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  • Address:  1501 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

  • Phone Number: 561-988-3600

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: adt@help.4myrebate.com

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    Number of Employees: 18,000 

  • Established: 1874

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Tim Whall (CEO)

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Dan Bresingham

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Donald Young

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Jay Darfler

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  • Karen L Deese says:

    I am not a happy customer, I’ve had Adt for a couple of months, My system had gotten rebooted and can not access my cameras. I have been broken into and now on day 3 of no sleep because of no security. ADT cannot do a virtual until Wed. So for a whole week my system is down. Coming for a multi billion dollar business this is un professional.A security companies should be available 24/7. So again no sleep….

  • John T Hernandez says:

    Feb 8, 2024

    I’ve been with ADT for 13 years and had a ADT camera in my home which never gave me problems with Wi-Fi I wanted to install more cameras in my home and they said they had new cameras from Google Nest. So I agreed to have them installed in my home. Right away the problem started with the cameras, the Wi-Fi kept dropping and were not working. So I called them and they said they will seen someone out but it was going to cost me for the service call. I was not happy with that and they then said they would wave that cost. They came out to check the cameras and they did replace one of the cameras because the image was showing a purple image. Even though they said it was fixed the Wi-Fi still keep dropping. I told them I wanted to return the cameras and the door bell camera back to them and they said to please to given them a chance to fix the issue and for over 30 days they keep saying to work them. So I agreed with them to see if they could fix it. They tried and tried and then they said I would have to make contact with their Tech Support. I did the trouble shooting with Tech Support and still could not fix the issue and they did not know what was going on with the cameras. Since they did not know I found out that Google did a update on the Firmware on those cameras and that was the issue that was causing the problem with Wi-Fi and at this time there was not a quick fix and they are working the on it. Well I just did not want to keep equipment if it was not working so I requested to send back the equipment in which ADT agreed to send the equipment back and they sent me a shipping label with tracking number 7857 9190 5476 in doing so they gave me $878.50 credit back to my account and ended up with a balance of $1,100.00

    When I called back and talked to an agent from billing as to why I have to pay for installation and they coerced by telling me, if you pay $600.34 they would give $250.00 and that would zero out my account because I told them I was not paying anything and that why they told me that. Well they lied to me and said I still had a balance of $258. I called ADT to review the recording of that day and that they will call me back. They never called me back.

    The last equipment sent back with tracking number of 7886 7150 1511 which they received on Jan 3 2023, I told them that I was still missing a credit of $374. for the communication hub. When I called on this credit ADT forward my call to somebody else and then they did the same to somebody else. Each time that was done they just kept me on the phone line as long as they could and sometime they would hang up and I would have start all over again. I offered a solution if they would zero out my account they could keep the balance of that equipment. They did not go for that.

    So at this time I feel that I got ripped off of $374 and that they took advantage of a Senior Citizen.

  • Christiansen Flemming says:

    Unauthorized Credit Check by ADT – Formal Complaint

    Dear ADT Customer Service Department,

    I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding an unauthorized credit inquiry by ADT. I have recently discovered that a credit check was conducted on my behalf without my explicit consent or authorization. I want to clarify that I never provided permission for ADT to run my credit for any purpose whatsoever.

    This unauthorized credit inquiry is deeply concerning to me as it infringes upon my privacy and may have implications for my credit report. I request an immediate investigation into this matter and a written explanation as to why my credit was checked without my knowledge or approval.

    I expect a prompt resolution to this issue, including a confirmation that the unauthorized inquiry will be removed from my credit history. I value transparency and proper procedures in all business interactions, and I believe this incident requires your attention and corrective action.

    Please provide a detailed response within 48 hours to address this complaint. You can reach me at Clflemming7@gmail.com for any further communication regarding this matter.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this concern.


    Christiansen Flemming

  • Edward Humphreys says:

    I am about finished with ADT after being a customer for so many years.
    Customer service and Technical support are so uninformed and are working off of a script.
    Used to be that they were professional and now it is farmed out and not really responsive in taking care of the issues.
    So frustrated and being a former professional business owner, I would have gone broke if my company was run this way.

  • L Shainock says:

    American District Telegraph now called ADT has been used by my family and now Mr. Their customer service is terrible in my opinion.

  • Maryann T Hudson says:

    I want to cancel my service I call on 1/10/23 to do this as my husband and I are on a fixed income and they said they could lower it to $43,$30$14 a month. The person read something to me but because of static I could not fully understand what he was saying. He said sign and it would take effect on 2/23/23. My children bought the Ring service for us and on 1/14 ADT took $270.23 for equipment. When I canceled the cameras due to not working right they didn’t take them and they said they didn’t need to take the equipment out. I have been paying $33.81 & $59.54 for over 21 years. I think I paid a couple of times over the cost of your equipment. Please advise

    • John T Hernandez says:

      They are a bad company that take advantage of people. Something like that is happening to me right now and I filed a complain to the Better Business Bureau which they open a case. I also got AARP to help me and they are also looking into this matter.

  • Joe says:

    People that have problems with ADT should just take them to arbitration. Because it’s a company that’s unreasonable. No matter how and how much you try to compromise with. It’s their way or no way!

    • S aguirre says:

      I agree, its also frustrating that their customer service reps do not seem to know what they are talking about and make promises the company does not keep. I was told a service call was free and when the rep was on his way he mention he would charge for his time this is unacceptable I asked if I was going to be charge and was told no over the phone but either the tech was trying to cut his route short and lied to me or the customer service reps do not know jack about their company

    • Sherry says:

      Joe you are absolutely correct. I have been with ADT for 14 years. I’ve moved to another state. Prior to moving I contacted ADT to inform them of the move of such. I was told I could not void the contract because it was still obligated/bound to it. I asked what I need to do and was told” I’d have to pay one thousand dollars or more. I do not believe the contract extended 9 years. I would be willing to be a part of a class action suit. I read all the reviews from customers and there are similar if not the same identical complaints. Everyone passes the buck to someone else. If I had known I’d encounter these problems, i would have never ever sort the services of ADT.

  • Michelle Coley says:

    I have been a “LOYAL” customer for over 16 years. I have had the same issue for almost 2 years and NO help with a suitable resolution. I was offered a discount on a discontinued panel, which was still over $200, and no guarantee that it would fix my problem. I have been getting transferred and hung up on by ADT since 10 A.M. today and it is currently 5:54 P.M. The agents try to make you think they are sincere and apologetic and then hang up on you or transfer you to someone who says they can’t help. I am seriously looking at different alarm companies at this point. ADT has horrific customer service and absolutely no loyalty to their customers. All they want is your money, but the minute their system or service is flawed, they treat you like a red headed step child. Avoid this sham of a company who obviously does not stand behind their work. I have not been able o speak to anyone to get to some sort of resolution.

    Michelle Coley
    Loyal Customer since 2006

  • Timothy Larimer says:

    Absolutely insane you have to wait over 2 hours on hold to cancel your services.

  • Amal Al Refaie says:

    I am beyond frustrated with the Technical support, and the System devices. I do not recommend ADT services. I will be cancelling my service.

    • Sherry says:

      My sentiment exactly. How in the name of Jesus could the execs allowed their Co. operate in such a manner? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. The root of all evil. Greed, Maybe one day we’ll see them on TV.

  • Tina says:

    Terrible customer service..
    Don’t help you when you need it..

  • Joe says:

    Horrible experience with ADT after asking for a service rep to come to the house to fix my cameras they wanted to charge me without even hearing me out. After 7 years I will be cancelling and gong with another more customer friendly company. Joe
    1511 Sw 24th street

  • Edna Alsander says:

    This is Edna Alsander I’m not getting any help in Baton Rouge please call me it’s been over 3 months August. 15, 2022 and I bee with you all almost 5 years spent over 5,000 dollars 2,000 something this time almost 3,000 dollars I’m on a fix income and just had surgery, I’m so tired , please call me and Help

  • gloria holloway says:

    I had my alarm with ADT for four years and I was never told that I need a warranty on my alarm. Now since the company want more money they fixed my alarm to stop working. First it had low battery and the battery was replaced, than the siren battery needed to be replaced and I brought that battery. Now my alarm is still not working. this is going on three weeks now. I was told that if a tech come to my home it would be $200 for a half hour and after that it would be more money. I need to go to another alarm company. I pay my bill in full and on time for four years and I was put on whole for hours waiting for service. You will lose customers operating in bad faith.

  • M says:

    VERY POORLY RUN COMPANY! Answer the phone right away if starting a subscription. I have called and spoken to 6 people so far TODAY (after non success yesterday) and each time transferred to ‘another department’ and then phone disconnects. They answered the phone at 8:30 p.m. EST tonight and then person transferred my call and a recording came on that said they closed at 6 p.m. Hmmmm, a billion+ dollar company and this is how the customers are treated???? Where is the leadership?

  • S Matthews says:

    Awful Service from ADT, have been requesting service for the past three months. Have been escalated serveral times to no Avail (A Joke). Supervisors don’t call you back, technicians show up unequipped to do job. What has happen to priority customer service? Have been a customer for nearly 30years and I think I’m done with this company. Wait time always over 1hr on phone, 4hr time frame for techs to come out to do a job, and ADT says they value your time. I would like a Supervisor to contact me reference my concerns. Email me and I’ll seen my contact information. Lets see if this service is any better. A class for Customer service 101 needs to be reassessed from Management down to Call representatives. I have a list of documentation of the people I have spoken with and they all say they a sorry, but nothing get done!

  • Not ADT’s Customer Any Longer — Yikes! says:

    ADT is the worst. They make it impossible to cancel your service and will continue to bill you. Fortunately, I record all of my calls with them and have these conversations ready for a court date if needed. They were bought out by a Communist Chinese company that is likely collecting our data. Run from ADT as fast and as far as your legs take you. ABUSIVE!

  • Basilio Reyes says:

    The latest ADT commercial with the two twin brothers and the two black homosexuals is bottom line SICKENING.

    Your product / services will never be a part of my home.


  • Henley Park Apartments , San Antonio Tx says:

    This has to be the worse experience I have had to get maintenance service, to start off every agent I have spoken to has been extremely rude, where did the costumer service go ? Our business has gone with out proper working alarms for 2 months now , not to mention we have 3!! services here , when finally getting a hold of someone he was so unhelpful and disrespectful, when asked for Corporate number he stayed paused, I then said I’ll look for it myself, he replied by saying ” there is nothing to find” you will be redirected to us!! wow unbelievable. ADT please reinforce costumer service back to your business , people you have working for you are terrible!!

  • Dwain Barefield says:

    I’ve been trying to schedule a service call for the past 5 days. The email feature in Pulse doesn’t seem to work since I’ve received no reply. The chat feature on the website appears to be non-functional since clicking on it doesn’t seem to work. I even tried calling only to receive an automated message stating it would be a 60 minute wait. I’m supposed to trust ADT to respond to an alarm or other emergency? Maybe I should be looking to replace ADT.

  • Jimmy seymore says:

    This is the worst service I have ever experience in my life . Been on the phone with this company since August not to mention customer service!!! Been just hung up on twice, been put on hold for hours switch from one person to another, been lied too several times I asked for something in writing stating our conversation nothing was done. When this damn contract is up I am done with ADT !!!!!!!!!

  • Kim D says:

    I am a very upset dissatisfied customer who wants to speak to a manager, supervisor, anyone who speaks English preferably. ADT customer service is a joke. Anytime you spend two hours on hold and speaks with 6 different people and cannot resolve a simple issue then laughs at you when you get angry, is UNACCEPTABLE. I expect someone with authority to contact me soon. You have my email.

  • Customer service says:

    Questioning why they don’t use an invoice number or service location confirmation for the invoices they request payment for?

  • Jacquelyn Holland says:

    We moved in March and canceled our service. The rep tried to keep us from canceling even though we were moving. She never cancelled the service. We called again when we released we were still being charged. The rep said our account would be credited. We still have not received refund and just spent another 30 minutes arguing with a customer service rep to escalate the call. We have been customers for 15 years and are disgusted by this lack of customer service.

  • Ronnie Davis says:

    I have had ADT alarm service for my business for over 8 years. Last year in February 2021 I moved from my previous shop into my current location. After doing so I called ADT to request a service transfer. I was shipped a new hub to self install. About a month after doing so I realized the service had not been working. I called and the rep attempted to troubleshoot the equipment with no success. I called my internet provider and a tech came out for a service call, determined that due to my shop being in a metal building the internet reception wasn’t working. I called to inform ADT of this issue thinking they would cancel my service. Several months passed and I continued being billed, but was unable to reach a rep on numerous occasions. I also later realized I was being billed 2 separate charges by ADT. I finally got through to a rep in April 2022 who informed me that I was being charged for service at both locations. The rep also advised he could tell the service hadn’t been working at my current shop. He offered to troubleshoot but I advised again of the internet issue. I was advised my account would be escalated for further review and a request would be submitted for the months I was billed for my old account as well the months charged for no service used. Only to receive 2 refunds of $45.99 when I was charged this amount for over a year. I called again today and another rep advised she would have to escalate my request yet again all while ADT continues to draft monthly payments from account for services their knowingly aware I’m unable to use.

  • Iatros55 says:

    Exceedingly poor service.

  • Ryan says:

    Worst service I have ever dealt with. Cameras haven’t worked for 3 of the 4 months I’ve had them, can’t get anyone to service then and can’t get out of the contract, I have to sue now because I’ve had 4 scheduled appointments, no one has fixed anything, and they still won’t let me out of the contract even though their contract states 3 tries in 6 months. Horrible company. I had to go out and buy my own cameras and install them myself. Will be suing for the cost of the cameras, their horrible product, the vacation I had to use to go to my Tennessee home, the missed bookings on that home for the three days that were blocked off for that home, the mileage traveled for that useless trip. All in all these cameras have cost me well over $5,000 to not even work. I can not put into words how much hatred I have towards this company. There will be billboards made in every major city about how bad this company is. All I wanted was to get out of a contract that I am paying for for nothing and I can’t do that. Now I will pursue much much more.

  • Randy Smith says:

    Poor customer service. We paid faithfully thru direct payment on line from our bank to ADT for eight years now. System is not working due to battery issues. No security coverage for eight days due to your staffing issues. You are completely out of touch with your financial folks. Maybe you don’t understand what 24 hour security means to loyal customers. Very disgraceful and disrespectful service from ADT.

    • gloria holloway says:

      My alarm also had low battery and I ordered batteries from ADT and my alarm still don’t work. They are putting themselves out of business for real.

  • Tequisha Blakeney says:

    I called Blue By ADT and Jean was great. He explained everything to me, from the entire start of this process to now. Definitely a service recovery for Jean, he deserves 5 stars!

  • Tequisha Blakeney says:

    Today I had a conversation with Bree a customer service agent with ADT. She basically called me a liar, telling me that the cancellation policy was reviewed with me. I informed her that I never called to cancel my service and that I only called to transfer the service to another location. Bree’s chat etiquette was rude and not customer friendly. There was also an issue with the billing. There was no help for the customer until I informed her that I was ending the conversation and asked her for her last name.

  • stacey says:

    I began service in 2020 because of COVID and my previous service provider wasn’t operating. I moved from that address in May 2021. Since then, ADT has deducted money from my bank account stating that I had requested to cancel my service. I have been provided endless erroneous information. They have ERRONEOUSLY deducted monies 5 times in the last year. Amount no less than $700 and up to $1,200!!! I have spent endless hours over multiple days and weeks each time to get MY MONEY returned. These last 2 times, including today, I was told someone went in and canceled by service which caused them to take the monies from my account. TODAY, on a Friday, $921 was taken. Spent over an hour just to be told initially it would take 7-10 business days to get MY MONEY back. Then spent more time for the Cust Serv Rep to fake as if he was doing research to come back and tell me that he can get it back to me in 3-5 days. I said I’d be calling to check on the status and he said he’d doubt anyone would have an update. Again, this is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time this has happened to me! I NEED to cancel service and NEVER deal with them again!

  • Sal says:

    I had a system for about a year it took 10 months for them to move a camera they set up behind a tree and not in my drive way like I wanted, then my interior cameras and doorbell have not worked in 6 months I called for over a year keep getting the same thing we put in a complaint to management they should get a hold of you weeks later call again and again nothing at all

    • ADT Cor says:

      I will get right on this Sal. Please call me directly at 314 777-9311

    • Jose says:


      I am having a similar problem with ADT and my driveway camera. After purchasing it and an extender placed in the garage for the camera it is still not working properly. What the technician told me was that there is nothing they can do about my wi-fi.

      I called headquarters and they told me the service manager will call me with a resolution. Oh and by the way if I need it to work I need to purchase some type of google wi-fi.

  • Cliff says:

    I have been with ADT for 18 years so I thought it would be a good ideal to upgrade my equipment. I was given a pre check list from ADT to

    make sure that the equipment was compatible with my home. (i.e WIFI) which it is. The technician has been to my home on two occasion to try and fix

    the problem he couldn’t fix it. He also called his supervisor while he was at my home, the problem didn’t get resolve. I don’t know what the issue is

    and why it’s taking so long to fix this issue, this has been going on since March 18, 2022. All I want is some type of compensation and cancel my

    account with ADT.

    I have paid ADT the full amount of $850.40 on 2/25/22 which $173.00 was supposed to be credit back to my credit card that didn’t happen someone took

    it upon them self’s to give me a credit to my ADT account.

    • John T Hernandez says:

      I too had problems with my cameras which kept dropping the WiFi these cameras are Google Nest and I found out the issue with them was….there was a firmware update on the cameras and there was a NO QUICK FIX

  • Lakiesha says:

    Agents Melissa is very rude she talk to the customers very poorly doesn’t care if the customer keep their service or cancel

  • Dalise Gada says:

    I have had the most horrible experience trying to get this equipment out of my house. I spent two hours today hysterical because of the inability to turn this thing off. It has not been in service for years. Replacing the battery didn’t help. Unhooking everything didn’t help it was horrible As I had to hear that screaming noise.And all I want is theis shit out of my house

  • Jada says:

    I adt for one year I experienced nothing but break ins some from the Melville office is giving access to my house for perverts to come in my house and hurt me and my daughters

    • ADT Cor says:

      If you believe this you need a psychiatrist! Take your meds

      • gloria holloway says:

        This maybe the truth because I was charged twice on my credit card and when I reported this and my money was refunded my alarm would go off and the police would come to my home each time I was not at home. The person who set up my alarm looked like he was on crack.

    • K says:

      I have the same issue with ADT. They are crooks. Awful!! Please come remove your equipment. I don’t want to do business with you. It has been unsafe.

      • Not ADT’s Customer Any Longer — Yikes! says:

        Just remove it yourself. Give them ten days to collect it and then throw it in the trash. Problem solved.

  • Paul R Hoffman says:

    I made an inquiry about a battery ordered on Feb 19 (order 112729408) for my control panel.
    I called customer service and was sent to three different people and left on hold for 10 min after the third call. I called back twice, and they hung up on me again. I asked for a supervisor, and they hung up on me again. Customer service is horrible!

  • paul willinger says:

    Worst system l have ever seen and the worst customer service ever. call prior to buying and see 1(800)716-3640, tell them you have a problem. See what ADT does for you. ADT is not a security company. They stamp their name on a metal plate and put it in your yard. The product they let a local company come out and install for you and service for you. Good luck with that.

    l have had my system for 4-5 months. 3 times they have come out to repair the system to leave and something else goes wrong with the system. The camera has not worked 60% of the time. The ring doorbell doesn’t tell me when someone has pressed the button. The camera in the front of the house is funny. You can come on my property and get to my front door and ring the doorbell and walk away. By the time you get to the car and leave that’s when l will know. When you call them all they will do is tell you how to try and get your system to start working.
    1st issue is the only one l am going to write about. Cause all in all it’s a novel of bad service.
    1 month installed. all systems went down. Called for 2 months straight every night. no manager no person to help, just a how-to help person on the phone. 2 months never worked. Hung up on me 5-6 times cause the person didn’t know how to help me. Easier to hang up l guess. Given wrong phone numbers to call to help come out and help me fix on site. The problem was the number ” 800 992-5757 ” please call it. l was told that the company should be the last person to call if needed to come out and help repair on site. Please call it.
    Finally, someone from ADT corporate called me. Someone came out and fixed the car. Then it stopped again. Not everything just 1 thing, a camera. took a month to get that fixed. Then 1 week later another problem another camera.
    This system has always had a problem since day 1. And every month it has not worked. Meaning every time they left something failed and broke.

    There is no service with ADT whatsoever. In Las Vegas NV when you call the 1-800 number for ADT and tell them you have an issue they will give you a number to call for the company that comes out and installs the system. Kinda pass the bug thing, but the best part here is the number l was given 3 times ” 800 992-5757 “. ” PLEASE I DARE YOU TO CALL THEM PLEASE ” Call them l promise they will help you. And hang up. Be smart. buy 6 iPhones so you can face time all 6 of them. Get a really big dog for the backyard. And triple deadbolt the front door lock.
    l am a real customer that’s been screwed with them for months now. Spent countless hours on the phone every night for 2 months. l almost lost my family being the security company would never do what they said they would do so when l got home l would spend hours again on the phone trying repairs.

    I am paying another local company who is local to come out and reinstall a new system. So l paid 2 times to have this done. At least local l know l have an office l can go to and have someone come out if an issue happens,


    4-5 MONTHS. 3 VISITS.



  • Mariam says:

    ADT is terrible. Someone at the ADT office forged my initials on a contract that I did not sign nor give consent to sign. I contacted them and they have not done anything about it. I think the office may have gotten mad because now my cameras are disconnected. It is really unscrupulous. I do not feel safe that they did something wrong and are also supposed to be the one that is to keep me safe. If they dont do anything, I will need to contact a lawyer. This is so wrong. I dont know what happened, they used to be a good company but I see by the reviews below, I am not alone with my shadey experiences with ADT.

  • neverusing adt says:

    ADT needs to have a serious meeting, company wide with all agents and representatives when customers call to cancel service when they (and minor children) are moving due to being abused and victim of domestic violence. Especially if your customers have current court documents to support my claim. Customers should not be charged $600.00 to cancel my service I had with ADT for 3 years, to protect my family.

  • paul willlinger says:

    Paul Willinger.
    Could someone please call me regarding this JUNK system that is so-called a security system? I have your 1800 who cares line and nobody has returned a call. 10-15 calls and no return callbacks but 1 and that one was a joke.
    I have spent my hard-earned cash on cameras that still don’t work. Security for a door that doesn’t work also and an alarm you can set off and it will not go off.

    I have called you guys more than 30 times on your one 800 customer service line every day for two hours and spoken to people who really could care less for two hours to still have nothing but issues every day of my life. I have been hung upon. Lied to when told something. Sent to a special hotline. The best part is I keep getting sent to the safe haven hotline for women’s battered shelter. The number I get sent to. 1 (877) 643-6612. Please google. Safe haven Las Vegas NV.

    But guess what do you guys still have a problem charging my credit card for service it doesn’t even exist because it doesn’t work. And hasn’t worked.

    All I have asked for is just help to get the system that you overcharged me for working and you still cannot do that for me and have not done. You don’t care to do that so please can someone email me call me hell put a piece of paper in a bottle and throw it in the air and maybe l can get that with a bird holding it. Best chance.

    I hope the one thing is someone who reads this actually cares to call me. Actually cares. The system has been in my home for 3 months 4 months. Only worked for 1 month. Charged every month. Every single month.
    So so so tired of wasting my time and life trying to get this junk system to work.

    702-540-6423 Paul Willinger I have listed my name and my phone number above. Please know tomorrow December 8 is my birthday if I do not get a phone call from a customer service rep who can actually provide customer service with a smile I’m going to dedicate my next year to make sure everyone in the world knows that ADT sucks and is the worst security system that money can buy I will go on every review board and I will write letters upon letters upon letters about how poor your customer services and how poor your system even is.
    I will dedicate my life to the next year to doing this every day.

    And please do not start off a phone call with the happy birthday I will not be happy at all because I’m spending my birthday wasting my time on the security system that I’ve been paying for that has never truly worked I’ve called and called and called and got nothing but poor service from ADT and safe haven. ADT should be the most ashamed company in the world that they provide this type of service to people who paid good money for a service. Think I paid over $3000 cash for junk cameras and $70 a month for a monitoring system that doesn’t work.

    I look forward to you calling me and wasting my time even more than everyone else has done before. Again the hang-up calls. Transfer me to a different extension that doesn’t exist. Transfer me to save haven because they’re the ones who installed it but I’m not a battered woman that needs shelter.
    I just want service. Real service.
    Paul Willinger 6391 cascade CRT Las Vegas NV 89149

    Ps for ADT customer service you really want to call me and make this right. At this point in my life I really am going to dedicate December 8, 2021, all the way till December 8, 2022, every single day finding a website to badmouth your company. I will make sure someone out there doesn’t buy your system and safe havens junk.

    • paul willinger says:

      this is the 2nd reply back to them, l don’t want to talk to anyone but a person who can refund and cancel my contract. l do not want to so-called work with you.
      cancel my contract and my charges for a poor system and a scheme that has taken me for a lot of money. and yes you can come to get it out of my house with a check to refund that stuff that has not worked since day only. mentally l am overworking with you, l am just going to bad mouth you no matter what, I have been cool and nice and polite. lm done

      nothing can be worked out. just remove it from my house and bring a check for what l paid for. l want it all back being you haven’t honored your part of your sale to me.


    Does corporate even care that their customers are complaining and getting the run around?!!! Now wonder why people are getting RING and SIMPLE SAFE systems and leaving your company for rotten service, high prices and giving people the run around

  • Dora Riomayor says:

    Guess I’m not the only one DISGUSTED with your company. I’ve been with ADT for over 16 year. Things went downhill in late September. First, I wanted to upgrade my system. Had the same keypad and sensors since I started. ADT said I would have to buy the equipment because they did not provide it. I was told I could finance it and agreed.

    Things went downhill from there.
    SEPT 24, 2021. Tech came out to install new panel and fix two sensors. I scheduled appt between 8am – 12PM. Kept getting different updates via email that the Tech coming from 8AM to 4PM, Then 4PM – 8PM. then 1 – 4PM. Kept calling and put on hold for very long period

    Tech came around 12:15PM and fixed the two sensors. Then he was about to leave. I asked about the new panel. He said it was not on his ticket for service and he did not even have a panel, in his truck to add it. He called his manager, explained the situation – Manager said (or so the tech said) that the panel could not be financed. I would need to sign a new contract and pay for panel and then they would come to install it .

    Tech said there were two panels – one was around $200 the other $400 or more. He recommended the $200 panel as it was simpler. He said he would “order it ” via his manager and arrange to install it so I would not need to pay for an additional service fee. After speaking with his manager, I was told the panel was $250, not $200. (I agreed). I signed the work summary of the “Completed work” on his ipad/tablet later to find it was ac contract!

    SEPT 27th I received a bill of $1965.96 – Called ADT. The person I spoke to said she did not see this charge. I forwarded her a copy and she said she would put it in my file and I would not be liable for it.

    October 8th I received a proposal for the new tablet. It was for $375.00. I emailed SEAN McGOLDRICK in sales to say this is not the price I was told I would be charged. At least 6 emails were sent- No response
    Cancelled appointment for that Saturday to install panel

    October 12th – Sent Sean another email as I did not hear back.
    October 13 – Sean replied with a discounted amount – but it was too late. I asked how cancel as I was not in a contract and did not receive the equipment. However, I was calling ADT that day, they said the tech report the panel WAS INSTALLED on SEPT 25th. I was done with ADT!

    Most of November – calls involved I needed to call ADT to cancelled. When someone from ADT called me, 11/16 from NY, I explained what happened and was told I needed to call ANOTHER NUMBER TO CANCEL

    November 16 _ I called the number I was given. Waited over 30 minutes for someone to pick up. Explained the whole situation only to be told they needed to look into it because (1) supposedly I received the new panel and (2) I was breaking the contract. But he believe I did not receive the panel and would contact the branch in NY. I would get a call in 48 hours. I DID NOT

    November 24, Called ADT as no one called bounced around for over 20 minutes, I was speaking to someone in NY – explained my whole saga to her. She (Diana) most helpful and reviewed the work order and said there was not panel on the tech’s work order for 9/25. I explained the only work completed was the two sensors were fixed. She actually called me a few hours later to confirm I was not liable for the panel or contract and would get her manager’s approval to credits my account/

    HALALUJAH!!! (Or so I thought)

    I received a bill from ADT for $1396. and figured it was an overlap as the issue was resolved. I went online DECEMBER 1, amount still there AND I’m being charged for DECEMBER! Are you kidding me?!!

    So once again calling – getting bumped around. Emailing everyone I was in contact with at ADT.
    Diana did call me – don’t know if she was contacted by ADT to reach out or following up but said she was still waiting for her Manager to approve the paperwork to credit my account and would call within 48 hours.

    At least I have her direct line and will call tomorrow.

    ADT WAS a good company but no longer.


  • Disgusted Customer says:

    Absolutely worst service and DANGEROUS if you depend on home alarm service. My house flooded. I called ADT. My code works (I use it every day) but with ADT on the phone they “helped” me set a temporary passcode so workmen could access house. Although my regular code works, they must have tried 20 time, but the system would not issue a temp pass code. Then they told me that there would be a HIGH EMERGENCY CHARGE to fix the pass code! They agree it is the fault of ADT equipment. Not only that, they couldn’t do the emergency visit to fix same day and I must leave the house tomorrow as I can’t breathe in here. I did not cause this failure. THEY OBVIOUSLY SET UP THE BOX WRONG YEARS AGO. I never needed a temp code before now, so some 20 years of being a customer here and in two other houses, I can’t get help and my house will be unprotected. I an 75, disabled, and have nobody to help me. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR THE EMERGENCY CHARGE OF THE FAILURE OF THEIR EQUIPMENT AND NO HELP. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • George Huggins says:

    Purely PATHETIC! Being forced to sign on to automatic draft with no other option is purely unacceptable. I have been with ADT since 1996 through 4 houses and this is by far the worst customer service that I have EVER experienced with any company. ADT used to be a great company, great customer service and exceptional technical service, but now ten thumbs down. I have been trying for over two months to get someone to send me a paper bill so I can get my bill paid. You can bet as soon as my service contract ends I will be dropping ADT like a hot potato! I guess you have some corporate heads that know nothing about the great customer service that you had in the past.

  • Gary says:

    Your billing dept. is the most ridiculous excuse for a business. I have never seen so many people make so many mistakes. Is it possible that no one is able to read?

  • Priscilla Adjei says:

    your cameras and system do not work! Elderly people’s lives are in danger for your lack of response! Your techs do not show up as promised and you are stealing money. I have filed a report with the bbb.org and everyone else should too. I sent you my personal issue in messenger and all you do is say you will send another tech out. Yet they never show up and when they do the problems still persist! you cannot keep stealing from people and endangering lives because your equipment doesn’t work as promised!! REFUND OUR MONEY!!!!

  • Rosalind Queen says:

    For the last 5 months I have never worked with a business who has the worst account services department. It’s apparent they need to retrain the employees. After filing a previous complaint with corporate I thought that this issue was corrected, apparently not. Advise to anyone thinking about using ADT don’t!

  • Carlos says:

    Sounds like I have a similar issue of when ADT honors a cancellation fee then changes their find, we must start a class action lawsuit

  • Lady Hawk says:

    My mother is an 88 year old woman who is tiny. The fire alarm went off and it was the batteries that needed to be replaced. ADT is supposed to be providing monitoring including of their system. They are the only game in town where my mother lives. Thank goodness I was here so that could change the batteries. Otherwise, the fire alarm would have continued to go off until 2 days later when a tech could come out. She can not reach the fire alarm. The company should be monitoring the battery levels of the devices and have it scheduled for a technician to come out to replace the batteries before they go off due to this issue. Also, a tech came out to get the cameras online and only got the two in the back of the house online. The tech was supposed to come back out to get the front only online. The company has been called and 3 weeks later the tech still has not come out and gotten the front camera online. Again, this is not acceptable customer service or equipment service that ADT is being paid for.

  • Valdimir Monterio Rice says:

    I am a current customer that moved service from one address to a new address. The agent Antoine Travers , ADT Corporate Residential Territory Manager provided misinformation and inaccurate information. I was advised all challenges from previous address would be credited as it was setup as a cancellation vs move and resulted in termination fees and on 3 different occassions my card charges these fees incorrectly, triggering overdrafts, etc.. Equipment charges have not been credited and I had to contact ADT on several occasions to get the ETF fees credited. Antoine and his boss did not deliver on what they promised, that I would be issued adjustments for any fees from the Seawright Dr. I’ve been dealing with this issue since 2020. I’ve been blind transferred, cold transferred, lied to, misinformed and respectfully need 1 of Teo things to happen. Honor what I was advised by Antoine Travers (470) 218-6118 his boss Ken (404) 354-4614 or let out of my contract no fees and you can come and reclaim this equipment. I have text records of our conversations but really feel them or you should simply honor their word.

  • Vikki says:

    I’ve been with ADT for over 20 years. I decided to build my dream home and wanted ADT to continue to be my alarm provider. The moving team, said if they couldn’t provide services I wouldn’t be charged. After quickly learning from the ADT Tech that they would not be able to monitor my new home, I got a new local provider. Within 2 weeks an agent from ADT called and I said oh no the tech has already come and said we wont be able to have ADT, and I’ve already establish services with someone else. I have now received a bill in the mail for $400.00 to cancel services. This is unacceptable and the supervisor told me there isn’t anything she can do and wouldn’t give me her name. They sound so nice on the phone until they can be really mean. I’m really disappointed in ADT and I will never use there services again. In the middle of Coronavirus and people loosing their jobs they want to charge a loyal customer $400. What kind of company is this. Well it’s definitely not a company who cares about its customer. And they are suppose to be protecting us. Looks like they are only protecting themselves.

  • Michael Galorath says:

    I purchased a new new home 4/1/2020. I had the service added to that new home. I kept the service at the old home until it was sold. that home sold 8/01/2020 and I deactivated the service at the old address. I had the service at that address since 5/2005 Before this I asked the question if there would be any issues changing service from one address to another. no penalty’s for what maybe early deactivation. I was told no problem because you are having the same service at the new address no penalties apply. So on 8/24/20 I revived a letter dates 8/13/2020 with charges for early deactivations of $425.78. I called and talked to a Paul Reazes and he said he would fix the error. I promise it will be fixed. The 9/01/2020 I received a invoice dates 8/27/2020 for charges of $1,460.70. Paul canceled my service completely. I called on 9/01/2020 to get it corrected and talked with a Angie @ 19:05 I made sure she had my phone number. She put me on hold and said she was working on the issue. Then another person picker up the call and now. Whether he like it or not I was not a nice person to them because I’m tired of being passed around and nothing is getting fixed. as I’m writing this here it is 20:00 and no return call. I’ve had NO alarm on my home and the people at ADT don’t care. I’m very close to cancelling my account they can see me in court if they want there money for nothing

  • Lynn says:

    Dear Jamie R. Haenggi, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer,

    Have you been losing customers?

    Maybe you should explain the concept of empathy to your customer service team. This is what the call basics are:

    Me: Hi, I am a customer just learning for the first time that my home system has not been communicating with your master system. I have learned my home and family have not been protected for over a month. I am upset – anything could have happened during this month when we were away from home or when we were sleeping…**

    Customer Service: Well luckily nothing did happen, what do you want me to do about it – how about a nice 2 month refund?**

    **This is of course a bare bones and paraphrased example… but pretty much how the conversations boiled down… all the way up to the customer service manager.**

    You have a corporate culture problem in your customer service department – things like this trickle down. If you treat all of your customers like “Karens or Kens” every time a person has a concern or complaint you will continue to experience the dissatisfaction of your customers who once completely trusted your organization.

    To sum this up… try instilling a little empathy in your work force at least in the individuals who are answering the phones.

    Also, when I said I would be writing to corporate I was told I was welcome to write a letter to corporate but it would just land on the desk of the woman I was speaking with.**

    **So to paraphrase that conversation: Write all the letters you want, I’m the only one you are going to deal with at the end of the day. And corporate doesn’t have even a cursory interest in your customer service issues to bother reading your letter.

    I have lost faith in your company and I have, in mourning for the company I thought you were, cancelled my service with ADT based on misinformation being given to me and the lack of empathy for my concerns. I am not a ‘Karen” I am a dissatisfied customer – that should still be treated like I matter and interactions with your company should always be used as a way to improve service – but in these days I guess I am just a woman over a certain age that is tossed aside because my tone is not soft and friendly when I encounter an issue.

    I am sad because ADT was the only security monitoring service I have ever trusted.

  • CJ Gordon says:

    Extremely disappointed that you raise the rate during the virus. Economy sucks. I am a single woman on a fixed-income Social Security is not going to increase.

    You’re a huge corporation can’t you just eat that money just swallow it. Help your customers. Don’t lose your customers.

    Thank you for your time, Carolyn Gordon




    I have been on telephone for 1 hour plus, transferred to 6 Reps from sales, billing, acct. service and unable to get assistance. We have been with ADT
    Security well over 16 years and added medical alert. The medical alert is the worse, no one can tell me anything about my account. We will be cancelling medical alert service and going to another company. You need to train your representatives.

  • elizabeth carr says:

    Just hung up on after waiting a month for my 300 dollar equipment refund. After being told we would have it in 10days !

  • elizabeth carr says:

    A month and we are on the phone still waiting our 300 dollar refund for the equipment that your man took out. (Since we have a had tons of issues. 10 days ago you said we would have it in 10 days and your man just hung up on my husband which is par for the course

  • Delores Johnson says:

    I am totally disappointed and angry with ADT. Having been an ADT customer for 20 years, we sold our home in July 2019 and we contacted ADT and informed them that we were willing to continue to pay for services even though our home had been sold. I continued to pay for ADT services although they are not providing any services but ADT has decided to send my bill to a collection agency in which they want to force me to pay $602.38. As I informed the collection agency, I am paying ADT monthly and on time to do absolutely nothing but if I they are unwilling to work with me after 20 years, then I will never use their services in the future and I will inform any friends that I have using ADT what is happening. I could understand being sent to collection if they were not receiving payments but to be paid on time for nothing, I don’t understand.

  • Sarah Ouellette says:

    Thank you Carla for your help today with our account….even though we closed it.

  • Inez says:

    I had apply for the doorbell phone, and the ADT lie that they call 6 times, I check my phone and they only call twice, 10 minutes apart, they call the wrong phone to begin with, my husband inform they to call his cell number, not once they call his number , so they never install the door bell, and there were so terrible they didn’t have the respect to call on the day they were suppose to be here, and explain why they didn’t come. This company is so terrible , I have the alarm service so many years and treat customers like this and to lead people like this, lying to customers, and misinform the public like this. calling the day before, and not calling on the day there suppose to be here, if I didn’t call I would of still be waiting. Very bad service, for such a very big company. disgusting! I’m planning to change my alarm service for this.

  • Carol Gaal says:

    I was an ADT customer for over 20 years and they are no longer supporting my needs and back billing me for permits without communication or assistance. My system was outdated and monitoring was not my priority as so much as the fire alarm. I had no choice except to cancel the service since ADT was no longer assisting my needs. My current billing consists of charges backdated from April. How is this legal?

  • Steve says:

    I had the worst experiences last evening with ADT and as a police officer to hear their explanation why my home was not being monitored was shocking. After 3 hours on phone last evening and another hour today with the “presidential team” the only response I received were more attempts at an upsell. I hope my blue line family reads this and is very cautious about protecting their own families with this brand.

  • Cedric Bailey says:

    This had been a bad experience for me at the start with fees for installation I would never recommend ADT for nothing they charge u for every thing I had three other people Lined up won’t happen for them to be put through what I’m facing

  • anonymous says:

    The worst sales team I have EVER encountered

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