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  • Address:  Aamco, Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Phone Number: 610-668-2900
  • Fax Number: 610-617-9532
  • Email: N/A
  • heart
    Number of Employees: N/A 
  • Established: 1963
  • Founder: Robert Morgan
    Anthony A. Martino 
  • Key People: Jim Gregory (CEO)

Aamco Headquarters Location & Directions

Aamco Headquarters Executive Team



Robert Rajkowski

Senior VP & CFO

Brian O'Donnell


Brian O'Donnell

SVP Franchise Support

About Aamco, History and Headquarters Information

AAMCO is American transmission maintenance company. It is a car care company. It was founded by Robert Morgan and Anthony A Martino. in 1957. Martino used the first letters of their names to form AA AAMCO. Also to top the yellow pages book list. Later it was renamed as MAACO. The headquarters of the company is situated in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Till 2006, the base of the company was in New Jersey. When American Capital acquired the company in 2006, it was moved to Horsham.

            The founders began the company in a leased space repairing automatic transmissions. They also did auto and truck repair, but dropped it after a while. In 1962, they launched the concept of national chain of repair stores. After renaming their company as MAACO, they focussed on auto painting. The company has repaired more than 20 million vehicles. They have 500 body shop locations in the country.

            The company is quite popular for its heavy use of celebrity spokesperson.

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  • Michelle says:

    I was in the location of Arvada, Colorado Wednesday and had work done on my car. Same day pick up. On Monday when I called I was quoted $180-$220 for a oil pressure sensor to be installed. Great. When I dropped off the car the check engine light was on for this sensor, I know this because I had a scan done and bought the sensor myself. I asked for the sensor to be replaced with the one I bought. I get a call and said my car was ready. Great! I get there and my car is in the dirt field with other cars, okay. After I pay way more then anticipated and I needed to get to work HMMM, something just didnt sit well with me after that. I located my car , get in and start my vehicle and see that the check engine light is still on, Why? I put my car in reverse and drive to the front of the shop. Turn off the engine and get out of the car. Jaron Finn(Center Manager) walks out of the door, I asked why my check engine light was still on. He then said that wasn’t on the work order…. who in their right mind after doing work on a vehicle would return it with a check engine light on. As a courtesy a scan should have been done and the code should have been cleared. I was over charged and the customer service WAS NOT pleasant at the end. For the amount of money spent, I WILL NEVER USE YOUR LOCATION EVER AGAIN AND I WILL BE CALLING CORPORATE AND NOTIFICATION WILL BE PUT OUT TO THE B.B.B. Total price was $374.85

  • Matt says:

    On 8/7/2020, I went to AAMCO at 2856 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231 to have my car inspected before I moved to South Carolina. The AAMCO technician, Evan, and the shop manager Brion advised me, I needed a new alternator and coolant reservoir tank. 4 hours and $661.56 later, the car was still making noises. I was advised by Brion, I needed bring my the car back because the belt tender need to be done. On 8/7/2020, I brought the car back and an hour later, the car still was making the same noise. Luckily, they didn’t charge me for it. But the technician, Evan, suggested I needed a new value cover. On 8/9/2020, I brought my car back to AAMCO and have to value cover done. Again the car was making noises. The technician, Evan suggested I needed the Cam shaft to be replaced. I am Evan and Frank, I can’t bring it back because I am moving to SC. On 8/31/2020, I took it to AAMCO in Pineville, NC. On 9/2/2020, I was advised by owner, they needed to fix Evan’s mistakes. It was going to cost me, close to $700. Dallas Council, the owner of AAMCO in Sarasota and Venice, would only provide me a $100.00 refund.

  • Bernard Brunston says:

    I am a Aamco Customer that trusted 2 different Aamcos to completly fix my Vehicles issues.
    The first Aamco Charged me for a lot of work, about $8.750 was ruffly what the total was, but not everything I was charged for got done on my vehicle. But I just let it go and I swore I would never go to Aamco again, nor will I ever suggest or point another person towards an Aamco.
    My thoughts are, you will be better off selling any vehicle or taking any vehicle to it’s dealership to have any work done. Just never trust Aamco.
    Then I ended up getting a new vehicle, and when I ran into car trouble my Mother and I tried taking my vehicle to a different Aamco cause of the first Aamco problem. Well now that Aamco has had my vehicle for about a month and a half now. And so of course I am calling them everyday and they just can’t figure out whats wrong with it, and they keep telling me “when this happens then it makes all this other stuff happen, so they tell me what their gonna do and then always come to find out that what they thought was the problem well it’s not the problem. So after a month of this bullshit it’s obvious that Aamco Machanics don’t really know what their doing and they are just trying different things to see what might work, cause for a well known company to fail this bad I mean it just makes no sense and continues to blow my mind.
    So Maybe someone that reads this in the Aamco Company can find out what the hell Aamco is doing in Scottsdale, AZ by the Scottsdale Airport. Cause they have some really pissed off customers and I will be damned if they think that whenever my vehicle is done I will be paying whatever astronomicle number they tell me. Well sorry I will most likely be refusing total payment and or complete amount according to that Aamco Office.

    1.)Bernard Brunston- Vehicle Owner
    2311 E Hartford Ave #26
    Phoenix, AZ, 85022

    2.)Stephanie Allen- Owners Mother
    2311 E Hartford Ave #26
    Phoenix, AZ, 85022

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  • Donna Phillips Tosh says:

    Hey peeps….be careful who repairs your vehicle. Make sure when you spend thousands of dollars at a “NON CORPORATE” Aamaco that you know exactly what your getting! There is a difference. This is what Rays son found AFTER thousands of dollars spent rebuilding and upgrading the TRANSMISSION for our 6k+ mile trip towing a fith wheel! ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME 😡😠😤. THIS TYPE OF SHOTTY WORK AND DISREGUARD FOR THE SAFTEY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS is unacceptable and apauling. So my AZ friends I would stay away from AAMACO on 67th Ave and Indian School. As far as I’m concerned he’s a theif, a liar (nothing was done on time even after several calls by my husband)with no work ethic (The guy never calls you and rarely answers your call, you catch him when you catch him.) or reguard for human life! For the amount of money we paid you would have thought the guy would have called and said “hey these need to be replaced” BUT NO, LETS JUST RIG THIS THING AND HOPE THE PEOPLE IN THE VEHICLE DON’T HAVE ANY TROUBLE, That they don’t have an accident and DIE!!!! I’m pissed people!! I wish I could attach a photo!

  • Brandon Roberts says:

    My name is Brandon R. I have a 2008 Dodge 2500 Cummins diesel 6.7 L with a 6-speed automatic transmission I am currently stranded in Billings Montana I do not know anybody here and I do not have the funds to pay to get the transmission rebuilt again the $4,000 I spent on having it rebuilt the first time comes with warranty so I should not have to be arguing or fighting with any Aamco about getting it fixed so here’s what went down I took two Aamco in San Diego where it started off as a whole rebuild with upgrades was going to be $2,900 and then it changed to $4,000 when I went to go pick it up immediately it was stuck in fourth gear and they supposedly had changed how tall the solenoids the solenoid pack along with rebuilding the entire transmission a new torque converter everything but because it was stuck in 4th gear they said they had to replace the solenoid pack again okay not a big deal I understand sometimes new parts are bad for the most part it drove good for the first 2 months maybe 3 months I didn’t really keep track hey what’s in that 2 to 3 month. I moved from San Diego to Denver Colorado we’re almost immediately I lost 5th and 6th Gear never had any issues with overheating wasn’t pulling anything and never had anything more than some furniture in the bed of the truck I parked it because I was trying to figure out how I was going to get back to San Diego until I realized that I could take it to Aamco right there in Denver so I did you as soon as I get to Aamco there he’s telling me that whatever has going on with my transmission has nothing to do with what they did that it must be something that I did not have them replace or rebuild I showed him the paperwork and try to explain to him that I had them replace everything and ask them to upgrade because I did not want to have to fuss with my transmission again I wanted it to last as long as my motor was going to last the man that owns Aamco in Denver Colorado made me feel like he was trying to hustle me and I almost took it out of there to a different Aamco but the owner of Aamco in San Diego approve the work sent the parts out so at least they were trying to make right whatever went wrong so the owner of Aamco in Denver Colorado rebuild whatever parts needed to be rebuilt whatever went wrong and then tells me it’s good to go come pick it up I didn’t even make it home and I lost every year I had I’ll stuck on the side of the road couldn’t get a total the morning I get it back to his shop he says there was something put in that was broken it was nothing that he did apparently but whatever he did after I went back in seemed to fix the problem all of years were there I asked him if it was safe for me to hook up a 6 x 12 enclose trailer and take off for Montana he says absolutely I did not even make it to my destination by the time I lost5th and 6th year again but when I picked up my truck from Aamco in Denver Colorado the owner is telling me my radiator has a small leak which I had no leaks before this and also my exhaust somehow had been detached from the back of my supercharger I had to stop in at a muffler shop to get that fixed where I could see exactly what happened is one of the exhaust brackets it is attached to the transmission so when they were removing my transmission they popped it off the back of my supercharger and I’m also assuming that the small leak coming out of my radiator now is due to something or someone at the shop in Denver Colorado Nala Major League it just drips a little bit but it’s still a leak and although San Diego Aamco was for the most part doing what they could to fix the problem and honor the warranty now they’re trying to pawn it off on and he’s saying he is not honoring any warranty other than the little bit of labor he says he was paid by the Aamco in San Diego because he rebuilt that transmission perfectly he says even though I didn’t make it home the first time but now I’m stuck in Billings Montana with the same problem I’ve been having I’d like to know how you get a company to rebuild where honor a warrant to you when you spend $4,000 on a transmission rebuild when they’re supposed to be upgrading everything but yet you still having issues and now there’s two different shops involved because of the circumstances I would think it’s far as my transmission is concerned it would be the responsibility of San Diego because that’s the shop I originally went to they other ones I paid the $4,000 to and they are the ones you gave me the warranty but now they’re not wanting to honor that I’m hoping corporate will stand up and under the warranty and instead of me walking away from this with a bad taste in my mouth doing the right thing and either getting my transmission rebuilt correctly so that I have no more issues or putting in a new transmission so did I have no more issues and that we can stop this back and forth I don’t pull Warhol nothing more than what fits inside of my 6 by 12 enclosed trailer I just recently bought and I’ve only pulled that thing from Denver Colorado to Montana where I’m stranded at the moment and it’s only a single axle trailer with no brakes my trailer couldn’t even hold half of the weight my truck should be able to pull and haul thank you for your time and consideration please note like I mentioned at the beginning of this I am stranded in Billings Montana due to a transmission that has been rebuilt three times something is wrong with either the parts or with someone getting in a hurry and trying to rebuild it fast I don’t know but please make this right I’m almost out of funds and like I said I’m stranded very far away from home I’ll because of a transmission I thought $4,000 was getting it rebuilt so that I would have no more issues I don’t overheat I well I’m too old to be racing anybody so I’ve been nothing more than a little in town driving all the rest is been highway driving nope until the issue started in then immediately I took it into a shop thank you

  • Josh says:

    Do not use the AAMCO in Odessa, Texas we are have to get the cops involved due to them not returning our phone calls and Is never opened. After talking to OPD we are not the first person that’s had to go to this extreme.

  • John morgan says:

    Had my transmission rebuild at AAMCO in Fort Pierce Florida, drove the truck 10 miles and it stopped working call them up and they were very nasty and would not stand behind it. They ripped me off for about $1,200 after saving for over a 1 year and a half I took it to a real transmission shop they took me it looks like they never did anything and if the headquarters wanted to call them to talk to them about it they would be more then willing. I did some research and checked reviews and this has happen to a lot of people. If I dont get anywhere here I plan on calling the local news and attorney general. I am disabled and it may be part of the reason the screwed me over.

  • Jacqueline Rockett says:

    I had my transmission replaced at the AAMCO Fairview Heights location in 2018 and that location has closed. I wanted to know if I could receive a copy of my bill so I can submit a reimbursement claim to GM they have a settlement offer to reimburse me for my repair

  • Roscoe Grant, Jr. says:

    I took my GMC Envoy Truck to AAMCO located at 1001 Bladensburg Road NE Wash,DC2002. First the General Manager, Jin Cho need some Customer Service Training. Just pure nasty. I took my vehicle because it was leaking around the Transfer Case and provided the Warranty Information. Mr. Chi indicated that the Warranty Company never responded to him. I called and they picked up the phone. They told me that the Transfer Case was not covered. When l told Mr. Chi who was listening, he told me it would cost $600 to get it fixed. When l told him that l was not getting it fixed, he got angry and indicated that l wasted his time. I had to pay a $100 in order to get my vehicle back. When l asked what the fee was for, he indicated that they put the vehicle on the lift and told me that it was leaking around the Transfer Case. I told him that when l walked through the door. I want the fee that l paid back.

  • Marisol Jean says:

    I have been under warranty for my transmission and its been since last year and im still having trouble with my Routan and i have a family of 7 children at home with no transportation. I been struggling taking lifts and ubers and renting vehicles. I am so upset of how people can be so insensitive to other peoples situation! I just want my van to transport my family to and fro! ?

  • Guest says:

    get truck back with grease on my seats and refuse to honor their Coupon
    Go else Where Customer Complaint

  • Mrs. Taylor says:

    I wish I would have read the reviews from this website before I called or stepped foot into the AAMCO in Catonsville, MD. My experience started off with a nice gentleman answering the phones, but come to find out the gentleman answering the phones lives in a totally different state. The shop calls were being rerouted to him because they have no overseer on site. They also have one master mechanic onsite that often doesn’t answer the calls.
    I took my truck in because the radiator wasn’t holding any fluid and I needed a mechanic to take a look at it. After about a week of them having the truck, they say they cleaned it up and did the diagnostic and they said it was not the radiator, but the codes I knew was already on it which resulted in my check engine light staying on. The mechanic replaced the manifold and an injector. It took them 14 days to get my truck back to me. Again only one mechanic. Oh yeah and by the way, they would not except CAR SHIELD parts so I had to pay out of pocket. My check engine light went off. We paid our $1100. A few days afterward, we were due for our emissions, so we took it in to do the emissions and the truck failed for the codes that was too be repair. We took the truck back to AAMCO not just one more time, but two more times. The 2nd time we took it in, the mechanic charged the spark plug in cylcinder and the light went off, but this time he said to drive the truck for a week or two and then take it to emissions. It should be fine. Well while driving the truck for a week, the light came back on. We took it back its third time, but this time they said they’d have to go back in it’s still a cylinder 8 misfire, it must be further in. What the heck did I just pay for then? You pay for a repair to fix the car, not a hope.
    The gentlemen on the phone just keeps telling me about the new parts they replaced. I brought my truck in to be repaired……not to be out of $1100 and a truck that still has the same issue.
    I have never had an experience such as this from any established auto shop in my 25 years of owning cars. A side mechanic does better. AAMCO needs to shut down all its commercials and shops. I will make it my business to spread the word to never take your car to the Catonsville AAMCO shop. I may even call the local news stations to see if headquarters will address or to see about a class action suit against this frudalent company

  • Carlos Bravo says:

    Hello, our names are Mr. & Mrs. Carlos/Monica Bravo. We are contacting AAMCO in the hopes to aquire some help. In the morning of Sunday Nov, Both my 1995 Honda Civic, and my wifes 2015 Kia Sorento were stolen from in front of our apartment complex. We have a 2003 F 150 in the garage, but it needs the Transmission repair as it is slipping from 1st to 2 nd gear. We have very little money as we live below the Poverty line. Forgive us for imposing as we are almost at the end of our rope, and with 3 children we don’t want to loose our jobs. I Carlos am a Commercial Truck Driver for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank 323)974-2289 where I hand out Blessings on a daily basis to people in need. Fill the bowl-Fill the Soul. My wife works for Verio a DME Co. helping people receive their Hospice supplies. I have case numbers for both our vehicles. CAPA-01311326 is for the Kia & CAPA-01311330 for Honda. I’ve contacted the helpful Honda people, but they won’t help. Sucks… 323)974-2289 is my work cell/Carlos. Again forgive us for imposing just don’t know where to turn for help if any? God Bless.

  • Ben says:

    Horrible customer service can’t get a straight answer from anyone. everyone seems super sketchy and will not answer any questions Fully

  • Ben says:

    Poor customer service. Takes weeks or months to complete repairs. Receive completion of repair dates that never transpire with no explanation. I can go on and on.They helped me get financing that I appreciated.

  • William Collins Sr. says:

    How long is Aamco required to keep my vehicle without informing/contacting me with information on long how it will take for them to service and/or inpsect my vehicle?

  • William Collins Sr. says:

    I took my vehicle in for servicing on the morning Sept 11 2019. I received a call that same day before 11 am, stated that there were some internal issues going on with my transmission and that they needed authorization to drop my trans and start the inspection that day. I was informed that i would receive a phone within 6-8 hours to inform me of their findings. As of Monday morning, Sept 16 2019, I had not received any type of call from Aamco, informing me of the results of their inspection. I went to the shop Monday morning, and I was inform by the manager that transmission had not yet been opened up for inspection. Also, that the because shop has been very busy and short handed, is the reasoning behind the hold up on my vehicle. If this was explained to me when i first brought my car in ON 9/11/19, i would have went elsewhere, because of the importance of me needing this vehicle fixed.This vehicle was being serviced to transport my son the college on Wednesday, Sept 18 2019. If management would have informed of their issues, as far as being short-handed, I would have had the chance to take me vehicle elsewhere.

    On Monday morning, i was informed by the manager that the mechanic that is assigned to my vehicle does not get in until 10 am (they open at 8am) and she did not know the exacts when it came to the results or cost of my vehicle being repaired. After waiting around until 9 am, the manager told me that she had spoke to the assigned mechanic, and that his first priority was to inspect the transmission when he gets in.(which was supposed to have been done 5 days ago, according to Aamco) and if i did not want to have my vehicle serviced, they will put it back together and I could go elsewhere.

    At 12.30 cst, I receive a call from a man who claims that he represented the Des Plaines, IL office, and gave my an outrageous quote of 3900.00(+) to repair my vehicle. My first issue is that, if it only took a couple hours for them to give my this quote today, why did it take so long in the beginning? This quote should have been giving to me Wednesday evening, WHEN I WAS TOLD that the inspection would complete.

    Is it that because of the confrontation that i had with the shop (the police were involved) that they are overcharging me for the service? (this does seem overpriced for a 18 year old vehicle)

    I have been very inconvenienced from the unprofessional tactics used by this shop. I have missed days of work and i now have to financially find a way for my child to get to college. On top of that, they also informed me that regardless of their unprofessional tactics i still will have to pay 650.00 even though they have had my vehicle for a full week without informing me of their internal issues.

    I need to speak to someone directly form a corporate office.

  • Michelle Clarke says:

    I need help resolving my warranty issue with Aamco on Liberty Road Randallstown Maryland. Owner, Jasmeet Kaur. Your customer service rep has been no help and all she does is repeat with the owner is saying when she calls in investigate. I am, and have been trying my best to work this out before paying my lawyer fees. I’ve taken my car there three times in a row and drive off with the same problem. Now the owner is saying that he is not upholding any warranty because the last job he did I refused to pay labor fees again for something they keep doing wrong on their end. within three days of picking my car up I am having the SAME problem and Mr. Jasmeet Kaur, owner of AAMCO on 8709 1/2 Liberty Road Randallstown, MD 21133 is downright refusing to fix my car or order the parts which should be still under warranty so I could take it elsewhere to be fix. I NEED someone from corporate to contact me ASAP PLEASE.

  • Rochelle Staron says:

    Well I wish i read these comments prior. 4/3 My son is in Florida had flywheel replaced. $1300. within a day car was banging around engine knocking my son took it back and they put the wrong oil in it, the car is a diesel. that’s what they told him. no receipt from that day. 5/21 codes going off and took to autozone for scan came up as torque converter went back to aamco they said it can’t be we fixed it. did some work replaced brake light switch for free says under warranty which it’s not. 6/3 car won’t start get towed to aamco. guy says engine seized. but they got it started said starter wire was hot. it has a new starter under warranty by someone else. told my son he could leave car at no charge. and that was it. online says they rebuild engines? but they didn’t give me estimate for that. i am in NY and they could give 2 craps. filed complaint with BBB sent emails to customer service. posted all over fb and google. ignore ignore ignore.

  • Marisol Jean says:

    Please send me your email so i can send photos of what the aamco in silverspring md
    Mines is cmjbusiness@live.com
    Marisol Jean

  • Allen says:

    I have a Bulletin from Nissan Ref NPSB/09-059 Titled SPECIAL TRANSMISSION REQUIREMENT that states that if ANY FLUID OTHER THAN NISSAN TRANSMISSION FLUID IS USED IT V O I D S the WARRANTY…It would seem that AAMCO locations would know this ESPECIALLY since it is a 2009 Bulletin. I have a transmission that needs to be replaced, but AAMCO is choosing not to do it

  • Allen Mairs says:

    I took my 2013 Nissan Rogue to AAMCO for a transmission service. Their advertisements talk of WARRANTY COMPLIANCE, yet when my transmission failed due to contamination, and this is a sealed system, my expensive EXTENDED warranty would NOT replace my transmission, and AAMCO is blaming the DEALER. The Nissan dealer I took my car to sent the CONTAMINATED transmission fluid to and INDEPENDENT LABORATORY FOR ANALYSIS, AND IT WAS NOT NISSAN FLUID, YET AAMCO REFUSES TO MAKE THIS RIGHT .

  • CYNTHIA says:

    This company has worse customer service I’ve ever experienced. Corporate office does not return phone calls from me or the independent aamco owner to assist in resolving the warranty issue with my vehicle. Because this problem has been going on for over 2 years and my warranty is about to expire not to mention my car is rapidly deteriorating I am forced to file legal action and pay the cost for another vendor to service my transmission which aamco holds the warranty. WARNING TO ALL – NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH AAMCO!!

  • Darren says:

    Aamco USA looking to display race car around 317 775 2556

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