Where Is Aetna Corporate Office Headquarters

Aetna Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-872-3862

  • Number of Employees: 49828

  • Established: May 28, 1853

  • Founder: Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley

  • Key People: Mark T. Bertolini

Aetna Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Aetna Corporate Office

Aetna is an American is a group of companies that offer health-related product and services. The company offers health insurance, and healthcare services such as medical, dental, and pharmaceutical. Healthcare issues are sensitive, and any company in the business need to have close contact with their clients.

If you have a health cover with Aetna, or you are getting some health services from them, you can find a lot of reasons to contact their corporate office.

Which channels do you use to get in touch with them?

Most people would want to know the physical address of the headquarters of their insurance provider. You can use it to send them a package or a letter. Here is the physical address:

151 Farmington Avenue,

Hartford, CT 06156, United States

Calling them might be a better option if you are looking for a quick response. Here is the phone number for their corporate office.

Phone no: +1 800-872-3862

Visit www.aetna.com to get more information about Aetna’s services and how you can get in touch with the corporate office.

Social media has become the easiest way to get in touch with corporates and business. Aetna is on Twitter. They have two accounts, and their Twitter customer representatives are available 24/7 to respond to queries.

Here are Aetna’s Twitter handles.



Aetna Headquarters Info & Photos

Aetna headquarters are located in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. The premises are located at 151 Farmington Avenue. The main building is a multi-story structure which a rustic American institutional appearance.

Aetna has many other locations in the United States and around the world. The headquarters houses the administrative and executive teams. You can access all Aetna’s services there as well. You do not have to go to the headquarters to get your issues resolved. If you have another Aetna location near you.

Aetna Headquarters Photo
Aetna Corporate Office Photo

Aetna Headquarters List

S. No.




United Kingdom

50 Cannon Street London EC4N 6JJ



Alexandra House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland


Middle East

28th Floor Media One Tower Building Dubai Media City, PO BOX 6380, Dubai



80 Robinson Road #23-02/03 Singapore 068898


Hong Kong

Suite 401-403 Berkshire House 25 Westlands Road Quarry Bay Hong Kong

Aetna Headquarters Executive Team

Mark T. Bertolini

President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Mark T. Bertolini is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Aetna. Bertolini became the CEO of Aetna in November 2010. He became the Chairman a few months later. Bertolini oversees the entire operations of the company.

Before being appointed to head Aetna, Bertolini had worked at Cigna, NYLCare Health Plans, and SelectCare. He held executive positions in all these companies. He has extensive experience in the health insurance industry.

Bertolini studied at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan where he obtained his undergraduate degree. He also holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Jonathan Roberts

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Roberts is the COO and the Executive Vice President of Aetna. He is in charge of the daily operations of the entire organization. Roberts has been in the pharmacy and health care industry for 30 years.

Prior to taking up the role of COO at Aetna, Roberts was the President of CVS Caremark. In the role, he was responsible for promoting the company’s Pharmacy Benefit Management. Roberts has held various leadership roles in CVS since 2002.

Roberts studied at the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Pharmacy. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Pharmacy. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Red Oak Sourcing. He also sits in the Board of Directors of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. 

Eva Boratto

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

EVA Boratto is the CFO and Executive Vice President that Aetna. Her role encompasses overseeing the company’s financial strategy, financial reporting, investor relations, tax, budgeting, risk management, and everything else that surrounds and the company’s finances.

Prior to being appointed the CFO, Ms. Boratto was the Chief Accounting Officer OF Aetna. She has extensive experience in the field of finance. Her experience spans over three decades. She worked at Merc & Co. Inc. before joining Aetna.

Ms. Boratto studied at Rutgers University, Douglass College & School of Business and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics. She also holds an MBA from Drexel University.



Karen S. Lynch


Shawn Michael Guertin

Executive VP, CFO & Chief Enterprise Risk Officer

Genevieve de los Santos Caruncho-Simpson

Chief Operating Officer

Margaret M. McCarthy

Executive Vice President of Operations & Technology

David B. Healy

Chief Executive Officer of Europe, Middle East & Africa Region -Aetna International

About Aetna


Aetna was founded in 1853 by Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley. The company is 167 years old. It was started as a fire insurance company. The company was named after mount Etana, which was an active volcanic mountain in Europe at that time. Aetna hired its first full-time employee in 1854. His name is Thomas O. Enders.

By 1865, the company’s premiums income had surpassed one million dollars. That allowed the company to start soliciting business from Massachusetts and New York. During the ’90s Aetna expanded into other areas of insurance including automotive and health. It also started expanding outside the US.

In 2018, Aetna was acquired by CVS Health. It is currently being run by CVS Health, but the Aetna brand remains.


Aetna is currently a health insurance provider and a medical and pharmacy services provider as well. You can cover your health with Aetna, and also receive healthcare services from them.


Aetna hired its first female employee in 1908. Her name was Julia Kinghorn and she was a telephone switchboard operator. Today, more than two-thirds of Aetna’s employees are female.

Aetna ventured outside the United States for the first time in 1960. It bought a Canadian company called Excelsior Life Insurance Company. That allowed it to start offering insurance services in Canada.

CVs Health started the process of acquiring Aetna in 2017. Initially, the headquarters were to be moved to New York after the acquisition. The acquisition was completed at a cost of $69 billion, but the headquarters remained in Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Kenneth Linde says:

    Easily within the 10 worst companies I’ve ever dealt with. All we needed to know what what our 2024 premiums would be and its taken over 3.5 hours, seven different phone numbers, six different people and still NO ANSWER. God only knows what it’s like if you have a claim when they treat you like this when you want to do business with them, you can only imagine what it’s like when they have your business.

  • LH says:

    I work for an Agency that does Home Health Care and we would like to become a provider for Aetna. How can we talk to someone about this. Please send me an email with the information.
    Thank you

  • NB says:

    I work for a company that see patient’s that have Aetna, we have come across Aetna will pay for one date then deny the next then pay for another. When you call customer service your on hold and then the rep has no idea what they are talking about and give you an answer to what you didn’t ask, this is an ongoing issue and then when you ask for a supervisor you on hold listening to them breathing in the phone, hung up on or they put your call back in the call que. The who claims team need to be retrained. This is the worst i’ve ever seen Aetna. My next step is writing the CEO.

  • Chris T says:

    2 years worth of Chronic Care Management claims unpaid. Per CMS services are allowed ONCE PER MONTH; Aetna processing, and justifying denials, as once every 25 days. Hours on the phone, without results; numerous appeals, continued denials; continued requests to speak with management go unanswered.

  • Rene Smythe says:

    Tried to sign up for Go paperless to no avail. Called customer service, which is a joke – all the auto-questions asked and then customer service aske them all over again claiming I did not give it. She was in a foreign country and she told me that the link to sign up for paperless, MDS.Memberdocs.com that was on their envelope is NOT a good link and does NOT belong to Aetna. Then why is it on the envelope? I am tempted to call corporate but after reading the reviews, it’s probably a waste of time…

  • Kathy Conway says:

    Your company is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with!!!
    I’m going to write a letter to Mr Bertolini… Mr Jonathan Roberts and Ms Eva Boratto describing the details of the horror stories I’ve experienced just in the last three months with mail order, customer service, getting transferred dozens of times, hung up on dozen of times…HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! The letter will be long so I can explain my frustrations!!! Kathy Conway ID #101199014700

  • Noelle Sutter says:

    OMG, I cannot believe how bad this company is. I have claims back from 11.2020 (over $3000) from covid testing that need to be paid. I have invested hours to get these claims paid. I work for the actual provider that has submitted these claims, and now I have to do my own A/R to see when they are going to get paid. i dont understand because the DoFR states that as of 07.07.2020, that the health plan (Aetna) is responsible to pay these claims. Well guess what!!! I call to see when they are going to pay, and they say its going to be resubmitted it will take about two weeks, and six weeks later, still NOTHING!!!! last time i called was 02.08.2022 and still nothing, les see what they say, because i have been on hold waiting for the rep to look into my acct, its been 40 mins. Geez, can you guys do better. its sad that you dont know who is resp for the claims to get paid!!!
    very unhappy with them, which is why i dont have this insurance anymore

  • Nelson Ruiz says:

    The failure of Aetna’s supervisor to return my call in trying to clarify transportation issues was disappointing. The service alleged to be provided to me “non medical treatment transportation “ was breached twice. The manner in which your corporate office handled my complaints was demeaning. I now wait to hear from yet another supervisor Zeke to return my call?

  • Tracey L says:

    January 14th 2022

    P.O. Box 981106
    El Paso, TX 79998-1106

    Date of service: 07/01/2019 – 07/25/2019

    To whom it may concern,

    Visiting Nurse Service is looking for your assistance in getting paid for a claim. The claims is for our patient, Elinor Scimeme during the month of July 2019. The claim was paid and then retracted. I have attached all the different bills that were submitted to Aetna. I have jumped through hoops and leaped over fences to try and get this bill paid. I just cannot believe that we are not getting paid for this particular claim. I have sent appeals, corrected the claims, phone calls and it is very disheartening to have to make this problem go viral in order to get it paid as well as sending this issue to different agencies for assistance. I am hoping someone gets this paid before that has to happen.

    We are a not for profit organization and as such it is imperative that we collect amounts due for services rendered so that we can continue to serve the community. The need for community care is urgent for our company now more than ever and claim payment is directly affecting our needs to serve the community during this crisis.

    As you are aware, the Covid 19 pandemic has altered healthcare practices globally and across the nation and has forced healthcare systems to evolve quickly to meet these new demands. Visiting Nurse adapted as quickly as it was able to make these changes in protocols and workflow of staff but there were challenges that had to be met to do so.

    We are asking, due to understaffing due to Covid, please grant exception for pandemic employment issues.

    Tracey L
    Medical Billing Coordinator

  • James R Dishman says:

    I have over 100 phone calls and over 200 hours on the phone with Aetna Insurance and I have been trying to get my benefits and get a different stories 10% of the times. The other 90% of the times they agreed what I am asking for in my benefits which should be given to me but when I go to get the benefits they denied them. This company is terribly wrong and I sure the Board of Directors would like to know how un-trained your staff is. They will never let me speak to anyone with power. I am begging your company to please have your President or someone in upper management call me 702-858-1113. I have already reported your company to Medicare and now filing another complaint to them and Medicaid, BBB, Abuse to senior citizen, Disability groups, post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and every other social groups. I am also starting a web page for complaints against Aetna which I personally have over 50,000 contact between LinkedIn and Facebook. I have told many of your agents please let me speak to a top manager because Aetna change their answer when I go to have my dental work done. As a retired disable senior citizen that had to go to the hospital last Friday because of the pain I am suffering I don’t think your President or Board of Director want this to have it broadcast all over how I have been treated. I have also talked to the Miami NBC TV station and to a lawyer.
    Now you can stop all this if you have an upper management person call me. Let see how you handle the next step. As a retired CEO of over 30 years I would want to know how my clients are treated. I do have every phone calls and the person I talked to noted.
    So please turn this complaint over to someone today 12/16/21. 12:15 p.m.
    I look forward to hearing from you, James Dishman

  • John says:

    Good company, BUT, I called and could NOT understand the rep. I kindly asked to be transferred stateside, got someone in Guatamaula………..called back asked for stateside got connected but was asked by a bot to put in an access code ??????????????????????????????????????

  • tammy wenzel says:

    I request that someone from corporate management in healthcare pharmaceutical services to contact me asap re: an unethical practices aetna is using to prevent consumers from receiving prompt accurate information to changes in their current medication plans. Specifically, i received a letter confirming the approval of a medication that i have been taking for 2 years without any changes in dosage that was 3 weeks outdated(after the change In the plan occured), How is this allowed??? Receiving outdated info on changes without even notifying the patient to begin with. This has happened too many times and today created a fiasco 3 hours long between the pharmacy,my doctor, and aetna. I paid 325.oo out of pocket just to get meds today. Your own site states that Healthcare issues are sensitive, and any healyhcare company in the business needs to have close contact with their clients.This is not happening. The consumer lucky enough to be able to afford insurance should not have to be responsible for correcting these unacceptable mistakes aetna makes and i want someone to call me. i want accountability. I am paying alot of money and getting nithing in return. tammy wenzel 989-948-2386 i really dont have high expectations of getting a response.

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