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Air Canada
  • Address:  7373 Côte-Vertu Boulevard West, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1Z3, Canada

  • Phone Number: +18443134736

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 42000 

  • Established: 1937

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Vagn Sørensen (Chairman)

Air Canada Headquarters Location & Directions

Air Canada Headquarters Executive Team



Calin Rovinescu

(President & CEO)

Mr. Michael Stewart Rousseau

CFO & Executive VP

Mr. Benjamin M. Smith

President of Passenger Airlines

Mr. David J. Shapiro

Senior VP of International & Regulatory Affairs and Chief Legal Officer

About Air Canada, History and Headquarters Information

 Air Canada was incorporated in 1937. It has its corporate headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. In 1937, they started passenger flights. In 2001, Air Canada obtained Canadian Airlines; Canada’s second-largest air carrier and bagged the title of being the world’s twelfth-largest airline of the 21st century.

Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline. It offers scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 207 different destinations across the globe. It is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance. It has its largest hub is at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Air Canada Express is its regional service. Air Canada covers 64 domestic destinations and 158 international destinations across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. Along with it, the carrier flies over 222 destinations in 47 different countries, on six continents across the globe. It provides three classes of service, Business/Signature, Premium Economy, and Economy. It also manages other divisions such as Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jetz, and Air Canada Rouge. It operates more than 1,613 flights every day.

Air Canada Headquarters Photos

  • Greg Kardera says:

    Hello! I just returned from an Air Canada flight from Maui! It was a good flight, even though it was a Red Eye! I have what I believe to be a great picture that you may want to use as a marketing picture? Is there an email address that I could send it to?

  • Frances Whitebear says:


    My name is Frances Whitebear; I am the Housing Outreach Worker My co-worker Sally Lee is our Knowledge Keeper and we work at the Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society Indigenous Early Years. We are a non profit Organization in the me heart of the D.T.E.S. We are hosting Feeding the Homeless every last Friday of each month.

    Accept this Thursday, August 31, 2023 we will be hosting the first on at Grand view Park. From 12:00 pm to 2:00pm or until all the food is gone. At our event we will be handing out Hamburger soup bannock, care packages and backpacks for back to school with supplies to whom ever needs one.

    This month we have purchased everything our selves. What I am asking is for donations of toiletries to put into our care packages to give to the homeless that have nothing within their area.

    The care packages we tend to give out will be every other month. Every month we will be severing soup, bannock water and juice. All donations can be mailed or delivered to Indigenous Early Years at
    717 Princess Ave Vancouver BC V6A 3E4

    If you have any questions please give me a call


    Frances Whitebear
    Housing Outreach Worker
    Indigenous Early Years
    717 Princess Ave
    Vancouver, BC V6A 3E4

  • Cathy carry says:

    I bought two gift certificates on the air canada site. They won’t let me use them when I booked a air canada vacation. I think air canada is selling gift cards on their site by a third party and not accepting responsibility. There is a reason you can’t speak to someone directly from air canada. Am reporting air canada to the better business bureau and fraud department if still can’t reach them by Friday.

  • Calvert Smith says:

    Can you help me find ONE person at Air Canada that cares enough about customers to help me with a bag AC lost of mine last week? Just ONE person. As far as I can tell there has been NO one that has actually looked for it. It’s probably still in Milan.
    Lost bag Reference #DFWAC25446
    Bag Tag AC343482
    Surely there is ONE person that will actually get on the phone with AC bag service in Milan and help. Calvert Smith 1-469-649-3906.

  • Leslie Spencer says:

    I flew Air Canada from Copenhagen to Toronto to Charlotte, NC. The TOR to CLT leg was scheduled for 7:25PM and delayed , getting to CLT around 2:00AM. There was no agent to meet the plane and I was missing 3 bags, 2 checked at COP and 1 carry-on checked in Istanbul by Turkish Airlines and supposedly all the way to CLT.
    All bags were packed with AirTags and I have tracked them to CLT. 1 bag arrived Monday and another on Tuesday. I was contacted Tuesday by someone at COP (not AC) and that bag arrived Wednesday. I was contacted by a representative not from AC who was to have the bags delivered.
    During this process I attempted to contact/report the delay but the AC website was not working. There is no phone contact at CLT. I drove to CLT (45 minutes) but found that staff is only accessible at the ticket counter when flights are being checked.
    What is the best way for me to retrieve my bags if there is no ability to speak with someone by phone and the website is not working? I am frustrated and growing impatient. A kind response would be appreciated.

  • Robin White says:

    TO: Air Canada Customer Service
    7373 Côte-Vertu Boulevard West,
    Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1Z3, Canada

    RE: Case number: CAS-5335441-B7J2G6 

    RE: WHEN and HOW will I get my Credit / Refund – ( $1628.82 )

    To Whom It May Concern:


    In October 2021 I purchased air travel tickets through Expedia for Air Canada transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta in Feb 2022, totalling $1628.82.

    In December 2021, I contacted Air Canada Air travel service and cancelled the aforementioned air travel for February 2022. I was advised by the Air Canada Representative that the money expended ( $1628.82 ) could / would be kept on file as a credit ( or whatever term is applicable ) for use up until October 2023.

    On November 14, 2022, I unknowingly booked a “ round trip “ from Montreal to Puerto Vallarta not realizing that the previous purchased Air Canada Tickets bought in October 2021 were actually “ one way “ and not “ round trip “.

    During the online booking process with Air Canada for the “ Round Trip “ in November 2022, I tried to apply / use the Air Canada credit of $1628.82 to no avail.

    Subsequently I contacted an Air Canada Representative who was able to figure out how the credit could be applied. First, the Air Canada Rep cancelled the “ round trip “ I had already booked online on November 14. Then the Air Canada Rep explained how she would use the existing “ one way “ credits and apply them to new “ one way “ tickets ( to & from the same locations ). The Air Canada Rep explained that there would be a slight difference in the cost and provided me the amount of the difference ( Montreal to PVR would be 2 x $19.83 = $39.66, and PVR to Montreal would be 2 x 42.81 = $ 85.62 )

    The OVERALL TOTAL for ticket changes from tickets purchased in October 2021 to new replacement tickets purchased on November 14, 2022 would be $125.28. I agreed to these changes.

    My recent Visa statement reflects the following monetary amounts which I would like clarification on:

    Q1: Are the following amounts the cost of individual air travel only for my wife and myself to and from Montreal – Puerto Vallarta in February 2023 ?

    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161119455 $724.15
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161119456 $724.15
    Total $1448.30

    Q2: Do the aforementioned ticket prices include the cost of basic AC seats in the aircraft ?

    Q3: Do the following amounts reflect the basic seat costs ( to and from ) Montreal / Puerto Vallarta with regard to my booked flights in February 2023 ?

    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233880399 $79.00
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233880400 $63.00
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233880401 $63.00
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233880402 $79.00
    Total $284.00

    Q4: Do the following amounts reflect the “ difference / increase “ in ticket prices from October 2021 to November 2022 ?

    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161103486 $19.83
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161103487 $19.83
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161103489 $42.81
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0142161103490 $42.81
    Total $125.28

    Q5: Do the following amounts reflect the preferred seat upgrading costs that were made for my forthcoming AC air travel to and from Montreal to Puerto Vallarta ?

    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233893910 $42.00
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233893922 $82.20
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233893911 $53.00
    Nov. 14, 2022 Air Can 0144233893923 $65.50
    Total $242.70

    The TOTAL of the aforementioned amounts listed on my Visa Statement is $2100.28. I am still owed $1628.82 and would like to know how quickly I can be reimbursed the full amount ( or credit my Visa account ) seeing as how Air Canada has had my money since October 15, 2021 and benefited financially from it ?

    In closing, I would like to say that the Air Canada process of getting ones money or credit refunded is extremely difficult and time consuming. It is quite obvious to me ( and others ) that this Air Canada “ Return – Refund process “ is purposely made difficult in an attempt to maintain control of, and benefit financially from Air Canada clients money as long as possible. Air Canada should be ashamed of having such an inadequate, ancient, customer service refund procedure. I tried to deal with a “ real live human being “ who was an Air Canada Representative with regard to getting a refund but was advised by the initial AC “ Human “ representative that they had no contact number I could call to either speak to a Supervisor, or to a Billing – Accounting live person. I was told to go online and follow the instructions. What a pitiful way to deal with your paying customers. Depending on the response time to this request for my refund, rest assured that I will be following up with the Air Canada complaint department, as well as the Ombudsman for Transport Canada, and my local Federal Member of Parliament.

    If you have any questions, or require clarification of anything in this correspondence, please contact me.

    Robin White

  • Eli Kanter says:

    In June 2021 our family was planning to go to Antigua on vacation for the Christmas holidays. Nelly Eivin (my wife) purchased four flex fare tickets through RBC rewards, and was comforted by the statement online advertising “free cancellation book without worry “.
    Unfortunately, on September21, a new travel advisory came out, warning not to travel to Antigua due to an outbreak of Corona virus cases (please see one of the screenshot examples below). We at that time contacted RBC and were told that we could cancel but would get no money back. However, we could get a credit for the amount of $953.61/ticket that can be used on any future travel. It was further explained that if the trip we book cost less, we will lose the difference, and if it is more, we will have to pay the difference. And we will have 18 months to use this credit. We were told that these conditions are directed by Air Canada.
    At that same time, our friend who also purchased the exact same Air Canada tickets with CIBC Aventura rewards was able to get a full refund.
    When we checked the RBC rewards web site for the carrier cancellation policy, as we were directed by the CSR, the link took us to the Air Canada statement, it said that the voucher is transferable and there is no expiry time limit for the credit.
    Here is what we got when we clicked for an explanation of the conditions on the RBC site:

    When we received the confirmation of the $953.00 credit, we got instructions that the full value of your credit can be applied to future travel, and that in order to use the credit we must call in to an agent as it can not be used online. At no point were there any conditions about the cost breakdown having to be the same as per the original trip.
    On Oct 3rd and Oct 4th, Nelly needed to book the travel to Antigua for this coming January ’2023. She called multiple times and was not able to get through after waiting for hours. She would wait on-hold for hours and when finally about to get connected or some times as she got connected, the call would drop. One time the CSR asked her for the phone number, as the CSR stated that the calls sometimes get disconnected due to the phone system issues they are experiencing, and while she was dictating the phone number – the call got disconnected. Next time, after waiting on hold for over 2 hours, the CSR picked up, but the line was dropped again. Even when she gave the CSR her number to call back, she still did not get a callback. She was told that they are having problems with the phone system.
    The tickets were getting sold out (and after spending over 12 hours on this ordeal), she had no choice but to book the trip without using the credit. But she figured, it’s not a problem as we were about to book another trip to Europe.
    Several weeks later, on October 25th in the morning, we decided to book our tickets to Europe for a trip in May. Nelly spent a large part of her day trying to get through to RBC rewards (on hold, then waiting for call back, and on hold again). Once again, she experienced several dropped calls, but was finally able to get a CSR on the phone around 6pm.
    The CSR told us that of the $953 credit we would only be able to use about $240 and the rest we would loose, and we would have to pay an additional $695.00. When looking on line, this ticket was available to purchase for a total of $850 all in. It was explained to us that the airline dictates how the credit is to be used, and that all the fare details and tax details have to be accounted for individually. The Air Canada ticket to Europe showed a base fare of $59 plus a surge charge of $655. And as the taxes to Europe are different than the taxes to Antigua, all the taxes have to be paid by us. In essence, we will get a value of $155 ($850 – $695) for the $953.61 credit – and this is for all four tickets! We have escalated our concern on October 25, and indicated the urgency (# 221026-000274), but have not received any response to date. This is totally unacceptable:
    1. The ticket was originally advertised as “free cancellation” which would be understood by most people as “you can cancel and get your money back”, not “you can cancel for free, and loose your money” – this is false and misleading advertisement
    2. When referred to the cancelation conditions from the RBC travel web site, the condition stated that the Air Canada voucher would not expire and would be fully transferrable – again, this is false advertisement as this is not being honored by RBC travel.
    3. If you issue a credit, there must be a reasonable way to redeem it. If you do not provide an on-line method to redeem it, your on-hold time is unreasonably long, and the phone system is malfunctioning and dropping calls, the customer cannot be expected to spend over 12 hours trying to reach you in order to redeem the credit – such credit has $0 value, especially given it’s limited expiry date! During the same period we had dealings with RBC Travel on a number of other requests for booking new travel, where the wait time have been quite reasonable, which suggests the RBC travel’s allocation of resources is proportionate to their interest in enabling their customers to use these time limited credits. And further demonstrates that the phone system call cues are inadequately staffed to prevent easy use of the credits.
    4. If the original ticket value (including tax) was $953, it cannot be reasonable for a base fair to Europe to be $1 but the total price to be $794.91 (for taxes and fees)! (see the screen shot below for the ticket we have purchased). This obviously appears to be a deliberate manipulation that would render the RBC-Air Canada vouchers worthless.
    I trust RBC and Air Canada will resolve this issue and either offer a full refund, or alternatively provide a voucher for a proper credit with Air Canada that does not expire, is fully transferable and can be redeemed directly with Air Canada.
    If we are not able to resolve this issue by the end of day on December 16, we will have no choice but to consider alterative mechanisms to recover this loss. As a long time RBC customer (over 40 years for both business and personal), RBC Avion Platinum Visa cardholder, and an Air Canada frequent flyer, I feel extremely disappointed and deceived by this treatment and trust that RBC and/or Air Canada will want to rectify this situation promptly.

    I have now spend unreasonable amount of time in an effort to resolve this matter with out resorting to legal action and in this effort I will be sharing this email with the RBC and Air Canada legal departments, ombudsman as well as the federal and provincial government.

    Eli Kanter

  • Kevin Wilson says:

    On September 10th, 2022 Air Canada flight AC1061 violated FAA International rules regarding Positive Passenger Bag Match at a Category X airport no less than four times. Our party of four voluntarily cancelled our flight but Air Canada did not PULL our checked baggage!!! AFAIK this violates 14 CFR 108 and the FAA imposes a minimum $10,000 fine per bag per passenger!!! Our family was stuck waiting for over 3 hours at Harry Reid International for baggage that was supposed to be pulled before the aircraft was given departure clearance but obviously wasn’t removed. Air Canada refuses compensation or comment on this serious security breach.

  • Ignacio Gonzales, Jr. says:

    My name is Ignacio Gonzales, Jr. , I made two reservation (Booking Referenced: 3W4IK5 ) and staff have been hanging up on my calls because they are telling me that there is no such existing flights reservation that I made on May 31, 2022. I paid $858.74 pr person for a total of two persons (total amount $1,717.48). I never was able to send , talk too, nor did I have my calls return to reschedule my flights. Three people have hung up on me 3 times today because they are telling me that there is no such booking.
    All I want is get credit for future flights. Please help me.I can also send you all of the information on my tickets (Ticket number: 0142151336208 )
    My telephone is (512) 658-8896 and email: lenworthconcul@gmail.com

  • L B says:

    I was to pick up friends at the Edmonton international airport this summer around 5 pm one day. They were an international flight that landed in Calgary first so had to catch another flight to Edmonton. Upon arrival in Calgary the first flight was cancelled but was booked onto a later flight to Edmonton this second flight was then cancelled also. To get them to Edmonton the flew the three of them to Vancouver to a connecting flight to Edmonton. This flight was delayed too. 7 hours plus they finally arrived in Edmonton. All this with a five year old child that just spent 20 hours travelling. I could of driven to Calgary and been back quicker if someone had they crap organized and not lying to customers. Yes Customers they forget that what passengers are.

  • Carolyn Jean Poole says:

    The last 3 times I booked with Air Canada I was not able to put my one and only allowed carry on luggage (which followed the proper guidelines) in the overhead bin above my seat which I paid for the privilege to sit there. Other passengers are using the space wherever they find room because they are allowed to bring on too much carry on items especially overpacked backpacks along with a piece of carry on luggage and use all the space they want for their carry on and overpacked backpack including above their seat and above the seats of other paying passengers including me. This needs to be addressed or passengers like myself will discontinue travelling on Air Canada flights. I travel long distances and always have a connection flight and do not have time to wait for all the passengers to get off the airplane until I can get passed all them blocking the aisle all the way to the back of the airplane to get my one and only carry on luggage which is normally where it is placed by Air Canada staff. I believe this is a legimate concern that needs to be addressed. Also a suggestion I would like to make is that all passengers with connecting flights be allowed to get off the airplane before those that have arrived at their final destination. There is so much paper work and duplcation now that passengers with connections need to show all their documents over and over and it takes so much time in the line ups that many passengers like myself may not make their connecting flight not by any fault of the passenger.

  • Mary Harty prather says:

    We flew from Denver, CO to Toronto on June 14, 2022 and then on to Athens, Greece. One of our pieces of luggage did not arrive in Athens, so we filed a claim at the time of arrival. That was 9 weeks ago, and we have still not heard ANYTHING from anyone at Air Canada except that “tracing for lost luggage continues, check back again”!!!!! We have filed a claim for reimbursement lost baggage but have not been able to speak to a live agent because we get disconnected after being on hold for more than an hour. And all phone numbers we have been given by employees at AC have been disconnected! No response from any emails either! How do we sue a company that is located in a country run by socialist and not responsible for mishandling thousands of bags but will continue to take payment for flights??? Disgusting customer service, actually no customer service!

    • Angela M. Keelan says:

      Mary, we are having the same problem. We departed 06/29/2022 PHilly to Toronto to Manchester UK. My phone bill was $500, calling the phone numbers been given and then getting Air Canada but in India, what can they do? they cannot research were my bags are and, then to be told call back in 2 hours. Not very concerned about my husbands heart meds in the case, he took enough meds for a few days in his carry on bag. We went through the tracing system as well.
      08/22 no case. I sent a 30 page letter 2 day UPS on 8/9 to the headquarters with all the tickets and receipts we had obtained. It was received on 8/17/2022 at A.C, and A.C have still not reached out to us acknowledging they have our package and looking into it.
      Angry A.C Customer.

  • Joseph Siraki says:

    Air Canada was one of the worst experiences of our lives. My wife and daughter and her friends were stranded in Montreal Airport and never given a food or hotel vouchers. My son had his flight delayed and was told he can get a room and Air Canada would reimburse us. We have tried multiple times to get in touch but no one at Air Canada seems to care!

  • Johnnie Gaede says:

    I need help. We were told by first class flight attendant and person working arrival desk at DFW that we needed to do nothing as Air Canada was aware that our bags were removed from cargo hold after we boarded the flight. We have pictures. This was flight AC8999 on July 24th. One bag was delivered on 27th. Second bag finally arrived at our home on August 2nd with items missing. I cannot fill out online form because I do not have an incident because I was told by Air Canada employees that I needed to do nothing. There are two items missing. I need my baggage fees refunded and to file on missing items. Customer service was no help. Messenger tells me to call customer service. Customer service says I have to fill out online form. Form requires incident number. Do you know understand my frustration.

  • linda l says:

    Dear Air Canada and Mr. Rousseau,
    I have filed the lost and found of my IPAD that i left on my flight from Toronto to LAX on June 4, 2022 with Air Canada flight AC791.
    My lost report ID is 23269543. I am very sad that until today August 3, 2022, no one (your workers) has located this IPAD yet. Could you please help me and yes, please help to expedite the finding?

  • Brian Gump says:

    We are getting nowhere with trying to get our luggage that Air Canada lost coming up on two weeks ago!!! Can someone please contact me and how we can resolve this issue. We are getting no response from your delayed baggage department!!! Very frustrating. It’s like no one wants to help.

  • The Customers are punished for your incompetence says:

    The worst airline in the history of aviation!!! Cuts staff when the pandemic hits then makes no proper plan for staffing when restrictions go away and continue as before the pandemic trying to recoup losses with no where near the staff to handle flights all around. Greedy. Charge for luggage on international flights and losses your luggage. IMCOMPETENT. Your board and CEO are the laughing stock of the corporate world!

  • Shelley Dore says:

    Trying to change flight band can’t get thru. Will never fly air canada again

  • Nita Madhok says:

    I travelled on air Canada flight AC114 on June 15/2022 Vancouver to Toronto leaving Vancouver at 11.55 am ,we travelled premium .Wonderful experience had great seats ,food and service.
    There was however an idiot seated in 15H,a demanding rude person He asked for a special menu demand,at asked a paying customer in seat 14H to pull the back of his seat back up because I assume it was inconvenient for his majesty(lunch had been served and was over).
    On reaching Toronto instead of waiting his turn to disembark he barged forward in order to get off the plane.
    Lo and behold it turns out the idiot was a Air Canada new employee who was going to Toronto for training on a stand by ticket I assume paid for by Air Canada if that is the case why was not a paying customer offered the seat in Premium (upgrade)why was the seat given to this man.
    May God save Air Canada if these are the type of people they are hiring.
    Kudos to the Air Canada employee or ex employee who informed the man that since he was not a paying customer he could not demand special meal requests,ask paying customers to adjust their seats for his convenience and disembark when it’s his turn.
    Just to inform you.
    Nita Madhok

  • Roland C. Boyle says:

    On March 30, 2022, I had points transferred from Marriott-Bonvoy for approximately 82,000 miles to my Aeroplan account. After 2 months those miles have not appeared in my account. Despite a myriad of conversations with polite, appreciative of my patience customer service agents, no miles have appeared. The transfer has been re-issued on at least 2 additional occasions by Marriott-Bonvoy, indicated as received and redeemed by Air Canada/Aeroplan and yet no miles in my account. I have flights to St. Johns, Newfoundland on July 4 but have been unable to arrange my return flight from Deer Lake, Newfoundland on July 18 when my tour ends. The flight I wish to book for my return is nearly full and my miles are not available. As a result, I will probably have to pay for an additional night in a hotel and fly out the next day and probably pay for the flight out of my own pocket. This has been an exacerbating experience. Perhaps someone at this level can solve the problem.

  • A Novak says:

    I will not fly with fascist Air Canada anymore!
    This idiot security should be fired!

  • george byrne says:

    My name is George Byrne.
    On September 08th, I had reserved seats on Air Canada flight from LAX 0790 aircraft 321 to Ireland (Dublin)via Toronto, and return flight 0793 aircraft 789 on September 23rd back to LAX via Toronto.
    Early on Sept.8th, I received an email from Air Canada that my flight to Dublin from Toronto would go to Heathrow airport, and then on to Dublin.
    At that particular time I was fully vaccinated for Covid19 prevention, and I did not need a 48 hour Covid19
    certificate to enter Ireland.
    When I went to LAX to board my flight to Ireland, the ticket assistant said I needed a covid19 test, taken within 48 hours, to enter the UK.
    Through no fault of my own, I had to cancel my vacation and reschedule to later in that month, which cost me a lot of problems and money which I did not have.
    It cost me $235-00 cab fares from my home in Orange County to LAX and vice versa.
    It also cost me $150-00 late cancelation fee with Avis in Dublin airport.
    All these problems were totally the fault of Canada Airlines staff for changing my flight itinerary.
    I had sent your company an email in October asking them to make good on my extra out of pocket expenses, and have heard nothing from them.
    Please contact me when you read this email. My email address is kaycasserly@hotmail.com.
    My phone # is 714-536-9526. My address is 8181 Capehope Circle #105, Huntington Beach CA 92646.
    Should I not hear from you I will have to take it further.
    Sincerely George Byrne

  • Mrs. K says:

    This is a HORRIBLE airline. My flight has been cancelled and rebooked so many times, I cannot even keep track. I usually fly Delta, but decided to try Air Canada because they offered a better price for the ticket. Delta Airlines has NEVER cancelled and rebooked a flight as many times as Air Canada. It has only happened one time for one ticket. The behavior of this company is DESPICABLE. They have no regard for the extreme inconvenience they are causing their customers. This is the MOST unprofessional airline I have ever booked a flight in. You need to be reported!

  • Maya (Maja) Nazaruk says:

    Dear Air Canada and Mr. Rousseau,
    I am an independent French teacher in the community. I heard about the issues you are facing with your French. I have 10 years of experience teaching students and professionals one-on-one, in addition to my experience at Dawson College, Cégep Marie-Victorin and the Refugee Centre at Concordia University. My website is here: frenchwithmaya.com and here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/majanazaruk/. I know how to make people relax about the pressure to learn a new language and guide them step-by-step to overcome the challenges they face. I am very good with students who tried in vain to learn in the past, in driving them to success. I speak slowly, I articulate carefully, I provide visuals, I provide a .pdf textbook and send screenshots of class sessions to the student after the class, I review materials using the technicalities of zoom and provide reviews. I am kind, considerate and fun. Students care about my classes, and you might too. So please, give me a shout if interested. Warm wishes, Maya (Maja) Nazaruk

  • Syed Hussain says:

    I had a Air Canada voucher which I used a few days ago but the online booking did not go through for some reason, now I’m try to
    recover the voucher, talked to an AC rep on 29th November, after 2.5 hours of wait, was told that the amount will be available in 2 -3 days, still not credited. I don’t have time to again wait 2 to 3 hours to talk to an AC rep, please solve my problem. Regards Syed

  • Tim Nolan says:

    I was returning from Europe back to USA, by Air Canada cancelled the first leg of my trip and after numerous phone calls, asked me to get my ticket to Barcelona, but they did not pay my getting a new ticket for $700. Air Canada hides their address and they are not compliant because they do not have an agent for service in California to take them to court.

  • Elizabeth Brown says:

    Dear Air Canada
    I have been trying for months to get someone in Executive office to contact me in regards to an issue that involves the expiration of my Aeroplan Miles – whereas you are not Aeroplan, I understand this but one of your representative communicated very poorly some of your policies that resulted in my losing 35,000 Aeroplan Points. I find this very unprofessional and if communication was portrayed by the Agent that made my bookings, this would not have happened. Please contact me ASAP @ 709-747-8037 or webrown@nf.sympatico.ca. I need a resolve to this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Fiona McManus says:

    Dear Air Canada
    I am absolutely at a loss as to the contents of your emails from Friday 5th July 2019 and today, Monday 8th July 2019. Please note my bullet points below:

    1. Friday 5th July – you send me ‘an electronic refund receipt’ noting the date of refund being 7th July 2019. NOTHING has been refunded.
    2. Monday 8th July – your customer services emailed me in response to my email of 20th June about ‘compensation’ you say I asked for. I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR COMPENSATION.
    3. Your Refund Services Department emailed me on Monday 8th July noting they were ‘reviewing my refund application’. What refund application – I have NOT MADE ONE!
    4. I have texts from your staff confirming that my refund HAD BEEN PROCSSED, including a text on Friday 5th July 2019. I won’t mention their names here but you can check this.

    I have already lodged a complaint with Air Passenger Rights, Canada. I am checking with the CAA under EC Regulation 261/2004 to As I had problems in the past hearing from you, I have posted details of my complaint on your Facebook page, on my Facebook page and am about to put it on Twitter.

    I booked a direct flight back in December 2018. I booked to fly direct from London to Newfoundland. I ended up with my flights changed so that in my return leg of my trip, I would have had a 15 hour stopover! All I ever asked for was the flight departing Newfoundland was moved so that my wait in Montreal was shorter. That was ALL I asked.

    How difficult is it to sort out this sorry state of affairs once and for all? Please – all I want is my refund that you emailed me about on Friday.

  • >