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Advance Auto Parts
  • Address:  5008 Airport Road, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States
  • Phone Number: 540-362-4911
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: mediarelations@advanceautoparts.com
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 74000 
  • Established: 1932
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Tom Greco (CEO, President)

Advance Auto Parts Headquarters Location & Directions

Advance Auto Parts Headquarters Executive Team



John C. Brouillard

Executive Chairman

Carlos A. Saladrigas

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Regis HR

Jeffrey Shepherd

Senior VP, Interim CFO, Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer

Maria Ayres

President of South Division

Michael Creedon Jr.

President of North Division

About Advance Auto Parts, History and Headquarters Information


Advance Auto Parts was founded in the year 1932. The company has been operational for 86 years now. The founder of the company was Arthur Taubman. The company started its journey with two stores in Virginia. In the year 1998, the company had taken over Western Auto. Then again in the year 2001, the company had taken over Carport Auto Parts. By the same year, the company had established more than 670 stores all over the USA, and Advance Auto Parts became a public company as well. The company was also responsible for sponsoring the Monster Jam truck competition as well. As of the year 2016, the stock value of the company has been reduced by almost 45 per cent.

Headquarters Info

The current headquarters of the company is based in 5008 Airport Road of Roanoke. The state name is Virginia, USA, and the pin code of the area is 24012.


Advance Auto Parts is an American company that deals in various types of automotive parts. The CEO and president of the company are Tom Greco, while the chairman of the company is Jeffrey C Smith. The company has over 1,300 stores that are running independently, and more than 5,200 stores that are wholly owned by the company. The total number of employees working at the company is more than 55,000, as of the year 2017.


Advance Auto Parts is responsible for selling various kinds of automotive parts and accessories, via its offline retail stores. The products include automobile parts, automobile accessories, batteries, automobile maintenance items, etcetera. The company also provides the option to automobile owners to either install their own parts via DIY or Do It Yourself. Or the owner can ask help from the professionals working at the centre as well.

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  • JJ says:

    The store in thomasville al is a joke. The manager is taking money from the safe and using it as his own personal bank. They all take off and leave a woman to run the store all day by herself. I really think the store needs to be looked at by corporate

  • Jason Jerin says:

    Went to Somerset pa location on 11/4/22 order my part told me to come back that evening to pick it up came back at 7pm and store is closed when it says hours are open till 9 pm. Now I have to make another trip back in morning and it is about a 45 min drive . Not a happy customer

  • Daniel says:

    Today 11/3/22 I went inside store #8693 @ 4545 W. Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80204 to inquire, purchasing a water pump, hoses also a power, steering pump, hoses and reservoir.

    I approached the counter there was a black older male who did not greet me and was just standing looking at me. I asked for stated stated items, he just starred at me.. He got mad because I brought up his attitude, i pulled my phone out and started audio recording, he darted off mumbling and left me standing fiddling my thumbs..

    A young Hispanic guy was on a speakerphone call (on hold), I asked him if that guy was going to help me or not, he replied, he did not think so! I was beyond shocked and said, what do you mean you don’t think so.. He then stared at me and asked a rhetorical question, do you need help? I said well yes I do. I need a part. He starts getting loud with me and told me to get out! I told him there was no basis to get out… I asked why he has a power trip he said because they can and do.. All this time I have this young Hispanic male cussing at me telling me to leave, and the older black male comes out of wherever he was at and acts like he calls the police and tells somebody on the phone. I’m being hostile and told me to leave. So I left!

    I waited for the police, no-show. I drove out of my way to a competitor establishment and achieved getting all my auto parts while they treated me like a man with the country.

    I went to the local police station and voiced my concern, they looked in their dispatch, etc., and did not find any kind of call whatsoever! How unprofessional and childish this person is using the police as a tactic like he did..

    I then went to an advanced auto in Wheat Ridge, Colorado store #6947 and talked to a gentleman by the name of Zane. I believe he is the store manager.
    He got my name and number down and told me he will pass it to the district manager.. (Still waiting for a response)..

    I’m very dismayed on the way I was treated at store #8693, and I will not tolerate people treating me unfairly for no reason whatsoever. I will not tolerate irresponsible people using the law as a crutch and manipulating the 911 system maliciously.

    I have everything on audio and obviously there are cameras throughout the store. I want this investigated from corporate. I did absolutely nothing wrong. These two men were totally out of control..

    FYI they have several broken windows, could this be why, the way they treated me is uncalled for and just imagine everybody else they’ve treated like that does not do anything about it……..

    What a shame, these people not only lost $793 worth of business for advanced Auto but they will definitely look foolish. When this audio reaches the appropriate corporate level, I’m confident, advanced auto does not want people representing a legitimate Establishment like that.

    This urgently needs to be reviewed by the store surveillance, and in general…….

  • Carol Paul says:

    I purchased a Die Hard battery ($240) at Store # 03605 in Henderson, NV and was charged a core charge of $22. Due to travel time constraints, we took the old battery back to the Advance Auto Parts store in Hesperia, CA to get the core charge refund. Even showing the receipt to the clerk, when they scanned the receipt, the core charge didn’t pull up, thus they could not issue a refund…because guess what…Advance Auto Parts has a GLITCH in their system. So now Advance Auto Parts computer problem is my problem and I can’t get a refund.

    After several calls to customer service, they offered to send me a $22 check for the refund which I refused. I told her, you already got your money….why should I have to wait for my money. Again, a few more calls and we were able to take the battery back to the Hesperia location and get $22 cash refund. Note, our drivers license was scanned in order to get the refund. With all of the cyber breaches happening…another reason why NOT TO PURCHASE anything from Advance Auto Parts. How many people are in the same situation as we were buying something with a core charge and returning the core to a different store and not being able to get a refund. This cost us time and gas money!! REALLY. Advance Auto Parts has LOST my business.

  • T. Gordon says:

    I received fabulous customer service from Store #09498 in Plantation, FL. My first visit was to purchase a new battery. Richard C was helpful and did not make me feel rushed. His personality and work ethic is exactly what you want in an employee. My second visit was to recycle the dead battery I had replaced. Jacob T was also very friendly, attentive, and exhibited the same top-notch work ethic. I took a moment to observe the other employees’ interactions with customers, and they too showed great customer-facing care. From what I have seen from my two visits, there is a great team at this location. Corporate should be very proud of them.

  • John Shue says:

    When checking my credit card statement,on returned parts I was shorted on item. The amount returned was $192.15,only got credit for $112.50. Invoice number 753-383382,total amount of shortage wit taxes was 79.65 I have had
    a account with Advance for over 25 years and never had a problem till now. 304-687-0302,or 304-854-0038 John Shue

  • Anthony Perry says:

    I have been a very good customer for year. I do like the service. I have purchase things and return somethings but I purchase a wiper switch at store # 04119 in garner nc on 8/10/22. I don’t need it have I have not use it. All wanted is a refund and a store credit. I manager will not give me back my money ($84.72) or a store credit. Today time is hard with merchandise prices going up. I would still like to shop at Advance auto parts so can I get some assistant in getting a refund or a store credit. Thank for taking time out of your day to read my concern.

  • Chris larson says:

    And here is my phone number 1 814 249-0111

  • Chris larson says:

    The punxsutawney advance auto joe he sell the wrong part for the truck of mine and I’m kinda pissed off so I hope you guys can do something about it and thank you

  • LGG says:

    I was calling store #3790 near Nashville Tn to ask a question. I’m from East Tn. The gentleman (I didn’t catch his name) was very cordial and was attempting to answer a question, when all of a sudden a man of obvious non American decent began talking very loadly and being unduly rude trying to escalate the temper of the other gentleman, whom I could hear but not clearly until he was being verbally accosted by a man who sounded of India(n) accent. He demanded the name of the soft spoken Adv Auto rep, as the conversation I was having had to cease because we could not hear each other. He answered and said his name was Keith. I asked if they would like me to leave my name and phone number to provide witness as to the occurrence. For right now, It was approx 8.30 +/- 10 min CST at store #3790 phone # 615-315-0010
    please do not display any of my personal info

  • Rev. Dr. Guss Bodison, Jr. says:

    My 93 year old father, who is a Korean War Veteran, visited the Advance Auto Parts store in our hometown of Walterboro, SC today 11July 22. The customer service that he received was not just below standard, it was nonexistent. My father purchased a battery for his 2012 Chevy Silverado, April 2022 (and is still under warranty). He went to get his battery checked because issues have continue to occur since this change. The staff at store #5250 treated him as if he were a bother. And, sent him home with no help. He is planning to return in morning 12 July 22, praying for someone with a much better attitude and hoping that the the General Manager, Jimmy Wright will be in the store to observe.

    Is this what we are to expect for customer service from Advance Auto Parts? Is this how you will treat our Seniors, who may need a little more attention? Disappointed is not a strong enough word to express how I feel at this moment. The onsite manger, Roy Kenny, GM Jimmy Wright and all of the Sr. Staff should be embarrassed about how they treat customers.

  • Bob says:

    The mgr, Josh David, at store #3400 at Chicot St, Pascagoula, MS 39581 is an INCOMPETENT DUMBASS!!! For SEVERAL WEEKS he made me jump thru all kinds of hoops to get hired on, tells me I have the job and he will email me the new hire info that day or next day. Long story short, when he comes back from his 1 week vacation, I call him to find out what happened and he gives me the WORST LIES I HAVE EVER HEARD A MANAGER SPEW OUT!!! This dumbass mgr could EASILY have been the incompetent pointy haired manager from Dilbert!!! I definitely called the Customer Care dept 877-238-2633 and complained about this INCOMPETENT DUMBASS mgr!!! Josh David should NOT be a mgr, he is more suited to being a janitor and cleaning up little kid vomit at an elementary school. I will never shop at Advance Auto again, this has soured my opinion of this company.

  • Jerry Blake says:

    From Vicksburg, Ya’lls parking lot needs repainted.

  • Jeff Konieczny says:

    I went to return a oil pressure switch that was never even taken out of the bag (turned out a coil and plug was bad) for my son, the cashier that was there looked at it and said that it looked OK, but I could not get a refund without the card that was used. 2 days later, my son took the same part to the store and was told he could not return it. Why was there a discrepancy? Could someone explain? Could someone please e-mail me back?

  • Ed Gosselin says:

    I visited the store in orange city Florida. I was not happy that I was told that my battery was good even though tires plus it had a dead cell. Once I proved to the woman behind the counter she looked it up and said the warranty expired. I could deal with that but not the condescending attitude. Will not return to that store and maybe not any of there stores.

  • Mike Terrano says:

    I have been a good customer for years. Now every time I go to your store to get parts they don’t have them in stock. I am talking basic things like a rubber fuel line, cap and rotor, fuel filter etc. I’m sure it doesn’t matter but you are going to lose a lcustomer. I go to Auto Zone and get my parts right at the store not the mailman 5 days later. Even the workers can’t believe the store don’t have basic parts in stock. Customers are walking out because your stores are only good for what’s on the shelves. There is an Auto Zone and a Napa a half mile past your store and that’s where your customers are.

  • Frentoris V Bradley says:

    I need to speak to someone as soon as possible I’m an employee for Advanced Auto Parts, I work at store #7453 in Largo, FL

  • Jerry Manning says:

    I drove to store #5864 in Lowell MA. The Advanced site said it closed at 9:00 PM on Saturday. I drove across town to make a purchase. It was 5:00 PM and it was closed. I was there yesterday and overheard the staff talking about being short handed. I can only guess why they are under staffed.

  • Matthew T Meyers says:

    Advance Auto is the worse job I ever had. I worked p/t as a driver The DM promised me a raise verbally, but denied it to corporate without explanation, I’m disabled and worked there 15 months. I was discriminated against pressured to do things against company policies, the assistant managers are lazy , The computers software is a dinosaur, every day was very stressed full for 10.00 phr

  • melody says:

    ADVANCE is the worst place to do business. We made a payment that was accepted and the credit card was charged, yet they are saying my account is on hold. We have been on hold for over 30 minutes only to be told we are on hold, once someone answers. We have 5 de You would think they would be able to apply a payment correctly since all the information they require is there.

  • Affordable Auto Repair says:

    Advance auto parts is the worst parts store ever. Being a shop owner I have found that they allow people to have a diamond commercial account that don’t own a auto repair shop. Then sell them parts cheaper than the auto repair shops. The people in charge of this business must be incompetent to allow this to happen. Giving just anyone a commercial account is causing them to lose money. Company policy should required everyone to have a motor vehicle repair license to even get a commercial account. I won’t ever be doing business with them again. I spend about 2000.00 per week on parts. Advance is losing big.

  • Donna Mccord says:

    I stopped at Advanced Auto Store #03300 on o8-05-21 at 15:21 the cashier Jeremiah J was who i dealt with.. He verified for me that I had rhe correct transmission fluid for my car and proceeded to ring it up. I asked him if i could use a paper funnel which he then said they don’t have those anymore and i would have to purchase a 2.00 funnel if i wanted one. I then asked if he could Please help me put it in and he said we dont have to do that anymore. OK. A little back story. I am a 64 year old Great Grandmother. I just got my arm out of sling due to dislocated Shoulder and I have Stage 2 Lung cancer. Is This How You Want Your Employees Treating elderly customers ? I was worried about my car because all of a sudden the transmission started slipping. I took my almost 11.00 quart of transmission fluid and drove home. Needless to say I will Not be going back to any of your stores. I expect to be treated with a little bit of respect.

  • Charles bongiorno says:

    To whom it may concern.
    I received this letter hoping to use my credit at my local store located on larkfield road in east Northport ny 11731.

    I dont understand how you people run your business.

    I am 3rd generation business man in town . I’ve used this auto part store since it first opened up as roadside auto 20 years ago.

    How are you keeping your clients happy?

    By turning down their credit due to them?

    That’s what the counter person did to me when I went in today with the letter I have envlosed.

    Can you explain why he did that and said my account was locked?

    Please let me have the credit due to me that you stated I have in the letter you sent to me.

    Charles bongiorno
    Northern Restorations Inc
    Dba Bongiornos Contracting
    240 Elwood Road
    East Northport NY 11731

  • Rick says:

    Advance Auto Parts is stating that they have a labor Reimbursement claim policy but their not backing their statement up not one bit that is why I’m letting the Better Business Bureau Dept of Va. handle this matter

  • Rick says:

    I can not contact anyone with this corp. that makes sense or worst even get any results.My next call will be the dept of B.B.B.

  • Tina says:

    I have left a message for
    the district manager for
    Colorado Chris Diller last night about a complaint I have a guess what no return phone call. I guess this is how you like to operate a business. Worst ever! I am writing reviews nest then Twitter.

  • Steven Essex says:

    You really need to update your quality control personal. Myself, members of my family and personal friends have continually received faulty parts on numerous occasions. We are constantly getting thermostats that do not work, which in turn cause my son’s water pump and radiator to blow up costing $700.00 just two weeks ago. I have had to replace my break light stop switch twice. Electronic parts have no return so your screwed. I only want to do a job one time and not constantly be ripped off. You need to seriously look into your parts problems. As for me ,my family and friends we are Napa people now, and remember word of mouth will put you out of business. Angry customers!!!!

  • >