on? Why is AIRBNB charging me money? this is conversion. By the way you need to update who replaced Aisling Hassell who is no longer with the company.

  • D says:

    Airbnb lost in touch with hosts and hiring subpar customer service people who can be discriminatory. Guest hid her COVID case and want yo stay without isolating she ate her lunch in my dining room. Later on I replaced everything in the bedroom and bathroom. Yet airbnb customer support Eren who works overseas remove my listings from the platform that I can list anything again because the guest claimed I entered her room without her consent while she was with me to install the AC. Yet Erensoy kept asking did you get her written consent while everyone was getting AC before the heatwave. On the other hand Eren did not listen anything about her being COVID and not replying to test results while putting test of the people in danger.

  • katherine O'Brien says:

    Brian Chesky my name is Kate O’Brien I am a victim of a conspiracy to commit murder, Rodrigo Morell owner of 1058 Calle Lealtad, Santurce, PR spoke to the man and woman that tried to murder me on May 2, 2022 then he called Airbnb and Airbnb sided with Rodrigo. I was feeding starving cats for the third time in two days the man and woman living at 1073 Calle Lealtad, Santurce, PR brutally assaulted me tried to kill me then lied to the police whom the couple had dialogued with prior to the attempt they made on my life May 2, 2022 the woman screamed, “he kill you” as she sprayed me in the head from across the street with a huge volume of water the man was in front of me he had called me, “Puta” and brandished his broom handle and dustpan I walked to the woman not able to process that I was in the presence of deadly violence the woman had both her hands stacked on her hose gripping it with a huge chrome spray nozzle she was whipping it at me I was observing not processing she advanced hit my right hand ring finger again her determining to kill me with it she was flogging herself as she lashed it forward it landed on her chest I could hear it hit her chin arm and chest then she advanced again the hose was at my hands in front of me I grabbed it she let go the man was in front of me he struck me on my head he raised up again his broom handle I ducked my right arm in the air I swung the hose around my left arm across me my head turned as I recoiled I walked away I laid the hose down and walked back to the air bnb I called the 911 dispatch the woman hung up two times the third time I told her she had to stay on the phone with me until the police and the ambulance arrived the ambulance passed me up twice the man was still at large swinging his arms yelling on the street corner I was afraid I told 911 I am calling an UBER to take me to the VAMC the police that arrived mentioned they knew me from a complaint I made a week prior about the Santurce PD for hanging up on me after a guard at the Walmart assaulted me after the manager checked me out and I tried to get police assistance. The police that unlawfully detained investigated the violence that day by taking a statement from the woman and the man affirmed her statement it was a statement of deception made to pervert the course of justice. The CIC agent Minolo or Molina said, “You will respect your elders” I responded, “She is not my elder and I do not respect her she tried to kill me” Molina AKA Minolo replied, “You are going to learn” the term Americano was repeated used to describe me as different to them and Alberto Davila Gonzalez badge 34266 of General Cuartel San Juan CIC repeatedly struck me with the seat back of his car I was taken to a filthy clinic my head was not cleaned properly I was denied the medical treatment of a hospital with a head trauma unit the doctor asked me while he was stitching up the gash in my head, “who hit you?” I replied, ” a large man hit me with a stick” Agent Gonzalez interrupted, “A woman hit her she is confused.” I said again, “It was a large man that hit me not a woman” Agent Gonzalez again said, “A woman hit her on the head she is confused”. The owner of the airbnb Rodrigo Morell stole from me $960.00 several personal items from my belongings including Robert Manse earrings 23.5 ct gold flower design. I suffered for 72 days the two violent assailants never showed in court they were to cowardice to perjure themselves on a witness stand. I have been writing and recording as much as I can FBI, OIG not enough money to hire an attorney. Rodrigo’s friend had threatened me a week prior to the attempt on my life the day the trash-man was honking and yelling trying to get some one to move a car so he could get to the airbnb trash can I wanted to help him I was threatened 30 minutes after the trash man had to reverse to the cross street and go around the block to finish his route, another resident of the airbnb described how I was not PRian because I was not born in PR and PRians can litter PR if they want to PRians can do what ever they want and USA can not stop them If I want to throw trash in the street, he picked up a piece of garbage and said I will throw it in the street now I am going to call Rodrigo he is my friend and I am going to tell him you are causing trouble disturbing the other residents in the airbnb we are more important than the trash-man the trash-man has to submit to us not the other way I asked him why would he do that I am a disable veteran he replied you get $3333.00 a month I did not affirm that. I Katherine O’Brien am placing Rodrigo Morell under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder and theft I demand Rodrigo present himself to The CIC San Juan immediately!

  • K Bruce says:

    Superhost Suspended for outdoor property Security Canera
    Updated listing with CServ rep, disclosing outdoor Security Camera.
    Listing has been removed , been 3 days, still suspended. No Cust Serv call back.
    Hard to understand

  • Mary says:

    I have used Airbnb only a few time and this last time there was an issue with bugs with my stay. I provided videos and pictures but still Airbnb put me through hell for 2 weeks waiting for a supervisor to call me. They never did call and I decided to give up. I have a very busy schedule and ddi t have time to deal with it.
    This would’ve never happened if I stayed at a hotel. NEVER USING AIRBNB AGAIN!!!

  • Pattriana Perry says:

    We are try to start legal actions against Airbnb for a property that we stayed in in New Orleans Louisiana it was the worse property that I have ever seen full of coch roaches looks like a hurricane came through there been fighting for days to get my almost $1,200 back believe me I don’t care how long it’s going to take I will get my money back because I wouldn’t let my dog stay in that house!

  • marygail nelson says:

    My host in Mexico changed my upcoming reservation ( 12/20 -12/30 2022) to one less night and instead of getting a refund for 1 night ( approx $900) you have now charged me an additional $248. I call and explain and “it is being expedited to the next level as we have found and internal error” and of course no one calls back or fixes the problem.

    the most awful customer service in the world

  • sheerib says:


  • Paula Pizzino says:

    False information about refund policies

  • Mikesha Rowe says:

    So for a person like me who is black I’m already discriminated on the platform I’ve never rented a house never ever got to use the platform maybe for three years I’ve been trying to resolve my issue my account is deactivated canceled can’t make another account they say due to fraudulent activity I asked for proof of fraudulent activity how can you say anything to my account that I did anything that you can’t show me any proof I’ve never done anything I have never done anything on the platform so why cant my account be back open maybe because I’m a black and they decide they want to just take me off the platform. I feel this is unfair and I feel I need an attorney and I feel like this is a big discrimination . All the customer service emails I have got they told me they cannot disclose any information privacy policy what privacy is my information so you cant tell me what’s going on with my account so you cant tell me what happened and why you feel my account is fraudulent….all false all lies I will not give up how can yall ask me to verify my information and bank information then close my account this is a scam to have people information on a platform I can’t use or have never use all I asked was for my account to be back open before I get attorney THIS IS DISCRIMINATION IM BLACK and never used any airbnb

  • Tim Muron says:

    Airbnb allows their hosts to commit fraud on their own websites and then back them up.

    I booked Villa Leonardo – private pool & National Park view
    I booked this in April under the understanding that I had 30 days to cancel I just canceled my $2438.65 deposit and only got back $325.15 below is my conversation I had with with the host before I booked the home!

    To protect your payment, always communicate and pay through the Airbnb website or app.
    Message from Airbnb Service
    Hosts won’t be shown your profile photo until after your booking is confirmed. Learn more
    Message from Airbnb Service
    Your inquiry for 4 guests on Jan. 22 – Feb. 8 has been sent. Show listing

    Tim2:13 PM
    We would love to book your place for next January for a couple weeks but we are from Canada and not sure if we will even be able to travel by then. is there any more flexibility with your cancelation policy? There would be the 4 of us 2 coming from Edmonton and two from Winnipeg.

    Katrin5:35 PM
    You can cancel till 30 days before. No problem
    I am happy that you decided for my house

    I am looking forward


    Tim5:50 PM
    Yes but loose 50% of my deposit

    Katrin6:05 PM
    Mar. 29, 2021

    Tim6:46 AM
    Sorry just going by what it says on your web site, we are looking for January 22nd to feb 6th

    Katrin7:58 AM
    I think you will know 30 days before if you will come for vacation. Only if you cancel short time before you will lose money. I would recommend to book this dates because it is high session.
    I am looking forward


    Tim8:12 AM
    Yes i’m sure we will know 30 days before but you never know with our Canadian government and there lockdowns. We already have our flights booked the problem I see is the air BNB contract says the opposite of what your saying and that the contract that I have to sign when i put down a deposit.

    Katrin10:46 AM
    That’s weird. I have checked my cancellation rules and it says what I have written. And other guests had no problems if they canceled. And it cancellation nessesary because Corona than Airbnb will do it for free like last year
    Apr. 16, 2021

    Tim6:42 AM

    Long deserved holiday with friends. We are on West Jet WS2598 arrives in Costa Rica 1.32 P.M. So I figure we should be there by 6 P.M. at the latest, by the time we stop and pick up Groceries. I’m assuming it is better to go to the Walmart near the airport to stop and shop before we get to your place. Also just confirming because of covid if we had to cancel the latest we could do that is 14 days before we arrive for a full refund, correct? We as a group have decide if there is still uncertainty in Canada, by the end of November regarding travel, restrictions, isolation, we will cancel then, otherwise can’t wait to get there.
    Message from Airbnb Service
    Your reservation is confirmed for 4 guests on Jan. 22 – Feb. 6. Show reservation

    This is outright fraud, I had a second place booked and no problem full refund. I would never had booked with all the uncertainty in travel today, I asked questions, was given answers in writing and now am being told that what was told to me to help convince me to book doesn’t apply. Its getting pretty hard to find honest people anymore.

  • MT Rodriguez says:

    STOP VIOLATING the laws and the rights of owners at condominiums registered FOR LIVING. STOP making our lives miserable in order for you to make money. At La Costa Apartments, at Fajardo, Puerto Rico WE DON’T WANT YOU. It’s PROHIBITED the short term rentals at our Condominium.

  • Sharon says:

    From Philippines: I just received an email from Airbnb Support asking me to submit an ID showing my birth place. Is this mandatory imposed from Airbnb California Headquarters for superhosts worldwide? Because last quarter of last year, there was a personal data breach involving unauthorized transactions that siphoned money off hundreds of BDO Unibank (BDO) depositors and I am one of those victims. I have been a superhost for sometime already with over 130 reviews and my latest review was only last month. I have no other gov’t ID that shows my place of birth. This requirement is rather alarming.

  • Florida Airbnb guest says:

    Unlicensed single family home Airbnb in Florida was not safe, smelled like mold, all windows fogged, unworking smoke detector, host not the owner as described in the listing, shower would not turn off, bathtub not working. We checked out before stay was completed. Requested refund. Carrie is the Airbnb Support Ambassador and she is not responding.

  • Abrahem kazimi says:

    I booked my Airbnb year in advanced. A month before my trip the host cancelled my trip with reasonable excuse. I have no problem with the host but I do have problem with Airbnb because I deal and booked my place with Airbnb. Now that I am searching again in my app the prices are 3 times higher than what I paid/booked year in advance. I tried to contact customer service multiple time and they can’t resolve my issue. They only offer me $60 gift card. I requested multiple time to talk to a manager but seems the employees don’t have contact info with any manager. I feel like Airbnb become a scam with really bad customer service. I am still waiting on manager to call me and discuss my issue. Hopefully someone hear my complain via this platform and reach out to me. I will not use Airbnb moving forward to book my winter trips.

  • WEI says:

    BTW the contact person they have on headquarter is no loner with airbnb any more, that just shows how much they wat to hear from you , what BS!

  • WEI says:

    First of all Don’t ever work with Airbnb host Anastasia(9172144875) !! she did price gouging me & discrimination, made excuse lies and canceled my reservation the night before my trip because price went up after holed my money 6 months ! of cause she refunded it but i have to pay5 times higher price to keep my business trip next morning. Airbnb don’t care about us they protect their host, only person you can told to is powerless worthless support team from 3rd world country and very hard to communicate, we have to stand up and take a legal turn

  • Jaquita Height says:

    My name is Jaquita Height. I had a serious issue with Airbnb yesterday. I’ve called your neighborhood support only to be hung up on and given the run around. Yesterday at almost midnight I had 3-4 unwelcome guest show up at my property. This is all on video and audio as well. The stated that they had paid over $2,000 to stay at my property. My home was removed from Airbnb over 6 months ago. I’m currently overseas working and Thank God I have the Ring. They had the code to my lockbox and instructions to my home. I NEVER spoke with them, my account was hacked. This was an EXTREMELY dangerous situation. I had my cousins in my home watching my house and they were scared for their lives and almost drew weapons. The family that was scammed needs their money back ASAP. I’ve filed a police report as well. I look forward to hearing from you in moving forward with this matter. I will be consulting legal counsel in this matter. This company is absolutely ridiculously. I will NEVER use your services again. The fact that NOONE from customer service even cared is just beyond me.

  • Don says:

    I’m a SuperHost with multiple listings.
    My account has been sabotaged by an Airbnb employee.
    Can’t get help from anyone with ability to simply fix this.
    My second month of trying to get someone to fix the sabotage. Now December 2021. This has been an issue since October 2021.
    My listings don’t show up in searches anymore. Unless you pinpoint your search to my street. And refresh the search, several times. It’s in the wilderness. Who would know to zoom in on that little spot in the middle of a forest in the hills of Tennessee? And used to show up if you searched anywhere in the County. If you searched for parks or just locations around my listings. For there’s only a couple in the 100 square miles of my listing. Have beautiful smart houses with great WiFi. New roofs, paint, flooring and furniture. Sitting empty.
    Have not had a booking since I made a complaint about an Airbnb employee wiring money out of my bank account unauthorized.
    Prior to the date of the complaint. My listings were booked nearly every single day.

  • Diana says:

    I’ve called Airbnb over 30 times, the issue is still pending. What do I need to do to get a hold of someone that can help me?

  • GAD says:

    Customer service reps of Airbnb are the worst I have ever experienced- most are out of country and cannot communicate – those that can have no resolution and no options- absolutely worthless – Airbnb management rely on their technology to make their money and leave the human interaction in the dust- the ultimate ghetto of customer service.

  • Erica says:

    Awesome platform for rent alternatives, but alot of Host do illegal, shady shit! Like, invade privacy, keep electronic recordings if people without consent, steal, break into rooms, and Customer Service is super frustrating to effin deal with. There needs to be better clearance of backgrounds because, sometimes children also stay in Airbnb with there parents or my case Parent ( me) ny daughters Father was in jail & this effin creep Diego (a Host) constantly talked and backtracked my day, was all in my business, had me washing his dishes, bullshit! To be on the grateful side Sirbnb has kept a roof over my head when I had no were to go. Alot of Host are downright breaking the law, and treat people like property just because, were guests! Just feedback.

    – Erica Lozano from San Jose, Ca

    Instagram: Arteclassica__

  • nadine piszel says:

    I have 6 properties listed with Airbnb. One of them had a duplicate permit number entered on the listing. That has now been corrected and confirmed by Palm Beach County tax authorities that my Business Permit and Tourist Development Tax numbers are up to date and active. An admin error only. Airbnb has blocked my listing from short term bookings and will not respond to my emails as the team it was escalated to only communicates via email. This is so frustrating. I have lost all control of my listing and losing bookings everyday. Please Airbnb, treat your Superhosts with more respect. We work so very hard for the designation. Pls have your ambassador assigned to the case, contact me at least out of courtesy.

  • Terri Montes says:

    It’s impossible to get any resolution to your complaint with these people. You will be directed through a series of mazes with their automated response team. I realize that we’d been duped when I reviewed the “reviews” on the property we rented for 4 nights that was completely in disrepair. They are now keeping our money and in essence stealing from a working class family. It’s insane that anyone would support such a business enterprise! Integrity first and how you treat your customer base should matter. But not to billionaires who got their money on the back of hard working people just trying to get away for a vacation or business stay. Disgusted

  • M Mack says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    First, my apologies for escalating my issue to your corporate headquarters, but my issue does not seem to be either understood or valued amongst your staff tasked with managing customer complaints.

    Briefly, I stayed at one of your host’s properties over the weekend. There was issue after issue over the weekend with two of her properties that we ended up staying in (we had to move in the middle of our stay due to raw sewage coming out of the shower drain). We were in constant contact with the host (not ideal), and after we had checked out and I explained that we opted not to reset her fuse box because we didn’t want to be held responsible (there was no power in half of the second unit we had moved to), I let her know to please not be surprised by my review.

    She responded with a veiled threat that if I wrote a bad review, I shouldn’t be surprised by the review she writes, and invited me to skip the review process altogether because “this is a business for her.”

    My issue (in case it isn’t clear) is that an Airbnb host would attempt to intimidate or threaten me against sharing my experience about her property.

    After speaking with your customer service rep Christine (who seemed to think that I shouldn’t be concerned because the host had not posted a review yet, and I could just block her on Airbnb if the host continued to harass me) and then getting a follow-up email from Felipe M. (who apologized and refunded the Airbnb service fee) I can see that the point seems to be lost on your employees.

    My problem is not about money, and I never asked for a refund, nor does that rectify the situation. My issue is that Airbnb seems to condone or not care that one of their affiliates is threatening guests – your customers – which is how everyone is getting paid.

    I have been a long time patron of Airbnb in properties all over the world over the last 10 years. I have many, many glowing reviews from hosts who would willingly and gladly welcome me back at any time. And I take the review process seriously as a one-time single woman traveling alone.

    I find the situation that happened this weekend (I can provide more details) disturbing. I find Airbnb’s response thus far deplorable and completely unacceptable. At one point, Christine said “You done?” after I had finished explaining what had happened over the weekend, and she had told me there was nothing she could do.

    At this point, I will no longer be using Airbnb and I will share the experience I had with the host and Airbnb with others and encourage them to use a different service. No one should ever worry that they will be threatened, intimidated, or unprotected by anyone ever, especially when they are using a service like Airbnb.

    Shame on you.

  • Michele Miles says:

    We are spending $300 a day on unreimbursed substitute housing and have been trying to get help for days – calls drop with no call back; we are reassigned to teams who do not provide contact info – I have no idea at the moment who has my file. The staffers assigned to me end shift at 11am Eastern, giving me 2 hours in the a.m. to reach them. The home had no working cooking appliances and was unsafe – and it was $491 a night. This is cruel. No help from anywhere. The “headquarters team” is just the customer service number. I have cried so much I’m having chest pains.

  • Jocelyn says:

    AIR BNB FIX THIS! They are supporting a scamming host who advertised one thing and there was no bed. He even asked me to pay him off of airbnb. He is a scammer, no reviews. just joined. I have used the service for 6 years and use it regularly. Whta the fuck is that. The employees keep hanging up on me or passing me off to another person. They did not house me in emergency. I moved back from germany and the canadian government said I had to quarantine for two weeks. There was no wifi. He told me (even though I have an EU phone number and cannot use phone or internet in canada) that I didnt need wifi to contact family and friends or order food. He even took the key when he left. And he said I could rely on him for food. seriously what the fuck air bnb , I am a single woman moving alone to canada, he thought I was german. Imagine if I was? How scary would that be? why are you letting this man keep my money when I said you could credit me back, so that I could book somewhere else as I have no home yet? Why did I have to spend another 2000 on a hotel so that I could quarantine because otherwise the government told me I would be put in a detainment centre. This host doesnt even have any reviews and I use your service constantly. Fix this problem or I go to the media.

  • Ruth Perez says:

    I think we should all unite and sue Airbnb. They are not following through for the customers. They only respect the host policy and do not see the view of the customer. We had booked a reservation for July 1 the arrival date was July 5. The state of California went into shutdown right after we booked. We decided to cancel. We canceled within the 48 hrs. For our bad luck we did not give the host 14 days to cancel therefore we did not get our full refund. We did not have 14 days to cancel. Airbnb only response is I am sorry. They are stilling money from all of us.

  • Sherri Longyear says:

    Dear people who can help me:
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relax! Your on Beach time! 3 bedroom 2 bath home.
    Surfside Beach, SC  Aug 1 – 8, 2020

    Over the years my family has been very satisfied with your service. However, we hit a wall on our last encounter when we tried to negotiate a reservation made on June 6 for Aug 1-8 in Surfside Beach, SC, which, at the time, was being touted as a HOT SPOT.  I understand there was a COVID policy that pigeonholed consumers into a March agreement which was a reckless restriction NOT knowing the status & severity of this virus.  
    After July 4, the nightly news showed a graph of SC and how the # of cases increased 999%.  I had an online appointment with my doctor the next day & she ‘NO WAY’. and wrote a letter saying I could NOT fly safely fly from Hawaii to SC with the threat of the viris and me being high risk.  My brothers are in their mid 60’s, I am 71 and they both received the same advice from their own doctors.  
    When I sent a message to owner, Deb, she informed me I was being “played”… this caught me off guard because she denied SC was having a problem at all, that the problem was elsewhere & as a matter of fact, her son & grandchild were going themselves soon.  She further said I business was brisk & she will relist it and surely it would rent and she would gladly refund my $900.  

    That was deceitful. She DID NOT relist it.  My brothers said she was a liar and they want to file a civil suit.  I asked Deb for her attorney’s number but she hasn’t responded.  She said I should direct any further discussion TO HER ATTORNEY, yet failed to supply the information. Further, I have contacted Mastercard & placed a dispute on the charge which they said to not pay until they have completed an investigation.Please help me recoup SOME of my money.  This owner had plenty of notice to relist and recoup HER money. Plus I sent her information on how owners could get SBA $.  She was rude & politically belligerent.
    Thanks for the read,
    Sherri Longyear

  • Jay McFadden says:

    Could you please let me know when your COVID-19 policy will be updated? Your website says July 1, 2020. I have a trip planned to Switzerland beginning September 4, 2020 and need to know if this trip will covered under your Extenuating Circumstances policy.

  • Gayle says:

    By the way, we are New Yorkers, who live 50 miles north of the epicenter, (New York City) of the virus in the US.

  • Gayle says:

    Gayle & Ed Fisher

    My husband and I, who are an older retired couple have been spending our summers renting an apartment in Montréal, Québec for the past 12 years. We booked our 2020 apartment in November of 2019 because it was the first time we landed an apartment in the Olympique Village, a haven for older people.

    Due to the spread of corona virus, US/Canada border closing, travel advisories, underlying conditions and our age (68 & 73), we tried to cancel with Airbnb in April and to no avail. We decided that it would not be safe for us to travel during the pandemic. We have been in quarantine for the past 3 months and will continue to do so pass the opening of our state/county and surrounding areas.

    Each month airbnb limited who could cancel and at what time, along with what they call “extenuating circumstances”. At the beginning and middle of each month since March, they have moved the goal post so you could not cancel earlier under this policy . The policy states that if you booked before March 15, 2020, and your arrival date is between March 15 and July 15, (our arrival date is July 1,2020) you can cancel under the extenuating circumstances policy, however they want you to provide travel restrictions documents from the US, stating that travel is restricted. We thought by canceling early, it would give the host time to rebook the property. Airbnb and the host kept passing me back and forth between them. My host could solve this problem tomorrow by canceling on his part, but he has left it up to Airbnb. How fair is that for a customer who booked in November of 2019? Airbnb wants me to cancel first and then they will decided if my reasons are valid or not. What recourse do we have?

    Can you help?

    Below you will find information in both the US and Canada about the virus and travel.

    Travel/Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel


    Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    I have been trying to upload this information, which airbnb already knows already, to their website to document my case, however no matter how I try, the website doesn’t seem to accept my entries. There must be another way to give them this information.

    This process has been very stressful. We gave the host and Airbnb our deposit in good faith, 8 months before our trip was to begin. We didn’t expect this amount of hassle from them when they are well aware of the global pandemic and US/Canada border closing to non-essential travel. Thank you.

  • MEL BAMBAN says:

    I’m super DISAPOINTED! WHEN hosts need emergency assistance from customer service-I GET NOTHING. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I NEEDED AIRBNB TO STEP IN AND HELP I GOT NOTHING.

    I sent a message last night at about 7:30pm starting with PLEASE HELP, and no response from customer service or a return txt/call. Now I’m looking for the message and its been wiped out. DELETED! VERY SAD TO FIND THIS OUT.
    I am really worried going forward with this company.

    if I don’t get a response it will change everything.



  • Mark and Melissa Reifke says:

    I contacted your Airbnb Support twice and been treated very rudely by your support team representatives including your team supervisor(s). The team members continuously talked over me and did not want to let me talk. I was also told that the advanced team would contact us back regarding the issue we were having with making a reservation. We never received a call back even though we were told the issue (ticket) would be marked URGENT. I am extremely disappointed and irritated with your service and especially your customer service representatives.

  • Wyatt Lugibihl says:

    Why am I finding a lot of your clients /renters are con men and liars? Looking at a lot of the properties I am finding initial rates of $90.00 per day at a condo and when opening it up and putting in dates it jumps to $225.00 per day…….DO NOT tell me this is due to high season as ski slope condos in the summer are as low season as you can get it!! I quit using VRBO because of all the B.S. and am now discontinuing use of your site.

  • victor carballo says:

    on April 6, 2019 I made a reservation for a house in new jersey for a period of 1 week beginning 7/26 and ending 8/2
    at that time my credit card was billed for 1/2 of the total amount.

    sometime in early July I rcvd an email stating that there was a problem with the balance.
    I contacted AIRBNB and was told in no uncertain terms that the balance is not due until July 19 (1 week before I was to occupy the house)

    on July 18 I rcvd an email telling me to pack my bags

    on July 23 I am overnighting in Charleston S.C. when I get an email advising me that my reservation has been cancelled and that a refund of $447.62 has been issued to my credit card

    I made several calls (3) to AIRBNB and was told that the final pmt was denied by my credit card company.

    I called my credit card co. and was informed that there were no charges from AIRBNB
    other than the first charge back in APRIL..

    needless to say I placed another call to AIRBNB and then was issued another credit for the balance of my charges.

    this is by far the worst travel experience that I have ever had
    I will never think of using them again and I will spread the word to everyone in my circle of friends. Avoid AIRBNB do not use them for anything

  • Susan Lister says:

    This is probably a waste of time. I have been trying to resolve a problem with my listing since the 17th it is now the 19th I have spent countless hours on hold, on the phone with countless different people, with supervisors the last of which was named Kaitin who I had asked if she could communicate with me directly through email so I didn’t have to go through you poor messaging system or phone and go through another person to only be put on hold and diconnected again. She said no problem she then sent me an email that I could only respond through the messaging system which just put me through to a random person. I even tried to phone the head office number listed on this web site only to be told by the operator that the number didn’t exist. You have serious communication problems problems!

  • marni allen says:

    I advertise my properties with Airbnb. They have the worse customer service out of any site out there. You call and try to get a question answered and after being disconnected at least twice each time they are incapable of answering the questions. It is like they read from a script. The language barrier makes it very difficult to understand or get them to understand. I am planning on using them anymore after my current reservations completed.

  • Anthony Blakeney says:

    Good afternoon, My name is Anthony Blakeney and myself and my family are frequent users of the airbnb program. We have been very very pleased for many years. Unfortunately we recently had an unpleasant experience I think you should be aware of. Prior to contacting you I attempted to resolve my issues through the management company SkyRun Rentals. Myself, wife, four adult children and two grand children recently stayed in Breckenridge Colorado, I provided a list of over 13 deficiencies ranging from very minor to severe, to include no way to secure the hot tub, a very dirty facility, garbage and a pile of cigarette butts in the yard which we cleaned along with a long list of other concerns. These concerns went completely disregarded and I was, for the most part ignored. I would very much like to report this event since they clearly had no interest in resolving any of the issues. I do believe the SkyRun company is damaging the reputation I have grown to love when it comes to utilizing Airbnb for travel. I would love to pursue this a bit further and hope you can assist.

  • Glen Benison says:

    i have a charge to my creidt card transaction date March 30, 2019 ($336.14). This seems to be an incorrect charge. I have used AirBNB but not at that time nor at those charge levels. I phoned your 1-800# but could not get past your request for my file phone number. I entered my phone# but the response was you don’t have that on record. What to do? My credit card company says that i have to approach you to proceed. Please respond

  • Rachel Eugley says:

    Airbnb provides the worst customer service via employees including their respective managers.
    I paid the full dollar amount of $748.89 for stay from 03.30 – 04.16.19. The host description, fee, and rules stated was NOT definitively clear since it could be interpreted in several ways. Thus, the host said I could not stay the time agreed agreed. She spoke to Airbnb employee to relocate me at the stated fee on my saved account list. I made every effort to work with call center employee. I again requested another local residence near public transit naming the two cities near my cardiologist and primary doctor due my medical condition The employee kept looking up locations that were hours away and without public transportation. This process took hours on the phone and Airbnb messages. Message and calls made by employees stated that a colleague call to further assist me. Needless to say that didn’t happen.
    Sunday, again, an Airbnb employee started that my credit was been processed. And I had to call my bank to expedite the credit.
    This morning’s call again the employee started that the credit had been processed. I requested to speak to her manager/supervisor, he didn’t want to bother to speak to me. He kept prompting her what to say that my credit had been processed. Upon asking for a reference/confirmation number she gave me G7D65NY3. Thus, I called my bank and they said that a refund had NOT been requested by Airbnb.
    At this time, I need my funds to be process asap.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to my credit request.
    By the way prior to my retirement I work in the financial profession.
    And I don’t want to go the media.
    Thank you,
    Rachel Eugley

    • Tray says:

      This is crazy i am in the process of filing a claim against AIRBNB me and my family stayed and a place that had mice activity and we saw roaches out of the 400 plus dollars we paid they want to offer me 10% of that back this no i will not settle for that my son has asthma and mice getting into unit is gross and roaches are gross to! if people has this type of activity going on in their unit IT NEEDS TO BE IN THE LISTING SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME CAN AVOID RENTING UNITS LIKE THAT, PLUS THAT IS UNSANITARY!!!!

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