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Advanced Dermatology Corporate office Headquarters

Advanced Dermatology Address and Contact

Advanced Dermatology
  • Address: 260 Lookout Pl #103, Maitland, FL 32751, United States
  • Phone Number: +14076756743
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5000+
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: LinkedIn Member, Medical Assistant

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Advanced Dermatology Headquarters Executive Team



LinkedIn Member,

Medical Assistant

Summer Sullivan,

Treasury Accountant,





Advanced Dermatology, History and Headquarters Information

Advanced Dermatology was established in 1989 and has grown over the years to become a big player in the health sector. It has over 5,000 employees on its payroll. The name of the founder is not in the public domain. This company is Medical Assistant on LinkedIn. Summer Sullivan is the Treasury Accountant.

This company offers a wide range of medical services relating to dermatology. They are into cosmetics and dermatologists' skin care treatments and procedures. If you want to know the latest innovation in technology in dermatology, you must connect with a company that can boast of state-of-the-art equipment and machines.

For over three decades and still counting, Advanced Dermatology has stood tall in the health care delivery system. When you are in the right place for a tattoo, you will get a painless experience thanks to the use of modern techniques in tattooing.

The corporate headquarters is at Florida 32751, United States

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  • Linda Wampler says:

    I’m 68, had a career in nursing and teaching and unfortunately have had 20+ surgeries and many procedures. I’ve never had what happened to me today ever occur. I was in the St. Augustine office for a follow-up visit with a plastic surgeon. I had a large hole in my nose from a piercing that I needed help in healing. The med tech came into the exam room. Twice I tried to complete a sentence and both times she talked over me. The third time I said, “you keep interrupting me!” She glared at me, left the room by slamming the door and returned with the Dr. The female MD came in furious. She said, ” nobody treats a good employee this way!” ?? I simply said I was tired of being interrupted everytime I attempted to speak. I’d heard the tech in the hallway telling the Dr I’d “screamed at her!” If I’d been angry enough to scream, I would have and been heard 4 bldgs away! I did not scream.
    In any event the Dr came in and verbally attacked me for treating “her employee” badly. I was very upset at that point. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t place me FIRST as a patient! The Dr raised hell as she began to clean the wound on my nose. She was visibly upset and threatened me. She told me she wasn’t going to treat me! Then she began to turn the swab over and use the wooden end to dig deeply into the wound, while “instructing” me to abrade it. This was very painful. Wsy beuond “abrading “I realized too late that she was forcefully digging into the wound, intentionally! Blood began to pour from the wound! The Dr marched out of my exam room and while raising her voice, went to her managers offc. I followed because I could hear her violating my privacy by mentioning my name and insisting her tech was treated horribly! Really? By me telling her I wouldn’t tolerate her interrupting me and HER slamming the door? My nose bled profusely! The mgr had to go get a bandage and ointment for my bloody nose. I sat down and spoke to the manager at length. I’ve worked with Drs for many years, was married to one and I’ve NEVER witnessed a Dr behave so unprofessionally. Then take out her angst on her patient? Never! I won’t tolerate this incident. Since I’ve left the office, I’ve shared this with others who are appalled. Unacceptable, disturbing experience. My nose is throbbing and I’m absolutely disgusted with the treatment by this Dr. I will report her to our state medical organization. She should be punished!

  • guest says:

    Getting a call back from the fort collins skin clinic in Fort Collins, CO is absolutely impossible. Not just once, but after multiple visits and having a serious reaction to medication on one occasion and another occasion trying to get a refill for a serious medical condition no response from anyone…. no call back from nurse/provider and no response from online portal either…. sad…

  • B. Lippman says:

    I was at the East Setauket office on Long Island, NY
    The doctor, Dr. Levine, was excellent. However, the waiting room was overcrowded and I waiting 59 minutes. The office had three practitioners and not enough exam rooms. Booking me with not enough rooms for the doctor, PT etc was inexcusable. The office staff did not tell me the truth as to why I was waiting so long. They lied to me.
    Although Dr. Levine was excellent and it wasn’t his fault, I will not go there again. The waiting room was way overcrowded.
    They required masks which is fine, but they didnt have any to give and so I went to another doctor’s office to get a mask. Until then, I had none so I was not allowed in.

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