Where is Ace Hardware Corporate office Headquarters

Ace Hardware Headquarters Address and Contact

Ace Hardware
  • Address:  2200 Kensington Court, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States
  • Phone Number: 866-290-5334
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email:  N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: 88000 
  • Established: 1920
  • Founder: Richard Hesse
    E. Gunnard Lindquist
    Frank Burke
    Oscar Fisher
    William Stauber
  • Key People: John Venhuizen (CEO & President)

Ace Hardware Headquarters Location & Directions

Ace Hardware Headquarters Executive Team



Jim Ackroyd

chairman of the board

William M. Guzik

Executive VP, CFO & Chief Risk Officer

J. Thomas Glenn

President of East Tennessee & Northwest Georgia

Lori L. Bossmann

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain, Inventory, Retail Support & Loss Prevention

Lisa Doyle

Head of Retail Training

About Ace Hardware, History and Headquarters Information


Ace Hardware is a privately owned American company that was founded in the year 1924, in the city of Chicago, USA. The founders of the company are E. Gunnard Lindquist, Oscar Fisher, Frank Burke, Richard Hesse and William Stauber. The former name of the company was Ace Stores, which was later changed to Ace Hardware in the year 1931. After WWII, the company started to grow three times more than before, all the way up to 1959. In the year 1985, the total sales turnover reached more than $1 billion, which was increased to $5 billion in 2015.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of Ace Hardware is situated at 2200 Kensington Court, located in Oak Brook. The state is Illinois with the pin code number being 60523.


Ace Hardware is undoubtedly the world’s largest hardware retail company in the world, that deals with all kinds of non-grocery related items. The company has over an aggregate of more than 4,600 stores, all around the world, in 50 different states and also in excess of 60 different countries as well. It is estimated that the annual sales of the company are about more than $4.5 billion. The company also has over 86,000 employees working at the company too, as of the year 2015.


Ace Hardware is responsible for selling all kinds of hardware accessories and goods all at one place, like home painting accessories, items required for repairing homes, handy tools, helps in the sharpening of tools, aids in key duplication, etcetera. The company was responsible for bagging the number one spot for satisfaction from customers, for nine consecutive years from JD Power.

Ace Hardware ​Corporate Office Photos

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  • Leon Fanning says:

    I was in ace hardware in Frazier, Colorado this morning needing some paint, 2×4, wooden dowels, and texture. I took my sample in to be matched and went to paint dept.. he said it would be a bit so I left it and went through store to get the rest of my things. Came back and was waiting on paint when the guy behind counter said I needed to move and stop hovering that most people just drop off and come back. So I said well ill just go to another store to get paint and set my things down and turned and walked away. As I was walking off he asked how I would like the can I sat down in the back of my head. I don’t know about yall but this is not the way I as a customer want to be treated or spoke to. Ace in Frazier will no longer get my business or anyone else I can convince. As a contractor here I’ve never been spoken to like this

  • JAMES DALLY says:

    We manufacture Resistance Welding Machinery and have the best ACE HARDWARE STORE in Douglasville Ga. They are there and with a smile and have good knowledge of there inventory and how used. We some times forget the little screw, or the paint, or the fitting and not only do the smile when you come in they call you by name . We have been purchasing from them for 40years. BILLY, BARRY AND BUBBA ARE A GREAT SUPPORT FOR OUR COMPANY.
    If you have a company news letter please give them a “GOLD STAR”.
    They also have a great outdoor power equipment which we also purchase from.
    I am sure there are many great ACE HARDWARE STORES this is ours and is the best.

  • Syd Dearborn says:

    I live in Cottonwood, Arizona and I did enjoy shopping at Ace. However with the recent paranoia , surrender and control that seems to have taken over the country, I find it hard for me to accept that your store has closed the public toilets. I’m told that they need to be disenfected each time a customer needs to use it and they don’t have enough manpower to be able to take care of that- but I would be willing to go so far as to say when one of your employees needs the facility it’s wide open… no disenfecting proceedures… which implies your people are clean and the public all has the virus. It’s really sad that you treat your customers in this manner while it doesn’t appear to slow down the intake of money at the register…. I perceive this to be a double standard and totally unreasonable.And I really don’t expect anyone there to reply…..

  • bv says:

    I was deeply concerned when our ACE delivery arrived today, and your driver was in our store without a mask on. I brought it up to our manager, who advised me that they had reached out to Ace corporate, and was told that the drivers are not required to wear masks, and yet your website has info about how you are here, WITH US, throughout this COVID outbreak. The vast majority of our ACE customers wear masks, and many of them relate to me that they feel more comfortable in stores where masks are required, and all of our store employees wear masks. I recently went to a “natural foods” store that I have frequented for years, and when I saw the clerk inside with no mask on, I drove away, with no thoughts of patronizing them again. Most of the population of NY is following CDC guidelines, with a small exception of thoughtless, uncaring people who have decided to make wearing a mask a “political statement”.
    I don’t care, nor expect drivers to wear a mask while they are driving, but many of them are going into “hot spots”, so when your driver is in our store with no mask, the perception is that they don’t care about the health of their fellow employees, nor of our ACE customers, and since corporate does not require them to wear a mask in the stores, that they don’t care either. I have to wonder what impact it would have on ACE sales if the general public was aware of this situation? We have weathered a lot of this pandemic by using a team approach to taking care of each other, and our customers. After witnessing the delivery today, I don’t feel that ACE is taking any steps to protect us, and I don’t feel safe while your driver is in our building, and I won’t go near our receiving person, since he may have been exposed to COVID due to your driver’s reckless attitude. I hope that you will take steps to rectify this situation. We wear masks 8 hours a day, and we don’t suffer any undue “inconvenience” from it. Your drivers shouldn’t have any problem with wearing a mask for the short time they are in our store.

  • Vergos Peter says:

    I see you advertise on CNN. They lie and you don’t care.

  • Stephanie Barrett says:

    I would recommend that you take a better look at how your truck drivers are treated. Compared to your warehouse staff, the truck drivers are used and abused. They work holidays and why? There is never a dispatcher at the office when they start and they leave before all drivers are back, and why? You do not give any time off the first year other than a floating holiday for a holiday they work and then dangle it…not really letting them use it. 14 + hour days, 5 days a week starting at 1am/2am takes a toll. Look at divorce rates among your drivers.
    You’re generous to the warehouse. You can’t keep drivers because you work them to death. I encourage my husband to do what makes him happy, I see Ace slowly taking years off his life and affecting our marriage all so you all can make a few extra bucks. Christmas Eve….maybe I will see him by 7….what time do you all get to go home to see your families?

  • Margaret says:

    Reconsider your national advertising decision to support FOX news as they indulge in degradation and slander of all science backed claims of climate change.

  • bobby says:

    i would like to inquire if you buy mahogany wood? if Yes we are selling those. If interested please email me at bobbydfrancisco@gmail.com. THank You!

  • Benjamin D Baldwin says:

    I am an employee through Mead Lumber and Knecht and Ace Hardware / Ben Franklin store # 11883
    Love the entire philosophy and the core mission. Want to do more.

  • William says:

    If your commercial is the new face of Ace Hardware then I will take my business to a hardware store I can trust. I can’t trust a black guy with a mohawk with my credit card.

  • Bob Hansen VP Spring Grove Soda Pop INC.. says:

    To Lori Bossmann I would like to talk to you about are craft soda that we bottle. We have it in a few of your stores in the Wisconsin and Minnesota, and would like get in a lot more as they seem to be a good fit for us. Thank-You

  • Tyrone Somerville says:

    i work that ace hardware in frredericksburgg pa. i got terminated for doing my job when the carkasian workers in the loss prevention did no work there’s play games on the computer and watch movies youtube sports all day and all night so james said i was terminated for job abandonment when i went to unlock a forklift there crashed into the shelf when the person you’re working with her the supervisor asked four times for someone to come and unlock the forrlift so since he paid him noo mind i had to go do it how was that job abandonment when you starting at
    in 6;30am into 7;00pm my work schedule so again how is that job abandonment??????

  • James Shoureas says:

    It Would Be Very Appreciated If You Started A Program To Receive Old American Flags. We Need A Drop Off For Them To Be Properly Discarded. Thank You.

  • TONY MORRIS says:

    I would like to send information about a new product to LORI BOSSMAN

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