Where is Acura Corporate office Headquarters

Acura Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address:  1919 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90501-2746, United States
  • Phone Number: 310-783-2000
  • Fax Number: 310-783-3535
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: N/A 
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Jon Ikeda (Senior VP and General Manager)

Acura Headquarters Location & Directions

Acura Headquarters Executive Team



Erik Berkman

Executive VP, Acura Business Planning Office

Jeff Conrad

Vice President and General Manager of Sales & Service

John W. Mendel

Executive Vice-President of American Honda

About Acura, History and Headquarters Information


Acura was founded in the year 1986. The company has been operational for almost 33 years now. The company was a subsidiary of the Honda car manufacturer. By the year 1986, Honda had opened about 60 new dealerships in North America, in order to support its Acura brand. Acura was the first Japanese luxury car brand. The company had launched with models, known as Integra and the Legend. By the year 1987, the company had already sold almost 109,000 cars. In the year 1990, the company had introduced the NSX model. It was a car that could compete with cars manufacturers like Porche and Ferrari. During the mid to late 1990s, the company had suffered some losses in sales as well.

In the year 2000, the company had introduced several new models. This included the 1999 Acura 3.2 TL, the MDX, RSX, NSX, etcetera. During the years between 1999 and 2003, the TL version of the company's car was plagued with various kinds of issues in transmission. In the year 2001, the company had launched its new coupe known as the RSX, which was a rebadged Honda Integra DC5. In the year 2004, a new TL model was introduced as well, with a 270 BHP powered V6 engine. The company also launched the Acura TCX, along with the CSX in the Canadian market. The next year, the company introduced a new RL model, with a 300 BHP power. During that time, the company's TL and the TSX models were the top-selling vehicles by a margin. In the year 2006, a small SUV model, known as the RDX, was also launched as well. The company also updated its TL and TSX models, during the year 2007 and 2008. The company also redesigned the RL model by the year 2011, and also planned to launch a new model known as the ZDX. Then in the year 2012, the company had launched the ILX as well as the RLX models. The same year, the company also reinvented one of its older models as well, known the RDX. The company also introduced the 2014 MDX model, which seemed to be competing with Audi Q7 and the Lexus RX. By the year 2015, the company also revised the ILX model as well, for the year 2016 - as the company had added a whole lot of new features as well. As of the year 2016, the company had also revised its RDX model as well, with new features like the 2016 ILX model. The headquarters of the company is based in 919 Torrance Boulevard. The name of the place is Torrance, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 90501-2746.


Acura is a Japanese luxury automobile manufacturer that focuses on the designing and the manufacturing of various kinds of vehicles and automobiles, for its customers. The current general manager, as well as the senior vice president of the company, is Jon Ikeda. The company not only serves in the USA but also in countries like Mexico, Canada, China, Kuwait and even Ukraine.


The primary services of the company include allowing the customers to purchase the luxury and performance oriented vehicles developed, designed and manufactured by the company. The company had been using bold innovation along with refined aesthetics as well, in order to result in precision manufacturing.

Acura Headquarters Photos

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  • Richard Kline says:

    I have a 2017 RDX and my wife has a 2015 RDX. The headlights are literally night and day. Driving the ’15 RDX is like driving with no headlights on at all. Driving the ’17 is like driving during the day. Why, with so many complaints and this being a safety issue, will you not do anything to remedy the issue. Thank you for your anticipated reply and cooperation.

  • Jorge says:

    I bought a car 7 months ago and since then I have to bring back my car to the dealer (stop working) been fixed many time again and again, I’m very frustrated with this. I bought different car in the past but this (brand new) car it’s the worse ever. And the worse part is that they never fixed right returned to me many times and steel have the same problem.
    And no answer of this ….
    Very unhappy with this situation

  • Chris says:

    I want to know what demographic you are trying to capture with that ghetto commercial with the rappers and Acrua in the air??? I wouldn’t buy your crap car just for that reason, do you think that this is your main customer base??? You are nuts, the reviews for your cars suck! Go woke Go Broke!! I am far from racist as we our best friends are black but even they agree that commercial is Ghetto.

  • richard godes says:

    I have completed a customer service survey 3 times…and all 3 times it would no forward…I had specific comments not about service, but about expectations of equipment installed in vehicle that were not there

  • Vicky Taylor says:

    I have a 2022 Acura MDX, It has been in the shop since March 1 after a car accident. We have been waiting patiently on a part that I was informed that is not longer being made per the dealership that I purchased the card from. The GM has said that I have to wait for the Zone office to get back to him with a decision on what is the issue with the part to support the radiator. From what I have been told by the GM in Athens Ga, is that the supplier has over 180 orders for this part to make and distribute. What is the problem with this picture? I now will no longer have a rental car as of Monday and Acuras position is that they will not help with the expense of the additional time ( mind you this is your issue) for the rental car. I don’t mind waiting, this now will impact my business and that is not OK! I have been on the phone with the customer service department, made a claim with them and they have done nothing but regurgitate what is showing that the part is on order. This part was promised to be at the dealership first on April 9, then April 15, then then the end of April, then the beginning of May and now June 9. This sounds like there are no further details because the production has stalled. I would like to know more and what can be done to expedite this, my can can not be put back together unless this part is made. The Auto repair shop and the dealer ship have been looking for the part in the secondary market and are not able to find it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    CASE # 12972682

  • Lisa Jackson says:

    I have a 2021 Acura Tlx and I have had more rentals than my own car and currently have ANOTHER rental. The car is less than 10 months old!! First the entire radio and GPS SYSTEM had to be replaced, then siding fell off the door. Then windows would not work etc. now again the windows!! I keep being told
    I don’t see what’s wrong?! Wth where’s the. Customer service!! This is a brand new car!! I have videos on this car not working!!

  • Mayling says:


    I’ve been having a horrible time with my first Acura.
    We just started our family, and we’ve received the worst Customer Service from the dealership. We leased our brand new 0 miles car from Phil Smith Acura in Pompano. It’s been a whopping 6 months and we’re being treated like trash.

    I want to give Acura the benefit of the doubt that the brand is indeed better than what they’ve demonstrated thus far.

    My family and I are loyal but this poor treatment has left us dumbfounded.

    We’ve worked with the dealership and Acura North America.
    Our case No. is 12851463

    We’re reaching out to allow Acura to make things right.

    Please feel free to message me or contact me via LinkedIn, email, or mobile.

    Your immediate attention is appreciated.

  • Ms Melanie says:

    Hello My Name is Melanie and I purchased a SUV from the Acura dealership in Baton Rouge Louisiana.. I am so so so sorry 😢 that I purchased a vehicle from you all… the worst mistake of my life… I am asking that the CEO PLEASE CALL ME
    I try reaching out to the Baton Rouge manager but got no response it should be about the happiest of the customer and not just trying to put money in your pocket….

  • Jon Newcomb says:

    I am a first time Acura owner. Bought a 2021 RDX SH-AWD Technology package. I love everything about – ride, handling, interior, etc. There is only question I have, what does the dashboard selection Minimal mean? Makes no sense at all. Why not upgrade us and put a digital mph option in this blank space.

  • Guest says:

    I went to Acura Carland in Duluth, GA to purchase a 2022 Acura RDX Aspec model. The salesman and manager there claimed that the modified every new car they received at their dealership, by adding a protective package that includes: Wheel locks, Mud guards, all weather floor mats, and nitrogen in the tires. They claimed that the protective package cost them $899. Looking on the Acura website, those are options that come from the manufacture. In order words, The car came from the manufacture with the protective package (which cost $493 max). It is not something that the dealership added. when I am buying a car, I don’t wanna buy a modified dealer version of what the manufacture made. First question is that: how do you expected consumers to trust/buy your products if the dealership cannot be trusted. Second question: if what they said was even true; why the dealer modified every car the receive and force me to buy whatever they claimed to add. I believe I should have the choice to purchase the car the way manufacture made without been fooled by salesman and manager claiming they add packages they don’t even add. Acura lost my trust and I don’t think I will ever go to an Acura dealership again. I hope someone from headquarters can fix the wrongdoing.

    • midiman007 says:

      Funny, I took my 2019 RDX A Spec to Acura Carland in Duluth, GA for a few issues in 2019 when I drove down from NY to Duluth, GA and they told me they don’t have many A Spec modes so they don’t know to much about the A Spec.

      I scratched my head at them also. I mean they have a tie line to Acura Corp I guess they don’t know about that either. LOL

  • Angela DePace says:

    Hi ,
    I leased an acura recently.
    I had personalized plates and was unable to transfer my plates .I was told I needed permission from Acura . They are RN plates and I already paid not knowing I need permission. How do I go about being able to do this
    Thank you

  • Venesia Heyward says:

    On August 17, 2021while on a family vacation, my 2019 Acura MDX had to be towed to Walker Acura in New Orleans, Louisiana. Upon arrival we were told there were no loaner vehicles available, so we were left (my husband and three young children) to find a hotel, rental, and eventually airline tickets home. We trusted the Acura name to deliver on safe travels across the country, but it did not. On August 18th I was told that my MDX would need a new transmission and the process of putting in the transmission would take up to two weeks. This is when we made the decision to leave the vehicle in New Orleans and purchase airline tickets home. It is now September 18th an entire month later and my vehicle is still in New Orleans (hurricane caused delay) and the customer care department has yet to give any information on the claim. I was told it would be ready next week, but this is yet another expense my husband and I will incur, because we were told it’s our responsibility to find a way to get the vehicle back to New York, not to mention I am still paying monthly for this vehicle that is still under warranty only 20,000 miles. Customer care really does not feel like they care… they should change the name. This was my 1st and last Acura!

    • MJ says:

      Thats crazy! And yes I agree, customer care could care less… I was in an accident with my 22 MDX and it has been in the shop for 10 weeks now waiting for parts from Acura…. I have had no car, no way to get around etc… complained to Acura customer relations and all I have gotten is the runaround. I had similar issues with my last Acura being involved in an accident and it took them 2 months to get the parts etc to fix my car… This is my 6th Acura…. And my last…

  • Jannette Tupy says:

    Please turn down the volume on your television adds. They blast to two to three times the volume of the volume set. NOT good advertising if it blasts potential customers. I dont hear about what your trying to sell…. I mute as quickly as possible. Im watching Hulu T.V., if the practice is used for cable ect…… Its obnoxious.

    • Geno buonamici says:

      This volume is due to Acura executives riding in a new ILX. the car is so noisy that radio volume has to be extra loud so can hear over road noise

  • D says:

    3 times over the past 18 Months I went to my Local Acura Dealer to buy a new car. Atlantic Acura Halifax.

    Trip 1- The salesman didn’t know a single detail about the new Acura TLX Type S , and when I went back the second time to see if any had arrived he insulted me by saying “What are you doing here wasting my time on such a hot summer day, You should be at the beach ” He wasn’t being friendly. He was truly trying to insult me and make me go away so he wouldn’t have to answer my questions about the new model
    He actually said so

    Trip 2 – (6 months later ) I Went back as I like Acura’s and intentionally selected a different salesperson. I test drove a used TLX as they still had no Type S in stock. When I asked how much I’d have to pay in the difference if I traded my $40,000 SUV in, he said ” You’ll have to give me a $ 1,000 deposit and an offer in writing before you’ll find out !
    What an insulting thing to say. This is as Cheezie as it gets . Good God.

    Trip 3 (4 Months later)
    Now they do have a new Type S in showroom so again I foolishly go in and select yet another sales person.
    I inform her I am quite interested and offer her my SUV keys so she can evaluate it while I test drive the TLX type S.
    She says ” NO. You can’t drive it. The Dealership owner has stated that no-one gets to test drive it unless they have basically bought it firsthand . (Who buys a car they haven’t test driven ?)
    I test drove a used car but didn’t like it so went home.
    I Emailed her a week later asking again to drive the TLX they have in stock , as I think I’d really enjoy the car . She didn’t even send a reply … NOTHING !

    Each trip to the dealership was a 400 km round trip for me .

    I’ve never been so insulted by any car dealership in my entire life .

    I’m 59 yrs old and have owned an insane amount of new cars / SUV’s in my lifetime .
    And I am simply stunned at how insulting and obstinate this dealership in Halifax Nova Scotia has been to me

    • D says:

      To the administrator of this website :
      When you provide a venue like this, you need to provide a means for people to delete their comment if they chose to. There is no such option here.
      As I am the originator of this thread above, I hereby ask that it be deleted immediately. Thanks

    • D says:

      Remove this Comment Immediately,
      Signed. Originator !

    • D says:

      cancel this post immediately please
      and Email me that you saw this request and have complied

  • Dr. Scott Benson says:

    I have been actively following the MDX Type S and was under the impression it would be available this summer. Since we are halfway thru August and the two dealers I have contacted have no idea of a release date, I was hoping Corporate may know a bit more. When is this car going to be available?

  • Julie L. says:

    This message is to Alan at Acura customer relations regarding my open case # 12349456. You told me you would call me back regarding my case on Friday August 6, 2021. It’s now Tuesday August 10, 2021 and I still have not received that call back. I have called you since as well and left a message, still no response received. In your answering message you stated “I will call back at my earliest convenience”. Kind of rude if you ask me but take your time, my vehicle is about to become a lemon.

  • Derek Black says:

    Hello I love my 2007 Acura RL SHAWD it’s the best car I ever owned.. But my problem is that when you $50,000.00 for a luxury vehicle and over the years the leather in the interior starts to rip and tear and the glove box starts to melt from the heat I really wish Acura Corp.. would have made a recall on this.. This is Acura biggest down fall ..I’ve talked to a lot of different Acura owners and they agree with this

  • Sukanya Madlnger says:

    My family has owned 5 different Acura cars which we thought were awesome. I will never buy another Acura again as I’m tried of the queen Acura commercial played many, many times over 30 minutes over 24 hours a day.
    It’s annoying.

  • Emilio says:

    Good Morning, I need HELP. I purchased an Acura TLX 2015 advanced package. I have it for 5 years now 72,000 miles at the time May 2021

    During this period, the car has had a couple I couldn’t be able to figure out. Every lights on the dashboard is coming on. I took it to the dealership and they haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is.

  • C. Janas says:

    Commercial on channel 5 shows a madman driving an Accura. Not a great example to young drivers. Please remove.

  • Larry carter says:

    This is a complaint about acura customer service. I purchased my 2018 acura rdx 12/31/2020. Vn number 5J8TB3H71JL000004. Seen like from that day your company has made me feel like I am bothering you. Had to take key back. Was promised a owner manual but has not received it yet. Has to take car back for emissions test so they could register car. Delayed registration. Why they didn’t do emissions test before they gave me the car? Asked Glen at Ed Voyles acura on 12/31/2021 to cancel extended warranty. He did not explain how the process work. Got form on 1/11/2021 after your Georgia afc contacted him. Sent signed form back on 1/11/2021. Asked Glen by text on 1/11/2021 if he got form . He read text but did not reply. On 1/18 ask Glen if he got form. He read text but did not answer. Called Georgia afs hq. They said that Glen said that check is in the mail. And they try to process within 48 hours. Called hq 1/25/2021. Was told they do not have any notes on this dialog. Not 45 days yet and I can’t talk with supv because I would get same answer. Without considering the hold ordeal, basically kicked me off the phone

  • Aliza Virginia Riojas-Martinez says:

    My Husband has lease with Acura in Chicago since 2019. My husband in a healthcare worker and I lost my job in March since this ugly COVID 19 pandemic. We have tried to call and explain the situation so we can return the car to the dealership due to the loss of my job we would not be able to keep this great car. We called the customer service department and explained , but no help. We put down a huge payment of over $2,500.00 for this lease we understand that we are not asking for money back,but as a company especially under these hard times during this ugly pandemic why is Acura not helping there loyal customers. Please contact me and see how you help in this time of need. We are all in this together.

  • Fred Reynolds says:

    Hey Acura whoever is Listening: Take a look at this E-mail Saga between myself and somebody who doesn’t know how to address Customer issues. That is; only to bounce the customer around to some other Division which had already been contacted and failed.
    Here it is;
    To: Acura Client Relations
    To whomever is Listening:
    I think If you truly are “Client Relations”, then you need to take appropriate actions which include CORRECTIVE ACTIONS for this “CLIENT”.

    I have returned the Car, Paid the Final Lease Payment, had the Car successfully inspected by an Acura representative, Closed-out the Lease, and am still receiving notices that I have Payments Pending. For your information, I already sent an email to Acura financial services and also Called them directly to ask that they take me OFF their mailing LISTS. However; today I received another Payment Pending Notification. This harassment MUST STOP or the next letter you receive will be from an Attorney who will explain the consequences of continued Harassment. I now am notifying you that it is your responsibility to SCRUB your Database of any and ALL of my personal and PRIVATE Information immediately!

    Thank you for your anticipated actions.
    Sincerely, Fred Reynolds

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    From: Acura Client Relations
    Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 3:41 PM
    To: phredz2232@gmail.com
    Subject: (Case # 11297936) Acura Client Relations [ ref:_00Do0JBy0._5003b1UnATd:ref ]

    Dear Fred,

    Thank you for contacting us. You have reached Acura Client Relations and unfortunately, we do not have access to your financial account or information. Please contact Acura Financial Services for further assistance. Their number can be found on your monthly statement or online at https://www.acurafinancialservices.com/contact-us

    Kind Regards,

    Acura Client Relations
    Case # 11297936

    Attention: If you are not the intended recipient please delete the message and notify the sender. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Josephine Da Silva says:

    I purchased a use 2010 Acura RDX in May 2019 from Devan Acura in Norwalk CT. On June 28, my daughter male friend had a dispute and slammed the passenger door and the passenger airbags deployed. On Thursday July 18, I took the car to the dealer where I purchased the car and they needed to investigate it take them just one day to investigate. After the investitgate….. they are saying it’s not from slamming of the door. I asked so what could have happen and they said they are not sure. I feel like the dealer is hiding something from me. They are looking for $6000 to repair I feel that the dealer is not telling me what really cause this to deploy.
    I want to make sure my daughter is driving a safe vehicle.

  • >