Where is Ace Hardware  Corporate office Headquarters

Ace Hardware Headquarters Address and Contact

Ace Hardware
  • Address:  2200 Kensington Court, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States

  • Phone Number: 866-290-5334

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email:  N/A

  • heart

    Number of Employees: 88000 

  • Established: 1920

  • Founder: Richard Hesse
    E. Gunnard Lindquist
    Frank Burke
    Oscar Fisher
    William Stauber

  • Key People: John Venhuizen (CEO & President)

Ace Hardware Headquarters Location & Directions

Ace Hardware Headquarters Executive Team



Jim Ackroyd

chairman of the board

William M. Guzik

Executive VP, CFO & Chief Risk Officer

J. Thomas Glenn

President of East Tennessee & Northwest Georgia

Lori L. Bossmann

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain, Inventory, Retail Support & Loss Prevention

Lisa Doyle

Head of Retail Training

About Ace Hardware, History and Headquarters Information


Ace Hardware is a privately owned American company that was founded in the year 1924, in the city of Chicago, USA. The founders of the company are E. Gunnard Lindquist, Oscar Fisher, Frank Burke, Richard Hesse and William Stauber. The former name of the company was Ace Stores, which was later changed to Ace Hardware in the year 1931. After WWII, the company started to grow three times more than before, all the way up to 1959. In the year 1985, the total sales turnover reached more than $1 billion, which was increased to $5 billion in 2015.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of Ace Hardware is situated at 2200 Kensington Court, located in Oak Brook. The state is Illinois with the pin code number being 60523.


Ace Hardware is undoubtedly the world’s largest hardware retail company in the world, that deals with all kinds of non-grocery related items. The company has over an aggregate of more than 4,600 stores, all around the world, in 50 different states and also in excess of 60 different countries as well. It is estimated that the annual sales of the company are about more than $4.5 billion. The company also has over 86,000 employees working at the company too, as of the year 2015.


Ace Hardware is responsible for selling all kinds of hardware accessories and goods all at one place, like home painting accessories, items required for repairing homes, handy tools, helps in the sharpening of tools, aids in key duplication, etcetera. The company was responsible for bagging the number one spot for satisfaction from customers, for nine consecutive years from JD Power.

Ace Hardware ​Corporate Office Photos

  • Maribeth Lehane says:

    Never will I enter a Florida ACE again. Their iffy refund policies are wrong. When I pointed out that the company advertises refunds with an unopened packages, he said “well they will say anything to get you off the phone”. So Home Depot and Lowe’s it is from now on. ACE is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lillian Muise says:

    sorry i did not put number last time Lillian Muise 978 273 6246

  • Lillian Muise says:

    I need to talk to a person about my problem
    Thank You

  • Patty says:

    I was shocked to learn that your company continues to sell glue traps, even after having heard from PETA that they cause immense and prolonged suffering. The glue sticks to trapped rodents’ and other small animals’ skin, hair, or feathers, all of which can be torn off when the animals struggle to escape from the board. Many animals even try to chew off their own limbs in an attempt to get free. They eventually die, sometimes days later, injured, terrified, and exhausted.

    These devices are also dangerous to human health because they can become breeding grounds for diseases. As such, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against their use.

    Many major retailers—including CVS, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Rite Aid, and Walgreens—no longer sell glue traps. Please follow their lead and commit to ending the sale of glue traps at your stores. Until that happens, I will shop elsewhere and urge my friends and family to do the same.

  • Guest says:

    Went to Ace in Apopka, the paint machine was not mixing colors properly. After painting a wall, it just did not look right. Disabled with a Brain Injury. Returned paint and everyone was kind, then there was Paige. Talking quickly, my PTSD started. Showing her my TBI card and the emergency contact, because I was not doing well. She stated to get it out of her face. I needed her to call my husband that was on card. Then the cashier continued the horrible behavior until the manager stepped in and told the cashier to give me a refund. Paige has a bad attitude, my husband had a run in with her. We will never shop at Apopka Ace again. Paige has a very bad reputation and treats employees horribly.

    When discussing the problem, Paige stated “oh that been going on for 2 days”. Really paying $75.00 for paint and you know the machine has the wrong intel to mix correct colors. This is 20 ways wrong.

    For her to dismiss me, as a ADA SINCE 2015, I should sue her. Was so upset I stopped at a green light and almost was hit because of my PTSD and the lack of anyone even the manager to assist. Horrible

  • James Stewart says:

    I have no idea why I’m doing this the ACE corporation doesn’t even read this because I just got another scam ad about them offering a reward from them after just tell them about it! Now that’s the helpful hardware people!!!

  • Jaime says:

    The Ace store in Seagoville, Texas on US-175 is ran by jokers. They make you wait for long periods of time, have bad attitude, seems like they hate there jobs. Specially Jeret. Terrible place to shop at won’t go to that store again.

  • James Stewart says:

    I would like you to know that there is a company that is using your company to cheat people out of there money by saying take a survey about visiting one of your stores and then getting a Milwaukee toolbox from you for the cost of the shipping. I just wanted you to know that your reputation was being destroyed by these people

  • Julie R Rutter says:

    I am a Huge supporter of Ace hardware and have never had 1 compliant until today. Let me first say that I previously lived in sugar grove Illinois owned by Mark Driscoll. Yes I shopped at Ace so much that I knew the owners name. Every employee was amazing. They went above and beyond to ensure every customer was helped. I recently moved north along the state line of Illinois and Wisconsin. I continued my patronage of my local Ace hardwares both in Zion and Kenosha. I found the Zion location employees just as helpful as sugar Grove. I recently went to Alabama and bought a few items at the local Ace. One item I needed to return. The sale price was 65.00. I tried to return it at the local Kenosha store which I have been shopping at for the last year and was told that Ace doesn’t allow interstate returns. I explained I lived on the state line and that no other Ace had refused returns or exchanges from their store. The manager actually went to ask the store owner as they carried the exact item I was returning. He stated he couldn’t return it because he would have to own it at retail value. I have spent Thousands of dollars at Ace I support small businesses and for $ 65.00. I may never enter this store again. It truly is a shame that you have owners that could care less about their customers.

    • Patty says:

      I was shocked to learn that your company continues to sell glue traps, even after having heard from PETA that they cause immense and prolonged suffering. The glue sticks to trapped rodents’ and other small animals’ skin, hair, or feathers, all of which can be torn off when the animals struggle to escape from the board. Many animals even try to chew off their own limbs in an attempt to get free. They eventually die, sometimes days later, injured, terrified, and exhausted.

      These devices are also dangerous to human health because they can become breeding grounds for diseases. As such, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against their use.

      Many major retailers—including CVS, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Rite Aid, and Walgreens—no longer sell glue traps. Please follow their lead and commit to ending the sale of glue traps at your stores. Until that happens, I will shop elsewhere and urge my friends and family to do the same.

  • harold davis says:

    I received an email that looks just like your website with all logos and addresses and phone numbers. It said that I won a $129 Milwaukee drill just pay $9.96 shipping so I agreed to that the they charged me another $58.96 for I do not know what. When I tried calling them they hang up immediately. That sure does not make your company look good.

    • James Stewart says:

      That is the same thing I said about Ace hardware not looking good and with them knowing it’s happening and not doing anything about it to get it stopped so other people don’t get robbed makes you wonder if there not in on the scam 🤔

  • Tony Quesadabusin says:

    Myers Ace in Canutillo, TX has for months been refusing bathroom access to customers, they’ll tell you to go down the street to one of the other businesses. This is so barbaric and an insult to every customer that Ace depends on for profit.

  • Bill Burge says:

    Hello, Does ACE send emails for surveys to win items ? I keep getting emails to fill out a survey for a chance to win a prize

    • Mad as $_&--$@ says:

      Same thing happened to me. Free Milwaukee power tools if you complete 5 question survey on recent Ace visit. Then they will send you free Milwaukee drill bit then 9.99 for shipping then 3 days later your credit card gets billed for 109.99 so you call them on it and person tells you oh that was a sweepstakes entry for the drill and he’s sorry but will refund you 33.00. Scam!!!

    • James Stewart says:

      Well Bill they apparently do not it is a scam used to get your credit card information and then steal your money! The wise thing to do is to not answer any of these E-mails no matter how real they look. I have gotten them also and found out the hard way. The sad thing is that Ace hardware is let them tarnish there reputation as being a good place to do business letting it happen

  • Brian D Martin says:

    Did a survey, said I would get FREE GIFT, a 170 piece STANLEY TOOL SET.

  • Dean Beauchamp says:

    I have received an offer from ace hardware to answer a series of questions for a free dewalt power pack which was $6.99 my card was declined. Is this a scam?

  • Don Bolstad says:

    Getting a lot of emails that say “A big thanks for _Ace-Hardware”. There are links to “redeem $100” gift card.
    Not touching them.
    Emails do not look light.
    Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Jared Elliott says:

    My name is Jared Elliott from Outfitter’s Edge and I would like to find out how to submit a new product for consideration for your stores? We currently work with a few ACE hardware stores locally in MN and WI but would like to open sales up to more. We sale a couple different size griddles / skillets for grills along with some heavy duty cutting boards. You can contact us at customerservice@shopofe.com or call me direct at 612-209-9596 products can be found at outfitters-edge.com

    Thank you

  • Emilio Aguiar jr says:

    I am a good customer at Ace hardware always have been always will every time I come to the store I waste over 2 to $300 today for some reason it was suspicious that I was walking around long line wife went to the bank so they decided to follow me around and harass me like if I was some sort of thief this was here in the la Bella Florida store number 10789 which might not be a real number I think she was lying to me cuz she didn’t want me to file a complain but I am filing of complain first I’m leaving this comment here just have video of her is blatantly calling me a thief pretty much and just follow me around the store I made her fat ass walk that store like 70 times

  • Dumb Donna says:

    FYI..I received an email using Ace Hardware logo and presumed Ad..It said that I had won a gas grill..
    If i paid $1.95 they would ship it to me…Of course this is scam and I fell for it..
    Using a major credit card I relinquished $1.95…The following day I check my credit card account and $1.95 and 99.95 have been deducted from my acct….
    I call them and they say I have enrolled in a monthly subscription for leading a healthy life…
    A phone call was made and fake Co. removed the 99.95 but offered me an free Ipod instead.

    If you respond I will send you the Ace ad that they used and can provide more info

  • Sheri says:

    I went to your store in St. Helens Oregon to find they don’t carry cat food or anything for cats, all dog food treats toys, this is wrong dogs are not better than cats what a poor example I’m very disappointed in my shopping experience regards Sheri

  • Miri says:

    I Bought a product from the ACE store at TierraSanta in San Diego. The product was super bad quality and I have been told it had a non return sticker. I accepted it and I asked the manager Brandon to provide the headquarter’s contact information and he was so disrespectful, impolite with zero level of customer service . You have to educate your managers first before all. Your business will never be successful with these type of customer service in place and I would like to talk to someone at the headquarter about this issue. please provide me the contact information. Thank you

    • Jleuter says:

      Miri, I have a very similar complaint concerning a Houston store (14555 Memorial Drive). The parking lot has 2 entrances and while entering the west gate I came head-to-head with a truck such that the back half of my car stuck out in oncoming traffic while the truck maneuvered around me. I spoke to the manager and describes what happened as a safety issue. I asked him to address this with the manager and he assured me he would. When I can back a week later, I asked to speak to the owner and was addressed by the same manager. He said he did not know the owner’s name or how to contact him. He said that he did not speak to the manager because I was the only one to complain. When I asked how many complaints he would need to address the safety issue, he became extremely defensive and told me that he would call the police if i did not leave. I am unable to identify the owner via the store personnel of corporate office. I too would like to have someone at headquarters contact me.

  • Debra says:

    Injured at your store corporate number doesn’t work. Emailed customer service with my info. Pls contact me

  • Boyd Schellhaas says:

    A follow up to my August 9th comment. Picked up the lawnmower today and was told there were wires that were cut that there would be NO reason to cut. He will give me a statement to that effect.

    Not sure what “moderation” means. Would you tell me how long it lasts?

  • Boyd Schellhaas says:

    I brought an EGO lawnmower into the ACE Hardware in Mandeville, Louisiana a little over a month ago as the self-propelled function no longer works. But after a month, and they still had no idea what the problem was, I sent the owner, Zack, a most polite email (that I’m happy to share) that I would like to pick it up and take it somewhere else. When I arrived to pick it up, I smiled and told the employee “you sure you got a battery in there?”. The employee obviously didn’t think it was funny and began YELLING IN MY FACE. I won’t say what he was yelling but I could hardly believe what I was listening to. I guess Zack heard the yelling, as I would think everyone else in the store, came out of his office and asked if he could help. As far as my conversation with Zack, and since I’m trying to keep this as short as possible, It was hard to believe I was speaking to the owner and would be happy to go into more detail but this gets so much better.

    When I left I told them to simply put the lawnmower back together and call me when it’s ready. I called four hours later and was told the lawnmower was outside. I had a bad feeling now, so I decided to bring my battery to make sure it still starts, just a hunch based on how I was treated. I was disappointed but not totally surprised when my my hunch was right, it didn’t start. Started when I brought it in. I went back in and told the employee that the lawnmower now doesn’t start. He made what turns out to be a lame excuse. This is when it really got out of hand. As I was walking I heard an employee yell “we’re calling the police”. That’s when I stopped and decided to not leave and wait for the police. I wanted a police report because I believe they may have tampered with the lawnmower. They wasted officers time over a lawnmower dispute during which I was only frustrated and certainly never aggressive. I’m sure all of this can be substantiated if they have security cameras. I’m 73 years old, I weigh 137 lbs and am quite Ill, I don’t do anything aggressively. I’ve also been going to this ACE Hardware for the last five years and have ALWAYS been pleasant. I think this could be substantiated also.

    Are you ready for the part that might border on criminal and might interest you. I brought the lawnmower to another location the next day. Before I left I asked the service tech guy to remove the cover to see if anything doesn’t look quite right. He showed me and said “all the wires were cut”. “They didn’t need to cut the wires so short”. In less than ten minutes that service man had everything working. They had to keep it to “do the job right”.

    I would be happy to share the emails I sent if interested. Zack has never responded to them.

    I’ve contacted the BBB regarding this matter and will ask ACE Hardware to compensate for expenses incurred. Will probably end up in front of Judge Judy.

    In closing, I’m not accusing anyone of tampering; however, in my mind, it wouldn’t seem unreasonable based on the anger this employee showed.

  • Jean perkins says:

    I will never shop at ace hardware. I just did a survey to get 170 pc stanley tool set. Put my card number in and was told it was declined. That was a big lie. Don’t know what you were trying to do but i am done. Will tell others not to shop at ace. Very disappointed in your compa ny. Goodbye

  • Scott K Bartosh says:

    I would like a few minutes of Lori Bossmann’s time to talk about a new product we would like to supply to Ace locations.. Mad Will’s food company… 530-823-8527

  • Nancy says:

    The reason I am contacting you is because I have a complaint about 2 of your stores located in Brush,Colo. and Fort Morgan,Colo. who ever owns or is running these stores have No Clue what they are charging for the parts on the store. Everything is over priced. I run a business and need to get parts quite frequently. Today I went to get a simple 1” poly fitting 20.99 for a 2.00 fitting. This is not the first time that I have been there to get something and it was overpriced. My husband so so you should take your name off of both of those stores or help them get it together. He said he will never go there again. Thank you for your time.

  • Dean z. says:

    Hi, so went to my local ace hardware store in St Charles,Illinois. Went to buy a Irvin brand 8-32 tap. They had one left on the rack. End’s up it’s a miss package and it contained a 3/8 tap. I asked if they had a 8-32 in the back… no they didn’t. I did notice a Irvin brand pack of various size taps for $29.99 so i figured I can use it . I went up to the counter to pay presented a 5 off coupon. The guy goes you’ll need to buy something else like a piece of candy to make it over $30.00 the coupon says for the 5 off you need to spend 30 and over. So I said keep your tap set.

  • Rick Sainz says:

    Good Day
    You have a customer service Allstar at your Clairemont store in San Diego! Her name is Caitlyn with a “C” as she told me! Everyone she sees anyone in the store she robustly greets them and then ask if she can help! She knows the store well and can and will help you! She deserves recognition! I use to be a regional for Nordstrom so I do know great customer service!

    Thank You
    Rick Sainz

  • Pat Gallini says:

    Do you really think that selling a “look alike” weapon labeled “A Salt Gun” is a good idea? I was both appalled and saddened to see something like that at my “friendly neighborhood store”!

  • Sylvia Gomez says:

    Ace Hardware in Lake Alfred, Florida is an awful store. I purchased an Ace brand wheelbarrow and found out at home it was broke on one edge. I took it back abd they won’t accept returns nor replace it. It’s still within the 30 days return period and it’s new, hasn’t been used.
    They don’t care about customers and they don’t stand behind their brand products.

  • A. Dragon says:

    If you live in Tucson, AZ– DO NOT shop at any of the Marks Ace Stores. They have the least knowledgeable people and the rudest people as sales people or customer service people. Went into their Wetmore store for help with a plumbing problem and after 30 minutes with a sales person, he could not help. Called several other people and the manager to help and no one had the intelligence or experience to solve my problem with the right parts. Went to another brand store and they solved my problem!!

    Had been to their Campbell Ave store previously and was treated like dirt and followed around by people who evidently though I was going to steal something. The weird thing was that none of the people even bother to talk to me or ask what I was looking for or if needed help!! I thought that Ace was the helpful hardware place – boy is that wrong!!!

    Does anyone at Ace Corp ever visit your stores and see how badly the people that represent you actually treat their customer??

    How can a company like Ace allow the owners of stores that represent Ace to allow this type of rotten and disrespectful treatment of customers? Tried to contact the owner of Marks Ace stores about these problems and never got a response!! Shows just how much the owner really cares about his customers who are the life blood of the stores operation and success!! He must be a total jerk who is completely out of touch with the operation of his stores or just doesn’t give a damn about his customers!!!

    I doubt that anyone at Ace Corp will even bother to read this or have the guts to answer but I am sending it anyway for others to see and hopefully not bother to use these stores and be ripped off and insulted!!

  • Sandy says:

    Shame on Ace for replacing the American-made flashlights with China-made flashlights. Why? The American ones are great.

  • David Howard says:

    Bought $370 worth of lumber yesterday went out back to get it they didn’t even have it now I got to wait five to seven business days to get my money back not right Spearfish South Dakota

  • mike barnes says:

    I love my Ace Hardware store in Dunnellon, Florida. They wait on you when you go in, not like the big box stores. The service people are very knowledgeable about the stuff they sell and always have 1 or 2 people that can tell you how to fix something, down to a leaking faucet.

  • Robin says:

    I have tried multiple Tom’s to purchase a e-gift card for my brother and the transaction keeps getting denied after they’ve already removed money from my acct. I’ve called and spent so much time on the phone being transferred back and forth from Gift card services to customer relations and back to find out why they’ve denied my purchase…. NO ONE can tell me why and keep trying to blame it on the credit card company which is total BS. Then I get told only the financial department can help me but they have no phone number and only customer service is allowed to email them but if and when they respond someone will contact me. Complete joke. The representatives are rude, won’t listen, can’t understand anything you’re telling them. I’m so over it. I will NEVER use Ace Hardware online again.

  • Sue says:

    Why do you send out coupons when your stores know Nothing about the coupon or even have the merchandise !!!! An example is your coupon starting today for buy one flower get one free. your stores here in Colorado know nothing about the coupon or even carry the flowers!!!

  • Dennis says:

    Your ace coupons are not worth any thing cant use them on anything you want to buy unless you want a candy bar dont even know why you send them out to people when they cant use them i can get things at lowes cheper and dont need coupons very dissapointed with your company maybe if you change coupons where you can buy any thing with them people might buy more off ace but right now they suck

  • Doreen Massey says:

    What is up with Ace Hardward??? I bought 156, 20 foot 1.5 inch pvc pipe which costed a pretty penny from the Oglethorpe County GA store in Crawford. There was around 10 that the bells were messed up and called to ask them to get me a few new ones that were not damaged. They said okay and when I called up and said I need 10 and will bring the 10 messed up ones back when you get them. They man who answered said no the owner said he not replacing them and accused me of messing them up. All we did was take them from the parking lot after the boy who works there loaded them, unloaded them to the shop and when we looked closer we noticed this. What the heck kind of customer service is that. Then he had the nerve to tell me that they would sell me some couplings discounted to fixed the damaged pipe. WHAT!!!!COME ON!!!! That store is non existent to me now and I will let all my friends, family and all the websites I can find to put this complaint on!!!! They will never get another penny from me or my peeps!!

  • Nina D Baker says:

    Store in Poteau OK wouldn’t refund me for a door lock that I purchased yesterday. The package had been opened before. There was only one key. It had the wrong instructions in it. I’m Nina Baker. I used my debit card. I just want my money back.

  • Jaron says:

    I bought a 20lb. Bag of Ace premium Wild Bird Seed at Ace Van Nuys, CA yesterday for $12.99. I’ve been buying this for a couple of years. It has changed and now contains mostly filler seed, Sorghum (milo) and some sunflower seeds. The birds won’t eat the Milo. Really a ripoff. Returning it to Ace.

  • Kenneth - Wayne: Leaming. says:

    ‘Infamous Keny’
    Kenneth – Wayne: Leaming.

  • Lance Gallman says:

    I visited an Ace hardware store in sun city, Florida to purchase a multi meter for some electrical troubleshooting , so the attendant that assisted me unlocked he loss prevention device so I could purchase the meter removed the device and held custody to including walking it and me to the cash register saying this was company policy; my question is can you state and provide a copy of that policy to me in writing being that I purchased and paid for the product in full. My belief is this is a profiling tool used .
    Thank you
    Mr. Gallman

  • John Pine says:

    It was my understanding that Ace is supposed to be the helpful place. Imagine my surprise, when I entered the store at 42 Riley Street, East Aurora New York. Sitting on the help desk, is a sign which reads, ” Does this look like the help desk? “. Very sarcastic and unprofessional.

  • Mike says:

    Will the Ace Four Step Lawn Program (4 bags) for a 5,000 square foot lawn be available at the Liverpool, NY store in the foreseeable future? I have been checking for a couple of weeks and it has not been available.

  • Christopher Jackson says:

    I’ve got a big complaint with the Colorado Springs hiring personnel mainly Areef. I am currently working and had an interview set up and was on my way to the interview. And he calls and tells me he cannot do it. And ask me to do the interview the next day. I said I’m currently working so that’s may or may not work. But if call him if I couldn’t make it. And I did and he calls me back and says if I can’t make it. They do not need me for the driving position. Makes no sense to me

  • ShawnKjemperud says:

    Have been discriminated at orgegon store every time I shop there follows me like I’m stealing dozen like the way I looked? This time followed me outside asked for stuff of his back meaning store stuff I didn’t and don’t steal period told me to empty my pockets? I have been shopping that ace for 35years? And am list! Would like some sorta compensation? And him fired? It’s wrong to treatpe
    ople like he does or that store? Forestgriveoregon!
    Address is 54839sw south Rd. Gaston Oregon there was no reason for any of this Everytime he /get treated like this but never did anything ever but be good customer? Watch video then see how I’m followed and treated! But steal no!

    We’ll see if ACE HRDWHARE is As good of people as they claimed should ask puplic if this plainout discrimination for noreason? Cause he don’t like my haircut? ?!!!?

    This is not comment but complaint on feb21!this happens!

  • John P Roskos says:

    I have been a customer of Ace Hardware at 30130 Lakeshore Blvd, Willowick, OH 44095 since it opened and even have a Ace Hardware rewards card which I use when I remember to I recently went to the store to have a key made I had already a blank, I was asked if I purchased it at Ace I said I hadn’t they responded that they could then not make me a key, that it was Ace Hardware policy that if you didn’t purchase the blank from Ace that they could not accommodate me. This was somewhat upsetting since in your service motto states “aids in key duplication.” not only if you purchase blanks from us.


    Ace Hardware is responsible for selling all kinds of hardware accessories and goods all at one place, like home painting accessories, items required for repairing homes, handy tools, helps in the sharpening of tools, aids in key duplication, etcetera. The company was responsible for bagging the number one spot for satisfaction from customers, for nine consecutive years from JD Power.

    Based on your Services statement I am wondering is it a nationwide policy regarding key duplication’s or just this stores.

    I will no longer be a customer of Ace Hardware after this, I know this is not going to affect the bottom line but if Ace can’t provided the service to a loyal customer when I need and when they have the capability to do so, I will no longer be shopping at any Ace Hardware.

  • Dustin Knight says:

    I am an Ace employee getting black balled to a position for which I can not better myself and its wrong and I need help with it.

  • Ray Werts says:

    I purchased propane at your Seneca SC location today 1/28/22. This is the second time that I purchased propane here that when I got home my tank was messed up. The first time I had a 100lb tank and I had to call the fire department due to it visibility leaking. Today I had a 40lb tank filled and the same thing happened. Got it home hooked it up and it was leaking. I called the store and spoke to the assistant manager and he was rude. I had to purchase another tank due to the person who filled it at one of your stores broke my first two.

  • Adrian Reznik says:

    The ACE PROMISE is an absolute lie and should be removed from all products. The stores have a time limit and require a receipt. They will NOT replace defective ACE products as it states in the PROMISE. I know each store is individually owned but if they wanted to keep me as a customer, they could have replaced this item. But no, they don’t care and as a result I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ACE PRODUCT EVER. Defective products should be replaced PERIOD!!!!

    • Doreen Massey says:

      I just put up a comment about defective crushed pipe ends and they would not replace it for undamaged pipe. I will not buy another thing ever!!!!Worst company ever!!!!!!

  • Christopher Britland says:

    I live in ga and we have an ACE store in Milen Ga. Do you allow these stores to set there own hours ? Every Friday he closes at 4:30pm and is closed on weekends. This is such an inconvenience to those who live here because on these days we have to drive 40 miles to the next town and shop at Lowes. If this guy who owns it does not want to be open than he should not be in the business of selling home improvement items. All this does is give your company a bad reputation. If this is the case I guess you loose money and other places will get extra business. You have some sorry ass people carrying your logo on there property

  • James strohma says:

    This is james strohman with SGI BROKERAGE. I am trying to get in contact with the logistics cordernatore to possibly talk about possibly moving loads threw our growing business

  • Doc Tom says:

    I recently had a very bad problem with a NEW snowblower that I purchased here in Spokane, WA. at the ACE Hardware on Francis St. I was give SUPERIOR SERVICE!! by their OUTSTANDING STAFF. I was able to return the defective unit and obtain a very nice upgrade unit the same day. This location is a very rare find in today’s “no service” world. ACE Corporation is given A++++ in my rating because of this outstanding store.

  • Marc Conenna says:

    I was at an ACE location in Cornelius NC today and was literally ridiculed by 2 employees in front of my family. They were making fun of me and calling me names and were not aware that my wife was standing next to them. I just moved into town and literally everyone has been ao nice with the exception of this encounter. I know this must sound strange and ridiculous but am so embarrassed and upset and I want to speak with someone about it. Is anyone able to help or even listen to me? Thanks…

  • Ramón Javier says:

    It will be a good Project to Stablish a Inbond warehouse in the Dominican Republic to supply Haiti and Dr ( 20mm people ); I have the logistic for it and 30 years knowing these markets

  • Marsha A Schauer says:

    I made the mistake of opening an Ace Hardware account. My information was immediately sold because I started getting lots of spam emails. So I emailed CareCenter@acehardware.com on 10/21/21 and asked them to delete my account. They never have done so; I continue to get emails. All they did was assign a case # AR782768 and never reply to my emails. NEXT STEP is I will file a BBB complaint.

  • Deborah says:

    I ordered 2 items on November 17, 2021 from Grommet, which is a company owned by Ace Hardware, and paid $40.99 to have the 2 items shipped to be received by November 2021. It is now November 29, 2021 and I have not received the items. There is no way for me to contact customer service or speak to someone on the phone about this issue.

    • Marilyn Glasford says:

      They must have had some major software glitches this day. I ordered a refrigerator, microwave and deep freeze this same day and was told all 3 would be delivered the following week. I received the microwave and freezer as promi@ed. But I am still waiting on the fridge. I have been told twice it was in shock at warehouse and u would get it within 2 days of calling them. Still no fridge. Good thing I have a working one

  • Rick says:

    I’ve always loved Ace since I was in my youth. Although this morning at my local Ace shop I was asked to leave. Someone there followed me around asking if I needed help 5 times, until I asked what the problem was. He said I looked like a thug becuase I had in a welders cap, told me he’s tired of seeing me I. His store, I explained to him 3verything I have purchased there. He said I was lingering around for hours and must have been 20 minutes. I’m a 47 year old veteran with honorable discharge and no criminal history. Was insane and think I’m done with that store.

  • Anthony Tony Gapastione says:

    My comment is a Complaint..on your Palatine store on Northwest Highway.
    The way that store is like this. First off you send coupons to me because I did shop that store, because it was a complete store and after remodel it was beautiful. However to me your policies on handling those coupons is ridiculous.. Now Menards gives you 11% off everything in store. Your signage in that store needs help. Due to how do you know what’s on sale or not. Today and 10/23/21, I had the same experience that the items I NEEDED TO BUY , were on (star sale😖) mind you NO SIGNAGE WAS ON ANY DISPLAY or Regular Shelf pricing signage. When I asked for someone to show me WHAT BATTERIES WERE’NT ON SALE.I’m not happy and as I told your cashier, I’m not shopping here any longer. I tore up my $20.00 coupon and gave it back. I’d like my name taken off you customer list, and please 🛑 STOP all correspondence to me.
    Anthony P Gapastione
    1006 N Cove Dr
    Palatine, Illinois
    10/ 23/ and/10/30/21

  • Gilda Aitchison says:

    Went to Ace Hardware located in Walpole, MA today. Purchased 4 items and presented the cashier with my $5.00 Birthday coupon (which could be used on a purchase of $5.00 or more). I was overcharged on 2 of the items that I purchased. I attempted to go back, immediately, to obtain an adjustment on the overcharged items, and was told that my coupon was applied to the 2 items that were overcharged. I told them, as a consumer, I had a right to use MY coupon on MY choice of items and they told me it doesn’t work that way. With that said, I returned all items and obtained a full credit and told them to keep my B-day coupon. It was not worth the paper it was printed on. Consumer fraud at its best.

  • Bradley Stevens says:

    We have shopped at the Carters Ace Hardware in Umatilla, Florida for years and had something happen this time that was unexpected. We wrote a check and they refused to accept it unless our name was on a list of persons who were authorized to write checks. In looking at the list there only seemed to be about 25 persons on the list. They wanted us to give them our name, phone number and address (which was on the check we presented) to establish us to write checks. We tore up the check and had to pay by another means. They said it was a corporate policy now. It seems you would have a list of those persons who had presented bad checks instead. Up until now we had been pleased with their service in Umatilla. One needs to know this, either by posting a sign at the cash register or on the front door, to keep people from being embarased at the register. I understand that there are people that write bad checks, however, I am hopeful there are more of us that are honest and write good checks. Please let us know if this is your policy now, otherwise we will be going to a different hardware store.

  • Anonymous says:

    We live in North Bend, Or.We were very suprised to find Trump Hats and other political merchandise for sale in a Ace retail store. We will not teturn.

  • Cindy Mitchell says:

    I live in Spokane Washington I first looked up if ace hardware had heating cables available right now because they do sell fast when it starts to get cold so it’s understandable that I checked online before driving 8 miles to the closest Wandermere branch location. I was greeted very nice but when I explained what I needed they told me they haven’t put them out yet and just kind of stood there I told them I had just looked up online and drove 8 miles but that didn’t matter they were not busy nobody was doing really anything it was early Saturday morning and I just feel it was awful customer service a terrible display of it for sure. This experience has caused me to never want to go back to ace hardware again I will find a Home Depot or one of the big box stores .

  • Robert Peterson says:

    I went to your Odessa FL store to pick up a curb side order that my wife had requested the night before after her chemotherapy treatment. When I arrived I was asked specifically what was in the order and when I truthfully said that I was unsure I was hung up on. I then waited about 5 minutes for the order to be brought outside to my vehicle but when this did not happen I went inside to get it. As my wife is fighting cancer I do not like to interact with the general public too much which is why I wanted to follow up with your company’s curb side pick up. Needless to say it did not go well and I doubt I will do it again.

  • Della Denison says:

    I have been using ACE for over 20 years. My favorite store! I have never had an issue until I ordered online. I ordered from my Ace Hardware store located at 14291- Westlake Ace Hardware, 8929 S Memorial Dr Ste 370, Tulsa,OK 74133. My order was to pickup in the store. I got my order update via email (no problem). I went to the store to pick up my order. Get to the store and I only received the bamboo garden stakes and the tree wrap. I asked, “where is the rest of my order?”. The young woman said she didn’t know that what I picked up was all that was placed on the Pick Up cart. I did’nt received but paid for 4 bags of Miracle-Gro Cacti etc. potting mix 8qt, and the Suncast Senaca 14 in. H X 16 in. W Resin Modern Planter Blue/brown. I later receive an email that my ordered was Canceled; that was the cacti potting mix (no problem). I therefore went to another store on line (not Ace) and ordered 4 bags. This store delivered to my door. On September 1; get another email that my order was ready for pick up. That order contain the resin pot, and the 4 bags of potting mix. No problem, I knew that the store could take the 4 bags of potting mix off the statement.
    My biggest issue is that on September 3, I get a call from my store; the young woman said that my order was ready for pick up and when did I think I would be picking my order up; that it had been sitting there for a week. I told her that I just received the email about my order on 9-1-21. This young woman was unprofessional on the phone, her tone of voice make me feel as if I was at fault. I had to tell her that because of the email that canceled the 4 bags of cacti potting soil that I would not be picking those up. To me “Canceled” means not going to get, email should have said “Back Ordered”. I would not have ordered from a different store.
    I have checked my bank account and the amount of money I had spent is still the original amount. That may be because of the Labor Day weekend. I will check my account on Tuesday, 9-07-21. I am on a fixed income, every dime of my money counts.

    Sorry about the length of this email, but had to get all the facts correct. I don’t believe I will buy from Ace again. I appreciated your time in reading my comment. Signed “Della Denison”

  • william g lebel says:

    well i went to your watertown, ct. 06795 store to purchase a battery operated syphone pump for gas, i was told it was not in stock, fine, when will it be in?, i;m told .3 working days, this was a sunday, i called on wednesday, no pump, should be in by the end of the day, called no pump, i called friday no pump, they say next week, i say i;m on my way to get my money, oh forgot to mention i paid for the pump on sunday, and it took about 5 of your people to figure out how to make me a paid slip, i should have known this was a bad idea.so in turn i went to harbour frieght bought the same pump for $10.00 cheeper, you peole charged me $21.00 +

    thank you for your service

  • David Pfadt says:

    On 4/25/21 I purchased a Master Built gravity fed grill from. Ace Hardware in Dunedin Fl. I payed 799.00 plus 7percent tax. I used grill two times. And now doesn’t work called ace hardware got master built phone number left number of messages no return call. When to Ace Hardware on 8/14/21 spoke with manager gave me another number voice mail saying have to do it on line have tried everything and still have a broken grill in my garage that doesn’t work. what I don’t understand all the grills they sell at Ace Hardware all other name brands reps. you can contact if any problems except Master built. why would a well known place like Ace Hardware carry grills that dosen’t have rep. You can call when you have problems with grill. I asked manager to take grill back he said can’t take it back if we have already used it. How would I know if it works are not if I haven’t used it. Ace Hardware corporation please take your grill back. Store credit or something other than me looking at broken grill in my garage.

  • Steve Baker says:

    Hello. Recently visited two local hardware store on NW Oregon. Surprised and disappointed employees were not wearing face masks nor was there a sign recommending or requiring customers to wear face masks. In Oregon and I believe most of not all states Coronavirus/Covid19 Disease is spreading again. Both vaccinated and non vaccinated are affected. I would think a company like Ace Hardware would be a leader and take steps beyond those taken and require face masks for everyone. I don’t like wearing one either but if we all work together we can beat this sooner than later.

  • John Bowen says:

    My wife purchased a gallon of paint at our local Handyman Ace Hardware in Xenia, Ohio, placed the can of paint on the floor of the backseat of her car and drove home. When she arrived home, she discovered the lid had come loose and the backseat floor was covered in paint. We immediately contacted the store. Since the lid on a can of paint should not simply become ajar on its own, it was clear the store employee did not seal the lid properly. The store manager informed us a few days later that they would be filing an insurance claim, which was ultimately denied due to the insurance company’s inability to prove the employee was negligent. While I was clearly disappointed to hear of the insurance company’s decision, I still expected the store to attempt to rectify the situation because, again, a properly sealed paint can lid does not simply come off on its own. Instead, the District Manager refused to return my calls. In fact, they never even offered to replace the can of paint. My insurance policy will replace the carpet, however, unless my insurance carrier is successfully able to subrogate the claim with Handyman’s insurance carrier, the store’s unwillingness to make things right will cost me my $500 deductible as well as add a claim to my policy. Fortunately for us, Xenia also has a Lowes which provides better customer service and prices anyway. I have no desire to ever step foot in Handyman, or another Ace Hardware, again.

  • Jason Gregory says:

    I was at Ace in Raton New Mexico today as I have recently moved to the small town. I’m in the process of remodeling a house there and am a handyman by trade. I installed a swamp cooler yesterday and purchased the wrong size pads. When I went in to exchange the pads and buy some other things I needed the manager Jerry would not exchange one of them because it was dirty and had some oil on it. I tried to explain to Jerry that I had carried them from the store to my house and back, and that perhaps the oil had been there. Jerry insisted that there was no possibility of that being true and denied my exchange. I will no longer be shopping at this Ace Hardwear location in the future, nor will I recommend that any one shop there in the future.

  • Steve Daniels says:

    Good morning;
    I wanted to send an email complaint about a service I received at an Ace Hardware in Georgia. Can someone assist me on where to send it please.

  • April McKaig says:

    On July 9th, my mother, wife and myself went to Elders Ace Hardware located at 3502 Ringgold Rd. Chattanooga Tn. 37412. We went there to get keys for a car and were not certain as wo whether a chip was needed for the new keys. Your associate Cheryl was there and we discussed that after our research we found that the car key did not need a chip. To see if that was correct she cut our key and sure enough it worked fine and no chip was needed. Ms. Cheryl was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and made out first visit to the store a pleasure. I want to give a hearty “Way to go” to Ms. Cheryl and let you know that with employees like her, we will be coming back to that store for any hardware needs we have. I hope Ms. Cheryl is on duty when we return, she a super star for your Company.

  • Leon Fanning says:

    I was in ace hardware in Frazier, Colorado this morning needing some paint, 2×4, wooden dowels, and texture. I took my sample in to be matched and went to paint dept.. he said it would be a bit so I left it and went through store to get the rest of my things. Came back and was waiting on paint when the guy behind counter said I needed to move and stop hovering that most people just drop off and come back. So I said well ill just go to another store to get paint and set my things down and turned and walked away. As I was walking off he asked how I would like the can I sat down in the back of my head. I don’t know about yall but this is not the way I as a customer want to be treated or spoke to. Ace in Frazier will no longer get my business or anyone else I can convince. As a contractor here I’ve never been spoken to like this

  • Stanley Wlosek says:

    I had to have a remote key fob programmed for my 2018 Chevrolet Impala. I ordered and paid for the fob and it took several weeks to arrive. It took 3 trips back to the store in Orlando Florida before they could successfully program the remote. After the remote was finally programmed I got back in my car to leave and my electric power steering had gone away. Also the emergency parking brake light was on. I took my vehicle to Starling Chevrolet in St. Cloud Florida where they had to reprogram my computer to fix my problems. I took a copy of the bill back to the Ace store on Orange Blossom Trail to seek reimbursement and it has been approximately 3 weeks and no communication from the store. Either Ace or the company that makes the remote and software should be liable for the repair bill.

    Please help me get resolution to the problem.

    Stan Wlosek

  • Sean says:

    Your store in Mansfield, Texas has no Air Conditioning. When asked about it. They said they didn’t have it in their budget to fix it. Having no AC in Texas is crazy. Despite the store having fans, it isn’t that helpful. I don’t think this is how you want to be represented. Please help with this situation.

  • Denise Bilodeau says:

    We have been doing construction at our house. We bought some cable connectors to do some wiring. When we were done I went to return the ones we didn’t use. I was then told there was a 30 day return on items. There was nothing on the receipt that told me of a 30 return policy, nor did any one say anything about it at the time. As a customer this didn’t sit well with me. When I go to home depot they have it right on the receipt that there is a 90 day return policy and gives you the end date. Ace should at least have this on there receipts.

  • JAMES DALLY says:

    We manufacture Resistance Welding Machinery and have the best ACE HARDWARE STORE in Douglasville Ga. They are there and with a smile and have good knowledge of there inventory and how used. We some times forget the little screw, or the paint, or the fitting and not only do the smile when you come in they call you by name . We have been purchasing from them for 40years. BILLY, BARRY AND BUBBA ARE A GREAT SUPPORT FOR OUR COMPANY.
    If you have a company news letter please give them a “GOLD STAR”.
    They also have a great outdoor power equipment which we also purchase from.
    I am sure there are many great ACE HARDWARE STORES this is ours and is the best.

  • Syd Dearborn says:

    I live in Cottonwood, Arizona and I did enjoy shopping at Ace. However with the recent paranoia , surrender and control that seems to have taken over the country, I find it hard for me to accept that your store has closed the public toilets. I’m told that they need to be disenfected each time a customer needs to use it and they don’t have enough manpower to be able to take care of that- but I would be willing to go so far as to say when one of your employees needs the facility it’s wide open… no disenfecting proceedures… which implies your people are clean and the public all has the virus. It’s really sad that you treat your customers in this manner while it doesn’t appear to slow down the intake of money at the register…. I perceive this to be a double standard and totally unreasonable.And I really don’t expect anyone there to reply…..

  • bv says:

    I was deeply concerned when our ACE delivery arrived today, and your driver was in our store without a mask on. I brought it up to our manager, who advised me that they had reached out to Ace corporate, and was told that the drivers are not required to wear masks, and yet your website has info about how you are here, WITH US, throughout this COVID outbreak. The vast majority of our ACE customers wear masks, and many of them relate to me that they feel more comfortable in stores where masks are required, and all of our store employees wear masks. I recently went to a “natural foods” store that I have frequented for years, and when I saw the clerk inside with no mask on, I drove away, with no thoughts of patronizing them again. Most of the population of NY is following CDC guidelines, with a small exception of thoughtless, uncaring people who have decided to make wearing a mask a “political statement”.
    I don’t care, nor expect drivers to wear a mask while they are driving, but many of them are going into “hot spots”, so when your driver is in our store with no mask, the perception is that they don’t care about the health of their fellow employees, nor of our ACE customers, and since corporate does not require them to wear a mask in the stores, that they don’t care either. I have to wonder what impact it would have on ACE sales if the general public was aware of this situation? We have weathered a lot of this pandemic by using a team approach to taking care of each other, and our customers. After witnessing the delivery today, I don’t feel that ACE is taking any steps to protect us, and I don’t feel safe while your driver is in our building, and I won’t go near our receiving person, since he may have been exposed to COVID due to your driver’s reckless attitude. I hope that you will take steps to rectify this situation. We wear masks 8 hours a day, and we don’t suffer any undue “inconvenience” from it. Your drivers shouldn’t have any problem with wearing a mask for the short time they are in our store.

  • Vergos Peter says:

    I see you advertise on CNN. They lie and you don’t care.

  • Stephanie Barrett says:

    I would recommend that you take a better look at how your truck drivers are treated. Compared to your warehouse staff, the truck drivers are used and abused. They work holidays and why? There is never a dispatcher at the office when they start and they leave before all drivers are back, and why? You do not give any time off the first year other than a floating holiday for a holiday they work and then dangle it…not really letting them use it. 14 + hour days, 5 days a week starting at 1am/2am takes a toll. Look at divorce rates among your drivers.
    You’re generous to the warehouse. You can’t keep drivers because you work them to death. I encourage my husband to do what makes him happy, I see Ace slowly taking years off his life and affecting our marriage all so you all can make a few extra bucks. Christmas Eve….maybe I will see him by 7….what time do you all get to go home to see your families?

  • Margaret says:

    Reconsider your national advertising decision to support FOX news as they indulge in degradation and slander of all science backed claims of climate change.

  • bobby says:

    i would like to inquire if you buy mahogany wood? if Yes we are selling those. If interested please email me at bobbydfrancisco@gmail.com. THank You!

  • Benjamin D Baldwin says:

    I am an employee through Mead Lumber and Knecht and Ace Hardware / Ben Franklin store # 11883
    Love the entire philosophy and the core mission. Want to do more.

  • William says:

    If your commercial is the new face of Ace Hardware then I will take my business to a hardware store I can trust. I can’t trust a black guy with a mohawk with my credit card.

    • V. Small, customer says:

      Are you kidding me? This is 2023. How dare you judge someone because of their skin color, much less their taste in hairdo. You probably voted for trump too. I’m ashamed of you.

  • Bob Hansen VP Spring Grove Soda Pop INC.. says:

    To Lori Bossmann I would like to talk to you about are craft soda that we bottle. We have it in a few of your stores in the Wisconsin and Minnesota, and would like get in a lot more as they seem to be a good fit for us. Thank-You

  • Tyrone Somerville says:

    i work that ace hardware in frredericksburgg pa. i got terminated for doing my job when the carkasian workers in the loss prevention did no work there’s play games on the computer and watch movies youtube sports all day and all night so james said i was terminated for job abandonment when i went to unlock a forklift there crashed into the shelf when the person you’re working with her the supervisor asked four times for someone to come and unlock the forrlift so since he paid him noo mind i had to go do it how was that job abandonment when you starting at
    in 6;30am into 7;00pm my work schedule so again how is that job abandonment??????

  • James Shoureas says:

    It Would Be Very Appreciated If You Started A Program To Receive Old American Flags. We Need A Drop Off For Them To Be Properly Discarded. Thank You.

  • TONY MORRIS says:

    I would like to send information about a new product to LORI BOSSMAN

  • >