Where is AARP Corporate office Headquarters

AARP Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 601 E St NW, Washington, DC 20049, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-775-6776

  • Fax Number: 202-434-2525

  • Email: member@aarp.org

  • Number of Employees: 2250

  • Established: 1958

  • Founder: Ethel Percy Andrus

  • Key People: Jo Ann Jenkins

AARP Headquarters Location & Directions

AARP Headquarters Executive Team



Jo Ann Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Schneidewind J.D.

President and Director

Robert Love


Jocelyn Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Joanne Grossi

State President of AARP Pennsylvania

Myrna Blyth

Senior Vice President and Editorial Director

About AARP, History and Headquarters Information


Aarp was founded in the year 1958. The company has been in operation for 61 years now. The founder of the company was Dr Ethel Percy Andrus. The founder was also responsible for the establishment of the National Retired Teachers Association, during the year 1948. After ten years, the organisation opened its doors to all the ordinary American citizens.

In the year 1980, the organisation moved all of its insurance contracts to a company named Prudential Finance, after a competitive bidding process. Around the 1990s, the company was investigated by the United States Senate regarding the non-profit status of the organisation. Then in the year 1999, the organisation shorted its name to AARP from the previous name of American Association of Retired Persons. The company currently allows anyone with age at least 50, to be a member of the organisation.

Headquarters Info,

The headquarters of the organisation is based in 601 East Street, North-West. The name of the city is Washington, while the name of the state is District of Columbia, United States. The pin code of the area is 20049.


AARP is an American not for profit organisation that focuses on people whoa re at least 50 years of age, to help them lead their lives in a better, in a more revolutionised manner. The current CEO of the organisation is Jo Ann Jenkins. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the organisation is more than $1,604 million. Also, the current staff count of the organisation is 2,250, while the volunteer count is more than 20,800. The member count is more than 38 million.


The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing its customers, which include its staff, volunteers and members, to live a revolutionary life after the age of 50, and also help in achieving all their goals and ambitions as well. Apart from selling premium memberships, the organisation also markets insurance policies as well.

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  • MARIA BORINA says:




  • Paul Macuch says:

    Would you please turn down the volume on your ads. It’s twice as loud as regular programming. I don’t think it’s necessary for this type f tactic to get peoples attention.

  • Nathan Rosenschein says:

    I’m truly sorry to bring this up with you but I have been trying to update my partner’s birthday for 2 years. I mailed , certified mailed and I believe I have even faxed a while ago. Every time I call I’m told the same thing mail a copy of the passport but it is never found even with certified mail and am told that the only way to update it is with a copy of the passport. Also emailing it was not acceptable to AARP. We have been paying higher premiums as a result. What am I to do?? And why won’t AARP accept documents via email? I have a copy of the certified receipt that I can provide if required. Thanks for any help you could provide.

  • David F Clairmont says:

    I called AARP yesterday spent an hour on the telephone with multiple responses from multiple people my dilemma is a prescription is costing me $180 and I’m being told it is due to my deductible I spoke to another person who said I should’ve paid only $72.04 and that my deductible spread out throughout the course of the year I called the drugstore and told them what I was told they called AARP back and was told my deductible was indeed $180 my question or complaint is why are we getting different co-pay amounts it makes no sense that multiple people are giving multiple answers I don’t understand why no one knows what they’re doing at these locations I am very disappointed in the AARP and really should be looking for something else but I understand I can’t do that until October of next year I’ve never paid $180 for this prescription I’ve always paid $52 and some cents and all of a sudden January 1 it jumped up to this higher amount it’s very disappointing that no one knows what they’re doing and the worst thing is both times that I called initially get someone that does not speak English and it’s probably not him from this country anyhow the last person that I talk to in a different department absolutely know what they were talking about so I’m confused and I’m being ripped off and I don’t understand why my name is David F Clairmont my address is 824 Binker Dr., Rocky Mount, NC my telephone is 252-639-8868 I would have to say that I would never ever recommend AARP to anyone I plan on writing some letters to multiple people that includes department of insurance website and wherever else I can to make people aware that you folks do not know what you’re doing. I’m sorry this is so long and I still have not explain the prescription that I’m getting but you should have the information because telephone calls are recorded thank you for your time

  • j zee says:


    Have tried many times to get them to stop sending advertising to me since I find them to be of no use since they AARP will not force a retailer hotel owner or restaurant to honor pricing AARP or owners advertise for AARP members will never have an account with AARP after seeing the way friends get treated

  • James Quaglietta says:

    AARP has a non-working fax number posted at its website. 202-434-2525. Isn’t there a webmaster who makes sure the information at the website is correct?

  • James Quaglietta says:

    AARP sent me an email telling me they are lobbying for members for changes to Medicare Part D. They asked for a donation. So I filled out the form and the website did not intake the information. Anyway, I don’t know what good AARP can do going up against Big Pharma lobbyists. My Congressman said Medicare Part D is just fine the way it is. So what makes AARP think their lobbying efforts will do any good? AARP has made no progress since 2003 and I doubt AARP will EVER make any progress. I guess hope springs eternal.

  • James Quaglietta says:

    I had a bait and switch that involved AARP/United Health Care Medicare Supplement Plan. I was told by a licensed insurance agent in a taped conversation what my rate would be switching from plan C to Plan F. she told me no disclaimer that in fact the underwriters set the rate. But she was clothed with apparent authority to give me a solid rate. Now AARP is telling me she was just a “sales agent” with no authority to give me a rate. They won’t even listen to the tape! They are stalling and stalling and trying to finagle their way out of this with a snow job. I have not heard anything further from them.

  • john soldo says:

    when aarp endorses a product, someone should validate the product to protect seniors from faulty products or bait and switch come ons. folks put a lot of trust in you to filter out the bad stuff.

  • Xo says:

    Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP CEO. AARP needs to do A LOT MORE regarding ageism in the Hi-Tech work place – HELLO!!!

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