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  • Address: 888 Brannan Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 855-424-7262
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 14,210
  • Established: August 2008
  • Founder: Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia & Nathan Blecharczyk
  • Key People: Belinda Johnson, Beth Axelrod

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Airbnb Headquarters Executive Team

Brian Chesky

Co-founder, CEO

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Joe Gebbia

Co-Founder & CPO

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Nathan Blecharczyk

Co-Founder, CSO

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Belinda Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Stephenson

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lehane

Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Communications

Melissa Thomas-Hunt

Head of Global Diversity & Belonging

Aisling Hassell

Vice President of Community Support

Beth Axelrod

Vice President of Employee Experience

Rich Baer

Chief Legal Officer

Ari Balogh

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Schleifer

Chief Design Officer

Greg Greeley

President of Homes

Fred Reid

Global Head of Transportation

Joseph Zadeh

Vice President of Experiences

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  • Mark and Melissa Reifke says:

    I contacted your Airbnb Support twice and been treated very rudely by your support team representatives including your team supervisor(s). The team members continuously talked over me and did not want to let me talk. I was also told that the advanced team would contact us back regarding the issue we were having with making a reservation. We never received a call back even though we were told the issue (ticket) would be marked URGENT. I am extremely disappointed and irritated with your service and especially your customer service representatives.

  • Wyatt Lugibihl says:

    Why am I finding a lot of your clients /renters are con men and liars? Looking at a lot of the properties I am finding initial rates of $90.00 per day at a condo and when opening it up and putting in dates it jumps to $225.00 per day…….DO NOT tell me this is due to high season as ski slope condos in the summer are as low season as you can get it!! I quit using VRBO because of all the B.S. and am now discontinuing use of your site.

  • victor carballo says:

    on April 6, 2019 I made a reservation for a house in new jersey for a period of 1 week beginning 7/26 and ending 8/2
    at that time my credit card was billed for 1/2 of the total amount.

    sometime in early July I rcvd an email stating that there was a problem with the balance.
    I contacted AIRBNB and was told in no uncertain terms that the balance is not due until July 19 (1 week before I was to occupy the house)

    on July 18 I rcvd an email telling me to pack my bags

    on July 23 I am overnighting in Charleston S.C. when I get an email advising me that my reservation has been cancelled and that a refund of $447.62 has been issued to my credit card

    I made several calls (3) to AIRBNB and was told that the final pmt was denied by my credit card company.

    I called my credit card co. and was informed that there were no charges from AIRBNB
    other than the first charge back in APRIL..

    needless to say I placed another call to AIRBNB and then was issued another credit for the balance of my charges.

    this is by far the worst travel experience that I have ever had
    I will never think of using them again and I will spread the word to everyone in my circle of friends. Avoid AIRBNB do not use them for anything

  • Susan Lister says:

    This is probably a waste of time. I have been trying to resolve a problem with my listing since the 17th it is now the 19th I have spent countless hours on hold, on the phone with countless different people, with supervisors the last of which was named Kaitin who I had asked if she could communicate with me directly through email so I didn’t have to go through you poor messaging system or phone and go through another person to only be put on hold and diconnected again. She said no problem she then sent me an email that I could only respond through the messaging system which just put me through to a random person. I even tried to phone the head office number listed on this web site only to be told by the operator that the number didn’t exist. You have serious communication problems problems!

  • marni allen says:

    I advertise my properties with Airbnb. They have the worse customer service out of any site out there. You call and try to get a question answered and after being disconnected at least twice each time they are incapable of answering the questions. It is like they read from a script. The language barrier makes it very difficult to understand or get them to understand. I am planning on using them anymore after my current reservations completed.

  • Anthony Blakeney says:

    Good afternoon, My name is Anthony Blakeney and myself and my family are frequent users of the airbnb program. We have been very very pleased for many years. Unfortunately we recently had an unpleasant experience I think you should be aware of. Prior to contacting you I attempted to resolve my issues through the management company SkyRun Rentals. Myself, wife, four adult children and two grand children recently stayed in Breckenridge Colorado, I provided a list of over 13 deficiencies ranging from very minor to severe, to include no way to secure the hot tub, a very dirty facility, garbage and a pile of cigarette butts in the yard which we cleaned along with a long list of other concerns. These concerns went completely disregarded and I was, for the most part ignored. I would very much like to report this event since they clearly had no interest in resolving any of the issues. I do believe the SkyRun company is damaging the reputation I have grown to love when it comes to utilizing Airbnb for travel. I would love to pursue this a bit further and hope you can assist.

  • Glen Benison says:

    i have a charge to my creidt card transaction date March 30, 2019 ($336.14). This seems to be an incorrect charge. I have used AirBNB but not at that time nor at those charge levels. I phoned your 1-800# but could not get past your request for my file phone number. I entered my phone# but the response was you don’t have that on record. What to do? My credit card company says that i have to approach you to proceed. Please respond

  • Rachel Eugley says:

    Airbnb provides the worst customer service via employees including their respective managers.
    I paid the full dollar amount of $748.89 for stay from 03.30 – 04.16.19. The host description, fee, and rules stated was NOT definitively clear since it could be interpreted in several ways. Thus, the host said I could not stay the time agreed agreed. She spoke to Airbnb employee to relocate me at the stated fee on my saved account list. I made every effort to work with call center employee. I again requested another local residence near public transit naming the two cities near my cardiologist and primary doctor due my medical condition The employee kept looking up locations that were hours away and without public transportation. This process took hours on the phone and Airbnb messages. Message and calls made by employees stated that a colleague call to further assist me. Needless to say that didn’t happen.
    Sunday, again, an Airbnb employee started that my credit was been processed. And I had to call my bank to expedite the credit.
    This morning’s call again the employee started that the credit had been processed. I requested to speak to her manager/supervisor, he didn’t want to bother to speak to me. He kept prompting her what to say that my credit had been processed. Upon asking for a reference/confirmation number she gave me G7D65NY3. Thus, I called my bank and they said that a refund had NOT been requested by Airbnb.
    At this time, I need my funds to be process asap.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to my credit request.
    By the way prior to my retirement I work in the financial profession.
    And I don’t want to go the media.
    Thank you,
    Rachel Eugley

    • Tray says:

      This is crazy i am in the process of filing a claim against AIRBNB me and my family stayed and a place that had mice activity and we saw roaches out of the 400 plus dollars we paid they want to offer me 10% of that back this no i will not settle for that my son has asthma and mice getting into unit is gross and roaches are gross to! if people has this type of activity going on in their unit IT NEEDS TO BE IN THE LISTING SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME CAN AVOID RENTING UNITS LIKE THAT, PLUS THAT IS UNSANITARY!!!!

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