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Abc News
  • Address:  47 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023, United States

  • Phone Number: 212-456-2700

  • Fax Number: 212-456-2795

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    Number of Employees: N/A 

  • Established: 1945

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Ben Sherwood (Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks; President, Disney–ABC Television Group)

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James Goldston

(President, ABC News)

George Stephanopoulos

(Chief Anchor)

David Muir

(Anchor and Managing Editor of ABC World News Tonight)

Richard E. Besser M.D.

Senior Health and Medical Editor

Timothy Johnson

Chief Medical Editor

About Abc News, History and Headquarters Information


Abc News was founded in the year 1945. The company has been operational for almost 74 years now. The company had started as a radio network after the Federal Communications Commission had ordered NBC to spin off the NBC Blue Network into a separate independent company, in the year 1943. The spin-off was forced in order to increase the competition in the market since during that time, and there were not many companies like CBS and NBC. During World War II, television broadcasting was suspended. After setting up the production studio in the New York City, the company started its initial owned and operated a television station. But during the 1950s to the 1970s, the shows on the channel were always ranked third in terms of overall viewership. The company also had fewer affiliate stations as well.

In the year 1977, Roone Arledge, who was the president of ABC Sports, was appointed as the president of ABC News during the time when the company’s prime time entertainment programs were receiving strong ratings and also higher advertising revenue and profits as well. Therefore, ABD was able to reinvest the resources to make it a primary news channel too. This brought various types of new shows to the channel, such as Primetime Live, This Week, World News Tonight, Nightline and 20/20. The company had also introduced its new slogan in the 1980s. In the year 1998, the company along with ITN and Nine Network had sold off their respective interests in Worldwide Television News to the Associated Press. Due to this, the company had signed a multi-million dollar deal with Associated Press. During the year 215, the company started experimenting with podcasts and also added an audio channel to its smartphone application as well. In the year 2018, the company had launched its first podcast as well, with three episodes regarding Journeys of Faith. The same year, the company had also extended its Good Morning America brand with the afternoon show known as GMA Day. In the year 2018, the company had started its streaming media service, known as ABC News Live, which was available through Roku and other online streaming methods as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 47 West 66th Street. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code of the area is 10023.


ABC News is an American company that is responsible for the broadcasting of various kinds of breaking news for different top stories, blogs, photos, videos, special reports and also exclusive celebrity interviews as well. The current president of the company is James Goldston. The company is currently owned by Disney Media Networks. The current number of employees working in the company is around 5,000. The flagship program of the company is ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. The company is also associated with ESPN as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers or viewers to obtain various kinds of breaking news stories as well as shows related to both international and national events and happenings. Apart from broadcasting its news channel, it also provides podcasts and radio services as well.

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  • Marlene says:

    Why would Amy and TJ loose their jobs for having an affair? Are you kidding me? What did they do wrong? Did they not do their jobs correctly? Shame on anyone making that decision. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!!

  • Kiki says:

    How come on your show Rookie, the Male Rookie Officer has earings. No Male Policemen are allowed to have any body piercing of any kind.

  • Debbie says:

    I’m so tired of the prime time shows about women’s rights. But so one sided nothing is talked about how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Once your pregnant btw it’s 2 bodies not one.
    Now days there is NO Reason for an unwanted pregnancies yes there are exceptions to the rules like rape, incest atopic pregnancy but just because you don’t want to practice safe sex or you didn’t trap the man you wanted why commit murder.

  • Deborah says:

    The View, really, now white women are cockroaches. Seriously. Your crew can spew racists remarks about Jews and now White women. This is ok with the executives of ABC.

  • Jacqueline says:

    It is sad that after watching dancing with stars every season, you move it to a pay channel (Disney plus) so you can get more money leaving many who will no longer be able to watch it. This truly breaks my heart. I pay for cable already

  • Purnima Kotiya says:

    I have no comments but a humble request to make.
    Good morning America, is the only news channel I am watching ever since I came to this country in 1972. Dan Rather was my favorite anchor.
    I am an ALS mother. My son Rupesh was diagnosed with ALS in 2014. Visit DC to saw his kids area museum and White House and surrounding was a top on his bucket list. I tried to arrange a tour to White House vis NC &TX senator but didn’t happened. Please help me or guide me whom to contact. Dates are approaching fast. June 16-17. Appreciate your help.

  • Joe Rossi says:

    I am in Australia. We in Australia & on Face book use feed back comments on news topics.
    I have not been able to make comments about Gun Control in USA. Ref.
    I believe laws can be changed state by state in USA. Or by referendum.
    Your response and an opinion on the above topics would be welcome.
    If you have any queries or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Sincerely yours,
    Joe Rossi.
    Email: joerossi48@optusnet.com.au

  • MeLinSu says:

    What is the latest news on Hunter Biden and his computer? It seems like you are not covering this story, why?

  • Cliff Norton says:

    WRIC in Richmond, VA doesn’t seem to care about the national news. They take their full 30 minutes regardless of what time it is and how far it will encroach on the national news from 6:30 to 7:00. This past Saturday they did their newscast and joined the national news 12 minutes late. This always happens when there is a sporting event prior to 6 pm that goes over. Are they allowed to do this? I remember the day when local newscasts were shortened in order to finish in time for the national news to be presented in its entirety.

  • Radell Martin says:

    I think it’s about time the the View is cancelled. The public have been watching them SPEW hate and racism for years. I know you are a liberal network but for God Sakes, Whoopie Goldberg needs to be fired and the show to be cancelled. The show is noting but a bunch of cackling morans that gripe about anything and everything and spread nothing but hate.

  • US Resident says:

    Please try and present all news in a proper way. Thank you.

  • Susan Davis says:

    I live in southern Virginia and have been watching WRLS Lynchburg for my news everyday, morning, noon and night. To my surprise they have started to advertise FOX on that network and have noticed that they have a newscaster that also have right wing supportive comments. Her name is Cheryl Atkinson. I do not watch FOX because I want the truth, nor do I appreciate a newscaster telling me how unfairly the news treated Trump. I would have thought better of ABC esp. since Disney is your parent company. I will not watch ABC while this nonsense continues. How sad.

  • Juste Noone says:

    Recent Twitter post from Rick Klein’s, ABC Political Director

    “Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is the getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.”


  • Bob McClintock says:

    Your preducial treatment of the Republican Convention is triggering our veteran’s network to begin contacting your advertisers, asking them to join our group in boycotting your media networks

  • dolores schwartz says:

    Most of my adult I watch abc news. But now that you are airing Trump lying political ads,
    I turn off my tv. Biden did not say He will defund police yet you (for money) play lying ads.They will probably sue. Please fact check your ads.

    • Juste Noone says:

      Recent Twitter post from Rick Klein’s, ABC Political Director

      “Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is the getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.”

  • John says:

    I am a 78 year old 20 year Army 100%. DAV that is so ashamed how our media and entertainment has turned. All Media Should report news factually and programs should not use their hate of our legitimately elected President to insult him. I saw JIMMY Kimmel tonight and wish I had your job so I could fire him. His insults with N was terrible.
    I hope that this will get to the CEO and him just answer this one question for me!
    Is this the Country you really want the America we have become that your grandchildren and their grandchildren to live with full term abortions, illegals with more rights than our own citizens, open borders, partisan members of Congress more interested in their own agendas than representing ALL of our citizens.
    I would very much like to see an America Iike we were raised in. Back when I was younger was a DEMOCRAT when there were values but now ashamed of how so many are acting. I am not highly educated but would appreciate a response because I know you CARE!

  • Roger says:

    This is the only way i could find to contact daymond john..i do not do social media…i just want him to know how disappointed i am in him…when i saw that he tried to use this pandemic as a way to make money it disgusted me…he should be ashamed of himself..ive been a shark tank fan and fan of his for 10 years…but no more…unless he leaves the show i will not watch it any longer when he is present…people that try to benefit from others misfortune is just wrong…i hope you think about this…you owe America a very heartfelt apology..

  • Colleen T. Abramovitz says:

    Please keep “The Rookie” show going! It is my favorite show on the air!
    Well written, acted and cast!
    Colleen T. Abramovitz

  • Judy says:

    Well, another ABC program I will not be watching again. Dancing With The Stars had to be fixed tonight as no way could Hannah Brown have won the Miraball. This program along with The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise is not on my and MANY others program schedule for the Fall season. You really need to get in there and clean up some of your programs. After the Bachelor last season and then Hannah Brown is brought on DWTS which had been a good program to watch, I guess she must have done something great to be brought on but it sure was not her dancing ability. I am moving on to better channels, you should take the time to read what people are saying following DWTS tonight, many will not be returning, we feel it was fixed.

  • Raymond Griffin says:

    I was a loyal follower of abc news but your biased and distorted coverage of President Trump is appalling. Your “news” coverage is on the same level as CNN. Good bye. I will never watch what you’re trying to pass off as news coverage.

  • Carlon says:

    Why don’t you QUEERS come up with some real news!

  • Beach Bum says:


    I’m so disgusted with your channel and all the TRUE NEWS STORIES you have hidden from the public.

    You hide the Epstein story

    You are going after the Whistleblower for Epstein hot mic

    You are engaging in TREASON everytime you slander our POTUS.

    You ARE liars and when it all comes down, you will fall the hardest.


  • Lucy says:

    Column: Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh, for ABC News, a tale of double standards


    John 8:32 (NIV) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  • Jim Johnson says:

    This could be the story of the century on why a news station after 75 years with a great history by supplying factually news stories trusted by everybody would throw its company under the bus for Hillary Clinton? Why after ABC of 75 years building a stellier reputation would now be willing to lose over half of its followers and its reputation of giving factual stories? Why just to cover up the Democrat LIES, lies and misdoings? To distort the truth about President Trump turning every story against him instead of supporting the President of this great nation we have?. In 3 years you have self destructed the one time greatest News Station founded by Edward Nobile who I am sure is turning over in his grave as we speak. And for what?. The only reason anybody would betray the trust of its lifetime viewer is for money being paid to a few top executives under the table. More then likely from the Clinton Foundation. DISGUSTING that someone would destroy what so many before them worked so hard to achieve a greatness and the respect from us all. This will all come out as soon when Hillary gets convicted because she will take everybody down with her if she thinks the government will make a deal with her to get out of her sentence. I can give you a better guarantee of that happening then Hillary ever becoming our President. That’s the story that should be published by you is with a big fat apology to what viewers are left. Or what I would call the Democratic Trump Hater Club who are so obsessed with taking Trump down that if our country should suffer to then so be it. That’s the price you we all have to pay for beat him before he is reelected. Who cares about the millions of American Citizens future’s and 401 K accounts this is all about us beating Trump. How can your news organization be so blind and stupid to see this. HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING IN YOUR 75 YEARS OF BUSINESS.

    This is the story you should be telling. You can do it now and take the hit or go down to the company we will hear on Fox News that is no longer in business because of it hate and willingness to destroy our country.!!!!!

  • Steve Campbell says:

    Regarding your Company’s directive not allowing the wearing of the American Flag or any other Patriotic Pins on the lapel. How can the “American Broadcasting Company” issue such a directive?

    ABC is no longer being watched in our household until this directive is reversed.

    This message is also being sent to your larger advertisers.

    Whoever approved and allowed such a directive be distributed is a Traitor to this Country!!!!

  • Diane says:

    Maybe just maybe, I’ll watch GMA sometime again IF and only IF George S finally apologizes to President Trump, OH and The View. I emailed you and told you I was stopping my 30 year viewing of GMA shortly after 2016 election. Now your man Avenatti is arrested. Get a LOT OF HUMILITY!

  • >